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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 15, 1911, Image 5

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sviwiira xxjuw. weimmiday. xotxjoih is, mi.
PIrm for Leoks Prftetiwlly
Completed; Xerly Three
Quarters ef Cttlebra Cat
In declared that
ido of the t'fttirtl
i tumble ntcd.bo
it stability ill
Iter "With bath
Ithn coinmlMluB
one of ultimate
mn mm whatever
to ho removed. II
nhn Hi" bottom
Ik rrnchrd tiu furl
nniiciputed. un r
bo Btven by the
nllOfn nod break;
WUn, "the Ui'i
11 mount nf vicr
thn feeling ,fliwTc, thero in no
npprMieHidoft nti lii' Itilhniun na to
tho fliml diiri'uHteuinonit th(ii nc
muilnteil with tin fuels." Thn com
mlfploii thim Gnawer predictions
tluit tin rntiul would be overwhelm--l
by ahtrtntie laudMldea, preventing
llln execution of the project.
The eiimlnlwuon 'contend that It
would b uneconomical to tcrrnen tho
bank everywhere In itdvnneo ot tho
cuttlnw of thv ennui beoniwo n larito
I hi i ( of that expeimlvn work ntlRlit
pioVo wholly unnecuMtiry. Heepoo
loir of tho cut nni) widening or tho
lower rrnehca- lm iwonreiwed wttli
tnctorliy with le'lnterrHptlon or in
trrfnrencn oti ncVount of allocs than
at any time alneo trouble with them
begun. The alldca have canned no In-
vm(r In the t6tnl rMlmated cost .-if
Otilohra eut. Tho Cucnrnelm, allde
covered 41.1 ncrei and tho Culcbrn
lido IP. 9 ncrra.
A apodal board hna recommended
unit planned fnvllltlCH for tho Htonino
and furnlidilurt of ion! und other fuel
for um both afloat and minorr. II'"
furnishing of rrifili water lo ahlpplng,
thn furdlxhln .f ndqqunto facilities
for tho repair of all v-emota na wn'l ta
of nil militia ttnek, equipment und
machinery et'ioro, mid of Morehouse
for mulcrb In unit nuppUm other than
ftte' nllcr -he completion of ho
Th,. lermlittil dotika will bo an ut
ranged ik to tidtnlt of en enlarge
ment to meet development In buid
pea und Kite of fthtp. To begin
with the dry dock will conform to
the dlmenelon of the ennal und the
whsirve will be 1.000 feet long.
The totnl appropriation made bV
congrr leitve M,36,ri3l of the
ttmatcil tout of the rnnnl yet to be
Kor the flrt time no contract In-
borer wrr broimht to thn IkI limit
durlnir Me enr. Thero wn n do
elded fullliiR orr In immlRrntlon,
wlillo mny Went Indlim Inborern
hnvo gone Into the bitiili ftivil Citn no
lonner i relied upon fur Mendy
Waihliiglon, Nov. nri.Thi ftrent
itttcliniilcnl piolilonm connected nlth
thn iDitMriiellon of the I'aniuiut
nnl. which n to bo opened to the
overiimnl lit Jnnunry. phkh In
review In thn tmnu.nl report of Ihc
lithnilnn cnnnl cominlMtlon Jnt innde
public. The record of the yearn
nclilevemeiiU In the RlRantlc tank
thnt I blnjt worked out by the
WaMhlnntun Rovenunent under con
KreeKlonal uppropilnilonii that ho rnr
tnwurfRnte ItDS.&SI.'tiO Include:
coinpltllou of nliiinft tlir'e'nuiir
tm of Clilebrn cut. Totitt excava
tion of nmterlnl from Culhrn dtirlnK
jeitr ir.,:':i,872 cublo yard nl nvrr
nun cnut of 5fl.lt cent per yitrd.
fllR plan laid for ratial termlnnl,
InolmllnR fttornKn of fiyl, frwh wa
ter mid other niipplli')i, repair TacllU
tlen, etc. t'aclflo tennlnn.l tn hnvn
dry dock, utorelioune nml oonlltijj Bin
llon I'rnollral complelloa or pIaiin of
nil lockD.
