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O C I Et
church. Mlsa Iovo U llio puimliir
daughter uf Mrs. Mary Lovu of this
lit)', and tho happy bridegroom wti
attache n( trio Wells Kargo company
Air. mill Mn. Hteelo are domiciled in
their new abode tit 1V9 tfoutlt Vrno
Uupld s(ts enthroned, lliljiorluunlv
directing tlm uffrtim of I'"'"! ".-ll v.
Tito triumph of summer linn- ro
mances l most appropriately in Ihr
harvest season w lir the hopes of
they.ur ;flnd fultont fruition. The
first r the autumn cercmunlen pre
nldcd over by the little innnureh of
hearts occurred thin ufternoon, nu
merous homo weddings ure un tliu
topis, four people we're quietly Hindu
two (tin past week and the Hf'H
briikfit gently to their rrlcnds urter
wurd. bid, the) luck the courrige to
"fnifu the music" of ehlvtirrnrrl '
Thr pru'pnrutluiis for Ibo nulable
Itothculierger - Cirunsreld nuptials
giJ'oh upueo. growing moms ure
being fowcfdiekr!( unit life limn
frli:tf(lii'thfviniiyji'lh'r exprenn re
gard fur this iiiciHlir loved Albuuuer-iiuv-
Kirl. Society l injuring the pre
litipttril season to tho utmost mill
with tlii' brides who nre to figure in
Hit light of Ohi Yule-llde prominence
Miss Milk-son. Miss Orunsfclil und
others un mnklug society young
uuiilii Who Mould b otherwise when
tin- motto of the hour I.
"I will open unto you the door of
my house thjit you may enter I here
in, receive good olui't, iiml bless un
b your presence."
Mn. Wilton to Entertain,
Ini'ii'usliiHly mill unceasingly pleua
uiublo tiro thv social ten of tlm In
dies COIIIPrlslllK Hit' IneillbelShlp of
thu Aid Society of (ho Lead Avemiu
Methodist church, utid the function
louiorruw afternoon nt tlm homo ol
thu president, Mr. John W. Wilson
U utillclpntcd eagerly by n throng ot
iiontic:nbore am well at the ladles or
llio congregation, lixinctnt Ion of
lino mimical proa t hid In this donilcltu
whi'ic thu spirit of music rclgua, nru
not to ho disappointed on this oceaa
Ion n an exeelteut prog mm of vocal
niul Instttimciital selections Iiua been
prepared. .Mrs. llrndfutd, tho popuhir
tioprauo, will Mr llollowoy.
the now contralto licurd but u few
lime hete. will tint? ns will .Mis. H
II Miller, another ot Alhiitiuiiiii'ri
favorite vocnllMi. Tho hoUi mid
.Mm. Woodford will net nit urromimn
UU. Mm. Thomas Ualdwln of Orcctis
biirj,. I'n. formerly Miss Nethlo Dur
IIiir of this city, will render piano
koIoh. mu ultogether the spirit or
uuiflv, Koclabltlty and pleiiNurc will
Insure nu cntcrtalnni; ntlernoon to
tlioe Mho uttend. Ilemi'tubr tho
pluiv 20S H. High ulreet. mul thu
cmiH' tho trensury needs of the nld
.Mr. Mi'i'ii to llnurtnln,
Ml. M. I.. Htcrn will uiilertuln nt
luiii'lii'on Hdturiliiy alternoou coin
pllincntnry to .MIm Itilnu tlruiixfeld
who l noon to wed, unit Mt- Levy
of Denver who In Initios Mrx. I'hl
felder llili neoiiitn.
)hi, S'llgmiiii of Niiiln IV Itonorti.
The necoml III u xitIch of iifturiioou
fuilt'thMlk wiin thin iifteriiuoti tender
ed by -Mm. Aumdo ('haven unnpll
, tnrnliiry to lir- KUvnt i.Mrn, Jiiiiien
HflUnmU of .rinnlit l'e. U'ltlut hiid the
puKtliiie mid, an ulwiiyn In thin hti
pltalile home nil ultra-elljnnlile Mrii
non wiih iihswiI hy the faviired In
Mteen. Tho honor KUikt Ii.im mi ii
phiee of lilsjlt refiinl iinniim rwlul
li-iiilitM in thin elty un nhv hits lit lu-r
hmnc tou n
bluett inu Utunti irmly to uprlnu on
Ihe lmppy-fnccil7(rotnpnny. Mttsle.
gnmis. lunch ilellclotmly "llotloweeny"
In Innle. servlro iiiiu decorniionn, rcn
tiired the nm evening of threo hours
'Irom C In H o'clock. Thono who en
Joi'd iio hospllallty of (ho young
host wore AlfiiHl Auii'iistiolt. Hcott
Knight. IMwIu Ktilglil. Mnrk Wilson.
