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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, November 24, 1911, Image 1

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vuu . X'O. .
y,Plu I. NO. 'J(ll.
In Final Statement Given at
' Eleventk Keur, YoHMf Vir
ginian Bays He Wants to
3t at Fhh With All.
After Reading of Death War
rant, is Mareked to Cham
ber and Seated in Chair;
Then Warden Raises Hani.
(Br Krtalaa Herald A. P. ard Witt)
Klchaioiiil. Va Nov. :t Henry
Clay llealtlo, Jr.. Inffsre his death in
tho electric chair at ";23 n. in today.
rofeeOd to Hut murder of wife
Tito atatcmt'tit fellowa:
"I, Henry Cwy llcattle. Jr., dwdiotia
o HtiintlliiR right before Oml nnd
man, do on thla tho 23rd day or No
vcnUicr. toil, confeaa mv guilt of tho
rrlmo charged nRlnot mc Much that
era puldliihcd concerning. ih detail
waa not true, but tho nwful (net. with
out tho Iiiitiowlng clrru niitanrc. re
nlolii. Tor thin net I unt truly aorrr.
UlMl llvllfVlllg tllOt I AMI lit K-RI1 Willi
(Iim! uHd nm oon to imiks Into Hla
jircttoace, this atiitcuicnt in niiuli.v"
UcniiloV ooiifelon wiu followed
by thla HtikirmuHt made liv the at-tend-m
TWa statement wa atoned In the
pretence of the two attending mlnln-
tern ami l the only afotwatht that i
can ud;wttt be. wade tntfcttc by them. I
".Mr. ihMHto dealrcd to thank tho
many frtf-rtt ler kind tclccr mid ex-,
prciwhma n-f Intcrcal and tho public '
lor whaitfver aymnathy huh Iclt or
Thrmtailiout thf forenoon the city
had bee' mit wWt rWHol that Ucat-
fi I&AjI '"'" WM. .... illttkXttat
i iv Nenf vmwejvvii a imv vrtrtj. wriitwi
ut the jwwRwKtwy. wlwu h
ifm wflh the aiMKHiicrKi tor rt
dMh h waa Mkl tho eottrfomntM ma
Hd RHMh) HO HMMKRl, TJHJ attd-.
cant) irtU iInoT hM,Mflil tteallhra'
parvnta In 8ort Klefenmnd nnd bad
fcccurttl their iwrmlaatott to make tho
nll SaMflalllfcll UAm
Tho cofi.'4vti wim evWoRll) wudo
nt the clvMtlli Imr. "Inn Ikatth
fatally becMHO cmrlRced that aj
hope of etcaHlRft tho ch-ciilc chair
had inwctl.
Tho Uytt two, Hcv. Dr Klx tin
iiotwicd that Hattle Mid he would
net coNrt'M, This waa ntcribcd lo
tho rnct that IScnttlo deal red to timre
hU lather tin' blow or ndmlttlu jtttMt
ntler hla many prolcsiatlonn or ln
uiMcnro to tho ukihI parent
Thcro waa a ftftht lictwcon flaal do
vat km nnd a ilcsjro not to ro io hla
lMth with n llu on hla llpa. Ito waa
nrod to eonluaa by hla spiritual nd
vteird mid nt lt broko dnwn.
Tho uxcciivIoh waa noU'muly aim
Pre Tho tc!vr lesal wltnt-MMJti heard
th wnrdon icad the final uhimm&ah to
DeAtllo, alter ,hlch tho march to tho
death cbtCHlwr wax bunun. The fatal
rotmi waa ilrk mvo (or cmo IIkM over
the chair that rvo n ghaatly radlaaco
lo tho apnt of doom,
fTlicrc waa n deMy In preparlne ter
IM) Hid. IkfUllo took lit plae. IhO
liHfwi uuriteeH ami tho olfctrtclana
nriJiHSted I)h atrapa, u Imlr doaen
chHiria wero rjhtokly thrown Into
t'hiee; and wwpid,
The cap, rewrtHbllHR n leathvr tool.
baH harnciHt. waa odJiHtcd. nnil tho
men atepped ack.
ho wardtfi itood Ma hand. !n
alattly lloulllo'a body atlfffiifd with
well vlolvucu tht the atrnim creaked
wWi tho strain, I ho elumpa riittUtl
nij.thoiiBli I hoy vvaro railniijt In Hie
haaJa or ioalli, ad High that which
oMCe'Had beeu Henry Clay IJenttlo, 4I-.
! .waa juat 7:23 a. in. when tho
fliock wna nppllcd, Uno mlniilo lutor
llealtlo wna dead,
Tbo aurcoon had itnt forvvmd nnd
ul(h u elclhiHKMpo had llituncd for
wiioihor fnlnt heat Ins of tho Swart
I hut Icaa than Uty aeconda iioforo
hatl lived. Ho slopped back nnd
, ''Ho la deaif
Donth had boon litalnntcoua. .