Kliibornt whelno for llAhtlnc (ho
lafixRUhrdlnit of thn canal nKalnnt
blK HndMldec. ,
The report ' treftU the pliyolcnl a
nect of tho liltr waterway with minute
detail. QumtlonH of tolls, form of
Rovrrnnumt and character mid extent
of population to Hp permitted In tho
rnnnl ono hnvo been reported upon
In ndvnnce nheeta bf the report al
ready inndn public, tile lock have
been n a Rrent problem. Dtvliii.o for
the approach wtilU nt nil look ex
rept una have been prepared. Con
trnctn in rorce at the beglnnlutr ot
the nncal year wera practically com
pleted and new contract entered Into
for a Vnat amount or frame, valve,
KateM and other paraphernalia necdcl
tn put Hie eanul Into operation.
Won than 951 tons of ranting were
madn on the lt)imu. llulldlnn of
the Rrent lock Kalen each liaf of
whlrh In 64 feet t Inrhea hluh wait
pedlted. At each hk'k eutrnnce
wrmiK fender' chnltii attached ta
powerful uprlnRH wilt he InMnlled in
provent hlpn from bntlerlnn down
the lockn.
A floating i-AlMnn I belnR. n
atnlled for Una In cloMriR a lck o
na to enable noritmen to repair" tho
perlnnnetlt locka and the 'bottom
t . I. ...ill t. ..I.I
vnnni iimniinimoii win i'wu-i ...,, . , . u.,,,,.
1 by rahttn Ili4ita for eiliwan " "t """" . " "
the- ifttrctlon or v'mIi onlhrtl'tiwr trn I'tWftt H "U-W1 V
'hirif''And''y,iilTle Duluk nWiil. nonnce,rt.i TTnvi. plfnU m Imtid for
apan tnarklnr each uU of the en- ,mMH , (jidPu .Htt0 tilmlled a
rial. liu nud Hiihled beacon Jiullt "
of reinforced concrete will abound. , ,U.V rin.
The ratnaiiN f.'ulebrii rjl "In" (en, The lrln will lie In "harnc of new
mlloa Ioiir and uVep -noUKi (o re ' oillclnl who ti' tn be. railed ii xiipcrln
eelve the I'nltert Htntift capital, dome tt-ndeiu or tninnpnrlntlfllj. Tho u
mid nil. From th! eat. ilcptto tn perinteiuliMit tll he In eliiirne of HocK
eiiotmuu excuvntlon durintc the year, lulnml trulnit from Annelea to Chi
on Uly 1 lart'' there remnlnedSS,- enk-o, and will nc'eomp.in.v them on
929.H9 cplilr yard to be rrmnveil. )(,r ,. Theru will hi- at leat
tlnmtifi of excavation necewavy In (0ur or thine upcrlnlondetu.
this eut hnvo boen )areiy lncreaedl jn ronntlon. tho eattlpment
to allow ror the lnre earth elide.! f u,p ,l0tk J(1,an1 nvXtnx wm tm
lt year thine Udej, thul tnA, to b cnrrCl) ttirouRit to tho coam. mciud
removed rrom the canal eulllnR after , rtln(,rt( nm, olm(.rva,n lMr8. At
It had been practically esomplcte w, ,,),,., i.no!l,,, rt,.
Hi if mH ?r, "V T , rf C h! '" "''hc and b48KR0 car
of nil the material removed from Ihe on ,h(( ock J)lllim,
'ivfttt fit HI fittffi
.JIrti To make ie qoldcn H.ata limited
i m tVper than "tho pVrmaVra n- ' ta' ,rn, froM ch,C1""' t0
pected lo ceae when Ihe natural lope.j very fuw. nd th lenslh of lopa at
of the Canal banks t rentorert,
Wnshinglon Yohe Woman
Smvw Ten-ors of Tiny
Cable SUticm in 7cifiof to
le Witli Her lover.
