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FOR 1912
Concensus of Opinion Among
Educators in Capital City
That This Is Logical Place
for Kcxt Convention.
lrrUI Crrmpouirur lit tht HtralA)
sniua I".. X. M.. Nov. 18. It won
the i om emu t npinlon liert among
llin educators who aro gathered In
Dili rib' fr Iho annual convention ol
ill New Mexico Kdiicatlonal uasoc-l-niion
Unit thr lonat point for tli
luxt convention would bo In Albu
querque. The persistent rumnr that
I lie Albuquerque delegation was mak
ing it strong effort to get the conven
tion, tided anil ablted by tlio Com
mercial oluli of that eity wan born nut
by the fact Unit n number of people
with pm to be wearing badges with
'ho slogan "Coma lo Albuquerque "
There doe nol seem to be much op
position In these Albuquerque boost
urn, and It Ik generally admitted Al
buquerque will ho chosen in the con
vention city tor 19JJ.
There was no formal program yes
Urdny, the time of delegates being
taken up by nlicht-eplnir. nml getting
acquainted. There was nlso a meeting
of the town superintendents nnd prln-
clpal. Chairman John Mill of Al
buquerquo Appointed a oommlttre to
prepare drofta of needed legislation.
It In thought that the results of this
rr.mtiOttoo's work will solve a numovr
of educational problem In the new
state of New Mexico.
Today wa ttiti nrnt format pro
gram of tho convention, The session
was opened al nine o'clock by Prcsl
dent llofcr of Tucumcnrl. After an
nddroa of welcome iipokcn by (lov
crnor Mill on heliatf or the city of
aniu IV. the president's annual ad
dress wan delivered by Mr. llofer. He
chose no hi topic, "Tho Hiatus of Hd
ucullon In New Mexico," treating the
topic along general lines. II u was fol
lowed In thin iIIiciimIoii by County
KiipMlnlendrnl C. V. Hill of Itoswcll,
who spoke of education In (he rural
school of New Mexico. Mr. Norn
Itruniliriich of Santa Kan further Il
lumined the subject a rcgurds the.
graded schools of the territory. Pres
ident 12 McQueen llray, president o
the t nlterslty of New Mexico spoke mi
the influence of the secondary and
blither educational limtltullnns of New
Mexico, Mr. Waller M- I'otorson, su
pervisor of the Indian Helmuts In Al
buquerque, undertook to explain what
progress Indian education had attain
ed within the pniit year.
The afternoon wan taken up by tho
attendance of the convention at tho
football frame between the University
of New Mexico utul thu 1.3a Vegas
In the evening the convention reas
sembled to listen to u. general discus
sion of the Archaeology and Ilesourccs
of Vfw Mexico undertaken by Or. K.
U Hewitt, I It. Prince, and Ilenjamtn
M Head
Tho large delegation ent up by the
commercial eluo of Albuquerque met
n hearty welcome, and tho number of
delegated from Dernnllllo county wa
considerably Increased by tilts body,
no that Albuquerque and vicinity made
a good showing. It U expected that
Albuquerquo will crry the convention
for the next meeting In IMS
That Clovla Is out for tho endorse
ment of that city an u location for an
Knstoin Now .Mexico stato tiormal
nchonl U shown bejond a powllilllty
of a doubt by tlio active work which
tho cllUeut, especially the uohool
people aro dolnB In tiHt btihH. Ckivls
nrnt n deloKallon of haakottmll ulrU.
profeBnora, tuachor. actlvo student
leaden and other to th Kducatlonut
uaaoelnllon meellnff, tho contlnpant
pnHklag through Atbiliierque IliU
Santa Fo train No. 10 hud no soon
tr riil Into tho Mtion limits thim nn
Our Moek of Winter lUanLels rvptVM'Mt I bo Ik-s UHoortineiii
vt ham fT Imiii ttblo to offer. Tlo MerelwwT Is (Ulniblc,
Hues are euinpleto mul pi ktM nmt qualMy umnuuk-it.
