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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, August 26, 1911, Image 2

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Ont f the Show Places of Ancient Plnzn, Originally Occu
jrttrl By Gcnoml Manuel Annijo, Lnst of Mexican Gov
trnors. and for Many Years Bolicvcd to Re Birth Placi
of Mrs. Phil Shortdan. Will Be Torn Down at Onoc: W
QMWpitfl for Many Yonvs By Distinguished Officers of
Ulirtltil States Army.
modern ion thousand dollar ral
i will wo he crerted on the tt
k , un4 by in long adob
lln. looted juet M of tn
nrt Nua III Oki ,VIMMH, pot"
i .rly toaawn 1i MHy vatyfcd
. birth piac of Ma HmWin, wife
t$HH pfcgj ggrktaa, and on !
. ow psce of th cil. No on
" JtMM whn the building wn
teg. It Mft to My that it i
A, iHtitoiNf aM and Hm( haa bfon
iphal cfHinu'uly it rc
tlrneral Manual Armljn. th
: M lit Mraican governor, occu
i the houa In tilt whan
n Km rag m&t-M Into Stair Max
wit ntiMtnn front coagr t
n nit gertesn f nt was lh-n
Um. Uafgad has it UMkt nri
. ..rgejr maa a trad with Manuel
' i Jo wheraby he cam Into poe-
tit the Koimv, raddtng there for a
m.i i tint. United Mat army 'dM-i-
Btnud occupy the htu
. it r4t until taw. whn the Tag.
cum tut th Hlo (Irano and
mw ftp Calna man to evacuate.
The gfcerhlan place, m It la known,
purr haa ri In by Chnrle A.
ttgar, wtM hs Oceania It inrc
. it raajdsiiee. Mr. Itoaituvr hfia al
ly nad In ml nil tearing down tho
i.i batMIng and building a modern
M.idMN. Architect T. rt, crlaty haa
i-.iwn up plana and peetrteatlon. to-
'her with hi Haaoclat. John
Hugh, aM Mr. Baetiaer haa accept
l then. Thai contractor will ha6
i opportunity to bid on th. work
' thin th neat two wcrtrn and cop-iMn-tln
MI aagin aa oon tneraaf
: ii pagathtr. The Moeltger ri-al-
' ii. c la tn coat Slu.aaa and la l b
atirirc MM haarntnt. of hyrlh
ii t ruction, whlih i ponri-l pn-
i-tm n,vr a ftm. The trim
imnaa art to h In Wrwh womI, 8ptin-
! tlto iM, art nittaa windowa. Th
ii-lv iana art- to fo mndrtih- fur
mxhOfi tn Hvory nartlrular, with hot
nr. anal nil atliar Nd eoovaitlncaa.
'I'll' r. ,Ml be a wamlu Um mntih
U and an anutmohlle ilrtttny on
ih.. aat , with a urK In (he
Major H. M. Whltlnr of OM Albu
h I.-rent a, "tM ntatarlMH of the Hi.i
mde valley.'' knowa morn about
't. hMtory of the old Mharidan hulld
k that any nthan IMnn peraon ta
i ' Whttina today wald that t!u Idea
M by I KM My JKOpte thnt the old
i'iu. a the hlrthptftctt of Mi-a. Ihll
heriHn, ifta arrnnooHa: that .Mtaa
-.iiiif RticHer. a atatwr of .Mm Hher-
inn. wm bom then', hut that Mra.
-ii t :..ti horn l'ort I'nlon.
Mexlf". Al Shi-rlilan, tlieri a
n-ii alt!. ! i in tii- ill . . fur M
f ,i!ii ii nf ti 1 1 tc id )p r f.ithi'",
Snn Jose Giron, of Isleta, Gets
in Bad; Brought to Albu
querque Last Night By San
ta Fe Officer.
ticuaed of lart'any from a car teal
! wit a govonHnaai awl. a foarrut
iinraa, gn Jaa Otrw. a raolaaat of
iietu "cblu, waa brunt t to Alwo
' i-rnaa laat aaahl by aecial aaata
I Oalwr Otigji Thnt Ha and lodged
r the rmrat) Jn4l. n;ron waa arraign -.
l hafata t'aMetl gtataa PnmlaHmr
H n. WMMnaj at i o'clock rata after-
" aM will prokaMy w given a
- llmtaan haartag Monday. Accord
"n to Hie offtcer who made the ar-
-i. Olron t imnpf iii of having
..il.ed a ntimtM-i ara In the lalcta
iirilK I la mi) that ,i (, hi ' h
. v 'M-ri-il. nheri i Mini, in r ,.f hi.i. n
i : i . t . ii .lie,. i.
