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VOIa, . .NO. Mi
OI . X(), s,vi,
Supreme Court Today Sus
tained Deoision of Special
Cemtniwioncr Against Big
Farm Implement Combine.
Court Imposed Fine of ?50,
OOO and Allows Company to
Continue in Business in
State on Certain Condition.
(Br TstaHt HeratA A T. Loase Wtr)
Jefferson City, Mo Nov 14. Tlw
supreme court of Mlaaourl In an npln
ton by Justice Oravps today suatnlned,
the decision of Hpcelal C'ommlNalonor
Theodore Urn co In hi finding far lm
oumor of the international Harvester
company of America.
Tho court nil only oualed th com
lnny from Km right to du bueJncsa In
Mi'-auuri liut Impoaed n fine or 110,000,
conditioned that If the company paya
tile line, separates Urelf from the In
t rnntlitnnl llitrtoamr toin)nn) of New
tiraey, na ii atiitement of ita tonal
ilea and shows to tin- nourt that II
llt olM'j thu luwa In Die futur. It
tin bit permitted to continue to ,1 it
burlniM In the atnte.
Judge Unim, Drown, Frrla nnd
Woodson concurred In dm opinion oy
Judge flruvi'n. I'lilrf Justice Valiant
wrote nn opinion which wo oonour
nil In by Judaea Uimm. Ilrmwi nnd
Kern, h left the niiiount of the tine
to bo fixed b the court after tlin fom.
puny made ii nhonrlifK Unit It would
i-omply Willi tlii' bin- In I ln future
Judge Clrwvrn autn.ncd till- position of
Hpoclul I'nmmlwlnncr llrace nn every
i-ondltlnn. Ti,, opinion found Hint
lomwtlllon wus Uiwoiitil nnd that
practically ii II of tif Iliirventcr bun
incas wna ilono tiy tint respondent
(oinpuny In .the slate. It held Hint
It u contrary to thj Iuwn of t)i nM
of Mhuinutl for one company to coil
luct the hungojjftpihrr as Ii; thin
nue, t)nrVwMli fonimny had no
license to do hlialnCK.
nircuatlnff lhn,caft JiirtRe tlrnvca
In hi nplhloft anjrai
Thr. reponilont In this case km a
pun nnd pared fit tnw nlgnntlo nnd
nefarious actumc. Kor num jevr It
had bci'it thn mere sales intent of tha
International Harvester company, the
Now Jersey (rtmpntiy. It whs licenced
in thin itlntc tn Hi own Rondii, but
It l now plllnu the Rooda or another.
"As such parly to nn unlawful ar
rangement or combination, It ahould
puffer the pcnnlltwi prescribed by our
laws, I huvn Indicated that we could
temper Juntfcc with mrcy. Wo-huva
Hip right to absolutely oust It from
the. amte mid lit addition to lino it. I
think . conilllonal ouater should ro
und tho rcpoi4ent bo fined fn the
sum of 5S,0 tor Its long and con
tinned Infraction of our Irwp."
Tho court MflVo ttjo IfarveMiT ronj.
pany until Janury 1, J 9 12. In pay
(ho fine of 119,699, and until March
J, 191!, to withdraw from the New
Jerney company ami to ohovv tho
court that It la an Independent com.
pany nd IW mply with the Ml.
Notirl lwi, PaillnK In thin the nuier
order will he. wtned by the court Im
mediately after March 1.
City AttUtprlttew Hay Hrikc In Hroketi
ami 11 Vea f Oarbnio KtrtntN An
Dlnanimirhm Itaiihlly; Mntv Tnw
(r KTeahw IteraM A. v. lmi Wf)
New York, Nov. 11. Home headway
Vu miut? today acnlnat the RarbKRe
nnd rubbish which, alncw tho enrtmen
of thu afreet vienrhlng department
ruck tuat We.dheiidiiy nlRlit. Iiiik ac
oumulHtcd nt tho rtto of nearly IV
o6n loiidn a iliiy.' Ily nlRht the deimrt
tuout promUtd thut collerllona would
roIiir on a uxiial.
The city uutiurltlc mild Die atrlke
wit broken (.nil the dlHappeuMnft
pllex of tefuvo conlltiilRd their itsnrr
I lim, Htlll there weru alRim that tha
driver would not surrender without a
II du I atnlRRlf. A eviieral teumaturn'
mrlko I inn weapon with which tho
lililiMI .orKiililslluiiH now propoan to
fiRht tun cuy.
I'iiIIIoh M'lU u Wmr of AMi-rman
Saf Ttmt (.'Mrfc WmM AoW That
Town m rvrMl Adwnti Ikmle
H'W CftttWh ttL I Jfo TlM ti.
