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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, August 05, 1911, Image 6

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Territorial Engineer C. D. Miller, in Fnper on "New Mexico Rcsouroes Day" Progrnm at
Mountuiifair. Makes Ultvnoonservativc Estimate of Lands Available in Territory for
Development of Resourocs; Present Development Beinir Made Along Safe and Sane
iIMll Trlrisriuii in litniliiK llcrsl.1 I ,
IJ II. II. I4HH'.)
MouMaiaalr. N M . Aiir :. - Thi
'twrc at Hie morning session
Maw aVotcn He.. nice nn- i the
MouBjUtfnalr Chautauqua assembly to
day na a splendid paper by i .
MM, irrrlintiHl .tmineer. vMrh
vered in sw-evpina detail very suv
le nlMMM of ihr condition which cutl
fntM M.w M.bo tort with refer-
' 1 ! the davtopaseat of her aH-
nftunrt wiwirowi. Jlir Miller mid
'hJ it in Hi belief. iHtiNwl .n n
"lit eonaertratlvc catinmle, reached
rko reaull t sludy ir fact and .
'"MPM, HNH Mr Jletlco cttttAlnM
4. , MM M HHWtal Irrtajntad
m tor. TMer. Just in be ns rmi-
' iniif, prov.-a nryonn
Hi. Shadow af . doubt tluu Sew Mex-
"o Mn S,2tn,HH) acr r inM from
mpn inn be mwn in biiH--imw
Mid whlt'h nli the MlitT
t wilt ihm thf craiM ttMrpfrnm &n!
MvoHJHKMi for hlnwM4r m4 rmilv
TlM trrltnrlal vHHlniwr In hwUn
tuMc 4lim of lit iHr Mid
lnt II wmm Hot Mm lntHtion tn
i'Hl How to u wni.r Ih Irnantltiii,
ill te omtlfw thr win r upttliM
iitfftMablf far thnt ptirpoao In ih dlf-i-rnil
-lirHii of tli territory. I'ro
I'MdMlW. Mr. MllltH- t.M mp ftmt Ih
iiiatory of irrlNHiton. nyin thnt It
im Ihhih nmvltrrt In .' .Mexico
hIim llH msmary of mnn rniiwiti tint
i i Ihf oontrr ll anld nmonit tli r
(hUNNi that It hi cvMrltt thnt nltltmiHli
Irrlflatioti Han bwn rn''ticil in tit
t rrttory hIiuh- mii vttriivl Mrlv
data. prahriMy aurtifr tliuti in any
'Hrr purttan of tin- rim. ,) Htt.
till no hvII pffaci tiHk hn ronml
from (h tmiK i-onttnutMl um- of wri
ter mim the MI1h oi tile rtv,T VHlleVM,
'H'tntr to tl rHiluiilnliinnt of Hi.
Willi nhtnt fit.Kln otirrlfd In mit
iilMaii hr th rlvflr In the fnrni of
Mil. 1THi the hlMtari of IrrlimMhii
Mr. .MlWtir VUIl oil I., the dlvnralnn I
nnd iwrtnff f wnlcr nnd from thnt
-tlUlMt to that nt miim.lne Mr Mil.
l-r fr the moat nart niotid p,Pe
m vajclawa .pKru uf .tin u-rrltory. on
tii pampina inoponliioti, iikihk it n
"ta oirtnluil Hint Uiflie arc hoim
iiwfiltlnif In Now Movie. re ii,
winV hiiiI thoHNamlf f people who'
win came to the terriiorv im.i ....mi. I
Tahlm; up the AUmbri -nlley, where i
PUMIBIHK la rioMrlNhlmr Mr lln..r '
HiMlMl Italah ftlv of luicin.. ...
the effect that there in nii ami of
'npn.altaatelv no.iioo mci.. win. ,.
liallon Uhei wuj of 10 . cnt. '
which can be irrlaat.. h well pro-
duolng from r.00 to li'Oit aallona nrr
miautr. Procoorttn to the I'ortaler
valhy. Mr. Mllhir nahl that immpltiK
aa ainaajiy n iNftttmirated m a
larflr kualti In tha !ortfll count!) '
y me imnaiiauan or a central pump-
iwk atntu IH th town of I'ortHlftw.
whleh Haa a fttlly for th cure of
buinm In
""'" " I
la t Aaiamrdo valloi' Mr. Mil-
i-r aaaw aa acaeunt of the teciwri-
mento which aiw aelna curried on
'hare. aaaiHg ttel tharc la undottbt-
try attftlcicMi watar In the immeill- j
"" vlcliilty f AlaNMwordo io irriwtle ' ntniit oannnt Ik- wcuie.l thnn thin
' paanhna and thai it t oaOtnatait . lalt) down by the Indiana
trial avantuatly r.,o Br., or lean, j "It la evident, therffore, that irrlaa
wUa hrrtaai therein jtion waa practiced In New .Mexico at
ItalllMf up th. Bernmill ..Mnoo r- an eatratjiely arly date, probably
iuaBilan valtay, a nuuje. t .f much arllr than In any other imrtlon of
tniaN$l h lb Albuqiit,i. In,.n prca- the 1'nltcd liataa, Imt atlll no evil
eat, Air- Mwr aald that 11 h.. been effK haa baah found from the Iohk
lenajnaiy itatcrtainel thut uhln u
"aiiia raaaaa of Albuiuerqu iher jof the river VRileyn, owla to the ra
a tavrHat of ! aauarc will alnnUhmatit of the m)41 with plant
men cn na irrtaated b iiumpinv m '
ad of from 1" to :an f...t ,tir lt the form of ailt.
t.ninn n.iiH. Mio iil wut. i Mii... H. "In estimating our Irrigation r
or.iinaii. ..wer .iiill.il, th, i.unll ' JMtliri'Mi We Will flmt ecure aonie bleu
'! ,,. r
l -
I. oil.
r lntin
i ih.
