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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, November 29, 1911, Image 6

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"These dujs of cool November
And hnay night ni- worn
Hot mi! ililnklrv o' tjui punklna
AmittiR iliu rustllh' corn,
And I'm tack aejn with mother
Alookln lu tier I'JfU
An' thlnkln' thev are.aw.ectnlii'
tier famous tmnKIti pU-a.
For whim from out, tlio otoh
A crispy. soMcq brown,
The rutt lu flaky Kcolldpn
IJfeo lace upon n sown,
abo used Id take aV itrU Vm
laUrows (0. fOMt Hf 4VM,
I jest thanked Cod ter itootbor
Tlio "punkln" pic festival I asaM
nl hand, nhd with It the multiple
blowilpun of past seasons are brought
to wiini.
Are cynic rlht In t lit itcclnrntlou
that the grins of srutltude no longer
nil toe American heart?
Ar surMtml with modern lux
urlps nnd accept them nti n matter of
course just ns we accept tno me
time service or isomer "too lamoue
pie ranker' as a nee canity to exist
ence? Uadenkbiy society ban rtrorM
el since tho Um ftlorloua T)w.a;'
aWhur when the arntvful Mtarhwi
annrtd (Htir JtmMMC. on wild tMtky,
der and harveet product with CMot
atasseaoit an nty rM'iMtM
broMiera, and rajpapjeotf (Mr enmtvni
ef jay wKh prclnaand peayoea of goat
Itud Mr the Kitt mm- Hto Mtn
boor ttermei o"raafairlM at
grnaiitia other's do as, for ej
ajMwmimc onty a mnwsny w t htm
presnnt day pKr aWWwa, Wnan
tK: feoffnit nerlft. tnfcloael
f TWta tb tnvefcaoan la tb
MMStMfk iropteoe and it elrotm of
caeolon, hi, poclod and tensity en.
ftoeod in crackls aui 'aad Jokn to
gether, the celebrUMevrtfara on the
oten In tho rMtasiL wind U Mas
pfconofragua,. ncml Tktf' children to
tbtr PatMany Meaan-heaU'd routna,
where tf refrtclorr, an attcadani lit
tM tkfWNUi th iialKww t apply
tlto eletrk , aawmker, wfcllo tfee pr
t iiluii4Mn) tojradwrewlK they
wHI MWIrt MjC H ftjM BWBD thftA
'NrlBB the dy, AM (eeailBic over KM
tjte eeefal BMHwilHawMie of rooaeraUy,
!" tM prta alMMii nf the alata.
hwww, afcimaMWla .( dtatrewtfitl er"
rem ht,'n dlwrHmileir r 41-
Tet tkefa It Will
e4 tJw
at (he
ee4al nfcrhlt tim
m uwe wkti
mmm far al
et) la evfrrriMi fbfiluwiTli l
femMRt; a&d ddtfHmeMkm of hoep(
Yet la tfan efane' of cudtenw atai
pvople we have wtr oewpenaalUHfr,
fw wliU all the i1mmi hf tke jear'a
bHly what weM fW)Hm(HHs Ve
wKtHHK a urtelroaT )c)h aawM
"whttr YHh m at reirfy In eSv
cert "XcHblnit."
W ,coal4 Ker v celebrate Die
Iy without Mrtle)rUiH( In or ckew
K o vktry lk valiant cowlMUata
In ike c4Iae eme?
Ariet7 tee, ocefcloaHJ' Hut
tUe cafiiMHlM ecMnt wlnlaUe but
rttW letiil wm. tci tie bMlle. Wko
wswJ r0 the Klrenuolty of tta
cat In ordr to, hcororo etl
ladj-.l rMMtattanr y urb tie io
or iHo Bplrfl wtMt whlefc the la
frrtHtffct? Nei ewH a wmmM wir
rltir of the rtillre wwtUi a4rete
xeotlo Hwtltods. A da f a Nev
Mhittt cell) MHtayMl Ut year to
www! iae eonejw cmtmi w -
IMMrtjS Uttutt4 Mt .a be ia
at Ik (tme ef fBi JalewiMe mum.'