(H atvet KppsW A. V. Lpm4 Wkil
'Mm City, pi., Nav. 1 1. Kaitert
Demcux, a ta)ajier ol iWo AA t)K hi
faclNM l MmV affaiia. a4av M.ri a
potHMHt wMi) Um XI(w City (mnh-r or
Hltpi'rtHefi rrbieiiHf lo tlte iiraMd
t'otiKtrnct laai aKt HWwallia ht-'io
ah tha wriMiM pt ChrlM Nvr walk
i.'d oa, Mats W4 thrrro "ohW
nvotd MM' CHm m the Mavkir'a hp
pnchlH taw ana cowUik M earth,"
Th mnm staled that Uowtfi
wttuWl nHriant la Kin with, Iim mcmu
comlnc of ChM, and that IU atamra
hfllpvvl' "ikiif iwwM kA Mllv
offeaded ipith attMM ra turn b
aua of lie waationt walhi,
Seeretary of War Stimson and
Nelson W. Aldrich Are
Principal Speakers Before
Trans-Mise. Convention.
(Hf niuK HpraM A. F. Lm4 Win)
Karmaa City, Mo., NV. H. Hecra
tury of War Henry ! Htlmnon. and
former United Htaten Henator Nelion
W. Aldrich, chUrman or tho mone
tary (ommlwlon were tho principal
penker nt tho opcnlnit.acMlon of the
twenty-second nnnuai : Tran-Mltl
Mlppl Commerclul conirreiw which be
Rutrhrr) to'diiy. Secretary Htlmnon
lnc5Sed affnlrd or hla department
tvnd Hcnutor Aldrlclt outlined hi IdeuN
of currency reform under tho head ol
"Currency l.calittntlon."
W. II. Fnuun of .uiiirlllo, Texa.
prraldcnt of tho Texan llnnkor" nwmci.
atlon, urRed Hie coiiRr) to "(let he-
iilr.d nnd puih ' tho Aldrlrh currency
bill, beciune he Mid It wn the enemy
of the nnanclnt panic. eU , The mrlft boarU'a llmling
The arwlon toduy wnn opened by , w, H,,w in ,,t,e,nre(,t int mllcU
IWdenl or the congm Col. lT.d'or u, ,,, ,., of v)IB ,Ua, u,
V. Hemlng. Ho wild In imrt: lhr middlenmn inther limn tho tnrllt.
At Uh live OoiiH hetil In the In-1 ibidem Trtlt :uoi the cabinet tti
ti rmouiiiiilii country, tho noiiRre nd- iuy Jor nr, , , utTttm
vocnted imtlnmil Irrlsutlon nnd relter-i Tm, reimnetnbllnB of the prwiident
ated with Rrottlnc empbaMn. the in- orilclal tninilv Rnvo recurrenco to tho
oianlty for IcglniHtlon which would rmuoia Unit SocioMry WIUou In noon
make poMlblp the recliuntitlon of arid U rooij-n Tills Is Rencrnlly licllovnl
wiinlc 10 the prolltnble ueit of iiRrt- to be triu It In artid the portfolio
culture It allied In cryMitllBltiK pub-Jlmu -en iifreied tn lit leimt two turn,
lie ent!mnht In favor of (he .Niitlnnul le.ulem In Hclentlflo iiKrIculturul work,
trilKiitloii Act. piucit fn IR'JS, under who hnvo declined,
which the reolumntloii f-crvici win or- Aildu fiom u ronxlduriiilon or tho
Riiulxrd. I'lnlvr the prr.vWIimi, of thu tunny ipieiitloiia which have nrvuiuu
beueiiclcnt Ihw, more Impnrtiint to the 1 luted ilurlim the Hummer, tmlny'.i
countrj nt Ihtro than n)iy law of con-' nieothiR wna InrRvly tlovoted to con
Htern, with n pimilhle exception of the ftldoiatlnn of thu prealdriit'a mcitanRe
HomeHtend Act. million dnllura to roncrena and the official H'jHirt
Imvo been expended and 50 mlllloua of Ihe calilnct ofllcefs, Tho prcal
more rendered wVMilable for expendl Uent's iccommeudntlon to ctinRji'iw tor
tore for rcclumatlan of UniM durin
the next four year?.
iEtH illRAS
Head of Labor Federation
Csuvened in Atlanta Sends
Telegram to the Indicted
(Br fcrmUx tfirata A. V. UM Wirt)
Atli.ntn, da.. .Vov. 14. Itvcenl con
vlctlon for coniplracy for three bfflefnt
of thu ClRAr Makcra union at Tampa
becauao they nilviwd th'elr fellow
workmen not to return to work, wan
condemned by tho executive council
or the American KederMlon of Labor
hero tori..;--,
"DutraRea a.i they occurred in Tanw
pa," declared tho council, "tend to In
tensify the focllnc nmonir out people
that Viuallty boforo tho Ikw' la a
aham nnd delusion,"
Hamuel nomperM nent a tnleiram to
the McNumam brothnra at In An
rcIch today acknowledging: receipt ot
a hivosjirii from the indicted brother.
