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Til I MINK CIT mm.
VtH. SW. NO. Mi
vou i, so. SSI.
In Ah XditerUl in the "Out
leek" Former Executive Dc
fends His Position in Mak
ing Coneeeslens to Combine.
Calls Articles Saying he w8
"Taken In" By Crafty
Trust Promoters "Hot in
Amrdanoe Witk Truth."
(Mr KltHlHg Hf-slfl A. P. Irfs4 Wlra)
New York, Nov IC- Uccom Minn,
lion olid legislation to rwRulate. the
trusts and n remedy to rmulatf (hp
present situation Is discussed by
Theodore Hooeevell lu on editorial on.
tilled "Th Trusts, the People, and
the Square Deal," published today In
i ho Outlook.
"Thu milt ORainst the. Hteel trust by
Hid government." Mr llooscvvlt be
Klnu, "has brutiKht tvldly before our
people tlm need of reducing to order
our chaotic government policy as re
Kaids business "
I If concludes with OiIm rvcoinaiou
diillon: "The national government exercise
control ever Interstate commerce rait
waya and It can In altullar raahlun,
thrmtfth an appropriate governmental
tody, exercise control over all Indus
trial ontaalMtlona en.WRcd In Interstate-
commerce This control ahnuld
not hi' t-xcrcWed by the courts, but
by an adroml-strallve. bureau or board
mich as the bureau of corporations or
the Interitatn rotnwerro romnitsskm;
for the court eannot with advunUK
permanently iterferm executive and
Rdwha-.rlve fttnettoM."
Hefom UVIflR hp Ma ajcnctnl theme,
Mr- ReawtveH. pane to deny that the
irpraetlve of the Steel certrj
,t " i' ii. hw will;1 ho w pre.
dent. Referring to thu Hull uRalnst
lh JHM tnul k sJa
"Oh hI tho ffrotmda for the suit
la the axiiliHw by the Hteel cor
(oration f tku Tennessee. Coal and
Iioh comr-sity. and It Ma been atlcttod
on the authority of thu government
officiate eftKaned In ciirolng on the
nuL that as regards thin trMHMCtlon,
I km atketsH) bv the representative
of thu Wecl cerpoutlou and thnt the
facta Here ftfit accurately or truthfully
laM Mrt me. This atatcmcnt la not
correct. I believed at the time that
IhD facta In the c wre na repre
sented la Hie oe behalf of the Hteel
rarperatl and my further kuowte4
hafe convinced me that thl wsc true.
"I beMeveil al the time tst the
lesrcNentattte of the stwsl cerparatlen
mi me WMi trujh as to the change
(hat wedld he worked In the percent
ago of the bwMnesrt which I he pt4
pesed aqltkn would give the
Weel ceriMKfltUm and further inquiry
haa conVlwd me that they did wo. I
was not roWed. The rcprcscnlatlveH
of Ihe SImI cerporatton tek) at the
truth at (s bt the effect of tho ac
tion at that time would bo and any
Hateiunn. tha-t I was misled or that
the representative of tho tee cor
poratleu did net thus tell mu the truth
aa to the. IWs f tho caw la Haelr not
In aecurriaMH) With the truth.
"It ha Wen aliened that thu pur
c!wso by tin tHeel corporation U the
property at the fVunnntee C1
Iron compaHy ffavo the filenl erra
tlen praetfeaHy a mowply irf tb
southern Irw rea that U tf the ImT
ore sotitli of tho i'otomac and t-Ke
My nformtki, which I have every
rc.ieon t iHttkivo la nccurute und not
aucccaefully U be chalknged. la that
of the Muthrn Iron orea the Htcol
eoryernthHt has. Includlm; tho proper
tj gained lorn the Tenneasue Coal
und Iro cempany, k't than twenty
per cent-iperhapa not owr alxlecn
per cent. A Very much rimullor per
cenUgu than the percentage It holtla
of the Lake iiuK.rlor oiea, which even
aflcr tho aurrunder of the Mill leuco,
vll bt allKhtly over filly per e.
Arconllng to my view thoroioro and
ii les whleh I do not buVksvo tm
ntbh thee Kgtircx can bo auceeHy
caalkw4, the acqulaltlon of th Tu.
nemo Cl ii Ail Iron rompHHy'R ore.