Tho bMly of Ucaulo wua removed
fioi tho chair and taken 10 tho moit
nry kkwi adjolhlBii. Horn It waa
hiWt to await tho comltw of the cor
omt, who arrived ahwtly ufteiward.
Kiv. Dr. Fix riaHid n olu
wiichr white preparaHoHB we.ro
iH"a fw Ik roHwval of thfl he4y,
Tk eldoe IhaatHo laat nlhl Mmt to
thit nMtkrtahm the broTn ault which
hhi m Ud wtHK In ctmrt whH th
ury itoetftttM Ma kuH(. Im thk the
lMy w Wi'
t in hW kmm In Mouth MkhnMm tho
tehor, HrHaM by hi othr
m&M, Ma i!awMr, Hd, mm
m imH ( t4w aaa4ninii4 hum,
aHiHA4M that $M vt M-r.
Tha crime h whk'h Honry Hnittln,
Jr., wna om-dhhi t04ay waa fine of
the tmM aaalhtal Im thi crlmkMl
hIMorv of Vtehiiti. )MirMt tn thn
iHHrtliVwiHt iwi4e.wht(. owImk lo H
NnwaiMi iianMP''MKi m"wiii nmv
ifKm of Wfke,
M tbc nMit W July ia Kt. Hvat
thi ilrov lit" HMtiHNoMbt Into HlcV
Wiid, eiirfylaa- with hli the body ir
wife which hurt n anpliiK allot guif 1
wouhd In tho head, rfe declared that I
A, tail lteardcd mnu bad nccimteil him
on tlm Midlothian turnpike. rtv
mile from Klchmond, nnd when bn
had rcuUcntcd the man to make room
for htm Ih the road the Mrr.ncrr
wlihotit nrnltiK bud nnd the hut
which bad killed Mm. I Km tile
added that ho had Rrnpptrd with tho
man but wuh overpowered mid thul
the murderer bad fled leaving tbo aun
behind. Thl dory of lhi crime urn
maintained by Hcatlt to the end.
For n brief time Ueattle'a tory wan
alvon aoim. degree of crednce. but,
within h da or two aiiiplclou beian
to point to dim and he waa kept uii
drr the rloavat tnirvolllance. Wood-,
houudR, taken to the aceno of Ihnl
crime, refuned to Ivove the place, clr. ,
clliia; around the bloodapol on tlm
Uenttie. It oventually transpired,
had thrown Uir Hhouun Into the ton
ucuu of lib) aolomoblle nfter the
hootinir ui In paaalnir over onu
rullroad Iraeka not far from the 1
aeene II had been Jolted out and waa
picked op later by n nere.. Tbla
nun, vUilch llcnitle alleKcd had lie-(
binned to the mynterlou blghwuyj
man, proved tho mean of aendlnB the I
younx man to the electric chair. I
At tlm coroner" Inqouat the, wea- '
pen wo identified by ('""I ll"ntlle,
fecond voualn.of younic Henry, oa the J
n en pon he bad purchned for Henry!
with money furnlidtfd by the latter.
Veattlw wan arrented Immediately af
ter the luqiu'ul. Tbla waa on July 31,
and on Auaum I a, one month ulter
the day of the murder, the (rial waa
bcaun before Judgo Walter A. Wat
nori. In the pletureauue llltlo Uheter
Held county cimrtliou.ie, Mxlccn mllra
from here.
Tho Jury win IJIilde Up litliloitt en
tirely of rnrniera, und on thin fuel
IVnttle Ikiaed hla elulin tbut he hud
lieen eonvlcleil. not for the murder of
lib wife, but beciiuKe of Mm ndatlona
Willi tleulaii lllnroid, u tiotorloua
touna wum.in. tie IntUted to the l.iHt
Hint 0 Jury composed of elty men
would bnvr ft ceil Mm. Ileoltle Mat
ilefoniled liy II M Sliiltli, Jr , und
Hill farter The proen(illoli waa
conducted liy I i. U'eudenburK md
I M. Orrgory
The trial motd Uftty. thouah
many wltncimcn teatllted, nod on N
temiivr K, ufter 3S mliititea of con
alderatlon and prayer tbo Jury. In
. lioru. Intend of thrnuah Itn fore
man, declared llenllle to bo guilty of
the murder of hla wife. Motion for
u new trial wa denied and November
H net na the day for the execution.
On November 13 the Virginia au
preme court of uppeul refused 10
Kant nn lipped I on n writ of error,
aWd two daya later Onvcrnor Mann,
Aho had' heen appealed to for corn
mavatlOf) to reprleT, famed a elate
met declarlHK that tho tatareM of
the people of Vlfgtna dmldd tltat
Meattln ahritild Ute'lh thf elrcfrio
chair A ;
I)o er. Del, Nov. 31r-Tho xceu
tf8M today of Henry Clay IVe.tttte. Jr..
round the Owen family koIdr about
their uaual routlno A though no t ras
ed)' hud ever entered their quiet
"1 thank ou (or tlm uowa," said
It. V. Owen, tho father or licutllo'a
uiurdcrcd wife 'Hut I hnvo nothloc
to aay."
