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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, July 28, 1911, Image 4

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(Bdcteiier ta Trlkun Citizen.)
vet tmi: mmAiii) rnn.iKiiiNn co.
l'lihUnhrd ever afternoon except
Knndj nl 121M2I North Second
trt, Albuquerque, .V, SI,
linteml a exind(iM tnatlrr
March 7, 101 1, nt the xwlofli Ml
AIIHiiiiTiiif, . M., under the Act uf
SI moll :, 1H79.
One, month hy matl fid cent
Olio month hy carrier Oil ccnl
Uno cr by inn 1 1 SU'
Our irar hy carrier $6.00
Telephone (7.
iteptibtiean pollrir have begun lit
miir incmaelve. From mII indt.a
imm tkt eajvtihlnta for mimmaitlon
.ii kr Tnft and LnvPoiletir Thr Wta-
rmtM tMMMl haa not mi et made A
iumI guana r meat, but ha bean
n prtvgg on active that he ahouhl ft
of m an earnem wkT for thn
..nor rn-wldant Tuft eoem rt cavmed
n got. Toft will mM have th TrR-
uity I mi In lining up demgotea
Hint h had in FreiMlB f the
mi mlmt will aagloovor to ae fmnt
n.H ht IMMl'tMMri dategoto hall
hp MM la ifm National convention.
i.APWIHt. very MUM), trill lwv
lougll gfcNMtftf Ht HttllMt UP riftlKiMIMi
favorable to Mo cgwne. He to H"
ITOWCMllK Uf 0 OXMIHftlftM f with
thr ilnnr nf iiMnr tt rttMKJ
mtnlMH Mill. He t looked npon by
many pownfful oMtclM m or the
bluett rwg" lypm nt the Itepttbtk'an
fwrir, to he thwarted rather limn
Hiilml. It to beMaved ut prnrwiit that
Miinchnttr- and In furl nil the
Nrw llnefewd tote will b mnVI far
Tnft. Senator Crane of Maaanchn
nt. who u one nr Tfift'x moat
powerful oppoaer hi )!". In now
with htm atrotiK. Hew Vork, for tlov-
inor lluflhw In ). will be for 'I'm ft
in I tut; PanHaylvanta. anltd for
.tor ICtinx font- phi ago, will bi
(-lid for Tnft In 1HIJ. Tall did hoi
have all tiro Ohm dolagHttoit In ltK.
'it the fen nor have been fixed for the
outing MirtiffKlr mill fthlit will lie with
him In t i next ritniniilKii. rmiiitiyl
xanla. InillHim mid Illinois will iiImi
lif for Tnft In mil. Tlii' uAt la '
rcno nlioHt the (Hdltlrnl Htiihtlon jtitit
nt thii preeont llnn. XotMHlv In thn
weni m worrying rtnt dmil ahnMi
what V? hoIHi; tn hsppi'ii.
The lUcMtnn, "Dtni. n fiill.tut' imIii
iiitlnn piiy?" In nncf muni up for an
iiiihwit. With thr opening of achnsl
inly h fow wank ii'tiy, ntmiy pttr
Hta nro XHifntntint with thr HltcH'tiK
ti vp of pnrmlttltnt ihnlr mui mid
ii.(ialiinr to iiiuTh jieninniiint ihwid
t. iiiptfmi?- HittnloyHtMnt they may hi.
iigagajl In ittrlng the mumttirr montlHi
t wmm lhtn to return to mcIhhiI.
Ilpg. ar UHlvrratty and roniph tf a
rtaih line of tudy .
Thar la but amall Mount lltnt it
niiat iHlncatloa nlll increaar rain
mik capaviiy. atntl.tlrlan hai fla
'irrtl It ant tlmt a collnki' ednratKni
iinenMi thr ohane of the high
h liool bfty nlHr thtte. pU-lna lit in
1'.' Hww the ehnttai of thr pmmon
hoot boy and mnrr titan wow time
dip ehaure or the nmuwIiknI. It la
hup that a allMM- eduontlan atvi a
nun an opportunity to haoome m mntt
-unong man. a ollgr training af
ford n eionrar vtainn Httd m whlar
Mortaait awl will help man to h
more anifanVuHt Uf. It will rnahlr
dm M Jfryifli aaUnga friendahliw A
- od aaaTr1gta (MlHOfitinti praparex n
in n for hattar an r vice t.. thr people:
' maa htm a hnttar rlttarn.
lt lt htah aahoat. the follaae or
Hi- univaratty la no ataae for Id tern
tl pendthrlfta. If a young man will
u. aottana In gat what he m for
thatornhp, tta luhure. lw train-
i'K. Mn fitMidatiip to ihh Ih laving
r'-rvlca. he oaaont mnHe btlHi uar of
i lire nt roar yaam of hi III- nor u
'" iter Mvaatmant of f ( , hundred
'ilagi. 1
'iTHIl wvvu sr.itii
Tiw vMli dggaa m Uuroga. whare a
'niHriA af ggUoo ar hoMtgg tkffht
'eeaaj vtduit la happenliMi to M-
mcoH, ggulBh lHiMMctanl whan ana"
rmvNiiiara (Hnt more man ih high
fiucea ra HMmang out the aoaalolli
tie of ttptvtmall paac than vy k.
fore 'notdtw tally, the n will
rve to raatave aoaae tnaure of re
Mect fot the li tin Aniurlean topuh.
