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Tuesday, koyxmier U, 1111,
Aiitrcn;taui xnwfma
Danny Murphy SHMttatal a
long Lix if Htt4 lw
ball Captains, ' ifiMftinf
Witk Lajale.
Philadelphia, Nor. tj. Dan Mur
Jy succeeded an llutroue Jine ot
mptainc when ho wm appointed field
Marshal of the Athletics by Connie
The pioneer Muck cnploln, When
thu American league stretched Its
Mfni to PfeHadelphki In JlMl km
Napoleon Lajole. Kin Uirry had .k
Vfinf reign. 11 h'm at the heed
throughout tlia season In l0l, but
nftcr tho court Injunction stunned
Mack In INS Lejoto m hustled oft
to Cleveland, and (or nulla a .while
had to avoid Pcnnetlvaiile. loam.
The resourceful Mack had Mother
Napoleon on h4 Lafayette Na
poleon Crose so he appointed CrMa
jo take the place of tho erled Nm
Polcon. Cross wae tho ra-ptain who
helped Slack begin hie long reign of
cc-mjuests In he American lwigtte.
' The tall tutor disentombed ' Rube
Wadded and Danny Murphy nod won
hla Mm championship In 1S62. Craau
flayed Mercutlo to Mack's Kumm for
several more yearn, tho partnership
resulting In the second PhWadelphie,
American league pennant In HOC.
Much ot the glamour of this
achievement was dulled by the vic
tory ot the (Hants over tho Athletics
In the world' series. A Mock ex
pressed It, hla team had fallen over
the wire dead that year Tho svrlra
made It plain to Mack that ha had
to Ret moro youth nnd vim Into hi
team, to during tho winter he re
leaned Cross to Washington and ap
pointed Harry Davie as his successor.
The Davlf) regime was easily the
most proepcrous of the three. Tho
Athletics wcro a broken-op team In
1906, but Muck came hACk In 1907
nnd wss bruly nosed out of the pen
nant by Detroit. Another stump was
Ih aiero for the Athletics In 13,
when Mack and Davis started n revo
lution. They switched (lie team front'
top to bottom, barring one or two
In lt the tint model ot tho Maok
machine waa put un tho market and
It was the beginning of Mack's nrt-
est auccv In baieball. The Ath
letic had another torrid fttht wit
DstroK and for thu second time the
WulvsetMra beat Ifeewl.
AttWh MrM f five years thtj
Athk-Mea rea4ned tho champlonthlp
in IIM3 nnd. moreover, did what thoy
failed to do in 105 -won tho norWs
title as well. Davis had much to do
with both conquests.
This year tho Mackmen repealed
both triumphs and emnhaetaed th4r
HhM Ki the title ot monarch nf
baseball. For the first time in hta
career In FMIadftlpnta CH-Han fhtvts
was replnced as flrsi baseman. Jsck
MclnnU. more youthful nnd more
alle, becaite tho rhamplgna' refar
nrsi iHUKman.
Near the Cloae ot the scaon Mc
Jnnls Wm stfuek on we wrtM ar
Prtchd bull and wa out of the
for i-he reM w the s
thouiht that the youth SMM be fH
for tho scries but when (He) .otrtflmt
name, came around Hte InjKiry had mi
MitricleHliy Improved and ' Maek had
to u Davis on first.
It Is a matter ed! fact ibM 'Onnft
ttMn't rvfrd the Injury a weakest-
ine; ma owtmptomi in ma ihwi, tum
It Is a matter of d-hrnt to Me.aMHr
en that the phiylnK bf JvW 'W Ik
series with the Mania waa
at. If Ui ttmaly hltttnc
fMdlnir Meed xreatiy in the
iHstead of feelnc a weak rMr
HdlMone arwuHd the teswMi''
Iavls was one of the tentn'a
Is vood, M(ri(4He hsead. TlKre's h
hAUMr fd kwwa.in
tHead and butter. As (hare ism
ft beflttfr wlthotrt fccaHh, thorftoe
eat mtr huad and eat dnty eT It
hi i-UMU-.siftat mmt baked rlfay, iwi
f can t to wren uslnc H,
1 iss e e "
ib'-7' as
maker. Aside tram hi gencrntshlp.
n I yd a boon to no club, h deliv
ered on the field end at the tint.
