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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, July 27, 1911, Image 5

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Water Appropriations Arc
Finally Granted to Com
pany Whioh Will Irrigate
80,000 Acres in Northwest.
I'd mi! i in i on, m., .1 hi .. After
three year or HtlMittit.it h. tm-. n ap
plicant rot a water uppioprlatioti
from Ihe Amman river. I'lihrnmn .Si
ttnrhe have been granted the rights
to Water Nn nlllj l(, r,m f lying
oh the iri side oi the Animas river
JWH South of thr I olt.rado SlAle IIOe
in ifii- northwest corner oi New atex
leu. Hy h piivioiis contract I hi'
tec fights were transferred in the
capital Heeurltie company, which Mill
begin nt once the Mfellmtnary Murk
lr a brg canal.
When KuhrtmtH Nurue mads
their a optica Hon Hirer year ami for
nn approach! (tun Just bsiow the slate
Ho, Ill territorial engineer rejected
It oh the irtMHMta thai he had a I read)
opproncktisd the water m Jn Turl
of Agtec. Turtey scheme wan t
Lsh the water tar th sonic land with
a haw 40 1 a in fotnrftdo. Aiini wsn
taken la the highest courts and re
sulted la a victor) for Fuhrmsn .
The land i In irrigated la all fins
fruit land und ho praelicallv all Wen
ni.d upon. kniv of the. brgt t
known im thr Meadows and Ilea went
f the la llaui river, which will ha
In lie flunird. Thla la north if in
svtt tenth of KIrlland. Jesutt and
FlulUaml and la held by homestead
ers MM1 (laaert entry men It la iur
rentf reported that thr tlio Dianda
cohUrns partes extending It line down
the "an Juan rivet from Fnrmlngton
to these settlements, und there arc
rumor that a townolte m hrnn in onn
t be launched alone the tHMUh side
of in ion Juan rlwr near thr reaer
vatlun lin. The Meadow country
would aH be tributary to aurh
AaMi- from ltw Meadows coming
itndrr Irrigation the wsotern part of
thr county has tatrgv deposits r c.ial
whlith thr Hoothern I'scinr4 I run
tcmplgting tapping. lot eminent re
port, show that it hgs. ever Indica
tion of twin an oil baain and two
outrita arc now prospecting for ntl
n-ar Prut Hand. There r tr.o dltrh
that cm f urn huh cheap .Metric
uiwr. Alrcay or elrrtrtc- achrme kt
wll under ua for the uurpom- or
lntnpt viHtct t.. higher immiiIn
It In unttrrlod that Kuhi niiui .
Iltirkf retain an Intrrmt ttt t1i i:.1
tal ." nr I Urn ioniuln. himI will h.. i
ui'tunl i harffi of th.' Ark
MiIiUIkIm on tin Almjiiin Itcwitnlloii
SllltHlUJt IIOVI lilt- lll.llll. (!((. miiiik
Mlml Aliiiniililuloii Aciih- IIokIci.
Kl t'aau. TcVkH. J uT.v T - ttldrltlil
on the M.-xlean revolution, lltlte
louclHtii of color t bat wm lout in tn
Khum of t hattlo or tr aeM)iHan
inc roMfualon. are now (onilnK to
llitnt. Thr iwm addltloH to the uu
wiltiitu bwtory of the rrvolntlnn 1
a atory that me av ( ummlaalonrr
who were hare to inprracnt the led
tl Hovcrnnieut. in tfi n(HlatioH
which took lku'f in nrre tjnive. lit
erally weru U4niH Oil hbjU pltWlT
each ttiu tbry made a trip to am;
Ini.n Hnm urove
It la antd that tbv auto Silver who
ilrovf Imlfe Or'wial iiml lienor Olire
Hon lo iwat'H rtvi eaJ!tt ilN) fwiw in
Sheldon bad the ihhiohi o hin auto
m ttlleil with cartrldnei. for I he Itnun
mm toH that hr colil hardly gel hia ear
ov.'i tbt attiut MHa oh the road from
.limm to UK- grove Tbv ammitHluau
wna loaded Into tbu auto t ib jniHK,
nrcordlnc lo tbo iar that Is uring
old it wa pacKwt HW HMl IIH
m4tt or tbt- auto.
Thun the car would h drlvnu in thr
Khllon. whare the iioace envoys
would tke svats In tho ieai of the
cai slid make tho trip to pwtc'o grove
without kMOWfin that tbera wan
(noiiKli nnuntiHtlluu titttici the Mtmia
tbry were ouettpylnit to kill m rf;e
Thr km- was not Inanuou-il wben t
(Mtdieil through .iMtot (Htctruso the
i nee ouvoya oocurdml It Aftor mty
dlxeuHwiktM. Ike dtlvri would rmi bit)
ear Into a lam. tirrnuniaiily to wait
foi tht conferenoe to mihI. but in roM
ty to uuload hfa tluadl) oh raw.
lit this way !t la claimed luai sum.
utio lONHtls r aiuniN ult Ion were oarlod
.cross to ihs InsurrtM'to enmp ami tfco
t iiiurprlHiiiK ktilo driver rweivvd J I
m i o0 rounds fnt- hi Irtmblti.