Tbe highcat iioint of wont in 1, .
TiHH is hil , ii 1 ?"
r'CTid tn e , V U" '"r'h ,n"lh'
lv.th.Hl.Lr 2 f mr lhM
? i Ji f r i Iti'ithcr to-
' l u t ,carfl11 ' i tur. h omWwI
nu MriHKH It. .in ih (lrtiiiK mci-
K-Bl hi )U j ciiujMimmntMJM. Hut for
jiutatt' llto d (lisounifnrU nature
? Vj? tniu,im in Mother'
J'flifnn m to l)c foil ml a median of
It is an oHy uniulaiou fi.r ixternal
nnulioaUnn. eomiMNiatl i.f tnarvd,....
which act with Iwimficutl ami Hooth
Jug uffoct on tlne imrtiona of the
5ystutu iHvatvnl. It in nt-t.dLl t,.
lriwrctlieiatm for ilJ .ll .
tkui TrSiovt. In LnJi n.i,H"l
!thm.h. ieTm 1 rt;,tb,,Hfr,?r
10 through which tJi iu.,Uuru-uully
Ii i n . ' reu,ttr of Motlier'H
j riuim will rojwy any mother in the
.imfurt it iiffordH before, itil thi help-
Jul rtastortitioii to liealth nnl HtreiiKth
it linuif about nftcr hy coiium,
"M..t l,.T r,i.,.i '
Jlcdliar h I'rfend
is fur Kale at
druf htorcH.
Write for our
itac book or
kat L
tpet.iut motli
Uleh contain much valuable
v. ...ui... luiiu.u.n iout.li tiouainc rKlaio ihui tl.no ISA nan ...i.. ........ . . V .
iHformation, nml many uKKc.tiou8il,;r:.U,i;;r";,;ir;,lllSr Tnl Llfi 1 HZ L 5, 5 , r
J?A7lirM) f. C. :r""hr f"r vm'ln WU h.i tm. ?:..", low
MRADflZU) REGULATOR W.t AHrta, C.,ivr of ar under mnall farm. Wlth.lo xlkt for thu samv, however, and j
t. rnior' u Irr Hut l..n with reference
t stream iidtitK. stuic Hiipcrtlslon
of irrtffMlon works, the lae net add
(Mattel irrigation, the value of devai
o patent t the territory and mmmv
other mau of Muai import newer.-
touched upon Mr. Miller dealt
WW each tonir in mm exhaustive man
hit which threw a world or llht w
many question Thi luprr made it
splendid lmprimin,i on the rc,oures
men piearnt unit .Mi MiHer was ap
plauded enthusiastically aM be Ma
Inhcd. 1 lift mi) h in rinrl fnllnwa
' Th. topic which tin been hmIhiimI
ne, owing ila magnitude, the settee
of llii- field and the intricacy of ilw
questions involved, tntrthrr with thf
fn.i iimi mut. i.u ..... w.
-i.u. n,.thM.le ,h- LZZ t I
....... iiri'n, irmni'n
it f-uini ifirfK-ilt propHriy to
pr..tit the Irriaatl'Hi mhi- of
NVw .M-xl n to ihiM c .invention. lr
iuatitlilMi or IKrratnre hnvi- Imii
PubltehiHl hM (lUtrlbuttHl t . vnrj
rwrtHin of Mip Pnltwl MtatiNi, lnltiiK
j wnn owr raturcr. particularly of
ilium- wonderfully Uvorcd aeetionii In
l which th reanoctlvc auihora may
live t'heac nrtlcleii, uneil fnr roal
purr!, re noceiwnrlly loyal
nd enthuiuaattc, ntvltiK only the
brlflit nlile of Irrlaatlon levelopmni.
iMvlna the net tier lo find out for htm
aelf by exiierlt-nee Hint there nre
iiwny phnami of Irrlantion eoiinertiKt
with the proixr lontlfl- me of w
irr. imilfr varied coiidllloiin of mill
nnd I'llniMte, iimi which h rinitnitiil
miccej depend, nnd . fnlhir- to eom-
preheiul which may nieiui both moti-
emry ioa n ml tin rulniitlon of iho
Intnl. Hut Ii ia not my Intention lime
to oxplMln how to lute wiitrr in irri
Hation, hut to outline the witter niip
plhos atilhihle for thin piirpoNo in ih
(llflrirniii HaatloiiH of the territory
"Tile HMrihtKi uiithiiutir rocord Wo
" '"' ITHUtlCe n lrrlKUtloll
tT"M nummlm or reimrtH of
" vva in !. l oroimilo in
,r,n- venrH tmerwHriln In IRS2
Antonio de ltaprjn, herc III mention
,n rrw1u,,.11V "'' to th. prnotlce
,n" ' """' 'nnmn iruo up uic
'"ft Ornndp vnlloy. who ciiltlvnted the
1,0,1 nl"' NH','-''1 almndMiit yleldH of
whml. corn, nndonw, etc. by menim
ot ,H",h,,H- illverilna WHler from this
rrt'r iipon me loruic Kin umniie
" ',,l" HlKtnlanla rccniltwl tlmlt
'Hnl,'r 'ri(,t thiw IikIIhiik Htid mmle
roouiauioim uhu tiiem for eioin
h,t'h ln'' Htaniifacliircil from
'"" They fHahloiied the cloth
'curlna apMirl and the ii-
enabled them to proaocute thulr
Maan-hna t the nertheru Mtictlona of
"In .in Juan county the rtiltiN of Ir
rinttitnn dlteh.-w ne i.y the Atsinc
Indian coniurliiN uho are wtlll vlMhlo.
