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i unu nii ciTi.i:.v.
VOI. Ul. -NO. flu.
i wwu iiiriut.u.
U!j. I. .NO. All).
Even in Banner Democratic
Counties Republican Norn
incc for Governor Has Re
ceived Evory Courtesy.
Says Citizens Will Measure Up
With Those of Any Seotion
and He Finds Pleasure in
Getting Among Them.
(i(Htil Telegram l menlng Herald)
Hun a IV, X M . u,t Si -Holm o.
lliirMuni. Itepubllcun candidate for
governor, spent Hunduy m Mania Fc
mid left Mninlav morning for Tnoa
lounly. where hi' ivlll make a lew
apeechos anil meet I tie people.
II.' wilt apeak litre In lln hull of
n pri fiiMlli! in the yupltul this
evening ut 7 30 o'clock.
His eyce lirlulil. til" atop vigorous
ami apparent iik rresh iiml tlrclce um
the ilnv Iik began the cumpulgn, Sir.
Iluraum iipiMirt'titly hail aufri're.1 mtt
u white from tho uriluouM eampalgu
ItiK trip which have curried lilm
through t lie counties in etiatern New
Mexico, In tin I'ecn valley and In
the noutliu'iuturn counllei.
"I'm not bit tired. .tid Mr
Iluraum 'und I have cuJovtd m
trip because I llki) to get out iiiuuiik
tlic people, I"'1 with tlx''11 nnd meet
them iiimb for man.
-I have certainly received tho
grcatcM courtesy everywhere I have
Ki'iiit. Uvit lii some of tin- banner
Demon alio counties I have befili
treat oil royally unit I appreciate thu
aplrll ahown by tho audience I I1I1V0
Iiml anil their open a tut (rank discus
sions a Individuals, when I met thctu
"Tim mure ii man travel inmnd
In this great iw stale. Irrespective
of parly or politic, the mom tin Hi
improved with tin fact Hint while
e huvo people hern whose fathers
huvo been here fur generations; that
while wo havo people from thu raid,
the north, tho south, from all over
thin Rrc.it laud of our nation, wo
have a rltlxcWhlp that run nut bo
equalled In any state unit I ilon't
Hn what Mate It la. Tho people tf
New Mexico will measure up, man
fur man, with an) of thorn.
"Ami tho people In New Muxloti
are honorable, thinking, hard-work-lug.
kooiI all-around American atl
sens, and It In n roll pleasure to gut
aroiiml among thum and to fuel, ag
I feel, that these people urn going
t makfj n stole wc eui be proud of.
' Anil tuko those men 'lm hnvn
come Into Now Moxleo and huvo fllud
upon homesteads. Tho nerve nnij
energy unit oourugo that II liikos tit
r. 1 Inlm land now, when no man'
eiif.h r paths of inquiring a homo urn
open to the people. Is one of tho vcr?
biKt Indications of the maniirr In
which the resources of thin stulo,
down to tho minutest detail, are go
ing to be dcvclbpml. It takes nerve
and energy und persistence to bitlld
up any state, or any farm, or any
ranch, or any business. It took lots
of It laipk In thoxo ilaya when thU
wa :i wild oonntry. a frontier Intent
ed with Indlunn nnd ma rand em, and
It taken it today on It took It then,
only ntontf newer tlnrx.
Totltlenlly. I am of the opinion
that the flrM hIhIc Rovernment In
New Mexico In iiolnir to bo orKulilie-J
b) a Heiiulillcaii Hdmlnlxtratlon. The
Itepublleun mate tlokot will be elect
ed by a kooiI majority and it wilt or
fiatili.i a Kood, eonerntHe, houeat
and economical overnnient.
"Mont of my llfo ulnce I wan a
mere bo) him been apont right here
In New Mexloo. All 1 hiiv or :ver
.expect to have la here. I could
neer luave New Mexluu. My homo
In here; I lovo the country, Um Po
pie. motintaliic, plulnM and valley v, Itri
great riverx and broiid iiiomih. Un
C'oulltuu'il on pacu 3, col. 0.
