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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 13, 1911, Image 5

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" !! 1 1 iiiiii miimlMii M . ...,. i. .... I ...... . i. -
rateaaaa'aaBMaM-at f.
t Kawn VRllty FramiaM to
?rediwe m Mneh Artesian
Water m Ds-m Arteeia Die
triet ef Thia fcte. '
San Ibk, Arl., Jfov, 13. From
prment Indkatkme mo Man HImen
country of Arl IM he fully tw
Cin&t an arteefem dlCVTt n. Uk At
tceln section of New Mexico In Kddy
ccunty, Severn) wellu nro down end
all are flowing freely, with Uio (iron
poet Of more we4U In the Immediate
X flaw eetltsd nt 200 gallons per
cnlnuto In the reault at the nrtcainn
well of tho Olobe Water and Irrigation
Co., two mite ttorthweat of thin Ml
mon, after perforating the curing. Tho
water la aoft and pure, and has a
temperature around 65 degree V,
Tfhlch It Ideal for Irrigation purpoeee.
The company, which la compos! of
prominent Globe mes, including K. P.
Towle, president ef the GVefce rham
tor of commerce; Sacs ! fllfoaofi,
praldOAt ot the Qlbeon Copper Co,
and other, la well pleased with tho
roflult, iM ItH Ma contract for tti
drilling of three mere deep well.
Thia la the targeet flow ot- the rour
artesian well la the Sen aimon val
ley In thia vicinity and moo much
for the future of the valley, Lamer
flew, however, are hoped for and
conttdently expected, for the reason
that bedrock haa ml jet been reach
ed IB any of the weita, all of the
flowa being in send, Oueher are
therefore not Iwpoealble oh sinking
weM to a aaHklent depth.
Wtil Try Farming.
The Glebe company will onitfgo tn
farming next spring, t HUbk the oit
on an cxperltnental farm of about 200
acre. Kvorythlng will be tried out.
with a itfw of aeeertnlnlng what crop
will do neat cm tho aoil ami with the
water on kaftd. No doubt tmrtlcular
attention wit) be nfiM to alfalfa im
fruit, however, a thei crepe bid
fair to excel all ether here, accord
Jngto present Indreatlan.
preparatory to ttrk (arming-, tho
company will oalld a aultabiu reeer.
voir ot km eapaettr. rente the land,
lav out dHchee, etc. The fanning
will be under tho management of A.
T. Ilamomv manager of the Old Uo
mfBten hotel or Olobe. who la an ox
perleheed Denmark farmer
And thia h but tho beginning U
tho Globe eompjwiv'h plRna with fro
Kpeet to tho San Simon vnllyy, tfN
readr havhjK reriW fi suinclent Mow
of jimo-I wfcter ott rluh mil tho com
)iuy Is tnrtlaflod; fdrtner tluui (hat
the eeM)Mr fa c-etHpoeu jot ntim
wHttitMitMi-)iep4)owHliat faiv yjr
liroflt nlu'w, Mill apnro Ho ncanu or
tnfapcti to ncconiplish profltaplu
farmini reanlts: They mako no tt'trct
of. the fact ihac it is their Intention
to engage In ferails-ft and land bual
Dens on a larso neale. A little litter
on when tho timp te rlpti the com
pany will probably turnlah a jbank
here, In eaee noae la fortlicoflilMn in
tho HNMMtthne, for the furtherance ol
1helr pihH wm thu lioaeflc of Man
SHmon and the vatley
Anothvr urtela well, the fourth,
waa brought In at Han SIiwon thia
wirek by I. 8, Hodge on hi land one
mllo and one half west c-f town, clone
tc tho 8. P. railroad right of way Un
til tho tftok aro tcmovrd and tho well
Ik cleaned oi It la iwpoaattile to eati.
mate the Hew, hut It hi certam to
KHft JoHk. wtcr. The well (a about
"M tH (Seep. It 2 1.2 hole, re !
tleeed from a dart at the top of 3
iaehae, and the, well hi ecaed only a
petite of the war-
At Sharp Reductions
This1 is an event that every hdusewife in Albuquerque looks forward to with the keenest interest, because
our Quality Linens are worthy of the finest table in the land; and you may choose from the most extensive
grades or from those at moderate cost, with the assurance that your selection is from the "best quality for
price" obtainable.
A' Kami HfomtMly, Mnit
irm rii Sf ItiMttrts
Otto tetQ?Y Xnir,
There arc lotks for all size table? rr.id napkliw
te matok. Amtf our new importations are ioMe
handsome pattern eletks in designs that are veri
table works ef art, and in such wide variety that a
handMrne oletk eaa ke kad in prices varying from
H9 te $11.00 witk napkins to match.