flompera' mtwMRp, aya th- McNam
ttras mny be niirei of iht labor del
fRntee belief '"In your rnnoeenco of
thv crime with which you h&vn been
charRnd und to pleilao lo you niir coit
tlnurd moral and financial aupport, to
the end that vour Innocence mny bo
tiHabllihi'd. '
ITohphcih that tho atrlke
bollerutakera In tho American Loco
..nla. . ....aUu kL,.1..l..i1ta will lr
trial city to i jompnlhy atrlke. cam-j
ed cevcrat iiil-ruiitlmit executive of
ilcurx of the merlciiu Kederntlon ut
l.ubur lo teuv.. the Kcderutlon eon
vtntlon ber. today to ro tu Xclienec-
I mly.
(Hp Kveatnir Hcrftl A.Y. I -At A Ht
aila. Xm H American CohhiiI
Mason Ima been notlMcd from Co la Is
thut it la bellovcd tJmt Kilfiiir W
vMIx, the well known AHU'ilcaii iorta
innii. cnnlmlttod pulrldo by jlimplu
from a cliiintiol HtcnmiT Hunday nlwbi
Hp HvtMt HeeaM A. t. t M!tt
San Anlnuln. 'fexM, Nov.
Actlv-rt proHsrathMw for a revolt
la Xole lipa(let( by tewwal
Mrar4n Koyaa hi, lala inada
here. This declaration wa inaHe
tndny l.V Icadln! Mnderlatoa,
0wrat Mi'ea tn4a H Rwi4a
rtoaial or Ihu awnwtlaa. TH
Maiirrkta ravu tnK a XatMHNtt
that R hoapltal cof for Nyllaa
left hero ornr tho lutoiateiaal
al flreRt Xotthcrn fr Lata4a,
wtparftiM with WaaMi ami Hh-
r haafMtal apllanrpa, in MOfatrd
far fcrkUn.
Executive Meets Cabinet for
First Time in Three Mouths
and Discusses Frobable
President Talked Over With
Official Family the Ideas
Whioh He Will Incorporate
In Message.
(Mr Keening llemtd A. I. ! Wlrtl
Wauhlnmoti, I). (.'.. Nov H. Ire
tlcnt Tuft l plnnnliiK to take up the
hlnh cost or living In n uperlnl mo
aauc to conKrcas when hu tiaiimlt4
tho report of thu tnriff bourd'n lnvetl
itntlon uf tho wool and cotton
Il nlui. la uiil.l 1... ...Ill ..fu.ir.itlBt.
" "".T. ."; .' ,,,: . V"'"ZZ
iuppiiiiieiury niiu-uui niimiuun
probnbly nlonc tho linen of a fednrni
1 1ncurpoiatloti act, will lie formed after
. throiiRh conferences with Attorney
jncneral yvickcrahatn.
' lPia Hiiratood Hint th Jinsslitcnt'
uilvlaora nolnird nut that tne
of tho coming conRrcaa would centor
oi two main lumiea -tho tariff nnd
tho tiustfi With Domocrntlc londrra
declariRR for ionic read Jiml men t of
the rthcrman law nntt tho ncpublfcan
Inauraenta declnrinp; for Homo nfllrnm
tlvo iHtlalalion to point tho paths for
tha tal conduct of blfc buislucaa, the
prealdent'N rlotiuat couuacllorti ncent to
faver Home lenlBlutlon which will per
mit bualnetM to ro ahead und know
where It stands.
President Finley of Southern
Railway Today Announced
That Promised Increase in
Pay Will Opt Into Effect.
M art Btui A. P. faa Wttal
WaahirtRtoH, U. C., Nov. 14. I'roat
data W. W. Haley or tho Southern
Railway haa aanouueed that aevutnl
hMHHfed clerical omployea of Hint
cMfwny have been shcu an advance
IN Tho increase ratiRo from
Hvs, pr cent for finployea who hnvo
he Mi In tho service hut n abort time,
lo nftwn per cent to thoao who Imvo
beH (ft tho eonlco flvo yenra or more,
Arraasmenta went completed yoa
traay wheruhy tho telefiraph operntora
will int arnntod tho liicrcnaeg recently
(17 'Ml Will UilHKJUl U HllUUi lllil'Vd
I' I W7IH Jlll.ll I1IUHUM ail UIHMI lUIItt I
of M
Nervy Birdman Who Sustrv
iiied Srieus Fall Sunday
Says Xe Is Feeling Mighty
tHr arreataR IWraM A. t. I.Hiapit Wire)
,liMMi:mi, Oal., Nov. ll.-'Tm
reeUac w(liy xoml,' raid Aviator C.