In lilv tirade at I,orribiirK Munda nlKht II J. llacerman Ik quoted
1 1) lliv Journal Droitural hk eullINt; Mr. I'ninklln II. I'lereo of Kan I Ijk
VeK.m11 "lljTlv'
llakerman iImm nt iiw the wwrd "Mar" The report oemlm; Into
ltiiinftmitl liemliiarlei-jt have ttiuKtit the m-n lii eharKe there how our
people feel about HiiKuriuun ami hla ninjulKu of nmiil nlv llu-ter-man
hum been tnatruetvtl 10 modify hip rniiirUuKo In iltuttnir with honorable
and liunorul eliln or New Mxteo. Ii liita Ihwh round that callln theae
men "Ham" and "thfevtw" la not popular. Ho llaseriunn used th(. term "uti
nualltledly trtl" In di-allHK with mime f the alMtomeuta nmde by Mr.
1'lene In htn cnnvliicUiK iltocuaMon ol tho llHraum matter.
Still tltr l ttu dlffrreHtt In Mtt bvtwern Itur and a man who
nieki-i n BtatJinvent 'uniiuaHiltnlly IoIm."
Mr. l'Uree'a MMUimenU umn th Hurauin matter anil the llnB'rmTtii
ftMuiult wr deflitlle, clean out and to tK- pHat Thay admit of no mla
unilerelaHillnK. Tile) lwv heen prlMod nvor nkt alRtmturc and with lilt
nuihurlty. I
Mr. I'lr In a plait 1 tMielnes own--nnl eonuei-tl with poliler. nr with
piiiill.- arfnlrK xvpt an hv hi ahllHR In the imllitlui; up of 11 Kreat eom
mii!iit llasarnmn' Mntemunu oa prliUl by the J our nut Dumypral are toriu
.um vi-e; typical f rery ijioMh h hut made In thi unmpulKii: typu-ul
or the wik, iiNrtuln oh.imottir of the man.
lho iivoniKe nfWHiHj'r-ridlMK voter lulu now rem both those male,
lin'iil. It Is a almple uueMlon Wlcjhr Mr. IMeroe Im u liar or whether .Mr
HaRiirnir.it Im a liar.
It I' uurlli w ill.. I., ertntliler the vhuraeter of the tno men und the
in 'Uvea promntlnt; Utuiii to nmhw tlilc lalimntta at yT time
HiiRermnn U the rluh khii or Inhariiod woaltlu He nover did it dayV
uork In liU life, lie iloon not know huw lie nevar lmllt nnylhlujr. In
Ii In brief publle ear err un tola Idea iik to ttar down und'tliutruy. There
Ih nut on rootird In hla curowr an iruvarnar. or In ht lulvuto life a hIurIo
thltiK In Nuw MeMeu he Iiiih hulped to build up. 'I'ttroURhout hla life lie
Iion buvn Hi) I'Htr IIU father wtia 11 great and reHpeoted Inmluei-a num.
I.Ike muny anoiher micli he lfi a fortutie to be epont by a weaker run.
llusermun'N motive In thin cumpulKn la periHiual revtnuo for funded
wrouKfi. lie Uun nit other motive, lie Iiiik wild w publicly and privately.
He would dentroy If. t) tlurvitm. 11 man who Iihb nuulo by hl own hard
work ever)- tlullar he Im.t ever owned or apent. lliievrman could not be
oleeteit coiiclttblo In hla own home preelnci
1'ranklln I'leroe in a. blir bualnua man. II - ain.-cciiful, Hu ha
iinitle hla way In the biiHlnnea world by braiim and hard work. For many
yi.ir lie ;uu been a badur In tho Now Mexico 1iielniti communlly. Ilia
word U like u aurety bond unit la o aciMpted by every man who know a
lilm "r of lilm. lie hua freiiuently had olfnra for IiIhI) ollloe. Ho could
curry III" whole eominnnliy with him at any time for any nlllco ehould lu
seek tuiu. II preferred a bunlniita ournvr. lie 1 now building one of tho
fir eat Irrliiulloii enturprUea of tho Mate; an unturprlM which ho mudo po
albto thruuKh thu cumidettco In which hv In held by tlnanclvra at home and
abroad. Thin unterprl. due to I'lorce'a bralmt and energy und high Hand
ing, will Imitirc permanent proporlly und largo population for tho Iii
Vegua rommiinlty.
