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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, August 22, 1911, Image 4

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(HurrfKtor to Tribune Cltlifin.)
ruMlihcd rrery afternoon ricept
ffnndny nl 122.124 North Heoiid
itrret, AUiu(iii'riii(i, N. M.
Kiitcml aa nccontl.olnM matter
March 7, 101 1, nl llie potUifflce Ml
AHiii'U(iiiti', . M., under the Act of
Unroll .1, Ih;u.
One iniiMth hr man fll crnta
One month by carrier 60 renin
One year li) mnll $!WMI
One rr by trrler eO0
Telephone (7.
run I'Mt'i'v rvrrnn.
i mnmNUr paper hni at hMt Htt
. the fftrtn. H dacfcwaa lhe I-
h, n party in thin county la imtl
The morhing hi Hght Tt
I., . ..iioan party W HHa cotinu m
i. i It MM Mtft4 Mr. tlilion.
.ft irM his Ili'iucwiitr frlenda ttt
cllglliajgajghtp aftd nut of ihe
AMI M HM to Mit the
htoM attention to the morning
. ,, m aa a RcpttMHan paper Th
it; in IIW araei will a
mted Mpoti an larocrtlc paper
...i ii wut he rurated a nuoh in ay
.mpnta made ky tMn HapWdtcan
iv in mm eMitr or iflrrttnry.
rhr turtle adapted hy Mr. W1en
..to and rhe mamta pager in the
ill not avail tftwn ror the fu-
marupUn IIN nnrtv. malting
ii i and faaloaa with the Uennn
...ii. uataa tiny and nil mean to
, ..I. power fnr Ihidnaelve without
I'tvirri to th naoanaa m the condl
i ..i. of the Reptthncae. party, wilt not
.ii tlila limn.
Toe rtopwWKwH party In tide conn
t -.ml In the atate will conduct the
iMii-nlnti iHdepandatii of innao fac
...u him emiht tham frtHit th"' he
Aiming wltn th Damocrata.
so rnr a the MepabHenn pariv in
'h l oittMy la concerned ih morning
1 rn-m nml Mr. t?lllM water haw eetUt
"mr day. Tliey have (font- over t
ti.i OewMMTnte once imi often, they
threatened the Itcputrilcau t
KuniMtlon far the buit tlim with ntiy
..iipna of anocaaa. Ttt t-nn mi hIhimI
villi thilr aclicwiHa on mi) hiii- tlwr
itvfii fit. hut In tJit flint tn will
iiiul with tnr 'imtnrrtfltHl" nml tlny
'iilHht itit"ttai ll ink ,ff Ui Hhap'n
lutlllMf now.
Th- rtiitlca of tHtt iHlrl In tlx;
"urn rainpntHn wri Mtfflrlnnt in
lhawi up Ih tliali trua IlKht anil
t v wHI Ih niwltn to ilorHve hid'
I I'liMMn at IHh (MimtiHl wlix-lliHi.
Tlii-i hav attrUl vvery Urputi
. mi from tNt praatlant down, unit
i'i may phhiiiiwo ii l m. if It kIvhh
t urn an' Mllantattun. It will not
. 1 will thiHt anytlitnc hhiI, liiMtmiil of
'i ki-nlnK hm)' ttapunllrHii linlnr, It
.11 nitl Harvn to hrtnir the Muppnrt
' tin party to hint Mr. nillifiiwatar
ri.l Hi- mflrnlnK nrajnn chii not illf
t.ii iinytMHK In tlir enin$ cfttn.
1 1 inn ami whan thy twain trytim It
i"t v will fliH nut Juat how llttlf In
fiiiftto tlmy hvf.
Tiir. ait- iiic thlnna that Itrn
mi.. rouMty want In tha romliiK l
lion and thiffv Hly nm way for
) - r to aat thrm. Tlwt la by thr aa
xuitrt' nt it hawlthy HfpyWtwn nw'
,! rn in (Ma if MMh a ma-
" I. la to a pollad tt mttat hi- done
1 h Itppubttcnn puny, mnl thut
in hfta fwund owt lemt no thai tt
... not ha dona with th aM of .Mr.
i iii nwatrr or lha ntarnlna papur.
it muat hr don by ihf party.
