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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, June 28, 1911, Image 6

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NtglMtri CoM Cumi Cmtfi
um tomtlty ftttttrtd
Mi i: .
How i 1 I - i i
in rni.iti i .. ,
IC nut 'ii. Ill .
AMI M If ih
n h r a
I lf,n- Po
I M I ii H
,ir ii.-tolf
I ,i t i i.iiir
) i unit mi
. r li il w i.
. I til- XT'
Uiin rtti In nf
III !: Ill
old, that sov
I I 1 llllplll.l-
1 1 mm united
in ptil'ing mi'
low n 1 i iviilil
iKitlur oat
inr Me. ii well,
llllll ios t flCSll
and t-purt
I flnnll
trusi p.oruni
Mra. Roe layer, mil It tint
a f is f-ir run tu 1m, (ek 1 .vus
hi in. -Ill-I tHoi). mi l in , inntit.k
' I'll In Iter Until 1 e'-r llllll before
I tlinnk Pwiiih for new- llfi mill
Kf'iipth I send oii two pictures, C'i
a . ,n hi i u hp i I'ci una )i in done
M lilt
Animal Throws Him Against
Post, Causing' Internal In
juries, and Victim Dies Two
Days Later in Hospital.
(spi-Hiil 'airrrniiiinilfiicr In tbr llrrnlill
Carlsbad. N M., June 2 -Albert
K in iik, a (iiTinnn with no known iou
tile In tho I ' III tod States, h ili'ilil
i'. ii- iim ilii' result nt I tin n 4 brown
. uiiiiHt ii puftt by n frm-tlnus nml tin
ii,. iiiiKimlili. hoi so. Kruus wan at
i ' nt ptlnir to handle tin- horse In it
. iiulnt tip tlnii' He itlil mil III I Ilk
'"I'e'.Vwjr11 ll'Jl'wi1,.'lu,.!l..",,,."V',
.i go l work the morning after IiIh
injury, wliloli occurred Friday, hilt
v.tis seltul wlili a vlnliMit vsnulllinf
iii.K-k. Ili was removed to thi' house
' hU employer. Mr. Hauler, nml
Liter brought to tin- F.d.lj eounty
hospital. After suffering esei m-latlns
,ii iim for tunny hours Ik- died Sunday
tMiTironn nt fi o'clock. Mr wan ti
Until working 11111:1 nml hud no uniu
luted considerable property, lie leaves
snenil sisters ftnJ brothers In dot -many.
John Harvey, tho popular deputy
ussonior, Iiuh loft for Mnrfn, Texas,
Where it I ft Willi lie will Join UK' r.'lllkH
f i ho benedicts.
Tin- Sioux Indians, nit Itinerant
tinsoball aggregation, will play the
Carlsbad team on Juno 20.
Teams from tlto Joyee-Pritltt font
l iiny nml tlt Mrrnntiln cottumtiy will
tiirot )ion Jul I.
Expect Medical Sclantlita Announce
Startling Reaulta Obtained by
Now Yorl;, Jtin! 17 TlioumrxlR are
tnUInK ndvnningo of tho itcnoroiiit or
rr mndo by the Wood worth Co., 1101
Ilrondwny, New York City, rcquentlng
nn oxporltnoiitni pacuncc of Runplne,
tho groat dlHrovvry for Am lima, Hoy
rover, Ilrottnhltls, and Catarrh, which
- mailed Iron of chaw to all who
nMtu for it. It h pitrlhK thousands of
lie most Htnbborn cane. It inahci, no
(l lff'tenco how Ioiih you have hnen
iiffi-riiiK or how Hevoro tho climatic
indltloiis nro where you live, Sea
i nto will euro you.
If you havo oxporlinontt'd with
othtr treatments and Jtnvo failed to
iln.j n euro do not be discouraged hut
send for a ttiitl of thin wonderful truly
rii-iilotiH remedy which In n clenUtl?
