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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 28, 1911, Image 3

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New Style of Open Oamci
Brings Development of
Kicking; Dig Universities
Win Games by This Method.
M f iii the hMKitrr uf onttaill Una
ii.n.h aire been liild Hiron drop
i-1 kiiir a rme Aiihmii. r Aoity
m.iiiIi bend ixi'h of the t'nlerH
i'i lvtii)lvuHI football team.
I nder Hi oM mm a drop kick
often calll in handy. Hut tee
urN xliou thai vary few game ware
siiii i tin pki ninn
I'rirH rtmi hunt Yale In IS Wy the
...n r ii tn 10, fwtonuji nf I'ne
kukiiiK n mm I fr.mi the Held ilurliiR
' h. lent intitule of play
MiirvHnl bent Yale In lte Hr th"
!( r 4 to . by in won uf a mnil
rem the field, bat In fw Hther in
xt.i it Iism linn play Iih.ii the tie-
niins wie In oonteata up t lit year.
Im wnii the vuhi of the ilrnp
h' k.r hb noted, nml im doubt eery
ii Ii u the country made up lit
I'hIkI at tin- clow of the eonuu Unit
nv H'xilcl traln eer effort to re-
"Nature liath framed
strange fellows in her
time" but wc can flit
Some light on the "ex
tra sixes!"
Very lurgc stout men
tt ltd slender men "going
up" must be more partic
ular, not enly in size and
lit, but especially in the
patterns of their suits.
Some stores don't give
the proper attention to
this detail of their busi
ness. Wc do. An array of
stylish patterns, PURE
WOOL fabrics all hand
tailored, in the "extra"
sizes for the "hard-to-fit."
Very tall men;
Very thin men;
Very fat menj
Very stout men.
Next time you're dowri
our way see them.
At our usual reason
able prices.
wAsiiiNtrrox ctormxfl
i ,. J.aPLaaaaaaWy
uv lint onl one, but two it Ihreo
R'lml lri kicker
t I'i tin mik . tin' iIm- -if lr
Hrmi. mi. I Jai-k Mind. ! lmvi
In. ft .r r.n Nklllcil ilrnp ItickiTD.
Thin icnr r arc ilevrlitpltid ni
Hihii llir.M tiifti Mumhnll protnlpci
t,. In, a w.iKclil at Dili xnmf. il
Kililli- Tlmyor nml (.'riiwfuril, tlit- IiIk
rrlimaji mmnl f Inut Vr. e'raw.
t.inl, in plflyuiK with the tram Inot
'Mr. ktokMl a Html ir two in nliiiuot
-vrry ftanic thiy playnl. whlt- Tliay
.r dlil tliii trick for tllto wrtlly Hir
urul tlmm.
Himwii Ihih u kihiJ iimii In sprsok
llnif. vrbu laat nentnn Mlckoil thra
KUcioMfiil Moult frtitn the tlekl
HRHllxt Yale llowe, Ynlt' fttjitillli
thta year, im to l dtrtiiK very
tvll. anil haa Ml van a cml ncoognt
of himtatf In Hi aninati ptnyml
far till ymr. Ilnrvnni Iiiim a k.hhI
i nan in I'ottar. I'rlntatoii Iwii IVn
"llainii hihI llakar, botli nf whiiin ran
hHi1 tha lilstfhlH "Vtir tlia Imm (rin
tlwi 11 r 4U'ynnl Una. I'unillii-in.
It imihiii. ktchiHl Mvaral kuiiU rrni
the Main.
In titular, t'nrnall lia irnbnily
thf vary Ham plan, and ilrep kloker
III IIih" ouilto III h HUlilr pliiyed
a week HS h (tllnt III tnill vir
thb tiara from tli IS-yunl lln. Thin
mauiM that i.'nrnvll Im ilaiiKaruiiH nny
whart) In th npKnnta' territory.
No iloutit the numbrr of field roiiIm
thai Imvo ! n aoorvd till wir linv
lieon i'iiumiI tiy thr liiitructloni of
th ilirfwuiit iiiiil. linn and ruachao
to try out Hi" play In prrfarenra to
HorliiK u t'luriidoVMi, In irdr to Vive
Hi.' kukir prarti in pulUnif ihn
i .ill n r thr burn in ! Imil i uiitHMla.
