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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 04, 1911, Image 2

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i m i i ii i i i
I'd ir. .1ml h itirl.H.I i.r "UTKU Wtrv nml In llii' mili'lt
i iii imil l.- omit, jnii Hif nir in HimI Jiii nlml too mint
RANSBS 180.00 UP.
W!m n in need of ENAMELED WARE remembor we
1m v the best stook in New Mexioo.
aabe (Si
115-117 North
Ilintiiig- Which Began in Mc
Comb City Culminates in
Killing of Striker Today;
Few Men Return to Work.
HI) I leulng llrrnlil A. V. I.en.r.l Wire)
i. Mfjga,. tut J-Altr re
loea thl hundred of In BV.
i " men r today pouring lnl
.ii.. i'H fruiii outlying rural -i.
mi' Noel orderc-l ill"
i"1 a mi i7 city iiiiiipaiil,
iii iiIIu i ' H" xt'fr of yetef-
flu i i. t v i ii trthe Jrcnk.r
tilkr una inpathfMrn, In ttltl
ili-ml on th- ground.
.MrCOtlll CIT
i nil. City, Oct. . (Htc troopi
n III., alrcct of Mrfomb "llv
iri.-d rioting that town )
' with an (Allium un atrtko
ih tin. killing of Im frtil.). 4.
' i .i trgvr. mi! an oxploalon r
nil' planted near the rolirnuti
i' urniMl toitay that Karl "u i
"' Truly t:ufll. bold atrllu-i,
t and badly wounded durlni.
in while walking near th liu-
' i.lral hni.v
I. partttrc of the apaelal ira'n
irlk. breaker originally ached
Lave for Niw Origan al l'i
i.. vn delayed un ncoount "f a
-mi. between Military nulhnri
'l .iilrny official. At 1 "'Work
iii that Hi- time ( It di-iiari.
i uncertain.
i. H Maker of Natohe. In n -niinand
of the trnop Inn', nt
"lured that every mimber (
s il mal Cluard al Xatchei h
loin hta command thla morH
- .rr.-oted and Mni Immcdiaiaty
' iiih i'Hv A platiNin f M(!t
n 'P wltii niaiiiln Kiina vfll
i i.h iifurnoon.
N l lt.VCJS" IS
I rnm Ui o, - , Oal. t. Th
i i.it of tin tiup maii't atrlkr
ilurrimaii Una upitwl wlth
indktutioH d rtaUng about
kids wMrfG nclaap th
mi iiiho'. , two olrtoada of atrlka
i iiiki-ii lino Iba locnl
I' la I nmlll
una to r. i.. Hmuin. iir"i
ih i i ii' i ii i 'on u Krani o
Ife' .linn iiiutitia point fur
orilUm. who will W adit to
-iioilli'r KhoiH iiIoiik thi' roml
i'ii aald tin- iii'-ii brought lien lat
non-shrinkable, in a wide range of new colors nnd
designs, with prices at 35c and 50s a yard.
Embroidered Flannels
An unusually large and especially attractive line in
fine embroidered Wash Flannels new and dainty
designs splendid values, priced from GOo to $1.50.
November Patterns
At the pattern section wc have just received the
November McCall Style Book and the Novomber pat
terns. This book contains many suggestions for
Misses' nnd Children's dresses as well as all the new
models for ladies,
Prices for the MoCall patterns, 10c and 15n.
Stoves & Ranges
Are tin- Mo-t S.i(i-i".n toty
Every One Guamntenl.
Stewart Ranges H"
First Street
1 1 ' i 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 y
. ' t I I tin
i r i i. i -ii Iki
ik i-ii 1 1 nil
IK oil Itlll'l- llllM'
till' Ullioll llli II ill-
I,. I
1 1
t 1 1. . i ii.
.ii li.-.
' ii ii i I
ii . .ur kiion l. 'Iw of or i .hiih rtlon
Mlll II.
At oihi-r iHiIni" ii lot i tlii. . mint the
'iiiljn (lf thi ntrlk remained un
Uungad. The lima fixed li poatatl
"Mr fr the r. tan f th- trlkern
wnrK mnt nt WMMght lontght.
hi mi fr an i-oittn be learned f"
'"v of til ni.n fksve jet taken ad
wim.ite of Ike offal1.
Iiiuirau iuli.t 'hninj.
lienl.on. TaxHii, &ct. 4. D..niwn
n iiiu t today . roltawlna ihm niaht
riotiim ! mrikf aymixithim m o
tli a inued. hvWvivar, by ufflrlala
of ih M . K T. rMrxd that un-
liw more iiil.'.iuate JWltce iroteetlon
la afrordwil tho eHf the aorvrnor
mil be aak.i for rHr.
oirtfluu vii, in iiooiiiiiitir.