I, wnlRera toAay, ua ho purfed con
mh4m4H)' HI a Ion, blnek clRar and
eockv hla Xtat upon Jlio foot of hla
Vho nviutop HdHrrt thut bv tho end
of piM) 9nk Ha expected lo ho fUlte
ravarod from the effeota of hla fall
rcltorated hla fntominn tn
eaaiMeifi hla rilitlit n aonn aa hi"
ar4aiH had been rebuilt,
McDonald and Fereuseon
Made Excellent Spceehee
But Others Who Followed
Were Lees Fectunate.
All Aibuqucniuu-Uurned nut laat
nlRht to Rreel tho flrat f criioi- of the
Utc of New Mexico
ii won n royai welcome extended ny
the wholy people ?JE city to tho mull
no nns oecn cnow-n nn mcir nrsi
chief executive. ItViun whole-tioul-
'd und heartfell demomtrntlon ono
tn iiulcken tho nuWo of any man.
lionever IiIrIi hla atntlon and that It
wan thoroughly appreciated by Cap
tain McDonald waat ntteated by hla
manner tliroURhou jhe eVcnlnn nnd
by ittH alncere, airalnlitfo-wurd re-
(ponae which ho laaile to the plnud-
ua oi mo dir crnwtuRlliereti in mo
Klka" theater to do Kjni honor.
To becln with, there wiim n bin int
rude nnd torchlight l'i7occimi.!ii throiiRh
tin. principal atrt-etw Jif the eity. iteil
tire huh burned In mbundiinee. mid
trnnaparenclea 0fHlliK mottoen ox-
priilr( .,r jubilant drlumpn reinforc-
cil the pliouta of tho iwrnilern In u
anellUiR outburat ofjllthiialiiHiii. All j
exeelleni nruaa bunilifiirnlahed Inaplr-
Iuk iiuifir und lel fjie line .if mnrcli I
of the (iHrnde to jhj Kilt theater,
where an elnborato ploKnliil of
apeechea wu cnrrleiloui
The apeei'IiPM cninbext lie cliinxllliil
a a Rood, bud iiiulf indifferent Tito
Rood apeecliea weMiHinile by (lover-
nor-elei t McUoniililnd Hon. 11. II.
l'VrRuaon, the budXbne by OeorRO
V I'rltehnril and Itllhnr.l It. Ilunuu
and lite Indlfferent'jiJnVa by O. X. Mar
run and the ntlter&RftMU-mmi who
TaklliL' tin-in In tlin order of their
clniwUlcntlim rnlher thuu that In which
they wtre made, ttu aMech of Mr.
MCUonald wan u. calm, dlatinHaioiiato
nnd patriotic nppfrtjjto tho jveoplo of
the rtate to bury fjiftional dlKerenceH
arid present n tihlteirilViml In'tTi'c'cVii'
pulHii to come for the upbulldliiR of
New Mexico, No tr.ico of bltterneas
itiArred the utternnna of tho apcaker.
On the contrary, hla fcclliiR aeemed to
no one or Rratlttnlc for the honor
which hud been conferred upon him
and of deep appr cintloii of tho re
aponaibllitlia which tho honor carried
with It. That Mr. McDonald atruck n
reponalw chord In thu hei.ru of hla
hrarera wna ahowu by the protracted
und enthualaatlo nppintiao with which
he waa Rreeted the blR crowd
iihlch completely tilled the theater.
Of the name Rimernl tenor was the
apeeeh of Mr rerRtwaon. Mr. Kcr
Ruaaon wna not on tho proRrnm for a
apeech, nnd In fact, owing to a alight
Indlapoaltlon. had not Intondul to bu
preaent. He came In late, however,
and took a ecut in ttto utidlonce, nnd
when hla prcaenro woa dlacovcrcd the
cr.Ua for him were ao Itmlafent that he
made hla way tn tho atao nnd de
liver d u brief talk. Th'oao who heard
Mr. KcrRtitaon Inat niRhthhvo no cntiao
to wonder that he I tho Idol of tho
Democratic innaaea In New Mexico
Ilrlefly, but eloiiucntly, ho expounded
tho prlnclplta or hla party, and thu
ubuoliite ralrnem of tlie,woakcr, com
bined with hla atronif pronal maa
netlam, elicited the Rreatent enthus
lanm on tho part of hla hearera.
Not AO t'oriunnto in thlr utterance
were Meara, I'riiclinrd nnd llannu.