We kave let numbered our Damask ky tkeyard
for easy seleotien as follows:
I0T 1 AT 49, OUR 65c NUMBERS
LOT 4 AT m, OUR $1,00 NUMBERS '
LOT '5 iiT'kc. OUR $1.15 NUMBERS ',
I0T 6 Ai? $1.10, OUR $1.25 NUMBERS
LOT 1 AT $1.25, OUR $1.50 NUMBERS
LOT' 9 AT $1.G5, OUR $2.00 NUMBERS
MeroeriMd cloths in 8 and 10 quarters $.LM for
7e. 84 Qman linen .cloths, 91.50 YaUe, fer
tfl.ti, 104' Geman Linen Cloths, $1.78 value fer
8 and 10 anarter linen Cloth with napkins to natoh '
$5.50 vain for $4.98 tke st.
84 Damask Cloth in our ?2.50 value for $2.00 r
104 Dnmask Cloth in our 93.85 number for $2.75. '
Napkins.-in. above cloths arc priced as follows;
21 INCHllJ WERE $3.75, ON SALE AT $3.25 D0Z.
22 INCHES, WERE $3.25, ON SALE AT $2.05 DOZ
Gcnnaif Linen Napkins, unbleaohcd, dice pat-
tevn, our $lT50 value, eery spocinl, at $1.00 tk"o !
dozimJ. X v " M
,$m$- ' owe'ing
Unbfwhcd Crash Towcliiuj, our lOo quality
fbrOc i yard. 15c blcnahad osasli; nil iiiicn at' WicV
Liberal1' reductiona on ftll,,our-.fisfuved and plauv
hnok7twuff, wliich wc oafty in lG1, 18, 22 and
24 Inek. ' .
At 88e a ctatn, an fxtra ri ettm
tewel that weild fflendid valne at $1.00.
At $1.25 a dMn, an .toceeitionally kenvy Mt
ton hack tewel, 90x40 inetM, and is a tewel we
regularly sell for $1,00 the Aeen.
At 19o eaek, an extra heavy weigkt, large aiac
all linen Jutclc tewel, enr regular prieo is Me eek.
Embroidery Linen
At 30c a yard, 3B-infth, nil pure linen, meadew
blench, suitable for; embroidery purposes, worth 50c,
Sliarp reductions on all ouv centre pieces, square.
sidccloths, stamped and embroidered linens. Also n
all hedr'sprcads, sheets and pilloW cases,
-f . .This linen tvciU untioipacs your every noed for
both Thanksgiving and Christmas and the linens, of
f fercd nt these price-inducements "are nil of standard
jCeeeages Handled frem Ari
r zena City in Up-ta9ate
Manner;' Messenftrs Call
, fer and Deliver Aertframs.
Phoealx, Arli.. Nev, 13. The wire
llio anitlo that won't cemo off, when
liu opena hie cavcraoua mouth the
audience h "with hhn." Unlike :not
colored per'ornera, he "knows when
to atop." He never tires hie audi I
Mice, but alwaya leavea then cUmer
lax for mere.
Powell la net tho whale anew, fer
he la ably aMteted la the iwt 9Mkw
by uch well know eeaaedtaH m
Tern White, Dave MeaHh, nale Spar,
tew, Arthur Wrlritt aM AJeao Wtl
Tke vaudeville portlen ot the pre
graat eemarteee seven Bumfcera of
aUflit worth a ad merit.
All In all. It way be trnfeiy can
eoded that RietMrde & Prlnato will
deUvt th heci aawetrel nefferRMnee
Um auUen here, which ha been u will W) ihwb ttpm the leeal Wge
A fcollojc ef iMihMiia aecewpHli
IN rofr of h Rrat atny halre,
which, unfexunatrly, are looked up
on a herald of advancing ag. (Hay
hat, however, ro ml lwaye an In
dicallon of tdvaaclag age, fer many
people ve gray .hair rlt cMly 1m
life. (X ctxirae, It I hahMHtmI, m&
IMlcetea tmt thero k aenMthing
wrong with tho individual and that
Mftturo need naeietanto n ceraeetlng
tlK trnuhle. Tfc jwm ie ttw of khr
thal la venetHtHhx fIHC t and he
romjftg thlfiwer in'ry day. If vry
ihiata hi HerHf wHK Nature, the hr,
vn In caanparatlVQly cederly yaeade,
abewtd hf i ,!, thkh an4 glBeay, wfrh
hM evM a rteeftk ef gray.
