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gBM, VTO.V. . ...,,. 1 1 i iim.in-irr asssaaassar. , i m lii .u m- n i
(Successor to Tribune Cltlian.)
FafeHehcd rtery after mwm
BHdr at 1M-13I North
street, Albuenersa, X. M.
Xntered m ewiwfl-claas MHw
March 7, 1911, at the poetnUh-w nt
Albuquerque, N. M., writer tha Act of
March S, lT.
Oho month lijr mall. . . .x, , , ,!Va tents
Oho month by carrier M rent
On- year hy mall t..-3.on
Oihj jcar by istrrlt. ......... .M.80
Telephone 7.
Long before Iho Pilgrim fathers
knelt upon a rock-bound eastern
shore to return thanks for deliver
ance from the storm of the ocenn
nnil tho persecutions of thn old world,
thn conqulstadore of Hpnln had
intabllshed permanent settlements In
what la now New Mwclco, nnd already
hnd fanned tho spark of civilisation
rind Christianity Into fin men among
the wild tilbci of tho ureal south
went. Ho on tomorrow, when the great
nation of Nuw Mexico la Just
now becoming n part) us u sovereign
alitle, celebrate Thanksgiving tiny,
Iho fiesta should ho ono of double
significance for ui.
Hy the strange caprlco of falo or
hy Iho Intervention of n dlvlno prov
idence, however you may wish to look"
nt It, New Mexico, tho oldest civilised
portion of tho United Mates, la tho
last of nil the North American con
tinent over which this government
line Authority to be given equal rights
underbills flag It ho helped to do
fend Ik three wars.
The'jieople of New Mexico wh,o
hnvo lived hero long enough tu love
thn sunshine, thn mountains, tho
plain, the mesas and the vallcya,
know our Vilstory.
To repeat even n portion of It hero
would hv nn III lu waste nf words,
since N-w Meb-o I the rluhost or all
the atatr In history, deed and ilar
Ins. nnd no few, hastily penned line
could Rive It Jiiiitleo.
Hut If ever there was n real causo
for Thanksgiving nnd Ji real .cntl
tnrnt of appreciation for divine aid,
New Mexico tdtould on tomorrow lift
up heart and soul for tho Ion dc
layed blessing that at (ant hat come
to her.
Thanksgiving day mean more than
words tu New Mexico or at leant It
The municipality of Kansas City
hat Junt Issued n reinarkablo llttla
book, It Is a treatlfe In sociology
disguised under tho title, of "Hecond
Annual Iteport of tho Hoard of Pub
lic Welfare." If It were put nut by
ono of tho great national publishing
houses It would attract attention
throughout the country. It Is no
1cm fmportunt because It Is In a man
ner merely a product of n small west
ern city.
The faet that there Is a lot ot des
titution and misery lu Kansas City,
ns well us In every tunn of any slxe.
constantly forces Itself on public at
tention. Whut nra we going to 0')
about it Is the question that promts
mi normally situated men and wo
men, Aro wo to feed tramps nt the back
doorT '.Are wo to, give the street
beggar nttfninT Aro no to help out
destitute families? Or Is it powihlo
In sonic way to gut at tho causes of
These and tdmllar iiuestlnas tire tits
vusxrd In the most practical sort ot
wuy In tho report of the welfare.
board. Among the principles It lay
down lire thesq;
1. Tho board lays emphasis on
JUBtko betoro charity and on proven
Hon rulhtr thun euro.
S It agrees thai tho burden $J
citrine for thn noor should be laid
upjn tho rritlro community through
taxation rather than bo provided for
by the voluntary gifts of tho generous
3 It believes that social astlof
should be based on aeeuntte know)
edge and Inwullgalkin should both
p recede and itnoumpitoy all efforts to
Improve social conditions,
4. It strives for harmonious co
operation with nil existing ngenults.
both public and private, nnd does
not duplicate the wurk ot any.
0. Tho hoard gives no public out
door rulief inept in eoss where the
hroAd winner of thu family is u city
prisoner, and then only on the basis
of actuul destitution, and upon the
recommendation of tho superintend
ent of the rrovldieut ataoeiution.
