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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, November 29, 1911, Image 2

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The Most Appropriate, Suhitantiul and
Beautiful of All Gifts.
WW fihin, comnwn-scnie BUSINESS REASONS
WHY tu CAN mi DO untlcrttll nil csmfittibrs:
Midnc eonrorn i
lt. Wo Tonu .Money on !llmitoiid.
and. .Vt'r DO NOT uor tilll any other
Uirtn fiiJI liolral! tftitu on "f MVtsrlty,
.si: Ti.w jthHiRM. tUicn MiimifcniPii. mckt n-: not.v, ami
Nti't II. Mmply common sen. Unit Wo Can SlU.I Ki VOC rr l.F.SS
linn tlrt nn!nr Oca kr CAX ItCV VT WIIOMI&Al.tV-nml rinllcn
JitM frtU' ,liit et iIUh iiml
AnuauutauE. ivyyirtt j at.. wed
Phone 452
114 W. Central
tottiment of Clttb Strongly
ixpresteU Last Xight is Fa
vTr JCavins MKe Roafc
Built ay tke State.
form if government, xtnle romls. nnd
rcvi ral other thiriRS Hp said lie wat
Informed thf eity spent between
1?5.ft00 nrtd 1150.000 n jenr, nml hn
thought Ihiit was too big n business
for eight initi tu handle, and nttrtitl
to thilr (iwn buxlncH nt tho wftme
lime He nlxo tolil nf thn New York
plan of bunding Dip xinle tor state
road, to the extent cf more than
S7s.ooo.ooo. payable in fifty yfnr.
hint thoiiRht some similar (ilitti might
bp adopted hrn
A 11. McMillan then mild that ho
won thoroughly In accord with thn
Idrfns expressed by Mr. Ktorn, and
that hn believed some plan which
WOUM provide for the bulMIng nd
repair of stntn roudfi should bo made
Ut tmce, and that )u favOred n bill
providing thnt convict labor (should
hereafter be employed only on the
State rood. He hlxn gave It Iim hi
opinion thnt there wan no question
hnt what en n ureas would arrange a
system ot national Interstate roads,
hut thought Hint If Now Mexico
could not show some reads of hr
own, nono vf them would cross tho
t nA'MVTirtVliVn Main. Ho sun Beat cd that nil money
lioiide Atid paving weir the ma-r
mnttrro beforft tho Commercial cluh
Mm ftleht, mt a Amhll but huxy inect
lhjt, tvlth thft cnmtnlwlon form
of Koverliment ox nh 1mu for
the M'ly mture. The Cluh de
cided thnt It w&htM the Xorlh Fourth
Mret rona iOMipletcd far b it Ilex
within the county, nnd tok tfin to
wmd teourlnir It completion by tho
Tim iiiei'tltiit wn eft lied to order by
Krefchletit fllmdn Hicrn with only
fw mtHibcrs present,- but more drift
4 In mini tlmn to time, ttntll nt the
(hero wan nulto n repce:tntle
iftimber In nttiinlnce. Tho minuter
)i)itir heiiit rend nnd npproved, the
(lull eittlomod the rexolntlonn frumcd
by Its committee advocating tho tin-
tho hivit of tliq renato coHUnTltee on
jibtoffli:n nod pout nud, and tho
ruerctitry was liihlructfld to itcnd cer
tlfled ropletf of the roaolutton to thin
conirnltte nnd to tho houio commit
tee bh tho imhie Niibject.
It wn pretty wll brought out In
dtflcbMiton thnt lr tho Blatts expected
the iihtlonal itovernment to do any
thliiK for It In lirSnBlnjc ono of the
I'nTon VMDOiied roufls thrnueh the
Mrnl Cdiintlfn nnd ncronn to Arl
oni. it muxt tlkcwlvn do womethlnK
.tMir The road nurntlon won dlx
ucd thomufihly nnd the clu ' in
ttuct" d tho teorotnry t intiulro of
the -flny commliKloners why th
n,HJ ( now In th vurioun roitd
iundx of the county hm belnu kept
iti'itu nnd not e)ii rnlcd. Ho wiib nlo
to votce rertuext from tho cluh that
the i-ommlMloncM tnho up and fin
lnh tho Comlno Rvl mnlter, o that
thsrr would be on complete, paim-
nble, noort u In tne county.
