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(Successor lo Trlasa Cities.)
PahHshet) every afternoon eseent
Hnnday at 12S-124 North Beesd
Het, Albnnnerqne, K, H.
March 7, lilt, at ttto ponmon
Attwquerqtie, X. W., e lbs AH nf
Hare S, 1871.
One woiMli by mtl,...It,,,,H resits
One month hy carries'. M cents
Oho jr by dwH H.o
Oho jmr by carries', rf. . . . W,09
On almost every hand there In
eonitantly tu tyo "en Indication nt
the new appreciation that the Infant
death rule In unnecessarily large. Tho
whole civilised world Is benefiting by
n course of education upon the prop
er rare of liable less than one year
old. Typical nf the advanced
thouiiht on thin subject I the action
of the oliih women of lown, who have
selected n woman doclor tu an to
Kurope for a y tin's study In the iirl
rnce of raising mora perfect babies
In order that upon Iter return she
tnny glvo them, nnd through them
th state, the benefit of her observa
tions, The club women of town also
havo arranged "pcrfeel baby" con
tents, to be held throughout the elate,
during tho coming year. Wo arc
constantly reading of nlmllnr inovo
ment for the betterment of condi
tions surrounding Infancy.
In Hil connection-it U Interesting
to note tho observation of a recog
nised authority on Intent mortality-
Dr, Kmmet I. IIolt,prnli3ent-c!ect
of the American Af4tlon for the
Prevention of Infant Mortallly puh
JUhed recently n ths Now York
Kveiiln I'otit.
nr. Holt tutr that there l a
ntendy decrrnne In the. , dnth rate
anionic Infanta under onn' year of age.
Tnklntf New York city a typical, ho
wiys tho Infant death rate there l
nbout onp-hulf what It would havo
0 been hud the old condition of a
couple of Bcniiriitlonx uxo pruvnlled.
Dr. Molt prnliea modem miritnllon
nnd preventlvo inedlclitu u thu tu
Krentctt uKeticlea effectlnK thin de
crease, but he bellev thut In the
whole ranKo of preventive medicine
there la no field which open wldrr
.poudbllltlec than the mean which
may ha employed to reduce Infant
mortnllty, Our civilisation In ntllt In
tor need, auya he, of a better edu
cated profeiuilon, more well-Informed
iiureci!, nnd abovu all an nrounod puli-
)lc, ncatha of bableii tinder one
year of ago form twcnty-flvo per cent
of nil the deaths In thono clvlllxed
countrle where ntutlntlci iiro obtain
able, Nor has tho death rata do-
creaacd In all communities, Krc
o.ueiitly tin apparent decrcneo In due
to nothlnK but U Mtinltcr birth rate.
Infancy Itself In the fundamental
reniron of Infant dentin, ho' Hays, but
poverty, Isnorunce nnd ncslcct are
nlno primary cuttves. Poverty rciiulti
In bad hoURins and overcrowding. Iff
noranco of almplo facts of hyclcrie.
with tho usa of bad milk and other
Improper foods, U n factor of Im
mense. Importance perhaps more Im
portant than neglect due lo vlco or
Intemtiernnce of tho parents.
Tho majority of death umong In
Cants are due not to Inherent but to
uccldentul and, therefore, preventable
cause. The statletlcs of the KnglUh
auteeon. W. C. Clay, show that In
England the mortality In aristocratic
families Is ten per rpnt during the
first year of Infant life) In the middle
Classes twenty-ono par cent, nnd In
laboring classes thirty-two per cent.
Dr. Holt asserts that there I t
crlinlnnl Ignorance In tt largo part of
tho profession nnd unions nurses. At
present scarcely halt n doscn med
ical schools In tho country posses on
Independent department of diseases
of children, says he. The recogni
tion of the claims of this department
have been tardy, but there uro signs
that It Is comliiK at last.
A llKSltftVINU ttUMR.