chairman W. c. M Uoiuid of cr
riaaaa, mm Arcratar) Mtimmara Baa
hart af tag New Mexluo Uemocratlc
central tlimlttee, nave burned a caU
ir a igaatfiig of tlif commute to We
i. ..id la Albuqueriiue on Tnday,
KewMrrlbar I. The metlug of th
"iimiitlua will b held In Hie Com
meratnl ettlb hmu plan and proapect
fe,r tli oflinltlK MJrl8laji will lie gane
:vmr OiaroilsllU'. Jratlo lead-
r frwni Mil over the atate it is under
rtnod, lll h hero to confer wllh tho
oxtmfttfte on fh day of tho meeting.
M. r had Jui.t HgrHiiR from th
hrow ot Joe
"I aiwiu s ditj liate a UMil far
tiraa," D boata. Xvv, Yrl; tan.
Wanr ientral Jtifr. AM It la l
to a fart that antral MkfMdan waa
at ttm a attcat tf Ih Kuekera
la OM AWHBitni. anal tare la
riHaon t brllove that tna romanra
whteh ( WtminaMa! in tba marrtaaw of
rieiier! Wbartnan and Mtaa ituchar
had it trtatlft th oM lantfmcHt.
The lanOaarm aa It atanda today.
I httt a amnll part of the irllnal
building, althipgh it Mill untatna
man room. The building a loac.
Maw, atrurtare, built of adobe.
wNh a veranda a hundred feet l
(the roof of which la xupiiurti it by
roia)h ben loa itriannaiiy M
htiltdlnK (.nrlmrd by h nigh ndaw
orral, whlth eatenrind nil around tha
ftla'e. One of the rootne of the build
in, lone ntor,. torn down, waa orcti
pied irv MMt auarti rmaater of the
1'niteil Hiatra troopx nere. while atl
J.iinma the aaariermnater'a room,
were two aunrd room, in which many
Nitvnjua and other prlaonera of war
win- held. nM tlnrura -niv that there
waa lit one time a hn tank elevated
on the arouatta, nnd tne Navajo pris
oner were fiulred dally to til thr
tank with water, i llmMna n lone lad
dar do o. The tank furniaii.i
water for a fountain which wn n-
uat"d in the front yard of the in-
lr ftneliavr. who will hullil a mo'l-
en reamenro on ine aw or ine nie
t'iric building, leaving the th. r imit
atandlnaj until th.- rontfrietlnn of the
nfw httlldlna. rholnnrph of the
old and the new will be taken, after
which the real of the old landntcirk
will hi- raaed t'eraon who s.lah to
obtain photnarnpiia of the old IiuhI
mark an- adlaed to )m a vtalt to the
plan na aoon na poaalben a" thrr ml!
not he opimrtunity loa tn tak" ti -lurea
of Ihe bullrflna In It entirety
Tit,, huildtna adjalnlnw the hrl
dnti place, whlih la known aa "."un
it ye! itr Inn " und which wna for mttny
earn hcailiiiiartera for the Stat ftaae
line. tHfnn the comtna of the .nniM
IN- rallrnail. la now bring remodelled
nnd renovated nnd will be enndactod
tie ii hotel.
The easing of the old "herldan
pltii'i- la another reminder that th
old la giving way to the new, that the
undent landmark will aoon bo a
tiling of th- nwat. nnlea they arc coti
trolli'il hy itn hlatnrlcal aoclet. The
'til Hhi rlil.m Belli "- hnr a hletory. Jaai
nluit IIm htatory le no man kitowa.
Itnt -ii. iih of it la known to make a
vm interKating tale and Major H. tt.
WhitlnK, who ia depended upon for
the nccurnte hlatory of old lime pktaat
it nit iieraotm in nnd around Alhtnitter
ii-. line iroinlei-d tn write for the
KvntliilK ll'tnl'l ltl'f k-t h of
uhn' Mi l(u. iiii"it Hi., "lit l n n;l
i r I.