New York, N Y . July :'T The futt
liiiiic aiiiinaU w tut' Hr'.uix .oo have
I'cMI blossd with twiltii. tliplets, qnso
)iiilrla slid rvon nunc miueioUM
grouiNi of bnbliei; but not until r
cantly did ids fgjiiouM ixii'k rooeivs nn
accession or iili'kUil
Wlml re plrklsis? Why. 57 vgrle
Ilea, at oourtu. T)iy wrio Imhii to
Mm Aiiiiii Cliliilit, niio or Ihe flnosi
KMfliiteiiH or llio bun (iimstilcior In
thu world. Sho ws prMOiilml to t.hu
40 only 11 short tlnto ngo b it It
Moln. 11 ueleursteil SpHtilsli oditor.
Tito utui or lite nlrklots Is iirobttbh
Hl(ll m In rue in tlio jungle, ami will
novor know how imicli htx children
nr Hrtiutred In ..w York wdttloty
Tlu R7 grr the II rat aiuiwimiiiH ovor
born In AnifrleH liicli is tlnuo anil 11
lml r fnui long. l'n fortunately nlno o-'
tliont tllml siMin after birth, lml tliAra
tire IK loft 10 coimoIc thiilr nioflirr.
Tim yoitngstHrii sliowod wnmlsrlul
IntolliggMco und npprtiir liuiuiKlliitHly
ufter birth. Oim nf iheiii MprniiK til to
oxisiHiioo niiii thu ropillc tank nliiioit
slmullHiuioiisly, mm tiad It Min swim
us an Inu-ortHotlaii (n 10 OsllghtR or
Anathur wrlglul out or ibi ntge
und ultiiokttfl 11 kaiisf no vlgoiuusly
Hint Uir lafflUief tf onflr bin ihoos
was fWltgfl. AwoteJor ceHHplrtprntlv
nte u inoiise nun hour after becoming
it rornglltxcd rWliltml Of I lie plsiirt
Santa Fc American Archae
logical Society in Receipt of
Collection From Pajarito.i
Plateau; Sent by Dr, Hewitt
iuntH l'e. X July ST. The Mu
iM'iim tf Am.Tiwm i' hiiciiioay u to-
da In r.-ci Inl uf a lura.i hlnmaol nt
Jancl.ni pottery from tin. New .Mexico
Normal univemlty at m 'pa. Thla
m the nrat collection made front the
runw tf tht fiijiiilt.. plntmu hy Dr.
Kinr I, II wett, when prcaldi nl of
the X in ma I unlvcrelty.
The . tprditlon, n.-nt out ! that in
Ntliullon from lxl in 1002 brought
thin ileb orcWolnjtl.nl feia to the
nttntton of the government 01 ihu
I'niied Wtatsa and led to oNk-lnl In-
vrattsjattona and roportn of congr"
which rwMlte in npcuring legialatlon
for lbs pr'ei vation of Amtrlcnn an-
tl'iultlee, drew the attention or th
Ar.'harolugk'Hl Institute of America to
Kanta I'e na a center for arcrtMeolojc
,.ad rrw-un 11 and iloubti vitally In
fluenced the location here of the
thmit of Artterliii i Arrhaeoiog). H)
a friendly rrang mciit. between the
rrgwnta nf the mucuni and the Nor
mnl HHorsiiy, an esehange of ma
terial lo made, whlcji gives the lat
ter faiadlly v lua tile eollrrtlona lot
their MSe and place the r lassie
JarltHii collection in the museum of
New Jdi-xfc".
Thr Hmltlniiil.in Institution has
Nneroul returned the Pajarlian cpl
lectlon sent there hy fit llewett ynr
go. and u epectal room la now bring
nr imrod In the museum in whicn will
be shown the development of the en
tire archaeological movement h re op
to the preaent time It will be known
ae the fajartto room
Thr .Mueeum of )(aw Mexico today
acquired the Tour remaining benrliun
front the ofitce of thr ancient funds,
whlrh morfted the end of the rtanta fe
trail. Th. benches are nbsolutcl au
thenticated by the old tlmrr of Moo
ts ie, their date bring In the .st'ly
flftle II hn not yet been c r
latned whether they were made In
Aspta cY or freigbte.i H roaM th
ftlnlM from m. Uoula. The manage
lgeht of Ihi nilineuin Will be grateful
for any Information that can be af-j
forded eoncernins them The mom 1
historic events "entering about th
old fondw. mad 1 thine venerable "
jrctd or as. at interest and it Is form
null Hull met . un Ik .rim tm-.I ( He
tutun "till, in Uu, m. ,nii' r
Will Travel to Mcotinir of
Territorial Teachers' Asso
oiation in Santa Fc in Fall
in Style.
(Spri'litl l'iirripiiiiilt-iH'.' lo llir Hernial
t'lovle. -N. M-. Jul S.'. Tb- furr
I'ouotv Tein-liers aseoclu-tlon met In
the I'lovti. Illsll siHIiool blllldlUK ye.
lerd. . iiiin t) ronrhcrs being in ail
ten.tan' . Potto wins prrltmioar.v bus
iness, th. . IccttAfl of utMerrtt Wai. held
icsultlng an fid tow
I'liolrnun V. U OrtMn of flovts,
vhe-.-iiairmtio. t. (. IhtrH of tMsck
wslrr; sm-rcary and 'r-fuMiror. .Miss
ICnnna liutler of r-ov.