Tho principal troublo with Colonel
l'rltchnrd wna that he aeml not to
have iicnrd that the war la over. Hlu
apeeeh wna bltteriv pnrtkun, nnd dlf
rered but llttlo from thp0 that he
had been making for tholnat month
before the election. Tho ntiuit novel
feature of hla uddrcaa wa7a new ora
torlcul attitude w.u. h he' aaaumed laat
nlitht. Inxteud or 'nmmlnjif hla handa
Into hla Irouaurji i. xkotHnd mnkliiR
hla remarka pcraounl t tho lender
of the orcheatri. u ;na JTecri lila cua
torn, ho fulded ma lmiitlBfbelilnd him.
bent hU body f..i - 'd unftl it, wna nl
moat at rUbt nni' - wltlPKla Jcrs, and
aeemed to be end. .norlng in whlaper
hla romnrka ml eufa of hla nildl-
emje. While in i i' nttlfudo he be
enmo nt tlmea h.i t.io ?rnkir would
cull 'plum rn. . ntid frequent
RlKRloa were ii.-.., i in thu uudltorlum.
whether InapiMl iv thuaiieokor'a ro
tunrka or hla , .nn. a) poaej'lt wna lm
piikalblo to tell
Itlclmrd 11. ii.m.,1 rryid4) Pfhapa
the moat remark '!. peech over de
livered tn New M'x.'oYiy a man at
plrliiR to n Juili. l it "tneii, in bitter
neKa of exiireaalon nnd violent parti
aniiahlp of tnin out-iVltehitrdml
I'rltchiird. Mr IMi.iu calmly naium
ed that becnuae Mf M(iI)onald had
been vlecltd rov rm' of Netv Mexico
the entire ticket which hn w&a th
heud had aUo In n elfc'le'd; and ha
tarried hla dedu. turn oriMep further
unil coHcludcd that If.thw returns
ahoiild ahow tho rle tlOHtafny nomlf
neo u the itepubli iin tick tho re
turn wcro preaumpllviuiSMHlHlCHt.
Hla remarka look a poa4tlv,aller
tura townrda the riid wha, Miimlnc
t.hc.1 tho entlro DtmecraaSlokit for
tho ftHprimio cou t had'aaWn elected,
ho declared In eftV t that Ike etectkm
or tha Rovernor and th. aHrmo
court by tha DeinocroU waa iMMltlv
RMiirnnco that tlm rcaf!! Hml-
(rontlnupil on I'nsr;, Gnlamn ,)
Upon Arrival of Revolution'
ary Ammunition nnd Rein
forcements Advance is Bc
pun Upon Intrcnohments.
Inhabitants Are Relieved
That Expected Disorders
Did Not Materialize; Lead
ers Have Control of Troops.
(Hr i:vrnla- Herald A. J, teaaed Wire)
Won I'riinrlBin, i'u., Nov. f 4.- -I'ro-vldeii
iili the uriiiH nnd uintnunltlon
for Hhlch lhe have been waiting for
aeveral duja. the revolutlonur
furccK beRiin mi uttiink on Nnnklna
early today, uei'ordliiR In cuble ud
Vlrea received by the Thlneae Kreo
I'rvaa of thin elt. The lulvlcea any
that the Imperial force have been
driven tn the I'urple hill nnd that
their poattlon la dcapernto.
The coble dlapatch further anya
that the thirteen war veaacla enp
lured recently In the revolutionary
foreea lire on the wn i XnnkliiK to
uld thi- land fun-en.
A Hour Koiir nitil,, tu the I'ree
I'rewi anya that Knmimh Tuiir prov
ince, the cnpltnl of willed la Canton,
hna elected n Canlnneae, I.e Tut:
Tour, mlnixter if flnnnen of thut
province. He la promlnout aa a mer
chant or IIiiiir Koiir nnd U ireatdnt
or the IIiiiir NIii Lire llmiiiiince com
pany Mix Hiin-ln-lnw, I "mm Oil
Von. la editor of tho t!lllnea Kree
l'naa here.
t'hln 1hu With, anya the dlaputch,
hna been elected mlnbitir of llm In
terior of the aiiine province. He la
owner of n revolutionary nettapaper
puhlbihiil lu Hln in nnd formerly wiim
an official under the Manchti snivcrn.