Mr. l'lervii uontwnttHl to warn- oil tho penltautlury btiurd whllo Hurauin
wiih warifon. Ho applied btndneas iiutlimU to hi oitleo na uhalrmnn ot
that board, He kiuw what wa going on lit Un llnunolal munagumont and
tie wi.a nutUllod -a llli It.
Hugurmun knew Mr. I'luee to libe 11 mieeuwliil Uu.lue man. n ninn
of high Integrity. Did ho commit Mr. I'lorce when ho determined to ruin
IJuraum? He did not until he wait raady to "aprlng" hla llaacti of an "ex
pore." lint Mr. 4'luroj coiutiltetl HiiKormutl. Hv did It In tho governor'
bitb'u und lie did It o vlifinoiuly that llugernian hua naver forgotten tho
incident. 110 probably novur will. 1
Mr. I'leruo mudo to Hugerman ut the time the very no If anio atute-
nielllM ho mudo In hie recent public totter to the people of Now Mexico. Did
jUBurmun neck to deny them then . Did ho toll Mr. riurco thoy were "un
qufttllledly fuUo" then-? He eertulnly did not. When the Hufford report
wuu Hindu Mr. t'lerco told HuKrmuit nnd every one else he talked with
that that repun wna correct. Did Hugurmun atut to Mr. l'ltrcu then thut
tila uacerllon waa "iiniiuiilllledty fabe?" ji did not
Mr. t'lerco hua no motive In making Hit tilatemout now except the
motlvv of the fair-minded, broad gun Me clllxen who olijecln to aeelnn un
houorubiu man alundered. Mr. 1'luren la not a candldutu for olllce. Hu cuu
hope for no personal mhuntuue In lUpubllcnn nucceaH, except the vommnn
udvunlago of good government. Mr. I'Icroe'H atutement win made in writ-
lug, over lib own signature ami bi-emuo Im btlleved It right to make It.
Hagormnit'a atatementH huv been made lit the liopu that lie may deatroy
one mun una iiiiih autiary bin peranum iiexire for revenge.
Tho two tulemhi have hon pluced beforo thu people of New Mux
Ico In oolrt type. Thiy are muttura o( recnrtl.
one of Uivfc two men bun tlotlberutely Med.
Uo you believe It wiih IVunklln I'lcrcv, or do you brllove It wan Hugir
mun'' Coiialder the character, iitlalnineiita and aiandlng of tho two men
couildor tho moilvia actuating them. Then divMo,
w 1
Seeks Means of Dissolution of If Sustained, Minority Party
Tobacco Trust Without Tak-: May Checkmate the Act ot
ing This Step: Begins Argu-j 1009 By Refusing to Tila
incut Before Court.
(Il lliriilna Herald A. I, l.r.if.t Wire)
New York. Ot" :il It will im n
lrinenilin rnlamlly In Hie lipbii. -lea
of lhl etmiilry ir now tii-ifa .m
IkK lie fiHiHd to retir ml.' h.' lobar- i
mi inwblimtn by nvulillue I b ruin
und wreck thai will im curtain to ml
a ircflfefHHlp. wuu till" leelai-.i
lion of Attmiiey tWnurnl Wlloheraluim
today before tlm Hntled Htii'rti clr
etili rtwrt
WIcltorHham 'hla nllortmoii iiogan
hla nntmuent fur the htwrln nn tho
rcoraunliailon of v toWio-n tritkt.
"IttmllaltiK thu g--vlty vf ibe lltm
lion which confroutetl tin auvern
iiidiii and the court In thla cnao'
tile altorutn geuoml enii'lnu.l. "I
Imve done till In my pownr t all 'a
bringing ubout a tondltum !.. nit
raortln to n roeelvorahlp iiml I
'Imve confarretl irftiui'ntly wlili your
ho'iom nnd com.acl for 'hu dulcnd
aula to thill end.
"I would have- ooen nHreiv mil rue
to m triiMt ir I Imd fnllo-l to i.imc that
vltw of thla oaao nnd exteiiip-d ny
powcra itiMiinl lit it end"
List of Judges.