I 'Inns w.rc thro dtsougsad und
eommitte apototvd to orrongje the
program for tin next county oso. hi
Hon which will b.- held In Tsujuo the
latter part of tietobet. A motion was
passed to rstsgrsi ihe I. con Valdy
Hsouchttion to chiHis, Hi.. di.tc nf ihclt
iinnuai mining from T'MiiksgHtng to
Ihe I'hrlstiniis holids T'te changu
was roqucstod on account of toe
change In th dote of to,- territorial
association which Is now to meet thr
Id. 3d and lib of November to Manta
The troonors of i'urr county
ar planning to charter i( nr and go
in a body to htna lc. Tim hope by
their large number und tnc proml
Hmce r many of the te-ichcrs, to
tnske s very creditable showing for
f'lovls and oast -r i X w Mevico. They
will also umc their Influent towart
"retiring th. rnstern New Al' lm no -inul
school fur I'l'ivi
t'limtiuv Smiilillnic. TlumliMiliiil Sin
ilimt 111 itvronl, Kills fuliili or lie.
Usury .Mnitin i'iiniihcll In I'liooiiiv.
KilOKUlK, Aria.. Julv i". ('In rent's
iittuldiiig. a th-ologiciit student who
has followed hit- studies at Oxford
university a Khode scholar rront
Arisonu, pii-sohtitf hia maiden sermon
in this city 'stcrds morning.
filling Ur. Usury ilailln t'siiipbell's
pwlpll by the request of the session,
lite I'r-snyti rlsn church Air tfpsuld
lus fsi-i'd an uuillrnoe made up largely
of people who knew or hud known
him personally. Th close sttsnttwo
accorded his reimtflts Wgs H Irlbllts
to tiie scholarly devrlopHient of his
theme und a mark of the adtuirntlaH
of his friends for his gral ambition
to enter the ministry with an educa
tion nurd to th task of teaching
others the meaning ami value of thr
While still In Knsisnil Mr. Hpniild
ing I'sceiv.-d a rsouest from the ses
oton of the lr.abyterlan hturcb of
'his city to Uhs Br. Oampteiirs pgo
during; HtB OtMeMtce on the eoast, and
the serinoH yootonlfty moinigg is the
first of osrtos which will bs deliver
ed during the remaining weeks of the
1 in in -1 .
Arizona Delegates to Knights
of Columbus National Conn-
oil Will Urge Establishment
of Hospitnl at Tucson.
Tucson. Alls., Jnl i'T l K i's
Kldv nr MlKliei'. who with Hull, it 10
Alolilmin or I'lewUI lll repiesent
A 1101111 at tin national couii' II of the
Knight of t'olumbus. which will meet
at Detroit, Ulleh. on August I, : .nl
. wll Un. this weeg for Ihu conven
tion cil line of the mallet that
will he brought to the attenlhin 01
thr national council will lie that oi
the establishment of a sunltartum ror
tulMriulosIf In Arlsona. fur which
Trson is making a bant fight.
Mr. t'sssldy has stated thai with
msn othrt delfigoles who are Iihi
nionlKoaly supporting the xtuiiin.h
ment of a aaMtatium In Arltr..na lor
tlnme 11 ft listed with I iberculol, Hie
fight v III be renewed with more vigor
than st the preceding snsslon. This
movi itieiit was InitiMted last cur and
leeched n reception that wnx graltl) -ing
toward the cause for the sake or
humanity? Messrs. I'ssshl) and Mor
rison will again champion this com
mends hit- cause snd huc ussursnccx
Uial Ihe Uestlou will iroltbl) receive
more earnest onnsidemtlun than was
eKt nded at last ear fesslon.
Hinie that time a campaign of edu
cation ban tieen prevailing and n
mattc conditions r thin territory have
been clearlv and vigorously prsented.
In view or this action It Is believed
that with ih strong and enthualastb
representation Arlsona wilt have in
Messrs. ('sasldy and Morrison, defin
ite action will follow to gave this In
stitution rutahHsltsd. and which wn
recommended last yost bi a commit
tee composed pi'Sotleslly or lion -1 eel -dctitn.
after visiting all goetlnus or the
count rv to sscertoln ttoslmble loca
tions for a site.
The Arisuns delegation Is equipped
with a large snrount of Interesting and
valuable do la, Whlrh will be placed
berorr Ihe i-preaenttlvi body, and
In llmlr elfot'ts (he.v will hiiv. the Niip-
poi I of IIUIIIV i.iiIj-IiIi. .III. ant. h In I III"
Isinl.ilil" iinli-rln kirn.
Approximately Three Dollars
Per Grate Will Be Paid for
Fruit Grown on Berrcndo
(spcnl t .irresiiiii-iiie In ihe tli-rnlil)
lioswcll, N. M. lui.i 37 Tlio Ihi
icnilo caiitalouites are inaktltg s Ilei
tis show Int. ovary day ami thfrc is
iveiv indloation tha; some good tv
luiiin will be .imdo on" ol Ihe huiHJi'eil
ucies which sic in cantaloupes on
thr dlfterent Morrcndo fnrins
llefoi.- me tlliiKou Krult . otnisn or
t'hlt'ago would conslde. Iniylug the
nop Kiev drtnaudoil that the order tor
1 rates nc doublfil The association
now Iish Mbotif I5.IHI0 crates iiud Is
counting on skipping out Mi eat load
It 0111 Uif huudrcd acres Kuch car will
isji) :V 1 rules, making a total 01
ia,gti nates, or UQ era l us 10 the
J ere ('amnion p. uow are solilug iih
It ur (tgio on the (.'Iik'uho ntarkot.