Hugh Mcintosh Has Signed
Up Number of Pightcrs for
Bouts, Including J i m
Kan I'riuicUoo. ul. 8. .V nuwly
erhiit A ml rutin n nUniinur bilucH in-
lf I'Mlnir iiimh lu luuard In tllu puk-
Valli- Kliiiutloit in the limit uf the cum
trt-u ami naltlo tiUbll. To IhikIii Willi
IliiKli !' MeliitoKli Is bnuli In Kydnoy
Idokllitf aftir till lutvrMta lit thv
ltulioultr'i! Day Htadluin, Ho lnij, nl
luady wurkud K i I.'tiiK-IjiiUr uud a
I.t'Mfr MoVetv lliilit. Winter 'ou from
l4if. ami a In turn woriited by
liflro MrVea
Mclntosii uui rucclvi-d with updii
i.Dita when he reached MyUney from
I mlon. At one Kuthcrliis uf prom-
lilt rltlKdlii It D. MritiKhor. M. I A
oi-oupled llif uhnlr, and (here wua
ep n'h-mKkiiic KulTp- One report of
tin pructedli KK anld: Tho apeochua
puld a hldh tribute to tho llcroultim
work pcrformi'd by tho uiwt In ro
vivIiir puiilli' Intereat In bnxlmt
throiiRhuiit iii.. world, and pruvldlnK
pntrotia of (he noble art with uontoMA
eiiul to iinytliltiif evdtituutltig in tho
alalia of pURlllain."
I iiHiirt's .IoIiiihiii ComlliR.
Mrlntnxh t""k opcahIoii to deny
thai lie liiid ver tipokon In an tin
comiilinictitary manner of the Na
tional Hiortliiff club of lmduii or of
llrltlfli aporta KentrAlly. He raid Mio
National .SpurtlllK nlub had treated
nun "in a prKi'iiuaiiy iuir niui nurrai
inauner." nml that ho fully apprec
iated Biirh treiuiuetil.
SlulnloHli Is not nt all dlaturbeil by
roiiorta to the ( rf.it that Jack John-
Hon la not likely 10 turn up In Au-
trallrt, Mue eaya ho has poalttVO
kiTowleiln.i that Johnaou Ima arranged
for tho ahlpment of hlit two uulnino
ImIiui from tendon to Kydney, for-
lti;rniorii that Johmon ma bnapoknn
berth room for hliimeir on tho atcamcr
"I ntddo a dint when In London
wth I.loyd', who miut pay me Itv
tl)Oiiiitiil pouiida ahutild Johnnon lint
co mo by the Orvletn, an asrecd," aalil
Mamtonh. I know the ponltlon.
know tho aouree -whence the report
i ii m joiinvon wouiu iimHiipfiiiu me vni
anfiled. Hlltt I am " autunod that
Jolnuon will lie here."
I'lynii Uiuli-r Conlrai t,
Molntoih haa Johmon under con
tract to box Ham Mngford, Hum Mo-
Vca nnd otltors In Hydney, but the au-
plclon ex lit that If tho ocxlnit mtu
atlon clear In Nov York neither
JmIiiih.111 iiur IxiiHford Mill llml Hull
uuy to Aunlrnli.i. it t irmt in i' iiar
Jim l'lyilli la nilnthr lirniy wpIkIiI
who l aeld to liu miliar riinlrii"! In
Mrintoati for a riiiiipalKn of llnti'iifT"
In Cyillte). nut tliorc Ik iinthlnif In
I'lynn'H meant nioviiniHiiN to daunt''
that he l tiraparliiK for a voyax-.
Thay knaw In Hyiltier Hint Tommy
llurno waei going out thrr to tllc
riplina Jark Iatar In matters finan
cial. lMter'a almrr of the prir mo
vy In tlw . 'intfMa ith Iltll Lams
anil .am SleVm wero tied up by the
couria prnrltnic nuru'a orrlvnl.