Hoaabur. ir- urt. i. Owing In
the I'efiiMil toil,, i ,.f tratlllneli In Do
ewlu-hlng a- .1 i.miii ,1 the alilpmen'a
ulrlki'. 1. in. uiIh .,; 11,. yuiuhrrti I'h
rlrii nt thi" , .mi r. lliernaelM'ii
I"',-'. ' 1 iii'iiiia miii
1111' . "I ' 1, ,1
Progressive Loaguc Meets ju
Stntc Convention in San t
Fe Today; Slim Attendance,
Soant Enthusiasm.
(Miri'lnl 'I'BlnarKin m l;iniuK lltrnlili
BHIIta y N M , fK 1 i - Th. ,
raMve luiRiie met In ie IoiIhv
WtO content Ion Him inuile a leui
ttry orjtainitatiiiii with coioiiei (i.-oi
V. Prl lui il na leliumiiiiv ure litin
Olflofi aiiil K R Paul aa tempi. ..1
wwrfinri ('om.nltiwa nn tieileiiiiu'
peiaanem orKaiilnifiltiii. ami nth m 1
order ol Imaiiicaa were named 'I !
touvpBllon then adjoin nt-d until
n'oteck tonight It huil but a kIh
attandanre and wan eqtiall) wnK on
emhuataaiii It Hhowed the Domin i in
Jual how little the pmrrtKilvH hn
10 trade and it did not hlp I he no
HatioBK whl''li nte now nmter wa fnr
a Forolilnatlon iK'twei n the iiroitren
Iven and Deinorratn
Old "I'n iMrrggtlegJIy) Then nn
don't balleva In the taiiMH of work.
I tfUOfjflgg?
VoMtig I'n Ikin t 1, thowsti? If the
old guv-not hadn't wotilMl Nke a horkr
all hla life I xhouhju't btivti what I
hnve now -Kllegettde UlaWlur
44-f44-fe f-4444-44444
& CoIIister
Qic- Care Taken During tin
Tin n i hfLl'fl mi on 1 "Rv Tialinn
Wn, ships Not to Dnmng.
.it" ii. muiuiuion russiuic.
iceino llrrnlil A. I' l.rn.nl Wire)
' 4. - li i . m. ii,. ialed
'. Ice VllllM'il' fill . Hi
' iti- i. I .i' urn i nun i nt
Hip twmbunllii' nl of lh
At Tr ij 't i mmem-ed
k yegterd.i'. afternoon
until Bun, i.
' bMtteahIi H. iiiwilot.
1 ' f;ta i m. iiom-
nman i nt .1 .10
1 now n thi. prinei-
rrlpwH hh . nitinneil
baMlea rtRMinMl
httt Without effort.
1 ii m 1 witt n continued
1 .1 ii' uMMfMlon of the
tBitenng ih
' . . r 1 ' . 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 11..1 ' dJMHgii thi' eliy.
ml. 1 Itxliil 11 tfig ftf the ht
' . 1 .. iv .Ii 'tin ' it "
Diapi'itiiTUiMH hi' iHrtHT.
London. . t WMMi AUpatrh
from Kme a ' MUBWHt f the
iiiiinltardmeiit ' Tilpoltl
i 5 o'i in k ' trdair aft rnoon
Vli. Admlr.ii K.irevllll attnall-il to
the nattleahii" 'liilnepp.' Onrlbnldl iml
Ifranceneo f'-rniclo th.it the imm
bmrdment n uliotH to iv ln. Thiw
via, 1. with i n- fHrthl. n.'iird. ii.,
Itrln tinm d up ts Within two kll
meti.rn mil.. ui nttto nnd n ihinli of
the town. T.'ie Keg faitl rlllm
At 1 J " i lor-k MM (lurMMhli fired
thr flrvt oh.il whlrh wr- dire. i.mI
at the gov frior' pahtce and 1 plac
ed. Imtni 'lUttely the pulii' i- iiti'l the
Amelii MiiiuiiB forta replied with a
number ( hpt fronn l-ceotimetar
gum. Tin- TUfk! am wan bad.
"After tii.t Bomi.irAHIaM had pro
greaetd fr hour aatuMa from Ik
rrolaer Varag d. "iroyed the llggt
hiiuae. which collnid In rwlna.