Mr Omcii explained that alueo the
murder or hla daughter hoihi of the
Inmlly bin nnylhlHR to nay abeitt Ibn
affair ' Wo have not and will not
dlacuaa the affair outal-Jo the family
circle," ho aald.
Ilul bo would talk about tho baby,
tho lx .uoiilha old con, now an or
phan. "My wife.- ho ask!, "waa nat
urally much wioiujht up after tho
denth of our daughter and our doctor
told 11 It would bo better (or her to
care lor ilie child and relievo her
mind Wo Dimigtit thu baby to Dover
and It la now with ua, Y will heep
It and mlse It."
Mr. Oueu aald the Infaut had not
been given a name.
"Wo coll him 'Itaby.'" ho aald.
"Tho fiueailon of nanilng him ha net
been (llKciiaxvd by the family Ytm
eo we have been In thht luuxlo for
the liiat few inontba and no oho haa
talked nbou' tlm baby' imiiie.
"Tbo child will bo fatten the lovlnij
raio of Ita grnudiuuther HI111 la eon
cerned thai aome dav tho child mnv
bo told nliout the tragic fnto or Ma
parenta. but we cannot help tlict; wo
Mwt do the beat wo can for tho little
one. '
Man Who Wat Feund Qnilty
of Embezzlins $140,000
Oeti Sentence ef From
Fenr to EifHt Yeaii.
(Hy HrHl llrraM I'. Leaaed Hire)
Now York. Nov. 31. Wm. J. Cum-
mWm, recently convkted of tho theft
( f 1 49,600 from n trutt riwd hoM by
the Caraculo cotioany, today waa
mrtttemwd to prhKW fro.n ffwr yeava
and ewil month tri 4rm ycara nnd
MfaM nirmtli.
1 1 KM (M' HATH TO DIXlHi:
(atjr Nveahm HmM A, K twi Hfeat
Mount Clcmino, Wh., Nov,
31. The II wo nnd phice for- 4
holdlK the OewocMth,' National
coHwntlon will tiodet'Wil by thn 4
JkMicriitli2 Nallonal eomwltt
t Wfl-khwIOn January X,
Most ef Teetimony of Mrs.
Fattcrien Ceneernin Xer
Life is So Morbid As to Rc
Unfit fer Publication.
Young" Woman Reveals Exist
ence of Shame That Has
Seldom if Ever Keen Equal
led in Records of a Court.
(Mr Kvaalair Hmrala A. I,al Wlra)
Denver, I'olo.. No. H. Much of
I lie leKllmony of llrx Ocrtnidi lh
on I'atteraou, who lodnj resumed
tin- wlltiera xlulid In her own defenoo
on a elfurgr of murderliiK her bua
band, ( hartea A. 1'ntlernoii, nun un
fit for publication.
Taking up the nubjoet or I'nttcr
aon'a lllneaalt Ih mild be wnc lljjijj'ly
dead from tiilxjreiiloid of Hie lunga
wien hi- wiin klllud Mr. I'lilleicon
Huld I hut xhc hud nursed ti I lit until A
phynlelan ordered bur to take it rent.
.She continued lit vlnll liltu, liowcver,
and one day, lu- teallfled. he ex
claimed ' If ou don'l come back
and tinrc- in,. I'm gOlmt t" aue tlint
"lie pulled til pillow," continued
the wltncwt. "uiul.auld: 'I bae the
thing here that will fU you.
I'roin the hoKpltal where tbla aeem
la iilleged to have iruUMilrcd fatter
on una taken to a ianllarlum, where
bo lived In u holi-e tent. ' For n tltno
ho declined to fen hla wife, but once,
alio aald, abe won udtnlttvd.
"He drew u nunc." related Mra.
I'iiIIitpoii, -'and aald: 'I'll kill jou aa
aire ua I llvn.' "
In July, tail), u-llneaa aald ahu
filed ault In Ohlcugii for divorce, und
went to live with her purcntx In Hn
doval. III.
'My buabund kept ufter mo for
money. alng that be wnuted in au
waal for hla health." nnrralcd ' Mra
reraWi". ,l "WJhVn I liotiCh'tni. J, hTd
Hone he Mild '(,et It From (but fat
eTilf.' '
Tbla wua a reference to the t'ld-i-auo
millionaire whuae name baa
ben tirouaht into the caae. Mra.
I'attertull an) a ahe rrfuaed tbla re
lineal, mid her buabund lieut her.
lAter flu- Kit Id alie wrote to Kmll
HtriiU or Chicago and he aent her
five hundred dollar, with which eh
and bur huaband came to Denver.