Wnrren (Jiulliini, Alfred Neuslmll.
Many Ingtee. Donnlil McOnffey. Hilly
Hone, Chester liuin. uoy uinteu hiu-
ncy Dent, uiwri.'iire mivui. iiurom
l.ovltt, lilt eh roriihor. .union iiiuit
Iteliiillrul iliittie Wedding,
No noeili; lit VJjrt eiUllt
tiniivr and liril!ri:iU'e nn lite rlnml
uniting Two ruling Jlun. mid whin
tho haeksrstsnd In timde Up of fneen
bentiilng their lv mul nyinimthetu
Joy in the home Hint nuturvd the
bride, tin- pletur In omplete In hui
lonetl beuutt Mlleh it hi i lic nun thin
iifteriUMili emtilod III the home of Mr
mid Mm Umrm Htulivoii, 30" Kouth
foiigreHtlomil ltlew to .Meet,
Mm. Anpluwuld will be ut home
to thu ludlcH of the Coiigregntlouul
Aid nockiy tomorrow afternoon,
llunlncnn, it ml a sreut denl of It In to
be trnnimcted, thvrefurv It I the hope
of the hostuM and nocluty offleern
thai every lady In tint Aid society be
prment.. Itumcniber, Mr. Anplu
wuld', ut 3:3V o'clock.
Thu liinJdv Inn.
You are going, of coume. Hvery
Uvily who In Interested In drumulKx,
n murle or fund of laughter will go.
ir there uru u RtntgglltlK futv nut
prottn to Inugliter, thentrlen or music,
even they wi feet the cull or rrienu
ship to go and sen their companions
behind the routllnhtn. And It uy
lianii) there uru those Impervious to
tho uppeul of friendship, music,
huiKhtcr. beauty und hUtronlu nrt,
their loyalty to u homo fnittrulty,
their very patriotism will constrain
them to ku one maybe bvth nights.
Ho rain or shine. It I a forgone cou
elusion that thu opera house wilt be
crowded to tho gunwales ut each per
formance of thu Inside inn.
President f womens'
Cries Ont Afainst
Fftshioni and Would Ces
tume 7tiiMity in Plain
MxoU tlrvtdy- rtniith in ihe Xw
York World glvus out un intercsllug
report of ii recent uin ranee, of u
0. A. R. Lsiles t Fesrt
The culinary cxpurls In
- rii-ilii by Walton
.Ml Alljeitn Miitexin, n vtliiome
iiuttintli lirlde, I u at fle kVIim-U
tlili evening Ihtime tln lulilc f .Mr,
.(aeolai Yrl-niil.
Walter Street thotr eldest daughter.
Minn Alberta I. elm the lovelv hrlde
who pllshled her troth to Mr Jil' iitio
Yrlsurrl. The nir wan nwiHt with tlir
ineense of while flowom, resonant
with lutlnle und laugiitsr. unit freight
ed With good rtlKli.tn. The npueliilin
room hud been tniimformed Into
blusnemlUK jlnu lmvr by hivtnh
deeorntlnnn of imlniM. tuxiirlaut vlnen
.....1 l..n.lM ..f U'lfl.. ...-illllH.lllllllllH I
and eurmitionn. I'urest whlli embel
linhrd In green marked the decora
tive M'hvme throughout the room,
and expensed hiirnioUloUHU III the
gowns of the bride and bridesmaid.
Half a lu udleil ri ir ntntlviK of
tile bllll tdo.nl f the i t itc rela'tl.e
und near friend ' Hi prliieipuln
Master Kmij at Home.
Nu Jollier goblin party could bo
Imagined thnti the week end fvstlvltv
ut which Master Wllllnui KIuk pre
lded Irlda ereiiltiB A rontliiRvnt
of Miventoiii school chums wuro the
InvllecH who were greeted at tho cn
truuro of n jthoslly sin-ciur. tinhered
Into a drcuslng room by utlrtidant
mhmiKs nud there welcomed hy a dulti
t llllle whlle-elml spirit known In
tlm flesh us llitlo .Miss Murgarct
King. Blinded lights pleumlug
throimli Impish, pumpkin faces, shed
u welid jjlow over tho walls wlwro
Tho cxiH'rlciico of XlotlusrluKMl Ii a
1r)lug "IK! tu muRt women mul tunrki
dlsilnctlyait viocli lit their live. Xut
yiHHi wnuian inn nun.
