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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, July 20, 1911, Image 4

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(flui'Drtior to Tribune Citizen.)
lev Tilt-: jimiAiii) ruiu.isniNfi co.
Piililln'ictl nrrj afternoon cirept
rlttndny nt 12a. 12 1 North Bocottil
drrcl, AlhiKiurrquo, N. M.
Hnlereii n eocnnd-iinM matter
Jtlnruli 7, IHII, nl tlio Mlnfflen nl
Allituimniin, N, M., under llin Act of
March n, ih:b.
One montli lij mnll.... fill rente
Oho montli lij carrier. AO tenia
(Jno yenr lijr mnll '.
One jcar by carrier $6.00
Telephone 7.
lMMMMlow are favorable fur a very
mirtwMful Mat fair In Atmiouetquo
la October. The Albuquerque Uubi
mm and pcofeaa Innal men who itnve
alfHW tafwl aquarely behind the Mr
an InMHd It more tha enr tat
jejgr. Titti chief feature of the prod
Ml tint ta eetn made ay ike aeeo-
officer thla year, however,
li of the support being given by
AttaWMMMM. la IM aid undid aaaur
ittNMe wjh am beHg aMIy received
mm wmm tmru or the territory.
fiWe antant your ha keen mi unu.
MMr aacaaaafMl oejc with th farm
ing ntHl fnHt ru learn. The men who
gpe loan BMfliiflaiifttl Ih relet mt prod
Ufa snil ftvlt tlttr roar lire nut ilf1li
-hnr wtgti otjtor in dhftro tholr sw
. The are strong for dovolopliiK
tho oeiiiMiHiiltteH In willed they have
nil' tholr Int. Itmillalng that tin- moet
rtUeUOHIjfJui Way f doVeloplllg II Collll-
trf If lij' actually oxhibltinK what lute
liofln grown mi tho anil, the prominent
man wlio live III the various vnlloye
and HKrleultunil oommuiittlca In New
Maxloo uro arranging to have big di
phie In tlm agricultural and horttcul
turn! dtiptirimente at tliu fall cxpoei
thn. I'rearoaelve tit hum throughout
the territory, iiihii of (hum working
oh? proatdema of thti aeaociutioa.
hfteo Written aeeuruncr pledging
lliBWeorviw to ac tlmt display are
"Dot to tho iHlr. Th ISatHiiclH and
Wilkin) anil Pocoa vulleye will he well
nmrueented. laatrtucrtti. U'lllnrd, Mihiii
tHlimlr, OIov'Ik. l'orl Aniuinr. Artoetn,
ItBaWitil, lirtiiltai hiiiI IIiikiTIIihii urv
A Arw f tltti Iowiih which liuvt) nl
nmllr mint In riutwitij fur illnHny
a N ; i io-.i a i . i ts n Ti 1 1 .vr v
Tlii- uniMiiint'mcnt tlmt th' troaty
Of ujllHiiff! Iitilweon Orwtt Itrltoln mill
Jmjiiii Iiiih Imioii mt rtivlnml tliut tliu
fllhtmo umkliiR It owllKiitory for Or wit
Mntiiln In couiu to I Jit itwlMtuiiiM) of
Jhimn, uvan If tlmt jiowor wore nt
wiir With Uim L'liltMl gutto. hun
i tvf$iiMl m h to ollintnat any audi
IKiWtllilllly. will he KrutlfyltiR nuwa to
tho ptH'tilo of the Unlteil Stntox. Tliu
ravtciNl traaty of Mllk4iie In to run
fur Ida yjHiK, mill the o rig I mil agroa
went to mutual help in iirotoctlnK
Ortontal ioaoaaliiini Im toiiilmieil, but
utaMM two or tho fonnur Irani) Iihm
Ihiuii mi iiioiIU1I hm to oxtimpt althur
imrta from roIiik to whi- with a thin)
ffariy 1th whlah It inlaht haw a
ugttil nrhltnithin trNty, t-vaii
fpfejl that (Mill imrt) inlffht bo at
vfilt tho otlmr nation In the ulll-
Hid treaty nwltlial that lit tliu
"ant at Hlliar iwrty to the HKrufiimnt
kokHg aapiakwl or Ita poaataadnna
tfcraalijihtd, tha other party ahoiihl
at aiMe oatna to the reacue and mnlu
war In ammioii and parttcliatc )otnt
Ity In way Hoawtlatlona for paact-. Vn
i)r tlrnj M dement Uraat Utltain
Ha)d Rava baun omnpolloil to maka
onWmt'ii miMMf with Japan in tha
aim that that country wmt to war
Wtt Mft UHltod Mtataa. Mi Utah pul
a opinion waa atronaly oppoawd to
thla emtaai u the treat of alMfiiioa
"rttk Japan, and th general arbltia
Htm traatr now balnar tHiRoiiated gave
l IWthm nHrrnmtrnt a propar pra
tu( it. uiiHroach Japan with u vlow
t a rffHaltiu uf th irim of the alll
uium iixhitlHp; between I ham. It la
aflwi thiit (ho Hakio govarnuicnt, toal
lire tlmt taara waa pi. poaalMIM) of
r vMk the Unitad Itatfla, raadlly
mtVi to the ravhrion of mo MImhoo.
uiid lip alaajae oNotHPltng nnttOHa
ftlll Vhlah atthar Orant UrHPln or
Jiftan iidxtt have a MaMam) nrMtrn
hwii truntjr ana ajcnaoi to.