Dnvfoi (mi) Maaed an agreement to
manage I'levewnn in mu, in me
middle of iho kia, but thr ewa
wm not made mibllc until after the
ckmt of the serls. Mack, of course.
wtuiM Hot rdand In Iho way or his
feMhful llentewanl's advancement,
hnd tho transfer to Cleveland was
mM without hitch.
Harry hwt th proud honor of lenv-
Inc n tm that won two world's
chsmpttMAfclp and two pennantn In
tho ffve years in wMcn he acted as
frtpistn, whller es a Klvste In the
ranks, ho saw Hie clan Win two other
thamidommlM. In the eleven sea
sons he fens foHfct the Mack caune
ho ha been acelre in the wmnlns; of
four IsmtMnca and two werld's titles
a record fsw other Hcra can
When the at or captain was
mtii vacant rr th fourth tlino,
Mack without beeitnrto named Dsn
Mttrpny ha hhi wtceeseer. Harrlnif
rionk and and Kartsel, tho A. 0. It.
favorite now ranks as the senior
Maohmnn. His appointment was only
hMt tribute to a depentunio nna
faithful phiyer who, tike Davis, fig-
urod In every championship conquen
ot tho Athletics.
Murnhy is a shining esample or a
phvyer who. Improve with his age.
n the ten yearn he ha wayen wim
tw chamfJ'ms ho has batted .300 or
above In V&ur uHmt. Iet season
as his UM. for in 141 games ho
had the fm average of .330. In 1910
lw battel nlumh .lis. in ishb no
batted .301, and in lej kia figures
read .313. In the other ate years he
WM always close, to tho .300 point.
The ftgurrs stiow that Murphy, m
nm! of slumping, hi In.pravlng In
liUHw? na the years wear on. Dan
kHohM be a valuable eantstn for the
Athletics. He knows the Meek school
tMM-feetlr and can sHn taw the post
with ease. Murphy hs one aavsnt
m over the others. Ho takes charge
bf admittedly the geatai team In
America, ami it's up to mm partly i"
keep the team great.
Manager Charles Dooln ef the
hillles Is a combative player! In
fact, noma critics tiso a different nd
jccllve In describing the red-headed
tactician. With alt the insinuations
Hs to Ills deportment, the motoring
iMudcman has been put out or tne
game by umpires only four times In
hU ten years' trick at Uroad and
Doom says he Is a banebstl reform
er and wants to be the Hlankcnburg
of tho game. Ho believes that every
vestige of spleen and rancor can be
removed If the baseball sovereigns go
about It right. Catch what Reformer
Dooln says on the subject:
I a ni thernugbly In favor of cli-en
baseball and the absolute elimination
ot kicking. I don't think this will be
Hard to accomplish.
'Yeu will notice that there waa
little or ho kicking In Ihe'werHi s4r-
tea this year. The Giant tried It
onco and soon regretted It. far a fine
ot 3100 was slopped on Merkiti and
Manager McOraw received a warning
tMt made his hair stand on end,
"After this Incident the (Hants
were a' mk a a regiment of lambs
I 'ee. The natfsnal cemmbsrien
ul IHclr ot.
UCow why don't they go further
sHd have nil this soltcltudu for clean
baeH(l apply to everf' gamo during
thf' ckamplonshlp ssaaan na well an
dutinc tho halt doaen eames ot the
M serlea?
"This can be accompilehed by the
tMnpkH nuikln.a Mm stand aaalnvt
tktj slightest proteet and treating alt
alike, The Philadelphia club once In
whits makes .steal to the ump
becauM llio rlvat mMHigr or players
are prtnltted t sirnut and getcu
Hto tike a mnlfl'ind with Impunity.
"There are threa National league
H&itatMw who ean aVs ahut what
tiw, nles with W.umps and Ml
item do they gt b gate.' Hut It
Kogsr llresnahan or myself raise our
volftM about n whfctiar. the unia
ltht on us with both feet. What)
MMSr and I want ni every aieer v
get tho ijulck miMIWr. Pon't choo
fnybrltes, out f in aiikb, a
when wo aro shasid tn stwwer
bath'wc won't mtfb one word to say
iuuuU mutw sasit.'dtotsn't It com
ing ironv atton a iihjged .raugh-and-
ttitiui the yuhltl stlmteaHt will
tmvo the sanw MMr n? AH A ha
" xovesnnw.