In no 9-y etatDged the aKHatlM a
regard inrahlim the Ktcol toriiorullmi
"Tha afcawiiMi m to the percentage
or rTliiphn af att kind of ingeia
nnd h the Uni,e,t Rtakts
hy tne IH4 (wrpratloti by all
mlwr mniiiafai.lHrf.rB reacilvtdy,
make an hnn rt(roni' cat'. It
UMhee te mm even atrMger tMn I
ptrt (t to Mf teh4eHy tiefore tho In-
VeMHwHH e4MM'HktK) fAf f WM
acreimlqiaiy, wrefal lu km, mhv-
mente wm mum, yi ni an, nmhmh m-
wki hy vimmmw
i" miaEwwyim a. p. i.mA wri
n Awato, T'X.. Nov. U. The
Natlua AWMiMtlUH of rufeMdiMMl
rhMHibd wM My refnvred the Ma
lug or h. itMtirWhwi tr)' to be paid
by vIuIm In :e dlffnrent vlc to thu
eommirttx- nfVieion ef .the contl
imioif Willi lntrtiv)l'iin t rwti
INr HroatMr HwraM. A. R ImmI Wtrot
llillaileltifrM, Nev 10. iiuiiup
Alexander Maek-ay-Hmllh of the
l'roteatant Bp:etMil tltocete of
I'ciniH) IvuHla and wiu of tho lead-
Ing chnrchwen In tho country.
died auddfftly at the Kpbicopal
rctldenco here tedey. Death waa
dun to heart dHHMHH. lie waa 01
year aid.
Ho Decision in Appeal of
ligkt Defendents for Writs
of Habeas Corpus Today;
May Postpone Trial.
Mr Kla Mfia A. r, iMkrd Wlll
Clilcngo. Nov l. No Ufclnlon lit
the appeul of eight IndlcU'd Chlcauo
paehen. f'jr tvrlta of hnbcn rurpua vwn
eimiii before imnvrrow nn n renult ot
Judge Koblmuit In the I'llllfil .Stutea
circuit emirt grunting twenty-four
linurn diduy for cuutmi'l fur the p.irk
ern to uiuwer iiitliluvltn tll"il tod in by
Riivernmetit utturneya.
In t,v iiirmitltiiK nrKUiiiinlK were
prruenled by ultornryu for the giivern
inent nrgulug that wrlta litueil Niivriu
In.- It be tiiumhcd nnd tint govern
ment wiu uliuw)'il to r-roeeed with ll
trhil "ft fur next day. on lndletunnt
elmrgtng iututlunH of the Wiermnr
iintl-trunt law
In an event It I nut btllrveri lh
trluN of thr packera will UvkIii iton-
day. In enno Jialae Kiihbutnt nuittiliifi
tin- guvt'ritinent' rQiituntlun Hint Hi
tmekerH in'tltlon wn not In amid fultli
una ituntihea ttn rlt, tin- Indicted mm
have hiiiiimiiU''iI ilioy will uppeul to
tlii Nupreine court und thua obtain t
ruling on the eontltutlniiullly of the
criminal xvi'tliitm of the Khcrmun Ihw
TIiIk, uerordlng In ciuiidm'I, will have
Ihe effcrt of preventing trlul on the
Indictment until nfter thn ruling.
Should Jtidlie KohlMiat ountuln the
puckers' pi-uH nnd grunt the wrlta,
I In- giivirument will uppenl to the
vuprxmn court
Distrust of Laker Organiza
tiens Against Persons Con
nected Witk Civic Body
Leads to Rene-ktion.
Mr St talim Mr?mM. A. r. MihI Wire!
Atlanta, Ou , 16. Tho flltuen
labor tendura, Igehtdlng President
(loinperit. who are oh live, executlvo
committee of the National ClUu fed
eratlvn, nre railed en to aever their
connection with the mtter erganua
tion In a ronelutlwi Introduced In be
half of the United Mine Werkera. It
In umleratood that the resolution has
the aupport ot the Vstern federation
of Minora and alao tho atatt dH
llotia pf Colorado, 1,'tah and iMNfeitian.
The rfaolutlon. which wmv' wfaftcd
to the reeolullona coMiltltp, rteahirea
that "there Is u wowing twditit; In
practtrally nil labor oft4ta to
view v.'lH auaplclop ad dlatrwft the
acta ot any tatmr Fyeeeuiaiire wno
la In any way connected with the
Clvle federutln." which la declared
to be built on the false nxausnMlon
of "identity of Interesta."
