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The Most , Appropriate, Substantial and
Beautiful of All Gifts.
ReaJlltese plain, common-semi BUSINESS REASONS
IV NY ice CAN and DO undersell all competitors:
V I)n .Money on Diamond.
2nd, ttn 1M MJT nor ulll niijr other IhlIucm coms'rn i
Ion ii mil VilevliHtili value on n piece of -.ccurlty.
ail. Tliee fdcilgc., Mlti'ii iinrcdcinic-l, Mi'mT III! KOMI, mid
lailt It niello eoiliniim eniMi Unit Wo nil KlH.ti to VOH for MWH
limn tlm regnlni- 4cier CAN Itl'V AT WHOM-SAMS nml rcnHio
jiut i.li' ,Iiih digest ltd mill
Phone 4 f( YANOW 114 W. Antral
iW and Inferraal Program
for Exercises Tonight, to
Whieh Hack Member May
Bring Two Guests.
Tito newly organised Two Deuei
(.tub will tonlctit opn Its club rooms
with mi Informnt program, nnd will
nflenvurd (uirtuku of ntt clabornto
Teed Therit nre now sixteen tttwit
lnr In llin ululi, n ml IK thorn yuurit"
tii?n will rdlf lliw Initiatory goat to
night before the rent of the exercises
tire taken uo.
The new room n.rn located nbovis,
tlui old Crystal theater mid Imvo bctk
)urnlshcd wild iror equipment for)
ii club ot this nature.
TltrouKlt tlio kltiilni'AA of anorge 1'.
J.cnrnard, thu boyit Imvo been furn
ished n piano, which I a great nil-
dltlon In (ho attractiveness of tint
rooms. "
Arrangement will lx made ni a
short" huskies aoaslou toiilKht for tint
done whloh thu club expect to glvn
early this mouth.
rijf Suulft Jtiirbnra Tic ntu! Polw
compuny or ihiii city, which him been
i.nrrylng on extensive operation on thu
ltlo artuidM for several years', U vo-
bultdlng lit boom nt Mo mln (to. Thin
lniorn wu washed down stream In tho
flood of noveral months ago, nnd rni
iiored unlit fur further uso. A new
ii nd stronger boom I bulng built, llotli
nrei of tlio log and chain type. Tlio
I'onuxmy U iilno arrunnInK n livrjtc ator
ii co poml nt thu 1ioom to euro for tlto
tu it whlnh they nnnuilly drive down
thu rlvi-r.
Till 'oiiiiiiny miiidlc n srrnt mnny
t Ud tica UMtA by tho Snnla Fe. cut
tutff Ihum In thu mountains north ot
lim, nnd drlvlun thm down ft IJo
nilnno. where they uro loadvd on carx
nnd Khliiei to the wood iiresnrvntlon
jdnnt heru
Tin: tu.vi:mxo kmsia.v.m
"Trio Truwllnir Hnlvamitn," tho
JulncK Kurbtm comedy drnmo, will ln
tho attraction at lha KlkV tomorrow)
Tho piny doplcU tho romnnca of tx
KnlKlii of hu Hoad," It Ii) built ott
lijvul limn, iiTu) bIv- nn Innlaht Into
tlur rharucti-r ot the innn who soIIk
kooiIii oh tho roud. The other char
uc(ofn in the comedy will ht liutatilly)
teeoiiiiUod by nnyon" who lias oven
Mulled a diuull town. 'The Clri'at
Aiuiiti'uii nrummcr," tin a comedy,
vtudr. tleh In humor, und Don McMIU
Ion at Hob lilako, the. (rvelln aU'-
mnn tnken full advuntaRe of t)il. )li
ratiKON a UiikIi with nearly ovcry line.
Tho lifter Kumo (ihon'n in th tt-cond
1 1 n real cxoluon of tho ioiu!ar-
Indoor upon it the trKWlliiB miini 'rh
' rolnc 1 pmyed by Dorothy Ore.)'.