Tha nigra poaatMlHy Mint Grant
KritAifi mlMht bo uomiiolleil to id
aMHat tit In the ovant of war with
Jajmw waa x.MtlHKly unpatataole to
Aasartauna ami to lioople ..f Oraat
nritriin nc wc4t. Whan the oiIbIiihI
ulllHHaa botaoan Grout lirltaln anil
Japan onlarod Into it waa nut
(ItHMiiail miimh Hit nHiijfo of potability
tknt tJila oohiUD- nitalii bocunm m
"rtta ttlo far auat. Sluca thon
oar amuhdiiMn of the JMHUpptnaa ami,
ulJter ilrvaiopmanU liavt auewatiai,
lio dawgraanMe puaaibtllty that w
jnjwht Iftvo iroablo with an Uriantal
liliwof. Aa tna UritMh nii(lfjiainmltn
mil Jnwn wa nagutlulail ontlroli
VHIU " Wow to anfaBtiurilliw tha vat
ItltMrosts of bath iwwuro tn the fnr
Wat thy (lHjevry that the iilllanao
might liuvp a muoli more fur-rouhtiiB
I. I .' '.I.I ..,-, I , ., , , K,,.
iiiiiiii iii mi j.. in iiii.it IIiUhiii
Killt. la the pl'iivioci of Kun, la
on ihi Atlaail iH'pan at tht auulh
m ( roinnr of Morocco. Herman
ulifwa a 4aattt to hoM Hua aaa Ha
i oppci HMHta Ml aaaa Marevoo la l
iiiiinbenwl. Tte oarraart aMtatnant
that ih L'nltaa MaUm haa oafwVl
to (li'MMW'i bcIKmi ahottM fe im
cptva wKh caulloM, TMn aiatsmaHt
la no aat untraa. faaHr la far
from tha track of ttta Mnera, ana H
tannot b ntd to a In ttta path of
ISuropaan alHaa aatrtx ta at from the
Panama canal, Vaaaala aallliut from
pain to Hraall woolil rami nmr it. It
IIihi within thr MatMra laHtnOa. tha
ranarlaa and the Anorea. No ahlp
olHl from touHttlva north f tfpaiti
to Panama would paaa tieai Aaadlr.
Tho UHllwl Htaloa haa amall Inter
eat In Morocco in any cvi-nt. It lttl
lake twrt In the Ahjoc-lraa conferiic
of la, and wHhii th coHventlon waa
MtiiiMt thia country aJMeil a tllaflatin
or to tho Hfraci that the t'nlted autaa
woulil not be tHtuml to an partic ular
line of conduct In Morocco. To any
that tltta iohiiIi) la throattinod by
ctnrmaiiy'M hcMoii at Anadir or that
tht I'amuim canal wonhl be ilumlHHt
ml by thn laMaMlahmaiit of n itarman
imval bace at far-nary Ataullr la alm
ply rhllouloua. ThtH country chiiiioI
lie ilmwii Into a ICuroiuiHH Mtuabtata
on ajromula o thin anil remote.
Mark Twain toil an nutate of a llttlu
leaa than half a mlllfoH ilollara. He.
like Mr Wultar Mcott. "went broke."
anil, like Hlr Waller rVott, made
moiiKh to iltaolMiiae all hla ilehta uml
ilte rich. The caaea illffor, tllotiKh.
In that Mark Twain lectarwl aa well
Ha wrote, to i hIki Mil late hlnietilf fl
nanemlly, wlmreae Scott r ell ml on hla
pen nxelHlvel . Ilou much of the
fortune that Mark Twain left waa
nor Hail oh the lecture platform and
how much with hla pen there la prob.
ably no wh of knowing;, but alnrc hla
value ' a lectin er canie from tha
fame of hla Hooka. It may be aalil that
he fully ilMorovuil the aaaurance of
the funny iHiraaraphera tlmt poverty
la the penalty uf llttniry fame.
Tho thuory of the Jiiilietnl recall la
that a people may remove a JuilHe for
what it bellovea to Ih a wioiik le
vMoii, mill when placed on trial be
fore the whale electorate (he innrita
of the illHputiMl verillct are to form
the laaue. The prucllee aa aeon In the
caae of Judge Cook or Oregon Ih thut
tho jutlKc will he rmiRht not only by
the attorneya anil iHtrtlanna of the lout
cauao, hut by Iteiuibllcana liecuiHH' ho
Ih u OiiiHocral, by Itrytin Democratn
Uecmiee he ma a Ktllil Uemoorat In
I ! It fi. ami liy the "wcta" liecaiun of
hla il'ruatlc ireutiiiuni of offundura
agalnat the OroKim loan I option law.