The accuracy with" which ihe dltPh-
i ware laid out and cnnntructMl hy
the Indian without the aid of any
iihdrunvnt whatever la evidenced by
the fact thnt .r.. ni .iiti hcn in Run
Juan nount have often followed In n
targo Mcaaurf the cotimcN of the old
Thay Have found thnt better nllttn
continued uac of watar upon the aolla
fooda carried In auapmdon bv th
bm to the aereatie dalmatl for this
purpoae Takina the athtMtlaiB
which have been filed for fiermlta to
appropriate water na it twain of acr
talninir the ur.-n outlined for irriga
tion work, and while we have unlimlt-
d bind, thcac amounia anecltlMi m
iHoiix nrc immedluiel) adjacent
inlnplabie to the UHe of water
Ntrenma Klv. hundred nnd
' U "',",1' n,,,'" '"r l "nUK to ap-
I","l,r,,' 'l,r have Im.h filed Ih tha
"'- "f ,h """Hal en.ln.r aln.
,r"- ",': th-ally all o. thnMa
application, are Signed to he .p.
i-ll.d for panwiMe of irrlaatlon; a
"mull pnrcontafr. however. re far
i"-r purpaaaa. Mom oi thea. up-
t'lh"itona. a vary fw. ut. dttphN
"t"' ,'"r im,a e n
l'MC"1 wlahaa to itmerid u fliltiK pr-
lou,,, ". he re-tiiun nnd roie.
'' " n,,v ,n'" acraaae la mention-
" 1,1 ' "nilln nn eatimat of
h' ,rr1I,wl trol
", r"" "'"ted on ach of xhmu
,,J,",,l,'""- "K M-ra
M,,t p",-. "nd the anld otdlmiito.
nrtloally a ton.) or th..
HrH ,"" ,h'' wHcnilonn u'tuully
an .halBtil to lrriate.
"fpon the abi.ve plan It la loimd
tht '"'"ut i.uau.ioo crea ure eti-
""'t 'l bh heinir avnilabic lor irrlgn.
,,", To lht aum ahmtld be adtlyd
",,ol,t I . acraa whleh oau be ir-
..... ..... , . , . ...
i.no.r-H ..on. h hioj" i iwiiicii on ino
! river in ilrant county. Tudor
'" nl climate It la found
the end of the wnrk undur
"I'I'lloatlona will he Kx.fiOO.OOO
1 or mor.- of the above eathmttc of
!l "1!
the cxcti,,n of inn or 2nd ncra all
of the above land will he Irrlanled by
direct dtvaraton from rlvera, c reeks
and arioyoa, party from perennial
flow and natty from atoraae or flood
'I'he eatlmatat under the different ap
pUcattone ara for th moat part con-
ervatlve. However, lo inahe allow
ance for poaalhle ovcr-cattinalca. It In
ihouaht that 111 pet ent aliould he
deducted from tha totnl. lenvlna
.1. nil. Id neraa, which will name time
be watarml from our anrfHre attppllea.
Tlte total annual run-off of fl.ase.
nou Acre feet la computed yery eon-
ervaltvely. ami alvea ua a depth of
a Utile over I Inch for the audio mir-
fn of the territory, hIIowIiik 10 per
oent far loaaea in diet rllmt bin (Ihia
henx the very minimum). It would
net ua piobabl i.iiiin.nmi neren with
from one to one and one-half m-re
feel of Wuter pel itcie. Willi. In
wiiiio cctloim thin iimount or w.iter
la not mirflclent, in the upper pr
tlntm of the territory Nome of the heal
crone hnve hm n rnlmul with thin duty.
In I'allfornln they do much better.
In order to act anywhere near ibb
duty, aa ait averiyne over the entire
territory, preaont dfiy melliodM in the
uoe or water foi Irrlxnthm will have
to be coilHldef.thly chHnaed.
In outllnlna the pumpitiK reaourcea
I wbdi to atale thnt while we havu
Mime data on Hit mibject, the fhturce
Klveii are prliicti.Hiu from data aup
plled by people who hnve been oti
tlected with till work In tile respec
tive putltpillK aof-lloiut. W,. cotialder
the oattiuHtoa n icroat dent ton high,
ttiotiKh rumnlnltix, however, ufter
mtikltiK iilUiwunce for tltlit to pro
duct homuti lor thnibMtitlH nnd thou-
MltlllH of people who will come to
New MoxJcu nnd pump.
Mlmbm Vnllcy.
"HutltlllltcM nt the pOMdhlllttCH "f
thh vtilloy plnte the fipureH of Irrl
Kt'lilo (iron from wella producltiK t'rfiui
MtO lo 1 200 nnd even I Sou xnllotiM ot
wntcr per inlluiu ot IliO.mni n !, To
till iiren It Ih conservatively cutlmut
ed thnt there tuny be udiltid inn.nrio
iiert-H irrlKalcd from woIIh produclm;
Hon KtfllonH down to powdbiy jno gui.
loin, ot wntor per minute.
"The known ahullnwmibfi nnd ttan
tlty of wntor In thin vnlley win mi
dottbtodly k to inuko It one of Hi
Kiditcut pumping dlMtrlctH in .N'ew
Mexico. j
I'urlnlcis Viilloy.