While they were atlll living In Chi
cago tvllnctM declared thut Tatleraon
by Ihrcata compelled her to Hell an
electric runabout, for which she ac
cural! MOO. which aha declared the
turned over to I'atteraoti. She de
clared that alio aold the cur rather
than apply to ritrouan for the tiione).
which her huMtund nt flint dealrod
her to do.
It waa while they crt In Chicago
that I'atleraoti Inflated that ahe e
cure more money with which he do
aired to purchase a piece of property
Mr, Pnttcraon dec lured ahe would
apply ror no more, w'hereupon ahe
teatlfled her huaband exclaimed' "I
think I will ue that for
taking tun to K u rope und get the
It waa then that Mra. iMtterxou
aaya ahe eonfeaaed lo her huidr.iiK'
thai alio had five thouaaiid dollara
given her by troiian while they were
In Hurope. f'lu- guvi- Iter hiiabund
ll.TSO of II to buy tbo properly.
At lllia Point til.- tcctlmoii) look on
ii character which wua auceeeded by
ii dead, abticked allrlice In the court
room. (Unfit ror publication.
Aftor rcactilnj; Denver wltncisa aald
her hti.xband nuraiied Iter with de-
itintida that ahe aecurc money from
Htrouia. Once, ahe declared, thu t ill
ciiso millionaire clothier aent lutr i
cheek for 1110 without comment.
Again Putteraou demanded (AO which
ho diH'lared he hail lout playing
flunk itg uf aiiiiog on n neucii in
ralrnioiil park, thla city, with her
hiiKband. ahe Mild.
"r-udrtenlv he attacked me. il-
aelacd me by the throat' and begun
bllitm me Me nearly on urr my
"Whut do oii mean by off?" In
quired her tittnrney.
"My null. I meun."
Did It come off?"
"No. but It la couitnu nrr now."
At llllton'a n-uueat Mra. patteraoit
(xhllilted the Injured nail to tho Jury
walking up und down pat the double
row of hr Judge with the laceralud
member hold plutnly up tn view.
Aflcr unothor attack by i'uttorxoii,
wIiucm diH't.ired that ahe went to
toriicy I'.lllott, who la expected to be
ttllM na n dcfciuu Wltnc-aa.
"My (nee waa brulaed and awidlel..
ling-ir prwt were atlll upon my throat
and I could not turn my head. I hud
been In bed three thiyi" aald li
Throats'.! Klllutl ahe ild aim tiled
ault or .divorce, charging extreme mit
refaetHcd cruidty. When hr himlmnil
Wo nilcd of the ault, atie aald, he
rKrhcdr "I'm going t huva ten
llttttfeuftri dollara out of t.'ii. or I'm
KV)MC to have blood."
Owltwr to ho actual hutnoulle l.r.d
the V9tW ImmetHaiel)' reoiHf It
Ma. rttraim aald that on tho rial
Mfehti' algnl two duyn uefuro Hie hl
Hg ht wua ai-nied on t.io porch of
her homo with teor W. rHraln.
I'ulteraon waaajen n( i'ii' liuig anil
wltniM w'o1Ml!M' K'MT ah a.iw
her liiibui!iHwNihlj. . .adi m the nlr
I calbilTolllm 0 ill In itllaiv. red
Thla man haaiotn gun on me
Mr. I'nttcraoMjWrii i. m mnl ihy
walked away 'fogeih' i mnl pr aently
K.t dOttll. J7i s
I'retly aooive in. mother
mid Strain, wjjyhad imti the tfuu'on
my huaband attfi? Iioune, upprouch
Ing. Ohio .(her hiiifbiiiidi Mild l
hiihm rll pretend to ii.it' a hemorr
hage,' wblohjle ill'1- Jn th way
home In iw alri-et ear li tn-at me."
t'pon lenvlrw! bet" iu itiim n lo the
aanltarluni, I'altcraon raid "Cull me
up tomorrowjwnil we II talk It over."
They parldiTninl, Hiralu lulling r'-
turned with her hnit'ier he borrow
ed tin- forniVri'a revolver -"beoiiue I
wii arrald or h'lm, (I'ait- rnoii).
On Holiday ahe W.n Ml and could
not keep iier eJiWURrm-'lit with I'nt-
i e mou. hut on iMb'udii . Mu- day ot tlm
aboollng. die had rnetidl) drug
elerk call htm nn'tht teti-piinne. The)
met that morniiiK,.
"Why don't ffin' un Jr thla di
vorce ault undaalgti ii-f thm deed to
mo and I'll wl Hi draw m null agalnat
Htrouaa und eonlu. hulio-," w1tnea
iilntvd that Jier ,liilli.iml hud uaked
her. V 5
Then he achC.dlWl- '--r twenty dot-
Inr. anvlmr Invlliao. I"a II ut noker.
and be waa ttm-tPwcek liehlnd oil IiIh
board bill.
I told lilin -A'- w1uldirt alau over
anything to hlm.'MCi'ruiiiueii the wit-
Do you reiiijQiibcr uiiythlng In wr.