Before Tommy cautd Invoke at
tac inn ii proi'eailiiiKH Later lnviiili.il
In a xreal big automobile. The Syd
ney iortlnx iHpn printed plrttarea
of l.fnt-r lukiiiir leaaona In molorlnc
fr 'in a iW-iiiinMritlnn. hut did not my
"hrtlier Hi., nut'" had Ivreti ntlarhed.
1'r-iliahlv ,1 ic k purrhaMoil It on the
I iii,. puMii' nt piitKMpli, and It I- im
miiti.'. IS WORSE
So Says Georgian, Who Op
poses Divorce in Kansas City
Interview; Quarreling Fool-
Interview; Quarreling '
ish, According to Him.
Kunaa City. Mo. o t -'ol.
Alexander (Ireavea of Atlanta, On.,
r-H yn all thla talk ab'oit divorce Is
foidiah. The colonel, who la 68, and
hi v.lft. wlui l iavi'PbI vain vnlimr-
er. are ut the Hoi. I IkiUlinnre. on I
the way to ChlenRo to vliilt rt mar
rlod lUMKliter. Col. Uretfvaa la a re
tired attorney.
"I aunicl my wife nnd I ware na
imiiIIj muted an auy pair lu the
world," the colonel laid u fiiiuul la at
nlalit "Vo quarreled for ten yaara
ami deeidad tu bo happy. 'What'a
llii' use of innklliK li bud bargain
!!'' we imkad nieh other. I prom
lued to let her liavo her way and ahe
aur i' oil that I could do an 1 plumed
The relief from I in oronneil will waa
no creat that wo becuuio tolerant of
earii other. I u u faw yeuia wo wer
aa deeply In tovo aa wo wero lu the
rourlinit ilnya.
"Wv found that wo wore not m
illwisrmsitilo after all, uud now wo
.Imply live for wieh other. Tim
whole thint; la Juat ililp In and Rite
In and forirat about the diroree law
Ten to one, tho aeoond ijiurrlni
would bo worxn than tho flirt."
Denver, Ort. !. lly refunlni? to
aniiutiio any JurlHdlellon in tho Den
ver city nnd county consolidation ease
uiidor the Itunh bill, the United
Htuli'H auptemn court han maile flnat
a diicroo of tho Ktnlo aupremo ourt
laMt Mny d'clrirliid tho couiolldatlon
I Ma I and wlplntr out tho county of-
Tho decUluu vlrllinlly abullahod tho
Juvenile court. Tho city offlelnls
now will iinMimo tho correMnondlnR
roiinty of flrlntn' John In uddlilon to
their prenont dutlea.
OlaitnoBB cornea wlih a better under
atniidlni; of tho trannlent iintiiro of the
many phyalcnl 111 whleli vanish bo
foto proper cffortHitcntle efforla
Idcaannt efforts rlshtly directed nml
ORnlnlod by tlm pleaimtit laxative rem
ctly Syrup of 1'Ikh nnd Kllxir of Sonnn.
lis lionoftcliil offepiH, niv duo to tho
fact that 11 la tho uno remedy which
promotes jntornal olcaiillnosn without
ilohlllmtlnK tho orsanii on which It
acta, 'To get He licnoflclnl cffnctR at
wnyn liny tho Renulno inanufnctured
by tb Cntlrornlu Flu Hyrnp Co,
Dcatli Valley Miner Makes
Another Trip to Famous
Mine in Hottest Country
This Side of Hades.
)...k iiKi,-e, I'al . ni l :v
s. tu. iti- Death ,u. iiinivr.
'tii'-tlme prture of ependrr tuia
i "inc tn thin clly mi the Hanta IN
limited with nuolhar ' roll "
In hlx old-tline lireray way. "Mol
Iv" aaunteriHl throURh hlf Inmlllar
liiiiinta and epun ioll plecee upon
lb,- pollhel Nurfiitte of the imre,
buyiiiK drinka for the erowd that
mthxred nml ittvliiK ihu ciiatiac to
the bartemliT.
Into tbi' uara of the Aleaundrla. tbn
l.unkerahlin. the Vun Nuya aiid tin
Wnldnrf. Into a dozen more. Scolty
Ntrolird, fllnalna Uli gold rlictit and
ti ll, buMnc drlilka for the crowd.