Ancient Pueblo to Be m Gala
Attire in Honor of San Aug
ustine Festival; Visitors
Will Be Welcome.
i a
The llealu of n Auguallnc. the
moat imiHirtant faaat tlay tn the cal
endar of 111 latct (MdiOMa, will h
cciebriiti d ai laleta fciatoto, thlrtc n
m I lea aouth or Albuaite8M an Mon
day. Augttat XR. TH IMIIClia HR'.
bven v lallora to AlbUiUcrg) in large
numbora for acvernl day aaat. mir
rhaaing articlaa of wearing anaaral atnl
tomlatug for the proper colabratlnn
of the MtM, The feu! Wilt boglH nil
iiayiigbt Monday and will tw In full
KWlng all day. Vialtar from Albn-
iiieriu.. will be wolcomi nt the Hyata,
iiihnugii i hoar on i ry log kodak will
in viewed with auapii ion. Alhu-
,iiii urn ia-oiie may go to labu on
anli. K.i ttatn Xo. 8, at II J. re
i timing on on of the train which
! thinu.n taktit btweg 4:M nnd
t. in the evening. The railroad far
foi ttii round trip I a fw oania
itiiin i twin ii dollar. Many visitors
H ..I x" to the pueblo la automohll
..Ml .nt lagi h
Ite rr Ciihill, who la conducting
Bible tud at the tather' iaatltuta
at Ike ate nan I whool will praaoh at
I He irirat Proabyt.rlan church tomor
row. Hav. Ir. Mklnner will oowlvot
te evening service. There will h
ft pechil mealing b a chorua choir.
Hr. Amttw. director: Mim Hiil
Xanworiky. ofganlat.
nr. B. . Hrlgg. a well known
Albuqufiuean. In a letter to ftraga
nro atatif that h la eaiitylag thu
MlHMtta of the Tega coaat ootiHlry
lnir.Mmaely and that Ik oountry lia
a srsai fatur. 11 W now at ilntu
inaagoialo. Tm. MitS aMtaa titdt a
hnti baawi tkaaw la Hrtapig taggatul
1 nil llaag af Ulawatry. iggi fiir
OVg ta taa ttiNw gjn aaatt gkla af the
lotfn Mag aaan agjl) io aarthim lartii-cr.
Sixty-Three Hour Train Will
Be Run Through Alhuquer
que From Chiongo to Los
Angcle Onoe a Week.
Illy HipiiIiik lUrnlil A. r. I.eimril U'lre)
I'hl.HB". A114 .'1 Thi iinnoiini-c-nient
in tiw i liii.tn, 'r.'iaM nnd
Ciinia I' r. n Ii., a. I Hint i 1-hnur
train h'tii.i Chicago and l.oa An
ielen will U. put on iJeceriiber I, I
likely to precipitate n apeed war. ar
cording in riillroHit men. The train
will he run "ii a week nnd an ea-t-caa
far of will he i barged.
The ahovc Aaancmtetf 1'reaa dl
natch from 'hinigo mnftrma a ru
mor which haa been cutToni la Albu
ownrnue for aome time that the kantu
ce coMemptata patting on n trafft
from Chicago to Ihe coaat that wilt
break all ranorda for raat time aa(a
Je train M t now make the trip
In " hour. Tbi naw It-hour trnin,
according " l"nl innta Fe ofticlala.
will be aiilld ciPinpartment, with bar
ber ahop. tiuth and h maid for women
naaaenaera. The train will he nlmt
lantlcal with the I H-hour train be
tween Chicago and New York. The
compartment x ins-la I will atop in Al-
buctni-rnue hot w een eight und ten
mintttea, long enough to change en
gine nnd ;itit n few chunk of ice nnd
a few gallon or wiiter on tmard A
niimiicr for the new tmln line not yet
been xeici ted Tie innovniion will hrt
tt'leil ilt ft r-1 'ill 1 .ill. II Week ltllN,
lull II iii 'i. ...! thai It will lie an
i.inii . ii.it it "in . i ii n i ice
. ki i.. f.ir ii.. u til. i , r.
Meetings of New Mexico Bnr
Assoointion Will Be Open to
All; Many Interesting Pa
pers to Be Read.
It ia announced thnt the general
public will be welcome to the met
inga nt the New Meatro liar naaocl
Mil. hi, wnti'h will meet in annu.il ae
Hon bate on Monday and TneadHy.
Augttat i and -. The aeaaion will
be held In the Commercial dun. a
number of prominent ttornc) i.f the
aii.ic will make addreac and reml
poper. which will b, of timely inier
et not o to member of the leiotl
piofeaaion, but to the public in n-
ral The meetlita will b held at
in miiMtk a. m. ami o'clock p. m.
Mmiday und Tuesday, on Mnnday
m tiing, a brilliant reei ptlon in honor
r the memorr ,f the atatc naoclii-
.,i will be held, followed hy it ilnnce
! in tc naral guMic I lavitod the
i'tl'm itad dance and there la very
t i m ta bfve the amr will be a
- "I'lal aurt-esa
Tin' w mbern .if the local bar aa
'i. l i'l.iii nr.. ru rll -tilnt'lv iiraeil to be
l - ' .ii. M .'nt. iv iiimiii'iik -i aa
' ' ' .:f i" ' t i ' .-itora
Frcnoh Journalist Dashes Up
to Office of His Paper in
Paris After Making Re
markable Trip.