4444t4V444 - f44
4iM0lf all wool, fcr yard ; . . , . . Vrf ! $ . ,85
41 -i'k-ck all wo4l per yard , 1.00
SO-ineh all wooli ftv yayd . , 1.50
-iMek all wwsl, per yard .hi5, l.K. 100 and 2.35
H'AM9 M.UK MjCltfiJ;, ti JNUllIiS AYIDW AKOI.35 A Y.MtD.
Pivc Thousand Pim of
Printed Xatter Relative to
New Mexico Will Be Dis
tributed in Chicago.
I'lvo thotiMnd nieeon of llterutur
relative to New .Mexico uro bolus mint
to the irriitiitlon cnnaruM In Chlcimo,
for dlntrlbutlon Hi' didoRute mill
siectutor by .N.v atexlen dpIeBntet.
Thu llterattirn wl deal with tho en
tire territory and not with any nrtlo.
ubir Hvvtlun to the excliulon of nny
other. Thin hlaruttire l btllic sont
ihH by the liumiu or Immlitrntloii. in
addition to the Morn tore, tiicro ulll
bo n Inruo number of dlmliuitlvo .lox
lean KtiinbreroM, which nlwnyn mnko a
hit with vlftitor im nouvonln.
Tho printed mntur will Includu
eoptCK of Terrilorl.il ICuulneer .Mlllcr'c
"Irrlitntlon Itewiurceii of .Vow Mexico,"
nnd other booklt and rimihlelN rnl
eilliileit in produce n fnvornblii reutl
xnllon of tho vt recourcen or tho
new ntnte.
Col. V H. llopowi ll will Imvo
elmrflo of the ilUutliu tluti of the print,
od matter, nt tlio Xeiv Mexico head
iiurlrr,rf In the Audllorlum hotel.
"The Gyiwy" Duo," an Artis
tic Musical 1'air, Will Pre
sent Pretty Act at Central
Avenue House Tonight.
What promlten to, be a very popu
lar chnne In the polley of the I'iih
tlme theater will bo lunuxurated thin
ovenlntr with tho .reuntrttlon, In
connection with tho regular picture
program, of one of tho inont nrtlxtlc
vautU'VlIli) m't over brought to Abu
Tim nkctnh. which will no preent
ed by Itojscrii and Walker, In entitled
"Tlio Ojpny Duo," it introduicM Mr.
Walker In hltth claw ulnRtHK und
dclli? ntu ntu, while Mlbx lHiunrn,
who la h violinist par excellence. In
tvpreta hrtlatlcnlly a number of thu
wont difficult and plrnaluc Ht'lcctliin.
Al5iiether Walker and Itogtra pre
Kent a n act which cannot fall to
pleat. '
mm ovhnii iv e to 1 1 i.vs
Ynur drurrfctrt will refdnd moticy If
J'AXO oiNTMKNT falls to cure any
faae of ltchlnr, Ulind, rlleedlnr or
iTolrutlliiw llla in 0 to H day. SOc.
- 4--f4
ms mti in cm
Beautiful Yarn Started by
Fun Loving PAengers on
Limited Yesterday Vm
Swallowed Whole by Some
YihIiiiIhj (iftornoon some pmrtleal
Jokrr ainriMi a atory to the effect
IhMt Mm. I'nttertMXi. Acitlltted No
veinh, r . r the tnurdcr ofsher hu
bund ii DiMer. had pnaed tlirotun
thin ( .. the Knnln 1-V limited r
route t. riiitthnrn I'nllfornlti,
At the iiulii. whieh nrrlVc'd her.