Tho u-cretary read n letter from
tho American Km bonny Mwoclntluu,
thfinklnC thrt cluh for Uh cnilome
lticKt of Vho'hxnocintlfth inftVl-ment to
nWUro better H'lacnctii nhrosid tat
AmiTlJflll iHllldMBtX. ThO (HWBCIb,-
tlnii nuked thnt one officer of tne
!b bo ttamftd on tho mttlonril nd
vlsrtn' iHiinmittPo.
LetWfs frow 'Frank U Mrowti,'
i Kaitmnh or tho publicity cwamittee.
nnd J. M. Cnrnmtnx. ecre)ry to the
jirtMdcw, lor tho IffRftHiaPAClflc e.5t
jltlon. thanklft the lnb for iw n
lprmtnt of th exptwltlon. ntti
nremtslnB old lr Recorlwr he KI1
"SUadrS''"" to thl elty to Jn
nry, Mere rend.
Scfrtjnty Kaylon reported thut tho
nmmiilun u'hleh went to H.inta Ke
i H!Curo till next imnual mertlHxT
tt tho Uducatlonnl nwoclntlo
'OoiiBhl tHi,h'0 ,0 i"ri thin
noolatlnn nrrniancntly for thlt city,
nud no rOpoHed the nuecelm of the
oiv.nfittfte'ff effort for nest yenr.
I'risldent Stern then joko of niitny
rHnrnnrit mU(lrfi Boon to etiint bc-
uir th club, nnd tfild "Wlfeh we
el out to i fthylhlnn wo Bfrierfllly
tet It. If we' jro nfter tt right.
etnt after -paving nnd we Rot the
. foancll ta pnxd that. They way tht
me man can top the hole proceed
Htt 1). inlunetlon. and that may bit no.
t'ttt w not tho council to do nil that
it could do.
Mr. Htern mentioned nmona th
important matter to bp broueht up
nt nrlv meetlmt the commlwlwi
Handsome Specimen of Thor
ited Down Twn Today;
Ilk Beauty Won't fevc Xim
Vi ...ih tlii'y lndd the plnee f
Iioikt "ii Thnnltxulvlhjr table, tut
Urs- ,ir not. na a rule. rl-Rardcd lix
crent'iKH of xurpaxclMK beauty. V.x
(outi"n iiium he made, hhwevrr, In
the e- of n bird rnlewl thfa enon
by Hrb Aelln of till eliy and din-
(iiujid vdh) in front of th million
Thi' lrd In a pnrfeet niieolmen of
thr br..tu-.ntd. while Hollander
and attracted n lot of favorable at
lentinn from panioriiby. 11 nlxo at-
trailed the nttnntmn ot n Inrfte hull
(io and wn xnved from preninturo
ill at h (inly by the quirk aetlnn of a
rrxnu- party hraded hy Minn Hoxt
l)vo tTornOK.
A lady wax h'ard to n-mark that
thi Aiveiiu turkey wax qullo too hand,
xomi. to kill, hut tt It ofneiiitly an
nonnied thnt vvrn nurfrncctte lntcr
ventinn will not rwive him from t)
nen tomorrow.
AT At-0, U.W. HALIel
litMnl Tnlent Ut AM st .HtHmjr'
SdiillarlHW H'Hh Mimical mM IMi
ernry Si'ht ie TonlRht.
Tonight thtfninlt nf 'he beiiefll en-
tertnlnmenta ?arliti. Anthony't trot
tane xatiltarluSTwiH .he held In 'A. O.
ii. y. nun aiwHMi'r of mcni jieofiw
ntiitaUnrt In thVafnr. Thla enter
tninmont vJll4W a iirirert nnd the
fact tnni cm tm-n'A muc win iu on
the irPRriinwMsie an adikd Incen
tir to locat")e tontiend.
Mr. Cadmnn nent lat winter In
Aibwjurtrkte'.n4'lhV peculiar heauty
of iiii mimical (omtioxlttnnx, pec.
lallv tliOtn lin!t tfpoii Indian thenux,
dn a many ndMrfrrr him,
Mm liny liri, rharlea n. An
dreax, MrB. Wallih M Henderson,
llruno DieckBMjiMi and other well
known local munjctanx wilt render xe
lections. Th'a pntt-tfl will bo np
plied toward the, jeed of tho recent
ly ornanlied katiitarlum.