. Xotlce waa given by tho California
delegutlon on the floor of tho Amer
ican Federation of Labor convention
that It intended to preaont lu rewolu
tlon appropriating r.o,W for trio do
lt-nun t tin- McNumaraa, even In tho
event mich ncUon whh not tueommeud
ed by thu com nlttee on the presl
dent'a report '
Six Thousand Miners Laid Off
Sine le inning f Asri
Are Stronely in Faver of
tHr Mvmlag KinM A. 1. ImmI Wlt
Lethbrldge. Alberta, Xpif. 11. Thrt
,uiw com ininera or tnr rrwa
faun dlnlrlet. wlui hn lf rti on
klrlhe rontlnuotuly ahlce the uetn
nlng of April, will return to wrk
on Monday morning, November 3ft,
Thla Htnteuietit wan made by sH nf
tlcer of the union In nigh iH-Miag
A meeting of the miner will b held.
In e ther Ferpel or Frame tomerrnw
at which the vote will be cnwgted
und th? announcement inude. totter
In the day the executive WM meet
crvaioeni uewm m'i'ii m ine op
rraturx' nioclatlon and Inform, him
of the reMilt
It U ttuid unuffMAtty that Ih-ii mtu
era Have voted Very Mnmalv Et favor
of returning v WorK.
Interrupted in Parcels Post
Speeeh Delegate Makes An
gry Retort Against "Lobby,
ists of Robber Trusts."
(Rr KvmlaK MraU A. r. lm4 Wb)
Kunnna City. Nov. I. "Tllla tnint
JIIh.iUkIpiiI Commercial vongrexj I
controlled ,iy NobbyUtH repreiieutlug
the robhev I'xprciut ruiiiininlttn, tho
rollromlH und thi- ruanr trimt, und thlx
him been denuiiiHtruted repeatedly by
thr. oiiKrcjiH'n iiction. ' won (ho atiirt
IIiik utiitciniiU mndr from the pint
form at lodiiy'ii m-mlon of the roligreioi
by tlt'ornv J. Kludel of Uvnver.
Mr. Kind i' IV ntntnuent emiii n un
ungry r'tori to un Interruption by it
ilelegule. Thr I'envrr infill wn de
livering un .uhlriBH ndvoeutlng the
pun-el iiu.tl in whleh he bhiined the
nxpri'iw coiiiiHinlex ror the annual
poMolticv iltiieli nnd auld lltut If the
Iuum uRiilimt ihtwe xpruta compcnlen
wer. eiiforril mu) u gi-iirrut pureed
pout I'KtilblMic'il llin pout it I ilnpurtlimlit
would imiik, Iihvc nnnuiil defied.
In Spite of Democratic Claims
There is No Material
Change in Situation From
In Dttlle of claims by the Democratic
central committee mm tho Democratic
Mes. thu i Hunt on todrtv co far n
the election of atnto oltlcera la rou
cornet), la practically unchanged, and
thb result win not oe delinitcly known
until after the meeting of tho board
of eaiivwuer. coualktlng or tho gov
si nor, thu chief Justice uf tho aupro.no
court and the secretary of state, which
wilt be held November 27 lu ganta rV
fer the purposo of canvassing thu
vote of the entire state. Any an
nouncement of the result of the races
for all state officers In ndvnnco of the
meeting ot that board is entirely pre
matura and Is nothing more nor Imut
tban hopek'ta gueaa work.
rrem Democratic source come
claims that tho Republican estimates
of majorities for candidates for the
supremo court and corporation com
RtlMlett aru bAsed ou erroneous fig
urea, aud this claim, coupled with
the remarks of lUehard II. llansa In
El Albuquerquo speech last Monday
nlglit, make it t.-v blent that tho Demo
crats propose to inaka u desixirnte ef-
tort to capiuro tho Huwrmo court na
a strategical polni U the deciding ot
iao many ronteeia WHICH aro likely
to nrlo aa an nfter.-with of the elee
tiou. The Democratic (alms of ma
lorltleH for their MHrMii court enn
illdates, however, art Heully denied
by the llppubllcs MHwagerN, nnd tne
only tiling tlwt ean Ih said ot this
lime is that the wtbHe will have to
wwi na sent in Miticnco until No-
vwber 27 If It would know the truth
h to who Is elected,
Order for firoocrlc U'ai ttiTiftl
.nii-i Ijtkc tiy Aeropbtiitt.