HeatUO, Nov. 15 tioiind for MM.
ar Ululid, In I'ntynota. whern Icm
ibart three years' re-Jdenco brlHR
bllndneM, Mla Ada Mile of IaUp
fit), Minn., left hern to many Hor
ace, Wyetn, a tender for tho cable
ban on the Island. KttyN it Seattle pa
per After reachlnu th Island tlm
ceremony will be performed by Itev
J r Ilex, n mlsilnnary. who la re
turtilni; to hi work In the Houth Kva
Ihr lurtteit of map Mlduu)
Uland la only a pin point and ut clomi
innRu wmiH only allKhlly InrRer. It
Ilea notthwcM of the Hawaiian srnup,
and nllbniiRh one or the po-on of
tho Unltid rttnU-H, It I of little u4
except to tho 1'acltlc Commerrlul c.a
ble company.
Tho Wand ln'of coral 'formation
covered with white Kind. It hlilheat
point let than forty feet above the a
level, fitting to the nature or Its noil
not a llvlnn plant rear it heart or
ntndn out a alnxlo ;"f-.
It in thn connectfriR link In tho
tran-.l'aclllo cable. Hero the mea
mif am received from ono rectlon
of tho cable and hurried out nna!n
alonu the other wire.
Only a fw men can upend morn
than thri'i year upon thn Inland,
The ray of thn bUnlnit nun hurled
back tlercely each day by thn uu-
broken reaction of while aand at a
powerful enatiKli to bring hllndnei tn
men In le than that time. Tho
who May too Ioiik urn pun lulled by
defective vision.
Once In ninety day n little achnouer
arrive from Honolulu und drop
anchor on the inland. I'rovtMona and
mall for tho neir-marooned workers
are nrounht nuliore. It I out of Ihe
path or all Blilpplnit and the com
pany diminutive windjammer hi th
ole litor the year around.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Thurkkv 3 n m Friday, at 10 a. mJ Saturday, all day
1 nuriCiay, O p m. lOO dozen Men's line SO Silk Sacks,
ladies' 75o RHd $1,00 Hand Bags, u 00iorg aMd black OC
Mcn'i Jumpen, Over- t :"!t25c enl5r ZS3C
alls, Work Shirti and At a :00 p. m. iMt Outfi oiiSu at M 74
Drew Shirts Fine TWet noy sw, Jftf pr yRrd
values H 7fo at IUI AT 2:00 f, X.
Hi&k grade geods, valM to $1.00. UdieV extra quality fast blaok l5d 5,000 yardi fine ImbrtideriM, Wf
tpeektl at this lieur, m leng )Kp Hose, at per pair, f and Insertion, value to n
as they lat, only tek ...taJt QV 1VC W, at nly per yard
Half Price on all Genuine CuGlaM AH 2Sc and 2Sc Soap 10c
Crockery Tumbler, 9c 3Sc Enamel.
DUT TnhT the fine Cut 7....HC
we will sell all Crockery at oia Tumblers, value to waffi 18c -
exactly KALF PRICE. All 25c, to go durine this WWC n. u e -l
10c artioles, 5c; all 15o ar- sale only at f , , . . , Dig OCit 3pCll
f.0? MC" SSSf-A X .iMti. M i.u.t
10c; all Mo artiolw ltyt Sauce Pans, German Stew Ietker liU, rtfukr
and w n. All KALF All blown Tumblers Pots, at only 1 Q value up t 3Io, UD(ip
PHICE at only OQ ch IOC & at ,lok favt
Qolden State limited to Be
Made Extra , Pine Train
'ftcressHhe '-Continent, to
CempttejWMifSaHta Fe.
i:i l'ao, Tc Nv. 15. In nrdtr o
cnmprto.isUlif$fj n(y' fal train In- J
On (o J. II. Q'Kletty Co. today. Say
"1 want a UYOJJKt mtlHI." lake It
homo with ynu, open the Itex and pour
a few dropa of IIYOMHI (pranouuc
It llRli-o-.imi) IhIii tho lltilo hunt rub
ber, Inhaler.