That is, this hotird recognises that
i'ae mt destitution must receive ro
ller, shm! H Ileitis private charitable
IrwtltfetliMM Im many ways to give
this reHrr m effectively ns ilhln.
ut ftkrltoiH believes lu attacking
tho 'Jca -wverty by doing what
It tan to lHrJutco und to make
Veoplo elf-iiMiissilng,
For. HisHsssu.tiiiromh Its Invest)
jut tors it liys Jaki't certain houses
HTt i h4 Oummnn so that tho
Iwattk U tiki )sjsjSsiHts Is onilner
. A. MtehUM 11 ssssstt' WHtlllC means
iltBtlittttoH. I la boars! seeiijhy eiiMrllht'hV,r eastern
,l,nt h" '""H"7 munition nro
A iomlly In temporary need of
fundii might borrow from rt loan
ehnrk nt 10 per cent a month, nnil,
might he kept In distress for year
trying to meet the payment. The
welfare loan agency contribute to
wn rU preventing thin nort of misery.
The legal nld bureau colleela thuu
catidi of diillars ;iiyli year for oor
lltlgHnla wlio otlirrivlKP would lone
the miiney. Through the operation
of r"le toiteii' the lioord el-
leetR inonny from Ihu dellnitiuut
hcada of familial li.WHiit thn (lipport
(if ulv rind children who nlhorwlKo
Would bit dentltule. The municipal
rock quarry help hundn-dH of men
to tide over period 'of unemployment
without falling back on rhnrlty.
Bo In manifold wuya tho board U
exemplifying ll Jdenlx of nodal Jus
tice. And It present In lla report an
even broader program than It la able
to undertake In It own restricted
field. Thla program, under the heed
ing, "Preventing Deatltutlon," la
wtirth nttontlon. Thn report aaya:
"If you cotmlder tho main cauric
of deitllutlon It can bo Known how
they ran all he forentalled If proper
plana are act nn foot. Antonx tho
leading catiica may be mentioned un
employment, widowhood and deaor
tlon, alckneaa und nccldont, old ago.
"Unemployment can bo met by em
ployment bureniia, the establishment
of public works where nccciaary and
hy unemployment Inaurance.
"Widowhood can bo met by life In-
Durance, widow peuatons nnd thn rmtr
guarding of living huabnndi.
"Ueaertlon can bo practically
Hopped If roclety will pay for relent
I cm proaccutlon.
"The alckneaa of today In much of
It preventable. Hick benefits ahould
bo provided fur along with other dally
nereaaltlea by membership In benefit
Wceldenla ahnuld be largely cover
ed hy working inen'a oompenaatlon
law and impulMr Inxutwnar.
''ti ik i" iiliik liiiiW b ar
ranged by law, probably on u baals
whero tho people would provide for
them by contribution during their
working years,
"Hy laying cmphaitla on thcao
things outdoor relief con ho reduced
to a very low stage."
To some extent each of these meth
ods Is bring tried In this country or
In Kurope. None of them Is merely
Mil, m-'itos i.Ti:itvii:v.
Itcprerentntlvc-olcct John Huron
Hurg, who Is nt present on n trip to
tho 'east,- huBlVeli a 4lervlcwi.t'
tho Washington Times which h any
thing but felicitous.
There can of. course be no obje--
tlon to Mr. Hurg expressing tho opin
ion that the body or which ho !ma
been elected it member will turn i
political fllp-flon and send to Un
united States scnuto twn mn chosen
by a minority of Its member, of
whom Mr. Hurg Is U shining example
Thut is "JJ-tpiy,,, inuiier f opin
ion, to bo given the crdl. which is
usually accorded In the opinions of
John Huron Hurg.
Hut when John Daron Hurg as u
Now Mexican tMHl 1 a.i n duly elected
member oftftho Jieglalaturp or the
new BIlllC. llllHOUTtera to mo eunie.n
people thf4uh' a" metropolitan east
ern Hswsapcr that' the recent elec
tion Was characterised by whotcsnto
fraud of-wh!ehhu and hi political
associate were the Intended victims:
thiil tho returns were held bock nnd
"doctored," nnd that tho apparent
victory of tho Democratic ticket wok,
obtujned In spite of it widespread
fraudulent plot on thu part of the
men now In office In New Mexico:
ho brings n sweeping Indictment
against tho people of the whole state
in support if which ho has not ad
duced a single purtlclo of evidence.