HlU'CilMtWN'fKnUltNXKXl'iati i
Ainoy. China. Nov. 14. -The re
publican tri-color wave over the
city today. There I ho dlaorder,
tlin ahnpa remain open mid there In
a Reneral leclltiR of relief,
Kurlv thla nfleriionn crowda liewat
to naaemblo far n conference with
the rnvntutlonnry leader. At '.' SO
o'clock thu sun limit Quenkal. flyliiR
tho driiKon flaw, mat off her llnca
and aleiimed out of the harbor. Then
about 1.000 rovnltlllonlata fnrinexl lu
line and matched to the wulled i-lty.
where they ralaed the republican em
blem over tho Tuoll palace ut 2
o'clock. Klmultnncoualy u few trl
colnra were dlapluyed In other iunr
trra of the city. Many Jnpiinean and
white flaxa nlao nppeured. The ex
citement that preceded the -hallRe of
Kovermnent waa quickly allayed.
1'car of exceaaca und kept the popu
lace In a. nrrvnua atnte. Kor aeveral
daya there hnd been no lo- ul Rovern
ment, the mnlnteiiuncn of public r
der devolvliiR on volunteer Ruanla re
cruited from tho hct rnnitliea
On Kundny rcprearntaitvea of the
roiuervntlvn element, wh.i favored
the cAtnhllahmcnt or the temponiry
liidependciico or the cm mnito futlln
attempt to i-ompromlae with tlm
radical faction, which demanded the
aurretider nf the city to the rovolu
tlonlata. I-nt nlRht It wna plain Hint
the rndlcnla were In control and
ulnrmeil ut the poaalblllty or mob
rule, Tuotul CIkiiir fleil to Hour
Koiir. ThrouRtioui the nlRht a feel
inp nf unpualneaa irevaile and thia
wna Increnaed thla inornliiK by n ru
pior that the wella of the city bud
been polaoned by Miinclioa from PVio
However, na the diiv pniRrwaed
the repulillenn laililcra allowed that
they hnd their follower well in
bund and tbi- popular fetir auv way
to ii He line of M'ClirlU.
Manila, Nov. II. Announcement
ttitx iiiiide at iullltar helidquhrtera
toda) thut the aulllliR the tnma
puii ahnnnn for the fntt.-it Htiitea
limi lii-.-o imatlmnud. No .irflelnl nx
lilwiiiilPiii una offered, Out armv of
ru-.-ra xpiMaed the belief Inil the
bout a IicIiik held for ilae III enr-
rHiR troop to chlnu,
A i iK' uiclimein of mildlura Ii
lu re.'iiui. n iiinv,. nl 34 houra' no
fHr KrralaK Herald A. I'. lr
VVaahiimton. I), t" Nov. II.-
la thu jiinjorlly opinion of tho
owHimori'o court, forinully hnudeit
tiewn lodny In tho tuittaiontln-
M4al rate can en, It la held Hun
the Icmx ami abort haul provision
f tho IntorMHto Commeie ut"
-4a etHutl(iiml, .ImlBe Archl
Iwid $M!iire in thu laainiiue or
a tHtirury iMjitnctlnti of the m
ilori nf ,tlw iHteraiato Cotmnerrc
commaaalan, but In hla opinion
lKilda i-tm hmtc nnd abort haul
prnvlH4w to ba Invalid.
McDonald, De Baca, Clancy
and Curry Certain; Others
Are Doubtful With Chance.4
Favoring Republicans.
DurlnR the Inat twenty-four houra
the uir ha been aurcharRed with
confllt-iinR rumora, with cliiirnen and
cuunter-.biirRea. TbroURh It nil
tllenii !.i. Ik aland out:
The Democrat have certainly
circled tliiOr vmidldata for Rovernor
nnd lieutenant Rovernor.
The ltopublleiilia have certainly
elected their coiullduti. ror uttiirnuy
Reneral niiil one of their cntulldntea
ror eonareaa
The remainder of the atnto ticket
la in doubt, and It will take the orrl
clal count to decide who la elected.
With the aliiRlo exception tif the
race for Roveruor, there hna never
been a .-loNcr flRht in the political
liiMor) ..r N,.w Mexleit thmi the one
which i Pned laat Tumulus Mr. Mc
Donald ran far uhead tit IiIm ticket,
nnd hla ele.-tlon wna eoneeded by the
Itepubllenn eentml eoniinltteo ua aoon
ua atlfflelent returna had been re
ceived to ahnw that fiu-t At the
clime time it ai claimed that there
wna u attoiiR probability that the inn
Jorlty. if not u or the Itepubllenn
nl ilk- tl'-k.-t bud been elected by
aiiiull uiiijorllle. The reaulta na din
oUmcil b th returna which have
been received ao fur bear out nlmo
llitely the accuracy of llila clullli.
Xew Mexico h a In rue Mute mill Ita
territory la apnraely aettled. A Rreut
majorlt) of (he poputntloti live fur
from rnllrouilH nnd telephone. Klec
Hon returna nr neceaaurlly alow in
eomlliK In. At the present lime It la
poaalble only to rniiko a Rclicru! pre
dletloit if what tfioaa returna will
allow, hiiacd on thoae which are
known und on thu mujorltlctt which
Hut amiio procluctH have Riven In
prevloiia ulectloHM.