The appeal for contributions to aid
the athletic association of tho Uni
versity of New Mesleo should meet
with a ready and generous response
on the port of the cltlccns of Albu
Querent;. Tho university I uti Albuquerque
Institution and every .Mbuquerqueun
should feel the deepest Interest In Us
nucoe In whatever line of endeavor
It may undertake, tt has helped to
make this city n center of learning
nnd scholarship und hus aided In tho
general advancement of tho com
munity no less than the business or
Kttnlxstlons Which have built up the
commercial grentnws of New Meg
Kh' Haclpal city.
It l Wwl necessary In Ihl day
ami (Wmi to argue the Importance of
jiiriikl twtlfllMf B"n ndjiinet to
sMt4 4FfflH!t In school and
cullsfiis. Th y of the thrc,e It
tN tka 4cstloiwl history
M tK ewry. K Monger I the
K64kw-c)ist btwm rar4l
as ik w PQ" ' wh,
MswWhs. Tk 4uiiaw waVcl frcs
IH 4kmt IHs twain at the
f y
of sound nnd vigorous body
hi in iinrmniion or a, wnoieanmo nnu
active mind is now so well recog
nised ah to leave no room for discus-
The University, with scant funds
niul a not too numerous enrollment
if student, linii made nn tttlitotlo
record nf which every cltlsen who
lw (ho welfare of the Institution at
In art should lie proud. Her football
team, though seriously hnndlcnpped,
tin Just completed n season which
wn In every wny highly creditable.
Though not Ulidrfrntcd, It linn botne
I tin standard or the University al
ways with cnurngu mid honor, mid
d serve the highest praise from nil
who admire gnmencss and good
sportsmanship. It has reflected
crnlll on the college, the stnto nnd
the ulty.
Now let the people of Albuquerque
come forward and show their appro
clnllon of the University nnd her nlh
Ictlc teams hy generous contribution
to the support of the nthletlo hssoola
tlon. It In n worthy cause and should
not nutter from the Indifference of
our elllxcns.
Tin: fitiMiixiNrH inti:hviicv.
President Tnffs Interview In the
Outlook emphasises nncw the broad
statesmanship and ubsoluto sincerity
which have characterised his admin
istration. One of the most engaging traits
In tho president's character, nnd one
which perhaps mora than nny other
has diidenred him tu the American
people, la bin outspoken frankness
and his willingness to take tho peo
ple Inlo hk' dnntldenca on nny mat
ter pertaining, to tho welfare of the
country, lie hus never been Impa
tient of criticism, Having no secrets
from tho people, ho has bcon ready
nt all time to discuss fully his offi
cial acts and' tell the reasons which
prompted Mm to perform them.
This characteristic nf tho presi
dent Is strongly displayed' In tho Out
look interview. Ho States frankly
that his description of the Payne
Aldrlch tariff bill na tho best ever
passed wa perhaps lll-utlvlsud us lu
phraseology, nnd tells thu circum
stances under which tho speech was
prepared ; but his analysis or condi
tion In this country and of thn wholn
course of tariff legislation leaves It
absolutely clear to the unprejudiced
mind that, stripped of technicalities
of verbiage, tho Wluonn. speech was
nothing less than the simple truth
about tho tariff and tho extent to
which tho country must depend on
thu policy of protection for a contlii
unncn of Us prosperity.
It tins been frequently remnrked
that Mr. Tatt Is u poor politician
n charge to which ha has pleaded
guilty. Ills lack of tho nrts und wiles
of the practiced manipulator, how
ever, hnva not hurt, hut have helped
him with tho people. Tho average
limn, even though he may not agree
with the president's political views,
knows him to bo absolutely honest
and u stutesman of tho greatest abil
ity. Ho doe not need to bo n poli
tician to retain his hold on tho af
fections of thu American people.
Hpeaker Clark hus announced that
President Taft will bo renominated,
but that he will be defeated in the
election. We seem to remember that
on ut least three occasions Mr. t'lnrk
was equally certain that one Wil
liam Jennings Iirynn would bo elected
Tho Jewels of Abdul Hamld, former
sultan of Turkey, were placed under
the hammer lu Purls the other day
and brought iniO.OUO. Ro far as Is
known none of tho numerous Mrs.