'iiIm llteott anomlaa to unhx nd
iwh wanl, and tt will tv- dn- th
.i-i tp tvaa bom kn in dumping
im pttd ohadrMMM and tlx- morn.
m. t-inn. aptl tJny nra out to auty.
i: Kotnt la with tin. UMttocrwta.
I'd. thay hatoaMl, inny nwty at hwiat
in. ii rafuge. but aa far aa maaqutr
."i n; 11a nrpuwicana thay hav trlod
.1 nee to. 1 i.rtn
Till? COM.UCIt HIM'f.VmttN.
I'reaMwnt W R rfgrrtaon In tlt
lege nacoad, laaued at th. Agrteul.
'..1 i-nlieBa, siva km vary inter
. -inig ti arng upon pa rent a not'
nenteet thf epportunltv in end
,r tonaa and IdHa to collage
11 la nfton aald ikai the bo or
:: ti who ana to collate la urc to
"i .ill by H, wfcllr tn one n la
iiiri aant in Ink t kUar ta at
'"me. TJala la a ktlHiant half-truth
'.i-h la nnriay fitlpn. The truth m
it ia that tna bay or gin muat .-mar
vigorouaty into tna work . . K sinem.
of u I tending aoNana In rdr i. gat
niv good out of It. Thu. oi n.iirne.
ii- ilf-avWent. Tk firn...i m it
in the atnagaatlon tkat a parent haa
lone hla whole duty whan ha haa
jt.it ten hla hot or girl through high
" hoot ami tt m I him loooe to go to
I lego on rda own roaaurra or got
n l"ii. whwhavar ha rlaaaaa
The yoMth who haa ftHlakad htk
achool la nut yat a man or a woman.
It may hoi bo an- to make him he.
Hi w. thin, km .we patwuta ktmw It.
If- aim naaila Katldanca. oounaal nnd
1.1 in Ha dean oat naad to ba ondtld
i.n.1 Ua kind, ant bo dooa naatl tha liatp
f Ida puraiita l ajwkle hjm to ae
hut counae of nation In heat for him
and also onaol lliin to follow thut
"ire After a Mroilt llattl of expert-
n. 1 with both atndantN nnd parent.
I m atlll alronylv of the opinion lint
in. iwfif t.nrrnt btioa a fond rtl
... .1. 1 'm. 1 thi' iivpraRp utmlfnt A
'I. 1 1. in retard to Rnina. to 1 ollrae
1- . it. .' th.' muni important dai'taiotn
1 ' it w. m paraon la railtl upon to
ti hi,. 1 m.i tie la entttlad to tlla bene
11. .arana wiadnm In mah-
t IF I
v t-. ... 1 many parantu i-vad' lha
i' .. unvinaj. In Mtbaiiince 1 be.
u n '.. ruatle for Myoalf wlNW I wna
1 and K will be aood for my
' " In Ui lha name, II will teach him
K'li rellan. ' Vary vrna Hut It
n.im im ramambarad thai londtitowa
hno ihnnitad in iba laat W yeors.
It l iifiomlliK mora and mw dlfft-
nit for yomn an m anrcaad in
the world wit hunt iHoaontrh trnlMfw.
alf-rattan. la n MrMa vrrtwa. tint
employem are not brrtng man for
thi ir aalNratwiire alone. Thay want
man who are trained fnr amwe defin
lt. work Th demand aMIl and edit
ration of h pranuat an it. competl
in la Meaner, th. tadnnttlea and pro.
faaatona nra upon a more atilrtl) art
entlflr baala All iMa manna that
lha town nan or woman of today
need a tat-hnh-al triilnlna much mora
than did the vounti man or woman of
a Ranoratfun a no, Hd yonr children
wilt be handlrsppMl for lit. If thay
mlaa thf 1 1 one npport unity to iHt it.
Th.. Ma lament la aomatlmaa Htadn
that tlH bnya who gat the moat nod
not of roliaaja nr thoaa who work
their hv tlroaah. Thte in rtoublfnl.