Horn tbrsr figures a will he soon ib
some giMd returns .un) lie had on the
Tbsc inelotiH srn largely grown be
twwn the tttn-s In mo .vouttg orohgrtls
u that they arc rall a hl-iM-iMluct.
und li is bclteved that they onp lH
grown wit turn 1 Injury to 1 bo frtttt
icon TIm tdijectloii iu giowiiut crops
hetwoeu tho n.c., (s Hun me fa rim 1
Is taKltiK strotigili until lite ground wild
putting iiothtuK hue,, .nr the nourish
llltnil in I lie rmll trees llowovcr. to
obvlHic this illtllciiitv Hu melon vinos
will Ik diskiil tlitr. 1.1II and 1 hen plow
'd iiiidcr to ilecit- 111 1 ne mound
llUt'li'-IIng Mull. tic KiiniMieil h,
( oniitv Sllpciililciiili nl ol' Nflionk (
Olirclnl t viixiiiiiilrio'i- to hr llrriilil)
lto w.il, x. j.t jUj ,',.,,
Mui'il'VnlclMlent of Hchoole I . l
Inn. Ju-t cunt plot eil .nil .,r ml 1 1
l'n lei riturlal sitp.Ti pendent oi 1
li nietrin Hon bin .mn'pil i.iii-., ..l
und iluaiuial ronoi ts of tl o si 1
iiuvi-n county. Am ana th. m,;,.
Hems n puitrd we note th.. .. 11,
ax h log of siehl ttilurost to tit. pm.
Total enumeration of childr. n ...
scludusin age rsgMigf In the countv
(Itoxwcii Inc(udail), s.ftg.
KnroliiiM nt In thf arhools or in.
county (not 4miurtrgg Itiwtw. II , ity
district i, males. (.: tenia leu 1 u?x
Total, g. 107.
Average daily attewaotit'e: Man-.
7;"; female. Ilk. Toekl. I. lis It..,
well not counted.
Number of teachers employ. -.1
Mule, sr.; renin h , IT. Total TO. N t
iHclNdlng Itonwell
Number of rooms untlet' snperviHion
of the county xiipcrmtsndent, t. Not
iHtltiding Itoswcl.
Whale niimlx r if dgjra ggbools wcr,.
In aaaaton. .IJS. RiMMsaU net count
tl. 'IHital rrt'ciiitx for ull sokooia .. m..
county Including thi lt tf vtos-viii.
tOMtl eneadlturrf fi pnriian.
ImJgHce In treasury to credit of
schosU rsnd. tli.Aa7.lt.
Tate l amount of salaries paid to
11 teachers or the county including
the teachers of the clt school., r,,i,.
1H II.
Try n Herald Want Ad.
Day and Night Force, Con
sisting of Six Hundred Men
Hard at Work on Gigantic
Reclamation Projoot.
Oprclnl Corrrapioiilriti'c to I lie Hernial I
Hl phant Mime. X M , July 'it
Work hero la now in such condition
that it can bo rushed and such Is be
ibK dnc. Ou .Monds a nlghl shirt
wns irul un tlin woik ror the flnmv.
The da gang works mm 7 g m to
:i so p. hi., with a hair hour for lunch.
and tho nurilt anna tsrta si nil and
works HliliT IS with a hair an hour for
l.tMeh tt'lttl f.k.ai. .In. KlAba ......
motive gtMl irttoi'it dump car of six
yards cspaoUy mid die two ski fit, din
and rook wtll Ur .noviil siiMt lousl) .
I here are about i.,,,immi cubic yards
of mstorlalg lo h. cxcavsied snd
moving this Is a Job or no small mag
nilll.lf. wtlfl It nil Iiuh In h kai.ln.l
slmiit otiH-foiirth or a in I lit. The camp
Inw. ....... .... ...Ill ... .. 1' I ..."
.wvfli i.itw iih wit. in n iiiih,v pie. 101
big woik It has iii-11 liitsv since ilie
isllroa.i cm In hut the IiIk Jobs nre
now well started .hoiii .'.no man hio
now hi work and along nouto lines
turn me being put ou evor.v dn, but
most ui 1 ho posit Ioiih of clorlr-nt 01
nicchnnleiii nattti. mr nllgd ami hun
drinls of apgltf-HtioiiH on Ale. The pay
toll Is-r mouth wns itbout 2(1,000 and
t here are 800 or I nun paoplp In camp
It Hun Kitnluiai- it lli t uroft 11a u.rntgi f at L .
rn on Mommy to the summit of tho
tallgbad, wknru ihe pm in it gwttolt
The donkey aittfur which hna not boen
tgh.-n across to the flume pushed out
n rial no 1 with men and materials on
it Tho switch Is to isrnill tlio nns.
ssge of the motor un ami a tram.
m Taylor and sang lliilsrted ilio
Job lit eonnoeilon with tbt ssiidstonu
auon v and will work on tho fluinna nn
the night shift.