We arc Jutt lit receipt of nnoilicr w of liiaek ami ulille
Mock dalil Mtniketatlie kind that vtlll glo gd'ati i will-fiu-tlon
nml vtcnr loiiei' tlmii uny ulbvr hkuiM't smlc, Htittougli nut quite
mi line, )ct tho Mnlsti Is itntistMilly soft foe h bfeiHfcrt or Hit uinde,
The W', 7llSJ Iiu4ie the jirliH-, tw.r.n nK. jir,
Wo lire at4t hUowUtg all uind Maiiltelx In Ike Work plaltN In
Iho foHowlnjr ttitwlikiaHoiitu Hluo mm uhlte, pink nml ulilte, grey
ami iiltc, tatt nn4 white ami brottit unit Hhki jirkntl from 83.30
to 8T.W K pair.
Diitmctkm in Black Dtmi Fabrics f
T1h stH4m, MMkltM4Hiit ll our Itktt k 4Umi DepurlHirnt, s
kktk (ml wufHilstii m M MeecharnHKO ottly Hhmi fslrtlei I lint
meet f H'i4t'tk He mtkHM4s hhA M-HMtl of tliei Ttkwl
Ufr r jierfttH Ms of We ifiMHty. . It urn? tv leH m a ik;
emki iiHik-ineHt tlmt iwr kssek ttrvM $ln aro llM' Im-si that
eklM ttts Hom-y i-hh (mMewct'. Wk-ttl fnm Mki lo Wf.iVt) e. jaid.
Ferguson & Colfister
netlve Clovl mwtefilind hoarded llm
friint car and wa pafmliiH mit "llooKt
for tlio Slate Normal at Clovl"
limine to all laker. Willi tho admoiiU
tlon I lint tlioy work ftt Santa To for
Hie aiicie of I ho movement. Clovl
want the educational nswirlailon to
endome thai city n it location for tt:o
hool In Pattern Now .Motion
Noi t tho inifiiiiil the onlv ililng
Clovl watita. Hli wnuiH tlx annual
iiioetlnit of the nimoclnllon next ym
nnd to aeonro It In mnkliig qiilio n
lotulilernljlo propainnila.
Tho high itohonl girl' ImKkuthnll
team, n part of the uologiillon. la to
piny n aerlo of tliico gnmr with the
girl' tnam of the Haiitn Fo high noIiooI
and nxpeet lo win nt lonai two of tlio
Tlio bov hove along n larxe ti umbel-
of enpw of the "tllith Si-liool
Weekl. ' n publication by tho student
of CIo) high nfhixil. nnd lire giving
them uwuy to nil taker Tho oilltloh
U nn eitrn largo one and la liiituUomo
ly llliimrnicl ith photograpliB of tho
rhool building, anident and Bludetit
nctlvltle II In n bright, noway gtinet
The baxkotbnll girl Ineludo Ml-n
Maybollo U.ivln. Mildred Morttfln, Mil
dred Uiure. S R Uwen. Ilenalo Wood.
Ilele II nit. Hva Odom. The tench
em and high aeliool ItiMrttclor with
the ilolegatlnn aro I'rof 0. K. Dnvlx,
.Ml lluchanan. MIr NorrU, Miss
Hotter. Ml I'earaou.
Tho following arc tho young men
accompanying the basketball team n
mauncera or riHitcr, Owen Forbea.
Charles Hmiclion, Claudo ItllllMRton,
Hurry Davenport
They arc nil out to lam: thu rhho
clailmi meeting next year, and tlioy
are out to Rvt thai normal hcIiooI.
May ho they need the normal, hut (hero
I ouo thing they do not need, It the
kamplo of pretty girl hero lltl morn
Inrc I ft representative one, nnd that
U n beauty lutlltule.