The hall In being tantefuiiy decor
ated tlita afternoon by a committee of
ladlex, with flan, paimx, niid'Hi'wcra,
nnit will prexeiTt, .n vry ntflVtte. an
peet tenlght nt thn t incert.
300 pounds of turkey nt tho Fashion
u ill
tot i
m I "ijif ,"-fci, 't iafc.
received from delinquent Inxea bo
aiinlled to the road bnildlhpt funda.
Mr McMltlen nixo xnoke of tne need
for efflclencv in ofllcee. find ured
th' cnmmUMon plan na n remedy for
exixtliiB evlla all throuith tho torrt
tory. Hn believed tnni an netive in
terest shown by tho Commercial club
would bo of creat old In Renins de
sirable lexlxlatlon paxxed
Mr. Stern then xnld that at the
next ineellliKithe committee appoint
ed by the city council on tnii pinu
would be ready to report, ami ur.
Hops urged n meetlh'g onCe a Week
for a time. Hr. HniM nald tho time
had eome to break up any lUkewarm
nrx them mlht bo and oxprcwed
hlmelf very forcibly In regard to the.
lack of attendance at tne meeting.
Mr. Metcalf brought up thr xiib-
Jrct of n tuberculoxw bnnillnl to ue
built by tin Hpanlxh War VVternnm
and TuRgTOtOr thMNift .ffurt.-bo' rmnle
to xecurit It for til eliy. Jiie xiuri
tary wax Inxtruited to take up the
milter with thn rnnltarlum commit
tee of the ur!anlntloh,
Then Mr- Htroup Introduced the
rontl question, nxklng thnt tho cluh
lake Rome nctlnn to xecure tho spend
lug of thn roud funda now In the
ircixury on Hm roiida. preferably the
Xorth Fourth ulreet road After Mmo
dlxcuxxlon by MrwKlroup, Mr. Mflt
calf nnd othora." tho aecritory n
inxtructed to atato to the county
conimlxnionerii- thfMexlre of the club
for the Im'medlh'tit completion of tho
road mentioned.
Tho quet oT paving Wax takert
up, Mr. Hlerrl atntlnk the time condl
tlonx of tho pVesK'ht' contrac-t with the
city making tho paving piacllcally a
canh proportion. Ho thought that
some, tnraiw'iihmild bo arrived at
uhlch woirtJl allow a looker time,
threa or four yeara, for the laivlng
work to He paid for In. Mr. Htern
ven favored a tennr bond Irxuo
for pavlug purpose.
v.Mr. Metcnif thru said that he un
tertood tho llllullihlc company,
which ha the paving contract, would
wke eontrnctk with the property
rtwnera for thn payment of their pro
htta of Mto foul In longer time. Mr.
u.. trait Maid tlicru nan at nreaent no
way In which tho city could bond it-
xeK tor paviag, anil men siaien mm
he thnugnt tne power acconien ran-
l J nn I ornoratlon in tho statute
hoo!tk to be very narrow, much more
U thnn thore fclven private corpora
fl0ni- "A inuntHpai enarter snouui
bo t(t least ox bmsil ax u pflvat
hvr." he wild
F. ' v. Ijanhom ot tho nitumnio
company wa caiieit upon ana prom
tfrt that timo wouia no cxienacn ii
tho property owner who dvxlred It,
by meatia f private roiitraotn with
thn eomnany HO nio xpono ot
booklet which the Warren Brother
proptmed to Ixatie nbout Albuquerque,
adeertlxlmr thn city nnd II reitmirccsi.
After n further brief dlxcusxloit of
paving, thu meeting adjourrted.
200 pound of turkey nl Iho Fanhlon
Your drugglut will refund money If
t'AKO OIXTXKNT fallt to euro any
caxa of ItohlMg. Illlnd. nteedlng or
Protruding VM In t to It day BOe,
A nceini TliankxRlvlng mntlmo will
be given nl the Orphetim at S o'clock
tomorrow afternoon, when Hanta'a
'Divine !omedy," oho of the greatext
fenture picture ever made, will bit
prewnted. Thin picture 1 In two
re lo and ahowa tjtu wanderlngn of lot
oul through Purgatory nnd the In
ferno. It I a plpturo that ha created
more Intercxt throughout tile world
than any ever made. It ha run for
mrinth lit U!g hnute In the rait nnd
commanded n dollar udmlMien fee.