Where er he went the rail tla
tiRRlnn the blue rinnttal ulilrl. with
Him lirvmil HinilirnrA nml llui ilfiullaileM
overemit. pmelalmml lilm "eotty,"
i nun nu JV..U1I leiiowT.. over wiiooi
he onee relKiiad kin, watoomed htm
Imrk to the throif
Keotlj'H follow ina InorenmHl a he
tihowed hi Broriiipuclts in eiuh aur
IohIvo pluei'. The neWH apread
lik-kly about to.ui that IJhhIIi Val
ley had "aH-uiiK auetlier lank" and
Scotty waa "aplliin elmiiga."
"There" ttiiire her title ivm
from." yelled In laaponac to
u tnunt "I'm in to niirlitK a ur
prlee on Lo Aimi.t w1Ui a ImdKel
that will onon tin' yea of th eaat
em Riiya and am tuiw we uaaal
10 MpnMd It In lb' "id day.
"Where'a in mluoT Ain't teltlli'
nnboily. Any man wit the nerve lo
bravo Dentil Vail' to find It, let lilm
In ovary roaori that Hotty oiiternil
In. liwiilrd the ir...wi. Quo iiraauuip
tliou youim man. uJoylUK tho Dualli
Valley "roll" for tlx' uVi'itlnif, atari ml
to uiiir flml, but ttm oriotlilia prime
of apendere liiimlii'i lilm uway with
11 w tup of his bin uriii.
"Mn f Irnt ; I h'i'i tliu nriiiy." cotu-
niulidcil Hcotty. "' flu Htrolli'il, the
ifutmlM trotipIiiR in li:ml.
.Mcully'a fuitiltiur ittlro proclaiineil
him tho vpunder hviiii the oaiteru
barteiiderv, Hi uroeto'd .eauh man
boliiud tho bar with "Aiiy ilrltik for
broke man?"
"Suro," wua tb" anawer.
"Then heroV a proHent," bellowed
rfcoltj, ami over Hi" BuV(nre of the
bar would roll a ( n or twenty dollar
KoUl tilcitc.
Heotty'a lust H"i.r (If wealth la us
inyilvrloiiN mm hi- i revloun onee.
I'ltocitos or i:iii:t?i'tkiu
Well imhlid n tu, iuiltillnu nnd
rttdilDneea nr.- th. lft of modern In
Keinilty For Hi'i' tho InoadeHeelil
eleotrle lamp u Miarly rcionlbl. lu
t8T!i the llret . oimnerelal Ineadeacent
lump wna imrnte.i iiv 'llinmaa A. IW
(ton. In It ( rfil pnrta the lamp
wan the came nv ihOKu made tuday.
aftar thlrty-tw i"5i f experlenre
.iHd improeim m. Vbuut four yaarn
nun, however, tie mineral tunpiten
waa experiment ! 1 1 1 - Ita uno aa
the filament r in- 1 "'up wag reooBiH
oil na a radlmt imiimWiiicnt In eftl-
vlonay A b. i'-i wuiier URIit waa
nbtnlned, and, f all, It reduced
(he household! i r otrlo light bill by
more t liun hair " leaped, It i unld,
into iiiitnni re
To iieiii w uii i i.e new lamp had n
Krentar llf. th.ui n rban lamp. Ita
life wua t.:on ii' uii uKifljift alx hun
dred hnurn .'f th otliftr. Alan It
burned with " titaher muxlmum of
IlKht than th. .it"i lamp, nnd con
aunicd but I" iniich cur
rent. It i itii i" a-1 over tho other
then la 130 p r "'
Tho retail ' lamp l about
twice Hint r it" urbQii lamp; that
l. u 16-oamii' i"'"'' ourlion lamp on
a lto-volt .un in Costa ivcnty-flvo
ceil!, whit.- Hi, unistun lump ulvllis
20-cutidlu poer "'ti flfly-llvo cent.
There la tm m o .noiy on the lamp or
ll mniiufnmir " pracllcAlly nil of
tho lamp mnniM mrra In tho United
Plain nro iinlrtlf Dfio lampe.
28, 1911.