Ah before atitted, Ihc Official re
ttirtia will lip. required -to aeitle moat
if tho meeiT. rtir atutc ilfflcea. H
now aeema certain thut Mr. McDon
ald hna been elected by a majority
of about 3,300. the riRtirca which the
Herald riivo two dayi after tho elec
tion. IMrtlanu aupportera of Mr. Mc
Donald Imvo inn ile extruviiRiint
nbilma thut hla majority would run
far In excesa of thla, nnd hla new
paper orRiina over the atat. have per
HlHtnntly dnluded their readera with
f ii Inn atntomenta aa to the aire of
hla majority, but tho officlnl count
will not vary much from 2.00O, one
way or the other. H. C De llnca,
tho Democratic nominee for lieuten
unt Rovernor, la nlao elected by u
majority inuuli Icaa than that of Mr.
McDonald, but InrRe enotiKli to leave
no doubt aa to hla election. O. X.
Mnrrnii, ror trenaiirer. la probnbly
elected nlao, tltotiRll na to thla there
la tho Rrcuteat uncertnliiD
On the other hand there la no
room ror doubt that V. V. Clancy
hna been elected attorney Reneral
und that rormer Governor Curry hua
been elected tn cnnRreaa. Majorltle
can not be Riven for tho very excel
lent rciiHon thut thq returna aro not
nil In nr.d the riRtirca urn not avail
able. Thcan RentlMncn run well
uheinl or their ticket In practically
every county In tho atutc, und their
election by aafe niajorltlea la even
iiioro, poaltlveb uaaured than that of
Mr. Do llnca. A. it. Htroiip. tho He
publicum cundldiito for atnto auhool
aliperinteiident. la In all probability
elected ' over hla Democratic oppon
ent, but thla race la ao xtremely
clone tlir.t It would not be wife to
make a positive slftlciuen' na to the
matter. Ilaaed oil the proportion of
Mr. Htrotip'H vote to that of the re
mainder or the IttiMiblleciu llckpt tn
tho cqputlea which have made defln
lt rrtturna. the pi wont tnillcoilona
nro thut In l eleeted by a aniall but
aafw tunjorit.
The Minn- oondltloil ex lata In re
Rard to tb.- rueiia fur JadRea
fiiprem. .ourt. The llatiubllcaii n
tral c..ininltte aoilftiiauM.v elniui'
that nil of the Itepuiillcun emidldHU
for atipreine court JUtlK' h- been
elected, and their clnlni .- m to be
much better foiiudud than thorn
the minocrutlc uundldtitex, but "W
liia to the very narrow imirsln be
tweed the vurlnua eolidlilHlea no aHf
predlvtlou can lie lililde ot till time
It would not be aorprlMim to a
aplli bourt. part r the iJniimerotlc
and part of the Iteitubiienn tieket
tielnR itli-iltuil, HiourIi Ii "a lmKalble
In any w'hleli ciiniHdnte f alDier
party lg apt to be Hiicceaaritl. ao elnae
ta tho rnl'e.
Aa to the other . umliiiuicx it la ut
terly Itlipitaalblo lo make anv tlllulll
Rent atnteiiicut at thla ttm . and the
nowapnper Which undertaken to Rive
Ita readera nu im urate aeeouitt of
tho returna for thoae offleea nl thla
tlmo la almply ludulKliiR In Rtieaa
work with nn definite luiala for the
Rueaa. It will take the officlnl re
turna lo toll who la elected, und thoae
returna will probably allow Hie cloa
ca! ruce tiiiit hna ever heen held for
atute offlc-M In the 1'nlfed Htnloa.
An interoHlnR devclo)meiit or ea
terdtty wna tho piny made by tho
Democratic central coiniultteo nt Ita
meeting lu tho Commercial club
luiildinR In NiMnir a fund fur the
proaecutlou of perpclrutura of elec-li.-n
fruiida. Ten thouaaud dullura or
(f niliiucil mi I'atie i, Column 3.)
Archbishop Fnrley nnd Most
Reverend Diometlc Falconio
Given Ovation When They
Sail for Rome,
Chanting; of Chorus of Six
Thousand Children's Voices
and Singing; Greets Distin
guished Churchmen.
