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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, November 29, 1911, Image 3

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MslafllJ H 6 W4 1 M C s4HajA4ft
The body tf MttMlMM1 TrrgH J'
Majomi wm tmlr-ped tM .uornog mi
Nh. lo ITliMtitOtt, ImJ., fewlly
homo, kN It wIM b burled. The
Keiftr MM Barl nh, member, of
the Cwvta totinn of the fkothorkood
uf Ijoevmetlve triremes and Hmtl
were, or whleh MmIoma wm a' me;n
bur. Maleew Uel (torn Murk' re
ceded Ih tm khtrfU; witr.k Ui weuk,
HwolntTw Mett In ThoairtnaK
The Chicago Hernia of May sth
eeld. U'i Mrnn the nlrldc bunlnci
men liAVe made In the. theatrical
IjirtHHn apnea the- bngon Inverting
In tho enter'prleca. Mo huff I It
longed upon a ft hamrttovHi game. A
'otirhv of itld buolweeK men of Chi
cago have erwa)d whit ii known
ou Hmj VnUrd Phy company nmt have
beetght the weetern, rtgiMvto num
ber, of ,lhn lendw. efrnnjaMc aucceeeea
M 'HI Pent the play In the
letttie; olte of the mkfctle went ami
roe!, mmie minor towne will be
Vlefd 16 nlrorieii the Jump.
siu Js4eift4(pj Ib i(isrt(in tl ChM
tu'tdbftiA'A flAHflli bbbbbbbbW aai tWa k tati t
wniwtw n ra iww i" ("v nwv
ttttac I Imiw sjf ffftl (WrfBt- ptAMdy tor
win Jlr. U 11. AriwW k Denver,
Cte. "We have t! U repeatedly !
It Ihm novtr fU4 Jo gtve relief."
J xW) by aU aWnaariaU.
w -nil
1 iiMuirnf
eeteerni lie
omkhMiVIi view voK-or.
Don MacMilltn
Dorothy Grey
veN Jrrp enaeR
1 yAVt 'A'laalaW IMaw
is 1-
MhW, IrMlirt
XtftkiUtift tiiirtc fit.
ltiT tiy tktftt?
TViy'rc Wttr Mm
oi aH ar jaJaM e&A J A as M Maasal
inewv iejn hmc Rinei
AMI eWft't OMt M JUMe
3Ge) tilt iUMUHel fot
ttU vry mmm wt'rt
aaSaVs tLam:aaaaaLaaAaaa1ltYeal
aeeTt WPeWreeJ Bin
fr Vail ail WMiift
' $Srie) ta eWW.
Wa'it ate. lUeta'ww
fr, wi at Wf pCta
fiei' ffff muHW jfanalWii
er lJeWW WpWwTPIIW eF (ff
e eeWv eWVffetW ereT eVfflT
Wr 0tCp Mttoi jfieHT efeWef feMNNM effCtf
eWeeKeP eWWC e ej
JePWey X$ti& eVfMMtf ejfcI efMefeVflej'
JWMeB 7 eW eeJWe VeWt eReVI W
CWJH e fikt 90901 ej 9001
IaubL Utf 'MMf fflftUJi
We'il vTP eW eeeV ke e) eWWWeWe
WW eVeRvb ers rnvTHtTel WC
ep elV eVwW feWeWp VHfK ?
efce? ff(eCffHMIMe9efAf JJefceeM1 4 eftl
eW effkWy eVleK IT'wWWWW dRer
PWWIT ftWV ike VVflffVrffn Tve
o. d. cr
aAy LLJ frrrLeW
HW , eTm eVI lerv WWWeTe)e SeWWI I He
ey fftf $4MQ$4 4efijee?4 1994
Se iS jS AweV jMHirf ffcC hWWlip nW
fceV eTWTVeV eWV eW ffVffveni
eJJe MeVeC jfctftHteTjf e) jOfcMNP
eWeWtWeNe eW WV t'eWeTfleVejB
IhJg Lyuu Je JeMflUf ekMMA 'uJ
every tiMhereeeiVen onrihmt M
Mend of frriUt!H kwMer. Ottr'btMMc
on CxWrii dtl jftv proper adriee as
to wnt ! beat to tHHt W A 16cl M
wkit8.S.S. ! purifying the Mood.
Thto book is free, attto any tfeefal
advice you may feel yott need.