HeetiHo Hnt
man VsMt Mav.
thawih the e. wr nMnMs rsM.:
MMTotber dMncuWi rJ ssi.
tm) the. siiiimsrinee inasinsg ss
ttaetr ability la ttrixe ,n mrm Fs
myUb tArttetM ftA4M MR-eom Bear
Beta s the first tl ! TM afssT
subsanrltm boati on th ffc
acena that toreioea were ewi rny.w
ra(a.HIo loat8 at sen, Four bwms
. At .... MHJ IWa
were nrea uy i stspiito
Mir. Uaeh boat bad two shots, Md.
.tmmm ika menaier Isformstkm sis BH
UttMta ihd wiii'.issa trotMrasd to bort
BtorniHff, iney mmmm a pntrn
and under tM mml trytn eon
, Htretr.ore the worn ot tne s
Im. ka far aa.shsUut Is 0WCrnt
kstt hsMi earrkni m ii harlsMi,. wlwre
K'niM Imn twMt BsnexKa awl
til WSRnr MHMltwm kbmi. A sssn
mMiatUw wm Mvwte n fon
CommoW Isisndn, sti-
martMa Mt noH M Uu maJ-Wl) Ot
ikAr K.ViHr' ,eRlWWMP4l nM iSt
If tb9y were mum or rr. unoer
lbs eandttloM ,K tjbaocesical Urgat
wm laid nut. and m a dtain of MO
yarda tka taMUMc wad, carried w,
Rn mkA' of the ftr awts, m It was
nafdSM today, M iwtMdsjas wait
tree to inoir mars, a no a pgrioci
Mttt'im tnsrts. Thht dtfamUji ft
aol(ag wHi tw roatttfd vrnon It Is
IkMsm war. th aiibnarMM wattr
Mswetged itttriiiK (he practice, roll
log constantly ami plunging con
Usually through the wave.
TIm M)iltirntM mm kited through
(wo days and nights. Tito boats wcro
iii command of Untenant J. P. Old-
bw. who wm In cbsrite of tho dram
pm, gd Ia4n K. II. DetMvan, in
caiTimaiid of tlio t'lko. During tho
entire tlmo tho test was In progress
tho engines wcro not stopped tmec.
and nch member of the crew had
QMy b'K HoHrA' s)eeu. ttoHi swli
WH'rlnes Anlslmd Iho run In excellent
G14 Gtc Into the Mann
fAttou f iMtriimcnt in
Commtn Vh.
II U ah iRttH-aotlnx fact, and one
prpbauly nbt generally kSOWi ht
tho preeitHio motahi, such m piatlWuw
gold, silrer and evon prcehWs sioiwu,
nro used extensively in tho manurac
tare of tetetvhono apparatiM.
An etftebu of the Wostom Mectrte
company, the iarieMt mHHHfactHrer of
ttilephono apimrAtua In the workl, t
eently made the statement that tkia
cominy is making uso of nmre than,
a ton of platinum each year. When
It Is considered that tho value of
platinum la ,10 per cent greater than
tmro RokJ, it can be easily seea thai
this expensive metal would not be
used unless results Justify it, Ksnert
ence has shown, liow.ovcr, that plati
num, becnuso It possi'secs tho neces
sary hnnlncss to roslst wear nud Is
Absolutely noncorroillblo, Is tho best
mctnl tor the contact points in tele
phone apparatus, Tlmt Is why this
company uses more than half a rhli
lion dollars' worth In the courso of a
year and platinum hi going up every
year at I list.
The chief supply of plAtlnum comes
from the Ural moHntAias in Rossis,
but tho best yields Itsvo been exhaust
ptl and the expense of extraction In
creases while the yield decreases.
Only vory small quantities of thle
useful metal have been found In
America, nnd "white attempts have
been made to dovomn n supply, es-
peetaiiy from seme of the sands of
tho Pacific states, little can be hoped
for In thin direction. The present In-
dleatlons are that Russia will con
tinue to uupfjty over 95 ner cent of
tho total oomramptlon.