(fir I't tatUK Herald A. T lsard Wlra)
Kl 1'aao. Texna., Oct. SI Aviator
C I' Hodgera today rt'Hunieil hla
High) toward Hu 1'aclllc conat? leav
ing i lie Kroiiud hero ut lO.iltt o'clock
Ho oxuectH to nifike Dctulim. N M
hla llmt Mopping point Iwlm
At the rloae of the argument III
the mambimiiH proceeding agalnit
the oiiiuty coininliinlunera to compel
them to ehiHMwi eb-ullnn Judged from
the Ii-khI tlol'a aillimlttetl to tllcni
Judge Abbott ywlerday granted thn
MliMlmi of the 1'OiniuliM.loni'rTi to dla
mla the writ ami ruled In effect
that the failure r the ehnirmtiu of
eittier of the two dominant potlt
lent imrlloM to propo-,. u ttat of
immtn tlmtroyed thut provlalon In the
election luw which required the roun
ty eommlaalonera to ehooae thi
bmtrtla of eletion lnpetora from th-
legal llxta Kubmllted. and gave them
full dlHcrctlon'tn aulect their tl.-ta ut
will without any regard to purtlea,
H tlil ruling In RUHtiilnru by tlm
supreme eotlrt the act of 19flt, which
waa tlealgned to arMirn noti-partlaan
bonrda. liaa 'Entirely fallml In Its pur
pose, beiiitae uny party by falling
to file tho Hat can ubtolutely check
nuiln the lu'A.
The ruling cumo ua a- aurprlae, fol
lowing tho uollon of tho court In mil
tululng Miibxtattntlatty every ctulm
mudo by tho Ititpublloutia, the Judg
ment alone being ugalnat them,
The law with reanoct to tho elec
tion Judges. Section S of Chapter 10&
of the Ijiwk of ltOi, provides: "Th
county chairman or oach of tho two
dominant political partlc shall have
the right to flt with thu clerk of
tContltiuotl on page 3, col, I.)
aiuihiiishoi' rui,i;v is
AHMKlNKIl flit Itt'll IN HOMi:
(Fly Kvealnc Herald .. I. I.eaae.l Wlrel
Home, tvi 1 It l reported thill
thu pope. In creuting Archbllu.p Fur
lev a ctirdluut. will malgn him to th
titular church or Snuta Maria H..pru
Mlnenii. which mm tho church held
by the late Cardinal Mr('ttMk. tic
firm Aiiittltun to reach the cardm-Blnte.
It vontitlllN preeloua woika of rl .
Including the iiuuouu ulutuc ..r i inint
by Michael Angolo.
Arehblahop O'l.'onnell. n Ih miIiI.
wilt be mwlgnod to the Httibir nurch
of Hanetii .Suxnnnu. whluh la ullaehed
to tho Convent f Ihu Ilornurdlno
Mnnalgnor Kitleonlo la to have Ilia
title from the church or Haneta Ma
ria In .ra t'oell. one or the moat
typical Vlturchca In Home. It wiim
tho titular church or the late Car
dinal Katnlll.
(Hy i:ffelHB Ilrralil A. ). I.rr.1 Wire I
i,oi)(i(ii), uci ai. V privaie tele
gram Irom Koo Phow contiudlcta the
report tnnt tno city is mo poaoioii
of thu rebuilt and mtds Hint nil la
Olmrlcs V Kallotd wiih paid 9
M'-OO tor makttig Ills ropoii on
the Hurauin caae. Ho was paid up-
on ordor of a Now Me vie J tour
alter he had bcou appointed
lnfetco In Uio caao by thu:
court . under duo proccaa of law
4 Out of tliut Sisuu Mr. HUtiorii
paid ull couIh of taking testl-
mony und ull other iohih In con-
uectloii with tho examination.
tivor Hot ull of .Mr Batfoid'w
examination wus tmbllc The
Co orado expert hlrud ty Hu-
Bortnan to Invcatlpito Mr. llttr-
atlrn wits paid luuo. lie wuu
paid thut money ' upon Huker-
man's ncroomit order, out of the
territorial treasury, under tho
precedent act by HuKormun. it
KAvornor could. If ho riealretl or-
dev out of tho territorial treus-
ur- every dollar In It untl divert ,
It to the pay of "expert."