An Idcn hk to the urea uvuilabln
for IrrlKntloit by pumplnn In thin vnl
ie mii be iia.t by reference to tho
rtllted Hlutea Hencr.tl liind office mup
of April I. mil. KhowltiK ItimlH In the
eald valley excluded from iIohIlmhi.
lion under tin- HtilnrKc.1 MomcNtd
IICI. Much oXclliNloll einbrneeH l.bniil
five towiiHhlpH. or mi ur.m of 116.200
acre. upproxlmHtely. To ihN nuiHt
be added approximately su.ooo crH
in iiinckwutur draw. imrnlhdlinK Par
mma draw north nnd ohm. uIkIu to
ten nillea, under which mIihIIow water
la In be found mid which ovimlimlly
win ne irrtHHted hy punipiiit. r.'om
blnlnic theae eatiniuleti. thnrtiforn.
thero are aoitte Hir.,000 ucioh uvullablc
for Irrigation by pnmiUK In the vnl
'Aliwtdy piimplui; iiimiii a Inmo
Hdiile hna been liiiuiK'iirHte.l m th(. Val-
my oy UiHtallution of it ..ntmi niiinii-
iiik plnilt at I'ortalas. 'J'hla t.lant lius
a pumpuiK caimclty for the IrrlKatlon
ot ii.iiiiii acre, nnd pumpitiK w
commeitceil therefrom up,)H its wnn-
pietion in jMiiruat. lain. Thin wax loo
late for practice! crop remilo dnrltiK
mai ixeMMin. but Hun r more than
j,...,.. acrea are beltia Ku-c.fiillv Ir-
rlaaled from the plant. IMhiim arn
on fool io lncr.Miae the cupacliy ..f
the plant two-fold.
IMnmrlu Viilloy.
'The nroa in thia valley b numn.
Inif hna not yet lieen ascertiiin. d be
yond certain definite limit. Tin wa
ter aupptlMi have been determined in
the Mclnltlee of W'lHard and H-taii. In.
ami becauiw of the
therein between the two oalilcn
thvy will be apoktm of acparati l
imnminaK'ly nurroundliiL- vin..rd
la an uraa of 25,UUO eree or more
whtirein wattir may be numm-d f... n .
rlftailon ai un averaae dei.tb ..i n..oi
6 to l fMi. Immediately xurronnd
Imk this aroa la annthor arM of 25,000
acres wncrum wair may be pumped
fur Irrigation at depth nvcrnaliiK
imm ttn to I Ml Ml.
"Imnimllamly aurroumllnK ICalancIn
la nn area of aj.000 inn or mom.
which may be Irrlimted by pumpitiK
ioin nepwm or icu to sou fc. t. sur-roiindlUK-
thin itroa, and ct..ii.iiiit to
the wont, north nnd unat Im u vuat
area u)no niiaa(ipti to irrigation by
immpInK u doiphK from ifto 10 3io
feet. Thurc are alrauka In thin ctiott
whurw wuinr 1111 bo had at about f
At thin time the Information i.s so
Incotnpluie upon what urea may ho
irriaiutid by pumpliiK In tin- alley
Hint 11 win not
more thau Uft.iioo ucrua arc so suh.
'.- T-....m.-ii iiiui.
coptlblo. Whan more Is I.Hirncd of
ia 'd nlvLu im"p!n' um
..... . -. ...... n.'.a 10 c" .'im. 01
Hint MKurc.
AlnnioKonlo Vallot.
'Thorc ate those who bo 00 far n
to claim that this wht.ie vail. y. mn
the wald liilm in nnieU njelu
It haa been shown however, that in
the Immediate vKnlt j! Alatlioi(urdo
then ia water in uiMicient iiuaiitiiie
'o Irrlaate by pn'iiplna. and It la call
Hinted that yen'.n.iii ,:)!. lily ',,")00
ii rea r leaa ,ii i m. irriMnted
th-nin Cntll n etHinlnatlon nt the
..iicv haa been made In detail it will
not . known. een approKimately.
how many a.rei may be Irriicuted
IU'riiallllo4lhiiiarliiitMllcleii Viilloy.
I'unipliiK for irrhinllon In t Hit t
alley p. cntnpnrutlxcl) new, but II
haa baon definitely naacrtalitud that
within a 0.inlb mdlua of Alhitiitter
qua thera lit a territory or 100 ai.iare
miles whtoh tun be inlitated by
pumpliiK at liendN r rrnm 10 to 200
feel. Otiltridn that rndiut there lit
prolmbly a ttrrttot) of o Kntmre
tnllcM tidw like is. auacepilhlc to Ir
rhmtliin, ai that In all in thla valley
1 here la an nre.i ,.r Miprtixlmatel
ltui.oon itoroa .ttaibibie for irrlitatiutt
by pitmphii;.
"i:xtemlliti; sooth from thla valley
aloiiK the Itlu Orande. and thencu to
and a altnrt illatniu e hoiiiIi of Kouorro,
hi a IrHst nf land of probably 35.000
acres In extant which an he irrigated
hy pumpliiK at heads of waicr idmllar
to thiwr. Just nn ni bond fiver all the
Hlo dmiide valb-v, iheroforc, rrnm
the vicinity of lb rnnllllo lo the north
ern end of the Kicphant Hullo rwr
voir, ia conservatively eatttnnted to
contain an ar.n or l?R,0B0 acres for
Irrigation by pumtiina
"As ittatiHl, the estlttiatetl acreauo
for the Mtinhre vnlley la lOt.nho, for
the I'ortaliia vmi iflk.OOO, for tlt
ICatancIa vllii- I '.', 'Mil, for the Ala
moiiordo vallaj ".'i.ono, nM, fr the
lleriialltlO-AlhUiUeril.-lteltm valley
with the valley to Hocorrn III Hddl
imn laS.OOO acres. .,r. In all, flfiR.noo.
"Aa Hlhtatl m the bealnnliiK r th'
pumping fwHnn. the rtaurax are tak
en front ainioHK nt of uthera, nnd I
do not want to i understoml aa
aareelnK with then. entlrel.v, aa nt this
lime data on Hit Niibj.ct are ho limit
ed thai we cannot aive definitely any
accurate Mtlmate.
