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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, July 21, 1911, Image 4

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(PucftMor to Trillin Citizen.)
a nrn'miurw vrwsi'Arnn.
mr Tin: iikuam l't-nusiiiNo go.
rnlilUlirfl ererj afternoon ricept
finnilny ml 122-121 North f?coml
street, Albuquerque, 3V. M.
Rntrrctl a entlrlnM matter
Mnrrli 1, 11 1. at tlie jmstofflie nt
Alhmiurrquc. N. M., unilrr tlie Art of
March 3, 18T0.
One montli by mntl no ornts
One month liy carrier 10 wots
One year It) mall Initio
One year by carrier lfl."i
Telephone 17.
IN Till? TI V Ol" O'.O.N'U.
, id the pinc-ri-nted hHW of
intataatr will gather n the aeoawd
. v of August a boat of Mow Mc-
, reptweantatlv cttlarH in t'hau
ifwmMl', HMHWrtltM by th
:ng hraegt thU "W1 die. and
. hd ay IHa pure, Wfl air of
,. llinttnUMrtH, tk pao wilt "
. all mmmmr of aahjacta tch
. .i upon tkr immediate nfttai at
i,. iimmnHh, Politic and rrlifWe.
, i niton and progrea. farming and
.ineisi will be preoamed, tH fact
, w , x pnft ami question nf the hour
v n recataa He due attention, anil will
. mm a J ay iwlwttl epeaher
). m all parta tha country man
vim have ffff m Ufa study of lhair
i . iectiv kranche of endeavor.
In each tiwHwratln- iwrrnMmllnga.
w.th th attfMthUInn atwl mafrtrntran
f the great mtl-of-dnar. thti otlMea
i ,,iihI value of the HmtitmHum can
n.ipiiv be overeat! mated. Aetd from
mi pleasure offered by ttth lovely
kim.i, which Ik coming to hi called the
Playground of N'ow Morten," the ne--.
midage of w wroot ii nnmber of
i ipo. who ha vp come tonthr for
the pai-aoae of exchanging ihwr
i. w and III mm hiii! Waal, cannot
I. ut hT H grut broadening l"fu-
iiui' hihmi tboee that attend.
Whan cotiftnod hr the four wall of
.i 'm tiding. nrt opprnaaKl hr the alnla
,.,i f a pttnlle antlitrtna. It la fln
iiifft.-ult in hrwik a whjp from tho nar
i, rnnflnmi of fvry-lay tlilnklnit.
Hut it thflrf In tho pnrMit ulr thut
liml vnr mmlp. with th metllttK
irr-topi mwliwil, nml tho xtMh of
in.- wind hi tho hroiwhw, nml the
''t wii'H of tlu ptiiim all Hromitl.
'nnrriiwnftwi Hurt HitMtllniwH ro fornnt
t. n In tln aritni liroiulnm of Ntittiie
hiTHelf. nnrt tli tnlnil nml liotirt nro
MllllllUltMl t IiIbJiht tlllllKf.
It In up to t)u p-nplf of Now MoX-
.i to mipport thwio M'iiioiin hIio Ikivh
f'i iuirnitly worhwl f'ir thi' New
MlXl.O f'lWMlMUIlUa hfl'MUtK It f
vii.-h BrU filueHlloiml vImi. It I
mi iiiHlltHtlon tluit ilwwrviw tlie htwrl-j.-nt
eneonHKmuit. Thin ywr In to
1- thf nrfflitwt hi Itf hlHlorjf, mul nl
riuily httnllrmlf of pnnin Iiiivi- kIk
mrifil their hituntlon or hflliiif prn
, nl. Wvry nmn. woman hiiiI elillil
iIih! wHiw to HIwhI tlir hwl peupln
i.i New Mexleo. anil at the arnni' tlnm
r- oive bM the iltMhte of a aunt mar
..,mHo, ahtwhl pla to lt nt Monn
1 onuir fr the ehvnn lay f thi
A MODI I'l llll AlililANflli.
It la only a Miven-llne clause that
.o"tltatt the enttre dlfferenee be-
i h tae oxplrtMl and the newlr
' ,rioiihHd iritlK of .illhinea be
t , ..t, draat IMtatn and .Inpan. Theim
sri' f aevew Hnaa do. huwior, altar
ihe Hfjramnent In a way which may
huuae the aw lag of woHil lihtinrj .
rhe ftynrih clause of the Hew truaiy
Mipulata that nothing In the agree
tiiiiit ehall eutnil upon either of the
t;ih eutMtwUtig powcra hi otillaailoH
i., gn to war with uav third power
"itti wiktch ago ot the other nation
i. have r Me red Into a treaty of gaw-
t. i apMtestHMt. Thh clauae not only
i. ..i the way far both (treat Hrltaln
i Junaa to aater into gtmarai arbl
iLiiioa treartaa, but it oaeM the wa
v hbh Oraat Urttaln mat avoid a
i:retui eomiwewy. t ahadawy pa-
oiiaHty of which arteted under the
rtetnai traaty that la. the potan-
uiity a a war aetwean the UHliDd
-t.itea gnd Jhaamn, In which Qteat
JiiitulH would be Invafvad aa an ally
i,f Japan.