I'lilillahad In tha llanihl today la a
communlcalloii from M. I'. Stanim on
the IMtVllIK Mlleetloil III All)llllierlie.
which la worthy of careful pertum?
and conalderatloa of all paraona In
tareatad In Ihla moat Important phwae
of the development of the city. Mr.
ttta nun haa linen a attidunt of kooiI
road for a number of yara anil haa
Kh'i-n the paihig jiroi-nrtllon, with
apaclttl rrleronct, to Alhuitiniiic, a
Kraal dual of thoughf. coniHuant-
I- hla Idea on tliu aubjuct are val
uable. A ahtvar want thrownh the country
yoaturdiiy whun an AaaoclatiMl Tree
dlapatoh projjlotad tho early retire
niiint from haiohall thla aeaeun of T)
Cobb of tha Detroit Tiger, drove
Dlvlno, ohlaf baaktu- of the Tlgera In
Alnntuaniue. wia koIiik on a vacmlon
tomorntw, but ho haa poatponail It
until ho loarn whuilier or nut Ty la
really aoliiK lo ()hU m let Utrolt
flounder arou In the wlldarneaa.
It wouldn't aurprhwi any one If
Phoatitx, Aria., woukl break Into the
ptaaa dlapouwoa aoou with a atory
about Phoenix being a ureal auin-
inor roaort. Tha tolu about th old
codger who wore an overcoat winter
and aummer. and who waa dlacoveted
dead with a half dortu bmnkata over
him, ta too much to bllv, ewn
from PhoenlK.
The Kaw Mexico Itlka who held At
lonilr t'ity imoUlhiutM ami charmed
the very oeoan whtch Irtehea ita
ahoree nave acattered tkroaiahout the
oaat, apruaUlug their etvltlamg Inf'e.
unco ovui' a vuet area of tha halt and
mined world.
We hove a bunker in Alhuiueriiue
whaao caah nlwor iwtaiicaa to a
iwnny In aeoerilMiiee wlttt ht atate
liiunta. I tut tha ftalt he brlnga home
Itoiu the Upper PecM are Kouerally
n wood many pound nhort of hla con-i
vonaational eatlmatea.
Ad Wotgeat. champion or h.m.
ntona aa a pukIIIhI, would make a
aorkiug good umiuru for aome or tht
hlu league olroulta. whine aroltratora
Jnire reoeiilU' lioen aliuwn varlatia duw
oourtueloM at tlio nhiviim.
There arc tv ottnnunta wlm want
to aoo Ur. U1lo'. the pmr rood v
Port fired from hi. Job. Tlmee who !
hi .mi !
Ilaiiiincratcin clalini to U- ilin'.is-
erod threi- n t'aruane Wi vuppoa'
Ni-- York will have to i-rect tull- a
acttlciiiuiit of monkc hnuxe
The day of rapM progriaa la aun l
hare. Tfi frock coat la no lonfter Itn
ahm of a true and real atatami.
nalllNHat had Ma Okv, aCrlary
Ilaher hla Atlaa AbboK, ainl Tama
Jim W'Haaii hla lit. Wtlay.
John Uhya Hammond haa ih tamed,
and Ida knm breachea and ewoiU pra
aumably rami- back alao.
A hat iitlorneil with white potatoea
I hie aaaaoti would be the height ol
luxur) and cxitaaiMii('e.
( Kl I'axu Herald i
I'uraile ut I' "it Mltef a ht aa
iirgHlr The i one re I. walk IH
front of the offleeia' ipiHilera rail"
filed heat tike ii inetol roof, The few
treea around the yellow br'ck houaca
of the infantry ofrin i furnlahed ro
more ahade faom th - ifftetnoon un
l ha a a coverlaaa umnrlla.
On the ahailml porc.i of Meutenant
.V a iinartera aat the lie lanaiit boat
a vhdtlng officer from tha cavahy
camp. thre civilian fion. the ill),
and young Meutcnant Hot yat on
of Ilia rompera,
MUtetMHt N.. from lli rccaawa o
hla wicker library eh-.-r, ctod aa H e
clink of the lee in th jtlnaaaa i'ic
"hi ne aarinni waa peaaniaj, directed
the oriental in the Diyi atlaa of con
ceding a highball. hla half fillid
with a cryatal of Ice, a big bottle col
ored like a ate I n ell gkiaa window and
u ainaller bottle with Ita cuiuentn
aiatrklliig claar.
Itach of the iorch party race' el
the lmjrelleiiia from the I'hlmw boy'a
li ty. ah but the cavalry officer, who
la known from Stielllng to Itllaa aa !i
'What la thla. i 'bailie. whtakV"'
naked tho officer.
With a face aa atolc aa a Uuddh.i
latutc the rhtiieae anawciwl: "Vm,
rm N'o kel. hym Mhlahlc har. Thla
dly town."
One tiny a ellvor dollar nought
A liHlgliiK in tho town,
Tliu olidorv ting or allvor broiifftit,
Intent to aottlo down.
Tlio rollow It wtia drat to eight
Wtig ono. I'm ami to Hoy,
Who cl Id nut lniHten to Invito
Tliu coin In town to stay.
Tlvla moat unpatriotic man,
Inatoiiii ur Itoliig lno
To alii the dollar In tho plan
To liulp tliu town it hud.
The dollar aunt afar to iohiii
In otlior rogliiiia tkun
Anil niMor to IiIm town or homo
That dollar ciinin iikuIii.
i i j
Anotlior iloltar nleo uunio,
Hut mot n mini inore kind
A follow with a ilirf'rent niiino,
.More iniirlotic nilml.
lio nakotl Ii In. ha bmlo It may
Anil help the inwii to row;
And nnvor more It roaiuuil away
Or onreil afar lo go.