Next to tho city of Hnnta Fo Itself,
Albuquerqiie will Imvo the largest
ilclegatlon nt tho sennlons. More than
3( teachers left Albuquerquo this
morning on delayed No. 10 for tho
capital (o tnko pnrt In tho exorcises,
Go t'.rent do tho educational author
ities consider tho benefits to bo at
tained from the mcotln;; that the
schools of tho city nre closed today
ml will remain so tomorrow (o penult
I lie Instructors to nttend,
This morning nt tho depot, there
were so tunny teachers on ham) to bo
transported to Santa Fe, that with the
football ten.n from Albuquerquo, the
considerable knot of onthuslAKtlc Vr
ally rooters and tlio Clnvls delegation
of teachers, basketball glrlii and mot
or, an oxtm conch had to bo milled
to Iho train to nccommodato them.
This delayed the train n llttlo more,
and when It llnally left. It was nlmost
I I 30 o'clock, nearly thrco hours be
hind Its schedule.
Tho Albuquerquo teachers nnd
tcncliers ftotn llerun'llln county In
cluded, nmong others, Mrs. Myrtle
I'lnnt, Mrs. KUn Ut liar. Miss Ander
son, Miss Mayes, Ms Sehnck, Mm.
Kins, Mr. T I. Units, i-ror. J. I
Clark, Miss Tracy, Miss niohl. Miss
lllllllnrd and vMlss Anna Hllllurd, MIm
llorron, Miss Hogeis, Miss Finney,
Frof. J. It. McCollum, J. K. nooddcll
of tho Albuquerque business colleuc;
Miss Allen, MIks Tnklvom, Mls 3
orlnnd of tho Mcnnul mission school,
Miss Vnughnn, Mlsx flrny, Miss Koel
er. MIus Btelln do Tulllo. Miss llnrra
dnlle. Miss McClellun, Miss MuMlllln,
Miss Medrcgor, Mrs, Sliupo and niuny
outers. MIds aiailys Mnniloll neenm
panled the crowd. Miss
Ilalfour nnd Miss Marshall of Maada
Ion u. accompanied tho Albuquerquo
contingent. Miss Hewitt left last
night lor 'Santa Fo.
President Hlmoh aiern of tho Com
mercial club today sioko cnthuslns
llcanlly or tho prospects of linvln tho
next convention ot tno ectucntlona!
nssoclatlon In Albuqiterqtto.
"VS'o Imvo sunt tip a big delegation
in boost, for this city and bopo to win
tho day. Tho members of this dele
gation arc provided with budges lioar
Irk thu slogan 'Come to Albuquerquo'
and 1 think tho advertising Hint wo
will receive In this connection will
land Iho convention for tlio Duke
Tho commilteo which la tn charge
of the affair Is ccmpo.vd or J K.
(loodcll. T. J. Nnylon and W. V Met
cntf. Mr. Metculf wll leave tonight,
the other two having left thin morn
jog. Handioiiie silk budse liaVe been
provided Tor use In the "Alhuquerqu
In lets" propagandti, and will be dis
tributed In HunlA Fe. They bear the
N M K lbu iur
It I gjMirrntt' ".
fight Ilea tielneell Al
Knnta IV. with .r,u,,
.1, .1
ii i ' r i
i . i i
in. it'lviiniuco ' ) '
lll itlng nt' Nil ii til Fi lui
Mysterious Stunts Will Be
Pulled Off Which Will
Surprise and Delight Those
Who Are Present,
The emert.ilmient committee of the
Albuqiiorque Jidge. II. I. O. K . has
iinnoiinceil that there will ho "some
tiling doing' on Friday night nt thu
l!lks' rlub rooms, htglntiln ntmui
K:JO Tho committee, however. Is
very rctlelent nbout disclosing tho
mil uro of the proceedings, but by
ninny mysterious and diverse winks
ntnl nods, nml sfgnlflretit looks Indl
ealo that the entertainment will ho
"vorv classv "
This Is to ho oxrluslvely tor tho
"best people" nnd vvlillo tho nltend
mice I limited to l-:ik. it Is urged by
the commilteo thut every Kilt bo on
hand to shuro tho fun. Any member
of tho benevolent order who docs not
put In his nppenrnnce. It Is snld, will
regret It in hi dying day.