ItrHwt of ah Kiport Kmtdojcil I-
hahmin nty OtmnUNNi(4i Klmw
TlHrt OWy Willi ItmHy,WIII It
Ijnat Keren War.
Kaneae City. Mo, Nov. 33. In a
statement iseued this tternon by
the h'ibllo utilities aommhKrion (he
attention of the public waa called to
inat part of rrottir Haworth'a re
port which says that It is uaeless to
talk of conserving tho natural gas
riupr-ly by raising tho nrtc. Tho
inembeea ef the commisston say they
nearuiy ngree with i'rofemor Ha-
wwnn in mm opinion and that the
Iilun a! MLiiu tUn nrtr-t, i.t aam Hwlll
not do.'1
The commission also announces Its
Intention to W4n gathering Informs-,
tien so tnm when the time cornea in
two or three years who the prk'e of
artltleial gas hi to be fixed, the city
wMI be prepared to determine wheth
er, the city should then tatce over the
MM making nroperty and Itself fur
imn gws. or permit the present com
pany to furlneh maNufaetMred aa at
H price t be determined by the cir
euu court, na provide! in the fran-
cnhk) or in a eempany.
Two or three years more of net
fl sjh that Is alt JCanoan City may
egpeet to have under thu present
MndKlens ot ties'. If gas for factory
Ute is cut off enttreH' threngneut the
Mrritory euppllsfl (hern may bo gas
for eeven year more for domestic
nee In " CV v
tho toBefaing is tn. somsnre ar
an exhauewva report reMMMHr the
venditions m wht h known as the
XM-continent awe new, the teerttory
from which Kansas i.ity arawa m
supply. The reiNrt was made by
nr, Krasmue HawArth, state gesls-
st of Kansas, after monthe.it u
vestlgatleK. Accfnsay!n: the fe'
ort are figures on reck yriaaose nex
valume shwlne a treweaAfiua sat
of deterlor4toh In the ga 'aooei" in
Ml tho distelcts of Kaneao and Otla-
Don't use Harsh phyatee. The re
action weaken eke. buweta. led to
chmnle rmtxtlpaefon. (let Doan'a
Regulets. They iterate eMt. tone
the stomach, eire CoiistlffttH-).
aafMsM MgV
gayagn fn en
ggit - Mauaau
9H WMV iV i ItWWtl
Ama; Co,
'J 1 I
"Ke has' a remefcbl gift of self
coneentrntaMi. I nm lotil."
"Yrs, lisiUd- Wny, he could aft
and play MMtalsw m a woman's eon
vereatioA) rioo." Claveiami
peeler. v
BMsMaf Vf AMIaTaal
anwjBT lwJeasnW
H'lstmlM MS sWli
roreigR Srt(ry of Orrnki-
mntieR ef Interest te the
For tho Information of delegates
and others planning to nttendfithn
meetings of tho Nlniteetitli National
Irrigation congress I beg to furnish
the following Information:
Tho regtstrntlonciutquartara of 'the
congress aro areno Auditorium we
Tho national oMcera' headqunrtets
aro at the KotHiWHuiio,
The opening soeston of tlio congress,
all the morning seeslnna and tho ses
sion ot Krldny Afearnoon. will be held
at the Auditor!! theater, SR Jtt
Congress street. 'JTiv nftemoein see
slons (except Ut.scMlon ort Friday.
afternoon) will tuWjM-ld alike' OtcIhm-
ira nnn, ssu uoseit iiitnwwn vhho
Rventng sesslone will bo held as fol.
towst THtsday evening, Orchestral
hull: Friday evening, Amlltorlum
theatcri other oventnpi, as unnnunced
later, -j
On arriving leChtcsgo dlogntnn
should present dr credentials at,t,bo
registration henlt)arter, where they
will be furnlshedjiFlih a bndpadm!t
ting to the section' reserved for dele
gates, jt
The following governments at-e to
be represonted offelalty at the Nation
al Irrigation conresi
Itussla . Hyrehilatnlkoff and T
Kryshtofovlch; taprmany. N. Kaum
nnns and I' Quesifseld (Irrnt Ilrl(nln,
R. II. Cnmpbnll ia F it. I'ctcrs; Snl.
vador, If. K. FedfSSo MeJIn, minlMer
of Salvador: China, H- K. Mr. e.
minuter of Chlnaf Costn Ulca, M, Q.
