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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, November 27, 1911, Image 7

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ay, jtoyixjir tf, iia.
r f '
vriLL it lyjpt coxx to txii ?
BSTO W BSB3 CTliiSii ses jsNte iJi
ErHft. IS ip War yPnSB raraar-saffllr rfe. sta. i'lcir tfe2S .
Finding hlit fiancee In the Crocker
Htreet hospital Just recovering from
anaesthetics arir an operation fW
appendicitis upon the day let for
their wedding, William Alexander ot
Tucson became the husband of Miss
Lucyllo Nugent of Lou Angults. The
husband returned to hi buslnoan in
Tucson Immediately, Los Angeles
four head of radio were killed and
SSO scattered all over the surround
In cuuntry In a stampede of the herd
or Barnabe Robics which took place
at thn Tucson stockyard of the
Kouthcrn Pacific Railroad company
At Douglas, A. M. Williams, the
viator, while engaged In making a
flight last weak, fell from a distance
ut eighty feet alter the collapse at
one side of his machine. Williams
wss slightly bruised ami will he able
to set about within a few tiny:
It. N. Jesunsfsky, for seven years
section dire tor of the Arizona wrath
rr bureau, with headquarters in
Phoenix, has been relieved of the
duties of the office and will be re
assigned to station in the cast or
mhMIe west, the Identity of which
has not yet been revealed.
Bishop AH ft'otAi1-' (indicated the nnw
Episcopal edifice recently completed
at Mesa.
As a result ot a hunting accident
which occurred Monday near Con
gress Junction on tho Pahta Fo, Pres
cott & I'hoenlx Tali road, it. M.
(Frits) do Mix, a well known mining
man, Is In the (Haters' hopllal at
I'hoenlx, suffnrlnir with a wound In
tho left eye, which will probablr cul
minute In the lots ot the sight of that
Frank Rons, one of tho prisoner
who has been working on the torrl
torlal brhVeM at f smpr, has been n
TOled. Ross was sent up for Wat
years from Tints county on tho
rhsrge of rory. Wo ha serve
about two years ot that timer. Me
was regarded " model prisoner
nnd It was ort l hat aeeeunt that he
was given a chance to reform.
The pwntln af swear bs4 at
Tewpe has been begwn in goad shape.
Last week thrr were farly actes
planted on the Otsen raweh sautn of
that town.
That over MS carloads of sattht
hive been shlpl Into the fcslt rtvr
valley within the past tear or fife
weeks over the fMtt Pa and thai
many more are earning front he
northern sections nf Artsone; wm the
statement mud by Paul H. HwHpi,
freight and passenger aget M tH
wmtiH' root
Is godf Htttrttssw rtad Tfcers'g n
hslthler fotnl hstan than tea4, f
Iseead ami kuMstr. As ihra can b
M WcftHtjr wHttttt htssth, tlHHreffJ
at ottr Ismsi 4 sat )4Atf C It. 11
you cs't go WfMMt using It,
1 1" MMHMi HUUlKSi
40 SEES fdflE MJPLfc
HmhIm Kc, rrcscolt & Phwntx rall-j
road. Kor the most part lhes rattto
are whet kro known as "feeders."
An Inspection f ths W Paso A
Iteuthweetern eomrtructle werk along
the entire Twsm cKtmslsn from
ratrbHHks Is being completed by
Chief HnMneer J. U CamnWt t m
Paso, his ohlef assMtant. M. K. An
derson, and K. It. Jones. fcWef engi
neer of location, whose hdtartr
aro In the city of He newt,
Kred.W. Morrison of Las Agl
wilt deliver the -memorial address at
the KllaV memorial services at King
man on thn December 3. Carl a,
Krowk will deliver tho eulogy.
E. I Martin has been having his
sorghum batsd during th week by
It. (1, MHrl4c. Courtland ArlsoMn.
The smallpox scare Is over. Can
nn.a as a inlnlna camp shows pros
perity with no probaWHty a re
currence o the recent strike, smng
the miners. One mining cempany
Independent of the Pour C te prenar
Ing to start work. Tills Is the story
of Arthur C. Cole, a well knewn min
ing man and an employe of the
The Cemwlhltted Arlsona Smelting
company fltesfd down Its smelting
plant In Humboldt last week. It Is
understood the msnagewent plans to
reopen It again on a stmtlUr seals In
about three months.
iwuiul to the University of Arl
sona with a score of 5 to 0, the B4g
Hkln jwntsrs of the Kl Pso MHtary
Institute left early Ihinduy nwrnlng
tar htt Pasn.