Thar haa undohtMy bean a largo
output In thle country, from curtain
wouroaa. of uronhectre of war aetwaan
flu- ITxitod atatee and Japan tla?t may
)c maanfled aa hyatarlcally Imaglna
live. aa if Oapan h In paatilan to
nake a tpslek ami taHiaararlly aia-
eaefal grab of the I'hlhplHwi or the
la walla n talatma. It wouM be an act
of ItMfuna aiate-raft to acompltoh
-viih a Mup. It rqulrw no aummlnn
'u of the raaNa. It te obvtoui that
r the qaeatlati of dnmliwtliiK tho Pa-
' Ifla alieuhl ho put to the wurllko twit
u( tho tlnlch the domlnnnm of the
Vnltad fits tae would he hi firmly
-diialljltiAd that there una HI he nan
t" 'I'lniM IL W idtdltlxl wfn Jn the
ng pin. lityJ Ul hTnhtihtKtlut aro
irge imt mm ahould win iii tho xhort
While (he poaid Willi ee or a war be
tween the I'nllud Sdntcbt and Jiihhn uto
t ag laMMlnont, nn fiflino af tho mu
iirophat raitriiit thtan ta he, the
faei iftjUldt ha Ih-njriuf that tho rll
clou h Hh Uftliatl Sialea nnd at Japan
it.ltlR ll
jt r t ri
If Japan
s t'.. P.. if,
lfcU lllillll If,
In 'inMliMim to ctan1 into n r-nt
fni,ir', with rarreneHtmi pHdn
iu.,trlltii( hT M)lry upon thlit of
li,,.i Utimin. the realisation or et-.'-n
ii ,, .f,,, inn hardly be accotniillalted
With,. ul moimlna Mrentinna nhtertlonn
Hint would be bailed. If Hereaaiirv,
In iit anna and fhwttiM foetn mil
The vrnit name mm a method of terrl-
torim expnttaHin may not bate paaaetl,
hut it i hardly conceivable that any
power liniiferlmt either of I he treat
orenna will attempt to operate the
t in-Mortal a rah nrhemea mMlttat the
I'nlted !. The twfety olntwo in
the Hllinne treaty hetwean rtrnt
HrltHln and Japan i a Ml nf row
mendabie eintoTaft iHadom, but Hie
roHtlnene) provtdeii aatwK, there la
INWMt tenaon ! hop-, will nevar even
Mime the Inaauuiatlmi of the pen-
ton department of the amitht'iti la-
elf e company. .IrtHtaarv I. Itfft. Hrly
nne mtMran dHat hav been voImh-
farll) ilMMtrawl antona the retired
employea of that enttmratlon The
plerle umoUHt la $.. '
The total llahuraemMta for the
month of .Inne. HI I. wer. J1t.an.ll.
Thla waa dlvldetl union M men and
wottteH. retired employee of th
Wouiheiti Pacific eomian. The loial
iTtaboraemHHtP tm th fhwal yarn aMtl
Ihk June It, HII. were I U.M.f.
au tUm lavaanlauilMi nt iIim im,H
. w -...v. ii .e
noil iiSTmnmen. m-
compafty haa pHatoaed Bin of lie em-1
plnve. Of thle number 1S5 were
front ihe operating and train aervlee.
MS from the motive wwnr depart
ment, including I'MBlnomen. 11 from
the malnteiHinre of wny. 7 frwin Ihe
more tlttptirtnteHt. 01 trom Ilia ami
orl offlew. 21 from the AtlHiille
Ktuamahlp llnmi ami II from Ihe rerry
ami rlvnr mmimnra. I.onath of aervlre
Ix all that hi mwaaaary to locure a
iimielon frtnn tho Southern Paelfle
. I
aomnnny. Tim ompioyoe are ni re-
qulred to contribute atiytMn loWMtll
the penMoti fuml. all paymenta hetita
made out of the aenenil funde of the
rallrond comparty.
There In nn uo In fellnK ularm
oer the efe or cnoiern in
York, hoennne. in the flrei plneo. It la
mil ukirmlni;. and. In th aecoml
place, a feelliiB of alarm la of no tin.
The rnet la that cholera riUHKi are
eflmlni! In nlniosl wnoRty by the
aiifiinnhliw from Itiily, and at ilm
HHine time an Inveetlautlon or tho of
ficial conduct of lir Doty, the health
officer of that port, l aolna on. Aa
between thina two It In our opinion
that care of the choleni paea la the
mote ImiHirUiut. It may he that
t Intro la no conflict liatweiin the two
wo hope not hut the time to wateh
out nauliiHt eliMlura Im when It la com
Iuk. and If the report mm he hellevetl
ll la coiiiIiik oftan enouKh JtiM now to
receive the utricle! ort of atletiilon.
Man ! alwaye Intetented In what
hla follow nmrtnl hue." aaye a Utah
mond divine. And It inlaht have hn
nililixl that thle Mirt or iiitloult) Id
freejuantly dhaiairmte when a cltlnon
holda ii pair of iU!tonn and the fellow
to Iho rlaht hue idled the nltualion
by elxty bcmiie.