Don't ml c!ng it. In addition, a
line intixlenl trio and the orphoum
beauty ehdrtix will hrlp (i mako up a
program M-orth many time thn price
of ndmlxxlim. t'xunt ndmlxxlon, 10
Arciii Neil HotmeH In CHy Twlay Ar
ranging for PrmlHciloit of "irtHUfo
or .Mahowet."?. '
lxal audrMtce will Havo nn np
portunliy to ko Udico Van Hlitddl
ford, nifo of the foretHOtit HHgi'rs
upon the AmcrktiH tao ktrc nn lie
crtuber 7, a vwk from tomorrow. Tho
arrnncomenti tm- . ihn prmhtctienH
weto m.ulo to4y hy Sett HoImm,
fluent for tho ejMfm company whklt
bait Ml Van fftiMJIford dMer cm
tract and Mannii Vrsnk Klnrl nr
,tho KIKa' theater. Mr Holms MM
that ho had ciiwhhi the route wr
Albilqucrqtio rather thpn omi thrrvtkgh
Bait iJtho City bcauiio he InHtrted
ho would tako More money tram
hero In other worta that Alhuquwrenic
waa tho bout show town tlfMt now.
i no iaradiii or Mahomet.'' tno
opera In which tk4o noted star Is np
peanng, ik a uthumaua work of
ItoUert i'lnnquetto, author of tho
Chimes of Normandy." a well
known work. It wm discovered am;
m pnpero six year after his death
nnd a libretto wrb written by n
Frenchman to fit It. Two years ago
an American saw It In Paris, and
bought tho American rights for Mis
Van atttddlfofd. 'flio opera played
fur a .year In Mow York, and this rear
hM been on tho read with the orajt-
wai star, mostly in tho West. It haa
md n great hit .wherever produce!.
... i I I... i .
300 pound of turkey nl the Fashion
Irregular towe-1 movements lead te
chronic centtlpatUn and a otftvttlfMted
natut him tha aywwu with Impurities.
HKHHIXK Is a great bowel regulator.
it purilHM the pvstem, vltlheM the
lnd A"bJM tW aielve etfaa
tn ftne vMrarewa eeTTMtron. Trice tfa.
Mid by all drvnirHts,
SOo pounds of turkey at the Pnshlon
Cipd 1! Day Tomorrow !
TTlanksgiving Bay
Penalty of One Per Cent Goes
on After Beeember First,
and Larger One Is Added
Friday I the. last day upon which
to pay your tiizta. If ou wait until
after that date you will have to pay
an added ono pvr emit penalty, and
ir you wa4t- longr than January 1, an
additional four per cent will be added
Ho It will ittvu money to hand tad
toxea over new.
The taxes now due and 'payable ara
thoiie for thu ftrst half of tho year
1911. The ht half will not bo dui
until Jm 1.
It la eMhwttcn that over IS per
Cfnt of thlu half of Urn thxea have
now been nab), Treasurer Plnaey and
hi naxlHtanta are vary buxs theo rtayu
writing out thn tax receipt, hut not
o buy Sft'they rH I Frlrtas. when
the laat Itatth of the procrastinating
ones conieu In.
300 pound nf turkey at tho Fashion
I Fsrpn and Qpi:er
No nne dlHnutca thu fact thnt every
resident of thin city In thankful for
life, liberty ami nappine. THMs
understood, II ut Ilrynnt la thankftH
for something tle. Ho is thfen!
that he rounded nrynnt'a Quick Mr
eel Delivery nnd MenMnger Hfvtee,
and he I thankful for tho patron
that th peoplo of this city have tVfi
him. Rhop early, say IHryaRt, Wt
don t norry about thnt hnckago you
have Just nald for. Call Phone 6SI
nml to: ahd Drynut will iret tk-a
package home for you befofa fWt
know It. Ills specially I quirk work
Durinc thn holiday ruxh Hn-ant
added extnl tncsatiiKer" so that h
ran deliver your bundles Juat a
quicker than over before. If b
keep iip'ho will Vo neropta
year. Ilrynnt la ftiwaitt on in
$tu dayrin the year in'
o'clock at night. Hewew-ker tfce.kel
ephouea 5l nhd -603. "Hm-h forgot
your ironbles 'Saya Mrya-iM,
nvgulate tke iw4 nW-n they fall
to movo bronerty. ls1JIX h art
admlrahte hoWVH MWstssMi. H help
tha liver M aiiiiuss a4 ,rer5res
fine recline ef aeat'tHMyaiicy,
Price 80c. M'lr rmM.