The lialhlH ftr .aa nW beooW
Ing heavier WWtte t'tnt of the for IB
wan growing feabti-r Th cent ml
fiHtc niined ftrWf ul ' o'elfeoh but
the outer fnrla H Ui.lldieh H1 Hul
tanin kept up the d '-n" The Qwm
hanliiient ' euwl at dark. It wue re
mi in il thi morning hut the outer
fort had been reduced to rulna and
were unable to reply. The Turk re
invid their guna to the height be
Mind the town and reopaneil fire from
!".'H TtV' Wele. hllWeler. ll-
I'. r. d in xhrapni I from thv rt. t and
II. d in nil dire. Ilonn.
Thr ami white fhtg heajan la ap
iitai The linlfaiaa Hre how prtparrw
id land fnui thouaatMl man from the
Thr rkwl wan unharmed and ihero
were uu caauaUiea ott board durlNg
the brrnibnrtlakiri.
The warahlpii nonfilled their tire
i far aa iioaallile In the rorta and
hi ' iri fill I' . r. i.rl il. .mild-llii:-
tDonn Ana, Lincoln, Torrance
' and Otero Counties, Com-
I prising Judicial District,
j Nominate Today in Santa Fc
1 1 oprcliil 'I'rlcuriitu In t:iriiliiit llrrnldl
, Tallin P8, tt. M . Oi 1 I The ilia
I'ii annvgiiiloji for tlx coiintle.: u(
I I ion ii itin, Ulieoln. Tin 1 mice iiixl
hi 10 mH Iwre todny and iiuittlnntoil
' 'l'i je jHrlii V llewln ol Olero county
'"' JmllU. Wd Morgun O Llewellyn,
fo'iiigrl)" u llripillilleaii. a Hough (till
'i ni well known aiiornet of Donn
Xti coutiiy. Tor dlatriet nimriio.
i- D Tlttmnn of Sl.uru count waa
"n nateil totla for nienilier of tliu
lmitae or the legliilatiire from
I" unlet f -mipoHi-il 01 rtleiiii, rtocor
' 1 iilH (Hill (Inilii ciiiliieK
'' ' MIS' cala in cuiH, and
i wlttgji no li.-. ii..' i paid
I'lopari. Ttila I the gut of
"i IttBfflp doHj t't'r.lii by
lru , jpgbott in Un in, of
- . jhttgr, wh.niii I n do
mi mt wMMMd 'or IN"" lt killing
MBMrtna hhIih' in i.imu.iiu i.. un.
iitlrT. Jffj-iloeii. liaMii.: Ij. . n ugd
. t.ia LUtflW. the Jii.Ik. n-irucied UlU
"ly tUfTlf 'Icfeii'i un hud daMroygil
' nrnprtr h ' ' tumi, and tii
i.oll fhat u i mi. i foi iM dafoodaHt
tie hrottsht in iio itlirijitfjr'a Mtor
naye irxcepi. 'i i.. uk daoiflon, nnd will
Kppetil th
Will 1 1' ni ni, , ga allcgril drug
flmiil i' ' ". erlhrs4 aaaiailng
In th' i i brans lam April. plaadiMl
CMtli v ,tiid MP a nteiiied to ate
Won ii,- in ilpawgnty bgaiile. ! va
Iih i , "ii In Jill alnco a U w diiy a(
1. 1 the ijltrary.
ICWg4(U Arhul'l.l lo-H'l. l auiiiv to
ubHUtlBfitNg hU fuuiii. .ii, . I lr. a
alnlllar a:itnci
Wnrinc M iiitnii. n .1 w i'i itii i, li
ny llairliMin ploml. .1 Kni'. 1 th' lar
cn of ii hi el in,,! r.
month' ' nli wt i
III Hll the nlioe .j U,. iUHIIce
01 m I'liimiiino in ktt uiend' il ilnr.
mi' Hi. I in li i no of i i. r ml.
jr. .1 ii
' a iu
of Ain 1 i Kmi
go wen- po 1 or fur-
1 ' aatlmi. iii liargtd
"i' 1 g a click .in ' 1 King an
..li ri-' 1 gpon It. ii'l '' ''lego M
ion ' ih tirveny iae, tial-
; nied gwtlii. -ii .Molina
I'l.iiii.i l ntllf th 1' fir org
he! k. ii 1 not Mlttr ' ravwry.