Manager Frank Stortz Delays
Opening; of Kichard and
Pringles to Accommodate
Persons Who Work Late.
o o'clock curtain will be tlio rule
nt Itlclmrd a I'ritiRlo'rt minstrel show
hero Katiirdiiy night. The ehungu
frqm the usual hour of 8;30 Is niude
at the Instance of Manager Frank
Htortx to accommodate tlio tunny
people who must work Lite Halnrday
evening or who Imvo their buying to
do ut Hint time.
The sale of seals for this attract
ive presentation opened thin morn
ing, unit u goodly number have been
disposed of, though there are atlll
many good urns to be had.
Tho (ivrsoimvl of the uoinpituy cou
ii(ln tho names; of such well known
performers ns L'lurcnco Powell, tho
denn of Kthioplnn comedians; Tom
White. Arthur Wright, Hennltt Mpar-y-ow.
;Dhvo -Smith, the famous ex
ponent of lenxennaitia; Fred Hlnip-
son, "the lllnek I'ryor; Major Uan-
1"Im. thft wnrlit'a urftMtpMt jfilnrrMl
basn soloist: Hlitnev KlrkputrK'k, tho
fasliluii plate tnterlnrutor nnd bnrl-
totlA. Vlilttifv Vltmv itntlfi,.nl,ip rif
the "Aunt UlnaV ehunieter studies,
und n hot ot tiihers forty In all.
The scenic and electrical parapher
nalia Is the bent thut money can buy
nnd specialized brains produce.
The wardrobe Is the costliest ever
tarried by a minstrel organisation,
(let one ot our mic Dinner Hcts for
your ThnnloRlvlug Party Albert Fa
bcr; Furniture, Moves, Carpets,
'S S
By Courtesy of "The World
T6day' Employes' Maga
zine ProduoM Story ly Lo
cal Man Ab$ut Motor Trip.
The story of Harry t. Drum, motor
editor of the Chicago Itccord-Horald.
of hi trip over tho Kama Fe trail In
an automobile. Is reprinted In tho
tfunlii Fe Kmplo)es' Magaslilo thla
month, by courtesy of the World' To
day. Drum, while he does not live
In Albuquerque, married u local girl,
and local peoplo look upon hi in as
renldent of the city.
The urticte Is profusely Illustrated
with photograph, one scene ot the
Itio Puerto nrroyn being especially
Interesting to local motorists.
Onptuln James II. Adams, chief of
the department ot operation of Ibq
rorest ssrvlco at Washington, spent
severnl hours In tho city today, after
attending tho supervisors' meetlntr nt
HI Paso, leaving on No. 3 thls'nHcr-
John W. ntiiry, of tho office of tho
ftcsat agtnt of tun forest service here,
has returned from the aunervliors
meeting at Kl i'nso.
Big Auction Sal!
We4ukM-,.Xifs'i W nt 'im
p. w., Ht U,mt TMsst sMvet. I nlU
seH, si .tsWtiM m; V. W. V. A., hirgii
hit at HiWsstkt fHrnlttire,
i'niiiS'x ttf yveyii Usf' wyf)' l
keep . Wp kW lkt ull of
Ike. Msp o MsH Hkk limlltuiloii
Ml mi ftin'e, villi ho ut tlm
mi mm
Chairman of. Senate Commit'
tec on .Twritories Spends
SevcraP Hinrs in AlbHver
que; uuest er simon mem.
WmiNm AldenHmiili. senr.tor from
Mh-tiiKsn and .chalrhiun f tho Henato
eiimmlttc en tsrritorle, passed
tliroosh AlbUquerqUi last night, on
h,ls w home from tin- l'acllle coast,
Mr. Kmim siieui several hour hero
between train; He has bctm making
a n urn Mr of speech's fur good gov
eminent tn Arizona and tho coast clt-
Mr. Hmlth renewvd the promlso
tnndi somn time ago. when h' went
through AlbuqUurqun on his way west,
to return to the state for Its Inaugural
ceremonies, end inn III that, nothing
would pleae Jiltn better tlyn to v(lt
tho Initial functions, as i state, of tho
territory, to which' lie was admittedly
n friend In need.7 Mr Hmlth, follow
ing his usual custom, declined to ex
preas an opinion' (Tn the election re
sult, or to talk on any subject Allied
with politic. He did express, a great
Int'-rcxt in the coming sonator from
New Mexico, and was very anxious to
know who they would probubly be.