Hamld havo been offered for auto
There were Intimations In tho evi
dence on her trial that Mrs. Patter
son wits "some swift," but nothing
tu lead one to bcllcvo that she could
set to Albunuentuo ut 11 o'clock
Thursday after having been liberated
from Jail In Denver nt S o'clock Wed
nesday uftornoott,
Now Is tho winter of the aport
writer's discontent, whon thero will
bo nothing with which to fill space
until tHehl4lfagu buseball tenuis
start south next spring.
ff usoJof tho dictaphone be
comes much more prevalent, folks
who. hav anything to say that they
donl' want overheard will him to
tn'aifer tho deaf-und-durrb language
We linva t deslro to unduly hurry
the canvassing board, but we would
like for New Mexico's representa
tive In congress to rind out whut tits
seat feels llko before tho session ad
journs next summer.
The marksmanship of tho Kansas
man who shot at a rabbit and hit six
ladles In their lower extremities
ought to get u rise out of tho Hous
ton Post iiiau, who poses as un au
thority on gun play,
Eating turkey on Thanksgiving
jay l not enough to prove the Amor
IcanlstHg of the ! Angeles Chink.
We prefer to await news of to
forming of Chinese football tn,
XI Pwo sports wlH have ts eei-
IV Iff ffJMffffWH T Pfl ffTfff ffHT si f$nss 9ml " u
this year. The Mexican revolution
show Is plming tb Iiredo rlHiilt.
We regret to announce that the
a n i mi.-mi if iv Iliu J ivfi
to n small figure. I
Intervention in fhinn prolmblyl WIiCh the Ucpubllenn party waa
means a new map of the world with ij'0"4, M?" ""ll,lh" coni , ,SJE
,,, (1. ,', , .... ureal uatiotisl woslth was 117,000,000,-
lh.i chop-suey Kingdom showing n oOO-nriw It Is M.ly IISO.OOO.OOO.oW
decided reduction In area. n gain n'stler Uepniibllcnn control nod
excellent fiscal management of nt
The question now agitating the
brenM of Us Angeles sport Is. How ln thPro were iwo short Domo-
intitf ufiutii ii i.,.y.. i,,... ir vv..iir..i 'crnllc 'ntPfJurtes ' ut Ihoy do not
ante would t have astml lf Wolgsst r0Uht( n fv rol.llutloni 10
had not had nppemllcltls? PemocraiB did uoihln whllu In of-
The unsienknblc Turk Is now hsv- Ono year after thu neimbllcan par
Ing his Inning in the barbarity game ty wits born and assumed control of
nnd I bulling well above .300. it" ship of state, tho civil war broke
out butjifler n fierce itrtiRglo of four
John D. has slruek water on hi i""". "M?' ll11I"I,l'cn," mnnnwinent
estate nt Pocuntlcn Hills.
Oh, well!
lliM-lc ftiui Will Aid lit War Agnlnt
lheJrent White) rlngiicj Heavy Halo
Pmllelnl This Yrnr.
Washington. Dec. 1. On the mien-
Ing of tho unlr? of lied Cross seals
toduy, permission to sell these Christ
mas sticker In every postofflce In
the United Mtnte ha been emoted
to tho ngontH selling soals, according
to an official announcement made
from Itcd Cross seal headquarter
this morning.
In n letter to Churlca .U Muuee,
secretory of tho American lied Cross,
tho treasury department give direc
tions to tint custodian of all post
office building throughout the coun
try to comply with reouents of locul
agents whQ wish to sell neal In lha
lobbies of theso buildings, not only
for the coming Christmas holidays,
hut every year until the department
shall direct otherwise. Tho order
"The depr.rtincnt Is In receipt of u
communication from Mr. Charles I,,
Mageo, secretary of the American
lied Cross, to the effect that nearly
thn whole territory of tho United
State Is covered by their nrntnge
merits for the sale if Christinas seal
dining tho coming Christmas holi
day. "In lino with the request of th
American lied Cross you ore hereby
authorised. In case application
tnutlc ty u representative of that ns-si-tntlon,
to permit the snlu of
Christmas nouIn In thu corridors of
the building In your custody, not only
during the coming Christmas holi
days, but during those to follow each
year unless you uro directed to the
The postofflce department tins also
approved of tho Ited Cross destRn.