J ana M nlg gnd 1. ni MendeK
i.'..iil. il i. ity lo the iiiurge of lar
' 11, I roin a ahop.
ir K V Wtlaon gn Imnd In the
-urn of I ."" for eii"h the nine ln
ilii tm m fiiugfl gpglni ilm fnr em
l r.f.i. m. m frrM ffka llmne loan and
llond 1 .iiu.'itiy, aikl lit red an ap
lieanuii'i MoltfjUk
I'harl" r (VMM Iwrid for
tho three mdlnMakMltr. '..nnd agnlteil
him on the rhgMpgf pmclli lug nod
Line wlthnut a ifiaaje. .... k i- Hi
t 1 reniatlv of tie T'ii ti. i.i
1 m imny here
Judgment aw JWml f I '"r ''" ''
feajdanl Ml the afjk of It. to nn
hea aggie t Jot ,iti m .
nitnlatraK.r oi the ggii. .f r m
elaro t'wndelarig. Who ii- U
at wer ra
iv. -In Iggf jriir. 'hie
a .ertaln c -f 1 no
title In a
the river,
Th.- eaae of Baajjninln I' -,' ' f
ve. oriuta. KelllF "M 011.1 m .'
taken up In Dm fHair rt thi
NHtfUlng nnd Will pllilinl'lv tuk. ill "f
today ami tomofffwW to coneiuu. Ttie
ault I for ilawgfai for nn iilleged
breach of eOaUffiftt. Involved
gnmethlng oftffW4- The plain
Uff la i-epn iWllgW by Mavron
Wood, and the dgfundanl by K. W.
Bohen nnd iwitf V Munn. The
n.ntrart out nf VNtiah the caae iirteea
wn for I'ii' cutting of large tract
,if iliiitur In the eat rn t.oitl.'i) of
tin Htnii
(Contlimoii i.-nmi Page One.)
nuerque, in which he i a direct
or, own af tm JlcMhnlarr. W. it.
Walton of WIvaT flu. former
chairman of the mm mmlt-
mlttaa, who rtMinel koiii.. time
ago boeavae the mnk and file of
the party queatliUltd hla Hemoe
lacy. la araitd for ewngre. Wal
toll I ii Han In I'e attorn. nnd
aa auh I object lonnble t the
prafreaalve Deinm racy, an la W.
It. MfOIII. whoec relation null
the Hantn Fe are ton frlendh
Other memoir of tin- iut t.
wall known, and If the are
farced n the convention thi
progreetave Democrat will Join
the progreealve Itrpuhlleiin In
formulating a tomplet.. nute
lleket compoeeil of lnri-i. ndent
emocrata iimt Henubllcun The
liemocratlc party in order l in-aph-e
confidence jmU euppnrl In
thi campaign, mial he free from
boaa or caucu domination. The
boae mM go. The laaue in thi
campaign la. '"ftiall the imiwi'
or the penple'a will prevail '"
We cannot denounce the n
publican machine unleaa wc ar.
free from the anaae charge
Nominate cleon, honaat. courage,
on Democrata and not men who
retirement apecial or private In
tret. (Wgnoil)
In Un old . II. II KergtiMoti
could m li. rall Keep (he DemOBTWIc
convention together. Hvohiho of hla
laige jMiKonal tollovvlM. and no tlld
inn liiiic 10 put on (fiB acreug. it
look now iiiungh Mr. .Iuna ami
hla lieuicimnti wmilil iwver bo ab)a
io handle )iU coiivmipkm without the
urn- of the ateiini inllar aud they fear
til lllc it Mr J-'ei gtlBtoo. the .loiloa
coiiiliiKeni hope, ill jo along nnd be
good. I' In d(H' It Will be heoauau
he la iinwIllliiK i o its the inetttoda
wliUli ilui iicd whan thov throw
hint out of i h nutloiipl commute at
the tlioe Mr. Joiiea nllilartook to run
the I)iiiiornili ; i, rty. The won! lia
Imh ii pgaaed mu thitt Mr. Kentuaion
will ho gnoil I' may lm true, bat th
all nation I lik) ti) nriao at any
etagu of the comeutlnn wherwby Mr.
KerKuaaon will li.ivo tw brow lilinaelf
Into the brrarh a lm formerly imoiI
to do to aavc Hie i in rty.