Th (mm ,hke4 a ik Hi
frHtra( welt attawMHw; tB the
fiHure. They aeeepfSa b eownwaiki
a meek eofffi aM' prawiee to
afelfta efaty eiihwt to b4mwi tb cm
tlRMMt on the facttlty a4tattfte; m
wHr aaenee. tMr mny UraMa4
klMWaiora who IhM eoae ealpe4
with nHaBhott4, wttiatle oad pm.
Mm to Hm lhl kmr. same
of the year, the tMtl teow appear
jNf.a4ente4 In dreea autis ami button
tote bowHMte. WaonnUM NMt nten
wm m4, th M4r of the hall teoV
twta the Real lettewed by feia'rt
vareary wha eaaN at ate Mu
McMN! "Pra aaa, but; I bef of
yk to let me carry the hall."
Without exception, the drew MM
teas spotaclKd whte tkoy trsMitd
on each ottwr toes aad prodcred tho
ball or accepted it at the aeHcltaoa
of their opponents. Hewlhtered at
flrtt tho homo team hocb "tumbled"
ond osalatcd In tba ot courteoua
contcci the taoet t4M tM ball abgl
lllonlal could dealro. Tho end, how.
over, wia a general fraca In wiilch
tho. atudenta and several profetMra
la the grandiUnd took payt. It waa
Jewelry Gift
film Xwk Xf
M4k Tins
Ottff LUk
Out JfiaTNW
Cktm KQWlkky
- jitf the gift
u - i.
pteclpltdtrif.tiy one of the jiUyura
who tiiltichixtf apw-nli'd to hU fid
vcrjary for.tho ball, tunajf hurnbor
wofdi In mftifu whlHjK-r. Then "kiIui.
tUwfd wr"lrok Iwiia
lfiwetr, hn name itt Trncllon
J-nrk (ohltrtrow betKceti the t'. A. and
tlio I. N. fur tits ulianiplonablp ol
Uw Doattm't-ftt will b nelllwr Ind)'
M( nor barbarous.
CU-an, mrendouit 'SoolbAll will be
tUjed nnd the Arbona ytof will
f(cd nt a ball the following night
Tlaiiik-tlilat m CtviwMy,
An impftMive prlxe arvl vru
held thU nutHln In HixHy hll at
the utilvonlly, tii Riulrnta, their
Kutnt. nnd h faculty cewipfUloit nn
nppreeltttlve audience rnpuhdlng
rtdlly to the ajjmrnt of grstHude
nprrwrii 111 ngnit, rtouinifit and lec,
tre The Prunttm tendwd innpir-j
m "y iriisi'iiiB in given
Hymn, "Comr, Thou Almlahty
Klnir," nudlence.
ThnninKtrlna- hymn, "Come, Te
Thankful Prople, 0010?."
Vo?bI aolo, -r.Ve KUth Not Been."
Mr. lcobrt Hwell.
Hraainr. "A Thankatlviair StonV
Mr1 IWrn.
Annterar hymn. Tnlvemitr quar
let. Anthem, 'The Karth f the Lord ,
Addrtu, Dr. E. McQueen uroy.
KiHlMtery V,Mn KiMerMln,
A Impw Week cMd Trolle wiu the
Prty at Hokyn hH MturMy nlHht
when Mlaned aoodiser and l)udon,
UMlKted hf 6ihrr INmaten of the U.
tf M. drltwy, wi-re hoatwen to
thirty frfttMJilty ymh nwl aerorlty
We. MMete lnteiefl wli danft
IM and hMKh, Mirth and MHtlment
eed the kur,i tHI mldnhfht.
Ariwnm MHente Ilunorew.
The V. N. M, boy nnvrr do any-
thlg by hslvtw. An it uwtrAtlan of,
tMti tfKth in rn In thu activity i
afnonget the membtra of the football i
teHi preparatory to the rnteriln. n. W It. 1'llll.I.irH. Jit.. 61
rntnt of tlio nW4eiU ham .Tikswh, , IV1 Mpreland Ave., Atlanta, Georgia,
Whom they ir lo meel In bttlo on WrittH; 'I ia the catarrh nnd tom--dfJ
. ff.n 'orrow- trrMn. The M,, tro,, for moro than flv. year.
affWr Ih to be bull JR the Klk nnil , f4,hfmiy trlrd ll thn medl-
nu . '' , 'rlnox I saw ndvertlwd, and found they
"Oh, wad Home MWvr the n4H4e e u ....... .