Z I) Clark has liiteK Iwiaii raillni!
for ihH nonv" rnnul t.t.,1 .liamt.iar nnat
holes with liyMgmlte abuui. the on me
The curiwntorg hove made good prog
ress on tho toiltillnra 'll.l will ln
the corral for lbs soddlf) horsos Mini
iliivinK 1 earns for the of Urdu In.
Ncoilv all tko buildings which have
to do with tlio people of the camp
.ire now we under w). The new
men until, store hi the nrw town Is
1 hIiik ilnlshed ugpldly mid tho new
nl.- is also wH suited, 'i'ho plana
in die tioiitcf have boon com pi til
el by diss UbjKjil. With these build
lugs nimpletcd aiiti in use the camp
will lit. pretty, wull sunttlletl wllh
Work on tho. roiiiidallon for tlio
power nooto )s pros resting verv rap
Itllv The work on tho now road lo Iflnglo
la being pttahad. Mr. SnilUi now Una
I hurl., nf iKta . .bVilH...ut W..lal. .......
Ltoken from tlilsj(TnMini put liC chargo
hi inc iiinsiinu at tuu titt.nc. where
h. has had ifliuii kably roimI sitceess
The iiinu. h roi the offlclMl moi
have ai rived mid ate btdng set up.
8ign the lios win Ue cuiliif, under 11
roof litRtfiui of under carvga.
The o.liclal q us iters nre being pre
pnrotl foi th id.tstcrers.
Tin iilntttcior are working on tho
lios.dtiil imlldlntt' and th- mcnentilo
store This plsstoriltg und pebble
daablng Is Indng done hy thf l.ss Crit-
CM LllIlHl.-l cnmiuinv Tint innlract
(gllg (or n bout $k,HMi wsjrth ol work,
Tge river wni- v.ry high ou Satur
day Bunds v ami Motttlity.
The telephone If 110 t the SttUlUtlt nr
the railroad will be completed (his
weok. The polt s ore und Hie wl-o
s noln t s'ruitg Wrgg Jonis who hod
chin e of lb. cimg WhH'll dug tho
IhoVg. la now ihe 48! boai for tho
siiolU fnun tin rlttma. Tie ki.. th
dumplnit I nn i in srvlmallr eon ll
Hag. The .ou la) o. i .isioti (g Ute past woe'
or HMt'imout Huiie wrm UM house ,,ni
y givou ui t'nchlMo jjjj kurtln and
UMiidnv In Mi anil Meo. W. W Mil
tin Anions the number who oic
liirie weie Mi ami Irs, wun r
(UiMm mid cluldreti. lSitil npd jw
rewce. Mr inul Mrs. u j. Monturih.
lSdwuril I Mill.. (Jiuiyiltoll and Miss
l.lllltin llnrkness. ArTllir Multom an I
.Mian KathiMi foiant iiud .SfeMs Tom
Mutson, lloviiid U'rilrr mid ('has C
Hosiic and Mi and Mrs .la:nc- i
lam ill mil)' r the housi: "l'-
'i" H'li ' li .. d Mm' Hie o il.
IlilV' I "ill III . H i-illlo.1'1 li i Mlt.
1 1 ' I" I' liicp.l ill III- Ill -
Women who bear children ftttl re
ni.ittt In ,iUh nr those who pit pate
tltur .sxstitu-, tr .t'lvancc of l.tl) -i
cmtmjr t'nKs the mother nilt
nutttre in Itt pn n.it tl work tho crisis
funis lnr s stent ttnetptnl to the de
inninlB iiiikIc upon it, nntl she ik often
left with weakened honUlt or chronic
nilittents. No remedy in so truly a
help tc iinture as Mothur'a l'riend,
and no expectant mother should fail
to use it. It n lieves the pain and
discomfort caused ly the Htmiti on
the ligaitiuntK, makes pliant mid elan
tic thoHu fibres ntnl tmiselew which
nature Is oxpniidinjc, provunt itttmh
ttesti of litulM, and smithoH thu iiiflnm
mntioti of hruttst glands. The gvsteni
huitt"; thtta prepnred hy Mother's
l'rioud distiels the fe.tr that the crimH
may not he safely met. Mother's
rniMiu asgitres a sp.i-.iv ami lomplete
recovery for the itinthcr, and she is
Isft n llttfllthv Wiitll.ltl to 1111.1v the
ronritig of her
clilltl. elotlu-r'H YjrAfYVYjmYVW
lMtn.d i sold at jnuiiiJbKo
d r ti if stores, 'rvtATYnursV
Write for our free gilU)
txiok for ox putt-
ant ittotherri which contnitts intich
vnhnilile information, and many uir
neiitinitt of a helpful nature.
I'll iic- mini which it i tuki'ii im'
I -I IV I v
) l'n I nlieii ftttus . ii'IXiiiiii Inn i
hi his ci ui ii the sci rtcrs nf M
rain hihl li, u stenography Mi I i
Mlil . employed ta I cHBm .itei
fail Vinrlr Is away on hw vnci
The l i tiltis liniinament between i In
hciiti i titers' and the- "nswhcix
vims inierrstlng ami vihV divnl"
snd much enjoyment la aJoi li.1 n
.nain It la epTieil I hat ten tin
Ih-ts . nniii will go to I at fun-es to '
Mumlny to piny a loitrHsmrni .( Hm
No gsiiir of baseball was Hm i
between the "rough gvrkg" and p
per collars" on lost Sunday on 'Hiv
Sunday befort I ho ' papwr wllam v,f
protiv well wilted whntt a gcor m
IK lo '. was piled gp agHlnsi ihcm
W M Rood, district onglncf r nn I
Wallace frsnklftnd tmc In on the
motor car Sumlay night Mr Ollllinr
ham. in ner known ss "flaaollne" w. 'li
on t ror thorn.