Tcrtullian's Definition of Wea
ker Sex Is Strongly Opposed
by Delegate to National Wo
man's Suffrage Convention.
l...ulavllle. H . net 2H n an
utile uddreee. at Hie National Wom
an HuffrMe onenlloii. auirReHtlona
for improvlim the "Hate of Hell"
were outlined by Mlaa Mary John
ten, the author, of ltlihmond. Va.
.Mkw Jolinmoii prefiued her MURRea
tlona by iiuotatlona from Terttilllnn,
HUeillnR her aax to the entrance to
the infernal raglona. In part ho
" omn.' oxcbilmed S Thomna
Aiiiln,ia. 'woman I a rapidly srnw
InR weed, an Imperfect helm; Her
body attatnn mnturlty more rapidly
tlmii miin'H only becauxe it In of ea
value, ami Nature la unpaged lu her
making. Women are bom to bn
Htarnnlly iHalntiilned under the oko
of their lorda nml maatera, who are
1 endowed by Nature with ntiperloriiy
In every raspeet. and therefor de
lined to nileV
'.' 'Woinnn" nxetalma Tertulllnn,
'Woman! Vou ouplii to ro about clad
In mourning: and riina, your even
filled with tenra of remorae, lo make
ue fornat that you have been man
kind' deHlructtop' Woman, you are
the ante of Hell '
"What I'wIhIi to do for a few min
ute in Kravoly to eoiuddar how we
eon Improve the Clate of Hell. Arch
itecturally apeukltiK. It I a matter J
of carrjrltnt aloft -the wicket which
ha done duty for ao man ue. of
UnlarKln and adurnliiR It. of Klvtnv
It height, nobility and apicnuor. "
aihlevlinr. In abort, m lofty and beau
tiful portal. Tarlulllun, or roure.
waa content . illi a aomewliat low ,inl
narrow Rule, carefully planted in the
ahade Hut time chanKe, and I sub
mit that even ho flxeil an tnallluH'Oi
a Hall Oale ahnwa ft tendency t
clinime. too.
Tho Cuto llcaiitlful.
"We nil huve our liloaa ae to h"W
the new Kale oliould be built, it" Ri'h"
rail appeanim-e. beauty and utility
I'robnbly every wiimiin lu thic uu-li
once I buay nowadaya mukliiK a
iiihiiUiI blue print of u new licit flute
I have the floor, however, and I am
rsIiik to wive, vury roiiRhly ami ills
ctiridvoly. my own blue print-
Minn .lohiieloii deacrllied how kmc
thoiiKht the new Rale inlRht differ
from tho old phHloally. lu awcep
and power, fine and atrom; Rrnlit,
clean noble line; mentally, in educa
tion, th adornment of mind, the
turner brain, the Kroatrr intellect;
eplrltnally, with the nobler mid wider
heart, the truo mother and lover or
Tim new connlltullon la flral on the
prtiRrnm tomorrow mornliiR m un
flnUhejl bunlncaa. Ild ner frm
ffltunlay la the noctlnn prndiiiR that
uffleer who conatllute the executive
board or the national uxitociniiou
thall confer onco ouch month. Thin
Ini1!e that theao offltora nitnit llvo'
In the aame eeetlou of thv country,
InviilvltiR at onee the irHipct for tho
removal of headuuartcra from New
York to i'IiIciiro.
I'oiitltiHent on tb removal of
headiiuartera la the cli i tl'm nf orf I
eor. aim act for tomorrow murnlUK.
niur.snss o.nnot un ctmi:i;
by local auplloatlon, ui luey cannot
renoh the dliutl portion of tno car.
There hi only one 'ay to euro deaf-tn-aa,
and that I by conatitutioiinl
reni'ilii'H. Ddflfnem la caused by an
Inflamed romlltlnn of the inucoim Inl
ine nf tho nmtachlnri Tube. When
till tube la Inflamed you have a rumb
ling ound or imperfect henrlnir. nml
when It la entirely oloaed, Ienfnon Ii
tile remit. And mil no tho Inflamma
tion can bo taken out and this tube
roatored t ita normal condition, hear.