(Hy llvrnliii; llrrnlil A. I. l.raaril Uire)
JarK Aug. ail Andre .Imki :
Behtnldt the fHilatan lonrnallst. drove
up In an miioniobllc in fmnt or (he
oillce ol the Dally Rgcdsioi in ihe
Avanue Chamua lltyne at two iiiinuto
aiaeiMo and twn-ftfth second past
o'fdoei, this utarnlHK. oftldnllv ctini
IMatlng hi circuit or the world in UU
days, m home, 3 minutes and ''' I '
.laget nVhmldt atarted fioni l'atia at
t:li p iu July 17, In ait atietupi to
beat Hie record of M vuleglor or I tut
Pari Mgtln, who nsatj). thu Jon rimy
around the world lu it I v-throa dnya.
rtie route followvd by .lager-Setuntrtt
took him io Vlndlvoalok by way of
Moscow At Vkidlvuaiok, the i'totich
iiiati BtMrdod a atmtuior bound for Yo
kattoina, wbeiiuu hp gailut ior Ilrlllah
f oliimbl. grrMng al VaHaouvei iih(
of hta schedule Front Vumouver ho
traveled to New York mnl on Auguat
II Bailed mi the aienmei Olympic for
Chat liourg
As aoon as tho Hnei i nlenil tho
w 'I".. L.ir . i
Zl.i I. Z "1" ",n.r """" r""1
ejaw i try I II ti11IM ajlHIMM1
It lei
FtiR aAJIt--Tw-atd concord aur
ray; laatMar npkokMerfd. alinoat
new. ge a tan the gawly iovntad
ortable outdoor room. I in vai
Pogl SwHg tc
Decision of Lower Court is
Sustained in Ruppc-Di Pal
ma VeVsus Weinman and
SnntH re. X. i , Aug. 2fl The su
preme .-mrt of New Mcvlco renltwl
ileiraloH In Severn I cnae todny. Ihe
decision of Ik court In the ease of
rtloherd m Ibtlmii and Ht'inai'd
Ituppe vetwHB Jaeob Weinmanti nnl
Joaetih Hkrwalt being pei'bape of
moat interest tn Albtmuerque people.
The court affirmed the Judgment of
the lomet twmri anon the flMng by
Ihe remltmtttr nf the npaettee of
17 7i within ten days, otherwise ih
Aeciaton wltl b re v. reed.
The Ituppu vrue Weinmanii rlo.
Ms it Is .olilinoilv citlleil. hi a uktindc
In th auprotfte court of the I'nlteil
Ht a tea. itn .lttne an. 02, II. rtnppo
occupied h bullillng ownetl by J.
U'elnmnntt, on Central hvciiuh In Al
buquerqiie, Ituppe lonductlttg n drtiK
stole Conlritrlnr for .loecph Hor
net t were eXonvntlng on the lot ad
joining, preparing for Hie erection of
a building. The foumlntloiiM of th"
Wetnmaiin Imiliiina were -vitlently
undermined, the walln of the hullfttnx
toppling ovur into Itiiptni'tf ilitiK
store Huppo and lllchunl HI I'lltntti,
who wna Itlttueeietl financially lit the
More. ri ii pull ngiiltiM Weinntnun
and nartiett for JKi.onn in n trio I
before District .lndgc It .. linker the
court directed a verdict hhiiIiihI tlto
ilnlntlff. An appeal wa inUcn to
the supreme court of the territory ntnl
the Ju.iitmiuil f the lower court wis
revereed. 'lite rase woe tiled ftgttlll
in th. lower court anil the iiliilinlfra
were .iwnnleil Judgment for $l.r.o.
The ili-fi4idatltK itptiealeil to the su
preme court dtul the judgment of the
lower court wtm reversed. The case
na MRuin h raited In the lower court,
eaiiiting in h huna jury In April,
r.il". the enkc wiin ngatn tiled, the
plaintiffa receiving h vertllct fnr
I7.7in The defendant appealed to
the supreme -aourt with tile result
that thnt hotly toilv afflrinml trio tic
clalon of the lower court. Tile flKht
will probably now be token in the
Iilghcat trlhuttnl in the cntintM' mnl
will be up to Chief Justice White nhll
his iiMMoclrttea.