Thus official sanction of two rtov-
crntnont departments has been given
lo tho Red Cross seal movement
against tuberculosis.
An effort will hn mudn to sell
100,000,000 seal this year, and nu
army vt practically 50,000 paid nnd
volunteer workers will cover tho en
tire country.
Several Bijj Transactions Arc
Consummated Recently; F.
E. O'Neal Is Again in the
(Special CorrespiiBdenee t the Herald)
Us Cruces, N. M., l)cc. l.J. It.
Hardy of DuinnKO, Mexico, has pur
chased the Anderson ranch just north
or the city. Peyton Tutwller of Mar
lon, Ala., has purchased tho Dcgon
lunch near Las Cruees tor $9,S0 and
tho I). V. Peacock ranch for $10,000.
Several other ranches havo changed
hands, recently.
K. ' i:. O'Neal, arrested here last
month for (orxlntc II. T. Link's signa
ture to n $20 chock, has agalu been
arrested in 121 Paso for another clmrjw
of forgery. Alter cashing the check
bore ut tho lUnvman bank ho hired
nu luiiomouiio to take him to i;t raso
in tiouuiQ quicK lime, upon arriving
there he refused to pay tho bill and
was arrested, Friends itunlo good tho
loss here.
lho remains of Mrs. Lucy Waldorf
were brought hero from Kl Paso forjCCed $600,000,0 ach year, or over
Interment. Mw. Waldorf m ten times as much, a gain of 20 per
ui .inn. ii, ii, .nui-iici. nuu uiuu in
this city n few weeks ago. I
Wenrly all tho county and district
candidates In .Southern Now Mexico
...B hi rn nwimwK mo re
of the official count
The tilks of Las Cruces uro iirac-
tlclntt nightly for a negro minstrel to
bo kIvoii soon, This entertainment
...in i... ... . w
mil ou hhuii lor uiu puipuno ui nun-
Iuk to tho bulldlnif fund, Tho Elks
have imrchased a site adjoining tho
mmo soon '
will erect a
i.i,.rn.... v ti.ii i.. i nnn
steers , ba Rel.lnson of Wole,
Thn' ftnrlnl nnl f Dm u,nn wns
u Brand ball Klven by Mr. and Mr. 'ro,'"co fr qimnlltle. my
rsj si-ir. t3r ana Mr. . v uneWww n surd.ts prod
elms nt tho Uis Crttces annory. a avftiiuu.i. rw iporlutloit.
largo number of friends attended. ' ' ' r4K f Rjpubllcnn ('
flood muslo mid ft good floor added 1,0 nnl 1,10 Wft mInUtratK
to ttto pleasure. under William Howard Taft, that
America!! tortiawUtoiis have so cheers
Cruces Joined In r tMlm ThanksglvliiK
servlco Thursday wotbis. Rev. W J.
DowiiIhk of ttw Baptist church
Itieached tho srwofi.
Ikitm Aim cmtiHy -will loin Kl Paso
In seHdlaff a delegation (o lho Nntlonnl 1
IrrhMtUm eawirst to bo hold In Chi-
casjo t Rest the month. U Clapp,
prsi4et at lho Water Users' asso
ehvtHHi, nnd w. O, Mc.Vnry will rep
resent tw Wephant Ilutto Water
Ussjsn' sc4tlon of tho Mesllla val-
Tno Im Cruces nubile schools ret.
a4d TtuHsksglvinK dby with airB-
rmyv mvinw m mi me ruoiHS. ns
tte. ssnkm. drills, recitations,
isslsl .ta N le mu,
H1HALB. FRIDAY, D101M1H, 1, Ml.