Iml is lireniucu or
Liimlersttiiuls how to
the ranks
of the John A. Lognu Clrclu or tlio
I .mile uf the (3. A.' IL aru iilunuliiE a
rare feast for their Irlend nud tho
ueuernl nubile. Visit their stand In
the store of the C mid A. Coffee tOIM
pnn next tjaturdny atinruoott and
evening nud try their hoinu amdu
doughuuls. mead, pies, hoatis, ions,
cakes and slenmltiK hot coffee. Kamcd
ns i-ookh tnesu intiies nnvu oniy to
niiiiounco their Intention to cater to
the nub Ir to huvo n thronu of Ptlomi
eager to sample food of the "mother-
made variety.
Kipling Program at Woman's Clufy
Kmbnrd Klullng. Ihe aterlitig Kng
llsjli poet, through whose wrltlnxs tun
the I rile crimson of lllc-lilood. la to
bo the subji-ct of the uulundld lltcinry
program to bo heard nt thu Woman'"
club Krldat attcrnoou. Klullng char-
acterliitlca will be discussed, Ills
poiMiia lead by club lender and able
tucnllsts will sing tho favorite ileitis
of On the Hond to Mnnaauiy." -nan
n Ih-ever" and "Thu Keccsalonal'
that have been sot to music. Mr
(Koran Kverllt Is leader of the d)
und the program tsubjuct to revision i
Is given heicnltli:
.Subject - Kipling.
Lender Mrs. OeorRU Kveretl
Chnracter Sketch.
I Versatility. 2- Oiiomulopuelu
:i. l'owur of Abrldgemunt In Character
liatlon. i. Knowledce of thu Haul
Comradeship. 0 A Mascullnn Writer
Why T-Mis. l It. Mattoon.
ItendlnK- 'Tho Cat That Walked
by Himself Mrs. U. II. Cams
Vocnl solo-
In) "Danny Deover. '
lb) "Ou thu Itoad to Mnudulay
Mi Hugo Meyer of Denver.
Thu Ueccsslotinl" Mrs- Geo. Kvirett
llendlngs 'Ouugn Din." "The Vam
pire" Mrs. II. A. linker
Discussion ''KIpHiiK'n Opinion of
Women." "Tho Vain hi ru vh. Wll
IImiii thu Conqueror," mid "Dinah
Mrs. J. Millie und Mm. Ii. A. Mniili.
llendlnK 'Tlui .Sous of Martha"
tA tribute to the worklUKiunnt
.Mrs. II l Ives.
Iteeltatlou ' Win U Ikl Ill's lisl
Picture Is IMlutcd Mi. I.. CI. Illce
IMmtn bj Wiiltutt
,ttt)ltl YltlS.Mtltl.
I I ' SOm I Ml I
roperly enro forlier.
wit Of cotirMsncar.
I v t'Tfirv wiimnti now
' mlays liits hi u tile nl
ItreatMiuttt nt thu
'tlinn of clilltl-lilrtli,
)l)ttt mnny npproai'U
'iiCAtnihunn' mo exoerieiu-e wiiu
nn urwiulMH iutfittel for tho. trial of
htrenirtH, tunl lu'it tha atrnltt Isorrr
Iter system lias received n shuck from
which It 1.1 lianl to reenver. J'olluw
Inx rHffit iiHiit this cumeii tlm HcrvntHi
atrslii n carlitir for thu chlkl. ami
tlUlliu't clUHfo in thu mother results.
There is noBtliw twin) chavwlucthftti
a Immwv hiiJ Ih'uIUiY mother of chil
dren, awl Indeed elill.UWrlh uwler rlfhl
rtHRlitkiw tttwi bu m liuzarii In htuih
of beauty. iiiH'splHliinhki thliiy U
tht. wlm alt Mmi evince of hlmltewU
iMirwti Mnd broliwi IhbUIi resMlilnt
front nn tttiriviri'rt ronrtltKHi. kohwm
will iwrsUtlMifoliurMliMUv to tlut trail.
It itn't imi Ummttt tlM Hfiw
panut uihhi them IlluiWHre.M. ftiny hiw
nmr4u liwte in wlth-h to im'twrm. bHt
tky, for Ik HWMt ynti, Wut to www
uiuv I Um tiMAiuHir.
Id HMity Jmhui's twn cnir4lM Uterttl
w Hw (itassreu immhhoha im hs rsret.
Mt IiYitw K. iittkhanra vfwnw
C'uMi'uwml makes wsmuh wm,
tMWIfhr, and. Mi-iHMf.