Mr. Hniith spent thr time between
trains as tho guest of Hlmon Htern,
whom he met In Washington nt tlio
time of the campaign for the Immedi
ate admission of New Mexico.
Hecause the first installment of
:t,000 little red nnd white stickers
tasted less than a week, Becrclnry
II. 1(. Ilenlng of the bureau of Immi
gration has ordered another lot,
double Iho slse 0 the first one, and
the liiindy label for use on corre
spondence will bo itgitln In stock In
a short time.
The labels bear the slogan adopted
from the prbio content held some
time ago, "New Mexico, the Sunshine
tttntd," and the demand for them
has been fur ahead of the supply.
Nearly ell the business firms and it
great many private Individuals are
using them on their letters and pack
ages, and In so doing aro boosting
the state before the public eye.
" New .Mexlw Train it lio.
"It now looks," said Mr. llcnlng
this morning, "as though the New
Mexico train to Chicago for tho Irri
gation congress would bo u go. Wo
are rrcolvlng n great many applica
tions for places on tho train, ami
,h wh w t , t bol d huuA
. .. . . ... . . . ...
make their reservations lit once. We
have hud five applications from the
Mosilla valley alone, and every mull
brings one or more. I believe we aro
golnif to have u mighty good repre
sentation at the congress."
Yesterday sag the last dny this
season on which deer could bo legally
killed. Although tho season on deer
Is very short now, several of Albu
qucrquo'a famous hunter brought
back their deer aplcc. Tho season
this year has been rcowrkably free
fiOH) poaching, nml In spite of espy
clal activities of the tmo wardens
very few offenDcs have Veen detected.
Deputy amo Wnrdtw Raytnond I.
StattttH, who hus becti i a tour of the
mountains invcstlgfif certain
cbsrjws in regard to the ttftktwful kill
Init of docs, reports tlajl sjsmie 14 very
Plcn(lful there being eejwetolly lnrg
numbers of turkey am quail. Mr.
Stamm thinks that the now law on
dcr 1 having tho dosiffd Jfect, UKd
that deer will IncrewM materially
within tlio next tew ysstss,
Territorial Uamo Wen aabto at
ektnln Fo yeaterdny ststed that ho
thought tlio number of W Vk4 this
season is greatly less Jst 'WHtal,
"1 t9 npt think the sjsMUMMft have
reaped a great 'veskten hrvest,"'
said lnmo nnd fish Warden Oablo In
discussing tho sport of tho past
month In ihla territory. "Of course
n good tuuny hunters' hve been oi
ufter tho deer but they Istivja sal met
with nny phenoinerml s&fief can lo
nty opinion, have not gHy rwJucd
tho dcor population Ik mc. jeeaorve8."
ICHeii Nniiey
Mrs. Nancy lillen Lave, widow of
Daniel l.ove, died this mrt at her
homo nt 1103 Houth Aran after n brlof
illneM. The funt.al crvka will ftQ
hId Friday aftcrnoda' t'Mtft Frtic)
ana lo.wbvr cbnpe), jil- J- Hub
uii oillclntlng, Mrs. Ivo leaves Ave
on, and a daughter, jfMjjt,. Wkm eg
cop( two of the hoy e skSw reftr
dents of Albuquertfi'fTl decfs4
wus a sister of ilarsy mmie, also at
this city, the was )'sr ISth yenr
nt her death. '
Tho burial aervlres'W WHIsm Col
Hater whose remnltm wr recently
brownM hers after tM ,illroai! nec.
lent In Which he lost hs'l.. Will Xin
held Saturday jnornlssle'tjwk ftt
tlln 'llH.'rtl. f . I. " Halil -
cPlon by Father Mnh'fr
ipeiH will be In Hanti',sMiK cem-e
lery, Mrs, Cnllliier. (W 1tw arrlv
vm iii me cny tills i
Mating: of City School Sujrtr
visors Last Xijfkt Author
ize riwal Payment for
Land on Highlands.