I rejoice in tka fact that it la poaat
hie, In many caaaa, for a ho to
wrh hta way through colnma. ami
that In rnaW)' more caaea it la poaalht
for him to earn u tatt' pan 1 1 10 on h
not all of hta expenaea. Hut It rrtHbt
be borne In Ml ml that the aorh or
a modem tocliHloal aoltool mnttaa
a rent ilomanda ijoom iln time anil
in'in of the -HUtlHHt. Itecitfltlona,
preparation for tni. annit. anil labor
atory anil field wfk will (hS rtiUht
or nine hour a tiny If the work M
dona creditably. Thare la llitli- tlmi
left for remunerative work and money
coma in ak I) at the low rate which
atmlent I'lnployen chm eowmand. Thle
t not aalil to dlacoiimne the boy who
haa to work hie wny tln-oMph. but to
cni-ouraa. pnrantn to rurnlah tholr
children with the mean for paylna
their cxpi'iiaea while In collimn. Tim
iiinoHiii HeciKaairy Ih nut amai aay
J0 m vear. or it little more
I Hin not now apeak lug of the Hoy
or i.i..te nT virion liiihttM.wnu.iiajMii m
liHve hta mifo Indil to the irtntuino
i v. r wnltiiiK iHowoHt to kPp I1I111
out of mlachli'f, hut nl the iivarttKe
nmaoiiably IntlMntiinua hoy who tenl
ly MHiun to net aohiethliiK out of Itta
lollrgc Conine M atrottK ion vie -
Hon la that aueh u boy will get tile
inoKt out of hla cAlltaje yearn if ho
doe nni huve 10 tsirn hla own HvrUK
nr any nraai pttrt of It lifter he (lha
nlraady pnnt oIkIii nr irtne him ra u
ilny doing afimethtllg clae.
W hnn ynu cnnalilnr how a coMoKft
ronrae i'iirlcliia the life anil widen"
the outlook of m young man or wo
man, how a courae at au-h an Inatltii
llon Ha Ihla iNiulpa one tor the wclonl
work 01 life, how tmpoaMbte II la
ever to turn back the ahndow upon
the iihii and regain the loat opiHittn
nltlea of voulh If tiny have not battn
aeiaed n thay mhmp, nnd hnw ItttJo
;n Ofillge comae ooata In cnmparhHin
wtth Ita value nnd In lomparktoii
with the other thlana for which wa
all apentl money when yon ronaidci
all theae ihliiaa. I hnpc that oit will
decide tllMt xou caHllot Ml ford .VOT
to aend your hoy or girl tu college.
i'i.m iv tiiu nt'stMis uoithit
Why not have amicable elHtlona
among buatneaa man aa well hh bo-
1 wee 11 natlona" raikgraaa hua paaaotl
u lerlproctty bill to eein brhdi mora
Intimate trade cotHtltlaini botwoan th
t'nlted Mataa nnd I'anada. 'Ilia preal-
dent In natfctd two arbitration
traaitaw. the pnrpoaaa ot wlilch are
to aattle eoHtroveraWa bat woati na
tlona without an appeal to force. Why
ahould not buaineaa man he permit led
to adopt a aimltor policy, Inataad of
having the government paratatcntly
an gaged In an etfort to koap up fierce
cutthroat competition.
Theae qtteaHoHa Marc aakad by
nom W. I'arlima In an addraaw da
tlvttrad a tew day boiore tha Michi
gan I'cMan of Mlnea.
Mr. I'atHlna, aa a fornter parlhar of
J. r. Morgan A 1-0.. had a Hand In
oagnnlglng the t'nltad lata tea Mteal
rnodJtllon. the Intariwttanal liar-
vanter oompany and aevarai other big
corporntiona commonly callad truata.
rVa a negotiator nt paace between
competing lad (MM Ha be aeein to
havo bnn aucooaa. Whan h with
drew from tha firm of J. I. .Morawn
'o. not long uno. he aald that ha
rrcroaed to devote much time :i
otakliarilng ballet condition for lha
mooring man. lie la a believer In
profit aha ring, N ptmaloiiM for old
employ, nnd H compenaation for in
Jurlaa noelyad h iMHttHng men in
the eourae of I hall work. Thet efot e
ha haa aometklna of a ranutNtlon m
a pattceinakar In Industrial raaltna.