lon-iKnind dlRcovorvd by a profoHHUt
rf Vienna t'tilverulty, and Ib blnn
ircomtnonilcd by thoimandii,
the mom OF
Sentiment Becoming; More
Acute as Emperor Fraiu
Josef Gradually Fails in
(II) IliriiluM llrrnlrl . I. I.rft'ril Vlr)
Itmni', .liini' - Til'1 -r!fbri.tloii
of tho .lu.iili'i "t Malum l'nlt. with
the exhibition In ll,!'io anil l.i Tin lit,
ha.H ciitptniMlxcit tin' ntri.iiH "i'"S or
tho stt iirttl'in iii'twoii Itiiiy nml . u i -li
In. UiniH'i or Kr.itirlfv JoBoph and
llio Hincriim'tit f the dual tnoli
nrehy. nlmio or alt (he ruler- ami
Kront prj'.votH. biive "rut no reprencn
tMiini l i (In Italian . irtir'ntlonM anil
It lias bren only In the most recti
' eltmnt manner that Austria has par
tl&lpati'd in the Ilttrrnatloniil lCxlil
bltlntt of lMne Alts hete, while ho
wan the only nation which did not
tnlio part In the Hxblbltion or Indus
trlim and l.abur nt Turin.
Tuts 1 sinniflriuit when one uon
MiioiH tliiu Vienna and Unmc linvo
been allied ns iiiemberH of tho triple
nlllnncn rnr neatly thirty year. Nor
c-ati it bo wiliI that Attntrla'A attitude
in invplri'il by n iloxlru to spaio the
ft'i'liiiKH if tho Vatlran, as AuMrla
In 1 v ? o wis tho first country to eon
Rrnt'ilnie Italy over tin rail of the
Tomp'irul Power, and tho relations
betwoi'ii On Austrian Koverninent
unil tho Il"ly Sc0 b-.ivo ijoen. recently,
sttalniil The attlttnlo of Aiulrla Is
duo to tlx urn Imii antiiKonlKi be
tween tlio to coiinirlit.i, which Is
reaeliliiK n innri' ncuto xlngi t. m that
the health of Kiiipenir I'raiii-: .Ihhi-iiIi
i. falling, und the lolnt. or the Dual
Moniituh nr.' practlenlK' In tho
IiiiiiiIh ni' tho I'rmvn Pi lure Aroh
iluke Krnuels I'ei'illiiaiid.
The old mnporot' has witneeseil
(IttrliiK his Ioiik rrlKii srenter political
ami fiiinlly tuwit'trnpiioH than any
other KvIiik PoverelKii, with die ux
v ptloii, perhap!', of Klni; Manuel of
PnrtUKiil. lie went rroni the defeat
ef Kdiiowa t.i ih" los of l.otnbardy
and Venetln. from she liieiiralile In
ititnlty or CtnpnsN llll.abcili to her
murder by an aunrelilKt, hoflilcs that
yet uiifjxplalned iraKCdy which led to
the ilentli of his only son, rehiliiku
Suiih a Niicoesslnn of snrrow. In
illk'eil tile iiiTalie MOUIil'Oll In III
Ml'OilKly oipOHii to Ills eiMinliy par
tlelpatiin; in any oonrilet, and thn
one whleh 'iniirlit Irnnvbecif tb. uiont
pr u'tabli- woe avoliled thrniiRlt the
alll'tiue with Italy and Uennany,
anil the ureal respect (hut the a ceil
ruler inspired throuiihout iliiiope.
Ills suciHstior will not rininanl the
Kiiiitt ItifltKuee, m that tne dls.'ip
penranen of Kraui-is Joseph may
have a 1'ipiial Influence In the for
t'lKii policy of IMrope, It beliur doubt
ful that he will maintain the present
attitude of snbmlsi'loli to flcrmany,
while his IntranslKeant clerleallsnt
may revive In Austria the "l.osM or
Hnne" movement, and cause a. rup
ture with It.'ily, which would not
please even the Vatican, as Plus X
Is averse to any tvsnt wnlch rnlKht
revive an ncuto stajrn between church
and stuto In Italy, as Is proved bt
his mild attitude In connection with
the present celebrations of Italian
Thn attitude of the Vatican to
want the celebration of tho Jubllea
ot Italian Unity has been o far,
character'aed by a most dlitniflnd re
serve, .as, while It canno( approve of
manifestations which cninmomoratej
tho fall of the Temporal Power, It
does not desire (hat anythlni should
bo done which mlKht embitter the re
latlons between ehureh and state
here, which, since the pontificate of
tho present pope began, have been
characterized b a .spirit of mutual
toleranre which (n some t-ases has
even reached cordiality. Theffforo
the excessive zeal of certain bishops,
who .lelm; m- fur frcm Home hav
not an exact rasp nf the situation
liere, does not meet altoRether with
the approval of the Vatican Pur
ine this year of Italian jubilee the
VtiHeiiu litis ileeliled tu . jppress nil
Uituls of pilKriuiuiitKoH. in iiik In
sj ir-d b the unnii i n a of pn veiitlni?