Iiir will ) ileal roy.d fnrever; nine
cue out of ten are eauved by I'ulurrh,
whloh I iiolhtiiR but an Inrtnnieii con
dlllon of the murou surface.
Wo will kIvo One Hundred Dollar
for any euro of Deafna (eauaed bv
cntnrrli) tnnt cannot no cura ny
Ilall'a Catarrh Cure. Bend for cir
cular free.
!'. J. CHRNHY ft)., Toledo O
Fold by rmiRRlntn, 7SC
Take Hall' Family rill for eonitl.
ror th bast MSdla home n t.h
city call phoBa No. I, W, I Trimble,
111 Nortk seeosd It
Eviry Wtfflid
ll uirraitri nrvi imkisj know
MARVEL Wliidiat Srrtf
ni new vaginal Syr! eg.
tti notuonTcDKM. II
cuaaiti IctUfitlr.
Alk rni druutut f cr I
tr in oiiaoi inter tin
HianvEL,ic ret nac
luC ttnd itims I II l iluilf IH
Ixnk tulnl. liiivTf.Jlcitllcy.
lilt tB.1dJrK1lal lnvliubUtl. Udlff.
Mlim CO., 4 UUtii lirttl,t Teik"
mt a
k. TaI
Why Don't You Get
A Free Dinner Set? t
Mr, nnyion of 423 Itaxuldlno nvonue rrcelved ono Init
week, and It waa n dandya l-pleco act of IiIrIi (crado
chlun. It didn't com her a cent; and It won't coat you a
emit olthor If you meet tho conditlona of our rctnarkabln
offor. All you havo to do It proocnt ut our uloro at 8
o'clock Haturday evening, a curd ahowlnif that you wero
the InrReiit iuroha(ir"of eooiIu'u tourtdrT"durlntr"tho
prtcodltiK woak.
Remember We Shall Give a
Dinner Set Free Every Week For
Thirty Week. You Surely Can
Have One of Them.
When wo ay that tbexe dinner kcIh are Rivnrt free, wo
mean Junt what wo nay OoodH In avcry dopnrtmont ot
our Mtore are aold nt llu ir rcRUlar, low, plaln-flRUra
price, All you huve to do la elmiv tliul you wero tlia
liirgct purchuaer durinK any contest week.
Strong Bros.
Genera! 5: House Furnishers
Present contest cards every Saturday at 8:C0 p, m.
The Bank of Comme reel
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Capital and Surplus $200,000.00
Established WO
Wu soliail I ha
Solomon Luna, President W.
0. V. Safford, Cashier R.
U. 8, wiiHe, Asst. CaskierF.
WO barns on a western
farm, exactly nlikc,
were tmintcd at the
same time; one with Dcvoc
Paint, tltc othor with a well
known mixed paint at the
snmc price.
Six gallons of Dcvoe finish
ed one building; of the othor
nn i ii t ii i mi rn 1 1 mi a iinrr vi
I 'Ualafc iiiiiv tvri tiv
You .nit figure (Hit the economy
in dvm far yuiirwlf.
Viin yU do any painting nk
r Devon paint, hd get it.
TliOS. F. KELEHER, Ajreni.
Ai,mQtn:ittt;i: rorvmiv a
maoiiim: wokh.
liiKtiiect, I'm! miens, Miiitilii
'imIii(T", I'moplm; I'lmitM,
ltcpnlr Work, Send for littl
unite. Alhuiucnuc, N. M.
Trees & Seeds That Grow
tfl vearK under my pnrHount mini
,iK'i"' ii' full iimiiirtiii' tit of trern,
piaiitH and n-edn No iravclinit
aRcnl. Ii w prlei'H, (Inifli'd Ap
ple and reach. 3-3 feet, Jr each
I Ii' rriea, lie Hell. lllllBk fi' lUt
ami ('atiilpn Siicl(ini (the rlijlit
kind), mllinRa very cheap
l i iRliI Imld on 110.00 tree nrilera.
Kui' n-H'TlineiU of VeRetable,
I'l 'iM r.ancI Kurin HeedH. Havo mo
li' 1 ond for my largo lllustrutr.it
i. irdeo Hook. Kren.
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