It la HMdleaa to any tknt he dnea
not hellava Ih tna asutllig nutLtriml
law., ami In the acilvlttaa of the guv
ariiment In iiiveallmttlHi,' tha big cor
Hnmtiona ami prnaacullng thoae
! which uri- found to have operated In
rrairiilnt of tratlo. Me heii,e the
'n n, fljk to ti,, , omnuillUy ailmn out
of the M( itidnotf i.ii ii.mi.iii.ii.il- Mr
...iiuiiah th. . ii. .mil h. .,11.1. .
rnminlMl H'lnm.. lir I11I i." .nl
tin kmhIhiioii 1 hIhi 1 him ill' .I..-..-ullron,
r ih. imat
There l" mm h to i- aald In rnwr
of hta view of lha aubjai. The whole
tendency of the modjnrti touatneaa
world la inward co-ope ration Kven
wkate indnatrlaa nave not combined
thay Have bwan harmontaed Saiion
al ann local aaaotlatmrHi of miliera,
druggial. dry gooda doalara baker,
grot era, honker and near I -n
orker line of trade and induatn have
periodical convcntlnna, where idea
nfe elChangad. acqirwce are
formed, mutual erapact la entp ndered
and relation eaiaMtnhvri which tend
to aVMlematlae humncaa, elevate moral
atandarda nnd reduce competition.
Home au-h oraantaationa are ao com
imct that, without any formal agree
ment, price-cutting by a memo! la
looked on aa uncommercial conduct.
Hualnea man in tha aame line ea
change infotmatinn akmit met hod of
doing hualnea thoi would hate been
Janlouaty gnatad ita trade aacreia a
few vanra ago
in the rallrtmd ouatnea compati
lion an fnr aa rate are concornad-'
ka bnaH nboMabed by both law nnd
cuatrm. The only compatftfon among
mMroawa at In tha a.vroiHtK'o or aarv
ice and tna auavlty of emplove
I'eace la coming to the buatnaaa
. ..rlrt. jtiat ua It to the great nn
tlon Rut there m danger to be
avoided In both cnaca. in induatry
ami trade tha eRmrnarlon or compe
tition to the otttawt of crantlHg UHre
atmlHod monopoly will not he enun
taiMMawil by pubttc nantHnanl. A lao,
Hie induatrlnl paace which goc to
lha esirwne of alotHfulnaaa la a dan
gi'r." atitaw It wouhl be ratal to pmg
rea. A happy medium la what tha
world wonta. It doe not want the
fierce, cutthroat comnatltlon that
make encmlea of naMhkaia who hap
pen to bo Hgad in the name una
or htialmma and fare the weaker
cotcerna into haHkruptcy. Xelthar
doea It nant the cnmplate agreemeiti
which meana monopoly or ataanntlon
ICmlaaHrlea have keen nt forth
with the glad tlitlHRa. They ate off
far the mouniHln and up and down
the valley Informing the populace
that it ntuat aria en mnaae anil itl
tnnd the coitpnluee liieetlint in lied by
tha . Hondo chairivmu. II. allien
wuter. for Thurtfrtrtv morning. .Itiat
what the object la inn not be 11 ace r
talned rurtlier thnn the Htatetiu nt of
the morning organ that detagataa to 11
elate convention are to b aelectct".
How many ilolegnte will tltev aclect,
liiindlng wind frotn tha auitc commit
lo na the iippttrtlonntant for tlila
county ?
The niher Iteptihllcnli oounila will
htmr with unfeignad ilaltMht. via the
ntoinlng organ, abut knrinnMy and
unity Cap hna aMrcaadatI In mtllllM
In the county orgnniantlon of fterim.
Ittlo county,
"It .cry Nepubltcan In tha coiintv
ahonhl put behind him potty bicker
ing and ieronn I jeuloua'. mid ih voti
hi effort to patty harmony and hoI
hlarlty." .Morning organ. Lead ff
"uapMi'on which have bean grow
Ing far innntha imat have grniluall)
and rtmtlly culmlnatetl In conviction
on Die pari or thi pa par." Morning
ftrgnn. ronvlction In Mrat dagr.
"Phnfo ht it eniHllttata kahind every
tree," ilaaktraa the Morning Orgnn.
Hhnhe the tin cup an the coin will
.how tha pttoofa to Cap 11 ntl if he
any If n. rt. thni gt. Mac can
rend it In tha marniiiK.