It oca uee or parenial dhtplaueot tho
youtiK win of a millionaire who mar
ried u mi I net lilt father' will hue hud
to go to wort, ami ill nnue la uom
her own cooking. They are both to
he cnngmlukitwl upon tho opportu
nity that ha been tin net upon them,
and may they both nuike good!
The now Hulrtco of Juatlce In Home
haa cot the Kovernmant three mil
lion, and a half more than Die orig
inal eatimaie. After all, ovan In graft
we oaa taarn eome thi waa from effete
A Mt. Ioul wotuao t apart that her
huaaoMd I miadiiK. 'lHt St. l.ouia
liNaaaHd I alwaya aibMiiR. hut the
Alhunaerque huahatul wWoee tolka are
uwuy l not tnbwtng uaythtoa that
cue aa.
The lCngllah royaltiaa will uttand
the great Ctermaa naval review. It
la evidently the policy of ihe raral
eoutliiRunt in Kuropc to kaep In tha
If tha otatlatire were avaliaWe prob
ably it would he found that HC liar
eent of the men who UH all thotr
Mil bafore they go away on their
vaeaf4ana dan't hii.
Whure In tlm ohl-faehtoneri con
groat which mot, dalllKimnai with dig
nity and HtUaurnl without a wawea
Hon of an lnvUaUon of the admln-
1 titration.
nr. Ullot'a dictum that all men nro
not horn free and agaal aaamki twi
uiiahln, only a few ate born In Bon
ton. The woman' right in or em on t le to
he naanHiitad far y tho fuel that you
win iirtvar ttun'lrwto her aha'e In tho
Thte aro lf ItdBt 16 aVurf tftiaa
dun, mid nlao a tup ami hjnifini.
,p.i -i
With the hnnllliiff of fh- ,nr
load of annhei, out of Mew ilexh-o.
Arioona r,nd the aouthern part of
nHfornli. the ftottthirn I'm-itfc
probably holtln the reroril for the
anlpm ni of the moat unique loml of
fraight evr placed in ear The
shipment of the live intake will ne
delivered to Hall Imoie, f'hlrnao, fin
clnnati and Hoetoii inoa, ami nlao to
Nw Torh ft reah!Ment la Ruro
pean point.
The aMrfce numht-ted I'M and
reprenentetl J I dtrterent afwelea. In
length they are all the way from
five to tweniy-flve feet. The major
itv of the reptile were elaaaen tm
deadly and were an mnrhetl on the
ho The ahlpHtent repteaenied
about ten month' wnrk on the pari
of the ronalMtore. who re aald to h-
fitHJHHta anahe olle'torii of the lit"
nrnHde. it ti jmin per ear to hip
then). Port Mumner Hevlew.
The heniM rnin of the NWHtin
U II U'eilncodav ii lion I nnon. laatln
a hol two hour the mtat preelplta
lion will ilaei M B, h three lnrhe
The main atreet in Orady lonhed
1Mt a rl of muddy water, . w.
AtMth. who Uvea acrnaa the atraal
from the Heeord of fire, (pit rnnaht
m the wmnR aide ot the atreet and
IimiI to borrow horne and ftuatty t
fei over to hie BtHdneaa. H. X. tA
binHd waa enuffht napplHK Ht tfH-
ner Had line to have hi ver not to bin
btmiHoaa. the nralrle betna ameieil
'h wnler, iraae top deep, the doe-
WB VPr. , tmrfa the Pa
uv ((oH., Kwott hw Mr Haiiillton
the poatmaater made it up town, aup
poae he awam for he mnnnaed to et
the of fire opened for the pUttlti'
anmeway. To the farmer thl rain
mean dollar), nnd rent, the eropa
were not particularly ueedlHK rain
but tltia will be or h moat honntlfnl
help In proiluelnt ihe immur crop of
New .Mexico. (Irmly Uecord.
In aplie of their bumptloua clnlinn
to "aportamanahlp," Amerleaua are
l.uu,t im mri nt Mu m To
r" ' . ...
iriFTf lOlii ulRirnirrH II l . .111.1 r
ear In attend a proleaalnnal tiaaeball
name nlmnat anywhere ami wltneaa
the wrauallna and nntnetlnicK the
phyelcal violence when a cloae decl
atou la rendereil at h critical jMdnt In
the name. Within recent day there
have been a number of dlearareful
aeenea In laraer league parKf. where
playnr have neaatiUed iniiplree. and
vice veraa. while It In notorloiie Unit
the average baeelaill audlonce in pri
marily venaeful and bnrbarlc
It may be that we take our baeeliall
loo aerlouety. At moat of the profes
sional an men the audience are made
up htrgely of himini'im men, office
clerha ami othent who have hurried
throuah a day' work and rualied to
tho hall park without wiving their
nerve a moim-nt of nlaxntloii
tieiirollca curt'tfctfreely he expected to
he calm under the exaaperatlna on
dlllnne that arise when It la apparent
thnt a prejudiced or Incompetent um
pire la makltiR decleloua iintalr to tin
home teiini. Thle may lu'coimt l"
aoine extent for the unruly dlapoai
tliin of tniMt Imeehall audiencea. lint
no audi oxcuee can lie made I n th
pin y era. The prealdeut or the Amei
icau aeeoclntlon hae aald that wlieit
cluba are lighting a clone iNittle for
ft rat place playera ara likely lo he.
come Irritable and hard to control.