Thn hl aaaNant Vo Kauri In re
ieemaf Ml ieeeervlng Hi hlr l
WyeiU-a Kh a4 -Ml4ir )Ur )tw
mL- 4 W4 WlwdatMane dreel
for deihy uaa1.lt -at aett immune
H'.4-wtr.' haef'wi iaiiiaw wk, th
geaavth,. A- few pHIn vmt re
jakatw taated r gf ,hhrH M mml
Un-t a iMeht'iealiay. sad t'U iU ftw
wtwlt it mi led fer thiueuaa of
fhfe pecgofatten hi nerpyaH ta. (hf
tiitMUi a nt- aaatie a laaaU-: umAH
riteemmttittod m taM hy Mi 4Vtt
There f MawuTtrm A
ot from io attack '-.of tug grl txvq
whgn falkiarti( hy pReaiaoMfa, . aw)
Ad irtitfiarve eate tw Itai ratauvk iWii
iMi or eolda aarat rio anal awn hs i iHtiMk otord
tWM upoa with nattekdi in4f, my k. t to lauah
Fee eate Wf tM dnasgwta.
eeMtructlen fer aeveeal
Sm new complete and ha Wen term
H? epeaed.
!hfifllx la now cenneetod ky wke
m with Ran Franehue. aawmeeti
teekten, l.oa Angelee, Mi Dtagw, M
Vaeo and Kaaaae unr. WWM a
abort time work wtH aemianaa tm
atmneena ChAtteaae Hand ef aele
MUeMan la ttttl with the ordHMiaa
Ilea, and wril give k. etreet pared at
Men, and & eeneert In front ef the
tlHNMe? at i:M In the evening. Don't
ferret the dte, Haturdar. Nor. IS.
ILL 10
' r 4
'Dtdietiens Made While In
speoter Is in Bed, Swathed
Witk landagee, lead to
Arreet e-f GrimiMk.
atarftome at Heaitle wtd Ciym white , TJtl MOUNTAIN (MAT AS
nneiher at CMmlford. Qfagun, 1 I . iJm tmmr
t44ly complete new, j a MMMm xu mMxmm
rtlmt he bellevea to be concluilve evi
dence that tho gang obtained tho
atcunpa by robbery, lie alio said that
they will later he chargid with thia
erlnio a aoon a ho haa finished gath
ering and compiling the evidence.
All of the prlaenera have been In Kl
l'aao fer several weeka, drifting hare
on at a time from varloua part of
the United Statae. The men earn
here Juut prlsr and after the Ktagllng
Brother' elreu showed here laet
month. During the laat two weeka
Inapacter Kensel aatlited by the police
and detective of El l'aao, ho heen
on thu trail of tho men.
Kernel came to Kl Paso to attend
the federal court and iyl tho end of
tho term became too 111 to taave the
city, rotlewlng an operation the alak
man rcettved a tip frem th deteetlveh
that a atranger waa In tewn attempt
tag to dtapoae of peatage atamp at a
price far beneath their real value.
Oeinmofclal Agent
t I.
a Hut rodcral Tc)wireih fiiaaaawniv X Ohloaan MM aaihaJehaa
'arrived In the city yewVrniay and -wava MuUtv. tk. iitMria.
,wHh hi arrival the nfaa epeniaig Ahwka eMrepottt. A-
M rhe local station tek pMg. Pr . MrtUae- to teat tatUvMaal th taovia
thse It hue been reilly I tt!n memt aeeea tn ha a menaea tu
and one or twa trial mm ' liu. uiumli hhhm u lmkr
were actit, bui hvfere today Alaeka. eavatthe Meoonl. Meruit;
lew ttervko had not beec fwi' , Mwwtain aoaU are eawaina: mlaertt
gwtawrgted nnd the eowMay m t Mineral Quteh. Alaeha. awUarahit.
MpM randy to handle cimiiii! bwM. Mroebie. During Mefaay m4her they
anw. Jar. jo wen wiajpaaiM i eeewd into the twuwt Mkt are being
Mty aeveral dayd, inteaKtar. loeal drivett cm tte etefm weeV ub on tho
l-ylng in bed, hi hrad'waUid with
fct'.tidege and many beMee ef medl
elne pieced In corwpicueu aew about
tho room, Charlva O. MlnL a seei
eMed lnctor, lait month hegan n
reh which yesterday e tided m the
far mat arreat of what- i hellevad to'
he te moothit gang of pawaat crooks Ilorh Scene Ri-nwentlB; thn A!