It w4 frcm mn(e a blender free u.t
Ami feelleti netton.!'
The mm , IntefeeWatt eikln he
wefM la te be dWvvaoed at' the Ke
men's club rily K4fm. TfTiat
plc Is ilwi? Tfhy, 'OtrWvev," ef
rew. The PTBpmwi la In he uader
the dlrrtlen of tfie !lleratre rfepart
tneht iM thc ledrr or the 'day 111
Mm. ft. R. Rer'urf. The embirct ef
the proaram la "OurMlvee," and
when that rieh theme hoe been ex
me Me aeen ex1.
haneted tho e meet InterMtla'
tnph; will h dlecuiwed, vl.,
of Our Members.'
mtd vl MalBH
irogram overs' May of the ew H
TJtL.'iy .lrrj..!"
that she may oft!clpate In the Ttn- a l.f 'V- cU' fo!; "0'!1I,VL?.,
era! dlncuwIonM Include evr- i.Km.,M the fortunate g room an wtloiable
ber preent. 'la.tlai reaMeet and attache of the
The outline arranged by the liter-' yyy"Clwrtgr company
an aula promt y brine out the
Innate chamctwttlca of ettoh Hbik
r and that the Veaaonsee wHI be re
plctn with betry and wlttlclnm
tutu without ayh4. The order of
the proajntm ,fltwn:
, Uader, Mra-ulf
ilubject, "Oimivt.-'
va Daacriptlon of fiume of Our
A Mattel- of Chance.'1
A literary qui aubdlvlded Intel
I. Of whteh' etVI of wrltls ora
u mom. Naa .usiay, hlenraphf,
hhrter)'. wet nr. ssrVl?
3. Tour favarlt writer?
3. 1'ettf favertte navel?
4. Ynur aayerlte pocmt
5. Yaur Javerlte heraln. In tic
tlort? e. Yaur faverlte hero In flirt I ant
7 What charactfrtntla do you
mobt ndm'r In men?
. What ci,Tacierllo do you
moat admire In women? .
f. DcftCrlhe your hcrelne In real
II fd.
10, Dencrlbe ynur hero In real lite.
I I. Ht-atn your Idea ef bHaa.
13. Whet la yaur huttta- In lifer
WedaHftfl Tn4gM.
la 14m llfeai yif n of iLi &aoauyitiii
frleatdc of tnn prlaclpala. Rev. 0. O.
Heekntan wHI thla ereahur eMeUte
at tne wwwi aerrrco unRin Mtaa
Mmut jiHutMi muwn sou Mf. Jfoaort,
Am-smm (ueirer, i no cere9y win
tafce ntaee at 6 o'clock In the cos?
new hormi on Fruit uvoruo and Thir
teenth atrixtt. which U aM ready for
the' occupancy of tk yem peoplo.
Decoration In yellow and while cbry
panthowuma will surkmI tho plou.v
ln tneerhef of tho heme and fellow
lag tho ritual n wedding dinner will
11 1
my ! far you
ymt mnU
sovtx axcomoi M.
"Per Surely it the Bat
TntMc fffltf lrrh
"I then heard of l'rruna. I pur
chtterd i1k betMre, ana alter their uo
I seen discovered that t wan w?
mate aad neund. 1 new wli two
tnlndred and ten peuH4e, uad have
never been Mcfc Mnce t took JrHRe,
"ft furrly b the brat medicine fei
iolkt. etemacJi trouble and catarrll
that 1 over hed of."
. ..n . ...
!. "! tlTn'L
I Mr. and Sirs. SnMn, Mr uwl Mi.
"em "I I lUOgBItnii 11CI ln np.i
MfMIOfO. ia naxo, .irn. mtJ'M.
u.ijji Zauuta
the hrhhU oouale.