SOO iioun4 rat
pi tho FnitHon
In daissW tMsjr' 'wW'hf r there ( at
Ka'n it hlivsiaiM for BAM..lif)'fl
UkNW TJMlBkMIl trtcausa many dco.
thi xrMr.sjr ewsKripiico its Brf St
MWrtpv imm ht rhcamatlo ncli-e
i, twefwro in nppiy n at t
Extraordinary Advance Inter
at in Yiitrola anA Intrit
Playtrs at LMrnaTflLin4e
Main's Qfm Xreninft,
That thn holiday buying sroDou has
opened up in earnest in apparent rrom
ihe nnnotmcement of tha .arnerd
l.lndentaiiti cetnpany that, In order to
accommodate patrons with Iho most
careful nnd jxilnetaklng service, their
store will be kept rtw-n evening un
ill January 1st.
Knriy holiday inquiries at tho
Lenrnnrd-Undomann store how con
cluxlvcly that tho most popular gills
In the musical linn this year Will bt
talking machine, particularly Vic
trolat, and (nterlorplaytng pianos, in
order to miet this itdvahca demandi
tho IvCarRard.Llndemnnn store yes
terday rocclvcd a shipment of twenty
victroins oi Ynrinus typrs, wnuo an
other big shipment Is expected In
tow days. Thrtn wonderful mnchliiM
make Irfeal Christmas presents, n3
they provldn entertainment for the
Whole family the year rouhd Thero
nre, too. models adapted to every tastn
and pocketbook, the prlcen ranging
from 1S to :00.
Thn lnierlorplayer pianos handled
by tho x.airnnrdundt'mann comany
haVrt beon declared by ogpeiU to ho
In ii class by themxMvea, being tm
mediately and artlxtleiilly rexfiinxivo
in the Interpretative Ideas of the. meat
exacting mtMlclan. A particularly at
tractlvn molol of the Milton Interior
Player In thn mission stylo and flntsh
Is being dtuhlayed In one of th Learn.
ard'!,lrtdemMit windows.
Ii. J. (Hfeeen, Mpormtendent of the
Albuquerque division of tho (tontu Fe,
1 1) in the city.
Asjlstnnt DUtrlct Mjf OIHoer J. O.
Beth leaves tonight for Arkansas, to
attend ta legal matters for the forest
The Imperial laundry has a new
electric sign, quite the most preten
tloiu thing of the kind In the city.
Colonel It. K. Twitched, counsel for
the Hnnta Fo I here today on a brief
business visit from his home In !na
Aft) poumSs of turkey nt the Fashion
taWo Totals Though Plenty or fSoott
Kent Jrtu
Tho seat cale for .tho Traveling
Salesman, a copiedy iiy James Forbes,
author of tho Chorus jUitly, which
made such a hit In fdrmfcr years, be
gan yesterday. A targe, number of Al
buquerque people will attend the pluy,
and they cared enftugn nbout It to get
out early In the cold and securo seats.
Xot alt tho good aeate are gone,
however, and there la rrflll opportun
ity for those v.tio want l tho f4ay
to secure them. The comedy hIIV be
presented here Saturday evening, and
Is expected to be one of the best com
edies that has been produced In Al
buquerque for a long time.
. hi in ii I i
. am iT-
I I..
"IZIjEyjlj" M'i ej ss
I gggV rgggH rjr-
I sgggRgl JLsVagH
I mi xm
i m. m
r i
L J i
1 i
ii m i mm
i am i mm
1 1 mrfmm
I aV
The Markets
I i 1 '
Wmt f
Th&nksgiviifijjf Day'
Froni Nskw lo 7:30 P. m. .