(Mr r.irnlns IteralA A. I, taaed Wire)
New Yorh, N Y, Nov. H. Timlin
nlH-lK-alnnnte Arelibltliop John M
I'niley of New York and tho .Moat
Ilvv. Dloiuedc Falconio. npontolle del'
cRnto to WnahluRton, railed on tlin
Kroii ITIntcaaln Ceccllu today for
Home. A HiroHK oi many tliouiiimla
flhoutod ami rlinnted fnrowclla unit
Rood wlahi'B for n mlla nlons; their
path to the river. Hitch cardinal
(IcslKimln billed hla lieud IliroURliout
tho doinonatrallon und beaiowcii hla
"I have been for route tln;o aniuiis
Hie American people." aaiil Arch
Ulaliop 1'nlconlti, "and I ndtulru ami
love them for their InlelllKcncc, their
wnrm boupltnllty and thoir loyalty.
My henrt uoca tint In thnnka to them
for thla magnificent tnrcwcll, my
IiIwmmIiik Ih upon them."
Archblahop Farley auld.
I'leuao thank for am tho American
peoplo for their inmiy kluiiatHMaa, t
leave my hleaalns with theat."
The cnrdlnnlB-dcalRnato wero at
their ilevollotig beforo aunrlao. At ft
o'clock thov heard In t. l'BtrleK.'a
cntheilrot u chonia of alx ihouaand
children void's, clmntlBR hymsa or
faiowcll. At 9 o'clock an aat4ll
was carryltiR them at tha haitrf or a
loRfr line frem tha ctht to Mw
Jinilin river, thnm4i atreeta afiHt
tor wlllt Ha aK4..huMlME.. .,
A aquail of nswtfiteSt iriw elearcd
the wny nnd na fho train iimmhh! be
tween thutiannds maaped nlett tho
curb, tho nnialc of bras a Ixrnda acat
tered along tho way waa drowned !a
the altmlnR and clieerlRR.
At tho root or Fiftieth street the
cnidlnala-ilealaiinto hoarded the
atoutner itoacilalo nmlil checra and to
I ho tune of "Onward, Chrlatlan Hoi
dlcra" by tho band went ubnard. With
Illahopa Citanck of New York, Karrel.
ly of ClcvcLniil ttml ritovnl of Sautu
Fc, I hey held n reception nboitl'd. Thu
Kron rrinM'Kaiit Cecelln wai atormetf
hy fqllowcra of the catilntil-dealnnt
who flocked nbonnl nnd It wua several
minutes nlicr scheiliilcd tliuo for Hall.
tiR when alio iniiilo her wny into thu
Walter J. Archer Is Excused
From Jury Duty; Claims He
Is Opposed to Extreme
(Br Krenlnic Herald A. IV l.caaed Wire)
Um AhRolei; Cftl., Nov. 14 Coun
ol and court Ii) tha MnNamari trial
todii) wont to fork on tho alxtlt ven,
Ho MumtnnniHl Ifi tha raao and much
proarcaa wna umilij In wim'iIIiir out tho
l.npiiiHllilc Tij aecitro ollftlblex for
Jury aervliea. (litrwvVcr, wiim slowor
Of the piinol J)f fortj sumnioiied for
proapoctue aerlle In the trial nf
.mine,. It .McNaniitrn for tho murder
of Charles I HriKRorty, a victim (it
the Times explosion, Ixjeon remain
d afioi .IuiIro liordwjil5i preliminary
examination nriil .two of thi o litul
been dlaiieiued wltn within ten nun
utoa nftoi court opetisll.
Clwa. It. Fullei. Tu jcors old, up
punriMl unable u hour iiiesilons puf
tn hint lo ihu court und wna exciiacd,
to his oin linn, pleHsiiro.
Wnller .1 A rohci, a youti); man, tnbl
tho court he itlwnjH had been oppon
ed tn tlm Infliction nf tlm dealh pen
all)' mm wna nllowod to ro.
Wlllliiiu .1. Andre a carpenter, rol
loweil Archer
After pnivltiR over Anilro lu eiiliaar
tun fruit loan acuroh tor ground for
phalleiiRo for cause, iho defense iiiss.
oil him.
The stale accepted Andre with
hardly u iiiieilluu and ho beenmn tho
tenth tniitt in the box. That ho will
hi' uxcuacil by poumiptory cbnlleiiRo
scotiicil certain
T. II i;ill6tt. Tn yenra old. who said
ho bcloiiRod tu no soc'oty "except thu
liuiuiin fumll.1 . ' was exaiulncd by At
toriiuy t'lai-otiro H. Durrow, chief ot
counsel for tho defense.
YAfll'l' AliYINA Itlll.linr.l) M.T.
Hr IHreluM llrrald A. I. iMmi Wleal
Dliliith. Jllnii.. Nov. 14 The steam
yacht A I v I nu ownml by Thomas 1
Colo of Dututh, has not yet roportqit
her wheri'uboutft nnd early lniiiltl.v
today railed to Rive any ini'-e of her.

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