Thnt may he truo. Hut plavcrx .in
merely hirdc men who flint u innri
profitable to da) hall than lo do
other Hind of work. They ouaht i
he trained to be nsnod apiirtamcn anil
to refrain from bluateiliiR or lira I
lug on the ground. A p!acr who
j cannot keep h civil tonaue in In-
hand, even If couvlnceil he Ik the d
tlm of n ImiI declalon. hat- no Un-mc-H
Playing proreaelonal hall.
It haa been pointed out time nml
ihhmIii hv frtHitH of the nnlloiiul uum,
,,,, H pronmlera coulil only he
brought to realise II ihey could make
more uwmoy by ilierharglng rufflaua
and prtae fighter from the team
than by coddling them. It In an ottt
raite lo Invito women and children to
attend prnfonoloufll game nml then
force them to wlimn the blackguard
tactic adopted h many player. If
the ptomoiiHr or baball would adopt
ntrliiaenl inle or comluci and aua
pemt any player win violate them,
and forfeit hi la In addition to a
aubetautlal fine. imMclmll wi aid be
come n much more aallfactor. porl
to nil paiton who nro not themclve
hullle and roughneck Kaiixu "Ity
I'uuitnil cm lev TliU Aflci uomi for
I. lllli' Ihiuuliti'i- or .Mr. nml Mr.
II. O. Slllllpslfll.
The funeral nt little Olady Hainp
aell. the 'i. ycat -old daughter or .Mr.
and Mr. It. I). Sampaail or thle. city,
who dleit in California Tuenday. wa
held ut I Sil o'claoV I hi afternoon.
Iter, i O Iteeknwitl of the Lead Ave
nue Methodlet ahurch orflcluted at
the nervier, and the remain were
laid to real In Ipalrvew remeten. Ml
He Omdvn died in California, fol
lowtng a lengthy lllneiw Mhc wa
taken to the count aome week ago
in the hope that the lower altitude
would prove beneficial to her falling
haalth. The body wae brntiKht to Al
bttflaerquo on a delayed ftaula I'e
train thi morning. Mi. and Mr.
SHinpeell will have the HyuiHith of
iiHnierou friend In their not row.
"DnU. you're poor, ain't you?"
"No. ton I'm i loli. I own you nnd
tlio hnhy, nml you'ro worth a liillllnn
UollurH Hpluao to mo."
"Dad, cnnlrlu'i yon hypot Jiconto tha
lathy a it' xgt mo a ninv pair or Hliooa
Tolotlo Hliitlo.
'Motlior WHJIo. you're nnUnn Hkfi a
rag. at!!" qu uimuvo npaiiuriyi
yjtr. I ilimiKlil UliB wuh ii flloiiio
Thi n llulo NHepi.eal ahmti that aiory t if two liornitti Hloollna n mtck of
wn.'' aald Mr .Iwu-iih ." Malm ital ay. "hut my wiwlioya tnlil mo aflino
ihlna when I waa in 'ho i 'tle umtiu oaa Iniqx ilnu- ago. that I hnvo noror
had any reaean In dnuht
"Tltla alofj- la ultoui I In be nnd M mno. two tiverniMnni iniiloa Unit wo
had in haul tho ehtiek miikoii I fmiH Ihe hoya nut in round up eotuc cat tic
over on ihu dUior aide of the (niilln uiilal divide, nml they rainn Iwck four
ilaya lator ihau fhe "hmilil have It nlic ami Miiino wi'til with Ilium in limit
the ehnch wagon and at iihtlit llii-y u aatl in lot ilic iniiloa wumlot' muuml,
ae they iievdl worn riir front oniltp .MftiMi' won- n hell, and hy Itn tinkle
tttev could ontllj U- trareil
Now itiai la valeanlr rouuiry nv or thoro, and II la full of sink holm
t.ioad dvpriHMlfiua filled with now I gi naa nti account of the molHhirt', hut no
walei Whim iln milieu not down In one of ihoac aluk liolna ihoy iiuror
enuld lie Hiidti, nnrt uuild only ho foil ml itgtiln hy the mimil of tlie bell
when they anma arroax the country fo i wafoi
Well, tho Imy xald ihey had lout the iinih'e whnn 1 aaknil them why
I hey were late Aft-: four dayn limy Imppmmil to tmino unto Ilium In mm
of t hatio alnk lioloe Ma tic had evidently mil lnlt tlia fjilitrt flr tm hora
would have baard the hell Ahe waa ataiHlIng unlet ly in the atilliw and
Itahe waa brliujliajt Hi' water n a lomalo otiu "
o o o o
Th abaolwtely aatlent man I very herd to ftml
Thcre'a a4WtK atame one thin thai
li'n hard to Imep your temper down,
And lota of avofrte '"" their henda
It doean't do a Mt i good to fly off
Th.. ham lk('a done .ant he undone
And It la far hatter all around to keep from muklng Drag he
I.ik.- getting urd und nhouiing when other inr.hr mmtaum
ri-r moat dlSK" folk are humnp ami very apt "An err
And do thtag Htow ,nce in n while, In nplle or taking eaf,
And It only awe)a hid feelinaa, unit that I all It inaftea,
To gel up la the ah he ratine aome folk make tnlatakagk
And than, it tHaffJiiUnat hapen In aome un looked for way-
Thai you who mh the bliagent Mimi might make nriatHkae t0 ily
ev if a daru goM policy, at lenat for our own aahea.