Hbolit 11 i Ini'lt. n rtiii.vin wiih point
ed out try fun loving prnwiiKcrn ua
"Mr. mm.'- und !Ulle) u rv.i
of Rulllble oiiin KDlhered nbo'it thu
eoneh to look nt her. Tho wnnmn
una not Mra. I'Ntleraoii, did not
kdmv Mra. I'altfraon and wn entire.
lr uhcoiiticloua of the fuel that alio
Ah the Innocent caUKO if mo iiiuc-i
Hoveril ini aeiiKera on tho train l'i
formril a rmorler for the Herald thai
Mra. I'lili.'.i.' n wna aboard tho train
mill nevorat Well mcanlm cltlli'll.1
telepbiinfd tho hiiiiic Mory to the
Herald orflie.
lly loimiltlllK fuutii Kit tin.
table, iittd tnklliR Into aeeuunt thai
Mra I'liltenion. hud m)u boarded nil
iur I'liin within he minute after
her ii'-'iultul. could Hot huvo uiiimht
tliv San ii Ke limited of yertnrday. It
wna apturont that the utorv whs i
hirtix However, In ae ji l doubt nt
real, the fidlowltiR tiMexrnni una aent
In the Ayaoclated I'retia at Denver
from the Herald office:
'Aaaoclnted Pre, Denver, t'olo.
'"Albiiiiueriii, N. M Nov. 30 -I'tiKnenKcrn
on Hnutit IV train No, .1,
limited, bound for Ciillfurnlu, Hiild
lodn that Mra. t'atloraoii. iicqulll.-d
ot murder In. Denver, won nbnard,
en route to the count. Iteptirt could
not be verified.
"AMtrurKiiui'i-: iii:uai.d
The Aaaoelnted ' I'reaa corrrapond
cut ll lie met replied iih ndlowii.
"The Kv nltiK Herald, Albunu'criiue.
N. M.:
"Denver. I'olo.. .Vov. 3') Ml.
I'ntteraon Ii allll here,
"AyrtOriATKH I'ltKHS."
Thua nun n iicrtiHitty good, all wool
and a ynrd wide yillow Jourmil atory
ktiooktd Iritoi niiikII blla. Mra 1'nt
ttyion iiM trot on the Hantn l'e lim
it cil yenlerday. Hut there are ntlll
tho'ao titiaophlatlcatcd, reiuiallon aeek
era who doubtleaa believe Hie pudtty
little woman pointed out us the Den
ver slayer una the renl roikIm It
was a Rood yarn, only It wasn't true.
F. P. Woy Will Be General
Manager at Trinidad, and
0. C. Sutler Returns to Al
buquerque and His Former
r. riiuppelle. president of tlur
Alhunucw,up Ua, Klectrlo Unlit nnd
1'qwer iiHaljy, yctkrduy Uaued In
atructlon'a of tinuauul Inter' at to the
local public In that til ry utfect rathor
liiipcrtuntly tho personnel or tho
inannxciticnt ot both tho Allmuucrituo
company and tho Trinidad Hlvotrlc
TfaiumlMlon, Hallway and Ona com
patty or Trinidad. Colj.
1". I. Woy. who has uinnaiird tho
local nas ami vlectrlc companies for
tho p.txt year, has hern nuuifil iten
enil timnRRei' of the Trinidad Hlrmrlo
TMnamliwIon and tlaa company iipd
v 1 1 1 naauino Ida pew duties iuat ua
soon ua lie fun itrraugo hi local af
fairs antlafaclorll It Is probable
that he Will leave for Colorado next
.Monday. nltliouRh It la poaalblo that
busliictn matters may necessltato his
return fdr u few days later on, Mr
Woy will leave AtbuiieMue with tha
boat winhc-i uf n host of local butlneas
and iicrtonal frlenda.
n. f. Kutler. formerly mannyer of
the local sua nnd electric rpmpantcs,
find for the pnat four months man
Uffcr ot tho c;uhtWttilvM at Trinidad,
Is to reauine the mnntignincnt In this
city. Mr. Iiutler will nrrlvt hero In
hi new Htnhley steamer nbout De
cember C. Ho enjoyit u wldo popu
Uilly hero nnd he can seurcclv fool
morn nloui.ure In his nrostiMllvo re
turn than wilt his many friend
when Ihfty Web omo hint "Ua'ck to Al
TruiiM'oiilliimtMl ihm) lrcldeut
of AmIo A-Htaloii H4'ti Trip
Aero-it im
Vol 1). Ki 11, SfrWrp, vrusltlctii of
thu Now Mexico AHmobllo assocm
tloa, ami hW smHidRW, Hbits
Drumni, molar vjMor (it thu duenna
city nfUtr a trip lhrouh ovcu! conn-
tirs, i no twu maua uio 'n,i in .Mr.