Charley IHlBgworlh, mchntcktn
for Charles Htgetsw of tho Leiting
Ids raoInK iam. Is In tha PaeMC
hniwtti. im Anaeles. In a very cHt
leal condition sis the result of lnjrl
received on thn recent Phoenix des
ert run, Hto right wrkrt was broken
by a "klckiSack" while cranking the
).Iiu4mi rscei- near IMirenberg on
the return trip.
Hon, C. D. ftepPl' Is having a steel
tower and ten-foot windmill erected
t Ms rssMknce; also a J,t.alloH
torse tan. He will u tit plant
In I rr tenting his trees and shrubbery.
Florence. Tribune.
Lt Frldsy night an altercation
t ptars between a nssjfu jwter
named txaton nnd a brakewian nam
ed McMenry, on delayed No. . near
Hakrry, In wMch MpMwy wan
stAbMl In the eye with a 14 pencil
by mttlHi. McMaary was ansn m
I sats b cm wi inn
althug4i he may Ism
tsl Us ge. m hs not
rsfeX--M3sac Miner.
tsttrrtHM IsUt mmt Mte th
m whit hi tWa tk -
Lmi - faveraMir.
lHdiMiM pMni to tu,tt 0t
artwshtn wwter bsforfl,?. , , ...
Ths Mess Knights fylhlas WlH
Mttrtaln Osnersl and ftf
SrmM MMthtsfrm;
CJ tgether wilh, vs4tlH
to&reH from V Temi.
1 rSry Willfsm. wh hftknown psr
Matty to jtrsctlcalty evsjy Arisonsn
wh ever stopped 'nVsr MVsvsiH trs4s
at the Junction ws
HMrrled m Kl Psjg Ktbr 9, W
uwhHi vknled all f IKe Ww iWf-
In thn tntersw "I snspmi
hours for tm emmm, wm i
a, m, to t p. m. , u
n.d SHitd H tiler Jam P. Mlfl-
van ot New f)rlcafX wwn mrr.
" . .... ' hi .M
M TWM, Hundsy, on HHr ws M
Portland, Ore., to w,im isiiawmenW
for the csovsptlort of pU
to Marcv Xtit.
st Msmt Wurtc ".
Mt lr rVMl
MW YsVk, Now R"Mrs. t4ty
On i ii MMMtt a good iart f her sv
..iu unhiiav annlvsrwy m
ws M r pfflt t M Wr
wsjf,n leldnUHy. A sh wn
kklMdari MlM ktPT tMslMIIMkt
thevArtof In hwtsr Hsr
tMMian wUm niiwmawsa she
oa a IssntH In tm cwtfr irwa
b. Umi,. MMr4sr. n"l ran't ssur I
Za?t.M iu' bsasinss. I'm Ursd
IVs bssti ltTMs some hsnry he
sad I'v works wlUi my vmttf
ry, even If "It Is my birthday, imsc
'fn tiiasiktsrt In r as well as
dM Thsy tell that any blrt4r
sew g
t best him there, don't I?" she
"Aren't you gelng t have a party,
or n candled cake, or anything Hkt
that?" aked the reporter,
Wk-h ttrtty Went to PsHles.
"No, my dear, (hero aro tlmfs for
parties and times for no parties. I've
outgrsWR them. There was n time
when 1 went to nine In a week. Hut
tonight I'm going to bed. That'll be
enough party for mo.
"Tell you what I did do, ttrougfe,
on my birthday, f gavn away gifts
to people to celebrate. Yes, I mined.
Why, before I left tho house thH
morning I guvo nway five checks to
neighbors and persons 1 liked, lllrtli
day gifts are for others, nut th
birthday child.'
"Ws should give to others on our
birthday In order to make them glad
we're alive."
"Hut did ho one give you any
thing?" "Uli, my. yes," smllsd Mrs, Oreen.
"I guess 1 got about twettty-flvs gifts,
little things, yuu know: because peo
ple know I rtftMe to aecst valuable
gifts. They sent me floors snd
csndy and jollies and things like
"What Hars you don to have
reached yur age In such heulth and
vigor," was asked.
Ne H4hfusa lYHlt for llrr.
"Well, I'm a Quaker, you know,
and we preach peace nnd good will
te people. Thsn 1 live very simply,
keep regular hours and nsver eat
'wsMt'ksnH wh0ltteme. Juat beeawis
I've k furtuns hi mi reason why 1
sheutd send dwn south, fur Instance,
for delicacies s In sMn hers, I
llkn to eat ths best tUst OoU puts
on ths market In his own Ume Vou
see, I never squander money. When
I wtsnt to I enn spend It as well as
the HMt one. Why, my daughter had
oliWgatlemt a few years ago and 1
gV a ffne banquet Ht the Astor.