Ileuhir that youg)oHervi-d at una
tlmaa-"' aakfdt AltiiTlii v lllllou.
Vea, wo it;ioiiHnia''u on mini n
Peek aehool 'wliertt Wr m t OeciitlHe
Chle aald It w'lla Iim nubile. I noticed
thut a man wuffTolloing ua."
"Cun you deacrlbk him'."'
"No. '
ll tin lime tlie ebupif bud rineiied
the aldewalk In front of hie llendrle-
hoiiii' where the hnuilelde waa com
He lii atlll p.eraIUig tbut t aln I
over an m prooeri) ' inoi, uiiu nn
aald 'you will Tgn,or I'll choke the
llf,. out of you.' 'Thcil lie aelxed nm
by the lliro.it aild'lilT me on the nlioul.
dcr. I aereameduTnd h- let me go.
He pulled ii clipping from bin pocket
und naked. 'hnV you aeon thla?' and
he handed It to me."
"What wa It?" ' Attorney Hilton
'It wjia about a ault for t r..,U
diimagea w iilch MrJf lUtleraoii had Hi
ed uhiiIuM Mr. Sirimaa for iilleiiatloii."'
"Did Mr. I'alteraoa" aay anything
"Yea, be aald be, would drop tlm
ault If I would deed the bungalow to
him. und turn iwvbaiik dock over to
him. and drop myfriitorcv mil.
I'll dn Hothlntfior hu kind.' I rj
piled. Then h.irtajMik Jim a Itlow-fuK Ht tho anna wcro mtmulert fo'r ni tl
l,,.tha face.niC.tTrJtri'd back'.... yw,,lWHw
"What then took pjace?
He airtick me again and knocked
me to Hie ground ti mi Kicked me.
"Whut then?" I
"I waa atriiRRlbig to my fwt and tut
wu kicking me Hla face waa dla-'
torted. but 1 managed lo get to my
And then?""
1 opeiieiUni)- bag and got out thjL?.'-h" l"" peiiunrmtm itora ninny.
ti'xoiver anil ureii.
"How- maij)' HineaW
"1 don't know."
"More than otiee'.'"
"V-a." ' '
"Well, hoiv niaiiy "'. '
"I don't know."
"Do you remeinber'nnythlng alter
that?" ' "
"No." "I
"Till when ;
"Nut until 1 nwoke Injoll next day"
WltncM here aaa turned over to
Hie it ute for ci-iicK-eXnmlniitlon.
That is the Excwse Offered;
By Millionaire Ketel Man!
for Not Giving; Pretty Show 1
Girl $500.
(Hr KftaU HaraU 1, P.,laail Wlra)
New York, Nm :ij Mlllan Orn
hnm, the aliow gin who, with Klhef
Conrad, la cburgvii withuttcmptlng to
kill W. K .xioxin thjj mlllloiiHlru
boraeniuu Inat Jute bural lulu team In
cuuri louuy nnen ioMudiierjiaritii op
the laiid thai he ii.nl 'reru?d to give
her i joh be au. 'nfTliad married
ami nm menu in -niani no miinier -
Guards Employed lytk Mat
rijaan Line Are Sitflaaed
ly Men Named By Order af
Crt at KousUa.
Hy WvaAhHf HrU A. V, !. wk)
HfMHK'mt, Texan. Nov, Hr United
WU44i IHtHrlct Jiulso j'w'a4t4ay sr
ikaed tlw dlacltnrfie of M KhkM cm
htMHM hy the artlmar4 ami
wr la tduht Hfil m wtm were
hwlrcted in nr a uiwnea.
Two Revoltos Caught Near El
Paso Lnst Night Were Giv
en Short Shrift; Madero
Adopts the Mailed Fist.
Small Band of InsHrrcctos
Capture An Army Post Af
ter Sharp Encounter; Sev
eral Were Killed,
(Br I'lralnc Herald A. P. I.raard Wlra) !