To keep our teenpern, though It hat d, when other tiMko iiilltffHifa.
o o o o
A UKiii from luwn llmln hlniHolf i octilltiily nlfeeied hy tlm nltlttiiia
hero. Our city drive him to drink.
Two wooka ago lie i nine hero, a p romlaliig young in nn with a bright
luturo. Then aoniothinn got lino hi hono. mid he tiegini to drink. He
loal ItU Job with a ioiiormlon wltlfli hud hrotiglit him horo to work. Ho
wa atoadlly atukfiiK Ho knew It nnd itonld naolgu no romon for It. tin
leaa ll was the nit Undo
Yeetordny aa he Waa adhering up, lie nought doapomioly lor oiuo
moan to euro hlmeelr of lit illglrcRslug lntomHitiinw At lat ho got the
idea Imlglng from itn brilliance, he tnuat have got tho Idon rwntoiltne
laf ore he had Itulahod the protiuaa ofaohorlng up
He wont ton rrlond In town ud aald: ".ei' have one laat whlaky to
nothci Than I will ie you everything I have nnd got tnyaair loekud up
In Jail After tt.Miiit ten da I will ' e all right. '
The good friend altei nome argil uinni offerod to koop the watch and
moimy In trott. If the Towati would r otamj the Ihhi whlaky. Their Mr.
Iowa wont down the atreoi und aloud minimi until n pi.Slontimn hove In
alght. It happonotl to ho Alec Knnpp. lowu hogun to e.ooin the Vlrgliiltt
Ileal upon the kIiIowiiiK The ofllccr I oohod on In mild aurprlae nnd when
.Mr lowu begun to cut iho plmmo wl ng, ho Joined In and ilioii tho reel
wa tlio real thlHK
Thoy dltl it kiwIiiI hurk atop I o tho Jnll, nnd town milled it few hii.
clnlilo to parry out Iho effect Thin in omlng he wua t-allml buroro the chief
ol police. Ho IiiiiI olther topnnted m wiih mixloua to be a if eel ml hy the ultl
tudo, for he told a ourloii ior Itoanld ho hnd hmm working lon honra
nml felt nick. Ho thought ho would so over lo Ihe police Htttt ton mm .en;
Ofllt'or." auld iho chief, when li had llatonial Ittr awhllo. "look hla
.nan up again Ho ian't drunk, ho'a eratcy"
letter In the imjr Mho lownr tr-gnliual hU. rroedom hy tollliiK t'to
l-timllla:ittg until. (Ho, iuoihIkmI twit to mind tho altitude inn Iii'IoIko In nn
nth.r high Hum. .
Stylish Headwcar for Men and
Boys to be Offered Tomor
row Afternoon and Evening'
At Record Low Price.
.y, you men who arc trying to
make your laat your'n hat lent
through miBtltar Aatjun! Have you
looked into the window at Ihe nohlon
Itule more today? If you have, you
know by thi time that you can have
a ntyllah new lid for laee money than
It would lake to Imvo the old oho
blocked and cleuned.
Thi great net ot hnt-hiiyltiK oppdr
lunltle le achedulad for toitturrow
attiiiiiooii and evening. The hau are
all If IS atylca and Oohlau Itule dual
ity. They are all made by tendliiK
manufacturer and are guaranteed
exactly aa repreaented. You will find
your proper nine nml the hut moat
Uecotnlni; In nine and nhaiw.
And hare the real point. You
take your Imh of thane hat at
II. to each. Th'rc worth from n
to ta.roi imy piu . any time.
Thousand Men Join Tropt at Port .iu
Prince to Fltjht Off Revolu.
(II) ItvrnliiK Itrralil A. I. f.rnnrit Wire)
I'ori All I'rltico. Ilalil. July 21. The
government, hiiimiriIioikiiI hy IUUU
iiioii. who arrived dnrliiK tho night
from lie tiontli on a (lormnn Htoainer,
haa orguiilxtal a icalalancn to ilic rev
iiliitloiiiHta. who nro I hi (tit lull Iiik: tlio
apilul from ihe north. I'realdent Mi
llion In directing tho ilafuiiHo of ilio
niiluoo. Tlio Ainerlcf!'! Kiinhoiu l'et
rel iirrivtal liore loilay.
8cout Cruiser Sails.