Kverybody said It wss wonderful. I
held soma mortgages on Jewelers
hero $mi they lent me gold piato for
tho bawrust.
And I never drees In tho height
of fash-Inn, beeauso we Quakers be
lieve thai M's tit soul that counts
and not what you put upon the body.
Hut let m tefl you ne thing." adnen
Mrs. Oreen, speaking slowly and with
cntphastf, "nvhsei 1 wnt to dress I
van bsat 'ssn utl. Why. Ht ni' daugh
ter's wedding I hsd ssme Irish lees
rn my coat that wss superb, Lady
Aberdeen wsntsd a sample,"
Mrs, Oreen wsnt on t say that
she gave mere In aharltr than was
known, but preferred to do It quietly
bscftttse In make, publla her god
deeds wss distasteful to hsr. mil
was 'sisked Hi break her rule, simpw
bissiUs It wss her birthday, and tell
of some' mt Aharltsbie ael shs hart
tise m tHTj year.
"Well, HI tell, hut I w"i men-
linn any names. You see. I nvr
like ta aivs to one nerann. I lis
awfcks igkthts. Mmstlmes, thinking ot
nw wtfh otve set i can nenem mree
or rWr. AtM im rh thts Htst year,
sussiwr mW sirts. I mads mis n a
scdMt ph" bs "nd firw at th In-
UK-intiHuU) in wmen i nstpea
(Hssn wWi bMweeh l.MJ and
MM.MI. Th grft Is in this sins."
A rt Pram Hr Hti.
Mm, ltrfn hhd on her arm a Htsk
b to which sh pointed with af
r4iMU prlds. It FM of silk tm4
ht h geviti to her in' her
Col. X. M. K. areen that morslng
tM mnk miump to tne oirice.
"M a.sreot help to mr, that boy."
. .JtrkMl. tender h "I d't
M9V MMI I WOUM u wnom mm
I:'! Msttv tlresn want is gfr
a Wthday mssm o her asvfnUr-
scvefith Wrlhdy7" M n psfrt
Wsfilli tike Ihrs." eW rl44d.
irtr " mmt"s dttWrs. "Ut
e4rvbMtr bsrtk a HirtiwliiistMit
liii. Wt with (ted In WsssMk. WN
Hm o Mwns wssbsM M s
give tor I bmhtsag r sujsigttitng' Mt
Cbleo. and when I ittlW tnr
Yes, wit tMait suuiii sjiisi-
h wtu ts'o vmr 4f y
ITtwt ImH th rtgM WmA IMti
Mil iMllNI1 fclMHtWIsWsWli 6$ 'ftfMHi m
hsr tw sank. M wf..lt mm
day that tteav're all wtakdnT ut to
Sr sasask of tha ttto.
ensi al iMa gp ad a ha
aisaaw rtieUfc lsmHMdet
rpwv wfMi psBvm
itd Mrutt la hi restaurant.M
'Qk. I don't bellsv I car ta aai
I jar
, Herlsl meeting ot atNncil cslM
for tk pw-irp of ptirsssviInK or
tfg certain Isii at the rflr ot Third
street and Koma tivewif to be used
far tho imrp of sluiWs). steam rell
fr,- and oiher city drliaicnt, ami
fer tku purpose of iAiimg up matters
retatlvb to street paving
All e8cltatea duly Nlflsd as re
spired b- ordinance.
.Meetlas called to ofikr by Mayar
Present: Aldcrme NpStdy, Wroth,
Atsge, Thomas ami Csadkr-
tHrevt committee twdrtcd to coun
cil that It would be iidwliarr o vg".
ct that jiortlon of Orand avanM
mn eecuplrd by the cy stdbks axl
ror the storage of city, ilreet roHar
and otltr equipment, ass recoatm4
ed the leaelng of cerMste lots at the
corner f Third street asxl Ro.-Htt ave.
nue, with hh mitlon to jsarcliase sante.
That the Insldo lot cwekJl Iw pttrehssvd
for the stint ot $i.'0.Jt, and tlw ear
ner lot for Ike sum oflM.M.00, That
the rental or said lois wttiia oe aeoiu
.W iter month.