(Hy,MvrslsK Hrl4 A. V, I.rd Wlrt
Detroit. Mich.. Nov. IC Captain
Fred M. AlKer, mllllonulro cltibmun
and aviation t ntliuxliiKl, flvn down '
town from bin ehoolliiii club nt HI I
t'lair Flat yesterdu.v uiornlns. He
delivered an order to grocery for4
suppllr for the club, then flew bunk
shiiIii, all in us matter of taut u way
As thotiRh he IiiiiI come from home in
oi minor "itr no Bupoufni emu is
ncrrs iikn hi t-iair. about 33 mile.
Aler flew ueroM the lake and. down J
inu ucir'ni river nt n nine i mm
uie. Hi WrlHht eroi4e i fitted
with poiiloon nnd he nlwuya rl'
rrum nnii uiihiiih on the water.
V If a Ty rV) I'im n KUtt,
ew rork. Nov. l.-r- ctay wpee.
of eve ehwifi)tts, l the iw'Utw f
wttme iDHn io OffMMieji tr tne PMc,
w.nnsiiw ctM) he proMbMed front amok
h. If tho tut of tohacoo by women
flot pfoytike dhKirdi r, no one can
Wt wonien from muokluK An
fJWkl opinion to that effect was rn
dWed th board of uldormen hy the
CAtttWMH, A, K Watson, today. Mr.
Wisttth uives tobacco sparingly. Mem
of thr board of aldermen hav
lie eomdderinif the udvlsnbllHy ot
eM4nc an ordnurie proWWWwt
wvtwwuw from smoking In imfcUe
ptdMi. They were In doubt aUwitt
tH eoHmitutoinuiitj of uei a jn-o-
Charged Witk Assault and
Battery Upe Young-Shady
BcndTeekr, Leaders Ad'
rait Their Fartioipatien.
! Judge Witkkelds Sentence
Until the (Hker Cases Have
Been Tried Because of Lack
i of Rvidenee.f
(Hr XtrHttiK Hrra4d,A. I'. I.iil Wtrc)
Lincoln, t'ciltir.! Ku.. Nov. 10.
I'Imik of guilty Miiti-nl .ilinoiilic.'il III
the circuit eourt hj te today by three
of Die innul promlH-Ul men ueeunttl In
, connection with She tarring of Minn
M.tr CluimbcrlnlC fit- rihaily Ilvnd
.school teacher, c'irli il ilii Nlnto at
turiien alinost orf jnMr feet with anr
1 prlne, The follow Ian unmmuced pIchn
or guilty. HvtreltJI (I t'lnrk, Hhudy
Mend miller; Wutajn Serunton, Hhady
, Ilend furnteri Jay l-'llxvvatsr. Hhudy
' Ilend farmtr.
' Jutlge (trover reserved ntniteuee.
Wiifii court wnSfciilletl County At
torney ilcCatiKfP ir.-wntt-il a wiltnn
1 Int-UH lixt of ultldiiVhA from rltlxen of
Uiiroln county tti'jfliou thnt the eime
i-ould oe tried fiilrl; In the county.
"We will iiinuiunm to the court thnt
We huve tlecldt-tl to wllhtlniw our np
plication for n chie of venue," de
elared '.. '. Mlllllf-n of t-ounoel for
the tlpft-nse. f
A hum of ourprbto broke from the
, iniilli-nce which loid packed the court
room ulncf eiir!) rmirulng. Ktnte at
lortu-jn Mood opiii mouthed,
When the formal plcim of nullty had
' been announced hy K. a. Clark, the
' oiio upon whoso vnte thonn of thq
other elRlit men uecooed of connection
i with the titrrltHr 'vern expected to
hinge, .ludgo Orover reserved sentence.
The court iinld:
"It I neciftwiry (IihI 1 reserve sen
, tence, for. na t JyrWheiird no. testi
mony In Uil easej5! "rvally 'dS 'not
know the nature of the offenne. Ac-
cordltiKly I will wait unlit nfler tho
otlier macs have been heard."