Wanlilnmon, July 31. Soottt drill
or Clioator Hitllod (nun lliviillonl, ll. .,
at Ii o'olouk ilila nioriiliiK nmlor liuiry
ortloiti for llnytl, whoru it lovnliitlon
It throHtuiitiiK tho IIvdh ond proporty
or AuiPiiiKiiiH. Tlio UliuHlor will miiln.
tulli un nVOriiKo HiOutl of Iwuuly hnoia
mttUffi utaat (nnVdla
inn niHoh rnHUrol It
whet) athera inahe lit1
in a raae,
by ma Ma rat
I i memhi-r. 1 remember
The farm where I wa horn
' auto chumted itcriNW it.
No linurreiir honked a horn:
We never Journeyed iownward
nd braved the etimmer heat
T" e , like mndern fariiiera,
Ah aviation meet,
J remember. I remember
The rurmmmee old ami gray;
It wann't called huiigobw
I.Ike mnat such thlnaa today:
No architect had ptnunad It
To coi a thoineind aaare
And rim the axtrae Into
Some ai'ven thntiwHd mare.
I remember, I rainamhar
The orchard on the hill:
No golfer chaned. like denton.
A guttu peruliH pill;
No phonograph waa oiindlic
Until well in iho morn--Oh,
dreadfully old fanhloHcd
Wa the farm where wa born.
Denver Ite publican.
Wlion homowmd from a Oalilug trip
Ho conit'M with minbnrnec uoeo,
Ami talka of wlmloa that he lot allp
And of :lic awout ipou
Ho found In hiinnta or aylvau hlltw
'.MldHt inmiahml gnat, in hooUi,
Tho query that oomoa up a thti;
"Oh, doo he fll the iniMi?"
Wlion In tinwniitoil elognmip
Tho tlmlil ginom walk down
'ihe iiImIo, 'mid poiup and t'lrcuiiiilmioo
That InioioHl tho town,
And unto III pioapeedvo wlfo
He any. 'Thla l. dour Until.
Tho hnpiiloHt moment of my lltu"
Oh, douH ho Npwik tho truth?
And when tlio Htiilnamiin orloa aloud,
"I t rnvo no furthor ftiinu,
I iiak not ponttlon proud,
I ruin would null tho gaton
And unto prlvnto llfo rotlro
Amid tha nt'onoa of youth,"
Ills lofty phrunni wo adiulie
lint ileum ho spook tho trulhV
milt wiih riled lodn In the McKluley
county dlntrlct court ror tho roeovitry
or I'lfiO iiIIokuiI to ho due to the plain
tiff. W. II. Morrl. from O. N. llmiK
loy an a eommlnelmi for rBtitlntc a
hulldliiK In CJallup. Tho coiitruot ho
Iwnuu iho part law lo the atill wii it
verbal one. Tlio mill WH aiilfliair
from MeKlntey eotitity,
R. D, Yonkum, Vice President
of Frisco, Makes Secret Visit
to Pecos Valley Town;
Delves Into Future Tonnage
follow llIK ntory recently pub-
In the Iteajwder-Trlbiine Hit
I labial
ftnawell, regarding an alleged vlett
of H railroad magnate la Inirreettng,
ven If ll In given ghen the ery of
"fake" by the lloawell tieeord: It. I).
Yoakum, vbse iredent nt the lrli'ti
tallrond, hrniher of the big railroad
magnate, it, 1'. Yoakum, and conrs
deiitlol aaant for amuet linarn. the
rinaneler hack of the guana h, Acme
and Paclfk-. and other load In I. ma
Itvjr to the Piiaro syntcm, wnn In the
city, coming In Hundny ii-ohik mr
the regular train, ami remainiiiK uver
nam, icHving ine nesi mornHK
the north.
HI vlnlt to ihe elt
anown in any one
taaaor Alexander .Mulh
ly confidential agent for the I'mun
IHiclflc, Northweptern ami other rail
ton (hi. but now expert Kre iiiiuu-t
fnr the Merremln Irrlaaud I'arm
'fhe railroad flnaneier ragialered
nt the Ollkcmei, under the name of
It. I) Young, i. IiuK Mo ' tak
ing on of the chetiprni room iu liil
elay hotel, to avoid aoetdcton.
After getting dinner hr immediate
ly called Mr Mcl'heraon and talked
with him mi hour before telling him
hi real name.
Much of the data Mr. Yoakum
wanted, the expert agriculture dhl
not feel It a duty to give, nnder clr
cumManca, that were nnmewhat
ntralned ae a man will be unaor an
aaeuined name.
Mr. MePhervon told him thle. an
t.ie vlnltor gaw It hla nome wa Yoa
kum . that he wiahed to kn.'W Ihe fu
ture of thi country. nd the poeaible
tonnage that thla country would pro-
duo hv inteiieivf famtlng. and fruit
mining, and many other thing a
railroad magnate would na&.
lie ntated that he wu traveling
incognito it he did not w'-l: tho
m-wapa para to get hold of 111 viait,
and he did not wlah publicity.