Drunim' Hver tar. In wuic'i bo r
rilil flbtefittn III tnl r.ll Tin, IllniaP.
ry Included Wlllurd, Moutilnlnair,
lYaiichH Saiilu So and pnlti's vroat
found lliu toails lit snerul m
si! shflpo." wild Mr. DriMiht Ikl
i!torlH, Thci'v uro uiuuy bad sjt
jtERALD. Tlk1t mckuU 1, frit '
realdetita in tfe . Homl c(tfitUlk)H
nro ttbt bo bad, i tr pt At pltit:r In
ilio valley."
The WeilxjKii't; . ).KrMs fonlpahy
win move ltS;orf' tilt tilt flltlniis
and iHirapliufiintiu. i i us naw locu
Hmii at III South " 'nd xtrcct. Sat
unlay nlRht 'As " ' Imp'uaalblo to
move and net Thin- prttled 'down In
one nlaht nwM)riioii of'Hnndny will
bo devilled to the . nnne. ni the be
Rlniilns; ofthq-Uhrlitmaa rualt makes
It Impoj'alblo to tH"Ve tho olflco dur
lint the week,-"
Tho now office id the outcome if
n lonp-coritltiucd rv on the part of
the buallieait.tnen 't the city. Theso
hn,- wnnTeil an office up town,
where they would bo anved several
squares wnlk nnd aoiuo Inconvenience
in dispatching parcels, for svmto time.
The now office is handsomely titled
till with solid oak and bronxo rao
and countcrr, and floored with lino
leum. The r.ntrU'' is mosnl floored.
Tin, now office affords moro room
than tho old one. and a brand new
on hand" system has been nrrutiKod
In Uir rear tu handle puckaKea, u
convenience that Iho employes had
not tit tho other place. All business
will be transacted nt tho new office
exespt muchlricD and other heavy
ahlpnients, nnd nil business arrnliae
menls concernltm these will bo car
ried on them. Thr old tifflce. will bo
used for transfer shipment nnd
One of tho battt vaudcvlllo acts yet
seen In Albmiirtftiiic. tho Ollvlcrle
trio, li now nonuni; too uoarus ui inn
Ornlicin.Jkd..tt sitv -UftUUkey mo
pood, la puttwfc ll mUiMy. At both
mtiUneo nnd night iertormniicca thor
woro obllKcd to. respond to aovonil
encore. They wis In French, HiiUfin
nnd ICtiRllah, whlloJIdoJItn: Hie trio or
iiKibwI InntrawAil tint alnRlHK and
danclHB of tlnTJ'chorua proving n
pleo-liij; fcaturo.
Heartburn la liLiVniPtom of IndlaH
tton. Toko a doio of lllHttlINK In,
sucll ensea. Tllftliain oiaaoiiearii in
rtanlly. Th IhWi operate ttpeedlly
mid you reel tine, HKorous unit enecr
mi. l'rfco tfc Hold by All DrtiR
(Cotitluuid from puBo m)
tlmo on a theory that aomo or tho
awortt Jurora had bcon lnnu"ncott
prior to their cntcrlns tho box.
Oduch perturbation, was inanlfcatcil
by B. I,. Hrownc, chlct of tho slater
dcpartmcni ot luvetHatlon. 'hcn he
hitractl thai uowbvm.t man had dU
covorod HulllvanM ftrew In tho
district attorney's trtSco today. Ha
told od local newa-papcr iwrn that
ho would not fctvw Mm tho privilege
of his ofllco It ho printed thu Sulllvnu
IhchK't"' '. k .