' There wna not u moment' delay In
the proceeding. The II rut surprise at
Hie plen or guilty over, Hhrrrlll Clark,
n merchant of thady llcnd, A.
rilinms, n former employo In Kvsrctt
Clark' mill, und John Schmidt,
farmer, tmmtdlntily were placed on
trial charged wii.i "umkuuII nnd h.it
Itrj." thern being no provUlon under
the Kunmia law for n charge of "tar
ring." Talesmen from the regular Jury
venire were culled In nt once. Thfre
sremcd however, amn)l hope of getting
a Jury without u special venire.
Four men now aland guilty by their
own eonfestdun of n part in the tar
ring or the younx chobt" teacher. The
Unit waa IMward Rlcord, tho barber,
a 1!red decoy, who pleaded uurjty ye
, terduy, who iil rsinains to be sun
! tencudi
t-histcr Andermin nnd Dvlbert Kin-tit-In
pa t-8 or, labunrs, of llnverly, who
wore sentenced in u Justice court ttl
ninety day' Imprlsnnmetit each, aro
to b tried on appeal.'
f-'lve men, llurrv ArmHtnms, Kenton
Hale. Alt A. Undermuth, Unnjumlit
I'liliili-r nod Itiw.-no Anderson, labor
er, of lleVerly. liijt already paid
lines of $1 each for tfielr connection
with the car,.. They- wltnesned thej
tamnR ' rrum iieiumt a iieoae unit
were convicted und lined to prevent
im. .......
i ineni i ruin reivnn lu.irmn' iiKuinti
Ny Kveslas; llrratd A. r. Lm4 Wire)
t'heyenne. IVwi., Nov. It. The
Mountain Htutin Telepfiorm nnd Tele
Krapn complin, huajrcfiiisiid tho
Kemmeter and luif ,'lflney Telephone
iompuny uperaims; fSJ" nillo lu the
western portion of "WyomfiiK. Thu
Mnuntuln rilatfM will ek'tvnd the lilies
unit link the nutvu ncoulrcd line with
the trunk lines inn pluclmr tho west
rn part of tn- stato lu direct com
munication with :ie InUdlui ellliy of
the Mountain Mates.
(Hy MmIs Hvrald A. I. !. WIr
New York. Nov. t.Thlrteen In
dictment w.-r- irlurRi-d thK uftt.r,
noon by tho federal itran'd Jury which
has been invertiMtlnic chari of ro
iHvtlna; itBainst everul;wiw, freluht
rtHclal und mrinbtrn of , Srws liero
ami nt C'lilcim Tim Imiury ms been
fondtiuled with onuswal sepre.cy. All
of the Indictments nre'sl-mWar exenpt
iMi to tho details nf 'ihe " particular
traftocrtlon and -onUHt t nil forty
ftv 'etiunts,
The aliened rebstlnit whs on ship
ments f mrreliawlMH betwtmw tills
city Ninl i'hicaso
Upon Receipt of Order Calling
for Reinforcements Before
Making Attack Upon Cap
ital Assembly Votes Troop3
(Hr EvralBR llrM A. 1'. Iaard Wlr)
Hun l'riiiineo. Nov. 1. Attack on
t'eklmt in the Immediate future I"
contemplated b the revolutionists.
ot-t-KrilliiK lo a ruble dbtpatuh reoelWd
toilltv hv the iMiIiw-ko Free I'rens of
till ltv The i)lialch eiinie from
llotiit lvnjt anil said that the ruvolu
tlonarv Ki.vernmeni In Quonit Tunir
provtm-e had recelvinl from Oencrnl
1.1 Yuen lluuiic order to send rein
forcement to Wo Clianir. tliero to
etinceiiirate in preparation for tho at
titek till I'eklUR.
I'pon receipt or the order the
sembl met ntld deeldeit 10 St'lld IlrlK
mller ilenernl Jum; Juan iual unit u
brlKode of troops tn Wll ChilllK.
to iti:v(ii,r.Tisis-i,H
AiiorilliiK to connulur reports, so..