Mlu Walhar IMerialna Club.
Tltt) ArH card aaably of the Moa.
daf club ftlnce the recent re-organ-UMtian
w4 a Uvaty game of five
huaakod Monday afternooo at tho
hauM of Mis Mlth Walker on North
tOajar street. The club membera In
OoMad to Mis Walker for a nappy
aAernoon ara M?idanie IKrry KeHy,
Jk Buauter, Quy Koer, Hesaon
NvwoH; Mlsaes Ktbel MM, Kranoea
Word ara, Irene Ikirderit. Mrs. KaUy
wiu entortaln the club next Monday
Te Meet Mi. .Vnltrr.
Tho recutnr meeting of the Wo
mnu'a ChrnMah Temperance union
uu4ly held on Tuewday was this
Week peatponeU tilt Friday afternoon
In order to have the meeting- at a
llnte when the ittute pretldent, Mv.
. t Nutter,, will be prtaent. Mr.
Jfuttor will arrive thhi evenlnx from
the euat. where ahe attend th ntt
II anal convention of the W. (.'. T. L'
In Milwaukee and conferred with Hi
ttana) lead em In chtcaae, The. meet
In will bn HoM at the'hawie Of Mrs.
Iltt HtH Friday afternoon, at whkh
time local white rtonenera will
havo the oftpoHbnttr f. n
repart of Uie national cohnthn to!4
ky Mrs. Nultor. A uncial hour wilt
lt,u rcM ,y the ntt' of
Waaiia Tavtw to Ifavn Kwokor.
Thw celebration of the clone of a
banner football caon Will transpire
nt the "frat" homo of the Hia
Taua 1'rlday evening, or couma' the
V a. M. will wlrt tho championship
of tho southwest in the battle temor-
row nnd are preparing in thla.Wlso
trt celebrate the victory. The vie-
jtroia is ncing wouna up, tneNace
, being "swept and garnished" and a
'smoky tacnu outlined for the eoy
' me nl or Wawa TAus and thlr"t
'vltcd tfuests,
!ftitA ail tall i tvsuyii til toUdh snnnnnnad
Thn first of the sctlrs of
ber uttractlona ut the Elks will' he
d gy comedy. "The Travn Matea
man," neat Saturday ftnfett. The
CUess4) spirit danttwUee me en
trrtaewhM story frauaM' M , mere
than uaaxi local coar m fHo cV'c-
ters aoJi aoonea of a Wssawra sown
or tr a whliltaiag saajtlun on the
trunk line of a usees in raHfosd
where tHa nolnasniii was neavhleii
Haliy masoansdi ao t'hidn.as day
Y. W. C. A. imwilSHii h Mrehe.
The m wis wis of1 the hoard of ill
rec'(r i YoUnar Woman Oirl
ttM iniirtaet W In- Ht home to
Ijthekr rVlen' lt all frlomts of the
aseoeiaewn sownrrow hiutikkiii in
of Vhc nrw home, sis
Tile oecanion Is
nl In the natur &t
us It (m ths tnlttaV
a hwaaawseoo
eaasMsaii lsn the MiROciatioji hdw,
iteeei ontonVd In the prMnt iusr-
The )'oum ladles of the association
will liuyu vhurgu of a surin) ctitr-
t. ;"t
' 'sSBlf
Mtdic'me far CM, Simuch
Tht I Em WW."
Mlt. JOII.N" nVAX, IMalnflthl, Vcr
mont, wrlttK "In writing yott
thla Inttrr. I coiBlilir that 1 am dola
my lnple duty to Irt others knew
how much your fcruna. ha bonenXW
me. ,
"I have been troubled for a.ortat
many ycam with Indlaeetlon. ,uM
thoui'.i t Hava tiled many tMna. fe
relief. 1 liar novcr feund It untu 1
tried Trrun. w;Weli ha oivtn me re
lief rrim thhi.iiiot dWremtor- rnal
udy. . "J uin rnont happy to b of, bene at
to my fpow man y painuni tnem
to that Mm reflff that hua reileve
Mlntitent ilnrinc-lhe rvenlng,
TliaHkentthH' GntfrMdHmeni..