Ituppe and PI Piilnui are ropre
sonted hv Marion nnd Wontl. mid
Woinmunn Htid ibirnett by N'ell ft. ,
Field ml K A. Monti 1
The court UMlnv ndiournod nt S
o'clock until Wiitliiesdny nllornoon nt
nail till inomliorfi ni tlio cntirt will at
lend the ntoellngH of the Naw Mex
ico Ha i gaaoctgrten In AHnt(iinriia
Mondav nnd TnaMty
Tht' record of Uo court lor tlic iltty ,
follows. ,
Case Xo 1.1011. Vitlniit ItiM flmros do
PRflllln. aula surviving piiroiit nf An- j
tonlo I'nilllln. longhiatcHj . uppsllc.., vot-
huh A T S. I rallwny ediuiuitty,
t tkiKillri ii r latiirtli j.iuut ....... ...I
7u7 orniiru
n,c.r'xoUn. M. Ueod, vor.u.
Caroan Arnelt. ot al. tho mftnUnio of'
the supreme court of tlig ITiilUi.l
StKloH rovoraliig tlio JiitlKnient of thm1
court won tocelvetl ntitl itn ortlor on-
terod In etinfnriultv ihorouiih en.
niandliig the case to the dlHlrict courl
. '
'tot fnrt hor iiocolln8.
cnic xo. 18BI. ora llutlor .VoiMt. vot-
ua I. A. Dye. Ilcniallllo oonnty. 'I'lio
Jtitlgineitt of the court uolow Ik io-
Caae Xo l.ir.o. nornnnl Riiui' ot nl,
voraua .1 Weinman, ut nl. tlio JiiilR
nunii oi tho court Imlnw ih tifflrnxnl
upon the llliiig hy the ruinlttnttir of
the appellee or $770 within ton ilnya,
iitheiwU,' ih, dixlKlnn will be re.
Cone No 1 iV'i, JtiHunli Hrowu Ollv-
ei, ei al, itppelltuittt, vovhiih Joho Kit
iliini'Z, apiiellee. Dunn Aim county, the
ptngincnt or tne court irtuotv ih te-
Case No ins I. .. . llowey, ot nl,
apiielleea, tei-hiia H. U Ooealer. ol nl.
nppclliint, IStldr county, the juilijniniit
of tlio ooiiii iieiow ih afllrtneii.
ne No l s:i. Arizona mnl Colo-
inilo lliillrimil milium v verMiiu lien.
Ivor mnl lllo (lintitlo rallroBd, the JiiiIk
moot of the court below Ih iHtlrnii
Onae No. l?17. Clatlti) Hlodilc Light
ioiiian veiHtis pacific linpioveitHiii
i oniputiv '', motion to iclnx iohIh
.IH ll lilt' 1
Mattie Hannell, Grace Rogers
and Julia Hcrmandez Ac
cused of Violating Federal
Statutes; Under Advisement
tspcclnl i'eleurani In Hienlow Herald)
Socorr... N M . Aug .'fi t'nltml
MtNti'U Commlaaloner M. II Sweet yoa
tenia) aflernoiin hcKril tcetliumiy In
the csae of tin I'nltml Stutoa M'taUH
.Mottle llannili. ritace ItORers nnd
.lull HcriKiiidrx. who arc ucvuased of
violating section t .mil 8 of the fed-
oral lw naite.i tn .liiue. I!0, with
refiieiiae to Uie nhlte hIhvo traffic.
The government waa reprencnted b
1 'tilted Stutea AaalHtaitt Attorney Her
bert W. Clarke, ihe iliifundaiitK beliti;
rpreamed by Attorney II. M.
Doualiarty. The datansn united to
lwv th i'm ramnveil to iho wost
orn iltalrtot of TaxajL In III i'n'.
where moper Jgtielltillnn wi claim
ed. The eoitiflilaatonar tnoH tho cnno
uiuler aitvlenu'Ut
The Markets
ClllflUO (il'lllll.
''lingo. Aug. SIS Willi froal tint
i 1 iNture i ported trnin th nCnailiiin
lunhweat . nd with unfnvorahtft omn
mivirc from Rnvaaa, lh wheiu mar
hei i.mIrv took an upwenl skint,
opening price were a Nade lower to
1-4 .. up. IJeremker eiarted nt
HI Tfir to c. the samti rhaaiie from
Lit night as the tnarKci allogeth-r
Alter touching l'i. tin- price rose
to s:,a 01 i-Sc. THe cpe waa i-tc
hlghei i l 'ifTi for December
com derived Hrittnesn from wiinit
Dfn inber opened unchanged to a
Sixteenth hlghnc Ht " 1 7W to fll 7-i
Cr nnd advKRred to It8e even. The
dose was ateatfy. l-i higher at Jc
lor Oeccmher.