Tb (Hinventi'iii mot thU morulin?
in tno oapuoi nn. I uatwIM lis peiinan-
nt nrwnlzati"ii Till wniatig looked
uleepy and wmn -iwiJPl lUiiked liUe
thoy might lm. .ean HP nil nlglii
but they put i he h(Ui through. I'er-
iniitK'iit rhalniiiin B. A. lllOhliliUoii,
ChnvuK ttiunii. inula n ipaneli nf ar
aotitanre. aiimkiin- (ho prlnplptM anil
Iwnitw or the It. 1'iiillagii party In thlfl
caniialgi) a oiiiliii(j by II. O. Hnr
mi. ti at Iga Vc.-h Mhpp ha accepted
the HepuhllcHii nonifnlitlon tor gov
ernor Mr HI" hanlgfJH dhl not en
lhile grealh i" hht Ullhjaot Mild th?
gutwrh dhl n' iituyt with nnytWiijc
I laa tlto anplaiiHe nlvii l II. II. Vat
guiaoii. when he oRgrigil Ilia tonven
llou. October s
tallowing un Mm vis olfctlrtnon:
RatMalltto "inty (Numnlo Hu
nlok. ClliPr. roiinn W. A- HflMTH
(jfllfnx roiinn ofrlno Mnrllnn.
LMtia Aim o'iiity '.M. C. O'llnrti.
Ihlily comiiv n. C- Hiawnrd.
tlrani loumv w. A. Tontioy
OiintifiliiM- coiintyM. K, liaker.
Utiroln count John Miller.
I.UMH ooiintv .Ituiioi II. UVtltlull.
MKlllley rOiiiity.ll. 0- llmliloW.
Uttra eonniN M. aiillugoa.
Oiwo coiinu ii Himrry
Illo Arrlim ..nntv ). II. Mnitltifw.
ItotHH'veli cntinty J, ,1. Hull.
8amloval couno-Dlin W. fiulllvnii.
Ban .Iggii- M Tuflnr.
tan Miau l untr0lilrhino I.u
Jan. Mailt Vt ".unly tf, Cnlllle.
H'erra 'mini) , n. (Wlltnnn.
oorro . "uiiiv A. 0. Torro.
Tiunt 'Mint m. Clmft
Trran untywW, A. Dunlnvy.
Union . ..unly o. (lurnlng.
Vglnuu i .nntv OclirHc Ilfiffnilin.
Otisy e,
Seer, lm
Mnru i.
A ,i,t
incritiun .
m If. Aldrlch.
Trinlditd V. - llttf-n ol
r. Inrlca. .tohn I. Zltn
ii MUticI; Manuel I'
Ml! Hl""ll
B eh in.
vim1 1 rt' rn 'tiii".
11 'i r rn 1 iKiin
.lit,', ,. ll tin
1 oitv lit , N follow H
II-poll 01 ."in mm . . ii ir.iliiiti.il-
It-l"iri ol 1 ntnniltti'. m i..ii ill
orgnnlaNilon Itrport of ..iiiiiilii-. on
rule and order of IiuaImi II i"i
r lOinmlttii on plntloitn ' "In
tlon. Nomiii,,tliui of eamli.i.'i' "r
der on nominMtloii" to in ,i t.. in
loternoff Hegfenani gonrm i. e.
relory of alate, attorni r i. r.ii tr n
urer, auditor, aupei inn ltd. nl ..r pub
lie inetructroRt land cimmiainer.
orporntlon rowimnwini-r. tudgea of
the auprewie court itimiii of rnn
grea. A mnjnritt f "I' ."tea ra(
halt mmingie.
The emivenflon le de.-..i. d that In
renegonlalng It eentrel '.mmltt. .
lh roll o I'ountle ahoe' 1 no eatl.-d.
iin.l ihi 1 n'riil mmni nhmiM
i oil.. .' .. -in in' . mi n ti
. "ii 1
Now Mexico Cigar Store, 113
West Central Avenue, is
Named Offioial Station for
New Mexico State Fair.
The mionti.,1, . '. the people of l
hii'iiirrque I n t fully culled ii kii In
to the fact thai I hi New Mexico Plgar
ompany ton mj Went fentrnl nve
iiii. . hit iH'i'ii iiiignaiil by ttie New
Mexico gtnti Kiur aaaociHllon a tho
offii lui iiureim of Information fur
lulr week All ;.r.Ht iHtVlflg MUltM
to r. ni or ;i onimodjnUoHg to oftar1
nr. uracil to reuinier theft name. adM
dreme. telephoio number and rate
fm room and hoard at the New Mex
ico tore at owre. fair rial to re to Al
buuuerajue will be directed at the
Nanta ce atatlon to the bureau of in
formation nnd ulll be proMU'ii with
guide to room in varlou .uii of
town. It I iuiii likely that all tho
hotel and ni"iiiiii hnuae will lie
crowded durlti '.Or week nnl that
there hIII !n .1 !. n.iiiil for room In
the realdelii i ili.tr i
It.glMer Miur i, un and what ac
comiiiodaiinn , hne, eithir In
pereon or n.r n. ( I. ,hniii . ni Mu
Ne MiXlio !'..' . ..iiiiinin tmlii
Predicted That Rains Will
Lnst Two or Three Days,
and That Clear Wcathe;
Will Rule Fair Week.
ftlncu . url tii morning .1 t..ni
dllBBlllU laill him inoUten.il tin.
lre-tM oi AlbuU 1'iue unit deprcaaeil
inn ipiritn ut Aiiiioiuerqu un, t"
whom (he New Mi'Mii, uit)lln hit
made daMgri rHble M.-ulix r a alruHger.