Amv vrtMM wkn ivmiM Vk
rtt to Mrn. inttklwuM Mt Inm,
Mwhi, Hr Mter wOTlM 1hM Jh
Were Biu.ipi'l about the home altar
when. t tar striilnn or tlio wedding
march tdai d by thu D! Miittru or
ehetrii. ti. bridal party ndvitnced to
' the flnrul. amlle-llKhteil ular, u re
I nl lea of the ehuruh ullur surmount-
t,d bi tit. . ruelfU. before Which H"V.
Kiiilier Muudiihirt eelM'nilcd tho
mntrliiKinlnl service The bride, look
ed rudiuniit iicuitiirul In thu core
moniul tewn of crepe de ehlim over
ltk trimmed With r oil dlichem luce
A fllm uubiii wmt corunui ot
orange thmimH nun (11111119 i"
floor, and the t)oiue or Drntui- roses
gavn a rinlntitng loutm u inu tovciy
picture Alt. tiding the nrtuo was nrr
sister. Mlsn Halonie tateon. tieeom-
luul) attireii in u white silk veiled
In Nile mr- "it mrroii, mauo cmiuru
with u grmeful flehu. ,
The BriHUti was handsome In inn
conventional Mack garb nud was at
tended i i' eluim. Mr. Juinen llttii
bell, Thr eeremony over, the com
puny extended rel 'Dilution, and at
litis hour are enjoying 11 post-nuptial
luncheon nppeintcd in green and
while and th- ll .Mnuro oruhvtra m
all the while discoursing violin aim
plifnn music
I'reseiit at mn weituipg iinumK
other out of tuwn guestn, In Mrs. An
ton Nugel of lTlttllBIlMj.BU. Tenil,.
Men. Nuuel In 11 niece of Mrsta' uttsott
Who mine Tiiesdsy epressiy tOH-
nemi the ir dill. At s:ju tnm evemim
the newly ed will Ifuvu Tor n
honeymoon trip to. Cullfxirnla. and
after Junmrj 1 yH b at home to
the r fr ends at "vest Miver ave
HI Paul. .Minn.. Xnl i --ll.iby ear
riages upon the streets of Minnesota
lewns mid village will be renulrud to
liuxe white lights In front and 11 red
'ne behind to wnrtt "tralllc" Wo
in' u who go out with their preamlitl
latum utter dark will have tu provide
some form of lighting system.
The law It now designed to keep
women home nlglils, hut In the "slip
In" miuntiro which got iiy flnptief
salons nt the luit serslun of the leg.
Tho law n franml was designed tu
u lit mntorlsts, who hud already been
compelled to maintain lights, by com
pelling farmrm and other users of
wheeled vehicles to maintain llghtnt
aim (the catch comen In) "the other
user of wheeled Vehicles."
llaby carriages are not exempt
from provisions of the act, according
to Altorney Oenerul Hlmpwiu; neither
are whei'lbnrows. kids' wagons or nny
other form of Vehicle liuvlng wheels.
A two wheeled sulky must havn
light in runt and behind, nud horse
owners ure wondering how they uro
to accomplish the Job. It bus tusen
suggested that un electric batten' he.
provided to ii placed under the sent
und tlm light be placed In the ecntor
plOt'e of the bridle.
' rciootrlc-llHhttid baby carriages urn)
wheelbarrow may not 00 unusual be.
fore thu soAlon of the next legislature.
which probably will amend the law.
The ntlornny general nay thn law is
u valid one und must be enforced.
woman high In social indent
The courugcous;. pr. Mdiml of thr
New Jersey FedcrntKui r Womsnn
flubs. Jim. Catherine 'Mrlcr Warren
of 1'rliKctun. ndvocatid from a plat
form in Detroit this week the most
startling reform .that Urn feminine
world hun ever known the adoption
In minim of b Uniterm style ul
TlureH mi doubt Hint 11 womun
iiiiml IreUHiired urlVI exe IS Hint ui
being ur Imagining herself different
from nil oilier women. For thut dif
ference. he Imagines her sweet
heart courts her. her hnxbund loves
her. her children gn et her as the
ueerlcm mother. Vuu mnv nay, tlm
differences of dress ore superficial,
but so many of us live for und upon
Hiirfaeii J lint .eliminating, the con
trust Df pompadour, and parted
curln, of stately gowns and "cute
little frocks Indeed all the dlsttu
cuUhlna chnractcrlstir- which the
Intinlte ailety or fashion supplies
what father would be certain of rcc
ognUlng his own daughter, what hus
band sure or knowing his own wire
And what woman would be willing
to surrender that precious thing
which she rail Her Individuality ana
which expresses Itself lit the tingle
of her hat, the bow at her throat.
the color and tilt of hrr parasol, quite
un much as In her thoughts, her
manner nud her Intimate apt-ccli?