He, wliloh havo been Jumprna over
he tinea pru- peralntoHUt' of (!.
Tim JoH AiHerk'ati dlfflculttr ara
ehlrllf a reaglt nf tmnpeiantettt: the
"r and rimtflia gf wara In Murago
ure buiMd upon oufddlly. hmiI He h-
ween I he twn there may hr Innnar
jiiMtlflenifnH for tfc panide of Mittn
VmrrMMt In thalr cnMifH atjUHbhlua.
Kui in igUiiir one It may be pi wllciml
u Hit-4nrtary eiHlittg will an ronrhatt
lit the o8Hf or time, with iwUiIiik
more than th ilt'dainntlgt mm! an'
KtmialMHil ukwnrd mumiI IihvIii
Demi nllttd into mirvloo.
Jrotn a ttwont Item of new we rend
thr cintone- The onl vlaiior who
mllilun him hefore he wit taken
in Ibn JienltontiMry uxu hifAmnihiir. '
Tbf out nont. or pmmi. "A Hov
I'.vi Kr.ti.i r 111 MnthM.' l t it
iiiu-i hum thai vor wntiin
M..t'.t inn- If Ihi NfNltHl thinu hi
ii i ih H.if-M 'hm fv-rythlM tl-'
Iih ii.ilnl away, whan fh' laat rl
i. .1. i..n Mli MI !". tkr' mill
m .. ..line ihi mother M in br n-rh
n. it ith Thr fa rrtfHl anl
rtiinit in I hi wM ftofttf af tht-m.
rmahn f. prm- trtlft atMWlrMt
l! it irii-mln nr rri4Ml mm nnthtmi
tm.ri Thffa Hi alwaya a Hmtt lo
hiimnii rrlnaMMp Thr only trlfml
thai nir tall In b a fHatM in
M. f.r. hr. wa tnhn lo Hn- pni
I'Miiar hi mfttr nNaj tm Mm,"
av th m Hmm ffnniavar frlrnila
Ht- miiiit ha vt hal Iwfoif. in ptiann
io.r iiinHI HhtiMl Mm art- Ma
frli-niln n. mm. lHMHlalilp talt
M twin. H to nut innnimnrtrt nt
the pain nn4 Dnfw nttf kmuri'a rtatr
that bnilrta Np NMHltar Jntc.
Tni- mntnar ronW tm mt ihp i4n
of ln that ntftrra aaw. Mhft mtly aa
har bnv
A hmra hfw frhtMl to hta moihir.
Th prima lhtir of nragt PJrHtiiH
hnvrnm akMH thp hoiMH nt com
mona l niMIMr 4aailopmni In I4n
Itah po4IUw which ouht to man m
think htt"r of our own national log
tahiiuro. It h trva ibinn hav iNtan
tl r-ljr at tint In U'nahrlfiKnn. but mi
to tln extant of booilH 4hlHulhMl
londora of tlv aniMmant. Thoaa
who hnvc alwnya talwii adVHMtnao of
pvirv onpnrtiinlt) to com pa.1 our own
IoIhi unfa vo in W with lhi Mbroait
wn prwlnt.T nt b katr(l fwm t
IhlH . rlat
.Inhn llnyx HniiiiiidiiII mv ho will
not fc tlir Hinhnnwjinr tn (TliirtiNiti)-.
Thhi will nrwitlr rnM.v th fnntf f
thoar who wot rtrmillng thnt ha
might go to IMm-Hh hhiI iftrt miiiilirr
wnvr of horror through mlatocratlr
m-rvra b aaupplHg the tatarr on thr
A dhM-tuatfnn haa atnrtrtl on thr
duty on lemon. The duty hi trmoiiH
I to moept them with pattenrc nnil
riwlnmithm and with whin Hildltl.tinil
Hep mill Kliire run he ronuiiMiulril
undor the clri,uii.tiiiir.(f of thru'
hiindlnp; nut.
llx-1'r.ielit..iit I5oowvili miiiniini p
pofdllvoly tmu he will hmiUc no more
wpa. tehee thle ynr. Xeverthnlea a
he think of aomeililiig from time in
time that ought to he null). It I rein,
uniihly certain tlmt In will ny It.
ftlve ex-Prealdent Hhtr. ortidlt for
one thliiK he liHa no doalre to Hinrl
tin ndvice luctoiy. Ho mid Jim Hill
are not In t lift aniiie claw.
The tHrmm-x of Vermont are mHIiik
their alieojT mid taking nomnmr hoard
era. The latter will atattd more ahenr
In vH..raara m tne ionmer wan ror-
W enrrohnrate prevhitta Mltnngsaa, A j
a rtilr tlmy eontradlet all pwvlotis
testimony. I
Reciprocity will nut evimiii to Ca
nadian xllvor money.