Moved by Alderman Aug, second
ed by Alderman CUrMiMIMt recom
mendation of street
mlitee he
adopted, and that st
oma4ttee be
given power' to act la
Carried: Aldermen
Auge, Thomas and
rke rotlBk
All am v n . laiinL ,ftreM) 1 1 n r
Mr. M. P. HtajnjK anaSlne others,
nsked andWssfrrtm' kiskm to
address tn WwnrtJ rfwiMreiwitcd 'it
petltle reo.WMKiK. isw
be taken toward tho
sg of a
: within
M. P
certain Improvement U
the eity ot Airaurqu,
beaHmx the stgMtursg'
Statem. O N, 'Marroa. J-'
Jay A. llUlibs, A. J. Mnloy, Rosenwald
Hre.. by H. u. Itoscnwaig, u, u
Itrooks. Solomon Inin, W. 8. Striek
er. F. II. Kent.
Full cosy ot the nbnvo petition fol-
lours at end of today s reasrd.
Tho foilowitiK coninttinleatlon wni
then read:
llonarefcte Mayer nnd City Council,
CHy of Albuaueniuc tl
Mr. M. P. fKamm nreseated a peti
tion addreseftt to your hoaaraMe liody
on the matter ot street paving and
. - . 1 1 I..
I iflmiai mi ,ni. iiiua niiti M;ri, iu
etwi IV. after dlscitsslni? 1)m matter
wRA Mm we did so, Slnae tkeq we,
have further Information ea the
Mtaieet matter and not beinr dseli--
oa of kavlmt tha ivlsg nf the struts
dswyad but being detirtHMj that the
wr praeeed nt once, wo ft'sptetfully
reejtcet that our names be withdrawn
trow said iietiiton.
very iruty;
CKy AtNtmes- Mated tm eaunsll
that a Mi, lins snd Htrlekler
had witJidrswtsiskelr uamj, Uie pell
tlen waa wHUM'Ute leaJTiMHrnber ot
gignatttrM, sM thertforsLthefB was
nomine HWf the counefuv
Upon motlen council sdimisas.
JfJltNJ. icANU8.
fITE OF StiftftAGE
Lea Angte, Nov. Vtamgh tha
waek has but begun, pasts than a
thousand carn-s ot fraudsdsMi regis
teaWomt' have bpen tinea irhtd by ths
eHhwrwi' cemmlttee nxpsHM,nd Pa
tpsisnsn Marry and hU sqaaMiaf ptaia
arssiius oWcers. The grnsslisetMtln
to . serious that the ibksMH at4er-
f)sy announces tonight thM a spatial
granu jury wm us raueu sa jm-eMigata
the source of Ilia Urge anisawt requlr
est to Hnnnee the UlegaltHei,
It develops that mrn have keen,
braugtit rrom eveiv direction w!
a radius or 100 miles, a4 H
esses even from other stntsa, and nw
Isiered, Hundreds nf psejbHratlaM,
on the fttiwr ' hand, are pwreiy He Mi
tons, ssHtt iwdeflnlte dccHltme an4
Ihs ndstrsss afven as gensesd' OsHsery.
to sSSmd spasrtunlty for pssiatsis.
In 'swfs hsetitnees coingslilisnii af
tha cKsr lailgdng Itotua asst 'tew'-cakes
MM rissis with the lass, sf Vatr
have dismissed more than Ht a sen
Ct prevMet who are not ewtithkt im
vote. Mnr the mtn evsr sate
to eaat their ballots. thswsisrilW
tinderstniid It 9 kallevssT
ka&arsAii of Women n t
sallssii ass tsJaelv rexIKlera;.
JZ. -- ' - MMal U,a
k ta laaas .irrsnis for ietsma
tmmt, ttasMt reglMtred, pM to haVs
1sg ot ipr at the piBf kteeag
krfsaA tkem If they upasig, Tfce
wa ean be found nte tJjs
Clerk Mn
nrest realMrr no
tha aaases of Jfl 1 7t will ,
wp jternot
e tffga. qualified ot
fMfO.OO 7-room (tredern full eeraar
lot, elose In, H! stands. I4ke rest,
$1790.00 H-room eottaire, Itsghlanii
eiese In, east treat, easy tartiMt.
tWr9.W 7-roo eieganl bm with
every convenience. Terms to suit;
?t0.60 6-roem new bttnaalew in
the right beetle, iiart cash, bat
anee long llmf . '
Vm6M WegaM and conrsrUW,
with Uraa yard, beautiful lawn sad
shade. Ideal haw en TIJeras v.
Owr.er fa leftvHHt city.