(By WHer J llnllard.)
least iiQf.QOO.ooo.oou. In tho mean
vmivu (iv will, irilivil Iliu Ullllill, IL'vll
cpraled tho country, nnd today tho
south Is far tnoro prosperous than It
over was boron
liidur Itepubllcun president a
Iteiuibllcon senuto and u Itt'iuibllcau
homo of representatives, the untlotial
honor and prestige was jjlorluiuly
defctuled in the necessary war with
Spain; Cuba, Potto lllco and tho Phil
Ippines were freed Iroai tho four
centuries yoku of that oppressive and
nuii-progrcsslvu country, and tho two
lattor wore added to tho American
national domain,
It wits a Ilcpubllcau secretary of
state who, secured Tor its that most
valuable territory ut Alaska at a
nominal price a price that has been
repaid many nnd ninny times over,
nhd Is still being several time repaid
each year out of the valuable nnd
apparently IticxIimiHtlbio products of
mat vast rugiun,
Kilty j ears of republicanism hnvo
given to our country a galaxy of no
bio, nblo nnd patriot !c presidents,
numiiit whom the honored names of
Uncoln, Grant. Oarlleld. McKlnley.
Hoouevelt and Tatt will llvu forever
In our minds and hearts,
wncn mo ucpubllenn parly was
born to control lu 1KG0 our populn
tlon was IM.OOO.OOU; now It Is OI.MIO,-
vuu, wiiii ucariy iu,uuu,uuu moro living
tinder the Atnrrlcnn flag In other
clinics. 1
Fifty your ago tho now great slate
or California was only it child ten
years of age, feeble, and not then
blcsned with much. (rrnlUed) of tho
V.O..J-. feuautt, iiw U is a uun of tiu
years, full nf achluvcmont, wealth,
hope, purpose nnd marvelous to
source yet to lie developed: a state
which Is bcnelltlng every day nnd
every hour hy the wlsd fiscal policies
or the iiepiiiiiican party.
Ditriti:r the. fifty years of Ilepub
llcan control the nntlonnl public debt
of nearly two, and a half billions of
dollars crested by tho civil war has
been paid c: tho present debt of
about one billion dollars having been
practically Incurred for needs nnd ac
quirements since that period.
It was the Hepubllcnn party which
on January i, 1S7K, resumed specie
payments, the Hoiiiibllcan secretary of
tho treasury ftthnt day having said.
In answer (o.'cflllcs. ''The law to
resume is. to 'resume." Kvrr since
then the Republican parly has kept
tho American dollar worth n dollar
In gold.
When the Republican party wns
horn to control fifty years nco the
total aununl va,lH of our forotun com.
merco, Merchandise, only, was CS7,-
uuu.uiHj, while now lis annual value Is
13,303.000,000, an Incrcnso of 2,01C,-
Tho Republican party has rcfiuccd
our public Ueut Interest pur capita
rum n.xs at thu close of the civil
war to 34 cents.
MIty enrs ago the Republican
parly Inherited a total money circu
lation of Jtar..0fl0.00!: now tho totai
Is $3.30O.ooo,nftfi (dollar for dollar of
our foreign commerce nnd more than
two dollars Mr ono of our Imports),
a gain under Republicanism ot JJ.S85,
Tho yearly bank clearings of tho
country werq about 110,000,000,000
nrty years age, against over 1100.
000.000,000 now, a xaln under straight
Republicanism of 1140,000,000,000 a
A vital point! fifty years ago the
nggregnto of our savings hank (thn
wago workers' bank) deposits was
iHlt.GOO.OOO. new their total (largely
saved out of Republican protective
tariff wages) exceeds $1,000,000,000, a
credit In Republican control and poll
iclcs of $3,K5l,(KH),Q00; tho depositors
. numbered $300,870 nity years age,
whllo now their number Is about
lu IfcOO the regular yearly receipts
(not loan) nf our government weru
ir.r.OOOnnn nnw lUann roeulnt nr.
cent in each decade.
wiin ih !,Urnn .mi-tv
!HU,nC(l con,ro, 0llr nattonnl affairs
n(ty yoar, a.,a mf mvy ,Mo(1 fap
down In tho list ef world navies; now
It la third In lapertanco and second
to none In fftckcy.