We noaat u and den I Hhout the
woatrrH eowhoya ami the wonderful I
rent on m hore mid in roundlHa up I hmaoe were muggled to the Anverl
Ihe enltle." romarkiHl Arthur K I'en-1 ","r nt the Itlo (trnnde and difi
ttlman or N'ew Mexico, "but I wne in appwircd. l-aier two of the horei
Hiln dutHiK tlie iwhi winter mid iww I ware hwated line, one at the l'nlce
anme cow-hay ovar their that eowlrt i lale Mini tlir other at loe nr
gtye out weaiurn Inde something to''uV Inveatlgatlon followed mid
think a hem am) to ropy. j
Tbr have about a iltMen different !
namaa for cowboya In glii, hm t hone 1 agalnt tnant by the federal author!
down in thr Andahnna rtnttnn are gen- r"'' "muggllng and a bond fixed
rally called ganttdcroe. Thai aei-i" ',M' each. The nest charge wa
Hon I given to eatth- nnd aheap rata-1 hrought by the territory for In IhsIiik
Ing nnd no muttei Itow mll i he ""en property frtm another tate:
ranch or farm there are Klwnya plenty 'another bond for . The thud
nf cowboy. Thr ganailovo ure uaual- ' harge waa for ob mining money under
ly tall. thin, wiry eh tip, who love fahK- nretenne, und a third bond h
thrlr .ailing, and they ride remark- f'"l for ll.oaO. Both men aw well
nbly well, the only ally beJna that I
may hae poor horaea. Anyone who
know hneae will uftdaraland ma
whrn m,v that the gaiwdero rlda
high, on a large aaddh with h lorta
Wtrrup and atratght leg. uvlng a alngle
rein and hew .nil..
"Thh bit look rnther cruel, hut the
jpwnndVr.. la carrfnl n1 never nun-
tahaa hla ted with the curb, lie hi
not ao marclfut with hi apnea, for ha
caii doap when riding, and the ant-
mat anow hp puncturra. Thear
Spaalah cowboy carry a long In nan
n!ld a 'ggrrocha Thr. know how
to uae It In rounding up the cattle.
They make even the moat unruly bull
com to term, and they fear ihr tht
of that lane-. whhh hna been In una
for goHerailone ' Waahlngton I'oat.
Tan III tin rtlua
All III ti Mile;
Oiu got ti awm !
I it nit there
Xlw. little fllun
drlinl) loduta,
Kicking; thirtr ohoa
Hwgl! Tkore woe .
liljjjhl Utile IIIoh
KiilHliig Hotitn uioro
HWU. nwnt! Hwhi, hwIiW
Tlmti theto won- .i i.gn
Four little llioc
Odlordd groon.Jiliipj
8wni! (Afit t It mmfrj
TlKin thorn ' m
Two Utile fllnM
UoiIkik) I lie nlvlllitn
Jtarly next duy
Tlime were u million'
V jfl i ,'yj"l,iitKiiji(!rpilu,
ll : . v
l m ii Pi 1 1 tlanni IKn nlhp
nJolnR tin tiim-lt pk to the HtniiiPt It la in lh vounRi i i.il .t ih.il Hip
tlttiitl nJ'iMiwnt ...rut Thi winp waa on of tlinm- .r nunMiiii. inn
mr niiM-i ntiiMiiphrr that Iho aorlMv imw rcrit Ioph to . .injur., i..
fntf our ininnlmllona. Thr noft light, the atrnina or inpi.Ml that mlahl
hnvf itoon WHftnl hy th -ti- i.r (. frotn aom hlihlfn fnlf- covp, iiihI
all that rot with tin gmrrf.il wnt i iiphonfoit tn pirtur. .it ilxllghtp that
moat agrWMi thr falrcM dfoaina of fancy .
WiM. thl wa th kind of thin I hat wm ntfR .m. whan a llttlf
mona from falrylnwl or ih- klt.hfn twnttn ntMa running a lona thr
floor. Th- fain ml.- raart. th talnt gown nf th vnung In4a
whtokcit m ann-pful aplit about thi-tr attppk rnim. nnd Itwtnntly thv
ainml lllr gndOnawa on prrtanWito onthrnnatl. ami ao on Tha nMlaatula
. th, r,nr..at Imn4y ohalra.
ihp rtnn-r .ought th. aummll of hr.
Th mntiai a i.prha morr 'tirprl-l than Uir la1lp. hnt not moit
bwilnrpl than wp thr una grntlomiH for a ran p.nhi. Rvt thr
MU nn t-ovrt thrtr rquantmi-t nnt with tltai hnrtihood in th
f nnngrr nhhh I nlway rmhlhltrd h thr hrro.w of umMr novo
han thr arr frmlntnr amllr to hr iiptowrt, aH ufM.n th iniruoVr an4
Ikfm firm, ttrdtrd anil nlt rffort dmM him front th riom.
t 4
TMn morning wkon th aim pi' tip t o mat HbrHMil hi rh'Hr
A aa.Tf.iar lr moat marvHmt anrnttl i r. ami ataa nmr,
AfhJ aa fat aa rv.. conM n-Hrh, nt mo tir rrh go
1th Jn)iliirrtH' It wm nrplml with c nki ami ftyaihl how.
And rrom the whl. wlngtH cHkmI ah ore In gnata tini tHvr oihlMI,
The iHNirl whltr rktkna Hkn mraallm r rn.n ih hotter uinitl trvnujhwl.