Kl I'iimi. Texua, Nov- 21. Two Hv) -
lata raptured b .Maderlaln oldlem
Jlexlcau lerrltoty, wore ou-outml '"''ihwo
nlubl. Pfiiir nthin-ai wurii iivfrf'iltnd I
near Caaaa (liandon this week. Thla ,
la the iiegltinlux or a policy or oxlor
tnliiailoii which Minleio declared In
an Iniervlow but week would bo I ho
tot of till dlatuibcra found utility
Additional aoldlura niive been hurried
lo Ajiin I'rlcln. oppoalte Dolinliia. Ari
zona, nnd elevott hundred are thcro
Ijircdo, Tooa Nov. ). Ainniiinl
tlotl nnd platola. Imveraacka, artilillo
Idaitkcta, anibllea and aupply of hut
band, on which were stumped tho
iiniiic "llornnrdo Iteyca ' worn aolicd
hero by ciialoma olllclala. They woru
(oitnd In a local hotel. lcron In
charge or thcin ure believed lo .Itnvu
t'Hcnpcd, It la aiiiKaed the ;iuinl
tlona were to bo itaeij In nn Impending
revolt In Mexico,
San Antonio. Tosna, Nov ;i. Tho
Mexican Kovermnent la the owner ot
n carload or arnta nnd uinmiiHllbju ilu
tnlHedi Inat tiis'.it by the' Aworlcah
Kovcrnmcnl ulHclnla vn tHapicton
jucimij uiiii,-h oiuk.b niii-nmn, mc cr
f'eavca tnnlKhl for l.ariilo, Ita bllb-d
.itin. ,
T7TT 1
"ts AunurttNro
, Teplc. Mexico, Nov. 'Jl.-A amnll
jouny oi iiicii Biioiuing tor uiuerni
iiieyea uiiuckcii ami cnpturoii mo liar-;
lliere were only llfteeu tlcfendcra,
bin lieloio thoy fled they made n
'link realatunce lit which thoy kllbi
three and wounded aeveral oiher ot
tho aaanuitlng party.
1itcr the tobcla re! Ire J to ( niupo
Aivbh iit In oil Coke Mill- al Mice
mhiI A.,i hijnrcil About too Work
men l.niplo.ii'il There,
(Mr Kml Ilamld A. P. U'lral
Idveriioul, NOV. 21 -Tblrir-iliien
I woraera am known i" h killed and
llupwat'da ut loo oihera uijured by a
boiler exploHlon whhb . urul loiluy
I at Ibi oil oik inlllx ..r . I l. l, by nnd
(Mr Ktraluu llrralit A. I. Iaira Wlra)
j Tohlo. Nov 4. Tile Jiunece de
irujw lluruaaine foundered oir Hhl-
ni n protlnec In u alotni today und
forly-llve of Ih. rrew ,if alxlv --r-lohrd.
Miss Pearl Kellai 011 WittttSS
, . r..
btanu lestincs as to umui
of Another Member of Col
onel Swopo's Household.
(MX i:nliig llrraia A, P. I..h4 H'lrrl
Kalian ill'. Mu. Nov. t.-.ll
Pearl V K.-U.ir tiurae, today W'fla u
wltneaa ill in, trmi .if Dr. II. 1', Myt.',
ehiirgid "Kb Minna ''il'iiml rtiroiie.
und waa u(loi.-ii i.. I'll of 'tdo 111 1117m
and death or M... Uiinlfii) lit tlm
riwope home ihtvi data loitfiiv the
death of Cotom-I H,i. I lutltnii wn
naiticil na execttli la rfwouY will.
Tho. rittrae told lio Hd". wllbln rlf
teen tnlniileM nli.i- llniiioo dletl.
aaked her to ua- hi 1 iiifto, n-,. to
buvn lilin tippolnlcd na ihv 11. a i'e
culor, ThddgftinHe hua tried to Keep all
the leaM-mo'iiy ubout ih utrnr deuth
tn the HwVipn ruiiili) from iotnitig ii
fore th,e ,Jur', mid Kraiik P Watah.
Chief iViwwif-l for tlm defeliae. 1 on
tended lt iht, argument thut under
the rUlln'tc of tfur aupnoie '.oin it
could not hi Admitted. The dcmiiai
wiia aileceaiitnl'lii keeilili( the -l. urn-
atulii'c or the death of Mow- Hunton
from going in .be opening atniement.
nnd bail hoped t eliminate It from
Ibe trial
In hla opening atali-umiil Mi Itaed
nrgix d r,ir h few mluuioa on tlm 'III
nca ft Mnnnirpl Ruope He .auTd
IIimi h r HIiiiM wa.a due to .i eainub'
adoiloialcri-d under th dlreetloti ot
Hi,- 'i. riotHot Mr Wla roplimiptH
It. .1 iirauoirnt. I In told tlm court
t ti t th inatriiettutia of the aupreme
court in. -..Hi Jon what llu aald and
wr Mild dvn to guide the inferior
court- in the trial of the wim. II
barr'd the lirbotutii Hivnpe lfnld"lil
and tin r,-rnr- ltciiulfl iml'lie admit'
ted hi llu t rln I. he a,ild.
"Tb. aniirmc court ahowuil tjlat
tin- aolmtmitlal riuflta uf the iliffeUd
ant wi-r.. itolutatl In mora t hair twit
hundred i--iftt- Instance at tlu for
mer trial Mr.. Wuhdi aald. "And
thai ' ii Mm etue la Tiack Imic
ngaiu r.,r irlal. I lake II Unit the at-tnriii-i
- the stale Hi t nMile
by Ho .1. . lai-.n of (Ik aupraiuo opurt.