A meeting of the city board or
education wa held last night In the
Central school building which took
nn netlon that will Kit fnr tounrd un
'phing Albuiiuerques crying need for
a proper high school bulldlttir In Iho
near future.
Tho board last night authorised tho
final payment of HSno on the plot
of itround which It bought some lime
ii go for the erection of a lilgtt scttovt
building. This laud I the big plot
at the corner of Central and Itroaii-
way, n location ndtiiirubly ehowoi fof
convenience nnd general suitability.
Today the payment was made, and
tlio deed for the ground recorded
with l'robnto Clerk A. K, Walker.
The board was Inst night Informed
of the Intended removal of Mr. Oln
goldt. n member, v California. Mr.
(Hegoldt did not formally resign, but
as he Is to leave for his new home
on tho const within n short time his
resignation Is expected within n few
Mr Ulegotdt lias served tho city
for several years, and hus been faith
ful in the performance of his duties
as n member of the board or In uny
other work to which ho was called,
Ills departure will bo marked by real
Ex-Switchman Who Hsd Me
Upric 24 Hours Captured
ly Santa Fe Officers
Small Station.
O. W. HtnTniaii, who hud a meteorlo
21 hours here yesterday was today
captured nt Chapelle, a small station
north of her', near I .us Vegns, Huff
man wnu arrested yi-stcrday morning
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon, upon tho person of 1-M Mor
ris, He was released on bond of 1200,
hi sureties belnu J. 12. Qoodell and
A, II. iAiken. He failed to appear for
his hearing at 3 o'clock, and last night
held up W. C. Hmlth, a watchman In
the lower ynrdn nnd abstracted "ills
gun. He told Hmlth he would leave
the gun with the yardmaster when tie
was done with It.
Huffman yesterday left the house
where he was stopping without set
tling his bill, und with o suit case.
The police were promptly notified ot
his apparent Intention of "bentlng It"
nnd It was In wntehlng out for Huff
man that Hmlth was hold up by him.
Hallronit ortlcerfc nil nlong the Unit
were untitled of tho detlro of tho local
police lo lay hands on the missing
man, and tho capture today Is the re
sult. Cluivca Cum HeiHcd.
As he hnd expected, kylvester Clin
vex waif yesterday released from po
lice custody. Into which ho had fallen
for fraudulently obtaining money on
a check, oy the failure of his brother,
Miguel Chaves, thn rightful owner of
the cheek, to prosecute him. The cun
was settled out of court, and what ar
rangement Pylvestnr made In reard
to the return of tho !T5 which he re.
ct-lvrd cash, goods and duo bills for,
from Mandnll Meyer and company,
are not known.
District Clerk The. K. D. Mnddlson
yesterday poured out to waste a large
amount of the liquid evidence In tC
number of cases of the sale of liquor
to Indluns. The vaults In the dMrtel
ofllco wero clouded with bottles and
Juss of the stuff, which was 'Hro waiter'
In fact us well as name. Judging trout
the stnoIL
The case of Julian Howard, charg
ed with passing u bad check to tho
lllco Cafe, Is today In the ti surfs of tho
Jurors, having been brought to it close,
so far as argument and evidence aro
concerned, about 11:30 this rmn-nlng.
Tlio district court Is now occupied In
the trial of Auguntln CIlluVUl, a
I'ueblu Indian, for criminal aseuatt ol
leged to have been commuted upon
the person of Mrf Virginia Chaves,
also nn Jsleta Indian. The alleged as.
Mitil took place on Ih. Stth or gtllk
of Inst Aiwuot, that being tho feast day
of ttea Attfustin, corresponding (a a
larso extent with Thanksgtvlnc day.
Whether Augusttn partook of too
much new blno In cl9bratoti ot hU
saint' day or vthetjttr his acllon was
from soma other cause Is not known.
He s about ii years old, and his al-leg-eit
victim, L aboui 4S.