It was a slow mnrket in oat. lrics
wer iiarely ateady. tlecember atari
ed from lam nlgki N level m I-So off
at -It i-Sc to II -tc and teamed In
I'lrned to keep within that ramrf,
flood buying on tho part af the
cniiimtankiH gave a ttitwh of Mrcngt
tu provision, c'lrat sale wire on
thanged to cents hlgtlrr wltlt .Inn
uary dnllverv for pork. If 3 for lai't
and t . rar rib.
OlilcuijO l.lveiHil.-.
Chicago, AHg. 80 i'ltttle in eiidi
iaa, iiMtrk t ateair'. Ileevea. J. t
i.l: Te.xa ateere, tt riO.Hf,! i-i
etii stt'cix, It.aftVAtia: atockcra ;tn
feeders, tl.lftff 4.50: cows ami heli-i
U 21 9. 1", calves, td.lion sr.
lloge iirceipt T.oao; market at-n
ly. Ylgllt. t7.57 !M: lillxetl, 17 10
41 i T'i. Iniivv. tfl.Mflaf T.dsj rotiati,
.nf 7. 1; goml to choice liesv.
17 Igff 7. 75; plga, t.Sr 7. SO. bulk
soles. tT.bdfl T.50.
ghenpiteeeinti J.afli, market
alftcUy. ntlve. $t.1l.7ft: woatern,
t.unm s.TO; ywrlin, i.tinai 7ft:
Inmba. tnitlve. H.nofrri.flO; western,
14.7r.f .su.
Kuiisiis Clly Mvcuncl.,
Kansas City, .Mn A tig. sc. fnttlo
reeeljiis 008, no Miutlinrns: mnriset
steady. Motive sinerx, 6.Sirr'S.n;
aouthorii Mteee, tl.00.ii; (.out hern
cows nnd heifers. tl.fiM.ifl; native
ows and heifer, is Jnaj 7.j.; atock
ero und feeder. t.oi 5.7&; bulls,
W.notT i.fiO; cahes, $i.ni7.35. west
ern aleern, H.oj
llogn Iteceipt 1,1100, steady, llnlk
of Milne, 7.l17.IO; It avy. 7.U'f
: S."i; packers nnd butchers. IT t r.
7 Si; llffllte. 7.10fl I.U.
Mlieen Jterelpts, nonet steady.
Muttons, $.lt.T5: Imtiba, $ .-. . .'. n
6. So. rgHKe wetlier. ttitll yiHiiiinn,
I J.I. .J; rangr vm. t i.7i i 7 '..
N'cav Vtuif Snide.,
New York. Aug. Ifl. A niiilgiiiiiHteil.
Mugar. HI bid.
Atehlaau, 102 l-i.
tireat N'orthern prercrgad,
N'w York Ckntml,
Northern I 'settle, III N.t.
(twilling, H0I.V
Southern raclrtc. IftH,.
I'nlon I'ncigc, 108 7t.
HleMl. )( 1..
4tir I. preferred. 1 It H
Cinlii mnl I'l-ovl-loii-.
rhlciiifo. Ak. I.hiwt--tepcnt-
bori ta i'-Io .Sr; nee..
t" m,-sm
Corn-Hapl.. B4 3-4c; n,?.. 4 4 7c
S' lVw T" If!
.f.llZTt'' IVvtt' i- i i ..
1 pt 1 ,S ,T'' J"" " "'4"
" '. " ,
" 1 rk .tlctnN.
V ,. ,. . ma ...
, iiirn, uh. i."ime copper.
U.7:. la.Otl. load. J4.45; allvct,
New VorU .Mutiny.
New York. Aug. iC Call money
hmu Inn I I'tiiiit. HHr, I H mi . .nt
Mexlcnu dollar tie.
St. Louis .Mctnl.
St. Louis, Mo.. Aug. L'O Lend
stwidv. $4 4:' ielter atrmh, J.'.. J'.
St. Units Wool.