Tlh.v (iltmt t ho itmtla mi1 i.ywajn hlg h uml aprad o'or M tUe WthiJT.
liar all thr worlrt llao nii. hi howl f tnttah nwd Itttlhtga pttfii
Awl all .Ui Ih thr rallltig unnw pi I
UiMIl Iho gin if fit I KHMlkott htjgnn tn
'PM m no gfloK: h attll anowiaj n
ltii ho warn hark thore wjiif ll nwi
o o
Alderman Mtrve orn thlnke hi email n Rfty will niuke a wc eaaful
aMtnatnan wlwn hr attain hta majority ohialHlnf the majority la Ilk
flrai atep In aui ceaafitl atateamanahl p. However, thla le ihi Incident upau
whl Ii Alderman i'oen haaea hia opinion.
Thr young mini ha dlmovrtrd
eryatal awinl of the Itn. rttumle. Hr took three tf hi frllown down titer
yeatenlay arternon to eriJo thr water. They had it lovrly lime ng th
paddled about in nothing hut th" watar, and Ihoy Uhl not notice tlwt a
"bad man had i-onir alang the bank and helped lilmeir to two or th
towr aeta nf rhrihlng on (he hank.
Announcing that It wa ttm.. t quit young fnon and one of the otlwr
hnye went out mi the lianfc to dreea. Than th- dtarovered that two of
ihr outfit of nothing wen gone. Intad of diviillim up. they mi.lnttlnU
,a dlarrett allem-e until the were drraaed. ami then, lulling to their com
panion, lold them the would have I., wait until relief .ould hr neciirrd
"""'"IK no moor upon wie anno tne oinrt-N wait. it .rtei wltni ) nnii.Mi, Klvlrn W'llliume. nt.i Her
eeiii... ilk. hxiitM th relief p,ri arrived wifi .-xim .. an. I lntt-. ' it re j... ihm.- 'unntng mm. Iniip
Tin- -t.. v in ii. ...ntlnued In fhaptrr XXXV 'l...kwi.: Th....i.t. (..m.' II,.. i
U - " 1
f l I " " - aNffnaWlTmlllMI rillMaMMii i M,n i fj
j Serious Charges are Made
Against Mexican Hoys in
Dona Ana Jail by Federal
and State Authorities.
,,,,,r,. nrrr-.M.ii.lrniv t.i llir Hrrnl.U
it,i,,., . m .i ,, Ix zs. t
Monte, and K Vllle. n. two : Mexleuna
w hoar i..IiIpti. .- I .:t Ibm.. ui.. twlia
helil In the Dona Ann county Jull
awaiting the action of the unuid Jury
i In October. The boy are o ptaeteiVd
up with bonde thnt their caar look
a though it will be long drawn out.
The awry goe that nil the ihty tin
hatlle brok.- out in .luare aeveml
ilonte anj1 Vlllaaca were arreatni In
Kl lt- T"', Un 'harge wa iIcmI
known in m I'aao. Tiey Ihed here
year ago.
Ileni-y ('lary ha been apinlnted
adiiilniatraior for the ratal r of liava
U'iMid. deoaaaed.
The third cutting of the rourthoue
lawn ha 'teen flntahed.
Attorney Wiiaon of llnrrlaburi, Ky .
I Iich aattllng up hk iatate.
Hog. tl. Ii. (low man. preatdent of
the Bowman Hank and Truat torn
pany. Im apendlng a few week' wicu
Uon on the l-aciflc comi. Hp will
return tn a few tiny
Mev. W. A. Nlchol. field worker for
tin- Xew Mexico arphftna' home Ml
Aihliqueriiue, left WodnemlHy night
after attending two week hen Mr.
Klnhol received evernl upiillcatloii
foi honieleea chlhlraii whll her-.
Mr. Hnd Mr. W. I', gampaoti are
apendlng a few week at IHtlomej Hot
W. I.. Martin will opatt m cuh gro
nary in the old KroattiHii and Walker
ft-aflmng aa mdii tig the lltat Mtuin
tnink vacate.
Atvhle Pae hn begun hi dude In
the llrvt National hAnk aa tetiogra
phar. I. W. Campbell will naanine
the pootMon of caahier on AiiruhI 1.
The Manilla Vllc Cu.oMrutlve
llurlal naaoelatlon haa elect ad the fol
lowing offlrata: laidoro Atiiilje, iii'chI
(lent; T. Moreno, -.lee prralilettt, It.
II. Moeller, general malinger, and II.
'( difong, dlrrcW.
Or. Oeurge drlgg or Muallln haa
leturned from Mexico. Ho dime Unit
(there I grant XjpiiltK 1,1 unreal III the
Mittaptor .mn tmft infill, peoplo nrit of
the nidiUrni tnitt lim revnluunn lia
I merely f)Kiiti.