noo tiuiH riiil troop nt I littler Chow
lme Joined the relict ami defentod
loyal trnow from NnnklnK ami
China; Ktiw- The tomiilnetl fonies
are now marehtiitt un N'anUliiK, where
a battle with the MaliohU nrniy I
(lellernl LI Yuen Helix lias notified
the forvlRU euiiMilH ut Hankow that
the .rvliUbllcau stutes have elettted
reprentrtllve in the uentrnl gov-
ernmcnt which I beinK i-MAbllshetl
nt Wu I'luinc and uk rfcognlllon of
the ftili-rutnl state, (leiicntl I.I I
the commundt-r of the rebel force
Tie Ujil,n h ... .-!.,.. I'tnl the
situation in North i:tiltm ha bet-n
Improved In thi, luxt day or two but
iiwuil further development before
forming un opinion on the whole nit
t.v skw t'AitiNirr
I'eklliB. Nov. Id (7ip3 p. m.-
A cabinet rormttl by I'remleT Yuan
Hbl Knl us unnouneed in nn imper
till edict turned todnn It Includes a
few Mnnclitis but no noblcM. "Home
of tin- iihlint men of China lire omit
ted, but under the circumstance the
ministry Is eomdderrd satisfactory.
The etmipolllon or the new coimll
lutloiml cabinet is un follows.
Premier Yuan Hhl Kill.
Hoard of forelKn affairs Llntiir
Tim-Yen, president: Hu Wei To. vice
Hoard of finance Yen thl HI. pres
ident; Chen Chin Too, vice president.
Iluurd of communication Yung
Hhlh Chi. president: Manic Ju Hnt.
vice president.
Hoard of war Nairn Hhlh I'hei.sr.
president: Tlen Wen Tleh. vice presi
dent. Hoard of JutlCo Hheu 'III i'en.
prt-Nltli-nt. l.lamr Chi Chlno, pres.
llonrd of Interior Cluio I'imt Chun,
president; Chen, vlco president.
Hoard of nRriculturo und commcrco
Chans Chleti, president : llsl Yen,
vice president.
Hoard of tho navy Admiral 8uh
Chen Mine;, president. Tan Hauctt
liens, vlco president.
lloaui of Instruction-Tnhif CblnK
Chunis, president; Yuhk To. vice prea
Idont. Hoard of colonies -Sasho. presi
dent; Yum; llsiin. vice president.
Amoy. Nov. Id.- I'motlcally tho
entire southern half of Fa Klon prov
Into bus none over to the revolution
lata and theie mo disorder in tho
At OIihiik fJhow rival factions nre
flRhtliiR for the t Mitrol of the loeul
Kovcrnment. !
Koo Chow reports thai the provls-1
lotmi Koverumvni tnero is niiihin,
strenuous efforts to roslnre ordrr;
tieonln who had fled am leturninu to
the dt nnd Hie ahops nre liolns
lilni; Ilwa. it coast city niioui nrty
mite south of Foo Olmw. haH occopt-
ed the new government qutotly and
many of the old officials remain at
their posts.
In this city the ruiiieal element is
orcuiiUhiK tho republican Kuvitrumunt.
The moilerntes, who wislied to dcclnro
Auto) Independent without rommlltliii;
it iti itic rovolutltmun iiuse. are not
belnit consulted.
Wushlnstou. Nov. in. Not n sol
tllor will leuve the Philippine for
China om-pi ou ordera from I'reslduiit
Tnft auth orders harn not jot been
(Slveu and It is suit! thnt before ncilnx
the president I awaiting the nrrival
In WashinRlou late toilnv of Secretary
of War Htlmson nnd Major Cenerul
LeiMinrd Wood, eh?" of aliiff, who nre
relnmlnK from the west
Yallejo, C'nl. Nnv to The critlsor
Ck-whtmitt. Conimniiilii Snmuel H.
HoWiismi, left Mhre Isliiud navy yard
toay for China. The Clnclniiail wna
Mnder orders to relieve the Now or-lea-M.
but It Is understood how that
(he Xew Orloans will remain on the
AfrkMk: atfrtlon until tho Chlne.e all-
Tb CiHeisUatl will call ut Cuvliu
ttr dstlvisr stores, Incliullntf wireless
npl-sratiw for the I'hlllppliiH.
IHr KrlnM tltritlil A. I. tftA Wlrl
llerlln. ov 1ft Kmperor Wll-
Hum Iiiih euncellud the hutitiim
ili in Hilesla on which hr hud
Inienileil to sinri Inst eveninn.
The lensou Klven Is thst he Is
sttnYrliiR f i out it slight cold, re-
Kiirdliiir whleh, however. I huso
nem hi maJosM spenlt lu le-
iiHnriUK tones.