Thoinua Williams, foreman, and W
W rtarracka. heiul carpenter have
both moved their families lo tho town.
Site iPientlV
A Monde) hcIhmiI whs si sited nt tho
nppei Camp on last Sunday an I ten
child i en were prose ill. No provl'ilun
bos vet laen mado for a achmil here
next mil
Ml uurt K linker, mombor of Co A,
X M tnllltlH. is awn.v at the encamp-
in nt Camp Mills. u Vegas.
Mik. T C Cosy and daughters. Xao.
ml and Water, and Miss il Adair,
went in Ms I'm loins x Hot 8iiini uu
Mntnlav roi n two weeks' slay
flit Council lins llcnicil Arguments
Vh to tho minis or Asphalt In l'c
In I 'living fit y Street.
Trinldiid, Colo. July 27. .1g1t.
nn ntK over the kind of pavement to
be uhi i on lsvlng District No. s, in
cluding Animas stret and Xcwni.i
avmue rrotn Main to tine stn-rts. ... .
euidcti . hi. r attention or th u
council at the semi-monthly scsm ui
last nlglit. It was a debate tor t'e
old ,r the new." ami It la still u iju- -Hon
which won.
The ouoatlon orose when 11 . , un
tune to open bids for the oavlns ih.--
trlct. Home of the bMs had been ciin-
mltted un different grades or work,
and t.ic merits and demerit t th.
I two Ktyles or Asphalt were pr Uv
I thoroughly aired bernro Aldcrmui)
, Pulterson'K motion thai the matt.i n.
; h rt to tin- paving committee wan 1 nr
1 rinl.
COUNCIL July 21it. 1011.
Special meeting call oil for the pm
pose or considering nmautintuuts to
the plii.ithliiK ordlnsnces, nte.
All coiincllinun duly noilllod an ie
iiulrvd by ordinandi
Mooting called to ortler by Mtivo,
I'riiionl Aldornion Itolily.
Conroy. Isliorwood and Coon.
Ordltmncu No. I no holng an ordi
nniiro pruvldliiK lor lite exam
ItiHtlutt of pluiiihors. nrvnthiK a
bonrd ol u.xgmlngrs thorofor and
liigHtrlbltiK tho uow ora. tliiLina and
eonifisiisntloii of the ogid bonrfl." was
road in lull for the llrst time.
Moved hv Aldeiiiiitn Wroth, aecond
'd by AldeiMisn Coon, that the rules
bo suspended for the rttrthvr couslil
eratioti of Oidlmtncu .u I nil.
Carried: Aldermen Iteldy. Wroth.
Conroj. lahcwood ami Coon voting
MovihI b Aldtnniaii Itoidy. soouml
oil b Alderinun (Jonroy thin Ordi
nanue No. IITO bo now road the (Minnrt
tlnie. snd uiloptod hy suctions. Cur
nod. Attorney T. X. Wtlkoraon naked
ami whs glvon portnlgglon to atlilreas
tho roHiicll in rolsiloii to Ordlnsnco
No loll.
Movod by Aldoritigit Wtolb, ai
auded by Alderuum Ishcrwootl, (but
Snctlott one of OnIIiihiico f0. Kill Imi
amended b lusorlliig the word net
usl" brtweon ' purrormlitg" und
"plumbing in the third Him. and Hint
tho 'lot tor "A" In tlm sixth line be
stricken out, nod In lieu Moroor the
word "such" inoortod. Onrrlod.
Moved bv Aldurmgu ltcld. second
el hv Alilnrmun Ighorwooil, that the
woiiii, "eugngtNl In tho work or u
pliiuiiu i '' in tlm Motioml ami ihiid Mhos
lie Kiiicken nut (terrind.
Kection one was then adopted as
There doing no utnemlnioui lo Roe
lion two said suction was snupicd as
Mo vml by AlsgfmgM Wroth. aocoHd-
d iii Udei.nan UolU. that Ihe words
"engau.-il lit the plumbing btwluoss or"
in the third ami futtrth luies be slrfok
en 0111. and ihst thu words "or aetrntl
1. 01 king" bo luaertod aftor tgo
wni. 1. 1 niplnyisl" in the fourth I lm.
mid 1 hm the word, "and work" ho
no. 'Mod after tho word buslnoaa" hi
i.i tilth line' am) that ihe wutda "sa
, piuiiiiii-r - 4io lusorted after the
'.I work in the seventh lino, and
h.i' the words "ami Ihe ordinances of
in .it covering Ihe same" be lit--mil
.tfter thu word "business" iu
1 li nuliili lino Carried
Sk i ion three wus then silopled us
1 neli,.