JiulKC H. A Chaffee, rnlted Hlute
lend eiiiiiiiiiMiniH r. Iiuh .lil lu
rnneh of o h,i,h in ihr lower alley
ifor 1 1 '.' j.cr npe
I JUnvy miim. in the Imwr i)lcy
r nldthl I V .'k.i.m... ......i '
v. ,h pratly iM ,..m,n, pmntat nt
Piano .ant n a plo,-.. of wmimtary
! high on Hold mid hotw p,
hnlUr "iittw stop."
ii It mitkim n folio wtott nnnih
wa Sm SgwHirJ 1r. mm SMMm
o o
a awell wlmilt1ita holr nmona
T li.it. i iliimiiu. 1 in.- fC camtiu. i;...i!
I Lit. I'.
'I''" 'mM'. 'tmmlnMloi'iTf, h,,, ..
fim. d thr Hi I'm... ttrtdae mid Itmi
.iini.uiM t.i repair the bridge at An
nhony ('tii' MfHUl of the bridge hiix
I iK-rii wnHheil HWty; alKo the went uo- '
I The HI Pao ond ffmithweaicrn ball
j team of ICI Paao will nltiv the l
('ntcen team
at the Im-ul hall oarh
tirvt Sunday Hfternnon. A game I month ui a wveii year Hniin tice ror
acheduled with lui Vegaa on Vi- J"n i"hbei .. John (Hark waa re
nwt M i leaa'Hl .waterday iroin the ledetal
,, ' , .... nlon in I, en v on worth, Kan., mi pa-
Mr. Henry Knwker of Henver I role. RlaeU. iu .omimiiy with hi
vlMltlng her aiater. Mi, .loaeprttne ' hrothor. Jain. Hlark. mid John Mui
lalaa. of .South Main atrert Mm i lh); (,"l'fd lo roh the Koek land
KHocker le ,m route M the citv of.T'J lr'" 'n"mu- s M
Mexico iilfjht of Jtint :l. I0IM The .neii wro
Walter Went i upending a
day In It! I'aan.
Dr. c. IS. I.ukena. praatdent oi the
New Mexico orphmt' home hi Alhn
'liierqur. wit I Mpeak at Mountninalr
dm Ing the chatitauitua on The Moth
er, the rittid and thV .State.'- Hr.
1-iikriM recenih hdted jut Cr-iren
and called on IVof. Hlratn Hadlry In
the Inti-reat of ihr nrpliHn work.
.u "Hm nrtermmn Aim I4tm
in"- oieriniiieu ner tuiiuay c'CIICO
achool elua of oiinll liny at her home w,K.K B wo, ,fl vonrfl of lg0
on Mlt-unda .o.nur. OuiiIimu annir Wh h loBoniotive oiigliiocr liefora Ida
were indulged in till n late hour, nrrewt Upon leaving nrlwin. Illgck
when iIhiiiiv reireMhrnrntx were want to Oiithrlo. Okla. Hr mill main.
ervr.l l t ., doncll little Imim IHtllH he wit to prlwiii for n
were t.r-ent ciliiie he did not lo.-nmlt Jim lllaek
i WrtB ,.ing,M ,, imi0i,, HHt janiimy.
tn. !..(.. . . . . ....
ni. unii.h -m- L, .?.. ' .
lug. but that ..m.U .,
The H-ilriMRltato now , ae-loit
out 01 nil'
on y
claim to have tin
utllillaMlati fee,
M. r.. " .no .
.....,"r. . 1. lWng were pre. -
1. . . .1.1 "' ' "''a mi 11 urn 1 aim
......,..., me war oi worn
hclWeen the two IfflderN of the op -
poelng facllonH.
r"..ki'."-r"u,"i T7.
w ? b " Thef E.H'tteooe ,
Of omiifc" yon a.liiilt Tpitt no CTIf-
rtapocl tt(j ntttif would .iHioolaii' wlllt
it wirtHhoalnr
.. 00U,I,M,, , oHoil Mr. .MeeUlnn,
iltnhllv lliti. do mi lumw, I d like 10
Hn ntio j.tt of Hirlmdtv' Wah
Ifltfloii Hlai . - ,
..- ...... ....... mtiim. oi irr.v isrcM n, r,.. , ,r ,,.,,
Will or Senile,. nl,h; I'rlce or Ad- Domliig. X M. Jill) I'S J , Ma
ml Ion Is liimti'ii. ;hmi(H ha gone tn Chicago to lie none
, t until the flrl (if Ihr month to lm-
U.ng Ilea. !., cut.. .Iiilv 2.--A mer.i",M',," ,h" now ,"or 1,H U '""',"
ry war I o t,eiw,rii the member. f '" ' "X'.'.'.Ln r lirial v m
thr Spiritual.., .ongrea. now In nf ' ,f "
ami llr A . a Hhui. who will .ore f CHrrlimi0i Hll( ,, . ,
open a rival nnmm. cHlf.nl the , of AiigiiatM, Oh, we o 4...0 ml the
Word.onKre,. The iroiible ta, tnl vl.ltnra In town vtmtarilni mokl ig lot
over the iiueetlon whether It In per- loonlloiiH
mlaalble Un the nrew.111 coggrea to DIvIhIoii Hitporlnteudenl .! II )vat.