i eiif'n'tK in iv en itn iuIIi'ti nts mid
l tins, "f ..pponic upltilnnx atii, I' also
n ..s tn i m not ndruHtinii ' . pil- j
Foundry and Machine Works
How does this little pumper strike you? j
lleO unllons per hour on one pint of Mas-dine or distillate. No use tot
bother any longer with windmills; n iM. nitachd to any kind of pump;
you ncri otn for your ranch, for your house supply, for w
let inn your garden. They can be used for u dozen other ptirpones
when not pumping water. They are mi cheap you enn afford several of
lli.-m. One man bought six for his sheep ranch, tlrt our prlecH.
"i vou out with li.rg.-r plants too l.et us make
you a propontlon. CH-uerni acents for Magnolia Metal,
the bust AntlKrl(itlon Metal ninntifociured,
Castings, Pipe, Iron and Steel Hani, Iron Hog Troughs,
Ilea m mm tllideis. Mnnutncturers and jobbers of every
thing in Iron, steel end Machinery.
Write Or See Us About It
fftffo W (Met Ahmmm & M.
w llli Die Pope, in
, I l.i Hill I ,. 1 1. 1 nil
! I" if linn
i 1' Inn ."i) 1111111 nml
i "i ist!j oier.-iiine ."ipei inlly iii tho
iiunliips or tin .ld World. Tn
I iii.iuMiiiit yenjit uu tin trititnph ol
1 ' lioiuii.i tmparor v in not ooinpletn
i fin. -h ii Inclmloii som wild benats.
in di"" Iii Itome. Phkiiii cm
in bun be on ndnptKt to iMina
' ' uli ni ni, nml i me iiionnn i, ivhilo
I in nn more noes in prot'oiwmii with
In lnliRH of the forest , rceelves
I tin in as Kills--mid hands them over
l . (be ftoolonlt'itt nrdens.
I In tliiu manner the in-iv ruler of
Miysstuin, ltitflnsti, bus shown lint
i ,! H retio, towards the liln of Italy
ny seniiiiiK linn two tiiimnlflclent
l.on,, n tiiiffnlo. nml n -)it i. They
.wi nrt inki'ii in the nnrdeii or thti
nam' e. whole the lions inured, the
hurralo hello wetl ami tne zebra-
made tils own kind or a noise. Tins
I uket roused the liee!blofhood, to
.i iioiniiur oi in,, kiiii nml iinren-
ftlld their Utile oner). It tuny be state,
ed without fear or contradiction that
till olil.. ull'is pUaseil were 1 1 1 - ehll
dren, li wept lomlly when the
lien! fti-n- taken to Hie zoo, Prince
tfinlH i-to It Hir i rd to reniiirlc
thai be did not think Hint was tin.'
Way I (rent tii.. wishes or n future
tin MADE
New Yorkers to Pass Through
Albuquerque in November,
tinder Raymond-Whitcomb
ApplyhiR tune tried excursion ideals
that have lent been siici-essful In
Mimiiucr nml autumn mitomobile tris
from New y.,tk to the White moun
tains to mi :iist iritiismntiiieiitnl
trip of the kind ever ntteinpted In
this country, tin ltu iiintu! Whlteotnli
coipiuntliiii will start a fleet of Oar
foul totirliiK itirs from New York up
October ith I.os AimeliH Cnl..
as the deslliiatiou
Accordlni' to iiiforuinilon kHih out
reminllni,' tin- tmir the motorists will
follow closely the route laid out by
A. I. Westward, president of the Tour
Inn Club of Ainrrlca, who passed
tliioiiKh AlbuiUi-riiie twice on motor
trips to the const lurlnii the last
year. Mr. West Kit rd bus been asked
to furnish the motorists with detailed
Information roifitrillDfr the country.
The tourists are especially anxious to
visit 'Junta l'e, Albumteriiie anil ad
Jolnlnn country for the purpose of
passim over plijture.iiie places and
sttulyliii the Indians.
The plans as outlined ici-enll.i .mil
.made known when the eontra'-t for
suven llarford cars was made with the
factory at Klyrln. Ohio, cutemidiite
the most novel tniir ever outlined for
a coiiMideraMr patty
Mxiy days will be uiilloil in cross
Inn; the continent. Willi n schedule
calUiuc Tor about Ml miles n day, re
nulrliii about five hours of nettinl
louring ami every Sunday to be a day
or complete rest lor the tourists and
machines. It Is thniiKbt thut the ele
ment of tourim: fatluue will be elim
Albtio.ucriuc motorists am much in.
forested In thn proposed tour and It is
certain that the Uarford fleet will be
met sonic miles out or the city by a
pllotlni InlKade
A lliMuonR'iuil Offer Made by a New
York Firm.