Then bt-fatho plrawwt, nontlilns,
hcallni;, r.orHi kllllnit IIYOMKl ovi
tho taw, nlla.irl cerm ridden uienv
hmne Inr n few mltiutia nml relief K
!f tfliilTud lip head will vohWt. Khu
up i nr ireaiiiieui lour nr live huicm
a day lor a few dun ami liawl.itu;.
rpUtlng nud forming of niucna in ilio
noiKi and throat will ncane
IIYO.MI'I h Kiiiirnntoed to did ca
tnnh, coubIi. co: ti. croup, asthma,
catarrhal liratiion, or money back
t'nnipletc outfit 9 1 .00. aubciuint bot
tle If needed CO cent at J II. O'lllol
ly Va, and drUBitlata nverywhere
The Foote Company
Corner Central and Third Street
ritcnlid have occurred mi bath
widen of tho cut where, the mdrly
Inn rock In of ionr miallty and Ir
brnkin tip and kquccsed upward hy
dtvbdnn points will be reittced to an
absolute mlalinttm of time,
lfer palm In Hmi We or chett da'n
pen n pleco of flannel with Cham-
the preKnt from beneath nnd frawt Ucrlaln'a liniment and Wnd It on oyer
thr idden. inlerrunllnr Hie dralnafca thii eat of pitlH. There la netfclrtx
and eoverlBK up the railroad Irach. bfttler. For tale by all dnttot.
Tp meet thU comlltlon Intermedial ;
henchea havo been cut alonir thai A Lilly. Jr.. of Haltlmore, a well
alnpo to dletrlbuta tho tp welit known drui: nahyman, U In the city
and reduce Ore amnunt tf material for n few dan call! on the trade.
Stiff Neck
For any atiftnciw or lnmeneM
Stoan'a l.ininwnc kIvci relief t
met. It acts lih maaafe -quickens
the blood am! liwter
tip lame iiuikIch ami jotnM.
When applied hnnmHakry
jkr violent cxcrcic k ptveirt
Here's trt
' I am utlng )tsar Malm tat for
MWacfK. I luvo lniirt two hrt
W of It and it U the Nt I ever
JUii'mArVCURRV. WMHawa.Oa.
'I )m4 a ptijm Wlwiu ry SKi4Jm. oml ntttaf your ad
VWtl'nwMm In iH tM at 1 a I which quickly rdfcvad am."
X. I. .lUKOOYNK, ,M1H. Ky.
Million Dollar Project to Ir
rigate 70,000 Aoree Under
Contewplatien ly Arizona
and California Capitalists.
Monster ef the Skies, Capable
of Carrying 40 Passengers,
Soon to Make Its Initial
Kun Dleeo, Calif.. 'NoV. 1GJ -A mott
ter nlrihlp, laraer taa'uinnyih'nir yet
tdillt In America, ahdwlh"ninro lift-
rtB powvr than the Zjppallii hlpii, la
to miike'lla fimiai trlp'from'lhla elty
, On Ihrt Inltllil voyag there will bo
ix ennlncer to operato the tiiechan
lain, ami two yubtitituUa, Tollvtr. the
Inventor, nnd hla wife, will bo pnnwn.
vrn. Tha alrnhlp will In; lighted by
nlKht wllh elctrlcl(y Reafrated by
motor and will be equipped with
urnrrhllRht. It arrle 11 telephone
npparutu and fonncctlom can ba
mutlu wllh am lino near where It
atlfihta. whero omniVinicMtlona can bo
had to H purta of tlie raclflo coast.
Tho bun; comaiim 6S,Ooo cublo feet ot
nna and hax u llfttnR capacity aald to
be double that of thn Zeppelin nlr-
H aw WeJkat aatUepild nmjy or nte throat, cat a4 Vary D
El woMa(Uuii(Hl tio tuUbiiHi 1o!d, b) U dtkrn, l
H. . ' PHe9fitt ta9. mtui M
H 1 fkn't lix en ll,M, C'iHlt Ka 4 tvilirj1 wnt fr. Siittm M
m- " ." iWt'toM.. MMHi wmmmt, mam. W
FalrbaakR, Ar!.. Nov. 15, Author!,
latlve advlcea indicate ttint Dr. K It.