Kroin liouao to lionac Unit ilolhir wunt
And Inlioieil fin th,, good
Of ov'ry .nan to wlioin 'twna aont
And all i ho nulRhliorliooil.
It liolpcil tlio rai-iucr'a llithl to III),
To awing the wooilaiuim'H n.
To Imllil the chiiruh upiin tliu hilt
Ami pay the vlllngu tax.
J J J $
Voxl tlino a il ol hi i- comet to lown
l.et'a greoi Ii with a ohuor;
Don't iuiil It off or turn It down,
Itm let II hotUc I'oro
I'or ov'ry dollar emtio to roost
In home m rnriii or store
la one more dollar eo.no to hoout
Tliu town n tittle inoro!
--DouKlaa MalhH'h.
Voice of the People.
Uvtiiilng lloialri
'Hie troutinunt by The llornld In last
niKlifs laatic ol tho petition Hint 1
proauntml to the city council foi tlm
tiittoring and xraillti; of one block
wtih vory inlHloHdlng It 1 nut it mat
tor lo ho Joked about or troutoil light-
I) We nic atari fog In again on tail-
Improvouictita that w
event milly
run Into huiidrailM or thuiiHiiiiil of
dollar and the oxieiidituro of a few
dollMia hi ihla time In experl.nental
aork would cin-tirtnly aoom n wlae inu
la.' The writer' euutuiillon la Unit
on .iccount or our in Ilia holtig ao few
and far hot wood that we do not need
the cuatomar pgvltu In thla city at
tho proaout time Aa the nlty grows
anil trnffle on a few at root a becon..
very lieavv, anch alioeta will tin
doubtodi) have to bo ,ivi with aonie
klud ol regulation paving hut thai
time la by no mean hero Thla tlooa
not moan that I think the ptoxoiit
Mieoid of Altuo,Humue uro aitilhdoiii
far from It Th- bnalueat. atroota. al
loy a and i-roeeltigN of ihla city are a
dlagi'ROf ami huv' bouii for a nuiiiher
ol yanra anil Ihoro hue Ucon nu viilhl
oxrtuo (or thoii beliiR in aueh it con
dition The roahlonee atrcota thai
hnvu lioen grndoil (luring the paat low
wiri are criain in nip cli hut the
''Ualnoa alrocia lime boon auilly lie-
liuciMi. ir wn hail In the puet. or
aouhl now. put In Hood HiihaiMtillul
'TO X.
rulau tho Hlreota In tlm oontor Hint
ratiirull would rjulekly llml Itu
way lulo tho gull era our trouliloa
woiitti do miivoiI wltit a coinpiirutlvu in
oxpuimlve outliiy.
Our Ijualnuw atroeta woru initlnly
hull! illimy yeara ami wluui lb,.
tluiUBlit veamoil to prevail that mlubu
I eifi. uuvuv
". ".,1 "V ''V ."""K ,n lh,,r suu'
E. 0 , ,2? .,,1 ' "l i,
... - wmvuivi lv IfUVIIHII
"IHII lull . 1 1 1 I III'
i 11 mmkIrU iiroi i-ri c
hnr: ''a
.STitAMili MI I W( COIM AHI.H Oil IMIW m in:
Tin r In ii mill lio fl iure old In Ihla toli wh lull"! t In n k- In
Iihk an iinuau.ii iiopanalty for itnding trouble Hi- inilur m ii- will
glad when wllitei omea. ao that the achool liuelni will lmi ip tin
Ifut parharw he ta about like other boy and hi rather unl iinlt
more tlmea that he gota Into trouble.
On, ilny father ami mother wont away, and thought they could h-aw
a blf 0-year-old w.uni man m the houa. When they fat Home he had
broke a thn anting room wimloa. ontan a tadpole awl airairflatl two aold
riah nut any little boy could do aa w aa that
A Utile friend of hla told him one day that the telephone wlroa hp
live." TV I wa rather Imrd to believe on aay-ao, an our young friend
emrted ta Inveatigate. I 'aim oiiiiing home tired from hla work found
him way Hp on a talograph pole atnioat within reach of tha witea. Ho
had ahlninnl up the pole, to find out If the wire were like done mid btrda
and other iniei.t!nt live thinge Papa ordcnM him very croealy to come
dowH. Tilt wiriH wer hlKh-voHage light wire and If he liUtl touched them
he might Iffive nme down without being tailed down.
.aim pie "culling ilowne" dun i nn to do any good.
Hut wheti the IIUlr boy Rot hurt at hla original kind of ptay, Ma imp
waa Mjgt da aorr aa could be, and did vr thing he could to make him
o o o o
I'lllliOSOI'll V Ol" lm.HNllSS .S I'MlAPIIKASHli I'llO.M
I went tB imurch the other day and hoard the leaenad praaaher any
Tiio Mi eateat thtmt on earth a chance lo work;
of nil tho facta a-golajg the one thute moat worth kHowlwg
la ihlK that rt a aha me our toll to ehtnrk.
Ami he talked about thla bleaatng for an hotir whfto ddrirtWtiHl
A eoMkregatlon or attentive roika:
How Nittor la MalvntloH, Idle new la daaacratmn,
AHtl overythlilk not labor la a hoax.