Thouaanda nil over the United
States are tuklnrr advanUiKA of a jf on
erous offM of the Gotham Company.
11C1 Uro.nl way, Now York City, mak
Inir remiest for n beautiful gold-plated
scarf-pin for lady or gentleman,
which Is mailed to onyono sending
name and address freo of chftrge.
This offer Is mado to Introduco
their catalogue of reeneral merchan
dise, household goods, Jewelry, nov
elties, etc. Headers of this paper arc
requested to send nnme and address
immediately, Inclosing five two-cent
stamps to cover packing und postaRa.
Smid today und receive without cost
a piece of Jowclry that you will be
proud of.
vi:. riu:it vm.i-:
mu: tsimiNti srAiirp,
Kansas Hy Stock Vnrds, June
- The main feature In the cattle imir
kci last week was the moderate pro
portions of the run, nml the small
number of dr weather cattle con
tained Another point was the ad
vance lu prices of Mockers mid feed
til . n.
iv ,,,, i, Hold ., i . tits ulioo
tb. 1" point or tin ls Week
Il m i um tl.et tlivii ,. iliniuth IM t
spMis iii tin ' oiiiiti) ti I' suni readily
till Ml' Sill pUIS I'll 1 1 in 1 till COIIIC III
in.,., me , ,y 'n file uuul I
.nr.. w.denloi Z ... . last week. I
Mood lo choice cutm
i' eellte I. . their lulu
idliii? lu to
iiid inodiuin
ti. pimr i.m s selllii" n ii ') to a i'.iiii-
t l lov e l.'alVCM iin-rnl to ..0
c.hls K.yier, There a Rood run
fioni piarsiitlne teii i'-i lU car
loads, nearly Iti ,,.t .-f i ' ot the total !
entile supply, hut tic '"fldy of that
class or entile looM -mull for the
Keel. Uhill Colil.ai.il villi the to-
eclpts 'iime week Inul nr, car 1
loads. Itaitis have (,i!ieu at various
prints viiiliiu the msi vnii. mid It I
ralnliii; In Ktumiin i i today, ami
while the pleOljiilatl iit is iliinif flclent
a' most points ti i npyiui; i-attln
owners with faith .Oi-reiiy they mo
li.ildiin,' on, and tho r-sult Is a Miuall
siU'fdy of i.'iittlu oti. the market hern
to0u. T.ooy entile and l.fltto calvn.
Of these only 100 cnrlniids are in tho
quarantine ilivlatun, tin) nmnll supply
biliu: the result of kuixI rain In the
pasture country of Oklahoma late last
week. Tim market is mostly 10 to l.i
cents hlKher today, and It Was u.:lii
ileimmstnit. it that dr i t cattle avail
able arc Insufficient for Hie demand,
Host stools are iltota'ii. at $C. ."(), bulk
of natives nt IS.r.i) to tup cows
If. on, bulk I3.0u to ti.f., heifers at
tt.ou to SIMS; hulls, CI.UO to tl.Tf.,
veals, M no to t7.0i, ipiarmillne steers
13 CO to Jti.ty, cows 2 SO to t-1.00.
western fed steers J.'i.fiO tu $C.lf,
SUiki'ts and feeders, i ' .'u to JC.'.Ti.
Hon prices went up steadily last
week, with the exception of a slight
reaction nt Ihc Close of the week, nml
the moderate run of 1 000 hero to
day permit sellers to entorce another
small advance, a(heiili the openlm:
ivas lower today. Top Inlay Is $0.3f,
v.hioh is I" cents itridor the best
price last week, bulk of soles today
10.20 to JG.3U. Some stories are belnc
circulated that packers stocks of
meats are heavy, but this Is not taken
seriously, as the product Is vendliiB
as lust as it can be uol ready. Keii
tli most dlstlti(Ulsh''il beats on (he
market, ihi Cudahys. buy freely at
prcvalliiiK prices, lather than wait
for their prediction i-iinccrniui the
fuur-c'llt Iiuh to come line.