Henry GcMstz Cafe
ttrxtmini rrcono sr.
300 pound of turkey ni the Fashion
tB ' aM
Large Osjc Drcer with beveled Ftoricli
. 47.SO
plate m& 'for
Chiffonier "te Nateh for
Titty are mMy wrik several Wirs jnre Imt as
Unf as tMtt-tn tan nave tit at.vk rioM.
These are tV MiamnlM ef tke pmt vIMm we arc
offering in Wmm l OsHfftrs, Y am fte4
onr MtillwMek fvMtn Oak, BW'
Xye Mapilhaaiiian tiNliHit and Bwrly iMfliaii
patterns W )HmU
rtJIi FWf8. FUU.VM.UfS. .' 1
fane ? Stook .Xarkt Today
, Is Mwivy XxAKii.t far Brief
Spell Wken :lf f art Is Maie
I to Rally ?rio Aram.
(fir Uveal HeraM Ar t. l.tmtri Wlrs)
New Yerk, Nov IS. ttentinSed
ticflr sWIaMC aglv,apri;d, ttHttck.
iMrket temay. tho tono was nentf
Mttewfth. thrt moSg ecept m a
tm aeon after the, ernli. when the
Ut responded to tha bMdlngnp of
fw ot the issues In Which there was
i. vnlneruMn short laterest. Tho
movement was of brief duration nnd,
atftckW fell off eharply, IjschI trie
I Hon Issues Vutn SlfengtkeMd by tho
'(rcejManco nf the modhted reorganl
satla plan tr thn Metropolitan Street
KallWny cOksfssny Hear trader, marfe
Um t the dVhnce nf call monty to
Jpur per cent.
.AcKvlty lacrcnimt lsrily at the ex
rh'i-fcv of values In tfte attend hour
J:ht the market drojsekit t a way
whKh was discouraging to tho hull
lfciereM. Rumors that the terthcom
iisg Oetebcr earniHgsof the Harrtavati
Wsurs would make n poor showing In
ixiriisicd "the bear primntie agahMt
M general western ar-His, ho-hu nf
tho iHarkt't leaders gave way t Wiow
the tew figure r.vtHri yeasfrtay
Wore thn final vlgorou upturn In the
trfcW. New- VMk CntMl ,t over
t notnls and AwerkM Heet HMr
, In the wre aeiive trter lassss
erre sisstalnea nf 3 p4t In l,eiMn
Vally ami MesrrUng. lM m UMan rHtc
IMj ihm r t4nt m many ether stock.
MenA ween Irregular,
Hear eneraHH laereaaeit Miek arae
M're aastfHM th list -when 'Ut nwmey
iiWtea reee'to 3 per cent. Animamsg
(M c.ii'ft vxw34 w um te t
aalntii. The OrtoWr r'fSMsrtw ef tiHr
;Cm psjclne ahd thrn
i wuwiw comimmivni' pvtmii i
' iiYH tut ratdiniai, aittfeliftfe th aroka
'Hlturnr ffll off larsjeh-, rv as' a
t-Vek tn ihn seHIng ami Hie Us stiff
ed rUwhtly. iJirBe trrMMiera
iHirUs heavily K1ii and the Marktt
11 to a lower level than Wfr. Hci
sWrir. of a falllHg e in tm aVjsssnd
jfr ropier explain th fls4K
rsniing or tne nctit'o csissr nrnrrm.
.VsisalftitmAled coppor Mt'lNsVetl h lo f
S Si and Alnerlcin mHiit 3 sxstnf.
steading bore the Wuwt eg Hie pres
sro In the railroad g natter; sellla
art 140 11 as cpmHMre4 wHh li fn
m mwnlng. W. Fwsrt yleutd
wstnls and the nrsr4 western rtrewi
iaVe way eeeily. T'(i a e'clcK
tho market gathered renewed etrength
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Amalgamated, t 11.
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New York Central, tor, 1-t.
Northern Pac!c, M", 31.
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Houthern r'acWV, us l.s.
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ecuisd and deliver to ft" V.
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soivri of Meuntala. in tM
rA of trust Ii. f i-aeerd M MsmiX
of the records At mm
iunty. January Uvh, 1M4.
deed of trust M4 tWe1 nmm 'iim
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aald deed of tritat, wa. m4e
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