Moteover, clothes ure the one clew
man has to woman, tin one Key tu
the m:ixe of great and little qualities
lit which site entangles his henrt.
Man an well ns woman should tie In
terested In Mrs. Warren's revolu
tionary suggestion. Docs he want to
Iom the one answer to tho riddle,
the one solution'1 of the mystery?
Women betray their real character
more by their clothe than In nny
other way. Thu'"stge convention or
thu heroine III .white. lh vlllulncM
In bluck or red. Is not wlinuut Its
psychology, und the color and cut
of thu soul Is hinted unconsciously
hy the color nnd; cut of the gown.
of eoitme. there nro n great many
excellent points Jtt Mm. Warren a
suggestion u to itnlform dress. And
she urrsents ilium, ubly.
We want a uitlfotm plan of dress
mid we object MrenUously to tnc
sweeping changcslof fashion that say
you must wear one Kind or a uresn
one year and another tho next." she
told the clubwomen In Michigan.
Uist season' drips Is no good this
Milton, unit w want reiorms inui
will i-mtblu, a wommi tu weur. M
smile dress next !,iHimniur that situ
ttil thin xumitirr and nut always be
11 constant drnln on her hustmmlV
fiuanee. Women should by thin time
he tn i state or revolution against
the outrnRonus fashions dictated to
litem. Th iv monstrous huts that are
wirn should be ruled out ot slytu for
good. '
t'ndoubtedly. it would be a most
desirable tlilim tu be able to buy a
s'tlt or overcoat as a man does, with
thu Ideii ut wearing It till It wear
1 ut Our grandmothers, even our
toothers, wore better clothes than
we do. I poess and nearly every
weliintl who reads this posnesnes
Momji Hjmllar heirloom n velvet row n
builghlTfUty 'cn a!', by a relative,
und, so fur us I rim sec, the material,
which Is in perfect condition toduy,
will look the same fifty wro from
t fashionable woman thirty or
forty years ngo paid tlo 11 ynrd for
trttch materlaln but she wore her
gown for years sometimes for u
lifetime, und got the vnlue of her
money. Kunhinnatitu women luuuy
mnv htm mn I IV or more 11 yard
for material, hut they don't get their
money 'a worth fcr nfter they have
worn their aannentH,.,ialf u doxen
tlmm the change In'fHshlon compel
them to give tiielr gowns away or
sell them.
tin It puy even lltnrloh woman to
buy uompnnitiei snontiy material.
Hh doesn't want a own built fur
every sensible woman must share
Mr. Warren's views.
Hut uniform! Hcnteii snvi us
front them. I wonder If Mr War
ten ever wore one''
Who could design such a uniform
Nu muti, for he Would fashion II for
the stylo of woman he personally
ndinlred. No woman, for she would
ncrk, whether consciously r not, to
make It becoming tu rtrrseir.
Herlousty. aru we nut disastrously
nllko already, without striving to
multiply our points of resemblance?
Thn wuy tu down the tyrant lasn-
Ion, It seems to me. in nut for nit
Women to dress a Ike. but lor mem
nil to dress different!) to suit their
Individual typrs lit gowns, hats unu
coiffure, nud let other women weur
what lh.iv Vease. A csrtaln defer-
.lie.. 111 me lirevauuiK mour in nrv
vtran In the street, but the tailored
null doen not Change radically irum
.. nenxoii tu another, nnd in lie
lioine nverv woman sliuulil be an nb-
solute law unto herself If she tooK
writ In (Irnek or emu riJ effect, h i
her wear them. If a simple, one
niece drens In most becoming to Iter,
li tier ntlck to that
Women of good iate wear ni
In practically a uniform now when
they leave their homes tailored suit.
mmlrrntr, hat. nconsblCUOUS UCCCSt
sorles. such as vests, Jabot anu
Hhorn. Kor the rest. In our nomcs
nod oilier homes there In but one
rule for successful dressing: He your
self, p'euse ourself nnd tho you
tnve. und ou ll have your nanus itiii
-without worrying uboul this neigu-
Ahotutmty Purm
Tho only Baking Powder mado
Fifty Dollars to Be Awarded
by Railroad Company for
lest Composition on "the
Demonstration Trains, Other
Extreme Cold Weather in Col'
orado and NorthwMt Boosts
Price of This State's Pro
duct 35c Box.