Mysterious Letters nt First
Thought to Be Joke Follow
ed Up By Rough Treat
ment; No Robbery.
(Hr i:rnl(t llrratd A. I. UrkmtA U'irtl I
rio. niurr, wtiii., Nov. is - -Tills 1
tunti im ureatl) miitllrtl mid eselted i
over i iilat-i linud" ennipnln which '
culminated early loduv lu mi nxnuultl
I on Irani Mnner. elsrk for it lumbur
'(.(..., ... w..,.. ............ .. , i. !
fin,.,.,,; i.ii, muiivim UK" itw,iier
itreivni h. letter threntunhiK hluck
iniill. it as slausd "lllitek lluml" nl
thotinh IIhIIiuih urn not sufpneted lu
the eite Ton tiny IIKii he ret-elvd
a MM-uml letter rupuitliiK the threats,
lloth mlMlvitri were Kunernlly hellcved
to or the work or prnotkul joIiir.
In tin iiarknsM Mirly thl morning
two men waylnltl Moxlit r unit beat nllii
to uiieinrliusneii. On hi ptirsoti hn
ettrtleti th- M), onil t the "hlnvk hand"
letter Thl hi attllniitn to.-vk, nl
thotmii ii. uKl -in htji prrmn. money,
Jevvelrv utut vuinalil- pspeta which
w- n 'i 'I m-.lf-ted
fTnlP I riJTi
, I 1 B 6 11 1 I Tnll
'- s-UlitJ
Menacing Condition to 3rj
signers is Considerably
Eased. Though Refugees
Report Bad- Conditions.
(Ry KTrnlntr Hrrld A. P. I,rd Wtf)
Torreon, Mcsli-o. Nov 10. The
trike outlook nn Improved today.
The leaders In the movement which
involved hevcrnl thouiuimt men nnd
hrotiKhi business almost to it stutid
still are coiiferritiK with the mumiKers
if tho Industrial plant with n view
to ail)utlntr the illffeult
It Is probable the meler will re
uuie operations under Kiinrd
Kl Paso, Texas. Nov. 18 - Fifty
four refusee from Toir-in. Mexico,
who arrived here loduv a till for
elxner will Ht-t out of Torreon today
or tomorrow, ns they urn under con
tinual menace there despite the re
tention of the cnrrlmili
Klilht tbouaml striker are In Tor
reon alitl their number Is uilRmcnted
hourly from ntirruundliiR camps.
It Is presumed that the tdluutluu In
Torreon na described by penou ar
rlvlnp in Kl I'limi refer to conditions
In thu Mexlrun city twcnt four hours
or more iiko Direct dlsimU-he from
Torreon indicate: the Kltimtloii i- less
luemicinR to forelKliers.
Deoision of Circuit Court Ap
proving Dissolution Plan
for Tobacco Combine Will
Not Go to Supreme Court,
(Hy Kvraluv Hrrald A. iad Wirl
warhiiieton. ,vn. in ni.- wnvsrii-lm-iii
will not uppi-al from the tlrrla
Ion nt ill, I'litted Hlliti-N cli-eint court
ut New York which approved the tl.in
ftt lIlHloliltlnn proxMr) .. the Alliurl
eim ToImocii coni,un W.ilb the
Kovvrlllnrlll mtu iwk the MlprlllO
court to rc-vlww the tie, ,lt,ii .it iiny
limy within a v-ur. it a t utiiml lo-
tiay that Attorii- i norui Wleker
rhuiit wan not piaimitiH in do mi at
this tlniM ulld prolmulv will nut.
Now Y'rk. N- !' -The lutjltlttti
of the ho-chiIIimI liidfpndi'lit inliiiueo
dtaleu for leit l Int. rvn III l)iu
Roverumsnt' illilu(lon null iinnlnut
Hie tobautto trust was iltuilml loday by
the t'lllted Htutos elrvull omul This
IndU-iitiJi thnt he cue probably w'lll
Ko nt once lo the t'nltrd Htntt su
preme court.
A V I AT( It i-NWf.UI t
ik ii:i,yi:d
IHr llvralwr llarald A. P. i.Mised Wire)
Kl Ptikp, Toxus., Nov. fl. When
Aviator Fowler attempted to resume
hu io. st to const ftia'.it here todur his
machine collided with tho brunches
nf n tree The aviator wuc not hurt
but Hit machine wtis il,imuvil. Fow
irr pout poind his flluht for repairs.