I'errln. a cardlallNt of Williams Ic rti-
iKxl In a pkn to build an liuinonuu
irrfcsaiHw project iiorc.
Tho cot a to b not lens than St. i
090,600 and will probably exct'iM that!
t mi by many tkoim;ind of didlara.
Wllh Ir I'errln In associated a co.
tvrlo of San Krancltico cupllallaU, l)r.
IVrrln, hl aoti, 1 ,M, I'errlti. ti
GrunKO nd .V U Harlow arrived In
Tucxoii on No. U Inat nlKht front Fair
bank, and after vimtlRK irli'itdn III
Tuenon for ttovtsral Itoura they left
for northern A r bona oh No, a.
Dr. I'orrla and h R4HWH'lteii nr
frnuk In bclilB that the project,
h conatuumatcd, will Sur lm.
not tntitly In thu cowiiMsrclal lifo ol
Tucson, alnco tho lad Rad the reser-
voir will ho rmly 07 rnllta front Tuc
son, on tho direct Hho of the Kl I'linu
k Hotithwratcrn railro4.
Will lrrlt4 7jm Atmu
Tho land Involved coHatttiitost tin
old land Kraat control M by Dr. I'er
rln. lo stated laat nifihi that ho has
located a moat aitrjHUlHftooua nn
praotlcablo twwrvo4r alto o Id "tnIH
ckMit (o Impound water tor tho In lift
tln or l0.M)'crM,
Korthr, wot. K Ilio iiialerlnU
cdci far tho construction of n ')lhl
utMonry 4m aro cImo ut hand In
th fern f r&Glt, comeht matoihUit
RIM lm, nf wMch wat Miore in a
vwy wttottaK dciwalt on I'm labd.
A far llwi land Itsalf ho -.ntiKlik'ttt
H fertHe nH U aupport hutnlreda
ef p9i mi rnnlrllmtn to tho proa
Wnty o MutHru ArUotm 'n A very
ttkflMn . mmh ro whoit !innt-ni j
iwwer nrrnmmn. wo tt oiwi rui.ri ii'ni
that H reclHiuniloit project wi bq
unnrinKn a no very dWtunt dam,
WtU Mr. rnnno n! Mf llnrntw;
Mh. o( Krane.lefl, l)i i'errln
Want A ynry tlrwudi xaminnlhtn
of .im land, tho conntfws lon iimlfilul
at han4, aM I ha dninntiu ntu) rfmirvotr
Wte.. Tho parly (a pow Klutnlnit ttf
Willi iw fttrttmr conlnnnn o
tho ptiot.
In Order to Obtain Widow's
Pension Woman Asks to
Set Aside Decree of Divorce.
Granted in 18S5.
lUftd Crashed ly Elevator
Weights, Jeff Thompson
Was Found 0 Platform of
Wholesale GreWy Houso.
Waco. Tox . Nov lD.)Vlth hla head
bndly cruxlv d. tn lifclcxa body ol
Jerr Thonipxon nKedbmit 33, waa
round on it plaifnrrnT' wihlch l a part
of . rrelaht eteviitorjjlnthii Itotati
(Irocery company iiiilitfl-n, on tho nee
and floor, nt lo 15 thTworiilnK. No
ono mw the nTlileRtitiiid tho din
eovery waa ilrst maehy two boy,
X. J. ltt'li.H.m and iSW." MUta, wio
work for Ihe above ngwedjTiHm. Ju
tlee t). A. Watknr Wm MntWed nnrt
authorised th- removil of: tho body,
iiftor ha had ii'weditJw'rfnaBa.