1 harge an HtlminMon fee to it meet- DlHtrlcl Hiigtiiuei- .1. jj. Matthowa and
inga. which he aaya'linve Keen ndvar- AMlntiitit (luneral I'aaaattgnr ami
llaed n Wain fvc anil the aim parlor Kralgln Agent IS W Clapo or the
privilege icIvhu it) the cit with i)mt SoiilTterit Pgclflc cnmiNiny, ware In
uiiderauwiijlnn. ; I hinting yoaiertlay rUi a (lotlfaroime
At the meeting hmt night Arthur x. with the chamber of roniittorce and
I'rentlci , elmlrman of the emigre. I Hlltloim looking to parking the coni
ilnwcended froim the phtt form and had n)'n)"" right of way opposite the
a warm nrguineiit with In tfhut. I'hhm ulatlon.
who, the roritiei mhl. wag atteini.tinn 1 I'invloii to the iepnlly called
to break up the meeiim; ol the prra-1 n,Bl'" r ,n'' cha:nlmr. In meet the
em body chief of Police Moyrr. who ' uiitliiuiiji. the imrty wna tnkon In an
had Koiie lo the huh parlor m the "oinnlillo, n ml nil nf tlto ofllrlitlH ox
report of fmuu tiait Moin.it IiIiik niagHi l''"""'l tlmnmi'lve aHtoniiilnil at tlto
wh koIiik on. advloed hnth partle to inrvltHB (levolopmunt nf the Deinliig
the controver) to ae the city attor- . ""Iin"' , 1,1 y"- Tlloy
Three First Grnde Diplonins
Are Issued to Bernnlillo
County Tenohers: Mnny Seo
ond and Third Grades Given
('ri'lMl I nr r-iiMHlrii.T to ll.r llrrnlill
Hntn Ki X M . .Iiil -Thr ilr
pnrtmi'nl if f.lit.Mili.n ho laaiird
I'rrtith'iitM to iippiii-nnt from th
th rrrttor-y
' wWn,, 'h Z rlZwZ?
j varinua norm.il m h. .!. and lntltuti-
thp who huvr rarrlvntl Brat grin
ct-rHHi'alrH lire Mia UiuMr Pitman,
whi grttrtnat.fi from thr i'nlvTlty
wf Naw Mrnlro tht aprltfg. .Miaa f'.ir
rhh will pmtmkly taneh achool in
Wnrtihtar. hrr natlvr town, inhnu
lo rrcivp grat graaV dlptoma In
arnnllll rottnty arr .Mhw nrnrr
rtrttntwr of thl rity mnM fctn M
JWathrwK or Hatanrla.
Thr follow ing I a Hat of crrtUtrali'f
ft tat ttradr: Hanta P rownty XV
iy Kya of rVnua; Mamlr N. Ktfrlofr
of .Mm-tany.
Urcnnllrlo county rfrnca (Irlmntrr.
AINMrrn: hVta II. Mithiwa, K
tanrla; .Mnrlr U Parrlah AlhMiir-
Krcnnct Hrwdr: Nanttt F county
Eleanor c. Almrrt. .Margaret un
Hlngliam. .Mr. Itarpy PVrguon. .n
nh Una Pfowara. nha. II. ilnm h. I.il
II llAnimrr, Aon J. Ilarvry. D.-n..-van
Mrtiahtirgr, J.ucy Ortla. floanir
Wanford. Almrr U'lttmnn, Alt.- .M
nVrnallllo county I .ore t la Hmtt.n
Irrnr Rnrkr. Jnarphlnr ftfpl, I mm. i
I'onnilh, .Mr. W. I. Cannon. K.i
Mnrahnll, rtvrlyn Mttiravnm. H.iinu. i
Smith. Ithoda Mwaynr, M.iimu. .
adler. Mr. Ultllan Halite, ci.h.i
Thatnpaon, .Mr. D M. Th'oma.
Third ttrade: rtanta fe county
Jlay ('HldwfM. Bnclqueto lie Aauer...
Julia D Agnaro, Ramon nnnaalc.
Miguel ('. Jaramltlo. Franco M,u
tlnea, XnilvlUnd J. Martlnea. i4hii
ago Martlnea, Manuel M. Monto-.ii.
Ittlhy Rolhal, ,.it Iv MiUti .!... VIM-
".inl.inl MiitH SiH'i
II. i n
' I.
. . i.i'iii Mr ir
M.iii.ii M.. M.i.i..:
in -
John Black Paroled From the
Penitenitaiy After Five
Years' Imprisonment; Says
He is Innocent of Robbery.
jtn Vemia. V l I. .It k vriue
I liavlnu Mt.ti.i.1 lit.. l.til.'a aii.l lv
--.'irtail in u Vogna and itntvlvtad, im
ilng sept to the federal .rlon in 1006.
mo trtal of tin. throe man waa the
iinwt MiuiMHilonal lugnl prnceudlng Iu
th liltoi oi the tNmrth judicial din
trlct If not of the entire tertitor.i. tfov
inil trlatM reunited in hung jnrte 'Hie
otiKoa wet. hard tonglit and Ht miim
IKKHoti roliheix put up aming (U
fun!1. The evhlonoe wa purely clr
atttnatHtitlkl and Iho lllaek and .Mnr-
,d,y stonily mnliilainud thel,
Mtirph ih hi III In prlHiin.
iWhra inirn to koiiio of Hie hla wolU.