The Juvenile 'of Mias 1'liiierlcU's
WftiJeranrtiwr Wee leheurelng for
progran ii fee rendered in Ht. JohnV
guild hall tomosrow morning. The
evnnt is ausflrlona an many of the
little auHrtalnrrs are to make their
finrt bow in uubthj. at tbU time. ntv.
mjI ot the, more sphleticated younc
stere c!Kla rte aenlor in ta
graduatlni; slssssto, receive dsnUaaaa
nNK xkr, Mftwebe M?ea
hss".chsipa at the'BlHatcal suasbeea of
the proarsin tlitffre to efcrfo W
song anil story vass sentimrnra
Tqihm e Thanh'lug."
I"ni thankful fyfi let of thlngss
fin thankful I'm alive,
I'm thankful that I'm' 1 years old
Instead of only five,
I'm thankful fcr my tops, and toy
And for my Kitty Oray;
I'aa tkonktul for the 'Mr outdoors
Whefe I can run and P4aJ'i
J'm thankful for te thng.H that
The applrs. aren't fr' gelf
The corn where wfl,Hayd hWe.and.
As In a Utile weed:
I'm thenkru: for tn pumpkins round,
3at like a goWaji ball.
And Jack-o' lantaen,' k4r anrt queer;
Thry don t hmhsu at an;
I'm .thankful fu.hnhtvlHr dsy,
For pus alt nv anaw,
I'm' thankful e4MMfV MaMj;them
fme hnawe I :, taeniae;
I'm thankfiil forlktteHaH', tea,
Kaw brown itKtaWMrMfael
And I'd be VfrygfpnfHl. piease,
For only onevajMut' e.
YtSk'M Qemn'anlon.
Vaner of .Maitajsiu Soonii dtsW.'
The young
of the Maaaiia
. . .... i . . i
club are bo
QaKfi Bnanwyt
Xlresrllle, W, 'ftAmm. Bora Mnrtan,
Hi n leiler frtoj Wiytlfa, won:
Tor three yeaie'tglhanti with i
niaaly troubles, iM.aM patoa ht m
wi and tide. I We porroua aanf
could not sleep a4 WnV
The doctor ooantl 'aft'heip see. m
aahl f would haeHaS oparatod on n
tare I ceuld gat 'IsMnr. I
woald try utlaf mm
New, I am
I anf turn
Fill tw be
aa. r r
fcr Ifly yei
Havfcac pain aaA
Manly trouble. B'W'Mtwiy Ms yon.
It Beea lo g aV-rechey (he
trnWa rlltivsn Vih atW, and
nrim away in
i If you suffer ftajg armptonM ol
nly tro
Tour tifti
K. aV-'isN
WHAT SiVfitt
gafgaa- OAHatf
OasPl.arfe I
dHKtShritit l pay
MadHKft to mi frisaaa."
'WanLfcJprBpl' abajaj VMM XaV
oWtdatt eatrecat tar na
sin i iaiiiS0tin t i
Isop I has osaVimr In Ike Mm Tfrc
pHvorea faaass noo i" sat in sinim
of the' Hketorn ))airanf' chosrti es
corts" of rhv Mrfeone.
lm i.tis.
iinniiM well fer n4i iHiMeneo thron
of damr!- aonl siei,lutt!i.J,a)t tho bow
a. I. .. . .k - 1 1 ' ii ' i hat i i t.t i WjA
III IW pilT) iWII I J I " I ut'Yu rs vt fTV
fallio.' Ofori.f rMtt tho cveair
i;dwhloMd.'for tare ctmnori urn wesav
of IPs gUeele WMs'are tti,fprSI
nW4tg Joy ly tcrpsichorean
AnolKft cetcoratlon of the g4n4
time wnjan,. , . .
HarMi yne IKe.M see fu.
aferuniHt oVar,;
i Thko4
In lu be .absi
'akf .
uu.li.r ttu.' .'.. . M.iSai.now v
ing ln tMa?kstM naoen, Uf Mas m
terSulUe Itee' Mnt aMkeWsHH.