Sheep und lambs arc solllni; closer
toftetlier than a Week aim, Inmbii hav
till; ileeliueil si veial petiits last week,
sheep around stead The feature or
the market Is the ltaii;aln rates at
which slock stuff um be secured,
flood iiri'i'iUni; ewes may be had
around :'..'. n, ami gouts do not brim
above that llKuro. The nin Is 7,fi0u
toila, market 10 rents lower, top
lambs $0. r.o, ycarlliiRK worth up to
$l.tfi. Kctneis j::.si, ewc :t.2r.. Nu
lives make up bulk r the receipts.
tiUllly not utlii itood. Te.vtis und
Arizona receipts cutiliiK a small flu
ore m tin total.
CntNCIL JUNE 22, 1911.
Special imellng of the City Council
called tor tho purpose ol heariu,; all
persons owning or interested in prop
erty ordered to bo pavod bv provis
ional oi'dcr of the City Council jiutiKCd
nu the Till day of S'.'ptei'ilicr, IIIOH.
All couiicIIiiiku duty notified u.s re
(iilred by ordinance,
.Meeting culled to order bj Mayor
Ptescnl: Aldermen Held, Wrotit,
Conroy, Coon and flat lie.
A letter In regaul to pavlnn from
C. K. tllcekler was read.
Mi. II. II. Kergtisson presonted tho
following petit Ion:
" The undersigned, owners of prriH
city abutting on stive Is proisiacd to
bu paved, romper t fully reiireHeiit to
your honorable body thut owing to ex
Ibiltig unfavorable conditions, we do
hot favor the proposed iniproveineut,
and lcijiumt that no lurtlici action lie
taken lu the matter at present."
Tho petition was signed by P. II.
Ken and ulnety.elght others.
The following pcrsotiH then address
ed the council lu regard to paving:
M P. Htanitn, tanham of tho Texas
Hllli. Co.. J. H. O'ltlelly, F. II. Kent,
ThomnM llugliea. T J. Paaiiniorn also
presented a conitniinlcatlon,
Simon Stern hero presented the following-
"Wo the undersigned propery nwit
ei, owulii't proiierty wlthlu tho pro
posed pnvhig district of the City of
Albuquiniue, rcupoctfully petition
your honorable body to order said pav.
lug done immediately lit accordance
with the territorial statnto governing
street paving ill Incorporated elileH,"
Tho petition was signed hy I). A.
Macplmicon and seventeen others,
representing fi'jrt. feet of paving.
Tho following perbons nlwi aildtess.
ed the council in regard to paving
.1. Korhor, I). S. Rosen wnld. l)r W.
(!. Hopo. Supt Hiiiumeis, rcpreiicntiti'
the A. T. 6 S F. Ity. Co.. O. S. Pills
bury. F. J. Wilson, .1. C. naldridge.
Mr. Simon Slein hero suggested to
the council thai the paving illHtrlci
provided for In provisional order of
tho council be redilcod, and that the
district to li paved be from Ilrondwny
to Sixth at root on Centrnl aveiitto, and
from Tljenis to Silver avenue on Sec
ond street
Moved b Alderman Conroy, sec
onded by Mdornian Itoldy, that coun
cil go Into executive session.
Moved by Alderman Hoidy, second
ed by Aldormiin Conroy, that execn.
tlvo session do now arise. Carried.
Moved by Aldermun Wroth, second,
til by Alderman Cocii, that nil paving
shall be performed tinder the terri
torial laws of 11-Olt.
Carried: Aldermen lleldy and
Clntke voting "No." Aldermen Wroth,
Coiifov ami Coon voting "Yob,"
I'isiii -notion council adjourned.
.tons l. Mc.MANl'8, Mayor.
McetlnK caNfi'l wor by Mayor
Present: Aldermen lleldy, Wroth,' Augo, Conroy, iHherwood, Uon,
Aiiko, Couroy, label wood, Coon, Thorn- Thontnn and Clarko voting "Vos.
us and Clarko , , 1 Pollen committee ropnru'd lu mat-
Mlnntoa or meellnstK of Junn Mb, lor or mounted poltrewan for lllh
nnd 1 2th -wore mad nnd approved. lands, and recommended that omi of
Dill of Hie American A France the regular pollomcn ho mounted In
Fir Stslno company lu tho Hum of patrol xtrc.110 imrlnenHtorn und
$42,60 nan read. souUioanleru uortlogu ot tho city, and
Mv4 bv Aldorman Thomas, aec- that Bald polleoraan ho allowed Ihc
o4e by Alderman lleldy, that hill au aum not 10 exceed 1S for tho uso or
rati M pproved, and (bst Clerk o borsa for thlw nurpoM.