Huft ra Mejl iortsy by Anfelo Vlv.
lanl and' Julia Cslullna against Ilcnry
and IeiM A-im. 4 FraHk J. Wtissw
nnd the Wes Meat comp4',
for the fottssswa ,ot a if ml ileM, ex.
e.cuteit Dsswkir I. 1M a secueW
for prlsxtsiiil aM twttssst of a If,-
loan oMMii Ut kvi huti wde Atme.
Wilson MM tk mM eow(sy assr
Si ifeteHktiM fhrstasjii tk koMliss; of
n second Men Mjmwi tk nesse property,
u lot In the HumUc sxMMIm.
.Vftleon Ia fral, Nmkemsn far
the forest service, will Have tonwht
for Kl Fwao, wkef h wW ustlst A. ,
Trek, of ths Jirww of o;rasi
rnr thi dlMct, mI V. . CuMftw,
also of the fees afrvkie, Tf Mt
will go (p Nub1o Hvk Ytttk ff
eoverai weeks' stay,
IfyVEjsjpllt H,
Lamb & Lamb
New act at Crystal, featuring the only lady eccentric dan
cer in the world
BJSM A-.. 1 L saw
The Markets
In Decided Contrast to Ycb
terday'a Weakness, Un
usal Strength Manifested
With U. P. Leading.
(My Krenlns; tlrrnld A. IV leaned Wire)
Now York. Nov. It). With the ex
ception of n period of uncertainty tarty
In the day the stock marktt displayed
a denrev o( strength ilurltiu the mom.
log which wus In doeldcd contrast with
yesterday's weakness, b'locks wero
marked up under tlio leadership ot
Union Pai-lilc and (lie K'lUlhe rn gi'otiA.
Jtc.funal of thu court lo permit the
independent tobacco Interests to In
tervene In tho Atmrlran Tobacco case
helped the bull party to force up tho
list. Tin- bears centered their effort"
nbout Ihlglt Viilloy wlileh yields
readily nt first but on It recovery lhulr
operation were effectually checked.
Further advances irerr innd nil
through the Hat It? th"e. s.ortd hour
but the purchases decreased nutom.it
ically os tin went lilsher I'ntnn
Pad lie renrhetl 173. The eosl group,
the' lienvy socuiilulinifin' nt Ihiirli
Velley which sold more than n point
above yeatcrday's 'loslntt, ind a
slri'iiRthenlng effect on nilillnted stocks
nml there was ctle wddlng for the
local public utilities. Western stocks
In general made n good' showing.
Motnl hmue ri-pondi!d" to the PC"
sbitcnt bujliig or lnHjd (( Hteel
nnd Amnlganutteif t'oplor, both Ot
WhloJt were up a point.
Ilonds were steady.
Iloont traders tool prollts sparingly
npil the market wi Het bnrk slightly.
lthlgh Valley litter l Jiushud up to
it j 7-s nut tno general mantel re
mained In a state of animation. Ioul.
vllln and Nashville and Atlantic Const
line wtre sbnorbed steadily and show'
ed ndvanccH of 4' and S 3- rcspen
Mock wero inlo more fieelv In tkS
afternoon, the reaetlon from the best
figures amounting to n point In Union
Paclllc. Heading and I.ehlnh Valley.
lylces Improved again alterwiifds but
tlio market appealed to have lost
mucli of Its snap.
The close was rirm.
&t. Louis Seeker.
St. IiOuU, Nov. lCIsd hlghor
I.Ml,J7 1-2. spelter higher fl.5'J.
St. Louis WhI.
St. Iulf, Nov. 1C Wool steady;
territory tiRd western mctlliim tftf
2Cj Hna mediums lOCtlHo; Hno IW
l?c. '
CMc3 Llvtctsek.
Chlengo, Nov. ICCnttlo recelpl,
19,000; mnrltrt dull, 10 lo 2o lower;
bcnvcH $i.5ffU.10; Tcxaa steer $1.00
Wa are making "n early skewing of
Chrktaitf Jww.dty
HlhXmVW" f, L-V, WfVtCHKN HtMl
JM VMOKOst, (jr m H n4 e servkw,
,ihr s4b- ne kiw.
fll.OO; western, slccrs $a.80Q.5.tO;
cows nnd heifers si.ur..7u; caivea
Hot; recelpls 13,000. Mnrkot steady
to strong. Hulk of sules .10ff.&:
heavy $t!.lOtf 0.50; packers nml butch
ers JOt.fin,r.O; lHihts 5.7MUi
pigs t.25frO.(IO.