New Mexico has already suffered
much from slanders such us this cir
culated In eastern newspapers und
spoken In tho hulls of congress by
eastern politician who hoped to keep
her out of tho Union, l'or the most
part these slanders have come from
wholly Irresponsible sources nnd
could bo Ignored on the ground that
lliosa giving them currency "er
wholly Ignorant ot tho trua situa
tion or ulso were uctuatul by utter
lur motives. It was not to bo ex
Iieetwt, however, that u titan who
know tim truth should deliberately
pervert it for tho sako ot noturlety
for ntmsetf that H man who has
IIvkI in Sf Mexico and ! in.
bMll honored by Itiir people houl
seek out an opportunity to slander
her fair name.
To date tho only authentic Instance
nt fraud in the recent election which
has conio to light was the on In Hor
uailllo count)' of which Mr. Hurg wua
one of tho direct beneficiaries, amX
without the perpetration of which It
I extremely doubtful if ho would
Imvo been elected. If Mr. Hurg
knows of nny other instancea It Is Ills
duty in mak thM public in order
that they may he punished nnd New
Mexico Nkif'Bd'iHit right before th
country. If lie ha any sense of pa
triotism ho should luilp his lo by
ctcvor)mr lo correct what evlkt Mi
way know to exist, ad not hurt Kr
rumors of ovlls which ha has ovcry
renmn to Vnoiv do not cxift
It Is hardly necessary to add that
this much specs; would not be devoted
to Mr. ) I urs; hy tho Herald were It
not for the fortuitous cln utimtsnco
that In his capacity of a reprrsenta
tlve-etcet In thu legislature ho enjoys
a position of responsibility which oth
erwise would not bo his. If Mr Hurg
were as well known In thu east ns ho
Is at linmo, tho Incident could well
lw iasri over with Iho nssuraner
that nobody would pny nuy nllentlmi
to lr InUrvit. Hut even Mr, Hurg
has Infinite en purity to harm the
state when he gets n way front homo
nnil ludulgea In this sort of talk, for
It Ik only natural that easterners
should assume that In view of his
election to office ha Is representative
of his people.
"Inlorvlows" llko this do Now
Mexico Incalculable harm by creating
a false Impression In tho minds of
the people whoso good will we are
endeavorlriK to cultivate. Is thla an
earnest of what we may expect from
the highly "progressive" administra
tion that we huvo placed In offlco?
WHY not? i
A Kansas collrgo professor rises
to suggest that Iho campaign ex
penses of candidate for offlco, both
lit primaries and In general elections,
be paid out of tho public treasury.
Novel? Yes. Hut why notT
Many novel Ideas have boon found
to bo good ones after they ceased to
bo novel. This ono hna much to
commend It. In tho first place, It
would result In n definite determina
tion of is bat nro "legitimate" cam
paign expenses, At present that Is a
question which tho wisest savant
would hesitate to nniwer. 'What
could be simpler than to have tho
legislature set out In black nnd white
what campaign expenses nro "legiti
mate," pay them out ot the public
treasury, nnd forbid hny other ex
p. n.iii ir- on th. pari ( i nmilihitrs
i ,i ..in
Again, as tho professor sets out,
there aro many worthy men whoso
sen'ers would be ot Inestimable
vn I u i) to tho commonwealth, who are
deterred from entering political llfo
on account of the expense that Is en
tailed. Less wnrUty men nro elected
to offlco for the simple reason that
they have the money to put up, or
others have It to put up for them,
to pay Ihu expenses of their cam
paign. The imorcst man in tho coun
try Is permitted to vote why should
his poverty bo tho solo bar to his
ability to hold office? It tho pro
fessor's scheme should pruvu to be
fusible: "jililtlcir"gchi Weed Ud
burled In the dark, unfathomed caves
of ocean no flower ot statesmanship
need waste It sweetness on tho des
ert air.
And, when nil is said and done, the
expense to tho stato, If thu plan
should work out, would not bo half
muoa ns that which Is now Indi
rectly bomu by reason of tho elec
tion of Incompetent and dishonest
If tho prosecuting attorney in the
Patterson enso just hud to get soma
Kipling out of Ills system wo may at
least bo thankful thut ho didn't
spring tho ono about the tomato of
tho species being more deadly than
tho mate.