Thnnhsofaing kWrr mr talfa-keee
in the ftwVetwb heme alf eady skfiffc
ed In blu pflht. f
CeneW TeWt.
Odd INsKowk hall wl' be crawod
to the eotn thM area hajr ai.tpa .If
Itlal coMksfi to he aSrea ftr tan bon
flt of taa AittlUMH- Cottage MnUorlusn.
Tho tfctkot aaJo ladieatea a roterd at
tondanos. Aad m prorata couht
more rloMy Uoserye a bva nmUonea.
TJie choeiw4a of UUrty VoWa t bn
leouered nftoer taw etton of Afaa.
nny VtMr wUl atone be a . ooa
Mra. UfaoaoVi piano aoleotlona, 'Um
rlolln nuaaliar by Mra. KosooVaoa)
and Mr, Wagliinna, and the solos a
.Mrs. MlXinn and Mr, ,Araw
will eneh br arnu. xo one can af
ford to at las' ihln nnuaual' treat.
aH. Jefcn's Taa.
Ono of Ui. woat suaoMshil a Hot-
srd of laWy aasj,'ftl too-
osaaep. on tM
Vann rmmi
he ywNMatajoiiiii of td isnriok on
Wed vm WMMtalUy of Mrs. Van
and Uirta1taiate and iaroatad fi
M'"M aad !laney . pa aflH-
work. .aWaniuent of isfajtewortt
was djHsfBpoj under Mw tfetiofivUf
the yotsW iprftea or m Inrantrof a
rHd. nanafcec decorations pf 'rose
aatvo n faatrva air to the plana apt
roonw and. all arsornMn Vh anBt
arrived, oapied y seihagat aM'
Nf toil mskpaff toon fot iwrr'Pnpjorgi
The boose eookipa; bate ;ln
jNN ,;nf Maadainaa JasJas, Ttstf.
Cnwajpr. 'Worlai; fa McrbM of rn
rTaWsinsunf.; Mm. Droona iftored a4
. jAatjWauu a vanxLni tikMaonat
fJpvowVPnsfpPign 171 J WVffffB TTP PTI f
Mrs" OrSflorhVBhi,
mwyaf .m at-
Mtieon .todina who paasod
loedlewrt, witetl the pu dropped
UK . tHSOHHSJI Wife Mid MNtM ann a
toothtamb iwp-eoura luwMteon onoy-
i. rraet wore .4aMa tw,
eteom Osyie ISMcemb, (krcUMr,
anor,'- wm. . raiw. aaswiana.
r neaavdir1aU. a4da : hm
tfnloa WPSklftc Taaa, tnoaey.
AhseiMoHday HMaurt.
, The rksjiigul'-aaaBr he(d last hat,
4 day afWiasn b' ta taa of .a)e
Central liapttot. oMtran ,nW ihn fttwt
or a vf weojt-Mwi fus asnvi
ir in, naair w sa, even' rnuuc
ooy arewpo ana eTo
onrKkM wfrkera. tf
areij ani tawr worn
fleapiay ,at', the ally .jf
Sa'.urtav uh aftr Chrti
XUaio are to to to the bp
at Llu Klirih lit .m
lot i
Wont MifeiMts avenue.
canirsoaatan p' el'eadiiy .prawlncwaa
sttMed ,'eiptia kwt 'Munnay, wtioit
Usren dadMi. receive sKlnaMPH
aa4 fooif new members "were received
una fiHowaWp.
That aXnallsW Ui
In taa bnaata. of looal
waa ovtaapaed by lae
aponao of ,Hia MM la of t
to the appoJeV-ot thu ,Wmmmi
otpU ,for 'tntwkarewlUttl fo wo
TMnkaaiTittar. dinners" to". rb. tor'
top Pit', ,'nla cuatom nnaMmn a
affVod .hv year for the pa.depad
iiaelt ,y' bflapa .srtraitl.