Fifty years oca tta yearly exports
of trio products of our factories UM
vnillnf 1 1 MM AM nw thn vnnrlv
Vahm of such MSm
;pr K.TZltJZV Z1
," That I a Hrect and poM-
Hive result of th Wepubiican policy
n Jg hoTarKet Tr
POllfJ,-. ottr ftterfOS BblO tB
ln" nml prossr tHtwilllcd to a
ix . Wll wM has pnt over
K5.000.000 In t4k iwttettal treasury.
for tho hencfl( isf nil the country, Ih
ie nwt two or rm mwits.
Under Repuussism ) policies
the growth of mt to4rl has lien
so grst that tMkr arlt!eH of raw
matemhi roe mm m
roM front $21imil ItM to $641,.
&W.0&0 in lilt, vm W4MM, nner
Kenubilcan pi slnsnsnsi, wnr work and
mere wages rwr Mm Ass sties n voter.
It will lt the wanrVt snsn (ault if at
4 sa a iiimIhh am feA4Bkbfft Alskoilnu 1..
thn eomMsg of
njmwis msi
stsie or nf-
I T2tte
yearly exporla In fifty years are
worth noting!
tturono $ 826,000,000
North America 3.12.000,000
South America 77,000,000
Anln 49,000,000
Oceanic 46,000,000
Tolal Increase $1,345,000,000
or nearly $4,000.00(1 n day Increase
for each of the 300 working dityo In
tho year
California's foreign commerce has
grown from $13,000,000 to over $10(1,
000,000 n year In tho fifty years, and
will Krow very much fnatcr when tho
ropilbllcnfi.bitllt IMminm ennat Is
completed In 1010, together with tho
completion of the public, municipal
nnd prlvnto Improvement of lis
Angeles hnrbor.
Under the fifty years of Republican
prelection the- manufacturing output
of California has grown from al
most nothlnK to a value of $500,600,
000 a year (or neany $3,000,000 far
onch working day) nnd Is still grow
Inc. For that reason ir for no oilier.
California voters should vote for
straight Republican candidate, so as
to ensure protection or tho protection
which tho mnnufaetttrlnR Interests
of the Ooldcn stato aro receiving and
will increasingly nood.
Fifty years ago tho value of Amer
ican faraia and farm property was
not itiltd $8,000,000,000) now their
value exceeds $26,)00,000,000 and Is
rapidly gaining,
Under the Republican policy or pro
ectlon ouV annual production of corn
iias grown from 838,000,000 lu 2,773,
OOO.Ooo bushels of wool, from 60,000,
OQ0 lo 737,000,000 bushels; of cotton,
from 3,841,000 to 10,316,000 hales, and
of sugar, from 230,000,000 to 1,670
000,000 ound.
Republican policies hcYve so ener
gized the business of tho country that
In tho fifty years our yearly gold pro
duction has risen front a value of
$40000.000 o $100,000,000; of silver,
from $100,000 to $28,000,00; of coal
from 13,000,000 to 400,000,000 tons; ot
copper, from 7,200 tons to 420.000
Ions; of lend, from 10.000 to 310.000
tons; or petroleum, from 21,000,000 to gallons; of pl(t Iron from
821.000 to 20.000,000 tons, nnd so
through all the lumt list of mineral
Republican protection has Increased
tho number of our factories from
140.000 in ISfio lo 77S.OOO lu 1010. nun
their early oui,iut from $l.SS3,000,OOo
lo $17,000,000,000 with a disbursement
exceeding $3,n()0,000,000,
In tho fitly years of Republican con
trol under rovlcw horetn our steam
railroad mileage has Increased from
iio.uzo to 210,839, carrying yearly 060.
000,000 paisenxers and nearly 2,000,.