8. S. 8. In sold at drug atorea.
JflK CO., 'j
Sertfc FA' le)wiir Men Change
Wltttk TJHekr JKotptr i
Imc Tkam 1ft Time, and
Then Some.
In tlmrit yft,
huvn don VenW )
ImmI rpbulr creua
)ihftty vrk In clmnx-
in whrrin and meMnv repalra (
rnr which were b4(y nerj to go
(Hit en trnlm. but nil arcvlnut reeerde
wwe, eaMehed Mi mnU ither
eiw Saturday nn, when Car In
tt(r Hull celPbrHtea hk( rn
tln frtun (ho car1 VeVvlev of tho 8a Ma
K ly chanaiiw 11 tk wlirrfa under
iho cempaitmrnt (r chlvetn In two
hours nnd four mlnutK. In addition,
Uhi axle p-ally nhith W an fMwntlal
urt 8f thn d.vMmo HahtlMr wtm
and the trlpbt valve vrere chs4.
The ear came In on the Callfernle.
Hmltfrf, and a the limited muwt car
ry a comMrtment car, the flat whrcla
cauwJ by a defective trlplo Talvi
m ue ennntea Merc. Tae car vm;
cMt et m run ox or to! Hwi wheel iH
ih the rjwlr track, and had hnrdlj
'upotted' nefere a rnx at mm
were at work tuktruc the bottom etrlfMi
off thn triicka. With a man and a
wieaeh to each nut. this wan aeon
dene, then (he car w4 Jacked
nnouh to tuko the lod off oni pair
of wheels, and that pair towered lata
thn Pit with the air crane, thn boxse
and brawe chanced, and the new
wheel not In, The Rm pair were
chaned In 13 minute. Theee were
Mte eadeat, ror they were the end
: A I ww lilc of SMtea, W omM
etood by and watehed the werk, earn
mentlnr from time ta time On the
aed, u the limited wac wattlnr for
inn car. rne tram wa delayed about
two hour) l Ita departure. Inepcetor
Hall went with It ae far aa Nluewater
to wo that the new Joaemrt tan oout.
The ft la Io)eed vm wKh mh
admfratlon by ieotHx. Ve men. .Ttwr
kS a previous reeord of onnyr nine
Wife or wheeta NnHer alteytm In te
wmutcf. but thW wae aene la Hid
eiteim an.l net la a reyek- yarJ.
wrrx OFFliiM of law
; Wanhlniloh, lnie,.Vi Xov. :. Th4
!Ker, Klnrr K, lnvhW, rermeriy
aietwr of the Uhrieefi chHrch in thU
,ejty, who Irnn B4en fawMive two
yearn becautfA of Mh. Me Meerihfie lo
iJiura. thn crltMed and eMty ttattaei
er of ex.Mayor Mate CkMlc pf thle
cHy, had port wleh the oflpo-lata here
yrWrnlay He retHraed ltetedly
iirut pin () tho role of auet of heaor
ai an Informal reeeHlen tenderer f
Umv home of Ja-mee WI)oit by mvm
Iwt of hit former flock, amt then
diappeared Juit aa ahcrW Colrt
and his ilrlmtleo arrhrd at thn Wit
on homn with a bench warrant
cheraHtc him wHh wlifai deairtlew,
the luntidiment for whteh. In laWHaMi
U a term In atate'a jwWen.
The hundcomo you- ml'nUter m
formed hU friend here that V fcd
he vWtlnx hie awenea In Mleeamrt,
and waa rcturnlnr to Catifida, where
h W aaator of a ceueeh.
. While here two yeara aao avideon
k alkajed to have fnm44 Jdlee
Laura Clark to aceomne)y htm lo ttt.
where they would be married,
kept the affair eecret. No 1m al
Ueaawd to have emwed a mix met
inmwi wcenee, a t wav imrr
tmm4 the ceremony Mmeett Ut the
JMrepMHow how. wWe led the
flRHi fcil aWVi WWW tlWtlt
MMret kooaiM moowh. Dtrnat
Ml WaeMaweoN at niM rn the mWei
of mob talk.
,Tne poarM iarr, (ojaeisevn ,um
!danaf?lapk ' uaarrhiae. The . Bm-.
iMtvldwH eeoaaod . Me ehaf k
yonoa jn rw, 'tmm. year'
throuah the Meeaaeat of a ehore
where: he wa iNfeoMf
lit f;r25l
One er tiro aft
if iftiY
Wa FtNHMUy AlMAiHtf4
Wiik lUty aa Btllms ih
he Iamb.