Zttfldon: erra. C.5W Sutton', Argen
tina, Abel Turdoj fliiMtemalM, Angel
l'ena; NlcarnguaJt. K. Dros; Kotith
Australia, B. MantoKh, ,Nnw Hnuti
Weles, Nli'l NMcJsa1;
Tho following iMonttles have Inti
mated their Inlsmen of taking part
In the congrew, jjt, oWclai ropreaen
tntlves have not Seen namsd:
unite, qoiomwHoaaura, 'ian-
Ama, Uruguay.
The afternoon ieMtlon of Wednes
day, December 4.MK.WJII be devoted to
tho foreign reprsajmatives, when thi
following dclsgwirau will deliver nd-
drssea: lv
H. K. rederleeeliarmlnltrlfrrsr
Halvudor. . ' iV
II. K. flee, the Ufkmese minister.
K. 11. Campbell, director ot forestry,
H. Mackintosh, dlreetor of Irrigation,
South Australia. ?
Abel I'arde, conat: gensrsl of Ar
gentina. l&(r-
Nlel Nletson, laie minister ot lands.
New Houth Wnles.
C. W. Button, dlructor ot Irrigation.
Foreign Hncrelur, National Irriga
tion t'oagrcss.
Wonderful Record of Precipitation
During the Past Summer In ,ths
PniHnelne Islands m Reeorded
by Father A Ig tie's OtMorva
Washington, Nov. 38. From Fatll
er Alguo s weather observatory at
Manila conies a record of the greatest
rainfall In tho history. f meteorology;
a storm -wbleh overwhelmed Western
I.uson and csiieclally Itagalo, last
July. Father Joao Ooronaa, t,he as
slstant dlreeter of ties Mnnlm obser
vniory, naa issued a sweet si bulletin
to forestall tho $rcat,,lAa &f corre.
siiofwence with metenfiiiigista which
otherwise would fulksw the spreading
or ute news or the remarkabia occur
rence. "
There were three truliaons between
July It and August" I an jinprece-
dented event but the great eft at (he
storms waa ono ilmt'aed from July
11 te 17. Tho figures- anew that In
the Drat three days of this period the
rainrau reacneu n iohm or more than
(w incHea. while In Mm ,irt twenty.
"flir nourn iniriyiwo men en or water
fell from tho skies. ,T aetlng dl
rector says- A
t . - .. . . f. T "
' Wo do not linonverf Bv Inctatip
in which similar torntntki rains
have hecti rogliterer hv g-n other
part or no Klpiin. Hff '
r With this inrommt-lM at hand, tho
officials of tho inaueaV bnrend. now
untierstand l lie nimaot total deatrim
Hon of the aiR8ntnrt mlHUr) ' road
n i sag ii hi.
Iho Mania weather obarvainrv.
built many yonrn ngoby tho Jspanlnn
prlcsis, Is one or ho Ian. Iwtti'tutlomi
of Its kind In llio worMflnd to rather
Algne, its dlrec c the worM Is In
debld for many moteeroteedeal iu.
covertee, The sciimoejnsa, W- which
artJHHakea nro rcceeeJM, la one of
hi devetenments
wnrte the II 'iicli Man at ManM,
-wijr ii, m me greBimBtjever reeOi'deeL
one or ie.hnavie rsn;ar reeoed-
d wm In Kansas Od,' Anawt St.
im. when, In one bawr. t.'i Incaaa'
of rain fell, wl'h a toeat in two )umm
Sud thirty mlnu's ot fM .IstoMa, The
nenviesi rain rraeta imhmi wan
AMt 2, 191" when. l.N Inchea of
ram n in CS miniitaa,
. The; heavtent rolnfaH wllkm twen.
ir-SAiiir hours u t" Vwted Mate
wm At Alexandria, iMsrtjmmm is iu
m, m, wjirti 21 tmmms t -Water
fsgat, TM nett nenvann' wm at Fort
cwrv, Texas, In IstaLggnM. Mm fall
ii,- inches asntt, Texaa,
(ttorttsi , full of 1S.T1 tMM in 21
. mmjwV so ana & mi.
$25.00 tfc, n room modern frmne.