"Thara are nthet areas in the tor
rtlory vrttleh will eventually bo irrl
fated by ptiinpliw, but which have
not wa yet been considered past tha
auaaeatve porlfMl, and for tho time
belmr tho above eatliuai will not he
Increased to tovcr thorn. ,
Small Water Soppily,
'The irtlHatloii remmrcea al. in-,
elude hundred t small opportuni
ties. utlllaliiK water euppltas sufficient
only ror from Mi to jaa, ,100 or 56
Here. Thorn sr.- hundred of prpo
altlons where there l only a llttlt
witter available and which if prop
erly tored (Mill be utilised 111 furnlMh
Iiik a aufriclunt acri'HMe to malnlMiii
a fat titer and hi family. These small
projccui ari scatieted without nnv
definite rKiilatity all over .Vow Mex
ico and hnvir litH-n nvMrlooknd owliiK
to the InrKO Irrliattlon fllltiKe mkdo
which do mil 1 over many of the
Hinallcr riverx or urroynK IJvery lit
Hit urroyo, anrliiK or mareh affords
chance for one or two men to neeiiro
a sinall IrriKnted farm at a very low
cost pur acre ami have an ItidepHtid
Vltf ayatvijl uf thulr, own. Dry mrroyoa
will afford .1 InTlid of whUT If sith-xur-race
dams aro ooiiHtrii'ted, ouiohini;
and brlnitltiK t the aurrife the Iors
'ItiiintltlitH or underflow that oxIhI In
till or our dry utreani bodn. Many
HettleiK overlook them- miiiiiII ippor
tunltleH In iholr efincrnci to itct un
der a lurixe Hystent. These sinall pro-
JectH are morn oiiMIv handled and
more ipilckly hulli, do not .lapund
upon the bond market, delays In eon
fctruvtloti, and can be coiiHtructtid by
the applicants thcmselvoh. A antall
rami or thla kind located In tin
.rhood of the MoKolion mlnh.K,,,.,,,,1,,:J,1tt w,; j' 3.8"".000 "'
I worth more than u larm i ,H"'1 fr''1" ,wUwh rn b,?
three tlnioe I In arilti In the more
thickly popalattid h'Uoiis, iih thr
owiiorri can Ket from 10 to so dollatK
a ton for ullalfa. To Kive an Idea ic
to the number of tltliiKS which have
been made for Mitnll proj.fta and
their percentaHe of conhtrttctlon. uv
compared with nthar lnrmr propom-
tlotiN, we find that or the l.inio.ooo
acrea covered b appllnatloiiN milv
.tl.uiiu ncrns .aitllnml by ICS appllca-
lion ure filed for 00 acres or I of.
or th.e- r: uppllsNtioiiH, einbraclni;
an area of 3.T7I arnia. haw been
coniploted. and l. havlni; an nrna
of 2.101 new. liiivo bann ona-firth
or mom complete.. It Vt wire to sat I
that of Un. remulmlor JQ por cent arc,
In the couria. of oonMrindbm and
because or li.t, ftllllK hnve not as yet
been rei-.rli.l In thai office as to I
portion constructed. We believe that
the ucreas liveried into fttriiilinf
land b th" iih of these small Individ
ual pioji Ik will -un Irotn T .000 to
I an Oho :1, (, ,!
ltt lail Well-,
Tin .,rti - .11 bill m"t in includod
Real Facts In Regard To F. R.
Huffman's Illness. Relief Ob
tained Hy Curing His
Stomach Ailments.
ot this city, says : "I suffered dreadfully
with what I tlioii"ltt was heart trouble,
and tried various medicines in vain.
After other remedies had failed, Thed
ford's lllack-Orauglil restored me to
health. I would not feel safe without
Ltlack-DrauKht in the house. I consider
it wortli its weight in gold.
It cured my indigestion, and by tiiis
means I was restored to heallli. 1 can
not express my gratitude for its benefits."
Good health depends on the condition
' yur "KeMlon. Poor digestion and
good heallli do not 1J0 togellier.
Thedford's Hlack-Draught will
thoroughly cleanse and set in order your
digestive system.
It has done this lor nllirrs. during the
pafl 70 years, and is today the most
I'" ,u Ja,i tuuay 111c i u
,0Pular vectablc liver " '
"ff; Try it
'tslst OH Thtdford a. Price 25c.
w j
lb tin imitation rtioui , i, kx It loinit
a pottion 01 the irrlitable moo tln
common wealth. Une of the well
known .utemmi belt cxlatitiK m New
Mexico l the aerthm nbo.it ItoioiM
ami down to Arteioia. There ar ot
the prewnt time in tlmt dletrui about
Too wella. each well estimated to ir
rlimte about Sn ncrea, or In all . i it
5 C,ton nern. It ia thotiulit tlmt tin-
dlalrlct may I xteuded cotiaider.ibiv
by Hie addition of mure wIIh, and
It ii anfe to any that nn area of ;f.,ot'
noraa or more will evunlually he aup
Piled by wells in that aoctlon. ome
thliiK mtiat be done, hnwver, to pro
tect any future wella with proper rim
lux. ua Mime or the land la hecnmlmt
ru Intel from water hreakliiK nut of
the caeliiK and "aubbltiK" the laud
This cacHpc of artoHlati water In th"
onrlh la noticed hy the inrreuNe In j
now 01 nvcra ami MroiniH paaatiiK
throtiRh the artoHlntt aectloti.