' Hhowii tlto actual work of Irritati
, ,.. , ...
" ZZ Z..!"!
!,n,,,, lnrh w,,l ' hoIr minirl
'l0 . hWm mMti wo1(, ,,' (.
vnmblo and Hint Dimilng wmilil liearj
irom thrin haroi'o vtfv Ioiik
j Happiest Qlrl In Lincoln.
I. A I'lnooI' girl wrllvB. "I lind
bettii allliik' for uotno tlo wlllt oUioitle
cnitRtlpatlon niul Hlontaoh trouble. 1
hngnn taking riniiub. rlBln'a Stomach
,, , vt,r Tttlilni ami In lliree iiava
wnB nlilo lo Im tm ami wot hoMnp
ilnlit alontr l ain Hie promlp-i Krl
, Mnrcln m find mictt sco.l pto.ll
(.,,c j,or Bil0 bj, u, joniprn,
sea breezees
Round Trip Rates
I . Miit'pH M5 00
I I (Ii.ihIii llrnel titn.lll
atnltna Inland 117.15
Mil iNafa) jgi.nn
Mfft pTMJj lf.0n
ffNm pPfegrg H.fh)
mm Franciapn ju.nii
Tlcknta on aale until gent. t. 1011.
raghd far return until MnvelHhar 6,
Ih'iimmlHtr tin (Jinmid llreal.lni:
Cereniiuilos of the IM111111111 Call
loruiii i:iinllliin, .Inly lil-'Jl!
nt Sun lili'so.
P. J. Johnson, Sanla Fe Agt.
Case of G. W. Ford, Accused ol
Altering' Brands, First Trial
to Come Before New Justioe
of Estanoia.
(Sprelnl Cerraiiiiiilriien le Hip llrralill
Wlll.iril X M. July iJX. Mueh In-t-rMt
vn i.ik'ii throughout the vnl
l in th. 1 rui 1 .it Torraon. Tueada)
ami V'.lnenriii , of ilenrgc V. ""ord,
uh. Ie in that vicinity. Mr. Ford
"a trtoil on a charge or larceny and
alt. ilng brand on cattle.
The emir wa Ml before Jllce
H. i.vil ..1 Rati.ncia bat waa tahn to
Ton n on change of venue and
h.-i.rd li JiiMtlce Dfcwdailn dNra.
Th.- i hMiae wiw brought by Rplhneo
hrf.a, who alleged thai oM had ih
hiM porweHMtoa rour tnad af caitie -longing
to htm. Aft hearing . the
.- idrnee, Juxtlce Nan. he ilumlaeed
th. chame ugoinei t.ie defendant. At
torney Frd .,yr of Ratancln ap-mnr-d
for tin. i.roaacution and Attor
neM K F. Jennlnai. 01 Wlllnrd and
J. ti. WiiMaon of RmnnclM for the de
fenae. AitnrnVy for both ld isnfc
that epeclol mention he made of the
fair and impartial manner inn Jna
tlc tfatirhna aMugd .luring the
hearing of tiir caar. Thl wa hNt
fHyt trie. I a hf haa but recently been
appoint! il juatlee by the cnmfNnV
Krneet Hranthnr!, who I aaoclnt
nl with thr U'lilard Taanfnr com
Itany. rceelvni the and tntetllgence
yeaterdny of the death the day tWora
In Xew York city, of hla brother. I In
waa overcome with the heat and fell
ed to rerox -r from tfta erfecia.
The Commercial cluh member are
planning to lonalderably I ner caar the
memucrahip of the organhaiiion dur
ing the neat three weak. The pree-
nt memherahlp I new divided In two
dlvlKlon and each h1 will make a
"articular en"ort to get new member
The loalng aid l b boat at a
danc at which the wlnmra will ha
I, 1r honored guiata, on thr evening of,
the nth or Annual.
U'lilard will celobrate Juat one day.
Hepteinber the luih, inaiaad or three
dayn a MHhounceil mndi tlm,- ago,
when I'Iuom for a big lrrl fair werr
1 "tit It im thought heat to have
"ii.. 1. 111 day with plenty of ini.rtaln
mem liiNt.'iid of th. three There
M' li. rne.'M, with Rood lr.l .iir.',
u hull Maine and ,1 graii.t lull Iu III..
1 s , II Ilk'
Tired But Happy They Return
From Long- Tramp to the
Upper Pooos and Laks
Peaks; Gone Ten Days.