(StdO.OO 4-rosfi modern brick,
creeaed torcbcs; Urn, chick
kouee, lot 100xH3, ImKovoil anT
Rood condition. Highlands. Ideal
far health.
1W.W fl-roem modern, east front,
Highlands, close In, easy ternu..
fKW.00 C-room modern, Highlands
near Central, splendid condition,
tiro place, two screened porehes.
Term I,
ISO.00 Five-room, well built cot
tage on full corner let. Cement
block foundation, two porehec.
U ! SO. W Five-room new modern
bunsjalow, corner lot, east frost,
Fourth ward, on car line.
-Stlf .WN4'M'Ave. rhn-.i0.
or batear paylnc auspioymeat thwi
that of representing a leadlBf nursery
eoaipjr net to be had. It yen, are
smbithMta to .batter yaar e4K,
the aapottuaitr Ilea before yeu la
tetlas; our esnptay, Saleta Nursery
eewpany, iataw, Oreog. 11-19-c
WAKT1D remttle,
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
erst houework slid cooking. Apply
ess west Copper.
70R IAI1 Kimllaaeous.
FOrt SAIjK Oh easy monthly psy
menVs, 12 acs-es of valley land 3!r
miles frwm town, level and partly In
alfalfa, perfect water right. It Inter
ested, sail at 4)1 8. High street.
ptlBAP FOR CASIt-A psnut rot.
er ana pop om maesine. ror nir-
tiwr lfnri!nn an'nlt- in K t IhIw.
tjfigp. n: m. tr
FAR BALR Extra strong, extra Isng
wagen. Splendid for delivery wsg-
on or farm wsgen. Inquire (07 K.
rand. Telsphoas IStt W. tt
FOR SALE Bxtreeted honey, 0-b.
. ean ror is le-is, paid fer i, r.
rt k s .Iam. w n ii.
len, Albuausntue. N. M. 17tf
" WW Finn. l.-IJl , , .
rOR SALS H heatari; nil kind;
eartpi Mi West a eld Ave. U-:o
FOR S ALE 1098 good ewes and
good ranch cheap, Lock bus Hi,
Socorro. N. M, II-tip
FOR IlKNT 'Most drilrabla reams In
the city wlth housekeeping prlr
Hexes for 1 or 3 well iwrseae. Pkaae
FOR KENT Fwnlabed rooms far
housekeeping; store room also. (23
Went central, oast rear,
Mg. W. A
i mjut tea-. avk mm. yd '
WANTED Clean ootton rage, at ths
Mraia omce.
yaskss: maa and sitter, bath heart hy
4sjetr two or Ihrco fitratshad reoHt
Iftr'NMfcL koitHkeplng In good la
Ms. Addreea llox T ft., ueraid
mm. H-m
PCM IQpnMPwa t Sr-reai es
W. Y
POM, tiuwf ssinist
aew wodera
and heated:
, nssslre A.
Hfc K, (ln
FOR llWtt-rava furnished
housa a Mirth ltlh t. f. F.
iMcCanna, Mat. ip
Here is a Snap
5 -room modern house, nearly
new; fliis tswn; on car line;
owner hits !ft city and place
mint tie told st once. This l
a bargain : only $100. You will
have to hurry.
SIS Wtttt QlsL
Aaoma X ami a, Whlthia; HaHdrae;
Bears 1 ta S to 4, Tel. S4.
A. CI. BHOttTLK, M. D.
Praetlee I,tmHajt to Tunvreuloaki.
Office Heure. 9 to II a. jo.
Telspnooe 1177.
Rooms 2Ji 14 West Central over Wal
ton's Drug Atere,
aXHTiOMON Tu HUftlrj-f. W. .
tflij)iUI euajl A siiaaanirt
fiDfvnni fpaawa C7YSTpjrna
Reetdsneo ! pulh Walrer etrssi
Fhsae Offiee I Barn set
BatMhts. PMosn 01V
W. M. SXlRIDAlf, X. D.
Practle ZJmltea to
1"&aA IsVtss sasfsnssl aa - T t s1Mal
Mlvaraaa "SSI" Administered
State National fcaak Bu)ldlng.
ALL KIND, beth new and second
hand, bought, seM, rented and re
paired. Albuquerqus Typewriter Xx-
ehance. Pheae t. West Qeid
FOR 8A7jK Rem(p(Kiei typewriter;
good order, nt. "94 West Seld
Goot CondiHon, glo.ee,
P. O. Max 7 I.
J. H. WOOfMlON, foat speclallit,
trsats corns, hunlens. Ingrowing
nails and all fat ailMeatii. nrrtee.