There Is a haunting suspicion that
tho press agent was not entirely free
from complicity In thut rough-nous-
Ing of the tiahy dca Lis show by Yulo
Tbnt Philadelphia banker who no
cused the contributing editor of iiiuk
Ing u burgnln with tho financial lu
terests Is dimply ahrlcklng for nd
mission to the Ananias ctub,
President Tuft's Thanksgiving tur
key would doubtless taste a saod
deal better to him If It Worn not fur
thinking about the opening ct con
gre?s next Monday.
Luws ror tho protection of gamu
aro nil very welt, hut wouldn't it bo
n tfnod Idea to enact soma taws for
tho protection ot the hunters?
We trust that tho xrro weather nt
Hantu Vo didn't frostblto tho hopes
or uny of the candidates gathered tu
witness tho official count.
"Tie WU Iocldes" Is tho name ot
n now play, Has anybody over hern
i-huinp opnush tu dispute so obvious
A bnby-ahow by the Ohlcaso But
fragcttes to demrmatrate-'their su
perior domesticity is the 'latest; Lot
us hope lltere will btj wStSfam en.
ttred In the show, 1
1 . ". . , . .
A suggestion to Jahw IWvpn Hurg;
iiereaiter let ne cwa your ii
Ing for you.
There are s
utlmr eltor wHI mon bo In a alato
of erwntte
iiliilinaynga' China is likely to
taiti-'a J!' M'tfce class of danger
dm 'as'wti, v
MaM.lsj hoficd that the McNa-
wHI not dcvrloo into an
rfialn of sensational trials.
nm iiiiuiw
k. '
i, i ren When They Wart Mown I Vow
(Morton I'ot ) KcMkM.
Nearly complied or. tongwood nv-
entie Is IhrtiM'wjHat. hoM'ltal for thu ItlaWAtha, Kan., Nov. Jl.The far-trenlmontJetnM-vout
diseases which :nor of Wolf Crook valley, In llrown
might oventWaMy" lend to tho affllu- ccmnty, will Have a big ThHkslvlRg
tlon of Infinity If it. t Checked lit iJav wolf .irlvn. All nummer tko
The new I'syuiiopttihi hospltul Is
the first of Its km. i hi iho world.
no u is expeeiririiti rn ror nseir msny.rying on minus as com weninor ap
times Mr in the m k f mind.
Within n gjhrNls "i "no another
stand tho several Miners of that
notrthlo Hnston group of buildings
known as "thoJJIty of Healing," und
Hieluillng ten 'important Institutions
of medlciil Hclcnco the Harvard Dan
tat school, tho Harvard Medical
school, tho Peter Hint Hrlgham hos
pital, the Carnegie. Nutrition labora
tory, the Cancer hospital, tho Dcac
onrasea' hospital, the Infanta' hospi
tal, the (lood (Himaritan hospital and
the Psychopathic hospital, which will
soon he completed as tho latest ad
dition to the group.
The Psychopathic hospital was au
thorised by the legislature in ac
cordance with, tho recommendations
of the slate board of Insanity, May 1,
108. Facing on Kenwood road, It
occupies about 80,000 square foot ot
FVur I'orles In height, the build
ing Itself Is K-shtiped, with the cen
tral projecting pavilion somowhat
larger than thu other two.
There nro three dist)nct depart
ments provided for Heeeptlon ward
for taking and classifying pcrtons
committed for Insanity; observation
or hospital wards for npeclal treat
ment of thoso who, after quick dlag
r.oxj.i, ire not nsatgnrd to any ot tha
varluus Ina'.ltutlons and colonies out
sldo ot Huston; nn out-patient de
partment to which, without stigma
or unpkasant publicity, persona suf
fering, or btlloved to be suffering,
from menial troubles may come for
treatment or ndvlce. and from which
n broad schema of popular education
and preventive measures may be pro
jected u (ion tho community.
A CluiHe for Study.