Now U'a iiHHe bleaawl all believe to give tliaii tu MaTr
VRlI i tMa label' aaeti a giortoua tMM
I dechlwl ffwm that day not lo aland in peafdi? amy
Th receive ie kuueflta that work will bring.
And whwi ihere'e work that ahoulil be dune, I dail't tfNlWu II. far one.
And ypoll othar peoplo'a clinncaa to be bliaggils
Others' ajtomtea It would apotl, ao I rafialn from tM
Ailtl leave great labor'a bleaalug for the rent.
o o o o
ri.VK I'lU'lllHllS DON'T .MA Kit IM.VII tAT$.
A reatdent of dtlv r avenue la a aubdued and contrite nmt tetlay.
And all hi did waa to throw a bottle r ketchup at aem oatcich
pmniea. 'iHMa loachlnn Incident occurred a boot two o'clock Uat ntght.
Hla wire had an Idea ahe would renovate three big black feather. Thla
In dono far the benefit of maacullne read era by carrcaalns them (tha
plumea) with the back f a atlvcr table knife, etc, etc. At am rate, aa
Ion an etie knew how to renmate oatrlch fvatrtera, It all right, and It
lan't In the leaat neccaaary for the puipoae of the atory to tell how It la
don .
Hut anyway, the plumca were waving, gracefully within the ecrccn
of a back porch ofr of the kHchvii. They were a bktek ua .1. Ham'a eat.
And that by the way, la exactly what th. looked like, when the men who
la now eon trite flrai aaw them.
He thtMigot the- were the br IHrni cat ihat haa teen eating- up hla
Utile ehlaTtoii. Incidentally. It n drill b. mentioned a Uottlf of red
ettcky Ketortiip wm oil the kitchen table -the kind of ketchup one
would not Af'ilnartly think of pntttmc oh oatrlch moanee. But when a per
du a la an my.' elemental unotlona arlac, and ihlnaa are done that would
not haw been dune calmy and ilollbt raiely. ICveryone roaltaea the truth
or thli, nawerflvn, It la hardly necenaar to dlalate upon It.
IImi to tiidiirn to our atory Yu w ill remember gvntte rendi r. that th"
illume were, vmvIiik in the biccc, the man waa In th- wliclien. and the
kcli hup waa on the table. Ui k or paoc rrblda telling exactly how It
happened, twj at any rate the man. mllaklng the plumca for the cut. and
being In .i raa . i.ip w the k'ti hup at the plume, und made an awful
mean of I belli.
We r-.iHot In m ib.ii :iu wife hud wanieil him to buy her u new
plume, and that tin no .m mn li.id rrfui ii. Hut when he aaw how
foolloh hi u.i. .niii bad -1 1 1 I the
miii a, ! Mi.ru t so tip ii
otue uijim'I c iiho have 11 whll
ten clay eloae to the city that I much
aiipmior to ailolu- to nitx uiih Ih"
gravel If thlM nil.xlure waa properly
made, thotoughly wot when Ii was be
ing put In. ami mil fir kept off the
block uuilei eoiiatiiii'tlou until It dried
out ;ui (I wm- wortuNl down aolld under
tlio nroaouie or tlm blk roller, no nun
woulil penetrate t to do mi ihunage.
mid In live nilniilca nrtei our heavloat
Mw......u .1... .
Hliuwrra the atorni water would Im
woll on Ita way 10 the HI.) Grande
rlvoi Thl.- whm my hloa In preaetitiiiv
the poilUon to tho uoitnell to grade
one block The potltioti culled for the
properly owner to pay one-hulf uml
the city Hie other half I uatuiiilly e
leeteil Sllvii nvainio between Plra
and Socoiui atroot; certainly I would
not be cxpociod to ffti Into some othe.
properix ownora' iielsliburhood and
Loiu.n.'iici ,iu anltatlon of that kind
AImo that block Ih probahly mon ra -eled
tliaii any other nloek in the 1 iiy
oHiahlu the ikivIiik aorie that haa been
oatabllahod uml tlio I oat would cotiKr
ilHotiily he more Hovoro. wiim iinine
illutclt Hcciuyd of tfullleh doalioa iiipI
the huiunieiV wore brought out It
Viiti ovhluntl) thnt thought I tun work
od In the ptihtlto-oui hniliu of our
preHciit clt.i eoillicll Hint eatiei d I hem
to ally hi xwfli a aiupuntloiia outlay 1
liilor'iiod 1I10111 that ihu entire coat
would not exceed $700 and that tho
cli glum, would lie fa.'io ) o lohl
ilii'iii ihHt it would ho eiillrel aatia
liietory to ua aoiithuiiilorn If they woulil
guttei and grmlo 11 block In the north
end ol the uity InatONd ol tha Silver
avenue one Tiiuy wore further in
formed thai the writ or ami al lijuat
0110 oiliur proporty owner In thru
block would Nty thulr aim 10 or the on
tliu $T(Hi ami rellavu tho city 01 thai
much of tho IttSO and thai probably
Ihu fin lie auiouut tiouhl he roiooiiilod
lo Jhe city We 1110 now to htivo Site
oiilj alriwi pavuil to Slhor avuiiiie Km
nn llliiritiatluu tn ho the two hlorka
aouili of Hllvor 10 tho viaduct, they
will mill bo tho Hiiinii old nun! hole
Thla proper! oiikIiI nut to he charkoil
with oxpuiialvo paving aim y.i the
klreot ulioulil ho flxuil with propel
giiUui ntul nmdluHl to carry off the
atorni water Uml eoiiiua ro.n Hie
piived micci and other wointtuH If
It waa left in the proporty owners til
idle illatrhi, and It hIioiiIiI he. not 30
pot cent would iigroo to paving hui till
aoulil he wIiIIiik (o nay tho aiiiull coat
of put Hug tho Htroet III good eondl
Hon for nil puVppa. Tliht eomlltlou
uiille nil ovur Ih clly. ami I uk any
loiiKoiinhlo ngiHon If Hie council would
not Im JiietMut) In oxpumlliiK a llttlu
nine iiiih moiioy In lliidlnx out Juai
whut to do with theno stittula uml
plune . i ni:t lie would get her
-t'Tdac. i
IiIui-Uh Unit lannnt ami will not he
To any ihat oven though tho cuiiii
ell ahoulil aulnet aome block and pay
the antlro coat or puttliiK In guttor and
grading It. (hat they would have to
tlx oil the blocks thut way U too allly
lu dlaciian I proHiiine then that II the
, council ahoulil aolurt u eoiiinilttoo to
vlalt half a 1I04011 ellloa to Inveatlmilo
imvlug bofoio they let Hie ooutrncta
1. ...1-1.. u.. 1-.. ... ...