OlMftM to draw a warrant In pay- Moved hy Alderman Rcldy, second
meat f amo. , er hv Alderman Conroy that report
(JinM: AldorRten Roldy, Wroth, bo mloplcd.
Attic, Conroy, flhirwnVin Coen, TUort Cahlcd: AMormuft RriWy, Wrnth,
Ln laltiMri Ciki
The Most ro-iulAr Cak This Snaenn
I...,.. I . , ., .,.
"l"' rwr . tAiif
(hf OoklHff frkwl MaK,KWt
j This Is rotisltlcrci) hy manv cooklii);
. authorities the finest cake that nut be
tuadf, though hi liallly It is not At all
ft C lm4t Balll-avM Cala
One tuft biitln ,' i! ruf nrannhttftl
snj;tt I tup milk; I ltitfoijiil line
tvalvi ; J)i ruft Jtouv J Inrl iiMi
futs f C hiking ii., irr; whilrs of 6
0,'A'-. (Viir dty.
Cream tli Intttcr ntul heat in the fsii;ar
Krailually. Slit toitcther, three times,
the Hour ntul liaklrie; pfiwilrr, ami mid
to tlto butler ntul suir, alternately with
the milk ami rose water. lally, mid
the eijif whites. Duke lit threclu) r.-rakv
tn. Put the layers loj-olher with the
lollowiiiK frost Inc.
Notr -The itike U a Inise our nml uilitil
V.cuirb i:choiik'f for It SO.
I'toillajlor Istly Aallltsurr Cak
Tli e ii iijhii.i. n,iir cut A.ntfir
alt) ii kiiti orjfftt: l fui , tti ff,l t.tuiHi t
i .if (httfit HHt-mraHi Jjiti i t ii Mis t tun.
' Pllr the sugar ami water until the
suKtr is tlfsflolyeil, then let boil without
. stirring until the sirup from a spoon
I will spin a lottK thread j pour trKiii the
whites nf the eg?;;, beaten dry, taaUn,'
constantly nicniwlille. Continue the
beatitiK until the frosting is cold; add
the Inttt and spread upon the cake
I The K C CooW' Beolc CnnUltls ninety Jmt
mi-ll tlellf.oie r". Ipe --Itrrml. inulfitis, fnlr
nutl i.-ltt- Yoilt uisrcuicnreliyyiffbi eni'-
inr lliccrrtllicni" ihii-kru in nrry z.'-ornt run
el K C IUIlUiu Isiwtrt to III JAi.n -i Mi i Cn ,
Ctiliiii'ii fniA I cum da imt lUiit.iu U.. I.'
Uiek ifitlfi c.
:is and Clarke voting "Yes,"
Commiitilcatlon from the Albuqtte:
itio (las, Klectrle Light ami Power
Co., was read, same being lit reunl
to placing a lingo "Welcome" inch
at Ceti iitl avenue and First street.
Moved ny Aldi'iman Wroth, second,
ed b Aldermun lield.v, that the mat
tei in relcrred to Die chairman of
the llnance committer ami tho chair
man of the building, llsht und fuel
i oni nil to.?. Carried
The bend of education piosonteil :i
resolution .insscil by that body, mak
lug the (ax levy iltteeti inlll: for
school purposes lu the City of Albu
oueritue. for the year IHI I.
I pon motion o! A'dermon Wroth,
seconded bv Alderman llcfdy, tho
clot it was directed to coitli same to
the bund ol county coinmlssiono: s.
Aldei iitnn Wi ot h stated to council
(hat liov. Stover ot the Civic I in
liiovonient society desired the coitnc'l
i. dotuiti) to tho snld society the old
lumber being used for sewur con
si ruction pukiohl'H. Sard lumber lo
be used for Improving the children's
plu. c;ioiini:- Aldciman Wroth fin
ther stated that the Ituulier was tlio
property of ;ias and Fischer and
would have to be paid for by th(. city
in event it was donated to the society
Moved by Aldcniian A use. fierntnl
ed by Aldominn Conroy, that matter
be hilil on I ho table Carried
Couiiinitiieuilon from C Fischer
and Co.. concrete culvert contractors,
was read, which slated Hint work was
being delnjeil on the sold oil vet t on
account nt tho acoquln conniilHriliuiois
refusing to cut off t tie water.