Any yeggnicn ever caplaiiad in the tar to Open the tehow on Mtaar
aetiiwet aays tho M V-aee Herald.
akveMrl hundred dollaea werth of
Pre4a ef Applee and Al
falfn in Pea Talley Will
IxgHal Xetvy Yield of
I'trnMS' Years.
Thatthe l'cooe Valley la aurpnaalng
Ha repueatlen aa an apple center 1
ahown by the figure which have
been eenaplled by a Keewelt paper.
Alfof f, ftleo being produced In rec
ord f)mttHea.
The aMppIng aaaeen la drawing to
a etoee m Itoawell and only a email
In damp,, chill) tr-nther tlu la u.
viiya m larjie dmHd for Bf. KI'
KNOW UNIMKT bvcauac tiny wo
pie who hnuw by experience 't r.t
raltevtag pwr In rh umat. ah
and paint, prepare to apply It at tke
Hret twinge, Prise SEe. Ite and It.f t
par battle Held by aH aVuggliia.
Bijr Pay is m Service
The pay la getd, th werh eenaea
ml and iiromotion rapid In the V 9
Olvtl Mervlcv if jou are an Amarl
van man or woman over 11 yeu are
eligible fer any government peetHe
f you pae the Cltdl dervte Haaml
nation To learn how yeu aan ijual
Ify In yeur spare time, writ fer eur
frer Civil Service booklet, M. CUf
ton Uogehead, rpreaetatlve ef (n
teritathHMil 0eare9ndtoee HHaeela,
MS. AllwwrTgwv N M
lieetage atampn have tie. tetcd near. Hlcharda & rrlngle'a Famoua
i hi city, aa have ntna very valuable Ocorgia M
diumpnde ana n tc .iaio am full of old
geld. ,'
Yesterday th men wereaken from
the Uty Jn.t an marched to the
POrtoffiVr nlicr i
INTRODUCE INN0ATTI0N H t he aent out. valley re;
aeuree are Keawell reaourca, of
eeur, but the figure on thp entire
valley can not be aceured at this
Mme. The ehlpment In carload loot
frm Hoswell iKatton alone are al
met complete nnd how a world of
wealth In thia community nlone. He
low I given n table of tho carload
for Unitui
Oeorse . Oliver
Walter I t'lnnt
Mlnatrols, which come to the
nika' thentrr on NVvetnbvr IB, offer
rtriliH innovation tH venr hi a
i-nntlfu! ftrai natt ri't.-.t Tvmtng'
jn nblfh thp aijdlM'f' rrnitv Itecomca
svSlafcd be M WuZ
MiahieM men, ncnuaintjaai rha mh , modutalna." aM h (a itv hv tvunw. 1 '' preltminnr
'(Out i,minMntirL ivf Iha Mm tM.. . .ii.uuiuu . u...'.,.. ..... I llm rnmrtilxlf-.t
hy Wa company an mmM nut ria jn'tho inotnena; tMt. tawy can bw "lllv
llnmBuTk"r,tir v" "intlful lfijlot Aff-.ar in rtt
crraWB t
,. lie R-t im an m mm driven out aahl Ha
H de W get buino w to m pM,t a to go to woek.
aMMw what tho ervlo ht, 1 It Ib nhra ttd that they nrc Ukol
Hrvry iwetratlo ha been made 'to Ite the eaweo of cowMdiimLlu litiuu.
. I hL.. U 1. 1. . 1. U.BUJLB 1 I ' 1 "
III lull ll",,, Ifl. I IKJH BMlOSMt OWUt'e Iirl
My ef
hait lieen timmA ht tlso
tlit Atlntu noael and a
aeiaaunger rvlco tnangurated. mt
mm tjadlver and nolloct, awcaf in
fit (NMriM Of till) City
(ifarenct- Powell, U 4 M Itriior
plan t.rfwrmrtt. still hm tho Uw
agin with KH-hatife a rlii3e'a
jdliiiraiv'iwtJM hii nan
lar.yearili ;
Stand in a ejawg by bJt)r
irrorr; in hm
jsavdreg mtula, nawaed of
n liioy Havii iloinrcycd i ntimlier ot
tmMm atfckea by cftttejr thci.
f K to tho fact that alder awl
-MHfttt! m m)y In tho
,X flie Jcao atakea,
w of thoee 4tM, which, In thn
of anher fuod, jlio coata at
, 1v.
trveikt 'huapy of Jho nnlwala have!
km MHed 'hr the aien nt work fo
jwa ni, urn iuu uuiHJiur vrrn in
wer rather than iliniiHiaii.rhU
nfi nalUrifcVU
mt nghn l Ike ate f et Im
mn M 'ilee of 1 rtuwcl with cb
ftVflaihi llelpwnt and bind It en w
tue .( of pain. There hi uotgtsuj
Water, fvt Ml by all digjiliU.