Later ono of rite attncb..' of tho
dhttrlcl Bttorney'K'srfllce dcctarctl that
thu nowapaiier men had Wi)W sm
ktlperlnnl plan. It' wan aald twit tk
hitvMlten wan to KtwtlHiti HwHlvan t
rotirt wtddoiit)' l4r today and .Wa
visit tA Iho dlitrM atlurHvy'a of"
:was nnrted lo be a forcruiMMMr ot
hla apfmarancc bf&re JudRO Herd-
Yarlotis stori ww, In the al tia
to tho man. or te: in lh jttrr bos
HKakMt whom tha; fWNwcMtmn ItdcHd
Hi lator today m 0srt, It are, but
tho eWMt'st secracy'wM malntalecit
in to tho Identity. It wa alil that
District Attorney rHt'rklis tuMy In
IttHikd tq UBO a nfemi4ery chtilkngo
agaliiHt ono man m w tlio box, but
otv sncrlltci'il tmi ayjMirttinltr bo
Hbeo itiforina(oH utMma n plot to
tatltivnco the jury tMifh. this tnn
caHio to his cars. TMs (lioory was
cotiflrmwl by debwiUvt?: t,y thonth
thoy would fnrn's m rnrthr fletalte.
After couMrrlmr' Mslwr l their
rncos, Attorncya Davfrttw and uavia
Went to tho olQce of iMatrlci Attor
ney rrudorlcka and wero cloaetfl'l
fitli Mm for iw taw, Ttey i-
Very SSte
H la a very aistsos matter t ak
far M meaMWs mi ave Mm
wrang mm (!) ysjtv twr ttsht
Minn we urn aHt as -m)tH H
aWaajsTTWsHni MMtsslRHs V
latvet laMMIaf
Uvtf SSj
Trwwarer E, Pikney ' States
That He Believes Ameint
Will be in Office At Clwinjr
Hour Tonight,
'Close to IsO.OOO should bo In Iho
oftlco tonlnht when wo close," snld
Treasurer 14. iMnnry of Ilcrnnllllo
eminty when questioned today, "Th
tux receipts this rail have been very
Kood, nnd while somo of Iho monoy
included In this entlmnt Is In tho of
tlco, It lias com In tho mail, and wo
have not had time to open tltn en
Volopca nnd aend back tho receipts."
Today, every car brought Us quota,
of taxpayers to tho courthouse, car
ryliiR men. women and little children,
tilted women, old men with dames,
bowed under the burden of years, and
mlsorly onts who had hoarded tho,
money for thle nevssary expenditure
until tho Inst posalblo moment before,
spending II. nnd many others. All
day a Ions lino hns stood In tho cotirl.
house basement, reaching; from tho
paying window to tlto treasurer's of.
flee, out Into tho hall.
Krorn Indications Mils half of tho
toxca will bo collected In remarkably
btlef lime, and there will be rew de.
Ililqucntft. Tho tax roll for lull taint
1130,000 odd dollars', und the amount
now duo Is half Hint. Xext montls
with Us added four per cent of pf unity
will brliiK mil somo delinquent ones,
and this month, whna ono, jrt.r eont
paltally rocs into effect tomorrow, will
brjnjt somo also.
Altmiiueniue wiunen who have do
ferred tin, buying or their winter
lints wilt be interested In an adver
tising announcement mudu today by
tlto popular l-Vrgtison millinery on
Sauth I)nrth Htrcet. in order to
mako room for an uuuaunlly Inrco
shipment of midwinter goods, Ar.
PerRUson hoa determined to offer
every dress and trimmed hat now in
stock, ul less than hair price, The
iVrgusoit store has won an emiabto
reputation for nbsoluloly truthful ad
vertising, and vlkltorn will find that
goods have been murkrd down In ex
act nrcordnui'o with this announce
ment, COURT N0T1
A suit was filed today by t'rus
Uuca cle Chnvcs ugalnat Mlguil Cha
vex for ii divorce, on tho grounds of
cruelly, abandonment nod non-tup
port. Tho couple were married M
tAi t.uuas In laos und Imvo two chil
dren, Murlu, aged S, nnd Manuel,
m(ed S.