It r--toir.-. no artulnilt n aha'ar vur
boiioi' ihm tr any p.irt of tltr i-(i-mont
niMuit tlm rfiWipoa I cut out
thul It .ill atmulll hi) QUI out.
r hiIn i-n hi tint dwlded right
It win a l" lite aupraiiie eoiTrt and
Ihett ihhui will flow from it ihee
iiuiiK-r- n rrora. The tleJYmlittll
might Imvc to go In Jul) itjmlii and
IiinauUb tiH'N ror man- tliftn u year
wlilb' hla upiHHtl la being prepared.
!f w.i.r huiior .daldea uceordllig to
the anirtni. court' declalott: lo cut
out He ireuinatnnce aitrroundlng
illli. aa ft Mnrgarrt Htvone. then
li- illd . ut out Ibe . Ireiinmlnlicia
mi. linn ii,,. itfiilh tt 1'hriMilull
Three Sworn Jurors Were
Added to the List Today.
Making a Total of Eight
Out of Twelve Neoessary.
(Mr Hirntni Herald A. t. i.taattf Wire)
l.ca Aiigrlea 'iil . Three aworu.'Jur
ora wer. added to Hie McNumara
Jury todiii makitiK light In ull .Kour
were ex'iired Ii) the di-fi-nao II till
none In the Mule, on peremptory
cbulleiige The new Juror, nro- I' A
llrode. (I. H. Itlabe() ;iind .1. II. Coke.
The five Juror already aetcctetl
are- Robert Hull), carpenters V D.
Ilrweii. oningK grmvir: llyion Link,
mill owner. J. It. ttextoll. rcnl 'itnte
denier, nnd Wllllum Andre, eurpeii
ter. TlfCH
Aged Banker is Suffering
From Foer Health and is
Ordered to Medical Institu
tion for Treatment.
(Ily r.tt alaaf Iteralil A, P. laarU Ulre
Waahlngton. D. C.. Nov :i 1'raal
dent Tuft today directed Hi. warden
of the Atlanta penlleutturt l triune
fer Oh.ia. V. Mora.-. Inc NV Yora:
banker to thu t'ulieil rilatea iitni) lio.
pllnl at IVirt MePheraoU. nar At
lanta, wliire Ii,. wl remain under fed
mil autborlt) and will lie giyn utedl
oal treiitmetu.
Toe trulial' r ui Morai- l ( In mad
on account or poor hralib.
(H Ktealnir Herald t. P. Irt-aaril Wlret
Dtiriinuo. Colo., Nov. 'J I. Wan Sal
ik ii, wanted for utntder In noieud
unco, wKniiH und for whoao capttno
tr.i) jinjl' been offered, la under at real
bnr uwaKltiK Iho urrlval or Kanmis
iiutlmritle Multkn waa urreatrd ottrly
today hear the homo of hi brother-in-law,
A. VkotT, it rtinehoi. near
. corter,, nfte- .lulling Under Sheurr
J IiH'v or MonieiEiiintt county and hi
Iiiiri- eiKOl ,iii;ji,
ludobelideucu,' "iviinK., Nm tl.
Willi Hnl l-'l oi Wtitl I'Olllk. I wuiilieil
hero fur Ii- .uurthir of larael Hhanley
n nrncci man, Huploiubor la. Hlaiiti
lui In. auopoacd to Inivv 'oen with
KiitiU oo iho nlnlij of the kllllnjc la
!i Jail liere ttWiiUing Mat. alinalftf
wfte, ew nboiil S u'cHiik on the porch
,ol In iorc.
TO lli:.D Ol'l' INTUHVISVt KiN,
(Br llSraM A. I', l.raanl Wlrel
WaHlllilHtOn, iNflV. 31 h.Mfiq!Ml
in iii .on giruiK any prv'ixi ror w
elgn intervention fin uinn. lil n-a-
aotm, the CbllloNe gm ,1 in t liu ir-
dcred all tevolpt fr..n, iikiuma, Jn-
1 lllltlll,, II... Illlll II. .W I...I..ll,,U
to It ilifpoiiitiHi witii tb. fi.i. inii bank
10 th oredll of I'lilmi- I'MvlHii delil
ora. CI. till KII.I.IID it.1 IIAItllll.S
(Hy UvmlaK HeraM A. P. I.fatrj WlieV
OtffiV-K. Knti.. Nov. 3i Th nnpi"
al I ninkliii eon ni mr nn mbhlia
ha begun Tim farmo bavi. oinmi
Ixtil their luiiin.il ituiita ! tmrmln-
ato the tiabblt which vauae linn
dnjda of ilutlura of dumaue 10 the
erqiM unit the on-hard miah War.
The Coltpii Tall eliib of Urn Hulk
rrei'K naigniioruooii ..nin ot nituwn
Imlil IU hum et-rilut and killed
M rubbiu
IHjr IIirMlag HrraU A. P. I.rawd H lral
i liieagi). III., "or, St.-Judge
Carpenter III the Tt)ed Htalo
4 diatrUt court, toda) liunied D -
. einio-r t ti,r tho opening ut the
rtula or nine Chicago puokar. 4
m NnMAOn
Lincoln Centre Kansas Judge
Sentences Three ef Mdk U
Serve Twelve Months in
Coanty,. Jail. -
Attorney for Convicted Meti
Pleads With Caurt Against
Penalty and Asks far Only
Thirty Days.