City Knglnoer (Sliulillng hero stated
to council thai the water could bo
taken euro of by building a Ryplinu nt
the inlet and outlet of now culvert nt
a en.nt not to exceed $1.0.00, and rec
mnnioiid.nl that the water be taken
care of ill this vvuy.
Moved bv Alderman Width, second
ed by Alderman Thomas, that tho rec
oinniendntion of the City Knglnoer ho
accepted. Cnrrled.
Moved hy Alderman Wroth, second
ed by Alderman lleldy, that City Kn
glnoer be directed to taKe cnargo or
the -work of building syphon at the in
let and outlet of new culvert Tho
cost of same not to exceed $r.0.
Cnrrled. Aldormen Hoidy. Wroth,
Augo, Conioy, Inherwood, Coen, Thom
as and Clarko voting "Yes."
C. Fisher and Co., concrete culvert
contractors, requested that thoy he al
lowed the nmoutlt ot ctjtlinute to date
on work done on culvert.
City Knglnoer J. N. Gladding, buo
inlttei! tho following recommendation:
"1 recommend tho payment of IS'JS
us partial payment for the count ruc
tion of nceqitlu culvert "
Moved by Alderman Wroth, secoilu
ed by Alderman Coen. thut, clerk be
directed to draw a warrant In the sum
of ISIT. In favor of C Fisher ntul Co.,
as partial payment for building con
crete culvert.
Carried! Aldermen , neldy. Wroth,
Augo, Conroy, Inherwood. Coen,
Thomas and Clarke voting "Yes."
A petition signed by (. I.. Ilrooka
ami nine o'Iiuih was tend, which re
quested that an electric arc light bo
placed at tho corner of Copper ave
nue nml Ninth street. And the snmo
aiih relcrred to the building, light ntul
I coiiiiulltee.
Street committee brought to ut
teutlon of council the mutter of con
tract entered Into with Francisco So
dillo, In which ll was agreed that city
should build it cement sidewalk abut
ting certain property on South Hroad
way ptovlded a certain piece of laud
wiih given city for purpose or widen
ing South Hrondway, iIk properly
now beln-r owned bv Perfecto Anuijo,
and recommended that ahlownlk be
built, and hid for building wnue bo
uskoil for.
Moved bv Aldernimi Wroth, second
ed bv Alderman ClniT.o, 'lint contract
with' Francisco Sedlllo be compiled
with, and that bids be naked for for
building nnld cement sidewalk. Santo
to he built under mo Hiipoi vision 01
the City Unitlnflor.
Carried! Aldonttnn neldy, Wroth,
m 1
Aime, Conioy, Ishorwood, Coen,
Thoninit mid Clarke, voting Yes."
Fire co.nmllleo reported In the mat
ter of lire alarm system, mid recotu
hirnded that clerk be directed to ml
vettlso for bids Inr the furnishing nt
i now twohiy.fnur box fire nlnrhi ays
trm, Moved hy Aldormnn Wroth, sucoiul
ed by Alderman Coen, Unit rerominon
ilulloti of llio committee be adopted,
Cart led,
Ihtlldlng, light and fuel cnmnilttca
reported in matter or petitions for
electric llghtH. und recommended that
one more inc. Mailt bo placed In tho
comer of the viaduct, tine arc light
hi the coiner of Ninth Rlreet and Cop
per avenue: und that oleelile light lo
cated at tit' turner of Second si toot
Hint Silver uvelitio, ho placed oh the
moonlight schedule, and that tho elec
tric light nt thn corner of Foitith nml
Hold iiuflr the new nosloftlco be toil
tin the till tilght Hchodulc.
Moved by Aldermah Wroih, -tecond
cd by Alderman Conroy. Hint recoin
inendallon of bultdlaa. rjiit nml fuel
cointnlltee bo ndnptml.
Carried: Aldennen neldy, Wroth.
Vuge, Conroy. Ishf-rwood. Coon.
Thomns nml Clarke voting "WW
City Attorney roported In the mnt
tor of closlnir of the Barolas Conun"
ucoottla, and staled Hint tho court had
appointed appraisers and that nppraln-
era nan topnncu that the appraise
m.nt will total '.'2Sr.,. nml that alt
I water users with tho exception or Mr.
PV llnl I. ,1(1 nnA.nln.l ....1.
..i,;i,., llllll iivui'l Ull nill.ll lippi.linu-
tnotii, and recommended that the
amount bo deposited with the conit.
nml Hint tho city tiiKo positeRlon ot
snld nceqtila and close same up.