St. Louis, Aug. 30. Wool Htr.itiK
Flue medium-, 17'ols, ; tin,- unr,.-
Albuquerque Man Has Invent
ed Portable Device Which
Will Maet Long-Felt Want
A htiHt of Alliiiqiiei')iie people who
doeiio to sleep outdooia hut who lack
ptoiier IttcllliioH 4nr m dnliiK, will he
HltoniKied in the aiinoiuicimicnt that
Otto NowiiiiHlei of the Alhti(iieritie
I'lnnliii; Mill tonipaiiy has litvnuteil a
portalilo HluepltiK tooin. which hccium
to meet ovnry itKinlroiunut
This I'oinurltahle tlevitie Im minio In
hccHoiih anil an hliiMod thnt Ii iniiy bo
loldml up like a honk When folded
It la llllle largoi ilinii n cot and may
he easily IrunHporied tn any location
tk'Hlred. Wlnm eiectutl tlio portable
room looks like n fcalilo-rnnrnd tent
nnd Is la rut; enmiKli Inside to
tiocoiiniioiliite a fiill-olml iinl
nml n stand. It Is thorough
ly hpi coned, and In fair weal her
the oticiipiitn iiin he entirely In tho
opini, oxt'opt thul ho h thoroiiKhly
lunliMiuil Itoni (lies und iiKiHijiiltoi's
Tin' cauvan wide walla and roof are
easily oierittei hy lopea (itiui the in
side, lu cae nf rain or excessive
wind the occupant ina tioHe nil or
any part of his room ai will ami with
out iIhIiik from his lunl.
Mr. Nowlandcr hits one nf tho port-
uhle rooms eroclitd in tho yard nt iho
roar or Ills luslilonuo nt (110 West Coal
iivniitie, whoio tliOKHf) InloioRlinl may
80 i. Tho cost of Ih iiovloo Ih inotl
oiiiUi and it iiinlHiihin dniiiand lor Urn
.Vewntjitliir nor tthlo loom In pro
dk'Ud, '
-Hull Inn.. I mi . t
i-ii .Hllvlly
ii'Oim nil line- or tiiieiiit , .lllg the de
i lo.mrtit of main ne v entVi prl a.
I'nalneaa Hems will need mart) more
trained young rtt"h and women to fill
ri aponslblr positions. Tliey kr will
ing to offer hamlannt renumrti'n.
hut deinand eiiVient serM. . . ir "ti
d.lr. a superior position, mil must
haw ii bettor tlHih fl twine rv training,
an tire such a tralRrag in an iMa-ltu-linn
which la curl due i eil by pmitlml
kualnem men. When you are iiinli
(If, I, we will assiat you In accurlng n
Aealrnble altuntioh. Course. Quel -
if sa. ateanaraphv, run service,
Hanking. nlo post-graduate coursen in
Accountancy and Court teportlnu.'
INill term open Meptotnbri 5. Cat
alog a.nt on reo,uci. phone Al
buo.irro.u Tlutiueep Colljjg,' "A
I'r.i tli.il Si pool fni I'rin i.c.il Y'liitH
' !' !liiiiin i . i vi X M
t -
I'lli.il ni i au'Jtcni' tits .in linvv iiciliu
niauc lot the opctlltlK or i nc lull tinn
aapterniier .. A lnmi'lv liitnased t'n
rnllnicnt i ansiiriNl ami nearlv oveiv
countv will lie rcprcamtted. ,m well as
ii nntnber of not aide atntos
Mi Kllawotlli I lyre hits acerptntl
Voaiiloit tt li(KikkiKi for tlic well
kiiuw u linn of I Inning and Council, or
I ,os I .n mi
In n letter rccelvml from Miss Kim
(Hire (7iHintnn. who la oinplnyoil hv
tho C .X Cfiiton Co, of (hillup, who
Hitya she etio Iter work Immensely
anil la gelling iiIoiir wull.
.Mnnagcr llitill of the riiderwoml
Typewriter Co.. took tin ordei foi six
new ninchlneN Ui! woolt This eddl-
llOtllll tHlll lll'tlt I IDHllO IIPCI'NSHIV
by ihe lataolv ItiiM-enHcil nttcntlsncc
The school llHH lllU)VtCll llle fHltloiia
Hnwc Kvaium (if liookheeplng to ne
uacil cxiiuHlvcly lieri'iitter The old
ipxI Itns Im-cii Bm'Onllv revixcd hv the
ttutlini. Hi II M llnwc. nnc of ilie
nblest nccountiititn in (He I tiiici
Sian'H. i.iiil im the nioHt complete iimi
up io ita t . in'iitlKc of the Nuiilct'i
which h is cvci appe.ni'i ! i iiclnu
iikciI ii. NCM'i'ul litlllilM.I el ilin n:i
5f. Vincent's Academy
Ai.nrfjrp.ugrr. v. r.
27th Scholastic Year Begins September 5th, 1911.
Hnrmoniou ileveloppient of the moinl, Intellectual nnd phy!"!
ipiniitiei is tit. standard of this w-dt-known Instltniion.
Young ladlea ptcpartsl for any sphere In llf.
Home nml educational advantage exeeitent.
Kpei lel.-i d ftictllty.
H'.iniifiil and healthy location.
T'V MtTMUNTB: Primary, Proporaioeg. .vanilgilllg.
Thorough coursii lu Moat. China paint ft!' lUaeHiteti.