Mary (lid luvn n little lamb, tie
tli'ocrt waa it while aa hi aw and It
really did follow Mary to acMont one
day and ft nil the uIU 2atthln.
All thoo facta are vouched for by n
M''thotHt bMion, tmft ihm KeneaK CHy
Ktnr K didn't ee tho Umli, but ho
knew Mary very nell nnd lie ha a
hit Of the Wool off her lamb to novo
it by. The WeKoe U IK John W.
Hamilton of Moeten and here' the
atory. aa the blewop told It tu a re
porter the ithrr mernln!
"irt my oonrviiMtln In utnn back
In the; 'lee wit Xm. L'oiumbu Tj'ltr,
whoite mafden name wan Mary H.-ivaae,
nnd ahe waa tho Xftry thft limb fol-
,loK?d. Hhe toM roe about It. BacK
about tile time. Amrretr, Jaciwon drove
rackenham from New Orhmnif In, the"
let war with, Wmland, Mry w a
Mttin elrl living ; MMrHnff', Xom,
Wio lved on a farm uoh which Hben
wrri woivii, Owe cotd mornlof rtve
found In the ehVee on a new bona
lamb that hed betn deserted by 11
mother. Miry M'rttLd tho lamb In
her ehawl and took l( Into the heuee
wharc ehn nufeeit It and cared for It
very day. It "grew Into n frlaky llttlu
"One Uuy Mary'n brother, Nntc, and
ulio tolway aUNpected that mifchlaf
waM hh itiutlve, told her nhe'd better
tak the lamb to aeheol with tier ovtr
at the little red aohoethoaee on the
hill. Hhe old'. When aha got to the
(ichoolhouan the teacher had not yet
arrived. Mary Wrapped the lamb m
Iht aliawl and put It In her Uek. And
no one except Iho MeWyer chlktrta
knew tho pet wna there until Mary
waa rnlled on to go to the board to
do n Um.
"Then there was a great elatterln
mi the rnuah floor ae the lamb Jumf
td from the hat and ran to Join
Ita mlMrcss. The ether puplla laughW
nnd Mary btuirhed. Jwet aa the poem
tvxyn (hey did, ami the teacher ahnt
the lamb up fa hn woodehed until
echool wan dlemlef( for the nfter
noon, "All the heya and ntU) of ceuree,
talked ahoUt tht'lomh and (He etn'ty
risiehnt John ttouletoiie; . yeun the.
oleirv etodent who. wee-etudilmr near
there. He wrote ' three vereeV ot
poetry about It the Brt of the hi
tlMl now ere In the eom and took
them to the. Ilttte m over' at the
eeheotheioe. The mory apreed and
the poem waa puMtahed. Tnen In
1HJ9, Mr. Sarah Joeeph write thn
IahI three vere; added them, to Mr.
Itoutetone'a three and pubHetied the
"One Thsrtiynr day? Mary'a
lamb, whlen by tht time had .becema
a grownup ohttep, sot too near tne
heme of a row that wan eating hay.
Tho cow toaeed her head and one of
her horn tore open the elde of tho
eheep. The wounded animal ran
bWtlng to. Mary, put Ite head into tne
rktv tap and there died,"
But whero dciea. the wool already
menMemed. Inr Let the blehop.
Ml you that, toe.
"Meiry'a mother eon the fleece of
the kemb MHf Md from It two palm
of Mo?aM for the Mttte sirl. Ttuvie
Mcklas Ma'fj' keot even after ehe
waa grown up. ifhe aaved thnm to n
member her lamb by. They wete
white, juftt mom of thn etocklngo
Ida thoei doyd were. Yeara ago when
thn oongreaatHm of tne miotic urn
rloMth church m Meeton waa trying te
Ket money for a hulldlng ahe waa
torsuade to aire one pair o; inn
ateoklnee to tho ehterefe to be aotd aai
eouvenlw. These nete' unraveled and
bits of yam an Itteh or two long word
paeted en nn autograph ctv una
Md, Thn Aral. Wteh wbnt so well
that the' eeeond pair alee, waa uaed
.hot way and the two paita brovKht
h total of leO for tV eornfregdllon.
Iter le otut of Me aeuVenlfx.1'
Ad Bhdtoo HamHton too wed a I ti
tie pe of yiirm attaohod to a card
boarlWftVMr. Tyler's Mgafture.