Unwell. N. 11 . Nov X.lleciiusc
nt the recent extreme cold Weather
in fnlritrin nnd the northwest, Hon
well npples hn advanced In prlco
15c per box. nnd It Is believed that
this figure will b exceded within thu
next month.
"While regions of the north nnd
west have suffered the past two
weeks from thn svvere cold snaps."
said Albert llntmy. acting manager
fi.r ih itimurll Fruit Orowem' asso
ciation Innt nlnht. "whtall cut tneir
apple crop short. It made the w
of the Itoswell Krult Orowers" nsso
elation, who In now In Texas super-
vlnltig thu nsniwIaUon shipments.
win. that they have advanced from
tl io lu 11.7.1 box.
The unnoclatlon hun 130 ears out
nnd not being In touch with tlm
weather uods foiled of course to take
advantage, of the advance on the cars
Tin. Kuuth HnrltiKS shed will close
YV.tl!-.enfll V nlnht. nil lbii aPPlcn.lUV
Ini tien shinned from that district
ah Hi.. Hhlnmetlts from now tu me
ftrnt of the month when the season
ultt elime. will be sh PPtMl tloill Hi"
ItottW-rll sheds, with llobert "cvrs in
The niiples now being shipped uro
muxtlv the Ritno und Hen nnvts uti-
rdis of the llolcomb nnd Urton or
chnrds. and all are running w per
eenl clean.
A new feu I tiro that will net tle
...uiplutluii mime J I. (Jill) tills year l"
using the upplen refu-ed by the ukso-
111 un for nn lining us iruii iur un
older mill. The usiuclnllon has eon
trneled with Itobert llrers, thu veter
an inter mnaer 01 inn nuej, n"
nlll make the apples Into i tiler nnu
turn the bevirune over In Hie asso
elntlnn which Will pluce It on tliu
markets. Thin elder will uruiis Jin a
bnrrtl. Mr. Hecrs has for his own use
,ilr..nilv m lied 3t)0 barrets anu win
mako ITS more. Mr. iietrs is mso
making his winter vinegar which Is
nold extensively In Itoswell.
rite Atchison. Tonukn &. Kanlu l-V
lUilltvai c-ompany linn olfntcd n piixo
of V-Q Tor thu best t-iuiny written b u
school boy or jtlrl In any district, (own
or city on tlio company tines,
through which the demonstration
trnln passed. The subject of thn es
say is to bo "Tlio Vnltm or tlm IJo.u
oustrutlou Train from nu IMucntlonnl
Twunty-llvo dollars will be paid for
the essay which ranka second, nud $10
for the essay which rattlta third.
Tlicru will bo flvo prlxes of V ouch
for thu ctwajs which rank fonrth to
olghth Inclusive, and ten ptltus or
$2.50 each for thn essays which rank
from ninth to clj-litconth. Inclusive.
Tho superintendent of schools, or
tho principal, or tho teacher, or whnt-
ovor the head of tho school system la
called, will select tlm bust essay sub
mitted by pupils in his or her district,
town or city, nud send it to J. 1' .Iur-
roil, publicity agent or the Hatttn Ki
ln TotMskn. Kansas. Tho essay then
will bo Judged by Albert itacltao of
Chicago, editor of tho Santa Ko Ivtn-
ployea' Jtngailno. l'hlllln Kaatman,
insiiaglnir editor of tho Toneku Dally
u Klenne, mnnaRlng
opektt State .lournal.
ITIttCH will bo paid niton the report
or inn Jttdces. r.ssnys must not run
pver 1,000 words.
Thu dmitonat ration trnln, which Is
now in Texas, will ruturn to Topekn.
.NovomlHtr 35, when tho tour of ten
weeks will etui. It Is estimated thai
n million and n half peoplu hnvu acen
tho train. Thn .Mnllut locommlvo
which attrnctetl so much intention
wlll'tto to Arlwina. for freight service,
day to last a
revolt against
lifetime.' ,Ho for ns a
Mer ikstth and Stftnh LUkK
Aataby The Use if Canki.
Taws, Fla. In a UUw tnm thii
tltr. Mr. 11 1'. Coram writes: "I whs
all weakened and worn out with wo
manly troubles My husband brought
wo aonio tardul ns a t-Mttc, and, from
tho irst day, It ureme te ip,
I kad almost lost my reason, but,
Mimuii-li li-lmc, Hfimjn ami lioiu lun! tksnks to Cardul. I aW not. Boon,
felt and looked like a new woman,
(kink tfaa remedy I wonderful.
receiMnd It to my frknd. for I tb
received sreat benent rrem it."