And Cap hna aanln aaaumcd the
role of miliar and manaaei of the
morning 111
Cap tefuaaa to he Jarred I none from
the job of bo-K
One Thliil nl' New . ni li'-. Street
Clnitnei Mlictcil With TuIh-icu-loK:
f.einiw Killed hj I'vo-iiii' 10
New York. X. Y. Aug .'2 - Thin
at reel dual la for laaa full ot tuherrn-
loala garma than la commonly bi li. v-
ad la the conclwaton of Hcvmour H.
Ml one of the 1 loot on Aaaorlallmi for
the Control of Tukarculoal. There
are tubercle bacilli enlugh to rirm a
r-al danger, however, and w .ill. they
may he killed In twenty minute, Ii
expoacd to hrlgtit auntlgltt. they are
foalereil In ahmly anil filthy plare.
The rlaka of the atreet ar. Indicated
by the fact that om-thtrd or trt r.Otin
iraet cleMHai nf Xaw York arc In
fueled with tuherculoala, the number
being greater among worker In thn
in-r row and dirty atrta nl tin ICnal
dldr. Kven alatilt, dual may proiunla
ttiucrculoaia, aa II to a direct Irritant.
Ittcarnting the air lata gag, and thus
making thent laaa liable to ret tln
planting nnd growth of ih. genua
when they arrive.
Th,. graat danger from aplttlng nn
the alduwnlka -which ahould ha
everywhere uupprcaand llaa III tha
fact thai mititum tuny be an canlly
curtiatj Into our homa on ahnaa ait'l
klrla. Smoke In the rtlr li'inla In iIIh
en mi hy lioKgiiiK the it i r iflnnM'. nml
Ince the untl-Mnioke cltladr hegnu,
III IKir., London. I.iv rji -ol and Mull
1 1 -1 - !llle re..tl I . .' if
til., t ii."i- aa is 'l 1 I- in "ii 1..1 I'ni
(I . 'in. .111,1 p. 1 NA 1 - 'le m ' III-
1 ' II' illnll .hlll.il 1.1 .1 . 1 . 1- III.'
. .oiio. hi houat ri . .- 1 tig
I'lu." inlibtah and a . ' 1 11
I..- . 1 1 h r miiW'ii 11. .nt t.ii' -tti.l"
lit m: imii.i. mc
iiin M'i'i. iti:i)
Bl lnai. Tim.
A mill.' dolliii 1- xlli;lill llllltil
than a lntldnid dollni )ni 11 ' noi
cut rent coin and it metui vniue l
only about Id cam. I Horns It '"In
leclora will pay ao eni n
Ho many of them unman 1 dollar
were in elrculatlnn .' w-hik .mil mon-
ago that mMH Mraon- r. Mit.htui
to avoid getting one, Km in recent
yenra they have iie.-n i-ire thni
many pcopm huve n. r n one.
Trade ilnlmta were amhotiaed by
connraaa In IUTI ror ih" inrioe of
atlmulatlng rammer. . with the Hii
ent ro? many t.nr-. th. Mt-ticnn
nllvcr dollni Nana been a hlghlv val
ued coin in naarl all rr aaiern
countrlea. HnrtAl'ed of million of
them were gMppcd to china. .Japan,
the Phlllpplnan ami nh. 1 1 ountrha
Ih that part of the uorht 1.1 im ror
the producta npori..l ft tun litem to
Ruiope and tka t'nlted tnie
Ameritmn lawmaker- iii.uiaht thut
n coin or (tracttcwllv the ante weight
and hIb of the Mculcnn ilollnt hear
ing the imprint or the t'nlted Htnte.