Tho dlHlrlet t'otirt lias UaueU an
order approving the vain of two low
In tho city by W. C. Ocstrcleh, tut apo
dal muster In the cusc of frank
McKee, trustee, unit It It. DaVls'vs.
Jamvs H, ltuihcrford und Mary W.
Ituthvrford. . '
K. D. Klnniy. au-JUaat mliii-er Im
tho Indian Irrlitntlon service, has re
turned from a profrnrWH4l trln tu
Oattap. ' i
M. O. itrowtse. ImmlRratloH In
apectdr hftr'c. will leavo tonight rdr
Hrownsvllte, Texas, hi which point ho
has been triinafcrred. '
O. W. Hears of the Indian service.
Iihh returned rroin Tesuque, whero
h has bean making u plane lablu
survey of tho reservation.
It. w. D, IlryuH will Uavo lomor
row on tho California limited for
Wlnshiw, whero he will deliver tho
memorial address for tho W!ow
lodge of H. I Od R., No. G3, at Its.
memorial sorvlcca Huiiday.
K, r. Iiutler, formerly maiisajter of
the local elective llglit and , power
company is to return nnd iigAlu U
up thir mnuitertal rclna In .tM cHr
Jlo haa spent tho past year M an Mi
partant oftK-tal t tho TrlaWtMti
trio plant. .Har.uger V. V. Woyy.w
Is at present nt tho head of Hh, Kl
plant's destinies, will HCcsd Mr,
MuHer, tho two mn practically ex.
charting plaoes. lioth Hh TrM4vd
AMI AlbtlqUerqUO iWnt ttro CUM
ro-iieii hy tho rsmc compam', Al
IkOHSh Albuqu'irqueuru wIM be mry
to hies Mr, Woy, who haa mad wauy
friotHhs her. lUy will b atas t ys.cl
CW Mr. Mullor baelc agalm
Walton, D. t'., Doc. l.A
lMlnr stotsaaiiHt of tho gendtiU rc
uta M nm HHrteoNt-h eensua rMv
to aatrisWto cal was I iu
day by Wn'ctor Dur.iHd of tho hwrH
of Iho wtwi tpprthn-hl of enwmerco !
and lMf,
Thk' wens t'Siifo operator In to.
orndo and Kayr Xeah o niporllag a to,
Isl espKMl MvmsMiU rf tlin.ftM, ew
Ploying Uft tursisisi, with totatl ex
penal of aksast ttiM al h pb.
dUctloo of aMsrittta4' M.H t
or anlbm vais4 M aMi WiAH
tt Iho tvtNa In iM ikm
.produced Ki,a im f BhthralK art
ini-mw nt it jr cent in rn otH-at,
In 11(1,
Sweeping Reductions on
Tn'mmed Hats
We are net wiling oHt-'Jttt offering eur patrsMii a
MaNce to benefit ty smV annilil midii'wji, Mr'
ante. The reduetiMt art large arid 'gtktifoU ni
they apply te evsiy trimiriei hat in the. keMr iimc
114 S. FetHth Street
The markets
Nearness of Next SeMio
Congress Had Deterrext If
feot Upen Baying; Night
Rate for Call Meney.
tHr Uwsfae llrls A. V. I.t4 Wlrs)
Js'ew Vork. Dec. l.The bear
moVcnifnt whieh has been in prog
ress, moat of the week wns carried
further toiln and the stock murket
w,a under pressure almost cotitlnu
ally during the morning. Tho np
pnitich of the aasimbllng coiigre!
restricted bulttg nnd consistent mi
port wns Riven In opposition to th(
attack on tho lint.
, Maintenance or a compuratUely
high rate for call money, which
opened nt l pc7 cunt, ato contributed
a i the inartful' wvakii,a; Htooka
tiist, ijjoro ground in t)ie x'eoini hOiiV.
ulitwnre&: uuuaon ton l't, i.i'Iiaoil
duted Has 1 11 and Itcndlng, t.eli'lirfi
Vnjley, tlrcat Northern preferrid ami
Missouri I'aclllo I. A rally or ove'r
point In t. Paul gm'f'tliV "bulla
Mane courage and Hie' bid up tha
rent of tho Important stocks nbout
half a point.