The atroajg un- gtiwidy and the crow
ing glmoat aa muddy . h nlle the ghu
and etothlng merchimt hv aold
humaruu raincoat, rui.b. ra, umbrel
la Md Hlickora.
It la predicted that thi ruin marka
I he end of the umiin r uoa anil
(hat from todny on the nighia will ha
couier and the day toor,- crip with
uppriMtihlng winter.
Weather Indleatlun are for morm
rain tonight and tomorrow, gftar
which a clear ky I . jtpoi-led. ThlB
will h, g.H.d tMt the fair, and will ga
eure large ow?d. Moat pi ople rO
bearing the rain and consequent die
comfort patiently. In the hope that
nejtt n,ek will hM the tradlHoMf
ch. r weather Nw Mutho fair tjg
ervc In main ..f the oNtc. hulldlne ml,
other public etrut'iuroH, the -ool
nump wentner round peopi unprepar
ed nnd turned up eoi inllar were it
ci inniiiti tight until the henter wero
The rnln i general through thbf
motion of thi- ti rrltory
Hon. Nullum .Titan Hit Offi-rcil findi
I'lctnliiiii WlTTi Ii Slioulil Aiipnii in
Voting tllrl.
li .uh priaea nre any object, the
coming Mint., a-alr hoili develop a
very ii,i bread-talking conteat
among t.ir .un girl of thi aootlon.
Mr. II. Itod. y, xuc la auuarlHirnd
utit of the baking department, today
recu.-d from th. iron. Natlian Jaffa,
aecretary of th, territory. ehoU for
five dollar, which I to be given aa 11
priac for the it loaf of liregd mkmi
by an Amerltan girl fuurlin ywara
of 11 Ke or younger I'rank A. llHh
be, U will be remembered. luM al
ready offered a almllar eah priae for
thi hvt loaf bahnl a Mpanhth
AHierliaii girl fourn en year old or
The funeral aorlc for Jarue
llnyleliart, who nut 11 tragic
dealli at ul pot n IocoiiioIIm .
eiigiiner, In the Ijikiiiiii wre k
ycNterday, will tie held tomorrow 1
iifttriioiin nl o'elm'k In Ktroiig
llrotherg ehajiel. The erv.cc
will or eoiiiliirteil by Temple
leHlge No. . A. V. A A. M. The
4 liody will he Milt to the Hlinle-
hurt family hnnie In Mnlplil.
Mlaaouri. on Siiiila I'e train No.
t m j:in lomorrctv itfiarnootir
The body will lie tmenrted to the 4
Hanln I'e Mutlmi by Temple 4
lodge No. o nnd hy nienilier of
the Ueiitherhnoil of I.oioinnllve
Kngln. er Jnck Kninkliti, n
brother itigincer, will nc, otnimnv
Hie body l'i .M mpliK
Famous Veteran now Healthy and
Strong, I hanks to Peruna.
cicniii nf ( lul Miir nml inciiilii r fiininii- i rill ( utulry.
Mr. 1-,-wi Ji iikin. K I ' H I, I'lnl
lleothe, LivHagaton i'tmii. i in.
veteran of the Civil ir nnd member
of Merrill' L'nvaliy, wrttea: "Pcrunn
m uulii up m hc.iiin o I enn do .
much ..rh In a Ua.. u a yun man
of iwi nn year, and 1 on r.'i "inmnd
It eiery where.
"I war mi oad whii ciiinrili of Hpi
lull 1 1 mill l.tilin')- t.iai I eoM not
aleep nl all. I nt m a drug atore. t
ut g ftw bottle nf it. gggl 1 aaged
the drugglat If tlmt waa what It wax
put up for nnd h itd it wa. Ko 1
houglit 11 bottle 'ii'l looh il and It
ommenccd to r II'-' mean mu-b that
I kept on tagin It nnd It cleared
.verythlng Ilk, mi.irrh out of the ay,
tern, und ha ciear.d me of cliiwb
illHirrlnin, from . imp Hea or th iiwy
nf the civil w-
"I took cold a .voe gjpn. 1 got a
bottle ot It Mid urn tgkmg It and my
cold haa about ! ft MM.