The Modd School for Young Lndlea.
1'i.r in 11 I'dlaloR nildrem.
IILKKS Open September 3'Hb New irmnugeinent. Dr. W A.
MILITAKV Wltaon, olfilil yearh piceldeiil l'iiiUBtoti College, lt
ACADI'IMV ItiKlnn, Mo., flftn ye.srs preMldent of lluylnr Collesu,
ndton, Tex , Iiiih absolutu leoae. Over oiie-hHf million dollora In
vested Finest equipment outside of West point. Full family Col.
I O. It. ltyrnnde, U. 9. A. enmtnandnnt. S-ml for cattiloKti, W, A.
Wilson, A, M , fiitpt., Mncon, Mo.
New Planing Mill
Completely liqulpped With New and Modern
Machinery for Turning Out
Screen Doors and Windows, Store
Fronts, Counters Sash. Doors, Etc.
at Prices That Will Warrant Your Investigation.
Chicago Mill & Lumber Co.
W. 1 OLIIItAir, Mnuncrr.
Corner Third and Marquette, Albuquerque, N. M.
FiiTLnig'an - Brown Company
Hidajs, Plts and Goat Skins
AJhuqHi-rrjHc llrnticli i'JJ-l'Jl Xorllt I'lrsl .StK'ct Tclcilione :iflS Long ill.
tanfM ooiineotloii Wrlto for ltet Uuotalloua.
City Scavenger Company f
Cleans Your Vaults and Cess Pools. Mauls Your Trnsli.
i . iMiio lollegea nth! colniiie'
i il ii iieniiv in the co, mil v und ih
iiii'ii'icil hi mailt o tlic lentil iii,
H nt inn i lev mill em lined aciouniniii ;
i. M'li nl tlic ti'M I Howe a lnm,
iiii,!!! iiikI cniniaiR' " All the
I nil-Incus lot ma (tint piipcrn mo ,ninl
lull i v the student, who t.'tlttiuit (in ts
tuinnu tiotiM with viiilniiH oIIIchm
which luivo hccii piovlilijil. oiip ,1
tlic strongcai featured Ih tho rnui -c
ii liiinkluK A imiik is ottiitilKctl mnl
rtimliH-lcii slnilK ihf HID a ot it ri'Uulitt
!y ciltnlillHliiHl liiatlnilltili All tho
hnnkliig htiHltit'SH ol iMor in tlic 'limit
l.t'oiltiK ttoimrttiii'tii is itiiiullo'i mnl
nilvnticM stiulcniK pcrfnrni the iImU '
oi linohkevpci. cullectliiii ilerh ti i
nml itHilBtiiul ciihIiIoi.
.MIhs .Mnry David linn nu(ioilod tt po
Dillon itn Hii'iioRrtiilifr null infUiNliin
bookkeeper lor fiio lliilin Conl Co
1'ull iln.v Hnsilniib will tin nHiihici
on Supicinbci ." hiirlttK Ihu Huimif"
lio ruolltitliiiiH lire hold In iho afti-t
North roui'th Hiroct Ooapci hull,
Mm North lnrtli n Htimlnv
school, ii-tr, it. in. Clillilrcu nni go
liiu to Sundny achool elaevrhete me
kimllv reiUMlel to join ua. nope
iini . hing nt 7 1 In the I'vcnina by
W i. Hanlic gubjeut. "Ilojeaniatt.-.-
i.irr vot ii wirn nwi:
an opportunity to show Imw
ei onoinli'til she can be. The
-hniK'es arc ahe la mote thrifty
t'l.tn you and a ahtenilrr
I. live-.
Am wnutan who lias to lunl:
:tt. i the iHnny detum of Iionae.
I runs flndn. It a great cenven-
..in,, to pny kdr hanifhafd lrtih
hv n.ck. It lx WMHOIIiy, i no,
. niiuoi; inuiu oi
iifflt A
vonr wife will gftd It unneeea
aury to keep money In tlm
house. Mini wilt always have ike
right change Mar acconat io
halnncit ny the bank each
month nnd the conceited ehecki
Hie receipt fi,r all pOVmetttr.
We give lit" some attention
t i invnunl of this kind hi we
.i I lie I. IR" hUMlHCfta M' I'lllllll
mill ntir oltlceia nnd cleik lire
Klmt ti git.. Io Ip and nitvlce
iit it'iv time
Banh of Commerce
Cnpltnl mnl
)cpo.l4 oirr
s oiin.iKin tin
. 1,11(111,11110.011
sr Dirertri'H,
A.A J. AJlAJI A g A M. A A A A ,m A. JjigVAi

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