Mr. MePhirnon told him thul
ann cn of orchard would Ik put
In orchard !u thin vicinity In a nhnrt
time, and that the maximum produc
tion would be car nf frnll to the
ncre; that the ntralfa croii thi year
would te it.fiAO car and told of the
many jhoiamnd nf acre watting for
the cultivation to make thi tonnage
ma iky tlnm thf-.praMHti .otjiko an..
l.mrta or teh nape that will h
hipp-d thin, the flrat year of thu
i-mp, nnd the undaputed producMon
ir htw4eil. j.f . .int. Ih n uiui.i f W-
' '
Thev talked for several lioui aver
the condition of the fmuri which
Mr. MrPiiernon win Into minutely
ndenvorlng to prm, to the vialtor
that the tonnage produrtton nf tha
country wan but a trifl, which it will
h In a Kimrt time.
Mr. Yoakum Wa IHirprlned at the
proepeetn for the future
The vilt of Mr. YWikum to Ihe olty
I no ro.ijcetur . (It t kkwn that the
Mania Ke and HlblUao are en tho
hi t of tri in and have agreed to ra
cultate traffic of the two road, the
Mi nt fe lining th, hrieo track lata
Ht Ijoui; and th I'rlaco running
over the Mania fe traekii to the
following thi jwrgjujajnent It ta
not ii n wi to thlnlr that the activity
the I'rleeo official In tht valley th
peat three week I hut a coneuma
Hon or the Hgnomeiit. and that the
frlaoo will build from mime point on
Ihe Santa fe near Uihhock. Te.va. to
lionwell, running over the Sent fit
tiMjok to Artrelii via Hope into III
Paiio, Te.xa.
While the AmmHh pooplr are deal
ing with ISI Paeo imrtlea to build tha
road from At ti nt via Hope Into IM
Pain, thrre le an undeewrund cur
rent whlHrlng that the AiniH fe I
back iu the movement.
Ill,- I ......u ...I
i"I'iihiii iiiimiw inn, ii
,,..ll L..ui. ...an ...
llimTTrii, .tvv.II Illfivnj41 wr 11', f, Kvl I
only un eixtra ireiglti and pacnger
lairvlce. and a more ready market for
our produce.
After tha paaaag or ataiehond, wo
will have a railroad rate commission
nml the rate matter will adjust them
ne:. 'Phe Honta fe realhv It I under
stood that the e.xteu!vo fruit grow
ing, and the Immeaelty of other crop
I going to He luduclve to other road
und that the arrangement to gat the
frlnco to run over their track, at
Ihe same Urtii thev ulnu the c"t'lo
track will adjust matter more not
Infaotorlly than lo have an avowed
nemy competing with them
Yoiil.iiin VMl u I 'a lie.
The alleged "Incouulto" visit nf
Yimkum to Itoaweil in nireiiiiDiinlj
denied oy Ihe Honwell Uecord, which'
claltua to have thoroiiKht) InveMtujpt
ed the affair hy telegraph. Th- Ho
well Record of a recent date ioe Ilia
follow lug to ay:
following are eople of telcgrama
sent and received In regard to th
"phony" story pubhVlieil by the Itnu-
lator-Trlhunc to the effect that,
itniirooH .MrtKnatc viatin itonwail
Incognlio." l
The one that waa sent;
"lloawtdl. N. M.. July 11, 1011.
-neo. a. Oiover. IT! Plymouth Ave.,
t Louis Mo."
"Proeumably fake ntory puhllHheil
here today that ll. n. Yoakum, under
the nteutmed name of It. I). Youmr,
brother of 11. f. Yoakum, eonflden
tlal aitent of ftiin l-inrij, wan here
for uitly last Hominy night to uet
pinlilHiiinllc future tonuiiKo nf Peaoa,
vu lltu- mid the gonoml future pioiliie-
HrliHiB of tha iwuniri' In ono nJiUit,,.
iml Was olther lit l Yoakum .Tri.tr' v0w York Sim,
l) Vaktliu here lnxt nKh( Phnne
I. r. nil- i.rtu i urn) net the exact
truth Win dny meaenue nnewer
i ii ick ', iv liiMHirtant.
T.ie atiewer Willed lirftVOil till ufl
ernno.i ft I.ml, Mo.. July 19, t11.
W It Ontewood. Koawcll, N. M.
'Telegmm received. Jlnve hcku
Iiiiiii Not a word of iriith In re
port. (Sinned) OHO. film Villi.
II I elmpl) another caae of fnlto
toiy killed. It ncemiil thai the
"Whlekey ongnti" wae dMermlued to
hi'ttt the Itecotd In aune nhuiie. man
nor or rorm ami wae forced to ti
aoitii. "eocK and ImiII" nlory to the er
feel that the railroad mnieniite hnd
vlalted thin city inrounlin, Tlie Ui -ord
Ikim noticed ,ntt. u numher of
tlmeii of Mr. Yonkum helmt In mmn
It) mid at no time whuiover hna he
" '"',','"io" hm alwnya open to
interview to netwnaner re.mri. .-.
newepaner reimrtera.
What wan ovhlemiy Intemled for n
loophole to OlMWl mil ,r. in eime
Jh' were . xpoaett, I thai In Ihe null.