,krge yard, corner, Uighlnml", closu
,I3M0 Five room modem, brick,
corner, largo ytuil, .fourth .wuril.
31100 Four room collage.
JJ.00 Three rogm cottage,
S.00--Foiir .room mlobe,
Mountain road. , ''
I35.UO .Nino rooms, mouem, , close
In, accoiid floor.
Itanchos or risldsnces for sals or
4ohn ar. Aiooiti: hmitv x).
,riltM INNtlKANOK, ltllIi IWTATK,
ail Wot fJotd Aw. I'liono 19.
Nifty Utile ntretrtc lHivk-e Jiore thS
HusimiM for TNem Whimnt' Any
KITort Moro TtWHi to Attach II.
Now York, Nov. 28.Thero have
been many applications ma do of that
mysterious forco called electricity,
but none moro curious thaw, one dis
played hero tn! week.
Tlmru should be no Iwd boyr, soiled
cIqiIiIhc, rheumatic sulTcrers or Im
piiro aljr in Now York far. at least
ono week. A body of generous scien
tific men have found a way to die
peso of theso numerous evils and aro
taking the public Into their confluence
at tho nuw Grand Control Paiacc,
Lexington avenue and Forty-seventh
ctrcot, where iho 1011 KIcctrlcnl er
uosttlon Is open.
The one contrlvsnco that has
aroused unusual Intcrost. particularly
among mothers of unruly yoHBtcrn,
w n spaRldng aiachlnc. This device,
which Is operated by electricity, la
guaranteed so far to wiris thu old
fashioned paternal walloping that the
management ot tho oxpeeStton la con.
fldent that it will be welcomed In
every home after ll lias had a fair
trial. It Is so cleverly dovlscd that
the mother ot a largo family, who
Is frequently interrupted in her day's
work to apply tlio antiquated gpauk
Ing to several of her brood, will find
It a great tlmo saver,
The only work required of the tired
housewife la strapping tho unruly boy
In the maehtno and prewlng a button.
wniio swr-iB swing ih.r oMnyr-iwirsr
bottle or wrangllnir with tho fccninn
the opanklng machine will bo merrily
whirring, whllo tho rubber disk bent
a atendy lattoo on tho nrea under
treatment New York Evening Tele
AbcrdefH Mayor and I'otlw tlilef
Tom I'lro DriiartHH'iit Ixiao on In.
iHk HtHrt or Workrw.
Aberdeen. Wash., Nov. 38. The in
vading hosts of the Industrial Work
era of the V?orld were treated yes
terday to a bath at the hands of tho
local f'c department. Thb water
cure prevented a riot following
perches by several members of the
Induetrlal Workers. The I. W.
have telegraphed other cities )t this
state, Oregon and liritlah Columbia,
summoning aid. It Is said 550 recruits
are on the way from Vancouve., U.
(.'., elone. In Anticipation or further
trouble a, force ot 600 xpeclal pollen
men was sworn In tonight. Tho 1, W.
W. made several attempts 'lately to
hold meetings on the streets of this
city other than thono asalKiivd them.
This resulted In numerous arrest. A
crowd carrying a red flag appeured
on tho streets tonight and defied ar
rest. Then n mob organhied and
inarched toward tho city hall to tuke
from tho cells the men Imprisoned
yesterday for violating the street
speaking ordinances. Mayor Parks
Immediately summoned the police
and return. In the liif-autlmo the
mob arrived and a speaker mounted a
soap box.
The speaker was arrested. Then
ihn J, W. W. demonstration began and
Flro Chief O'lnblyn ordered a hose
turned on l.ne crowd. Driven from
one street to nnotner. iney iinsiiy
gave over the battle, An effort will
be mude by citizens to maintain con
trol, and It they find this buyond
their power tho governor will be
asked to rail out tho National guard.
Us Veaas, N. MU Nov 28-A Is
their annual custom, tho 121 kit. In
every city nnd town In which a lodge
ot that great order Is located, will
call to nilud on Sunday, December a.
the memories of their departed broth
ore. I,as Vegas Lodjiu No. 408 Imi
planned to make thu observance ot
Memorial Bundav the most impret
slvo In Ihe history of tho organlw-
Hon, A cotiimliteo composed of lh W..
Condon. Dr J. D- tls and F. M.