"Other wella have been repotted ill
the territory, capcctnlly from h.Ihi"
at (lallnp and euat. but few are 'bod
for Irrluntlnx ptirpoiofi or are knm.n
tn be within dlatrlrta exietiNlvi 1)
available Tor Irrlwllon.
"Tho aubjei or dntliiHKe Ih it viirv
hiiportunt one tn two or thrtte pot
tloiiH or the territory. What the area
la or waterloHHcd" land la not known
but there arc many thoiiaatidN or acn-e
in the I 'ceo and Itlo Orande vallcyn
which must be drained before they
will bo worth .inytltltiK na farmltiK
land. The land so drained will afford
water supply to an additional larae
ren now dormant from lack of wu
ter. lit the I Mo (Iramle valley, iwpe-
ially in the vicinity of Alhthtiorii)c,
the drainage itietloii In nil uiHirl
ant. The river, by lis wluillnnM. has
"subbed" tho valley In InrRe hooIIoiim
and In Mime places the water table
ia above the Rround. The NtrnlKltleti
:hr or the river chanmd would he n
most erfectlve ineaiiH nf drnliiltii; tho
land. 1 would estimate the area of
laud which needs dmlnliiK and the In
creae therefrom of now Irrlanled
land to be loo.oiio acres. Amouit oth
er thlnns we need dmttiiiite laws
which will not allow one hind owner
to stand In the way of others who
wish to lay drain Hie to the river to
recover and reclaim their land.
"In MiimmarlRiua our Irrigation re
source I desire only nt this tflno t
pn.ve an ultimate irrlnatwl area of
l.oiiO.ooo acras. far which I bolleve
there la ample water supply from the
sources mentioned, dlvere-toti ami
storaac or surface supply, dratuaK.
pumpinff and artesian well. The
ino.nao acres possible r irrlaatlon
from email water supplies are not In
I'ludcd in the following -statement:
Land now irrigated Tr.o.uoo
Surface supply (actual m ."
iireuient and run-dff cn'ih-
puttitlon,-)) I.OgMOO
KMimuttttl pttmnlmr arH ... lOOti
Artesian wcllc 74,0 09
PnilnnKe 100,000
DeuctlnK ouo-haif of pMHtr
ihk oatlnwto
Iror pOHhlble ovor-uHt'tntati'H
on pruMilit irriKflted arou,
urteelftn and drntuokn mk
Hon 2IM0O
Allow Inn tor lowiir watur
duty than itivtjn for the
four million acreH .... l.OilO.OOft
"I bolleve that the 1,0110,00.1 acres
11 poNsllde IrrtKotod anm In Xcw .Mux-
Ico to be ultrn-eonservaltve. It n
Krowrt In abundance and which await
the M'ttlor who will k1 the crops
therefrom and a livelihood for him
self ami family '
. . . .
Son", Numo nuA Al,r, Toilay You
01,1 IInvo 11 Vrci n,,s l
. StrotiR and VIforoiiH.
1 h,nve ln m' P','"lon a rrcsorlp-
,,on for nervous debility, lack of vlg-
or' w,ni,eot manhood, falling mora.
ory n"'"n' "?. broiiKlit on by ex.
ceH',0,, unnnliiral drain, or tho folllu
or 'muh,' Umt ftN cure,x m
worn "ml ncrvotM men right In thlr
'tuuui any auuiuonai
r t 1 r f s 0 t billrtlH a - I I . i V iI.IhI. m
......... .,,.1. 4 u.u.n, eTr
,nan who, '",J" to regain manly
mw"r and virility, quickly nnd quiet-
ly, Hhotiid have a copy. So I havo de
termined to send a copy of thn pres
cription rrno or chaitfc. in a plain,
ordinary Haled enenpe to any man
who will wrllo ror It.
This prescription cnmfM from a
physlelnn who has mado a hiimIaI
atiidy of men and I am convlncml It
Is the aiirest-aetitiif eomhlnnlion for
the cure or deficient manhood and
vlor ralltire ever put tncethr.
I think I owe it to my rollow man
until I hum
thnt ativ mnn unvulini u'hn lu u'uAii
''t1 uscouraed wm, mpoatrti ran-
luira limy iini oruHKini; niiuveit vvatn
(harmful patent niciltolnea, noour
Jvvliat 1 hwlleve In th qtilokiat-atlni;
restoratlVH. upbiiildltiK. SPOT-TOUCH
I NO romedy ever devised, and tt
cure hlnuof at home otilntly and
iiulckly. Juet drop tnv a lino llko
thh.: Dr. . I. Hobltihon, 1762 I.tnk
Hulldlnir, Uctroit, Miph., and I wilt
send yon a copy ,f this aplondiJ reo
Ijk In a plain ordinary upvulepc fro
of charitr A rnnt many doctor
would ohuritn la no to iK.nn roc mnm.
ly writing out u prnecrlpllon like this
nut 1 sand It entlmly freo.
Nothlno Too Bad.
It wna cIohi' nn nildnliiht, and tho
protfHHlonal hiioki toll it waa hhth
tltno fm him 10 atnp laylnR.
t'orhapa I'd bettor not play any
more IoiiIkIiI," Ih- nalii, wearily. " hiio
you have- imor tti'lihois, ami Ihoy
mlk'ht b" anmiMKi "
Von iicedu't mind (horn for a tuln
11(11," Ha id IiIh IiohIi'sh, oartHMllv 'Wii
aro porliictly Hiiro thoy jioIhuiiciI nttr
cat. anil ir Uioy did, nothing Ih too had
for tho:ii."" I'lttHlnirK Chnmlolo-Tol
Impure blond rung jou down
makes you an easy vlnllm for nrnunlc
dlsmiHCH. Ilttrdook Hlood lllttorn pur
ifies (ho hlnod ciircH the ciuinc
build you up.