Santa l-V, Jtilv ; Xcout Matter
Ptanilt C Wtlann and hi liuy Scouia
lei in lied Wedn..lM) alt.-riioon frmil
their ten da hike 10 wiiiHor on
the I'pucr I'ocoa. The liuya hIikhI Hiu
liamp won and h..d Die time or their
young Uvea. Thoy made ihelr ioninoy
leUnrely and hiiw all lite Might on
route. Including llolv (ihoai Uke on
lop of Liu- like PookK al an allltmlo
or is.nuu eei They did not go Into
ennip on the Panchuala until tlta
fourth ilny out and .-vim then kont on
I lie move Thoy eiicoiiniei ml no hwivy
rnltiM, hnt a eoniempiwKHl hhcoiii of
Santa i'c llalilv, alnumt lil.uOO feot
high, wa abamlmiml nuomiHo or the
(hnmo clmnl that envoi ed the iteuk
flahlttfi wa tint a guod a had been
iinllcliintoil. hut hIIII there woni
otiniigli truitl (0 go nroutnl at nioal
tlntuH. Wild NiritwherrlcH hoivimI ga
detwaii atnl paticnkoa were n daily
alninlhy. 'Ilia lidine trip over ihw
Kiicx; nail waa iniidc in two day and
llio Iiovk arrived tcMtenlti) unci 1111011
llllci Imvilnc walked Jtllr-.-ti tulli
hIiich 'he toritmon the nlutit iicrmc
bllVilltr been niel u I he latlKcra cab
nil oil iJlhv Peril
blow in
Summer F.xcursion Fnres
Now in F.lfccl
Exhibits Will be Shipped to
Albuquerque to Take Ma
jority of Prizes at Big- Ex
position; Banner Crops,
Olteelnl Ciirrriiiiiilrncr (11 tkr Herald)
RatallelH. X M, Jn . -. (Jreat
pr-HrailonM are helua mad- Im' the
Torrance ...uiit fnir, which will hr
h.-ld her. during the drat week in
October, after which th .-vhlhltn will
hr M.nt .i Allto(ierUr, Where thr
will laptnre the majority nl the
prlae which will In offered for agri
cultural exhibit at the territorial fair.
on account of the favorable wrath'
r condition thi wfrtl he the banner
year foi the rnrmei There will In.
appmvtmateiy lf.0 ram of produce
nhlpprd t'l.m the Ratancia valtay thl
fall. A number or the car will he
ahlpped to Albuquerque, where the
roducra will flm) a rawly mm) profit
able market.
K Romero shlopeiT t nar of tit
from here ilurtng I ha paat week.
Th. ) wer' conatgned to tha tic treat
ing plan 1 of the Kant fa at Albu
qtlrmilr. Mayor atuhhiefteld and family and
I'nlleil mate (Vimmiaalowar Janaon
are enjoying an outing n the Paeon.
The ICatancIa Lumber company re
ceived thr. e cur of building main la I
during thr paat few day.
Th new brick bnffclm. whlah ha
beon built by J. F. luuntar will be
rwtd for occupancy In a law day.
e. n.imero recelviHl a carload
aw mill machinen 'fttaatlay.
Work will ha coat mn need on the
new brick hairtc hiithllnx In a
day. The nroaant ouartnra nr..
amall for the vaat amount of hualiu
tliey arr doing.
WlUlnm Mutton rocaiveil a threah
Ing machine Weilnaaday. That have
huen (w. other machlinw ordrred
which are exported moat any dy.
The Romero planlHg mill, which
ha been cioawl the nuat few month.
ha opened up and th hntn r I he
mbw are heard from iarty morn till
nlaht The will ahlp wnpnl eaHoftd
of finiahed lumber to aatarti point,
where the) have arte ml coiilmct to
A live commarotal etna hna hon or
ganlsed here. It mntio la: "Rooat
th. Km mi. In valley. 1
Calllortiln l'.M'i(n Coinc I'ortli Willi
N'eu Heiopuient Which Iiicicii-iw
Yield or proline Plain.
Kan I'-iaiifllBno, July is Oitlironiln
which rival, the world In the produc
tion or Hutu hemm. Its $.l7(l,ono prod
uct of Irhi year (intuiting tlirtm-rnurtliR
ot the baan output ol tin ettilio coun
try, through oxiorliiiontH JiihI eon
f Imled hv t.he agrlcultiiral ijoimrl ;noi)L
of iho Pnlvoiwli) of Caliroriilti. Ih to
IncroHMo tin- vlolil nwirly ono-thlrd,
nccoidlilg to Pi of. W 8. Sltnw.
Pror. Shaw rotnriuMl lo Ihukolay to
day aftn ItiHiicctlng tlm work lining
cnrrloii mi Ht the oxporliiientnl fttrnta
at Vdittif ... nnd Oxtinid.
"The bean orop looks rooiI," Httld
Pror Shaw, anil iilthonj(i It Ih n till
Into I look for a bigger orop thnii wo
hnd (tint your Haiti It tlto only thliuT
Ihul can now impair Ilia bumper yield
thai Ih In Hlglit. The plnniH are hang
ing tinnaiiallv honvy, nnd tho yilt
hoitlii ho a teflonl-hron'mr.'1
In the work eoiiductml by Iho ttgrl-
ulhiral dmmrtnionl or the tntlvoriliy
11 I iilaniiul to glvo to tlto rnrtnur an
enlli dy new typo wr hoan. ilovelopod
at haiiio, which IiIiIb full tn become tlto
foreimm on the tnarket.
Tlm now bran wu not itniioiiiicod
until after ilirup (tr hnd htiun do
voicd to ll k ml Ivnilon it bun bom
Kccmeil iIikmiuIi lelcctlott from amoii"
1 bo . cral Htin.na of commerrlal
iieaim sunv hniwn In tb. -tni t ih
i'Kllfc'r "ed nn I u' boll developed 10
im jteldiiiK I'npnt '

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