When tha man waQf)hB"d ho waa
lylUB oh bin ' . nrt"djt lj preminied
bt wit a tni. ii i - omo ono on the
Drat floor i r a t'lo bnsmiieiit when
ho wtiM kllbd A Ho. inu" wllueaaert
tho ncnldcnt. the natMwryh-i which h
wot hla deatii a mttor of theoir.
m II l,i lien ' noWan utrtick It
wkjIrIhh him o i " tlw'visvator a H
waa iineendHM r nu.tn wat to tho
id floor. !! evidently won am
ho ib ad e i .aa worried only a
MW wuHthrt oMjf thr..nriloMiil
WMi lt hln , tronJieiiStWIow mum
ft-Htt heen in
Uulavllle, Ky.. Nov. IC Rule han
been lllid In the Clnrk -irrult court,
JcfUrvonvllle, by Mrc. tMiina Miller
lo ret oolite it decree of divorce from
her, srantiHl Itarrlnon Miller in HS5.
Her won, Milton Milter, and Mr. Mary
Miller nee Mahury), recond wife of
llarrtton Milter, aro made defendants
In the action.
The vult la the kecond of tha kind
tiled by Mra. Miller lunlde ot two
monthn. Tim flrat petltiun a nter
c! Oeiober ti, the only defendant at
that time hclnff Milton Miller. JudR.
m nt recently wna ri-ndered In favo"
or Mia. Miller In thin cniw. Thla, It
'uii IMoi.Rht, cleared the way for Mra.
Miller to M'curu n pension which sho
hod been after for nome time, hut had1
been kept out of becauoe Ilnrrlnon
Miller had been uranted a dvora
from her.
It wn IfltT dlwovered, however,
thnt Miller had been married after
xettlnff bl divorce. Th o second wife,
Mra. Mary Miller, la aaid to be IIvIiik
In New Albany, but lo-r exact location
In not known. A acareli of the recorda
allowed that llarrlion .Miller and Mary
Mnhury wero married 1-Vbruiiry 17,
In the complaint filed yeatcrday
Mrf. Miller auta forth that idia waa
marfled January 6, 18HK, to Itarrlaon
Miller, who, on November 3S, 1K9S,
without her knowlfdae, filed ault for
divorce. Hhe uIIcri'h that without
wrVleo heliiK ecurod upon her n do-
cceo wan granted Derember 10, ItHS.
If Ih alleged, however that Miller told
her that ho had filed a ault for dlvoreo
and had It djxmlMod. Tha two, It la
aliened continued lo live toicidhor na
man and wlfu until Miller died, July
It Ik nuked that tho dlvorco granted
Miller on DocembtT Ifl, H95, bo aot
nuldo and tho marrlaKo to Mary Ma
bury be df.'turcd void, Mra. Miller
alleK" 'x u now il.', yenra old nud
Infirm, and that whn alio' Imtulreit
about lh diiw tii'inir nranled wn
told It bad lieu MIkiukwiiI.
Sheriff Beck Sella 50,000 to
One Firm of Chicago Com
mission Merchants; Kansas
LongMirs Popular.
Hutchinson, Knna, Nov. 15 ilhcr.
Iff K. C. Tleclt, wiiu returned rrom
Chicago yesterday, cIohihI a ijil with
n coniuthMton hotiHo for tho delivery
of SO.oee Jck inbuita durlnR tho prea-
est winter, ih Wl, tho entire con
nlmnment will havo been placed on the
windy city market oeiern Chrtsimaa.
ualMM tke fteso eounty aherlrf taint
to trap an many with ht silver coin
as n new antwpatw.
Tho ennimlaaloR howao that encased
all thoao Iork enrod Inhabitants of
the ftlnlHK oxpestato dtflpoto of them
to retattera whV supply tho I'ollah.
Hlava, Huiwlana and other elementa of
the fsrelnners that aro Hnanclally
poor and demand cheap meat.