Mwr has been appointed to mnko nil
hsManoeniontH. The services will be
IxssU in iho Duncan opera house at 3
sad the public g invited to ,uo
t. Tie program win po ocoo
bv muiciil feniures. Mrs,
Kohn wilt have clinrito of tlio
Juasa i c nav n of Denver,
y m las Vegas ami n ast
rnser of tho local lodge, win
dHVer kn nemorlil address, Judgn
tlnvhi n hnown as nil excellent speau
f MHf Mb Hawr,hg wU bo ot Interest
to leaejs) wMi nee
not Klkt ua well as
, Tlifc iKittra of
y6mm urn sottec tally InvUod by
th WW ie) hat orewnt at the memo
rfkmm ii 1 1
Here is a Snap
S-ronnt modern house, nenrly
lisvr; fins lawn: on our line;
owner tins left oily mid plnco
miist be sold at one. This Is
a bargain; only 31700. You will
hsv to hurry.
21S Wit QM.
Room 1 and t, WttHtog HnHdlwj
Honrs is to 13; S to 4. Tet. Me.
A. (I. HHOUTIili Af. 1).
rractlco MmHrd to TubrreHleW.
Office Hours, 9 to 11 a, m.
Telephone 1177.
Ilooms in Si West Central over Wal
ton's Drug'IKere.
PhyetchM aod fcotgeos)
Rselilencs (10 South Walm Street
Fhone 1030. Offlte 9 BaraeK
Buitdlac. Fheae 1V
rractloe LimlteA to
The WaseermaHti and NoajweM Teats
Baivarmn "tot" Administered
State National Hank Building.
Albewterque, New Wseo.
ALIi KlNDfl, both new and seeend
hsnd, bought, sold, rented and re
paired. Albuquerque. Typewriter Rt
change. I'hone 39S. 204 West CJeld.
FOH BALE Remington typewriter;
good order, tl6. 204 West Clold
Good Condition, etO.09.
fr.1'.'0. H"x 57-1.
Flay l!ox Hall,
bowling game.
the InlsriintloMl
or bettor paylag employment Uuin
that of ropreefefltlnK a lending tutraory
conpaay Is Bet to bo had, It yon are
ambitious to better your condition,
the opportunity lies before yen la on
torlng our employ 8aVei Nursery
company, iaieea, Oregon. IMO-c
HELP WAXTE.7emalt.
WANTED Competent girl to d gen
eral housework and cooking. Apply
t33 West Copper.
FOR SALE Xitollana9.
FOR BALK On esay monthly pay
ments, 12 acres of valley land 3tt
miles from town, level and partly In
alfalfa, perfect water right, If Inter
ests, call at 41S S. High street.
CUBA!' FOR CASH A peanut roast
er and pop corn machine. For for
mer iHrormatkw nnriy to W J Rams,
Uallup, N. M. tt
FOR fiAtK Klr strong, extra long
wagon. Belendld for delivery wag
on or farm wagon. Inquire 307 IS.
Grand. Telephone 1SSS W. tf
FOH BALK Kxtracted honey, t0-ib.
can for 36 19-lb. paid fi.r tt. I
O. box 302i phone 13S7J. W. P. Al
len, Albuquerque, N. M. 27tf
FOR S ALR 2068 good ewes and
good ranch cheap. Lock box lit.
Hocorre, X M. 12. lip
FOR RRNT Furnished rooms for
housekeeping: store room also, 033
neet lenirai. uai'
W AN TMJ Carpet cleae'.sg. W. A
, 3M MuH Canual. I'hoa Ml.
WANTRD Clean uotton rags, at the
Herald office.
FOR JtatNT Two to ftre-reow mums.
or unfurntiBed.
TF. T.
JrntroMe, lit W. Coal.
FOR RUNT Several ner modern
a4raem houses ; bnth and heated;
Mrntahed or unfurnlshetl. Talie A.
W. Ajutma hit V.irili l.'nill-lii t. flllpn
FOH KKNT i2rom furnished
house on North 13lh SI. P. F,
McCAitmi, agent. 4
"Thnt man Mehltnbel married ha
a lot of fareHlght," said Farmer Corn
"He looked kind of worried an
scared at tlio wediMn'," repHed' hbi
"That's wliht makes mo think lie
hna forc8lBin.''Wasnlaei War.
ll!00-i-rpoiii brick nnd rive roona
trnme, both on lot 50xlt2J Highlands,
clon in; MOO Cash, balance per
I3G00 S-room brick, mo.Uru, good
location, Highlands, clore In.