It Is also believed thnl tho young
physician nt tho Psvehopathle hnspi-
IIU will linvc nn unparalleled op
portunity to become acquainted with
lh. ' i - Tt-sent dN T'lutb-Mi ..f a
hniM. h i ledteine n sji-iMon, u
wevms tlai'ie to vrtiw rather than to
decrease, and this opportunity will In
no wlso depend upon whether or not
he wishes to become a spcclnllct In
Invaluable practice In making
quick diagnosis .will be hU as cases
of the Inwino are received for quick
classification. It 1 predicted that he
wilt learn to diaMngubih, with very
considerable correctness, wnlch Indi
viduals have dlsesas belonging to
the orwclc group, and which owo
their troubles to extensive lesions of
tho substance of (he brain or the
nervous system.
Ho wlll.p, upon tho cases of the
group who aro rtinctlonnlly ratner
than structurally dknuscd, whoso ab
errations or conduct result tront tin
orHcsji .t( ru'rttM.tloti nnd control
rather than frarri arty condition which
In a post-mortem exCmlnUllon would
bo plainly evident. 1
Out of this group he would select
quickly Hie Individual who seemed
to give evldehcn wf not being hope
lessly tnis.no and of being likely, un
der hospital treatment, of being re
stored quickly to sanity. Those to
whom lielir or recovery will come
moro slowly will bo sent elsewhere.
It Is claimed thut a great man
men nnd wtnnen who are now sus
pected of boln uuano aro i.ent to po
llen etutjot and otherwise confined
under unhelpful surroundiiiKs until
ttiat crisis la passed at which tho
turn to reason would -havo been pos
sible. Thcso the Mow Psychopathic
hospital 1 intended to help.
Fur Hn CllyV Nwimw WnTk.
It Is A iioxpllal for thn border-line
group, tho flotsam ami Jetsam ot tho
city's nervous wrecks, tho brooding
nnd melancholy, th Inclptently in
aano and all the rest, many uf whom
now, especially If they belong to tho
underworld, never ccmo to the notice
ot tho physician nt till.
To all these the state oxtcmis a
m esse so uf hope. They are lit need
of help, ami help will be given them.
Tho observation wards will ue lo
cated on thu fourth floor. Hero the
nhvslclun wilt dcvoU.MRtsclf to worn
among the minds which have, "ft
fighting chance" Hero stilt It Is
purely hospital wbrk, In no s'enre
custodial. The stubs officials believe
that the best way to make tills dis
tinction plain to thn inmates is to
not have male attettants, but at
tractive vnune woman' nurses,
Tho out-patient department will
afford capetlally & training ror
tho medical nun, and It is pointed
out that tho lralnlnitf. medical men
I tho beat way n2 stamping out ex-
latlmr disease and Movcnting Us xu
turn recurrence Hero I whoro tho
niivatclan will meet tha class of
"down-ntid-outers" h& endeavor to
win them bark to u brli-ktcr and hap
pier llfo,
It has been shown that every year
in tha metropolitan district nbout
1S0O people iu-t ipiecrly cHough to be
committed ror 'Insanity. These
amount to 4(1 per cent of all tho com
injtmetii or th. commonwealth,
Up to llto present-there have been
for their repetition rti nearby plnces
With the exeti.i. ,i of, Ul Hoston In-,
iwtni rr,u;.ii(, i. r only " "
past i state n illOTnn, .This with
7(0 heds bus been able to uccommn
duto lew than IS per cent of the
needed total.
The old plan of wMlnK mental
disease has gone oirt u fashion and
favor. As early s5a l7 the Alls
Hcherbltt -colony w5,-,artod near
I.eliulg, Oerinhny, 'l'
, nt BflMri,tW(e
Marten too
'Ismmho Into
srouna. Hut It Is a fsvr Mn iron
even the group ayiieeaai, a tho ri
nury acceptance of ' a tv", to the
that tho mtrlb.i'"'W pUit.MWgh Urn" pro-
iiabai In trv mil
Knmroaa bus caktaal th KW Pay-
chopatrhto. Imspltal
tai tor too
klew. thl
blue." broi
might be cl)td a
a name as
Far a4iMi In tha
ar ajbaat dtvn-
a rB tf
1 1 WH CtMHH.
it aver
X Mil
Mr. Far afn by.