could he uaail advantageouaty aa a
auballtute for lite Mexican dollni
In the five year beginning with
nt it the I'nitad mate mint iirodu. ed
nearly ,, of thce dollar
Moat of them Were exported. but
enough of them rem. lined in ihla
cotinlrt to be ombarraaaing bet nunc
or their almllarlty to the ntundard
allvi-r dolliir. nnd in mxT eongrena
provided thnt for au month there
after all trade dollar lu'oacnieii tt,
the treimury ahould be exchanged ror
atandard atlvnr dollar, ,tnd after that
tlhie lite tiwde dollar left in ahirt
far themeelvea, being worth only
their inatal value, plua wbittever
ptemlum coin coUcclor might be
willing to pay ror them Nearly
, nun, nan c,r them wjtc redeemed and
whan that parted of redemption end
ad only !tai.ftl7 of them remained In
thi country, laaa than 1 per cent of
the n imhcr that had been coined
The trade dollar have on one ide
a allllnn figure ot ibe doddeaa of
Liberty and on the . ther git eagle
or a dirier nt detdgn fr.-ni Hint on the
ntantlartl dotlnra. The lnciipll .n la
"fnlted Htatea tif Atnirrlcn. Trade lol
lar. 1 2n graina. fan fine '
The atamlard alh.r dollar welgha
Hlhi grnlna. The weiyht or ihe
.Mexican dollar la 117 ; grain, but
97.27 per rent or It I pure allver. o
1 hat though It walgtii, u it metnl
value la about 7 iter cent more than
Iftni or tk.e4dn0d ilnrntr froh
nhly ihla in the leAawa th.- rrrtn rtai
lar iiev.ir made a lilt niih the i...i.f
if the rar eitat. ' 'latere M ground rir
wttapicl.nl that the ortnlnatora of ike
trade dollur thought the oriental
might lie duped into taking it in prcr
tiancc to the Mexican dollar tuiauae
or It "lightly greater weight, notwith
ataiHlIng the fact that Ita atlver value
waa about 7 per cent lean. Itut ho
OHentMl money ehanret imlckly
laarned' thla ilifferencc In value nd
the detention wouldn't work.
The trade dollar wan authorlicd hv
ike 'coinage net of JR yadra ago. wkh h
becumc fMmona umler tha deatanati.m
of "ikp ciitne of JS' In the free ndvar
gtMltlan vMhlch begnu n few yearn.
later and continued with more or le
virulence for more than :'n vear
Voice of llic People.
.lellicx SinlllK. X M . Allg 22
To the Kdlior or Thn Hvcnlnn llcntld
Slxty-twn tnllea iiottliwoat or Allni
iinointio thare ilnwa n little nirenm
wiiglilng. clmttiHlng, pnrlfylim. nerlinpa
tlu iiv-arnst itpiiruncii that hnn mm
boon found 10 the 1 tt Ij I ch I KihuhhIii oi
Youth that waa nought h lite Siutn
Inrd I'uiiro ie Leon. liulaoiJ, the enra
Hv.' powars nf tha .Joiiii'x Spring are
lint na jvi wall known anil I think
Unit It la nn duo in toll through iho
POliiiillia or the lleniiil llic woiularful
rteiiofliH 1 hit 1 have ncortiori in ,ne from
bmiiliig In litem- vwitnra. P01 lan
imintli I hail 1 icon ninTuiing with In
flHiniiiiilnrt 1 hi'iimatlHin. I could In.i
no rellnf whatever, ami my cflmlliiuii
was had thai at tlinan wouhl ilmp
down with the modi o.soriitlailna
(MttnH. I Itegan lakliiK the batliH and
very Minn lound thn inllnf thnt I had
wntgkl au long H wna not long lie
torn I tell like a uw mr.n My palna
ware naaod, and lately rwve hoen mi
ilraly mired I leiiiniiilntr a ihnii who
wna earrlml on a atrutoliur from the
atgge. who tool, the IhiIIim iweiiiy
ynniH itgo. and whn hna aline then
lumn h will tiuin. Aimthcr mac In
imlnt waa Mr ti OgrclH. tko runtracL
nr. who ca no n from Aiiauna lie
had in he carried lit llio wpiinga to:
the Ural lew days, but within foit.
day waa 11 com pi eta intra. Alio' ho
imiunn pgipe !;.ie from liullan Tor.
lory llr waa mi erinpltHl with iheu
mntlani that le cauld tcarcely walk
with Dm aid ot mitohOH. After lak
Ing iwolvc hnilK he threw III rru'' be
itws). nml n't cm ot).
All o.er '!n I'nltot) Slltle Hico
uro raaor't where (liiHiggiiila go an
r.ually to receiver Hid lianolltt. itoin
1 lie KieiHl naitiral satiiig water.