Hheep receipts 28,000. Mnrkct steady
to 100 lower. Nntivo $2.503.75; west
crn 2.W3.70. yearlings l3.7itTI.70i
lambs nntivo t3.1&9o.$&.
Kansas City Llvsstek.
Kansas City, Nov. 18. Cattle re
ceipts 4.000, Including: 300 southerns.
Market steady. Native steers IMW
0.00; southern steers f t.00 0.23;
rnuthcrn cows nnd heifer t2.734H.G0;
nntive cows nml hclfora I SCO ff 7.00;
Mockers nnd feeder i3.75ftS.73;
bulls )3.r0O5.O0; calves t.00ff7.75;
western steers $4.007.00; western
cown 3.0(li(K.00.
Hoz receipts 39.000. Market steady
to n Klindo lilshor. Light S5.0!)?fl.5f:
mixed IC.infin.C3; heavy SClOtfO-tiT;
touch K-lOffG.30; Rood, to choico
heavy 1(1.300,67 1-2: pigs S1.25
u.00; bulk of bales tO.35frC.C0.
Sheep recolpu 4,000. Market steady.
Minions t3.00OI.00: lambs tl.oofi)
0.00; rango wetliers and yeatltfl;t
isciMiii.i; ranau owes J2.ou3.i..
f!hh'nLm Vnu in.-MW.llli rnln tfnii.
llniilnu tu do il.nnaeo In rrnim In tits
Argentina and with more rain pro-
iiiuton. uio wucai iiiaraul uiuay ncRail
'o climb. In thu option pit tho open
lug wna tho uamo an last night to Me
higher; May Ktnrlud n shndc to 1-Sr
1-lc up nt l.uo to .no l-S, touching
J 7-So nml then advanced to W M.
Corn roan In svnitinthv with u-beat.
May oiiened a slrndb tu i-se bUher at
01 l-Ifftf-Kc tu Of r-sc nnd ntcemted
lo cr,c
Oats felt tho effect or- tho nnnsm
BwltiB of other cereaia. Mny stnrtH
nt last main's lovel nt 47 7-Sc and wan
hoisted to r0 1-Sc.
Altlioiiglt piovlsloiitt eased some
what nt tho outset tho araln strenctp
led substantially lo nil upturn, initial
sak'8 wero unchnoBcd to 7 l-2o down
with Mill dellvory 2)0.72 1-2 for IKirk:
$0.r.r, for lard nnd fSXO to SS.V2 i2 for
Sew Yirk rHoiks.
New York. Nov. !. all money,
3 J-H ptr cent; prima paper. 44
per cent; silver, 60 S-K; MexIcnrV dol
lars, 44o. ' "
Copptr. J3.33 13.15.
Tin, 43.25;M3.TS. '
Lend, Jt.3UM.IO.
Atnnlgamntf'd, 53 5-S.
Hugur, 117 3-S,
AtehUon, 100 3-4,
Orent Northern, 13?. 1
New York Central, 107,
Northern I'aclflc. llS-t; '
Reodln. 150. ',
Southern lclflc. 113 3-4. '
Union I'aclBe, 171 7-t.
O. s), Ilkrt kiuI wMe, w4tk C. J.
Othlck, arrival ttay Ctitwsio, a
IMtki Urn tki a motttti mi tk feJ.'
They are travefcHK In" a Cc ear.
See llm new lylts Ih Diking' RAOJtt
Furniture nt Albert Fober's, 301-319
West Cvntral.
To Cues GM M Owt ssV
Takn LAXATiyiS 100 Qttkiliu
TalAeU. jVt?glta rtfs4 Msmsr.if
it fkiw to cow. Kf w: oofra
aka(uro la on cm box. SR. '
S. J-i itA .

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