Moved hv Alderinun Wroth, oswuiul
I in Aldi'i'iiiHii Conrov, Hist iu See
ion tour thu following lie strlekog out
wliidi 1 line gunii i. not loos than
dHs ufier ihe date of Ihv ok
n. it I mi 1 ion hi which he failed" snd
1 hat the words which tim shall bo
fixed hv tho board und shall not ox
cec.i sIk months from tho dale of on
Miuliiatioii 111 which he fgltod" bo In
veiled In Urn Ihoroor Carrlod
Section four was udopieil as Hmuurt-
Heel Ion the whs adopted as cost I.
Alovod by AMertttMii Wroib. sooomj
ed h Aldeiiwui Iteld). Ibsi tho wtir
' and not othorwlgo'' lie sirlcitun out
In 1 In sixth litiu of aoctlou six. Oar
1 led
Hect ion six was then adopted ag
Set tiou soveu was adoptotl us rand
Moved hv AWoraiHti Wroth, aociini
' i ). Aidoruian Coon that OrdtoatiBf
No I Hit ho iHiiisulorod read for Uto
m ' 011,1 time. fi itdopied Iu full ag
amended Currlod.
Oiluaiitc Mo. 17ft Ulllg "041 ordi
nance provUlog rognhltidM ft urggi
cxcsvatlHif wan rggtf gr igo flnM
time iu full
1 pon motioti couh amtrMl
f It'iU
to Lydia l. Pink ham's
S til(ille, M, li -'f -,v.,inf to (oil urn In m i l.
SumI l.vili.i l: 1 'i 1 1 iv 1 1 a in n rip 1 it 1 1 It ( 1 hi ih 1 1 in i I ,.
tiie lite. I live on a f.irnt and have i iKed i .
liurtl. I itin forty iio wiiits.ll,iititl inn tin iindln t
of thirteen f hildti'ii. Almiy jn'oplo think it tiatiK.
Ihnt I am not lunki n dnwn' with ligrtl work ami f I
ottiwof my fgmlly, lml I (ell Uifinof iiivkihkI fru ml,
your Ve-Kvuthlu ComiNiiiiul, slid that "llteiv m ill In
no lmi'kiMlm ai a I tlingKiiiK imiim for (lutn if tiny
will (tiki- it its I ligtj. 1 nin scarcely over without
it In (hp house.
"I Will hav ttlnn ihnl T think (lion I. un ImIIci-
itteillcitin Ut is fotiiid for ymiitK
iimKf uifiii w.'ii. ,iy i itifst (iintiriitcr im takt-n tlio LoihiwuimJ ur
painful, iiTogrulnr is'iiodH, Mini il lins hIwhvs hflpt'd hor.
"I am ul ways n-udy und willing: to sponk it Ktsitlwoitt foi'UioLydi i
K. I'inkhuin'H Ucnu'tliPM. I u-l every onu I nict't that I owe. my iMigltlt
mid liitppint'SH to tlu'so woiuluiful niotlloinog." Mrs. J. G. Johngoit,
Sootlvillo, Ali.-li., 15. 1'.I). :i.
"When nIiowii sucli poslllvo ntnl rellnlilo proof tltitt hyillti V..
IMitkliatu'H Vnpclttlilti ('oniioiiiitl renlly (loos ouro siitili onsen
wouldn't any sensible woman conclude (hnl, (ho sumo remedy
would also lieiit'llt bur It' .sufleriitK thu saino?
nioitis csi:m im; and convincino Pitoort
I'.IwimkI, ittd.
noulil not walk.
dm tuts, and they
an oH'i'.ttiiiii. I
For HO yen Lydla K. IMnklinni's Vojrclnblo
C'omiiound Ijiik been (bo Ntnniluril rctncil.v for
female Ills. No sick woman does Jttstlcn to
horsolf who will not try this lanious medicine.
nlaile cxclttslvt'ly from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures (o its credit.
togaMr.s. IMnkbntn Invites all nlctc women
IgF lo wrlto Iter for advice. Sho lias
guided thousands lo health freo of charge.
Address Mrs. I'inkhain, jLymi, Mass.
Early Summer itnins Have
Goverod Itange With Lony
Grass, Wliioh Means Plonty
of "Long- Green" Later.
Douglas, Art., Julv ii;. Willi
younii Krsss up from lour to six Imthrs
sll ovir the southern Arisona range
und tu Wfttsr holes nil full, eattlr
rat and slcofc, rang, conditions could
not be better than tit the preaent
tune Already this yeur rslos have
he ii bountiful ami In some sections
tb. rainfall hss already approached
well toward the average. If present
conditions continue during the sum
mer, there win be more than the av-
rage if rainfall tnurlng ample feed
rr the grsaiu stork and plsntv ot
water to IwM .well uloftg to the winter
All latMealiowa now point to an
ven better year fur the cattle ludus
tr.v than was lasi year, which wus
ncepttanatlv ood. tf prices hold
op. omI It is generally untlclp,td
that they will, the stia k men have
before them a period of Uiirxontpuwt
lirosgorlty H M true that then- Is
not now a l..rc numbrr of cuttla on
'be rang. as com gored with soene
past yesrs. owing to th- large ship
ments of the spring, out with range
condition,. p guod as th- gee now
and bid rotr to conttnue, thla WIM
raxlly Im- made up for brfor-! lbs
round-up of negt sgilug.