Honda were sliad).
HjiccuUtlbn was exccedldaly dull
Sjetween 12 and 1 o'clock nnd ridctu
titlons were nominal. 1'rlrca aver
ngid a large fraction below Wednes
day's final flsuris.'
Tho market moved In a. rather list
less fashion dutinc Hie) Inrgerpart of
thy ufternoon. With the alwuidon
ment of hcllve selling pressure by
tho prominent bear profession!!) the
room traders wcr deprived of an In
itiative nnd trading bvcamo aiattnaHl.
Cull money rates held linn nt 6't
per cent and estimates of tomorrow's
etish loss by thl- 'batiks ranged from
5,0",000 to 7,000,00.
Tho clone ws flrnl.
Chicago, Dt-c, l, It was U iicrvouii.
uncertain market today In wheat.
Tho opening was 1-sm-Sc higher.
, May started nt 9i UHH99 l4o to
,89 ltff 3. Sc. un advuMco of lr
'. ,.. ..... r.tt ... m . w .uAu - u n.1.
mi ivii ,n .,viii ine. ma
cloao wax steady, with Ma' st Ur
9? (c, a iwt aln of He
Corn started flrmar with wheat.
May opened l-llc r at l I-Sr
6411c, and eceiled t 1 t-lc. Tho
clono was steady, ftiv wp, at 4Hc.
Hrlllng on tho pilrt ef a 1mm tig et
ovator ce-HcerH made oata weak, MiO'
started unchanged to a shad Iw
at 4U'I9 to H Had
sagged ro I ! i o.
Only feebn Hiiport developed for
prvWohB. Iftltkl MkUg , worb 2 4"
lower tu :ic hhHr, wMh May Oeliv
orhMi $10.6 for ark.. ii.iiVi tot lard
nnd ,.:4f8.774 ror rba,
Utuht BMtl I'm Mow.
Chlcoiio. Dec. i,,Wi(i De.,
91 ;-Sc! May, 99H3 3.v.
lrn Dec, 3 T.tffCio; May,
C He.
. vOt Dec, tl 1.8t 17-1-Ic; May.
IB 6S49 S. If. r
HiiVkJon.. tl.05.
LardJan.. .S24.
Jtlbs Jan., ll.SStf j!JT'i.
New York, Doc. 1. Call . nioney,
5 Ptr nl. a .
Prim piipr, l4H per vent.
Hltver. S& 3'Sc,
Mexk-an rinUa ti4,
fopper. $IS.7?U.ft7Hi.
Tks. 4S,7JS 44.75.,
IMd, ll.4eU4.ia.
AMalfwmatesl Copper, it J.
Hr, lit-14.
Atchlatm, 11 -
, ttfeat N'orMM)f.l,.U4!,t- 4--
.Vow Vork ,Ccnil.)M!ffc
Monheni reMc, lt s;f
KhMh, 144 T-l.
HcmsMicm Ill ,l-J.
UwUm temt, 17S'7..
U, K mt, M -4.
ti. . mi iMtm4 id.
a.ta-fu s.j -. s .
Jre-H- Yftrk 44,
ktaiv. Vaaak. kkktf. t.lttaUaaU aakat
ii ntu ii an. .S: mUMm Mttlf. !,:
sk, 3S,M b4.
H.3TU. ., t .