"Mr.VTyJr died In tiff. During
my erta ta Veen T Wje known
mamy" aoJJidHe eraena In Beaton ond
f tll aA xWawI tluim. kit I Kavn to
Jhrtl the etoty of Mary and her famh
mora WMjoentiy tnn " "m h m
talk feboitt Kmmon op any one ot
rnH 9mr great men ef our nation
whom; I, mow there."
JrktftOot Hamilton I in Kanaae city
on h teeearo tour.
jure M the porm in fuut
Mary had a little lamb,
ltd fleece wu trhtte m -mmw,
And everywhere that 3ry went
The lamb waa" sure to go.
It, followed her to achocl one, day
That wh aejahiet' tne ruM.
II made the cMMren kttegn and day,
To ee a lamb at cnol,
And o tho laocher tueneo U out
tBut ettll k HMoeen near,
And waeVMt pailenily atHHit
Tilt Mary did appear.
And then It mm to her and laid
A If It eM) "I'm net'tlNM-
You'ii keep me from all harm."
"Want ate,lei'l4a-j8v Mary e Z"
yeu know,"
TH teaehay. dkt reed;)
"And yo ee.MMtki anhnal
And aMa) Meeai to!, you nt will,
it you.wn
Mum wlft prftk
fltopnw weeaan
MM. Tne o
Mad." .
MM MMt it x
You furnish the conversation
well ck the rest
AU the territory of the Rocky
Mountain region is no farther
from you than your telephone
The MoMfiin
Gray Haired Sr. Jomm Mast
Remain in San Quentin far
Kext Yar Respite Appeal
ef His Attaracy.
to Angctrs, Cal Nv. S lie-
faro an audience In which there wn
not a dry eye, one of the moet ilrn
mallu eceiirM ever "WltnrKsecd In h I.oh
Angetc coHrt room woe eitaeted
terdy berure Judge McCormlck.
It wne thn aenionclng of Dr. J. W
Jouci". onc-Ilme eeWnIldale for mayor
of IO Angelee. t,.cne ono year In
Sari Quentln prleen. In an argument
which moved the Jddce nnd all prea
nnt to tear. Attorney FranK Domln
gum palmed u reHftstle picture ot the
pathoa and hudn In the life uf
the gntyhalrrtd dfenMht.
Prominent niea'.Vlio hail .tentUled
an te tho honeetr, and InlcnrMV of
tlm defendant wept oprnly, ami teara
aiiHi gllalened In tho eyes of the
, Ida face aotten gray, trembling In
every limb, r. Jonea IMened to the
word of hm attorney and "wept.
When Uomtngoes had flnlithed he won
forced to aMet tne defendant to hi
feet. Jonea eetertTMahml tlm ftf!e
Of the Judge a If .endeavoring to
find a trace of hope for lila liberty
Ho evidently realised that thn plea
of hin attorney and the evldencn nubn
mltted on hie behalf warn winlee. He
tottered, then fell forward on tho
table bealde ii!m lawyer, , crying like
child. In thin itx4ttM hn heard
the wiirde which condemned him to
ftend the next yetfr ofi'hia tifn be
hind prMoh barn,
with tear In hla M'ea and In A
vmlce trembling with etnotlon. Judge
MeCormtek. exproMod. hie nwrow, but
declared thet he miHrtjdo nt duty aa
hn iww It, "Aa ho watefced the nfcrlnk
mg flgdre en the iafln 'he aatd that
Who had beens. hie lifelong
frlende. had teetlflnd m behalf ot lr.
Jone, bof e felt thM he would be
rahie tu ht oath if iwidld eherwlee
then tattrnen the Uefewdnnt to prln
on. He then pwnuunjaid nentence of
onn year In San QuJhein,
itaraiv auie to witnv vr. jmm waa
aaelated to hki feet and" half csrrlfiJ
from thn court room, The men
nheea hand cloned the doer of the
county Jail behind the w-VwHcr wvro
abio tnovld to trnra and as. the laet
doer clanged behind htm Jonea ugaln
broke dawn lilid wept.