In. miSi'irt
wna tH' aid
Hon ef. trtj i.:
bf.tiil whOvi u i
thl a pn
whvro w win
' JavrimttV'.
r Miller upd '
jOegttfy In n'
Vjifty.il to m,'
iSijrdMV thv ri
rtinVnod. In 1
tfli wi mm w r
Newri !!. t "
Whtl. Jhff mf" rnwiaj
i aXght tht ha waa in '
tiiiriuIa'iiiiU'jiilwJ kind
.aimTlttffr: " V7I
veot tlui
'n- norflli
UUd iawn nt th.
tlAMI al It!-
WtwtsBSWftr. eiit,r
uia nBWQp mufw S
In-nee etrJFttpn' thn
in. a, nt iiiuilai of 1hn
i.. .,uiiit t- u. urt rf
ifyki ov.r tlf 4n.rM:m. UwlCUTIWUT
luWIV tiui n .vui -- i''i.- tf thrf.Otl-
B,ltpffU .rf iH v ma-iejf Hp
iat.(i. ti. in.tol nn"
ttnf;iHroun'w.t,re-rtr ui.. n
tiwnt..niiminK front t .w winuow.
tin ain Hi5 I gecoiid'a rii.-, Uno th
in n , 'HSIPIJ"' orewKt ihw '' virw.
111 1 I (,L'.iHli.M.- ...ill r. . .... i it th.
ini'lii nf. VMfftHt t'llouxi. lo .t( . n
il.,......' I'WISA
TitHeSMwill t.n ,. 1. 1.- ..f.r:,.l
J.'1..... . . . M
nilllt II1IU i Kriin.i
nhlpmem thnt were billed the pout
nnnn from Hoswell Million. They
Include the applet packed at the
Koawelt and f uth Hpr'ne- l'... mii
do not contain thn fruit d prniui
httlad nt the maiu aiaa i'i outti nt
Car, lot table: Apploa, ' pphen,
J; peara, 3i rnninltuH"" k: x
tai)(t;"8; hft'. ultnlti, mvfl IIS:
iimUlng,a total i .'? fara.
Tltf flthH nni ve. m . InaJt.
total tS tni nfti Hi. uKulf
th tie jueil. Biit t- i 1 ai
ojitiMTltlfStlle hav an' t...: i.l
i"fif' per 'rr tfle fotai - vm,i
luff- -9 .
i n-rt
V? 1.
for flth
twu, c
itrWeHy I
yf tin' thi.uli'1
i 7.
mucrailc r,andid'H
I tno luai eier
c u brief visit
A.r.t 'it..-. .....
wjml. lmj. ) uniwi ti in i lie lie
W'WlX. Rlohe. rMimy uf llie raw
ft HWl laiplMhi Iwll.r thu i tm
Hairff.tJf."tltelSy brought as high '
HaJinaV cor. The piuohea nd peart.
irUiiut IiIkIi Aa I.00Q- jt-ir vr
miW fflgfler. avAlfW'H niajll li werth
titer thou 100. And there? ore allil
M,uro.l eiUftOt? of ftPPleni Htld vW
wnlilgltoy Hot be alillipw-
1 ", 1 " -"aj-
i uni iijnjuttii to rotomg9nii uimin
ih I'lelttV Coiieh lUmeth ; tlio titt
tliitiK I hntitv of nnd Hfat ronu-ily (or
roi.Hli. ctililtf, mid limnch al tioitbH.
iwriti'N.Mr. I, 1). AntoH Of honver '
i' .in V'i hr-v- rt li niit' nt
... .......
For aitlo by all dntjrKl.
& Goodrich
In regular ami odd sl.a,
A (oil Miie of nuppliM end
i" nit atoanuw da nil h
rewiring pt Tte per hour.
0u on u foTtrc. Ttilca.
n?t4 Supplltn nnd 1hi it md
'rliifj fn iour etTFfor nti repniru
ruavi i
UW uagr i ma
I Overland ;
Auto Co, i
ItM.IW Nitli .1r til.
Phone-75 O
ti tat

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