"13 TIJara im, 19 Ut '1 m. tn. Phono'
Plav Mm Hall.
the International
1 tj-- .
Tl W, HtWsr Ave.
Phone 171
71 Meu Hi SMrHh.
I M Tft TXlAV tin nnnrnvdil eltv
real estate. Fiewlnx Heslty & la-
veatmaevt second lloor, Stern
sMMysfg smHf)i4 J(flfHl4si4 3&
Ill-iei. "We rash 'e."
Phaae 47 AMwaaeratM Pafaei Be
Kvery, Praaspt servlca sad a Use-
Xffmf TOR 1AX3L
FOR MALE 3-roow fraate eottaae,
4th ward, mstlMMteea, fruH and
slmde trees, gss aad aseetrta skjMa,
prkq reasoMabta, i N, "Wtrt i.
T YmU Wt.i A J Te
will ytt jrt rvnltii.
f 100-l-rsem hrkk and five ream
trame, both on lot 1614!, Higfelsnds,
ct In: Se eaah, bataMa tper
JSS90 -reom brick, medern,
IsCatlon, Highlands, close in.
illtoa 4-room frame, wsll kuHi.
lawh, tress, on car line.
IErOo 7-roem, I story resident;,
hardwood floors, oak finish, furhaca
garage! eW tsrme.
$ -remi bungalew, modern
larga lot, gaed outbuildings, (ins lo
ratkH. 14,890 i'taam modern bungalow
North 1Hh Wreet.
$110 7-reem cemsnt rttiUli mod
ern red4w', hot water heat; large
lot, geed outbuildings; close In.
v to ijaxs
A. Fleischer
in sown i'ourth urmmr.
Neat tu New PfMtHK. Phona 1.
U7 Wesi Caatral
TJXWTIITi. p. '".r '!
BR. I. at. tutjurr
KeaM 8 SC t BaraeU 9Mu ' SfM
O'MeMir'a Brug mere
CAp patawnaata a teds btr oaaH.)
Pkeae 744
. a. k. csfxmt
or MuHiff.
Ufa; KAaAiAl
werk is cur mm earssw
Oftiea la th oew aHem bsHdiag,
serner dearth and Central Aveave.
Tttepheae for apaaintasMt IIS or
Department et (as Interior. UHltd
Btatea Land Olfle at BaitU Fe. N.
M. Octeber ii, 111.
Notlee t hereby given that Bttsa
beth Bmlth, widow of Peter A. Bmlth
of AlbuauKeae, N. M Bftx BUS; who
en December a, 1905, mads hemsetead
No. 07981. far NE 1-1, eeatrs J4,
township 18 N, rang; S :s,'.ivT
lHsn, has Hied notice of InHmHoH to
make flns) llva. year proof, te estaMtstt
claim to ths land above dsevrlbfl,' be.
foro A X. Walker, Probate Otsrec. at
AlhUQuernue, N. M., on the 4th dr at
December 1911.
' Claimant names as witness! LeHa
Hrewn Llppitt, Joseph W. Van Cleave,
Jacob SewMeeke, Allan C. Bene, all
of Albusutreue, N. M.
Hvfvntf e
Dally Herald. AlbMeaeegiie, X. M.N
Effective NovsMber II. 1911:
WestbouHtjf Atnves, Dsparls.
No. 1. Cat Ex,,,,.'. 7:16 p
(110 P
No. 3, Cal Llm lOitSa
N6. 7, Mex ft Cal Ex 10:10 p
No. t. Cat Fast Mall ll:S0p
11:01 v
mti a
4i6 P
7 tip P
8:33 a
iatso a
No, i. Tour Ex ... ,
No. 4, Llm...... ..
No. , East Ex. . ,.,
No. 10, Overland Ex
El Paso Trains
No. 109, Mex Kx. .,
No. 915, El Peso KVc
No. 110, K C ft Chi
No. 9l, K C ft Chi
Hoewell, Clovto end
No. Ill, Pecos m. ,
S;B5 p
S:I5 p
B-,55 v
1:00 a
8:90 t
N. 812, AIWhh Ex
r. j. joRirsox, AfMt.
Wa ta-eH tha ateat
gtttaM. TH
III &mhV
ssalsg eavetep a
fimd Iitititilttt
Itisa 9f g slJlasMBlaB Bereed)
Is four, iUirg vmism m vrssgis. v-
1 yM-rxr-

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