There will In- som.- cattl, thlp.
mints ir.un tbts swetton during Oo
totwr and November of this year, but
It Is not .xpected that these will be
large, f.'u iiintractH now belug out
owing- in tin ulilpmuitii i.r spring, nut
wbul -liii.in.nl. are to I., miote will
brlfiu- ,i (utile r .-llpplv of ciihli In III.
l.:tl .KWHIMH I I. 111, .I, mill .will
t" III. . tllli ill Ihi- K-.'Hon
l.uinlicc couimoiv or II hi t Town Huh
Oltlurcil .Mnelilucrj tor I p-lo.lliuis
glakmaff. Aria., July -It hgs just
been itunouncid that the rtaggoair
Lumber crniipttnv will build ag UK-to-
date box factor) in this town. Thr
flsgntiiff Lunili r MaiiiifueturigaT com
irlmr c
nowi c
puny hss hud the mutter unflbr cou-
siderutton rm some itgas post, lie-
cegtly the nianogemant dtcl4ed to
tahllsh tin enterprise and according
ly Hie latest Unproved machinery wns
ordered for the plant, and -which will
arriv. in a short tlmr Worn hm, o.--gun
on the nsAsggry buildings for
this new .-ntirprise and will be in
readiness to reerlv,- same upon its ar
rival. The machinery is of the latest
styles and patterns known to the
manufacturing world and when In
stalled the mill will have a capacity
of stiutsthlng llg ten thousand hogog
lier dgy.
The new lndustr.v win emplv In
ihe Mlghburhood of grt to sixty mag
- - -
Try a Herald Wnnt Ad
Vegetable Compound
jrirN to luiiltl tliein up, regulate, rtni
"I wag nick th too inontlig and
I Milh'ivd till tlio (line. I tried
said 1 could not got well without
could hardly tund tho imin, but
iti iiKbt side wan tho woixo. I t-ouldn't ulcop at
iiiv:ht, and 1 wum troubled with a wpuktitKoi.
" Lydia H. rinkhuin'n Vcgctnblf CoiniHiund curpd
nip I lieirati to fcol IxMter when I had lakon only
otto Itottlc, but f kept on until I wuh cuto(1." Mm.
badie Alulh ii, 278H N. II. .Street, Klwood, Ind.
What nioi e proof can any one ask?
Forcign Capital Inquiring As
to Possibility of New Pro
jects; Shows Restoration of
Mexico Cit, Mexico, Jul) tt. Tli.it
new r r icn apltul is pronarintt t
enter .Mexico in the immediate rutou
and Ihst cortKiratlons which hnv in
vested in this couiitr.v Iu the pgat urc
preparing to carrv out now HroJ "'.
Is thr statemrni of ISraaaio Madci".
minister ot tinain e.
"Iutiitrt"x iiuidv at the rtoBorliio ii
oi hat: lends show tmu forelin eni
Itol is looking towHi'd Mowtoo." sunl
Mr Modem csterde'. "Ill aeMitlm
lo the Hilglan lionk which will I
bHslnesit in Mexlno, uHaounccinciii
which wus made a aWri time m"
there are tgsHeatlng of it lbs r bunk
being urgnnhMd with foreign cat ot-i:
for the purpose or doing busim.- in
this uuuntry.
Important timnni Interosin m
iterlln and Antwerp have in in- ji
a bank which will have bMsdqosrt. i -In
klexleo City. Kurtbor than tin
th. ii' is a lunik projertod (or Chlb ii i
hun to te financed by ProHeta iuid
esta uhleli Mill have a egattal
g l.ooo.oott. a concesatog ohroadv n.i'
been Hiv,n to gpaniah oaqgligitlgts t n
a bank wbich will be geaa4ign)eii m
Ptiebls with a uapMgt ai M'.'
whose tirlnclpal btodRess will be lo.in
on agricultural kMtda and which i
cairy crops for the rarmer until il
ea n arrange lo dispose of his prmitc
There is a comnoav which hsi t
neissiiNt ror a railway in the !'
'i Jalisco which Is ready to go t 1
"rk without delay The com pun'
In flnontwd by French and otlter for
cign lutereatM. The bond or to i..
guoroMtoed by the state and matt' i
are at standstill at present, as
Haco Is wltliottl a lgisiurc. Tbm
ctndHlon of arfalrs will not cogtlnue
logger than two or three weeks mon
and with the state guarantee gut .nt
thr bunds the work will proeagd.
"rVireign capital soema to ggvc t -u
Used that the recent fronts) hi
only skln-det-p and were tsa alue nt
InevltabU eotim uuence of lita revolu
tion. "The niusteriog out of tint revoiu
tiidiMrv troops hgg bgeg dowyatl in
two states only, 1'votfclg gad oVmora.
and the indicaUono gro tluu it will
aoon in riiUaKad In both. Hoports
from Hitebta hsdtegge that the iuuh
tering out ts prueosdtgg rapidly and
normal eondttwna should Im- restored
within a short ttme."
Hoot h ItchUtt kln. tteaJs outs
or burns wlthotlt g err. Cures pllsa.
eesema, salt roeum, any ttohttiK
Degn'o otntagat t. Your dmiSBbtt
gella It.
Tfc Brtuer Plogei
Wbgt d you do wMk UMoiu aujlihig
Put them on file Itiilliinou
Auk I ll III

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