IICOO t-room frame, well built,
lawn, trees, on car Hue.
fSOOO7-room. 3 story residence,
Hardwood floors, oak finish, Minuet,
garage; easy terms.
Is'rse lot, good outbuilding, fine lo
,t t.ooo r.-room modern bungalow
North 13 in Htrcft.
KirtU T-rconi cement rlnfsh mod
em reetdenre. hot water heat, large
lot. good outbuildings: clone In.
Fust; iNm!i;A('i:
A. Fleischer
in vaunt vovhxh tirmmr.
Next to Now Fot4ul(v. lfion ell.
TtlatlUi Tgigjiaiii gil aaj -a n Bduaiaii
av r ITTrJi C l TwCil pt U I ! JtT fHPwHaWP
117 Weet Central Mm TrsnM
O'HIeily'e mug More
CAapetatnienta wade by asaH.)
- Fhone 7t
K. . H. OeMfNim
IImuacI a tAaaauagMi
Mini tssnvfi gn gnrnnwQ
My ajMutal wark te taring enrMie
OHHca to, the new mern antMIng,
corner Fourth and Central Avenue.
Telephone for appointment in or
$M0.0 TO LOAN on approved city
real estate, Fleming Realty ft. In
vest meat Co. second lloer, Stern
Whig. .
sengers, JM.Mege Hauled. Pneae
Kni.ce. wm Hiai, -am
I'hone 47, Albwiuernue Pareet De
livery. Prompt service; and jullsfas
tlea guaranteed.
Teaehtr of Violin.
71 W. Mlvsr Avs. thaw, 378
MMM. 4H,llO COfd'aft-R HOf4AWAY
Vniee Onttnee.
Txt nonih ItsMfft.
J. M, WO0D4RON. foot saseiaUat,
treats earns, bunions, IngeewlHg
Mile and ell foot ailment. Office.
211 TIJefM are, 10 to T p. m. Fhene
Department of the laterler. TJhltd
IHatea lAlid OMee at SMtA Fe, N.
M. October 24, 1311.
Notice tc hereby given, that Bila
beth Smith, widow of Bter, A. Smith
Of Albuquerque, N. M.. Sox M3, who
on December 8, 1963, made homestead
Ne. 070S1, for NH 1-4, aeeHen If,
township 10 N, range, 3 X, mer
idian, has filed notice of Intention to
make final five year proof, to ttstabltan
claim to the land above described, be.
fere A. K. Walker, Presets JeTk. at
Albuquerque, N. M., on tha 4rh My et
December 1011.
Claimant name as wltntasesi tella
Brown Llppltt, Joeepn W. Van Cleave,
Jacob Scuflecko, Allan C. Bene, all
ot Albuquerque, N. M.
Kef4t wf
Dally Harald. AlbuqMragt, X. ,M.
Kffectlve November 13. 19111
Westbound Arrives. Departs
No, 1, Osl-Bx 7 t0p 3iJ0p
No. 3, Cat Llm..... 10:tSn
No. 7, Max Cat Kx 10:10 p
No. 1, Cat Fsst Mull 11 30 p
11:01 p
4:10 p
t:0t V
7:3t p
8:45 a
3:30 a
No. 3, Tonr Ex ... .
Nw. 4. Llm
No. S, Kan i Kx
No 10, Overland Kx
Rl Paso Tralnir
No. tU9, Mcx Kx. ..
No. 3 IS, Kl Paso Kx
No. 310. K C ft Clil
No. lit. 1C C & Chi
-Hoswnll, dovlt and
Nu, 311, Pecos Kx.
Bt3D p
l t
too a
7i65 p
No, 1)3, AlbUq Kx..
0:15 p
P. J. JOMHSOH, Atnt.
We lnvK ths meet thoreega invM
gntian. fwil tnriettM In (date
seated Mvetaae en ysaoset.
NmI Instijtutf
a s t ' W m . si e&j ll Mi i ai i ins aa is as W
,1! "

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