L. S. Stephens, Wanted for
ah j t. ' -r fi.-i-
graph Money Order Disap
pears While Under Bond.
western union will
(.l)iM'll t'nrrrapaiiilrnre n the llerabl)
Sun Mitroliil. X. M.. Auk U. H
Htephetl, thief and forKer, escaped
custody Wednesday and no to Tliurs-
! day nlKht nothln had been seen of
him. Whim taken heron- .IimIki' Mow
den WetlnoMdny uiornliiR lit waived
preliminary heurltiK and wa bound
over, it was thoumht. with suffMcnt
all ue.urc his Whereabout-.. The
uallce of the pence i.rflce is oyer
Monloya A nutvor.'s saloon; Chae
Is a deputy sheriff ami lite prisoner
was allowed to lounr.e 111 the saloon,
shortly after noon Wedueaihiy tho
Intter made his ea.np . wo I kin out
umioilced. I'rnm doHcriptlotia of thei1"' ru'ltoad aerosa tho land of tliOM
... ' ..!.. It ...all ...... .. .......
mnn It waa lanrued ho had boon sou
Hiilm; toward tho foothills, where he
probably bitl out until dark, then re
turned to the tracks and cauuht it
freltibt t.. ..Dier f..i..... -m.!- i -
Kreatly deplored In view of the (net
thut Miephena I wanted hy tho Hunk
ers' I'rntocthc asxiMdnilon. the Wo.tt
ern I'tilon Tcleinph ami the HtintH
I'e Hallway com pant.
HtephetiH In the man who Inst .tat- j
unlay praeonted a teleKram ut tho
Jlank of $111 Marclai. purporllitK to !
be from Oreenville. Alias. authnrialii(t
the local hank to pny him 4 Thr
loleyrnm was stancd the r'lrst Nation-
al Hank of nreenvllle. and. cnmlnn '
In resuloiion form, was cashed n
the 1st nk here, which took Stephens' 1
.z?:;;: ;
17 ami went to work lor the Wtern '
fnlon. Halurtlay night he railed to
show up ror work. 'I'he riles rvveitlad I
?hmTuJZrrJn,m "rT'iUl
the chler Wired tfl Inih 10 M0 If MNh I
a meaf had been rslnr, ttiatv I
Iloltift- answered In the navwiive, d- '
teetiyes Were at uwv pat OH tils'
Hack of Stephen, who waa found at f
HIlTor ctty ami bmiiKhl here with !
the above uiifortiiuaii i-rsaU. Ttie
Weatern I'nlon will stand the low.
whivh will amount tu 1ea thau I3.
as the youiij man had nearly i!i dne
mm on saiary. (arm haa the only fruit In thl
IhtHone Thurgood. an Hnilflli ' Ta. and It ia .-.anted s bs.th i
ranchur. well known In many isu'iaj ntime onaumptlon that nnm ..1 '
of Xew .Msxtco a a flue fellow wttfi , wr i?.i Into the martlet On ,( ..
two fortuiiiic. ami rhn Is still hi trto , day tlio ncliehhors caiher t..i
prime or lire, wnn mnrrjeil Wetinaa- Ma picnic, eomttia for nwuiy mil.
thiy to Mr, c. Wood, whn cams a tor
from London. Hnlnnd. about IC ' Mr. laraon in cents a asi'.."
months a so. They will reside on the ',,r the prlvlUac This M-sr he k.-.i-ThurKOod
ranch. j back enotmh to enter the fruit v
.Mnatlnleiin came down to Mftn Mar-'h,h" ,'"n,,, ,f '' latematb.ni, 1
clal In a special cxcm-Mlon i.i.in
day with about I7S people op ixturri.
The feature of the day waa a baseball
name between thnlr team and the
otaln. Th- visitors were shut uitl
by Km Msrrlal, the score hclns. 5 to 0
In lavor of the Intter The Kelly
Miners band of pieces, undw tha
loadershlp .,f p . Marcollino, aecom
imnled t lie excui'alonlsta.
W. II. IKniKhiN, Supervising the Kainoii
VWI n,m ,-.n,N skclc, ,r c,.
Kiiiitlo .Mountain Ham: .Map I'llfT
-Santa Vv. S. M., Aim. a. Whllo on-
KitRfd In an Hxamlnatlon .f the boun-
Vlirll urant
L'nlted statt Mui-vov..P w 11 1 -
lass, who returned to l,e city last
..... 1 .
ctenniK. made jwmo InterexiiiiK arch
aeoloKlcal ,lwovHea.
Anions theso was ,1 doiibi. oainc
pit conialnliiK the skeleton of r. iil
inutile mountain ram, t.i.- h-ad of
which Mr. DoukIiish limtiKlit out an.f
elll dejioslt in th Utlltotl Htates N..
tloiial museum.
Another IntHrentlnic ilml was ,i . tr
oular stone struct ure twenty re.-t in
diameter with walla Hire, f. 1 hlK.i
and a doorway racing the east 11 oc.
cupi.d the summit of an ulmost in
accessible spur overlookinic the Kri
JobH canyon. The constru tlou was
of loose Hlutie of very lara. nir. Th.
isn.ir oi McttliiK tiiese sIoiph Into
plact must have hen very areat. Mr.
tloiliilass. who has hud liiU'h escper
It'tuv amonir the ruins rr rv.iorndo.