to um taaeaara ot in
tho aiahth- arad
snVol. WMaMig al
AM. thla moMtc.411
made o nutaHrt
l 4Aa okrlc
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iMMlotf a yanaroua awonnt of eanwy
to the otonj of rood ajant' Mknotea
whleh ia already dtMriPwted In forty
baonota for aa nsany pnM(f ,
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aoaafoi pavhrnt atiirtaaia aajU nt tM
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aadaVbso of HaavslaanslnaPWia ntaot
Iw hm In all tno ehnrao wi bo
Ibo untMt aen'k-a In the Coogroga-
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jrPninm of haMai.a4ifW7Aar flan mil?
pa .gpont laaokoaa tsasi ejHtaaaJ. -aitie
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n who, taaiinfl m shrtMaa t)t arnti-,
mental of thn arrnr 'if opposing at?
jo naya, wiMoh ta anM lo be ih great,
rt array aver aou In any csxe in
any court reoaa' in ths tnjpi! It wad
hoi k ''woaaan'e" cae..rrasn a ran
Maosnenl vtMtMtnt lasia,-ti.ta da,
poarod to isVfP It noOkaav r.tcpMt,
It -wad n'- anaadpHlar aallaW 'over
law deltas the orlnte tHfeawnfsf. Miny
mn commented, uiwv4i'A tjpou tit
arena an
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toraaiy affaMi
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It iMt't like tht yml wiMMtmiy Vmt gH
viMtly wertk wkilt. Hri Iter lttttr W wt
Hlrong io.,
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rir heya4' nviiKtlon, aa they ee and' in'-aHspe;
wenpht and dsetiro:" IfTtswt, very dNferent from the skruat
"pramlum trade" of dlohe
. Yours skcefety.
5 mdfe Sets tobe given away
Tkty ft t tk frMMM,wk at I !Mk Ihsteiassy'
tTevaiiifa, hTpMitMrtii ikwwf tkut ikdiy wcirf , t)M
kpaviMt pirtsMKn nt r tir inriiif ' tif imci
iy week.
fa6( that wofiicn pay the bulchera
bills nnd womrn navo mn
during mony yem W en. told by their
butchers that an Sa'aHen of prltM
5 an "due to the Ma: nWat paCneric"
ut it was a man'a eceaelon nnd the
men who crowded Inn court redwi
were kernly Interaaied. leanlnr for
ward to hr-er eaeh word when
spMkrr lowered hla voire. Thera
Waa little mevemrnt,. about; Hubs
poke; no laattraMen. Men uodde4
when U Btrong petal waa marie In thn
teohnlert an uasenta: ewlled whrn nn
attnrnnr detibird n hht trathn er..J.
trina uW Tkw were n
ter'talnrd but they appriclsted the fsN
reaciung wnnwane " re"
Wlien the OW HnH Isarons wreeted
from a ileapelle. kin the rhfht to .
writ of liabeae eerpwr armor may nae
1..M9 nnil Ilnril, K1V tutt'X Chltter-
ed, but the stage ntttlnit waa no mere
dramatic, H pr r pseiwrswpre jn
Ae iury, Wx, a if, no'd1y' try-
Aa the lawi'tN there -aa nt oita
WRi muetaelte or wnPsker'. from John
K- Miller, veteran of ah' great legal
hailtlc. to A. ft. Urlm. JPdt Kohl
jat, imperturbabre, laoklnr tike an
aatjprneys'i Metrned Impiundrely wi
at' tkaias to tlto, apiftrs. 00-
itly Ye aaia a rew enori sen-
headasalnet the back of .his M
l .. nt Ilka AlM4. r.
lajull- h. tapped the' nose onMitr,
sU. 'ia if tMitatnafinj( an inttmtai-
a thauatht. The lar. purt roin
wan "aawUMI. e wprn .ramiw
aHLm lfc walls and bunohed. sUadt-
JOA pafere thn door, taanta the rIT-
!pc ware ncerea or m w
. . i i-.. a aw. nttuM oiaatojr.
witfirncHs uiin ir vwo o-"-a-
rapnera! tablen waa praCJn4o aer-
rrvfi iwr mw wwtti vi nT-p.rf
porters, but aaether long tuWa had ?o
Ve pushed ajailBot M. and even thJa
dM net accenunodala alt thn scrtuee,
Others yat in wtae-awea. low win
dMf some on the ftor uetng their
hneea for wHifnir dsah.
nu. .v'i iik jiUk.U ual
ey an .poena' , TTi L. TrliaK'
in'hm itMMI Wrnn, " f
WI Jasu n. n.mim! , , n.i.u n .mi.