There wus nover u shadow or
letful authority for such payment
iuo Colorado "expert " iook w
his $1200 unit went homo with
It. llo paid no costs. Then wuro -t
nouu in pay Ho wus without
aulliorlty to exumlue witnuHsris
nnd such us ho Is pivrtiimed to
Imve examined he Is preaunied
not to have paid. If he did thoy
have uever Nuld anything about
Tim Colorado "expert x exam-
Hint on wus he d n secret it wmt
privately submitted to Qovornor
llAgermun und o one else v
Thorn tire a number of, tilings
In 'connection with tho beiiKen.
tUr' '"exttmlniitlon" whleh Mr
llB-germun does not refer to In
hi f peoehes
Undeniable Liquidation On
Heavy Scale As Compared
With Capacity of Market
Causes Sharp Decline.
(Ily lltriilug llrrabt ,. V. I.rmrd Wire)
Ohlengo. On ai. Wlieut today
Htilfotetl n brri. of nearly thice
ctilils it buahel in pi Ico. There wus
iindeiilublti liipii'lutlon on u heavy
seulo us compared with the eupaelty
or the lnurket In fact the absence of
any now Invouiieni or other bttylnt;
foiru loft the t.udo for the time belm;
In a state or M'tni-coilupiic
Tho piliirlpal option, December,
wliloh cloued tu night ut il'J 1-K. sold
today nt Ull ;i s - tits, with Iltiul trans,
uiilons ut im ' it net luua of 2 .' sc
(Hy llitalng Herald A. I. I.aat -.Viral
Ijh AngclcK Oct. 31. Two more
talesmen, muKmg nlnu In all. were
quullfled its t sno In tho MoNam
arti murder i1 toduy. They lire
(loorge v .liihiuon, u retred superin
tendent of an i on und brass fouiiury
und Frank Imj'.ch, tplcaln middle-
UKeu, sun-""":" ecu wojieru ranenor.
Frukes with accepted by both
sides. A ( IihII. Hue by thu defense
oguliiHt .iohti-on was dented.
MHi;i(s T.rrs n
Ur Htrulug llrrabt A. I. Leaaed Wire)
New I'rleuii- IiH Ojt, 31.--The'
governor a , . uf. retitjp will prepare a
i.umorlHl to 1'i.nldent Tuft -taking
thut the cult, a lurmers hu aijuareiy
dealt with u He matter of employ
ing the Hli.nn, lintl-truat ItlW III
the apeciilati ' '.rld; suggoatiUR that
If It la Juat i" "end bulls Of the col
ton murki t ii"" thu government
ahoutit dlHi'i" equal uctivlly in
proxecutliiK IH"1- on the other sldo
of tho murK.t m hV tiy their apccti
lalloii hell. ii. !' rcen.
(Mr llvralng Herald A. r. Iaard Wirt)
llombuy. t ' more nun been
a sudden : anient nuthreak ol
cholera a uouk me mctiibers or tho
Hoy.il Hctux i j'iuonl nt lienures.
During the ' i' ' lour hours ending
this iiminim. e were eighteen
euscs witu deaths.
At'osTtiiitt" VAMitinrroitv
(llr KTrnlou Herald A. I. Iaard Wlral
WiiahlnKlon. ttct SI -An aixtatoHc
alcdlc(ory wtia eelit l all the arch
biabopa and bishop of tin- I Ionian
l uthollc church unlay by MolialKiiui
Dlomede rttloonlo. iMipul delegate to
t'.i 1 'tilted Htutiw-
MoiiHlgltor FVilc ! tliat io
elevatimi to the ctirdlnalHte will mark
the t nd of my ililalou aa api-ato'l.-ilelegaK
to Hie HillleO Htatea. ' and
expreaaeil hla hlglliwt apire'-ltlon i'
ull the kliiilnueM ahuwii lilm i I'm
people or the United mate during
his tenure or office ua a rrenavtitu
live of the tionlllf.
Where DidHe Get It?