-and It might he a wlae thing to do
Hint thoy would lie under iho stern
nuceaally of iKtylug the oxputieoa tor
a Junkotlnf; tilp tlmt any other iiinii
mlMht wain to take (m tho aame pur
POro. Tho Hueinlng hoaflllty of the
coiinoll lo auoli a almple linalneae
proposition I not onav to nccrmnr for
ami I am not koIuk lo r j it
It I not in-' -,tr to aputid time
telling you, nor buvt; y-uu waatlnx
time to read "ill it happen good at
the Alrdomc tonight" It I a known
fact thai a gnoit inow and pleaaant
time for your family await you ut
the Alrdomc tm It happen for ao
little mon. tlmt vuu can at tend
cheaper thuii 1 . 11 .nn tay at home,
o come out ihu ! IlltilU
Complaint Waa fllod In the dlHtrlut
court against Ca.nlllo llemrdliiellt hy
the Storn Prince linp'jrtlni; eoiniiiiny,
n ('oloiitilo corpoiiitlon, for rocovory
or Hie hiiiii of $11.'!. ullogoil In ho duo
tho plaint Iffa. Tho plaint IITh uro top
roHuiitod hv Altoruoy Kollx l.oetor.
Ti'iimmlllno l.oiutv lu uiniil r,. il...
' . ,,,,u,t ,,,, 11111,
Hinmini of i:li. .'10, nllugoil to ho duo
llealinru I. Iliintoot. Conmlnint wim
llltMl for Hie plaint Iff hy A A. godlllo
Atioruey Hedlllo also llk-il with Ihu
clork of tho illairtft court a mitt for
illvoreo on huliuir of lleno S C'ouk of
lllla elt iiguliiat Wehloii I.. CtmK,
whose whoroahoiila are unknown it
lb allowed Hint without any itppiiront
fouHoii tho ilofoiidiint iihiiiiiloiiod ,Mra.
Cook In Juno. I!iu7. ultieo which tlniu
ho Iiiim not put In an appounuiee
Aiipllimilon for a iiiiiitIiiko llouiua
was grMiiloii it 1 iilln miiorn, age 17,
uml Marion Sttwuillo. tiolh of Allni-tiuuniue.
OKI Glory Wnvcs Over Lines of
Tents; Sentinels Posted;
Bugles Ringing: Scene is
One of Grent Aninmtion.
I.iin Vegan, N M . Julv -" I )er 1
mi the hlMheat hill mi tbe title rmm"
liorlhwcal o .m Vega tbe elitt e and
atrlpea 11 re fhlng from a loft' flag
pole. In plain Might of till apotleee
banner and within enay walking die
tame over hflO enllated men of the
Plret regiment, Vew Mexico National
guard, with tholr offlcere. are en
camped. Khahl-clad auai-deimwi are
walking hack ami fot-ih on their end
lea tread aa picket In each com
pany ouarter in lb. tent city white
capped cooka are frying alaallng lanim
w polkJlitng their pota and kettloa.
The ringing note ..f bugh arc eend
Ing forth notea of eommaml and tho
biennial encampment of New Mealco'e
Wllltairy forcaa la well under way
The liendnuartcre of Adiutant Hco
eral A. Ilronkea. head or the right
tHf force or the territory, la located
III a prominent poaltion in the camp
Colonel IS. f. Abbott will hex
charge or the viHiipetltion for plnajea
oh the Xen Mevltrti rifle team, which
wtH compete In the annual ahoat ut
CDmp Perry thla aummer lienerdl
Mrmtkee thla afternoon laaued an order
commanding tha beat riflemen In each
company to report tomorrow to
folooel Abbott, who will begin gt once
the competition ahoottng on the
ranee. I'olpnel Abbott expect thla
year to tend out from the PI ret regi
ment the beat rifle team tn Ita Ma
lory. It likely will require aeveral
day a to decide the memberahlp of the
Xcw Mexico rifle team and euch of
thoee daya will be a buay one.