Ir Jmte pirutled ,'xuiuy, to n
chdrge of bribing fnwtr PoHcemun
Elks' Thiter ,'jThursday, Dec. 7
IsWiY" iJM mi mh -s'SB,r- liif
CVjLjmVA aAJBAlMBjj J WanVanll lBBlaiSjP YIbBiBbI A ffBddaJ Bnt ,La ftdR
I VfC 3 iVlNHip rtrHR I Mi raPM I MR AfvVlv fm
' 'fikM SMUkidn Hit tm VlJAM
kr, 9 WWW avaasel eJPVlV W9 999 w WBWw
fcrWiBl V AUTHOR Pii-jh
if t
wi IbW' UmiaMilm lAMAMLt
fMWaa'aBttnt ftatri
9 feipnaieeg aapaama w i ail v
Bnrli iH"JPWTb wrt aananrwrW I
Wtwtd WoMfi4(JljajJ taMIt
rtotfnanks faBBejNr wb
States Tel, and Tel. Co.
Karl IlimHe with tISO tu protect a
dieorderly houxe on North Ccntrdl
avenue. Hn made application for
probation. Up to it few minute be
fore xentencn wa pronounced Jonea
nnd his friend were convinced thjU
the court would grant probation,
liutfie, n nollca officer, pleaded guiHy
to accepting bribe and waa granted
probation by llu Mmft Judce. As
Jones had aided the tlUtrlct attor
ney n ulfieo In the Invcatlgntton a
hnd prrvloutly borne it good reputa
tion hi frlunda believed that proba
tlon wiu certain. The cowt' deel
elori came a n dtetlnct kurprlen.
Judge McCormlck granted a ten
diive' tny uf execution' uf the en
I'iioIhuiMit, AltoriU')-, (HI InentectMr
nmi utWT JHn of Promtnemv w
Mrxk-an MIiiIiik Ttnm In Ctodotff,
ruuatiea, Mexico. Xov. 2.- That a
conspiracy exlnte In Mexico by ad
herrnta of (leneral llernardo Keyee
to foment un uprivliig against tho
government under President Madero
waa announcod here toilay by Mex
ican official, who canned thn a r rent
of mora than twenty men charged
with being inembcra of u Heylntn
tiami, Muny of Ihoee under arrcot
aro prominent and were attuned with
Madero In hU atrugglo aaalnet I'reel
dont Viax.
The prleonern Include rnntmaatrr
l'ailllle, Oil Inetectur I, Homero. At
torney T. I., Llnarec, fir. I). J. Mar
tinea end Dr. Duenroeo. Uratdee
theee there are now under nrreat
eight men from Naco, four mounted
policemen und three Holdiera of Can
unea, wlio nro nil prleoncra at the
"Thetmaeler "flrrtwae uSfewif 4tl
cuntlnuq hte dullea, but h under con
ntant eurvclllenco by un armed guard
The official hero claim tu have di
rect evidence agalnet thn prleoncnt
and irtatc that on no me of them val
uable Incriminating evidence waa
Komero, It wax ekitmed, had an
appointment from General Keren on
governor of Konoru. Thn official uto
claim they have pooltlvo Information
that the prlenncrH havn exchanged
letter with Oencral Meye at Han
Antonio, uelng thu expren company
a a means of pending them.
Report were received, hern today
of the arrent at Hermeotllo of Lieu-tenant-Colenet
Rafael ltomrro, who
recently renlgned thn post of prefect
C tho HcrmonUto dhitrlct. He wan In
Madero' army and held hi position
through Madero' Influence. Ho IB
charged with being Billed with the
Reyiataa. Ho I a borther of I, Ko
mero, urrevtnd here today.
, A tight feeling In the ohMt accom
panled by o ehlrt, dry cough, tndleatM
an Inflamed condition of the lua'.
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Yav t Urnak mAJlm laMtuu In
us .Ncrih mm& trw.
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dogLaihA -- - JLlAa Ajui a ....
WWIWMI nJlAHKmimw m WVWWWW aTwV V1V iaylMa9aaal Vi
ity scavenger Lomptny
ClnMM Voek- Vntek md Cm PoI. HmJ Yef Tti.
140 OALI: PX0R1S ill.
FlrMt Nmt On I Bmnk
Albuwrw, AT. M.
Now on Dispky
."Ik- ' - . ... . ji
VlmAtix,., CsxprnU arid Storm
SSeetie Wt Giiravl
e4 - - e444
Bulldlnff Paper, MettseMI f
4M SOUTH mif
t i . 1 i 1 l'A AAa.AAAAA.'A.AJB. I'A llil
www J VTlf TTTTTff W w T V VtI,
ncti. m&Q( aim, s2.oo i
lima will
it MfgfW

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