The Jotiriiul-Dctiio: iat has
now hud several lu m wlilch
to tell the peopl ut Allmquct-
que and llernullllo untun, whoae
goveruiuent mtei'-sia ii hi tiuop-
ly. ubout JeMti. Itomeio's connec-
Hull with Ik iioiouous "Mlier-
in n bin
It la a iiihi lei of public tccotd
that Hie highly inoiul .Iomuh.
whoHu ilttc virtue is m well
known; nits vice president of
tho "Sheriff's angulation ' mid
t hut hu led the Sbmiff M lobby
nt Siutlii I'e which tried to make
the legislature double ever lee
of the sheriffs uflire. oreute a
dozen new 'com and .mi lie the
olflcu of MhcrUr worth mom
tluin nit other eouitiy ntlces tint
ttygeiher Uliat this Itftby ac-
twill) did aecomiillsh In the
wa of ilotniiidlng tho people Is
on record In the territorial laws
or I9W
Homcro signed a solemn
d plotlso to the piHiple of tills
I count) prior to his election to
work ami do even tiling In his
Ikiwci to riNlue. the nxurbliunt
count i office tees
) Tin Journal now f. stinea llo-
inert) as lu Itirenio-'i uihhUIo of
good gut omnium
What do you nuppo. will hap-
pen if .linn like .Icsiis Itomero.
president of tho "I'roRiesslvt.
llepuhlltiiti leugtie," II .1 Hu
gerimin. proprietor win tto to
ou in the wny of county oftlit
lepi. If the) gel tho coilllly ol
flee.- and enough "projiniaalve
mourner lulu the legliluttiHr'
Your lax rate III tills emintv
Is blither iials than U ever wus
When lean Holm in wetil Into
tho shurltt t iiribc le- wns aaltl
to be postieeaod of tin. means of d
4 the average small m- ri luiiu O
He Is new rcM)ite.l to be a
rich mun. us rich men go in tiiia
couiitry. He can make t .',m)
cumimlgn com rliiiiitiiiia mirf ot
fcr more when neuileil.
Whet'n did he gel It "i iui of
the Utile store he runs In Did
How much mine tin voti wum
to put un for utioi iff h fees'
4afHFajs-jrt O J aja W -
Miaf Has Become of
Your County Funds?
The three perpetual ollle. buldcra now aneklllg i .election ua lilvmK'M
of Irte hoanl of comity cominlhmrM aiv being lauded by . tho Journal
Democnit h men who hivn- "aaved th oounty from b.inkrtuitcy" reduced
the tux ml put through mimeroua publle Improvements
What did Alfred tlrunNftdd. Manuel riprlnger ami l'ollcarido Armljo do
to Nivu tlil-i county from bimkmpicr ?
iHranK W. . aiJinw-. Uieii dlrtrlct HtltfloV and now oaudldiite with II. O
liltrSlm om ihA'JllinmmnfflrfttlUket. foritVftDK.geftftltNjM" W
hla bit aeoure u decent Niunty admlnlatrittlon He workod" "hunl for
oconm He fttilett. Tin- tax r.te wont right on up and tip. These men
are now engaged in .ailing Mr. Clancy name. They ure branding lilm aa
a ' grafter." an unsocial.- and abbetior of thleta" iih everything In the
voeubulury of niuek.
What did Airrutl (Irunsfelri do to iiiIJuhI th fluaucea of llernallllo
county ? Has he observed even ulinpU princlploe of eciittotny"
During the imat thn-r eommlwloiiera' terms the Bounty tax rate has
climbed und climbed It U now" hlglmr than ever Imforn in our history--Thin
altilumeiit will be denied of Courtic. IIjiwn of figures will bo produced
to provu It untrue. Ilut vu. Mr. Voi.t. go to your lax receipts of the past
elghl yetiris. That In ill yen will need to do And If you are not Mallufled
with that, go to thu court linage nnd get the lecords.
NcwKipiit-H often h. We hnvn proved to you how many times the
Journal Democrat has lied In thin ottmpulgn. Hut tho tux receipt does not
He and roeord may be depended upon,. Oo unit ace.
You uru told of the vtwt "Improvements" thlH bune.li of chronic olllce
holder have put through.
Vmt neonln of llernullllo county can conilrm theao following stutetucuts
by talking with any btialnswt man. Muny or you are fumlllur with them at
It required weeks of erfort on tho part or u vigorous committee
Irom our Commercial club, bunded by fleer'go U llrooks and other men ot
hla standing, to I'OltCM Alfred llriiiMfoht to tnkn encugh money out
of the nilleiiwiit.ir reud fund to make tho appropriation for tho Fourth
Mrect road whloli the tsrrleary of Now Mexico stood ready to butld fur
ua and for whloli It was reedy to furnlBh money untl cnBlnoera wltliout
coat to tin county. The money dually appropriated waa not cnoush.