Soldier Athletic-.
Oenerkt Urookea la a firm belli v. r
In uthletlce among the aoMter. 1
aald th!? morning that he la laeiin. l I
to order a field day during the n
caoitintent. On Ihla occaemn the men;
will partlclintle In varlou atbleli j
eontcKt. With the conaent o' i;,i, ,
eral Urookea the men are irgani.iiiL. j
a baaeltall dub. It la likely that - '
ond Lieutenant Jacob .iffurd or San - '
ta Pe, a well known baeeball phiy.i
will be captain. A game between th.
aoldler and the Railroader ma )
arranged for $uudat afterniHin Ht
Aliuieement NII'k Three member of
the AlliiKiufniMe Uray are membi ra
ot the regiment and there are aeveral
good plavera from ShhIh Pe, lie ludlng
Una Koch, whtt pluv flrt baw on
Hurki-'H lieuver. The Maroon mav
be matched fcir a me UJi the aol
dler during tbe encampaient.
Plrat Lieuti-twnt P. K. Voung.
Twenty-third regiment .r Infuntry.
t'nltd Ptataa army, haa been aont
here from fair1! Hllae by the war de
partment for ttic purpoee of I net rue t
lug the officer ,ind aoldler of the
w Mexico National guard Lieuten
ant Viiting I located In tht offlcere
hi'iiMc at the top of the hill to the
north r ih camp. He will provide 1
problem to he Worked out by the
soldier" and will Mlat In the con
ducting or an offlcere' achool. Cap
tain ileorge K. .Mortiaon and Lieuten
ant Young hate prepared accidie of
the range to be uaod In the fhtW work.
Hlue prim of ttteoe will be made anil
put in l he hewda of each of the offi
cer Lieutenant Young aay the daya of
attain battle htr the militia are nat.
However, the problems puivtded are
"f greater practical value and give!
the men much experience In active !
field aervlce
,. .A '"V"
the camp Adjutant General Urookea
auid thla morning tlwt the greater
pint of the work of the o Idler would
be done In trie morning The entire
regiment will be In the field each
morning. In the afteraoooa officer'
achool will be conducted.
Captain William P. Ilroajan wae of
ficer of the day yesterday.
The Plrat rerdment band, the crack
military org meat Ion of the National
guard, will give concert every even
line at "a trip Mtlle, begin nine; at fl So
o'i lock The people of Lite Vega
are iimieil by Oanaral Mraokea to
attend any or all of theec concert,
win. h will lake place on the para.de
I'eii'eet Siiiilliillou,
At thl encampment aanltation la
a near iierfeut aa poaalble. The new
water ayatnm Inatalled at a coal of
aeveral thouaaud dollars, together
with facllltlea fo r band ling refuae and
other accumulation. In urea praetUal
I) perfect health among the hundred
of aoldiei.
Governor Wm ,. mUi ex
pected to arrive in laa Vega before
the end of the preaent weik lu alUOld
the encampment. He win be the SNeet
of Colonel Keen ml in. 1 Itoniero,
member of hla atafr, at Colonel Ho
Hicro home on the boulevard. Gov
ernor Mill take a ,, njIHMi u
the arfalra of the New Meslco .Vutloit
al guard.
Lieutenant P t. Young. Culled
Stat army, detailed b the war fie
iwrtmeiit. la a thorough aoldler. He
la a icraduate or Weal Point ami re
cently im been aiHllunuil ut Port
, -" - -
' l"tM"' lonU ''"I've part
in Hie regular army Hiaiiouvora m
fan Antonio and alao mow actlva aarv-
b e on th. border during the Mexican
J revolution
tleimrul Albert . Ilronkea. In com-
luaml or the aummer camp, la no
almnger In Ua Voijaa. II waa here
two year a to to atiend the encamp
ineiit In the role of lueirixMor deiaileil
hy the wntr duiwiiineiit. General
Urookea during hie regular army cu
rear waa a captain, and the Improve
ineiit and rowth of the National
Kiiai'd aliico hla appolnitnent iih iidjti-1
tuut tuiierul utteala hla ttuccuaa ua u1
''in r No man at tin i f,.
1. on I. 00a to Vlaltora than (lulierul
Hr....ke He weleomoa townapeopl.
lo ill the i amp every day.
Tmi ICilllolM, ,
There are two l!ijWHiper editor
among tin National Ktmnt boy par
ti' ipatlng lu the inatietivara at Camp
Mill. Tho are William P. Ilrogaii,
managing editor of the Alhtlnuriuc
Kwnlng Herald, ntul Itrlnn Hnreao
liiinne. tit) editor or the Am to Pe
New Mexican. Ilrogaii I en plain ur
the Albuiiiertur com pain and la rlitht
at home In hla milium regalia, hav
ing been an officer in the Kuiihum
at ate mllltlu aome yeara ago. Dunne
la a private In thn rank of one or
the fHiim Pe compuiile. The (iplle
la nlao represented amoiiR the ffl
cera b) Colonel M. M. PndKett. who la
a member of tu. goverimr'a atnff.