, ui.ii.j.Li..jiaa.-j.uua-i.i..i.j,u,i . ,.,!",,- , stsonwsaaoaasnaaaaaaaaaaaan!
The right powder ,
at the Wif price
Dim eoxtt cm aataum " aW (hphcm tmr M ajjumta k tk tttM
prk t pay fW intWwf PnV. It's tbc iwiet
J ,Jt'S "'
II flhTlVt flMt
for YGuroeK
takin fowdoc
Ttas-K C
Dtoief Set
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817 Aou'th Second Ht.,
jSIUVniiVll JNn4n3o Hfwuj!1 4)t) AftMrllM
There Is1 only ond wdy to cure ca
tarrh. Pteach the raw, tndr, IntkniM
menrbraHa that la infested vetth a
tarrn gwma, and deetret' the permai
Ton edn'l reaeh the nook anel
crevloaB with liquid preparation
thtrt la oMy w- breatjM thn
MttarpWo germ kdJNna; air of XTDMIM
(prenednee PHeli-e.me) Hrectly
over the Inteeied part.
. HTOMldf cpntatna m aptnm. cac
atno or other harmful drwen, II It
made o( Auotrattan !HMkyp4H. thy
mol and nther UeterhtH nnthteptfes. It
hi guaranlved to end the m leery ot
eatarrh, aathma, croup and bronchi-
Ank. J II. O'RieJb about the fit
OMHf.,ou4ni tpoer. K et! it for
oniy tl.fla and guaran4oaa,lt.y
Tl k ii la f as I a i , a - s a'. .... .a .j
jTpt"tT3 ft I IMBaj. Aib plN'Wwtfni Bv
nTanrii In at ami tanp 'Sf Ojiar UgJl
oaVfawpjVQ ITy o' tu si nrni
aacralsiesita, iVi., NaV, t. As a
reanK of' the artalnlhient of Friend
W. rtlihsrdasiii an anste printer, Mrs.
W. W, shannon, wHe of the former
prhstor, sHb had been drawtn a sal
ary rremejjq oaoto an Ma deputs-, ha
been rewent aii the' arftea' of etrfef.
depttty pta prhrtet ht', r vacant
fiMMfta oax appamtad ob
rft Alsnniloer to, thV ptaos of etdef
booths' aper. Alesmnder haw been in'
the office nti atsMf noaWHoaper stnea
SMnnon wan first eleetedr" v
JthlMMd''annwunoed at the same
dmft that dptoric-- lee. hn r tha
book room of the atate ptlntlmr af
toe, who' M "Vtao a well known loeal
poWMtion', would b remavod. A sue
coasor to Tree ha not ben named,
ol nSfcHHJajali Wi4 aMMpVU IIB
neM tatar. It ta naPbaJsJa a .aMf
aVkJKMr.-wm a'nawa4 jptj
W'ft'J 4 ' t f 4m(rt(lTt '('rj'P $(atfcpVaJ((fc(l
iff BAKI
palkiajr. Po jpnt pny'taioro; H'a gyalai of latantiy.
'X- C IsnWata!'J"Brr kt fNsVt, wlaadaajajaalK aphi ov"
rocuver in .aartwir, xatRinsrt aorm Mgej awsisjaa)
A trial wit! not My tnttrrttce, btrTlpaliit ja'
frWtiPeU X0W sTWanWy'WawJsBnI v MMw
what n yraaitPsrJlll vMmg hap K C
Anr ilaae M'fflb ClaaaaaVn- anaanar
awaiaa arnnpa aw g arvaiaBsaa an ana,'sip
CiHdi'sW, asrtaiajay Wt'ajs-
aMsJtMn e8( CaiaBt GlaAMkM,
-- paw. jisaat1PWa-'-tf ! m L
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