(Hy Klr Hrrat n. I. tMHHHI Wtrct
Lincoln Center. Kan., Nov. 21. Tho
three confoHHod mcmbcra of tho "tar
party." K. tl- Clark. Jay. HUwatcr nud
Wntaoii Hcrnutoti. wonv acnteneed lo
n year each In Jail by Judffo drover
Tho (luce men aeuteticcd thla morn.
lute were told they would bo citen
iiinplo llih'i io urrnngo their bitftliicsA
alfulta liofnro thoy would bo co limit
ed to Jul).
Attorney Mllllgnu excepted to Iho
aentencc. anyln he ihought It execs
lvo Thirty day, he ausAeited,
would have been aevotv enough pun
. Tho Jury In tbo eaves ot tbo tie
feiulanta on trial waa as 1 1 1 1 (Htt thin
Kd. Iticoril. who ilocoyed Mla Mary
Cliainberlaln lo tho plan, wttwo c4m
waa tarred, wua ncKlcHcthl thk ftlWf
niMitt to one ear In Jail, liy had al-i
read) been in Jail 7? daya.
Madrid Biacksmitk, Believed
to Have Shot Himself Over
Contents of Letter, Decline
to Talk.
II l belleied thut J. A Rmiii. ihu
Miidrld blltcHarnllh brought here c-
terduy front Cerrlllo mifferlUK fri.n
i plalol wound, tried to cud liU life
following' Ibe receipt of ii letter
which contained new of u dlnagrec
nblv nattiti-.
Tho . oulciit or the letter have not
Im-cii iiiuiIh public but It a reported
that Mr. f'lnn wiin t, love with a
)oung woinuii- living In Kuiiaax and
that the letter- wua from Iter.
HI condition I aerloua and he will
prubiibly die III thu event o, ltl
diiith It da likely Hint tho Ciioia- oC
the ahootlug will be explubu-d .iioru
The platol ahel took effect In :
ride, tin- bullet iMitieirulliiK the ri;li.
lung und "lilkiiiH tbo apluw n lli
ivny out ut the liufk. cuiialng purulv
l of the lowor limb. Il- atcudf'
ly rel'UHw to glw uny atutcmeiil
He la known lo have reoclvml a
Utjvr H'tnrdiiy I rum hi old liomu
lc J'lltaburg, Kan. After ti rood In 5
ter ))' muiii-r for aome tiwo- h"
iralkrd loll, .toil a half down live
trm'k. where be waa found auftrl'ie
iioiii the ltmt v-tituid.
The place ivli.nv I'lynn wm found
t mu- ol tin- rUKKrdeal till of eiilin
tr in thi tiilc. firrtit roeka tunt
un i-nd not Ibe ivtlOle latldaoape I
oiu ,ir tiiciikiuMa. tiroken only by a
fvw rniii'v tl
Hlmii i aixiut 18 mr old upd I
h ul-t. Ho-etil)!t' nld InduHirloiia
roan H,. vu- n'anv frU-nd ir- Mj
drill and r-'irlUtMt, uttd hi- d.ollt
uitHil ! lotteii rgf'ttail
Dr '. . YiMIRIiiu ii t onipauted
lum to i hi -Ity.
Illy Evening- llrraia . P. I.rar4 Wlr
' Pari. TfOv. 2t.--Tiie eprirms atit-n-Hun
of llu- public haa Again been c.iU
id to HI,- -Hillhiliri iUualioil tit
I'raUee Ii, III.- pll.tlk'utlon of "flU
atutlatleH Tliaa covin Hie llrtt -IX
lliotitha III till I, und huw and ex
or denth "er birth of lh.i"y Tte
tlKiinw arc all lit ipi.lv dlncoiiraglnic
from Hit iiict that In the aanie jhtIoiI
lit li) th.i.lilnli AUe'dCil Lie d' lilll
1y ll.laa Tho llau.'ua for lU from
Jattuar) to June luslUolv,- at.- I'npu
btlion .lli.JOS.SH; marrbiHc. Ij3,ujI
dlvoreo. a, 3 l: idrtb. is.jK'J'
dootha. " 1.27.
in hah: nArruas
(Mr r.vralnc Keralit A. V. I.raaail
.all j-'ralicl' . Calif Nov.
KlKbtlti during tho l.iM two duy(
near Han Kou t ulmttiaUHi in a va
tor fu' Oi- riiboiA
(Hr i;vIh HrraM A. I. Il Wirt
Ylntuu, Nor. SI Tho Auatrlau
atistinei Itomiinia wo wrecked today
Hear itoviviio. Mil pvroiiH wer
droit iti d
. 'Va,l4aV'

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