Drunsfeld s excuae waa thai the money was not In the roaa runti.
WHY WSNT IT IN THK ItOAD FlfND, Mr. payer? Yotl hud been
twylng your riMtti fund tax ami all your other little 7 V pir cent tux rate
every year, hadn't yon'.'
What other road l ianrtani.e hud been built?
Where had the money gwne?
Voo know it bad m.iu- to mi) W. II. C.llleitwutvr. eliif backer ot
Oriinefohl and HfwlHr In .hla campaign, for ONK MH.H OF HOAD. which
Is not yet 1Mb! for by a Ion it shot, ami enieh must be puni ir uruusiciu anu
Hpringur are ru-electel.
Tlil'ik about the great campaign ol rtl nuiHiiug inui noa oven tar
ried out. See If yotl rtUI fllld It
rhe immensely Important . ..unl aurvey imh bevu mouitoneu as one oi
nrtiUHfnld and tfnrtnimr'a iieht. vemeltli.
Do you know tlmL It requireii a vigeroue oemmiitee from our toni-
tnvrelal luti mere tlnaii .-i to ..re , bluff und thrwiten Orunsfeiu unu
Hrrlnger into allawljtg thla work u be dwe If you do not. ask any
mamber .r Ihe cIUp an taMi I'linmiiiee aim you ii unu oui. t.runiieiu nw.
v. Haven't igot the mne'
Why didn't thtf have the money " We alt knew wluit was being paid
Into tn. county irannirj't " H knw what our tux rnte hsa been our
ever uiureuttiig tux WHy wuaM t in.- mene- there?
can the bill Af feeding ertami have Imd aitytlilnx to do with de
laying thlx long iijklaMl.' tMa ,ikoluieiy iHHMSstsinr liiiprflViiment?
'an the vilKlr inereaxcil feee or iti aliortire oiuee nave nau auyimnc
to do with It?
Cuu an oiMirmjoae force "f deputy Mr(rf empltU'iHl at varloun clef
Hons hi whloli Don Jesus lumen. sh.I othern were ltitnrted hue hud
uny I Mug to do with "
The money wnen i Hit
Yet It took atrous (.iniiillteH of our liuatliesa men, reireenttng the
very life blootl of our ,inmunlt ektm; an Improvement on which tne
whole future preeperin of ur commitnlly (lepentieil. It took ttieiv men
rndro than a year tn M AKK ilnmafeltt am Sprlni!.jr get busy. Hut fur Uk
fust that theae two men FKAItllD the miner or the business community of
Alhurjll0rque. they would -wn Waie rfufil until now
For year amm- "f th oeat farming laud in thla oatinty was .tit ore
from fieoees m buatnea in Mbiiquerqiie by two rotten dangerous brldgea
Appeal ufler app.-nl u made to thle coinmleslori of orilaa holders tu get
bust- Ullri make proimn.il for thee bridge.
Do you know boar w.. sol th Hart-toe bridge and t) Alameda bridge
It was because th.. Commercial cluii and our hueinuSs pien urgently uud
persistently petitioned the dotegAte In eongrviM, W. 11. AliilrWH and be
ouuao Andrews got Ihroiixli u trijl uuthiirisltig H bund tfiglp. FOlt HIUDUU
I'l'lll'OHttrt tiNl.Y. Do you kllBW why Unit ctntlsti FQU HIIIDCIU FUJI
1'OS'Prt ONLY a put In It was for runr. enee u IlOO.iJnB bond imuowuh
made pojetlalv the ruutb. derived tii'itufrum would be frittered uwny as
other county fjiitls have been.
Alfred cirunaieiu. Manuel riprlnger and Fohearpio ArmlJa. tile trium.
rste of perseiusi oltlte nee k ere hev. existed m this eouuty for eight yeure
guiuK-meii, for the dual tnirpoae of f u riijhlug Jaeuj. Itomeru" with plenty
..( deputies for campaign purpijKie; plenty ol money for feeding prisoners
Mini foe feee: and to pay exorbitant bilW fur .ouiity printing for the Albu
querque Journal Democrat.
Find what elao them much lauded gentlemen , have .done tor you vx
i' iu to give you the highest tax ral you ever had.

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