000,000 tons of frclKlit: vessel ton.
nage through Sault Hie. Mario canal
rrom 403,000 to over OO'.OOO.noo; postal
revenue, gross from $10,000,600 a year
io zzi.uou.uoo a year, tho numbor of
psotortices from 28,030 to 00,144, be
sides the now gigantic rural delivery
costing $30,000,000 a year.
lu -forty of the fifty years mtr an
nual outlay for common schools, the
bulwark of our nation nnd our chief
hope for tho future, ban Increased
from $03.000 000 to over $100,000,000
Careful perusal or tho foregoing
(though only partial) showing uro
res under Republican control should
not Jail to convince tho unprejudiced
reader of the necessity existing for
continuance or that control, coupled
as it would bo with Increased proK'
ress along tho same and all other
lines of American endeavor. Mo
much having been nccompllshod by
tho Republican parly In the llfty year a
that have passed, I an augury of
what tnoro may bo realised In tho
years to come If the party la con
tinued In power, supported hy tho loy-
nny nnd appreciation of the people
at larxo.
It lUtMt be borne In mind that na.
jtions, llko Individuals, must progress
or go oacKwani: they can not stand
stilt. Tho only way to ensure that
measure or itirther progress to which
the American nation la entitled, by
reason of Its Immense reaoureea and
Its world prestige Is to eemtitts the
eputiiican party in power.
Can nny Arlzonan. after giving the
matter careful consideration, permit
iiiiiisuii io no swervea from rt deter
mtnstion to do everything; In hi
power to continue tho party under
tho guidance of which the. United
Stales and every state thereof has
made such slant strides along the
paw or progress?
Tho Republican parly has proved
Itself from the moment of Its birth
ttto rHtrty or progress along material
as weli as Intellectual lines, it ha
had a definite aim and BMrrtos-thn
advancement of the people, While
It has given patient car to every
plaint and has applied a remedy for
tivery 111. It lias ivr pursued tho
Impossible. It has adhered steadfast
ly o the faith. It Iim refused to
permit Itself to bo blown about bv
every breath of false doctrine or lo
see a. universal iianacs In evf ihw-
trttm Suggested bv rWAUrv .lAKtrtu.
arlcg. " "
It has nracttcttJ rtuw- iWn
lireacht'd progressive! sa4 k lhl
campaign presents, for tse ooiwMora
tlon or tho vobws of Arisen, eisi.
ST. for ul varans' mum be
flllod. men who hare been rant mm
Rresslvea n their Hvcs. wh. ksjw
withnn tnnterlsl nm. .n .n,
mibileetunl progresr Is a wN and
ATURDAV'M wseiii t.
J inJrVini,:,4-"'-'S
?," jj' h....;;::::;:;:5.
Karly Jwns ni
AnMNTHMMt Or ens,.,,,,,.',.,
14 HM. ffHr4H Si, . ,V.V, ,LW
S ! ssnt nans saHk......,,,,,,
Onr H44ty shswUf vN in.
tsfsst yM.
WM. MMtKK, Prtmmt.
ty mn mm,.i.,ym u
Ahmoluimty Purm 1
Th lily Baklntf lowdtr macfe
in i::n tiikv vi:um Niyr
1omucl V. trewy or North (3 ran by
has given the ritnte Libruiy a copy of
IIU VUll.lCltllWk V.W.IIHIII, tyVt Oil
puhllshad Monday, July 21, 1770,
say the Itfirlford Cournnl. The
copy has been lu the family all these
year. Tattered, worn' and stained, It
Is still easily legible, and gives the
news ot thai day. It was printed by
Thomu Orcein at the Heart and
Crown, oppoHto tho slate holme, it
consists of four pager. The first page
ha news from London. There was
no advertising on the ftrt page, ad
vertisements being insetted on lho
third and lust pngi's. The date line
show how long news took In coming.
Under London news this paragraph;
"May It, On Sunday last the Am
erican preacher preached In the morn.
Ing, und the Indian In tho nfternoon.
at Mr. llrewfr's meeting house at
Htephney, to a vory crowded congrt).
mi tlon,"
From the vole of the house of
commons tho following resolution
was printed i
"Resolved, That tho seising or tak
ing away the papers, author, printer!
or publisher of a libel, or the suppos
ed uuthor. printer or publisher or of
libel, I illegal: nnd that such seising
or taking uwny the paper or n mem
ber or this house, is a breach or tint
privilege of this house."