Cardul acta s perinea uy on tne wen-
In dump, chilly weather ihcrc 1-4 nl-
wayM a large demand for UAt.I.AIttVH
SNOW I.I.VJ.MKN'T becnimo many jieo-
pie who know by expnrlRiica Its great
relieving power In rheumatic richer
and pains, prepare tn apply It nt the
first twinge. I'rlco 33c. su and xi.OO
per bottts. Sold by all Uiuaalota.
Searchers in Papers That Are
Thrown Away By Treasury
Department Pind Forturie
in Old Invelopes.
Wnshlngtun. Vov. T. Htniturst of
many strange government jwlllb"iia
1110 thoo In the trenury department
of .Mrs. Mnry Warren and Minn Kate
Shea, known as the olllolal "wast
busfiet guardians."
Klndliig money nnd vulunblp papers
in Ihr refusn from tin oftlcrn of Trea?
urer t-u McClung Is tho peculiar vu
cation of these twu womun. for
years they hove plrked over commit
of thn treasury waste paper bakei
and dcik litter, finding and svlrs
thousands of dollars for Uncle ftm.
The two women hove becomo expect
In limllnK small fortiiuea In the officii
If I had alt the money 1 ham
found t couldn't nprmJMt tu a life
time.' said Mrs. Warren Unwy.
A miuknae of bills. Iii imcll dsum-
fllutlolts, worth 110,009, ttwty Vwtei
single nnd thn wate hasteet asarahara
ever have made. 3ar. warren and
rMIfi rlhru, It Is said, sava week
what they cost th government In a
Kor forty years Mrs. Warren has
scnrc'.tfd the waste paper In her hunt
for lost valuable. Mlsn HhoA hs
been tier assistant for ten yeats.
Itomlttancrx from national banks,
express packages, money sf nt for re
demtitlnn, conslgnmetttH nf bonds, nnd
pustnl navlngn bank correiHHideHiin
are the Unds In thu envetniH-s,'1 jck
ages and boxeft which thn women ex
amine, n.;;;, envelope Is tarn .apart'
nnd searched. Krom two thousand to
four thousand envclopi each day am
examined by the wnm?n.
Mrs. Warren, telling of her biggest
llml that of ItO.UUO lu cash iwld
1 round thn money In a hg express
box, nil In small hills. It was about
"o'clock ut nlnht. I was nu xclted
over It I couldn't go home, unit didn't
ikumw-w-hal to do with thn money, f
waited nnd ilnally Ueuernl Hplnuer
came III. I gave II to lllm nild It
look It upstairs, The clerk who lent
It. now dead, wan ki.Mil on thn unXloui
seal for a week hy tlenerul rfplttner,
who then dellvi-reil tlm money to him.
Thu next month I wus prorputed,"
us the leu men into coal men
As wlhtry breexes sigh.
The baseball player will become, wu
An uctor by und b
Washington Htur.
"1 11111 pleased tu retoHHictd (utu.
hcrlaln'rt Cougli Uumuily aa tkn best
thing I know uf und safest raatmly fur
ciuikIir. colds, mul bronchial trMJo,"
writes Mra. I ll, Arnold of Denver,
Colo. "Wo Imve used It repeatedly ami
It hits never railed lo Klvo relief.'
l-'or atilu by nil drtmsliita.
Mivh'-Uito Mai-rlaiH'.
Ot Interest to .u wide elrclu or
frletdls is tlm iiiiimuiH-vment that
hit Haturduy atterniiiin Miss Uda
Love and Mr. Harvey H. Hteelo were
(nide one hy the process uf mntrU
iniinlnl service luesftleil over by BeV.
llermiin I'. Williams nl the parson-
Have All I "H Hiil.
There Js onfy one way to cure
l....l. .1... . .f .
Itl.tuii in.- ntn, iviiuri, Hiimiiirii 1 ....... l....ll..r.l-
...... . I woHinnlv orcHS. atrenglhenlmc
iiieiuurniie tuui in iniesieu uu i -, - - , ., ' j i,..jS
i. u..rL. .i..i... ,1... the mwnclcB nnd.narv, Bd ImllillnR
"." ""'".. :"7? " ""'. . 1 tkMM un to lies th.
roil can 1 rr.ci. tne iioiims mm , n f fc JJw vwn4Ut M.
crevlcea Willi liquid pvepurutlims Vjjcn, Bud rellevaa tlw elfecU at
theea Is only one way breuthe tlt. evTWk .both mental and pnyelcal.
nnlUeitlu germ killing ulr of II YOMKI !tv mrS' succeaafHl uw fully
(iwiiMHtwcei,, It lllgh-o-me) dlreetly . BHiy the merit ot thla jwrely VMt
over thu Infested parts, I kk), Veato teutedy far -wamen,
IIYOMKI curVM mi opium, cue- Ir every community, taera urn mm
hlne or other hiumftll drugs. It Is wfca Jwt been benefited fcr Cardul,
niude nf Australian sui'ttlypttts, thy- J TJ fcwnclat eaeea l thla tlwa
mnl unit other l.lsterlnn utillsepilen. It imAA woman 'tlTlJff..