TtuM. TU 1'viui I'uttuw T.UIU CUM.
wnlvM have b bold, cobiIws iroifi
tho woojls regions nt night to thu
barnyards and kllllne sheep nnd car-
uroncltcs tho wolves iutvu hrcoiilp
boldor nnd bolder nnd havo nttackrit
good Mixed calvce In tho finals
pens. Farmer my that the wolvea
nro not ot the toy var4Xy, but are
Ik mrny timber wlve, 'cflmmoftly
tailed Io1m,, V&e seveMl ysari
Hhm timber w)vhi have tieon brcaJ-
ni In thn tteftMijr weeded ateaM m
wolf river.
Game Law Have Pretteted Them.
Tho stria aeRcy of tho Ksmo lawn
has kept htmters from Invading the
port lose or the country as tho own
era havo nrchlhlled hunting on ac
count of tk careless shooting of stock
hy city hunters. Now they nnd that
tho wolvea havo multiplied until they
nro n menace to tho community ana
numerous cases of gray wolrc fol-
wwlnr chlMrcn homo from school
elnce the days havo aeorteaed have
been reported.
Klaberato plane have been ma da for
tho drlvo Thflnkreivhuc ay. An nroa
of sixteen square milen la to be cov
ered, captains were tn.ipomtcd far
every haK mile to the lA-mlle line
ot armed men that will begin their
march TIwnkiMlvlHK HHrnlH at 9m
o'cloolt. Tho territory lo be covered
Is that bin. eight miles from nny
viiisko nnd la the nioet sparsely tion
uhtted part of the county. It la mid
way between. th towns ot Willie,
Koblncon, KvcrcKl and Purcell. Alt
tho liuntent will be armed with shot
guns and Mo rltles or revolvers will
bo pormltted.
A Slaughter In the Center.
When .the time cornea for the
start men wHI bo stationed only a few
feet apart. On tho signal from tho
captain tho men will fire a volley. As
tho crash from this volley goes up
nrottml the sqtiaro the march toward
tho roundup will begin. Constant fir
ing will frlghton tho woIvcm from
their hiding tdnces Hverv tln'oerfil
llu U illi ,, liiono.iih h .tlii'(l
an. I n-tj tvol .11 ibis Utnncred
country will he Ktnrud An All tho
men ore on the otttnldo at tho start
thn wolves will contlnuo to take up
hiding jiIaccs nearer tho Anal piece
ot a(icn ground. Hy tho time tho linen
have approached within a mll ar Uve
center of the square tho meti will bo
marching In ranks two deep. fSeeapti
rrom tnis lest four aquare miles or
territory by the wolves will tie Im
possible. "I do net believe there la nny
other medicine so good for whooping
cough as Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy," writes Mrs. Francis Turpln,
Junction City, Ore. This remedy le
a wo unsurpassed ror colds and croup.
For sale by all druggists.
Mills to Man
Ami thCM) Union
nuMta Hulla wn'm
turHing oul 1 1 itu
iiiaih) to ntcasuru
Will anrriy opew
)tmr rj'wt wheu
toH wf litem
mado Hp,
Wo le re
rvwiutl imr flot
shliHHcnt ot or
der nnd wouhl
Uku to liavo im
corns Ih and sea
what they look
like maiht tip.
We kxw we mk mit yen witk er Urge i tkfuit Uk ( Wim. HiM er Over
mil Miaie t trc axil t At fer $11.00. jit miAUe hmm'i fvt k wky wt emm
i it. lfttifMti9tt er yr
Ahmoluimly Pur
The only Bftklnc Powder made
from Royal Crape Cream ofTertftr
Hertshtn WatesJ Haiti lo Ho I'mmAi.
t I km of Alleged PmcndoH or Nat
ttml Mw,
Now York. Nov 29 .BxporImcnt
will bo conducted In tho near future
HRtfcr tho ntisplcca of tho United
States government nt tne Army nnd
Navy noroplano camps with n device
invented by Kdward S. Karrow of Ash
bury I'urlt, which exports bollevo may
brovldo a way of counteracting crnv
Ity. Farrow ho been worklnjr on th
tkivlco for forty years.