H mint a bo nomelhlUK of n aurpriao
to wn ChlcaifoaiM to know that a
Kananti never thlnka of eatlnit a Jack
raWrtt. Not that they nro unfit for
food, pt rather thnt tho ploneera
RorM on them durlRK tho early days
and now alnco tho fertile ptnlna havo
Riven M plentcom liarvfolo on which
tho CHWC081 nieaU Jvave been fattened
InrlnK the paat acorn of yen", tlio
lnnplu almply have gotten out of tho
way of eatfnc tho rabblla that war
and aro yet w common,
Tho biirvi'Hi of Jacka that It will r-
(rHiro to fill Mr. lhtck'a Idtc otdar. will
lault beneNclnlly lo tho cHRleullural-
iHti of thn western Mctlo of the
, ,Tharu,wft.lctlt!on,..wlirr
tlioio nro anlrf to bo nt local 100 rah-
a to tho acre of (Hied land and ih
thcao tielithborhooiJa liiivpc In wiiui;lit
on tho Ktowliij; ciopR.
Tim Jack rabbit Ih especially fond
or eultlvnled veeelntlon. Ho w(H
ravel dozen tnllen nt nlitht to feast
off thn Ktnwlntt Rreen and where tliete
I an (rotated fnriu, thu ownor aulTir
for ho In a proy to the pata for tnltca
oroumi, luatnncca nro known wltere
ttto Jack rnbblta havo destroyed entlrt
Tho ihlpplutr of tho rabbits wtu htr
Itlated on a Inry acnUj by tho Ikck
bruthcra laat year, bids fair to bocoum
a great Inuuatry. In addition to tiw
uO.ouo, which will amonat ta aevoral
carloada, tha Ilecka have etlwr cim
tomerie In attum UUa wlw will tuba
all that-aan he seonred.
John Reek rtra trm Koot
City and otar wemarn towns yeaiar
day, waero ho enajafrna' tan nnfpwant
of 100.000 Jack rabbit Id bo itltvera4
hero between now nnd tho helhteya.
With thoao atain around Huieblnaen
and hauled in In wnwan, tan Heefen
will have handled many oarloada be
fore tho aeaaen haa ended.
No matter how many jacka ara
alatuthtered darlac n eefl, thn nwn
ber the followinff year aeena to b
Just as nreat and the dwslruetlon
wroiiKht by them la just aa dlaaatron.
Conaemicntly tho Jack rabbit Matry
will not bo killed Ihla year by any
mean, oven Jf tho Heck llrothera no
Increase the earnlNaa or tho railway
eompnnloa by novoral hundrH dolktr
Now the Ilecka are wondering jttat
what Irofoor 1. U llyche, ate
Kniiui warden, will do next.
(hc In In' "
t'lnpliiy f
i The Bank of Commerce
Albuquerque), Nw Mxlco
Mtoria, Oro. Nov. The Mmy.
Mat kIoii mid women oihiiohiiim tlm
iMfJ copipany or ilio Htan' M'nah-
Whoso R'c,i,. nei oinpllHli I
thP titj Ttlloonli. phi .it Hie '
wnhlnHt,nrt -aa iieln" "wh ' " 1
tjeta Vmmm near Nonli lle.i, im mi I
e.wNte4. .aplrHft todaj and extravii
ftant Mi thvfr proli'o m all cmiepui'-d
JtvrtWn,. lvion. (in the 'b
hmtd. '&aatn Wluhl ol the V.iM
Inaton an' (hat n braver eontplemen
Capital and Surplus 200,4
no 'auHM, Hlrocury
Ciipni f.r f ym't boMMr i, pi
of iulei. tif f ''f iBni'M "who vn
w voted 11 -r"fnt Mta weHc fnlh
nSly mill un: , nilonrftw!, In-
ttfferlnc with tha emmnd a otkura.lof pacmrg never aullod the occult.
We solicil the accounts) of firms,
corporations and individnals
SwIomsh Lm, FmitUHt W. S, Strloklor, Vice-Prtt
C. Y. tafferd, Ckitr X. X, Xerriti Aset. QuH,
D. 8. White, Am. Ckir7. Jt. Karris, Astt. QM

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