Is guurunleed tu end th.. mery ot , UajMjra In many wwM ways,
talsrrh, nsthma, croup and brdnchl-. iy It
tlx. or money baek. , M. t.-rrif' li'M,A44if Stfi.. f51
MKtM tn.. -Mius"W.iBft T.'.TT'iTJ
I'lmliiniaer fieiH-ml IH-nten lutioris
That Ho Wn to .loin Hanks or the
Washington. II. v., Nov. 7. -I'osl-
muster (leneral frank ititcncocK se
ut rest toduy the reports of his resig
nation rrom th ccblnet, 11s will an
the rumors uf hln marriuge.
Unfortunately. It In not true etui-
er that I am going to be married or
that 1 am going to resign, said lie,
whin usked us to the truth of thesu
two stories, which have been In sett
ers! circulation In Washington "I
have outlined 11 winter progrum iur
the pimtal sirvlce of unm vxuuptionat
measures which I hupn to get
thriiuch congress, and I um so Inter-
ented lu them that resignation Is nut
of tho nuestiuii. Kurthermore. 1 um
not going to be ehnlrmntt or the next
llupubllcun national committee, nor
am I goinn to manugu uiu nw
publlcun campaign.
Mr lliteheock's dental of any In
tention to resign was so positive that
there can. accordingly, be no further
belief in the report that h Intended
leaving Washington to go to New
York on the first of next year us tho
president of one of the sulnldlury
companies of a big t'hlcngo corpora
tion His dental of hln rumored en
BnBiinent wus iiIm so explicit that It
must be luecplrd, although Washing;
i.m sneletv has not Jet ubundoltid
hope of finding a wife for the only
bachelor niemberof Ihe enblliet,
'! lut u tough or 11 aohl liuug on lu lids nealtiar,
Buy noma gum tsmli medlt-Jtie TOIlAY nnd stnji It XOW.
He I unu several excellent uotieli retiifillis that -.nil glv you in.
Ilef, We inn heartily emhnxi miXAMi t'llKItHV JClCi: C'OUdll
SYfttll roe couglW, hoiirM-uciHH und nolo throat. Ouo iIom) of thW
yt preparation Im Kuumuteril to relievo any itmgli, uml oho Imttlo tn
euro It. Tliln ilctlsliirully flutuml nnd alntable niugli s)rni ii an
different rrow tll old, nausciitlllg' i)ujli rcnicilli-x ns It Is Kiilw Lh
imaxtue. It la iwy. pleusuul for children! rosy n tik ami imineill
at In It tffrcvt. hold ulth the Jtexull susmulee.
I J. H. O'Rielly Co.!
,k J. II. O'Mlrlly tib'iut th HY
i s t for
hMl'l nulMt i.ulae. He sells It for aTajLi'I"s;. sm m i-h
1 Mb. n , i
Mil Is '' "irr tHWJlt.
A tight feeling In the chest accom
panied by u shirt, dry cough. Indicates
an Intlutned condition of tilt lungs.
To relieve It buy the dollar sU HAL-
LiAMM'rl HOItKllOt'Nl) SYltUI'; you
K.1I tvllh neh bottle a trse lll.lt
M.amtimi for the chest. Tho syrup
relaxes the tlghttuss und the plaster
draw out. the inflammation. It is un
fdelPcrjmblitnllon for turing eolda set-
ue, ih tne lungs, ouiu uy nn in.
Office Furniture
Our display of office furniture
is better than ever before. Wo
'are allowing Roll lof ami 'Flat
Top Desks, Typewriters and
Standing Desks, Office Tables,
Revolving. Chairs, Arm. Chairs
and Typewriter Chairs, in
either gelden oak or Hariy
English. Our prioes are tho
Lowest in this city.
301-310 W. CENTRAL
Furniture, Carpts, Drsris 9tovs
no of the Hold nnd llrmt)vuy
only H.flO and gtiaranteea IU J
4HLi. -

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