I"" me IllHCie inoy mul It IIiiim:
ii. I-' ronkiim. Vice Preldnnt of iho
I'rleeo, MaNen sfecret Vtadt, rlo." mid
III the nod) of the article thoy had II
Ihu "ll I). Vonkiim, Vice Pioehlent
or the Ifrleio." etc. It a lmpolhle
Mr IhiIIi gentlemen to he co prenl
detit of the name rond. nml It nppdur
(hot thev regiiv did not know what
thev were talking .iliont
Santa Fe Shops Working- Un
usually Big- Force for This
Time of Year; Big Mallet
Compound Ready Today.
All deutrtmeuiH or the Santa IV
nltop in Aiinnincroii,' arc enjoiiiK a
more prohp, roil Hummer eMon tin
yeai than in am year for u iihiiiIht
of yeni-e. The biggest nuoimer lorce
ever etnploved in the machine ahopa
I at work, ami the employ re get
ting in much overtime. A night ma
i hlne nhop force t kopt hi work.
Itlg Mullet Tu ri i id Out.
Rngiiie anoo. the .Mallet compound,
alajgani engine in the world, wna turn
m over today to the roaat Htm. A
number of chointaa In the count rue
tlaii of the big rohullt ennluo were
worked out in tha local liow, the
cylinder ml nrebt. ware riveted
anew and portion or the frame were
Nilet) Itnlex All lllulil.
The varlou nhop foremen nay Ihui
the) c nlleady MfH lenilitw from Hie
ajif!) rellv which waa held here, ami
llmt the mica, which have been c,n
pliuoiiHh piMited Hi every poaalhlu
pirn e. tire belli ttheerveil. Ioilowing
are the ''Mafety Mcht.' na the rule
Uroi otICll? " 'Jf-T " rtv ; e..--
Rn the .-iiiui PV imipltiyao:
Iteinember A I wny to be careful
ft ......... ,M .. . .
1 . " '" ."i
lire, nmn aim
uooy aa wall aa to
olher employe, geif praaervntton I
the flrt law or nature.
Itemember -Atway to do vour
i work with a view to aafaiy, by keep-
nig your eye ond ear open, thai you
may be mreful In doing your dally
Kamember That every acctdaut re.
nulling in Injury to youmeif or other
means ufrerittg and paw. and in
many Instance craataa widow, or
Plata and darnng to proaatay: an be
loyal to yourself, your company, fel
low workmen mid the public, nml do
all In your pnwur lo atop accident
"Hot the aHfety haWt."
Remember -Alway to follow the
rule of your superior. Never take
u rlak liable to do you or oihor an
Itomeniboi Study anfet tirat; in
apect (he tooln, car. ninohlneiT .ml
other nppllanrc with which you
rk. He aure you are right, then
go ahead.
Itamnmb(ir That your ouraloaauaa
In tltiim; your work may he tho menu
of loatng your lire, limb, r onuaitiK
lajury to your body, or that or othera.
It le cruelty lo yoareelf or other to
do mi act that entme a paraomil In
Jury, take no chance, hut alway ho
on the aafe vtile.
IteOII'IMll., -Alu'.uu , h.. ,u.
- wieiwi
"iHlill tnuellc., H,f.i ...
' ifliTim mil-
Ploye I a menace to everyliodr. but a
cHreful man l the adinlratlon or lib
fellow Mini tlie pride of hi company.
icvroitoiin i i-ilwoi-
llavre. fruticc. July St. -Two !
of pure-food prosecution have re
centu been heHrd In Ihe tribunal ut
, A dealer In apple brandy woa vlk
Ited hy n police Innpector who I'miild
the bramly lahtdatl with the i'mnoh
Miulvaleiit of "eooklng bmmly umite
from apple.'' ItxamliiNtlon linw(l
the llipior to ha diluted with wood
alcohol. The dealer claimed to hb
only an Innocent vendor, hut the court
declined lo accept till pleu, mid a
flue or ltd wa Imposed.
A kwikor waa he fore the Havre Hi
hutinl on June 12, lull, for havlitc
ftour adullratcdwltli powderwl rluo.
luvaatlKiitlon howetl the iiiantlty f
Hue powder iu the wnrk jodznil to ho
!l per cent, which proportlun was cor
tilled to hy expert wltuoes-o. Tho
court ordered the linker to pay a fi
flue nml that tho JudKinunt aliould
he puhllulieil In two dally uowapapnri
In Havre
Hlshl In your httiloflt at'aHon whon
yon hnvo iho louat Unto lo nparo you
arc tiiont likely to luko dlarrhnen nml
louo Hnvornl days' tlmo, tiuleiia you
have Clifimborlaln'H Collo, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Itcinedy nt hand nnd ttilio
a Jose on tho llmt tipponrnnco or tho
difttttfle, for huIo hy ull tlntilora,
Tho ninii who iiiiirintira. "Isn't It hot?''
Ih proity tin nl to hunt,
Hut ho'a Httcoiul th tlio oiio who i-ya:
, "1 novur lool iho liijiitM

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