,60t mm Mb1 eT it hmmi
fcvsvcs, tl,M Texas at,
New Heney Cemb. . ,10o x
tn llouoy, ititHh Itto X
Xiw I'mncsf H '. ..ItW
!! brx new I'miifii. M,t
I' c,
Xew i:v. Awde, rh. ...... ISu
Xcw .Mixed SM, Hi. .. . 5Wi
Ah MohihI Aivphrs .Hi. ..... Jk
a'itCs irraBlM-iTleji'.'. .'. . . .att
.VI IM,' HtfH-ew ilour.m.yi.M
.1 lh HHth ValviH Ilmtr. .l.lft
V n ma h log wry lew
prM? on H MM WCi WHl
Hiiiwck oar big IlHKay HtmU
hctt vi i k. HfH'lat fcm tttUxr
on KtH.ra. .MchV and Hufm'
ami Overcoat.. HecM Um
prkvi oh all litewket aHtl t'om
forts SJI.'M Wmal t'mler-lilrla,
9h; mid ImiulrviU of uthcr ttwr.
iraiMa. '
SlO.iia South Sotimd
. .4
JI.70iKS.75: western sleerK,
,7.1; stockera nnd feeders, .3.?0y
t.i, cows illid heifers, l05,9!
calves. r-VH...5.
HogHltecelptH :i,VU0. markil
low-.-5Vrfhrrr i4h.- ,foA-f.4Mj
mixed,. S,itU.ti; heaviV ,e3.Nt
.G0: roilHh. IS'JOtt S.IO; good to
cholre, Imivy, iil0 8.50i pig, J..3
KC.0. bulk of sales. Id. 10 W 6.35.
sheep .itMcJpW 3,tou market
stendy) native; IJ.SOift't.iO; wealvrtl.
Jt.75fH.OOt jenrMHda, $ t.0r
lintlvo nmb, H.00WM0; Vestern
lamba, t4.001fC.lO.
' St. IamIm Wwd.
ft. IjouIs, Dec, 1. $iol slraily;
territory and western meilliimM, t?ft
30c: fine mediums, IflO'lSc: line.
Kan. t'Mr l.lv4-t4Mk.
Knnaaa nty. Dec,!. Cattlu llrt
velpts 4.S00, inclHdlHft I, win south
erns; markil nlroiw to 10c ItWter;
native steers, J5.(M.sf : southern
Mrefs, $I.09W.W; lHttMlrH COWS
ami heifers, $tMt 4.4 Mitlvti caws
and heifers. i;.7r7,Wi tak-ckm and
feeders, l.73.7; KulK 3.I9T
4.7SS enlVra, .7ft7,l w4erH
Heew, f.ef.nVi w'eatew mw,
noK- Kccelpts 11,600: market
Mrsanto So hWther! hulk M4"S.
t.'ae.3ei heavy. M..4j
KacNem HHd butcher, M.t;5!
HMs. M5.!0 psga. t,8rj.t?-,
mifeyr-Hfcetyta l,e: twsrViK
M4rM-; '-matt. M.7Sti.7it Kwi,
M.Wif 5.751 rat wothwa ad yMM"
mm, )3.ai i.oa: rwai, u.'Wtf t.wi.
m I at l.liityl'c
j South Ornate, N?i?., tce. I.al
, tie Kccelpts mi market Mroif K
, too ht(M:r; itativM stiMii. I.MIr
j 7.N: ,cowa and tM-Vfcix. M.M $..!
weMern aterrs. s.t5ff,W Tr&
fstears, J3.SHW.36; raao -" aM
;hWef, 3.eo-4.lSS caM. U.'tt
I n UAnL.n, n - -- tX.Salll
.1.751 calves, l3.S57.23i (Mils, Mb,
etp., 3.004if 4.9U.
Ho Kccelpts S,S08t Ha-rkel- Bo
higher! heavy. H.05tf.?0 mUed,
$s.$fr.oe; liait, $t;KH.tn Mm,
4o 0.75; bulk of sales'. Ii.traf1
Hhv'ep Itwelpta 5,0901 writ: j"
to SOe higher; ytarMutK, TI.I4.M:
u-sthem. 13.23K3.7St oW'ea. IS.S&S
,3."i0; lambs, li.0d3jlV ...
'Your proposal comes xt lal1.,.
"Then yM HVtt eaajf yMMawlf
to Htio44icrT" ' '
"No," v
'rrheH why not ragimajl tu nut?"
l'lu Jlln -. . . .' E-
Waalaifft'Ht McraM,
-tv rit tSSmtm-

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