Iidwavor. there ta no plane In . !iia
(ounlry where ihe vent em hao a r-i-nrttable
ci'iativ'a (ma'ity na It'tva
ll'tme right In N w .Mwclen. nml
I teel It niv ,utv to call allaiithn In
hr'ii I think that tt would V 1
' "otti binii in liiiinanlty If Umm wore
idvntilo!. Anltle finin tlio fnet ili:
11.11 ny pno le would be Wrougi lui 1
Xuw Moxlin. lliniiHimila 011I1I no
cured nf lire-long auiTeiitiK, wn.iti
would InUeeil he 11 lihwaliiK. Ikiutuiaa
nf t ho wolidciful cure tllttl nita liaeii
wrought on nr. perHon I fmil ihsc I
utiiitint ha 41I1 m. niiiI iniiat (Mil the. 'ii
tontlnn ot Hit ;aihllc, no an to tnitkn
iotnllil(i the I'leviiitlun of hiiiiih hiIin
ntfllotetl pt, inn a n.ifferlng.
Thiinklitg yon In ailwnre for con
alilniiiig tlila latter, hollove me,
Vii 1 rtily yours.
U'niireaa isoitl) Clmrliy,
know. I'OVt iM 11 muliUiiile of aIiih
riiHininei laliiirplyi Ych. nml
fcMintlicii'i) (UiUiiih cover n ioiikIi ateni.
5 5
OF U, S.
Recently Passed Law Making
It Criminal Offense to Spy
Was Much Needed to Pro
tect Army and Navy.
Waahinglon. Aug 2H.--Htartllna
evlduncfl of the peinicinua activity 01
foreign aple 1 in the poaainMiun oi
thn artny gcnarHl ainff. which a
eminta rnr ln urton connldei aiion
that la now iMlng given to the mo
trifling rapwi or ntteinpta in .IIhcovci
the tnilitary aerrwta or t lie c(uniiy
Soma of theae Incident,, ncrnried
rttrently, and it waa on the aithmtnaion
ot aueh In format Inn to a aerial aeaaiuu
of the judicial eitmrntiuo of the hoiia
that leglfllgitoii waa ohialnetl at the
laat aegalnn or emigre providing tin
the Hevere punlahment of iiea in
time id peace.
An Knglltthmnn In Calcitttn picked
tin in the atreeta amtill pgtknge ot
bine prlni showing every detail nl
the delrnae of t'orroglilnr laland. ihe
main defenae or .Manila The iuIiiih
were not cople of ant digwliiga m
chart prepMred lor use of the Hulled
Stan, bin were evidently the reauii
of carclu' nnd ilellheiate itivnailginlon
of the ofrielnl and eonli'ental reeoid
if the I 'tilled State.
The ovkitence or the bine pilnt
niaile It erldent 1 lint there were othei
coping In cgieteiiee The tfiuttlahmnii
itt the iaMr to the war depmi
ment here, hut the noai careful in.
voattantion railed to diet over the
wen 1 ib by which the infoimntlou had
been obtained
A waiter In a Seattle hot. I wn
lound to lie a loretgn ofhcei in din
gulif. poaaeaaiog many dtawiaaa an.i
notea he had made of the Ihtcliu 1 aunt
An American anibaaaailoi timiii. .i
the atate department lki a r. n.in,
captain bolohglng to the wan oi tin
country whore he waa atatloned i.a.'
beon detailed 10 apend three wa:
aecietly liivenilgatlng the Ann in an
countrlea and Ktudyittg their milium
llvw .111 IHiimmg canal Un
tminMl: oire of the engineer riii.i 1
loftiigii oWcer and aitarkn to one or
'tile Auiotdenn eoimtripv ,c.ie:i
tudylmt trie canal from a fintc3i.
ifirtdtmltn ami he umloratnod Hut.
were 1a oi aoveu other olUcern of the
aaiue uHilnnalin in the United Sttiie
gathering mWtiirv informnllon
A Xew York iullcc;ngn arreaied an
Ami 1 lean for trivial offotiHe and
found In hi mink military ma pa and
Information which convinced the nth
i.aje that he wan In the emplnv or a
foielgn guveriunent
lut the Incident thai convinced the
Jutlliilary ciimmltlee of the neceaai'
for the protective law orcimed 1,.
lllH g year ngo In Philippine u
enliiled ;ngw In the onglncere wna nl
fered $X5.0fl0 hy two foreign ofiiciv
fm the plana m the defeuae or t ie
legldnr laland. lining ibe oiiiiial
l lotogiaplter he had ample opponun
'y to gel nil the neceaearv pittm
having Urai Inlormed hU im:K'iioi 01
freer or the iitiemin A irgj' wa laid
1 11(1 l ie two foreign ali'es Weie .a;,
lured Hut hiibi at corpus ini . ei
'tig were obtained and they wen 1.