I'tah and Arhuina, asys this struduro
Is dlirerent rrom unythln h. ban -vsr
While in nshHcd In arohn. oIoK1ca1
work for tho general land oille-,
whleh rumiltati lu his diacoverv ..r the
worlds aroaiost natural hiidm (The
Hntnbow Natural Urldaei in snuiliern
L'tah. Mr. OotiKlssh round w iwskft
i-'radlc which 1.1,. eminent arebu. ,.lo-
Klt. lr. .1. W I'ewkos in un ollielnl
ft port iHi-ins the fluent and mtst
Unhilo specimen or basketrv iivnr
uiHcovereii. Tin- basket is now in thu
Notional muhcum. j
In connection with hla oillctal du
des. Mr. Doiittlaas accurately located
all luins of Importance. This wilt
farm ,1 supplement lo a similar work
done at Puyi- 1mm summer In o'tnneo
Hon with his lnvosilKatii!i for (lis Mo
reiary of the Interior of this urea, or
a proponed national park.
The mup prepared hy Mr. DmiKlasji
will be the only upoumtc map of this
Intereidlnir ruin tvor draft. d and av III
he id Kfoat value to aicluin IokIhIh
fdudylni; Hi ax.- meat prohlntortc struc.
llahy won't surfor five minulea with
croup If you npply Dr. ThomnH" Hotcr
He Ull rt unco. It uela llko maxlc.
Tclegrnm From El Paso Says
That the Offer of the Ambi-
finite Tntiro IT., .. T ...... Tnlmi
: , ;T m, m
Up by the Railroad Builders.
- i ')". n m;. a - The p.i.
.v riiuicinmno, um raiiibmi htiiidm.
h- aciepied. Htittoa M tuhajrain reoU
tn ki I'aao
A lnic iiiooihm waa hold .Momlav
cvctiliiR at tho CoiiiiMi'irlal club
whi'te Clialrniuii lillliert of the rail
liiad ciHimilltite road lite atliitl tlillima.
The metdliiff dot'lileil to have I he
sollcllhiK cfiniiiiltteeH vlaii all ului
have HlMitcd lite honn ami not .
eiltnod up tho iioion and have lliein
do mii at once ho iih the milrimd eon
tntcliit a could be not mod nnd ui tumii
to conn and IiokIii wink
The right Of WH) t'OHIlnlllec vill
nlHti ai'iuiro tlmlr imiers hIkiun, up n
onre. and It la tu bo trusted thai
tluiio' wIiihc liitnl the mud will i-rnito
will iniKii half way the cltlieim o! i
tcHln who have lo pay for the expotw.
nf thla rlKlit of way The hiitldltiK ni
who own It will honolH them more
than U will Injure tliiyn Indirectly it
not directly, riialnmui IN-rree an
hla cummltteo were histrtictoij bv t lit
ituiM'tlim lo m;i tho ownor. of iln-i-ioi
eriy ukuiii nun uncni'iiitu wuai ih ti.i
host thai ttui ho done
Tliore Ih ftflcnn or iwonty thmtwind
dollars yet to raise for rlRht wb
ami other oxficnscs connocted wit b
..f.reel.it- mil ttt. ik-f.t,dli t. ,u,l.. .1,.
rar(Hllf tHmtrnctors J la to b.
truntiHl Unit thosi. who haTO not hIkk
fK ,, IU HU 01 who HiibHci lhod les
n.an thot shnuld. will ronif forwai-l
,,i nm c and do ilb lr pail Surolv the
do not doeiio tltoli ticlahlm.s to can
theli buidcti fm tho -n. and reap b
prolits of what cni othci 111010 v
three inches water
sclcutlUc noil Tlllaise licep- -Jti ter
1 "'l-tuiv In (.ronml lmlnt
,","l,, ',"'lmt l.u.eio,,.
Parker, Coin.. Aa ." - Chenv
nlckinc .iv ut th.. famotu u pi
im An ttA tr. u... i
cess and it Is eMNnatad that m..r
than a ion aad Uair of ehMvie umi
currants waia ajMhsred. The r'atoi-
"round, strta the Ires utod vln.-s and
ur trrmiitf ( onareas Xoltloi, .
1 1 ,,'r',1, 'n fH-tobef.
' rh'' ntr't rainfall Is 11 1
lie ii.
but up to tadav only throe inch-
have fallen since January 1 Mr
Parsons kei moisture in the soil '
iMulchina. that is. . aim it una th. b.n.i
rlfiht aftor lalufall and ma kins
loom dust Qhverlna that prevent'
: evaporation. I'reretHiiM- picklnit da
I lio buitlntiHi rten mini' iirnn . xca,
! T ST trclrraJr,'1" win
tnpptsl. and Mr. Parsans mtoniah.tt
them by mnklnir borlnv that showt-.i
w" ",",th (he mulch that contained
ZJZ S?Zn tre.a .., ih-
Morolla and Montmorenol vnHetl ..r,
If. acres, and l.lflu currant hushes f
j the London Market variety. Mr Par
M'm "h,,w",, M visitors fir and pin.
. traaspiant. .. irom tne m
"U"R "itnoiu irrK"iiou or cuitit aitoii,
a "v van. 1 ..r .mn d t. i..pct
" "'J
land t, nti ?.r-edlbix
trail. in dwarr and ,wit ,iil, ii-
Trade With
Merchants Who
With Each
Cash Purchase
Here is the list :
'I'lie Airdonip
IIiibIi Trailer
M tamloll
filler .V IWiiJamlii
Mviinido Pliariiuicy
Pioneer iialiciy
Itaabo At .Mauser
Mandcll, Mcu'r M t'o
Sclmit X AHcbiiry
N-vv Me.xls'o ('Icaiilni; .V- lw
r. it, wniri', piioiocnipiu-r
Tlll I'lMIIO t O. ."( ,V (
o. . M11D.1 11 ,v co,
IIiiIiIm Wiumliw Co.
.Iiuii'iinl PublMiiiift ( o,
Ask for your stamps.
You nro entitled to tltem.

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