Hev. Harvey M. Shield, chaplain of
the Plrt reKliniint. New Mexico Na
tional guard, left yeaturdny for
hi home, where he waa called I..
conduct the funeral of Alex Nickel,
the ear-old huh of John Ntekel
The Im died WHilinwday niornliiK frog
ptomaine poteoiifiiK cuuaoii by drink
Ing eour milk. Itev. Mr. Shield i
oxpteil to return to Ounp Mill to
morrow He I one of (he moat popu
lar officer in the regiment. In addi
tion to lielng one or the loading
clergy men in the ICplacopal church in
New Mexico. Hev. Mr. shield la an
eiilhuelaatlc lodgentan. He I a Ited
Man, a Mueon ami an Klk,
Auto Parade.
An automohlle parade to ('amp
Mllla during the field maneuver ol
the Plrat regiment. New Mexico Na
tional guard, la beliiK talked or l ,t
number or Lea Venn mntoiiata. Kvcrv
automobile In the city will he preeecd
into ervlce and the reaultlmt (Mirade
la expecteil ro be a long and inipoaltiK
one. According to the plana, the e.-cui-alon
will he made In the earlv
evening Immediately following nun
down. Till wilt give tke nutolat an
opportunity to make tho acrtoaiutuuee
of the officer and aohller ami enjox
a vlalt with them hehire taa.
No definite date haa been act. but
the parade likely will occur atone lim.
oati next w'eelt. 'Pile aptonioblllnl
wlll procore aome red fire atid other
harm leaa firework, which will he net
off on approaching: the camp x round
rm their elevated puatttun on the
creat 01 Ho- hill the aohller would be
treated to a tteautlfuj night aa the
chug-chug caru with their Inmp
burning brightly and rocket and id
fire I lit. ml mi ting lite road nil u'.out
them ,i.pi"H. lo d
Valuable Data of Interest to
Well Drillers Compiled by
Vineyard Company, Which
Operates Near Doming.
Iboiinu. X .M . July sii I. .1 .,ti
alrat of Oklahoma ami .1
I lay ne of Hio lilanco, olo.. an
Itora in town today lnveatittatiii lie
DemfM country. Mt. Ollairat m
ileidel to make thla future horn,
Pref Taylor, the new aoperlntend
ent of the Denting achoola. I buildiim
a new home on Weat Mpruce aireet
The Little Vineyard company, op
erating (wu inilee no at of emlng. Im .
Juai flnlehed a prorile allowing m.
earth rurmatlon paaaed through. Tin
la the flret time that an accural,
record haa been kept, and lb. duiu
la looked upon aa being uluable 111
that It ahow the general roruiHli.it
or till thla valley. Thla formulloti 1
ua follow. Top aafl, fi feet; grit vol
and claying, it foel; clay with
lor, IB feel; givltiK a dopth or 17 red
to lite point where the ftret etratum
of watvr wna airuek. Thla watei
bearing airatum allowed aa rollow
Itlver muck with water, i feet, aanil
and gravel. I lent; roarae. Inoac grav
el. tl. feat: the water hearing xtratum
being 17 4 feet lu tllloktleaa lleloe
the flrai waler atratum the follow lua
waa encounter. nl Tough clay, h v
fiNjU pack wind. I feet: giving a depth
to the top or (he eecund etniinm of
71 H reet Thlt aecoml atratum
ahowed aa follow. tlraxtl, t! reel,
clay. I root:. looee gravel. 17 re t: the
aecoml water henrlng atrntum being
SI feet thick. Than there waa en
cuuntered miff clay, IS feet, which
brought the drill to the third watei -bearing
atratum at a total depth ot
111 feet. Thla third atratum canal lei I
of Kami and gravel l.l ret thick, uml
the drill then went Into rm five reel,
or a total depth or the well or IJH
The thild atratum la the real water
aupply for irrlgniton puriioaea. and
Hie preaaure la ao great In the third
atratum thai the water alwuye tiaea
ai. or eight feet above the point nt
which the rtrat atratum la encounter
ed, ao that the depth at which the
ft rat atratum la encountered la an In
dex to the pumpltiK depth, which lit
the well referred to will he from to
to IT feat. The flret water bearing
atratum get shallower u one goe
eaat of Dottilnpr ontll at el win mile
It cornea to within IK feet or the aor-
The ionian.v pulling hi the well
refer rail lo now hit lK acre under
rultlvnllon, mostly in benna, with
aome niilo ma lac.
Tiiciuncaii, N. M., July au -liai
Siuiiirdav night two huraoH wore alolen
from a n.'ttlor ntuir Hartford In tho
Soutliein uml of the county, und word
leached Slierllf Ward uml ho whh aft
i the. n Suinluy He found the lioraue
hohhliMl In ,1 pitHturo IK mllea ouat id
ihu ei Tliursiliiy uml wittfliod Upmu
until two nimi iipiiroaultod uml ton!t
HHtaoeHlon of tlioiu to tide away.
Wlnui iiri'oated thoy kuvo tholr tmiutw
iih .iitaii Diinin mill M0O11II Vahliw:
Ward Imidud Ilium lu (ho hmitlle horo
Thiuailny night.
If you huvofVt thn tlmo to oxmclae
tesoliirly. Dunn'a Itwmilutx will pre
vent ooiiHtlputlon. 'Hiey Induce a
mild, winy, houltliful action of Hie
howela without gliplliK. Aalt your
ilrua.iiit for Ilium. :s ccuU,

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