Moved hy Alderman Thomas, sec
onded hy Aldoimnn Coen (hat the
report of City Attorney be accepted,
and that tho clerk be directed to
draw a wan ant In favor of the court
in tho sum of $a2Sr.,00, when snM
appraisement is officially presented to
the city
Carried Aldermen lleldy, Wroth,
Augo. v onroy, Ishcrwood. Coen.
Thomas and Clnrko voting "You."
Moved by Alderman Wrolh. second,
rd by Alderman Coen, that cleik be
directed to com uiiuicnto with the spe-
cluT committee appolntei.' In legard to
the commUslun form of government,
requesting thorn to rcpoit n' their
onrliot convenience. Can led
Moved by Alder nnti Wroth, second
ed by Aldoimnn Islierwood, Hint if
charges nxalnst Polio, man Hinds
mndo bv Kmll Mann, are not proven
by the next regular meeting ihat Po-
llceman Hinds bo acquitted Currlet
Police commit loo report d to conn -
ell that there was n vaciincj In tho po.
Panama Canal Gold Bonds
Maturing- June I, 1961
Non-Taxable Coupon or Registered
Available for Security Government Deposits
Legal Investment Trust nnd Savings Funds
We offer same at market, quotations made upon request
by mail or wire.
List of Investment
Bonds Paying From 2.85 to 6
Mailed Upon Request
A. B. Leach & Co.
Investment Bankers
141 Broadway
Fourth and Chestnut Sts,
Ratsnd Trip Rata
I.os Angules . , 13.1,00
lleilnndo Ucach 13.1.00
Catallna Island S7.2,i
San Diego 135.00
Mmg llcarli , $3.1. Of)
Santa llarhara S3fi.OO
Siin Francisco Mfi.OO
Titkth m fit until Spltmlti 30, 1911. G00J foi
ttbtn uHi Nemhr 30, 1911. far Jtltlt infirm.
Maa Jmt phtn ar call en
P. I JWbiiM, SmIc FeAgt.
lice ilepiirtuiciit und same should lie
Illicit. . ,
Mr Walter l.eekly ntldreaaed the
council In beluiir of the plumbd'
union, and presented suggeatlfliiB In
leaard to amendments to tlto plumb
lug ordinances.
Moved by Alderman Wroth second
ed by Alderman Isherwood, that mat
ter be referred to the ordinance com
mittee with Instructions to repott hh
iloon as possible. Can led.
Stiijot committee reported in the
mntter of ago limit for drlvem of au
tomobiles, nnd recommended that no
one under IS years of ago should l
allowed to dilvo an automobile.
.Moved by Aldentan Wroth, sec
ended ' hy Aldertnnn Augo. thai mill tor
bo referred to ordinance committee
with liiHtructlonn to act. Cnnli-it.
I'pon lecohunendiiflon of the flio
committee and rhlof of tho flrn d"
partment tho mayor heio nominated
Kd. lxinnhiio lor position of llivinait
tendo vacant bv the ro.ilgnatlon of
Cha., Pennlmtlon.
ITpon Iho vote of tho council Ihn
hotnlnntlon was ntimnlniotmlv con
llrincil. Mayor Rider bote nominated tho
following pornonn lor vailo'.m city
For city physician, nr. O S. M
Fur city attorney. M. R. Illrkoy.
For chief or lire department, A. C.
Vpon tho vote of tho council tho
nominations wore rejected by the fol
lowing vote: "Yeas," two. "Nos,"
Muyor Rider hero nominated Mr. .1.
I Hnln-nr for policeman for vacancy
caused by removal of .1. A. Montoya.
t'pon vote or council nomination
wan unanimously confirmed.
.ludpe Heacock asked nnd was glv
en permission to address the council,
tu the mntter or adobe house which lit
located near tho center of .Mountain
toad between Twelfth and Thirteenth
stieolB. And atnted Hint about three
fourthB of the said house was located
Inside tho city limits and requested
that council take action for tho re
moval of -tame, that same wan oh
struct lug tho street
Moved by Aldormnn Ange, seconded
by Aldormnn Isherwood that a speclnl
committee bo appointed to confer with
tho county commissioners In regard
to the removal of snld obstruction.
The mnvor Hieieitpoti appointed on
this special committee Aldermen
I Augo. Coon and Wroth
I'pon .notion council adjourned
j .1. W KUH.lt.
1 .lOIIS It McMANTs. Mayor
8 South Dearborn Street
21 State Street
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