'caned aa there waa then ti' law m
Ihe I'hlllpplno or the I'nltnd St:'e
umlei whldh th v conld h proaei n .1
.My aum.nor vncatkiti ta yet Imu a
d renin,
I'm atlll uii the Jh;
I haven't exporlunnad koyv It would
eein '
To he with 1 lie mob.
Smite oi thorn bio homeward begin
nlng to crawl;
They agy taey are glkd.
And I aiti bugluiilHf to tklMk. afu t nil
llonio lan'i ao hdd.
While nthorc are tatugiidnrmg iIoIIiiih
ami dlmo
In manner tHlto rank,
Vlirimgh aen-folng voygffoa and moun
tain dim ha,
I'm xavlng my ogaa.
VHey re oat Ing bum grub an ihelr mil
Ing, loreooth,
Hut here lot ;ne add.
'Chat whan It tnnrtea down to ih tm
viirulaliuil Lmth,
Home lau't ao bad'
They're laying around In totm t .til
ing report.
I'rom htialuana afar.
Thuy write ikat ikur're gnvlnt -1.11 r
uihjrhty awell apori.
Well, ina.vba ihey are.
Itut thae wliu are linftk id Ike mi , nM
an .trlle,
Are tlrtw ami aad
I'orwnpa It wna "aport." mtt you in ii
et gwoet llio,
Home lan'i mo had!
Tlioy're dixlglng the mWlcw. thr
'riknetera ami fkma;
I'm nni doing that.
At night I (urn aleep, wlilla tac cool.n ;
on btocxo
IllowH thioitah niv amnll (lui
THoy're frnekled and rottlleiieil :iii I
i'ooiHore ami hruwii,
And wonry and mini.
I gmwH I will atay In He Mule old
lan't o iwd!
I've looked nl the fnlilorg tin rallroaiU
put 011I;
'lhey rend mighty iilnn.
ITIioy'll ;nnke II iihIiu unnifnrtntile fnr
ynu. no ilniibt.
If yon have I lie prtet.
'Itilg gulitg out en nulling wJion wiuinier
la rlpu.
la now ijtilto the fttil;
Hill Jutt iniotii" tliia (lone In your III
tie till) iilpo
llnine '.Htii mo hitil'
- V. A HillilllHinol in I .on Allude -
Did you ever stop
thfit the excess price you pay for a case of Eastern
Boor does not represent any superiovity of quality '.
it only represents the price you pay for freight)
on the water it contains.
Wo me ohoinionlly pure nrloninn water upon
whioh there is no freight to pay
Glorieta Beer
Can he had at the snvinp;.
Phone 57 or 58
iSoutih western Brewery
(Si Ice Company
MOVK. KIND I'S AT Till-: OI.H STNI), 211-213 XV mV SHA'KU.
Oh, You Checked Wntoii.
-''-' ''t
f Builders' and Finishers' Supplies
LuiiiIm r. H.fh. I r. Palnla, HI.
t Itoollng. Cement, Mrilh.', etr
J. C. Baldridge Lumber Co.
Wire Screen Work and All Kinds of Material
for Screen Work
HHHH11H'1'111t1Ht'1'HHft-rHHHi1 -
4 M 4 -4 4 - 4 4- 4
ata wiovr (it)i.it i
I First National Bank
Albuqucrqutf IV. hi. v
United States Depository I
TTTtiviee;vvvvywwsvywff9?wyv4tt eee eeeeee tv?
308-310 West Central
Furniturs, Carpets and Draperies
P A II XulldinK I'tip. r, Mgltliold
4- 4 -- - 4 4- 4 4-f 4 i 4 4 -M 4t
& Anderson
mi, Litirgrnitgi7ij, n. m.
are better than Awnings,
Bamboo Screens or Canvas
Drops. They are the only
really satisfactory shades,
for they throw the porch
into a cool, mellow shad
ow, without making it too
dark for practical use, ex
eluding: the sun's scorch
ing beams and at the same
time permitting perfect
circulation of the summer
breeze. For sale only at

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