"I am a man ..f hatt otsty-4lvc ami
can do work nf .my kind. Sv atreogth
I powerful, and the google nak nn
uhoi 1 dtd to make We ao atowt. I
I. II th.m I .. . P. rurm nd denied
Ih . tin 1 II "Ml
1 n.'il , inn- iii.m' I i not
1-. , , 1 , .' . '...ir il " I li.nl lo init
The Markets
Deolincs to 97 3-S, Closing at
97 1-2 ; Covering Movement
Have Ceased on New York
Stocks; Bonds Irregular.
Illy Hienlns llrrnlil . P. I.rnrd Wire)
Chlnann. '. Heav ruceipl in
th' linrthMeat .in atgliii or a iM 111
greater moveim m lour at hand put
the wheat mari. t to4y under pre
ggre. Till' open 'if waa a nhnde to
l-iays-tc inw.r Decern ij't atarteil
at t7ttjtrU7 i.i, the ame ehnnge
from but nlahi the marka t tnhati
Ittinffether. A d . line to t-r fol
lowed. The I..-, however, though
ateady, wn I..-. .r, with lioeember
t-MH-ic off nt ; 4r.
Oern nagged u u,conii of the pma
peat thnt the perimi of una) ae mtai
tiro Iwd eoon tn ng engl. feeemor
oHgnMl n glateeiiih wiJ-OJ-lc down
nt 01 l-lt :i .m. aiH) fall to at l-
SI l-lc. Th. I'iga waa firm. t -
embor 1-lc n. t hltJiat at ?l 5-e
II -ic.
Out aoaeil "ft with other cereal.
Deeatnher atnrt. n a altadr lower at
IT -le ami f i t 17 l-c
Wajikftaaa at the yfutfla acted aa a
dmg on prosis . HHilal ante" were
Hie lowar to higher, with Junuao
at tll.Tkj mr ii"rh,TMIw for lard
ami tf.stH fot riha,
l.iinl Hlcinlv.
St. Lonla. 'hi. l.f.agMl
il.iT i.im
Snellur firm, I6.II9I.M.
PoIIihi (Jitlm 'Hidny.
New York. Oct. I. Cotton aiiot
clataHl quiet. mMalNiil uptaiida.
flG.tO; middling naif, llft.lii No
Wool .MiirUct Pull,
at. !..-ul. 'ici. I. Wnnl dull; tor
irllory nnd 'trii inonliiiita, ITmtle:
fliwi tiirdliiiii. It flue, 11
STOfilt .MAHKIVr sa:s
New Vork, Ori. I. The movement
of atoek throuaii the igwnliiK whmhou
detunimtrHleil Hie lurk of demand al
preeent ptlie. The covering move
nteniM hnve ueaaeil nnd Hie market
MtBH"d of II ovn w el Hltt.
I'rlce Iniproved In Ihe aeioiid hour
mill the rully increnaed In rurce when
It boeanie evident thai the upplv of
iliH'k prvealiiK on the -market wa
exImuirtQit for Hii' time bulim. ft
Paul recover! 1 .. anil Pnlnn Pa
cific, Heading iiud I'iiIHhI Hleel h
euliHtniitfAl fi-Hcticin. The ('nitaillun
kii up nnd Ilm t...u nlinM .l ...ti
BplcuouH Hlr"iitli. iiiiinilln I'm if i
' l'i"i i ii.'iin, Mhnwi i.i'.t iiU'hi
and Norlh. rn l'mfl' one
t" Hi.. I'. kih ' .miiwn.. I think i.iir
h. lu. liiTULi' !jtairlngi lor Ike .d t
rran nf the Civil war or fair n perou
of my age than Polntm. It do the
nwU iipil .moniacli.
Mr. A DoeiMtl.. W Rat fir!
Mi., t'oriilng. X. T.a wrlie: "I uinnot
apank Uw Jl lgri v
and tatarrh cure in whatever form or
wherever fmtntotf. I fta a gigt de.n
ol irouble with rav bowrl and P runa
cured me.
"Jd;, aon wa very low with ntiunli
or ilia- twiiiiilb nkn nftar dnctorimt
for c.-n wi-ek 4n worae t'-tan when
h" began. The doetar did not e m
to undcratand hie nae. Me common
il ulb! Peru 11.. hlh hele-a him
right along, and he waa 'tn at work
a tain . "
OnttHl llBli' HttniilH'.