Decided Snap Enters Into
Court Proceedings Wken
Attorney for Defense Makes
Saracastic Remark.
Couldn't Remember Subject of
Last Sunday's Church Ser
mon; Was Not Sure He
Could Remember Anything
(Hy HvvBla Hrrald A. F. tat Wire I
Irfis Aiiude. Nov. 10. Willi Clar
ence h. Darrow, chief eouncl for the
defense, tletnnndlim tu know whether
the court was hcluK run according to
IckiiI prnretlure, the McNaninrit trial
uetitilretl a Hiutp today which has not
chntncterlsed the proceedinxs for
some lime.
luclttelitully It beeume a queslluu
whether man who runout remem
ber the text or Inst Huudity's sermon
I fUnllflfd for Jury service.
Talenniaii ,1. A. linns, !3 year old.
was the storm center of Ihe pro-
credlnas whleh nl times hrotlKht D,tr-
row's voice to it ho ol of unacr und
hroUKht repeated eiuitlon from tint
(loss, under tpietlon tlenlitncd to
show Incapacity, said he hik of poor
hrnrlnft and wtirae memory.
"Were you In church lust Hunday?"
linked Darrow
"What wit the ermou about?"
"I can't remember exactly"
"Do you remember 'unythlns; that
wits said?"
"You haven't hud much education,
have you"
"You donl' uudorstuiid lur
.- .. v
, Harrow turitledVtpt'AiUlnHL-DMVkl
Attorney Ifortnn. ' -wm
"Do you want nny further show
im;?" ho asked. .
'There has mil 1ccn "any showins;
i'vi,1 retorted llorton.
"Ill Keep -on. suld Darrow, 'aiw
found Hint' Itoss could' remember Attn
iismes of no speakers ut any meet
lint ho had nttendei) for month.
"If you ai fur week or months
und heard people talk could you. re
member what they said?" uskod
Darrow finally,
"No," suld Homi.
"We chuttetiKt' him," mild li.trrow.
To .ludite Hnrdwell, llostt described
with some minuteness liis wurk far
tho imst year and the Judite tllnallow
ed tho cliullenge-.
Darrow bcitiin ellluK other Instanc
es; and JuiImc llordvvi.ll rcmnrkud
that each case flood by Itself.
"Then there are no rules by which
wo ure, governed on this couat, is that
Ii?" demanded Darrow
Thrro was it moment's pauac.
"The question Is Improper und tho
court declines to answer it." said
Judge flordwtdl quietly
Darrow finally chulltuiKed lions fur
bias nnd this chnllciwcu was allowed.
Talesmen Herbert F, Ives, u Pasa
dena undertaker, followed Hons und
was chullciiBcd fur blu by Attorney
Dnrrow arier ho hud subl he bellevetl
tin- MeNnmara brotliers Kiillty ami
could nut Kivu n fair trial The cliul
I in He wu reslNted hy the state but
allowed by the court
P J O'Connor. Urn last man or lbs
sixth vrnlre, took the tnml,
Owing to Failure of Crops
$00,000 Wilt Be Needed to
Feed Population of Threat
ened Districts.
(Hr lUenlnw llrM .1. P. Lraafd Ulfl
Kt PeteJ t.ui. Nov. 10.- HlRh"
million perons are In need or Im
mediate relief owlnir to tho failure of
the crops tn twenty ttuiwlan prov
ince This sturtllua annouiui mt-nt
wu luuilo l)i tho dutua limt I'Venlnu
by Premier Uokovsoff in reply to in
turpeliation loneernlnir reports that
famine threatened u wide urea
The iifucssury meuNure would re
tujre. the premier said, the expcmli
tur or ffiO.iioMOc. uf whleh amount
the Imperial exchcuuur would hnvo to
find lll.ooo.oob. llulf ot tho total
was iiccthkurj nt once lo defray thu
cost of supplies nlrittly illputrhvu
(Hy Kwahtar Hurahl A, P, ld Wbsl
Auburn, X y., Nov 10. Four mv.
un englucor, un oiler nnd two dH-cl;
humls, employed on construction work
on thu Seneca river sect ion of tlm
bareu canal, were scalded lo dralk In
tho explosion of , boiler,

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