The Inventor tins been niicconsfui
In llftlnp; smnll objects from the
ground and keeping thma suspended
In tho air. It is proposer? to place
bh enlarged copy of the device on
aeroplanes In order to discover If It
w(l hold tho flying machine slnilon
nry In tho air without recmiewjU
nny other methods. If tho Invention
I successful In counteracting gravity:
with nn ncroplnno wo!gWK almost
n ton. scientists wh hewn aeam the
nppnrntus In nporntfati lerNM'ii tnal"
It will mean a levolnHm m trnmr,
theories hitherto accepted as fumta
mental principles ot physios. "
Tho inventor la tMlMH-lna; hM ite
vlcci nnd, therefore, decline to dis
cuss details. Ho bays It Involves
nn application of the Jfcrtxian waves
which nro used In thu wireless tele
HhmIIhk Town IJntr ti tntilei
Amftlo I'lre Pnitt'rt-lolf ror CltleiH
Arti I'outrrtlna; lXtvli.
Hagorman, N. M., Nov. 38. That
Hugermnn Is rigid at the front with
thn rest of tho progressive towns hna
received another demonstration. Hay
thn Hagtrman Messenger:
"Our town 'dads' are marching
right along at the head of the procea-
aio . They havn, rrcefltiy closed
deal for an 830 chemical fire enJ
glne, nnd txiught a fir belt Chat will
wake up all tho Wpy town in thi"
valley, tho engine purchased Is ono
nf thn latest models. , two tanty of
iniriy-nvo gannna capuciiy, eic.
"Hagermnn hnn long needed sums
kind of a nro-nshttng apparatus, and
Mney refmUUi. (km in
' ' T.
our preatnt board le showln snekl
slsns of progress wo may deulde t
re-elect them In tho string.
"J. M. Cowlea, C. W. Cole. 3. Michi
clot, A. W. endg, and others inrf
Itrestrd in the MlteHMet ditch, let tki
contract to U H. Hurck Monday te
cement a mite and twonty rods of tha
ditch, beginning at tho diversion asj
nn tho Felix, This I a step in thai
rljrht direction and uhnws a degree of
enterprise which ahotild be emulated)
by other dtteli owners wherevor prsn
slble. This practically eliminates Ihri
cost of maintaining the dlteh beside
means or saving of a large per cent
or the water through seepage. This!
ditch Is one or the most efficient Irri
gating systems in tho community nnd
when the cementing is completed lUt
vnlun will be largely enhanced.
Frmn Albimm'T.iin Hiselm .WHeE
Prnved My VHf9 ttmn.
Mackacho hi a heavy httrsesi
NervotM-neM wears one out:
HheUmatio pain; urinary tiles
All are kidney Vurdsne
Dally effect of ktdney wMknesa.
' No use te eure the symnteiM,
t Relief Is hut temporary If tha
tMtfcee rcwe.tie ,
Cure the kidney and yen eHttAtaa
cause. ".'4'-
Relief cornea qutefcly eamea ta
Doan's Xldney Pfll eure Mdnsy
Prove It hy your nighbor'a eaee.
Here's Albuquerque testimony.
The story ot a permanent eure.
Mrs. Frank J. Smith, 1021 ft. Arno
street, AlouQiisraua. N. nay, "t
derived ur'at benefit from poan'a
Kidney Pills and this ha led me to
recommend them to more than ono
of my friends. For fivo year I was
troubled by a dull pain in the smalt
of my back, alwaya .more vevere It
I stood for awhile. I always felt tired,
nnd I was unable to get relief. Fn
aally Doan's Kidney Pilla word
brought to my attentlan, and upea
taking them, I wag helped. I have
unlimited confidence In thla remedy
and shall always have a good word)
for It."
For sate hy all dealers. Price SSe.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New
York, solo agents fer the United
Itcmomber the name Dean'a
and lake no other. It
Numbern nnd
ptaivil iheti or
ders with us al
ready for a Milt er
an overcoat. You
l&sufl tssjit ir 111 fl MI
Vinta tigbit u bUa
gf ti ni m tWil si VIIIU
the line I brand
new and mm
tH, Only a
mmII payment tsi
required dawa
a .J 1aj lfLlii&axaec
n I ill '! rnsrrafwj
w!mh yen get
utup tyXt ssaAMI eajajt
JWWr VJTwggi Jj eaW
aeAsUsggtMst Ua
a VT anTgaj gawansaM f
Ml tee tkim.

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