Mr. tirorge Jferi'.UgAtl. It. P. P I
Bog JT. Ktnerol flty. Ohio, writer
"After taking about aht iw.itle of tv
rfaa, I have been curcil of 1 unit ill.
JMnre I Marled ualng It 1 '-mild hard
ly Hie. p. nil nlwny had ,i palu III ihe
l.n.'k. and could hardly breathe Hut
ao I feel Imc . new pereon, I am U
m :i good health."
PMmi ahnwed nme aUgltt Irregu
irtti. with th American Toon'
ii.ii,.tt loHir
Th. 1. cov.irb wer' malnlaineil
.! iiiiu thr n on hour
IhiniHi (1i lihoatoth.
ffnna 'My. fV l. 1. Onttle--
nipt If. '"". in. ludlHg t.OTa aoitth
un'. mark, i mIow. t. ady. native
. i.irV. I i'n1!''" iiuthr eleera,
t M'M ". .. wnithi rn eow and helf
. r. ? "''Or I ' native itywa ami hrif
, r. M ;'"'. Kto. hi rn aud feed
erg, ir .'Mi . "' "nil. $.b4Hi.
etTtve. ii "i : .veetan ieer.
a; in u..i.ni oawa, IS Tsei
f lima--li. i i . li.aawt market
Maffiy I- '" h 'er. hulk of. aalea, in .'
lfitt. n avy, ajng,;4; pueket
and huichem. I rm.W. light.
t lt.ll, pige. l.e'i.ao.
jh-o!. Itet-Hpt i t,M; market
lriK mutton. tl.i I.IK; lattil.
Itint, Die; rang. Mother and yeoi
Itnga. tS.3f.4, range .we. li t."
fl an.
nilaajjio i.hmiofl..
f hlcago. (let. 4. -dgltlr -Itecelpt
itiniti'd at tl.ttao, market attad
lo I"' lower; beevea, l4.T.tB.
Teaa Ktni. MJiiirlon; waalMrn
ateere. tt iwa ti, anx ket ami fal
gra. f l.Sf : cow ami heifer.
I.ontrfi.ti, calve, (, g.af,
Jjogn -lteceH eMtlntuled at il -0M;
market atead to 5c lower; light.
It. !. ; mixed. ifl.ftHW6.lia.
henry. .".. a.TS; rough, tr. su
$.11; good to i hooe. heavy, J ofttt
.:; pig. H.PI4M.IS; bulk of aalee,
ggeep HfeelM eatlnuiied at II.
M; markwt atrong to lee higher;
native. 12.lim: w eat em. lillt
I.i; yaatrMnan. M.ai..Tfi, unlive
lamb. ri.tr.4H.tu, w eater n lamb,
Nw Yetk Moriey,
Mw Turk, Oct. I ttaol aiinnor dull
tll.iotJUOu; lag,) dtif? i...lj:
knr llvr Me. prtlHO uptrtr It-lr;
Kcxh'flit iliillar Uo; mil innmij tc
New Vork 8lock.
Ntw Vork. Oct. l.-OtSsa:
itunr IH.
Aldtiwu lot T a
Qjmt Nortnotii ih II
thorn ih m H-
.miw torn j;
Noriharn ihi
tmiillng 135 13.
tUern Prtoiilr ln7 Nl.
Hon nMe ilfiTtl'
V, fit eel M 94,
V Slral m 100
OmIh -oaal f?ee...l.!.M.
llotno. Ill . Oot. I. 3ttH0:
Ur. pt 1-2; Mliy 1S JWIfJ
PDrn-Uw 01 VH; Mri OS 1-tfliS
QiiUnae. IT s-S; jjhy 8H .ffa
.litnitu llt-.
Jamea Dtvlne, th Hftenn yetir alii
on of Koberi nevine, a hrotlHir or
Jamea Dnvlne. th luimi i.n.in.. .ii.i.i
al I o'clock Pile im rnlng In Old 'Puwh.
"flowing a aiini inni vcllll tyi'lmlM.
Tlta fuiicml iii Im i,ntd I'rldny morii
lilB with aervlcoa In Hip elinreli of
"mil Kellpi. lltirlHl will he In mlii
llg(liurn cemetery.
Don't Irlllo with n cold Ih uoml ml.
vleo for priiiidiii men mill women. It
may ho vllnl lu cno nf n child. Thorn
' iioiiilng liollor limn ClinmliorlRln't
''ouatli Ittliiiilv for rnitpJiH iiml cnldH
in i-lilltlri'ii li l. dnfc nnd mtm I'or
wI(j by nil ili'uluni

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