On the second puse Ihl ncount np.
pears, dated nt Nnplet, April S
"The eruption of Vesuvius has not
. ...-v., ,., uio inemr-seri'mn. The I
i prisuni extend Itself to about
two miles In length, being njom thir
ty feet in Its greatest bre.idtb. und
nine nt Its utmost depth. It run from
uie summit or th mountain, nnd
maintains it course toward Portlcl
The VoKano emit flames from time
to time nnd throw up burning stone,
among which are some of enormpus
slse. which were luunched forth Vn&rd
tnsn 200 feet hloli. Tho explosion
.v ninur Kccoinpunieii witn violent
convulsions, and a noise resembling
wmi oi a cannon, nut are not contin
ual, having had Vern Intermission
since the lirst Commencement or thut
horrible spectacle."
Pnga 2 was nut larking In hUmor.
The following lines were "From 'a Into
Mngastne" and were bended "Tho true
Ktato or Matrimony In oulh ilrftnln.":
"Ir you see a man or wotnun, with,
little or no occasion, 0rten rlndln
rnult and correcting one another In
company you may be surq they ur
man and wlfo,
"If you see a genttemnn.,nnd a lady
In the same couch, In profound si
lence, tho ono looking out at one side,
tho other at thu other side, nver
Imagine they mean nny harm to one
another; they are already Honestly
"If yeu see ii lady accldently lt
fall a glove or handkerchief, and a
gentleman that Is next to her kindly
telling her of It. that she might takd
U up. they ari mn and wife."
lleslde these sentiments, directly be
low them wns the speech of resigna
tion of Thorns Clap, president of
rate college. TJi6 resignation wn not
accepted and President Clap consent
ed to remain, fn olttcc, Under Hasten
netv on thu second page I this sen
tence: "This morning arrlvad the Jamaica
sioop of war from Halifax."
PhllndelBh a new under date of
July 10 ha the fallowing:
"y late Utters from Fort Pitt, we
have a very agfeenbto tHtclUnence that
Cnl. Croghan last month, hehl
treaty there with the MImwuhsw.
Delaware, Ac. and happily renewed
and confirmed the chain of friend
"Hxtract of a letter from London,
May 10.
"Ou Monday It Is expected a mo
tion will be made to bring In a bill
ror a paper currency, which, when
printed, It I proposed to be sent to
your respective governor, ror the
opinion of your assemblies, against
next emlon of parliament,'
New York news l under dale or
July 17:
Wn hear, that between Vendor.
hood and Albany, thero has lately
been discovered, a most valuable
spring of water Issuing out or a rook,
of the hot kind, the bathing with
which, snd drlnklac the Sams lias at-
ready cured rrfany disorder, and that
great numbers of pwplo afflicted
with different calamltlts resort there
"Cm Friday night last rout officer:
of the Regular, posted here, sallied
iii'in ii invern wnern rtiey naa ttrank
too freely, and near th collme ue!
go-. 't i,r alt th flit huno. turn
who kce)N a public house there imp.
pened ta be ut and leanin over his
door when ihvy broko a lamp Just fee.
fore hlmt upon his asking thn reasen
or It, and reproving rnem they guva
mm nsHMive in-s, rushed mm
the honse, attneksd htm HltH their
swords, and while he was strugalin
wRh I hew they wonn4d Mm M ihe
arm, and R wan with dMNeuRy H
cskh1 with life. Ttey then Isshnvwi
(n a very ontraoiw Manner, alarm-
and terrHtcd Mm family wad I,
sen, soma of whoa they putted tram
IWr he. AKr Mtng' thr wnm4f
awn Mm4iWmr. nttgsglsj by
Iwb nrntsd sotdtsfn, lKtr ntl Utw
Mhmbsi m ihrn wmU till Uv had
mtmm 4. wk thr wr rt iV
fww the wnsssgu M4.n rnay snswsd; 1
wssw r tn wianmnen wsre ammissb-
two nf tho officers knocked down, but
only one wns taken nnd secured In
the watch-house, The other threa
who escaped, having taken thn cen
llnel from tho general's door, ami
about n doicn soldiers from the fort,
armed with musket and fixed bayo.
nets, proceeded toward the city hall.
In the way they again met, attacked
and wounded several of the watch,
nnd then went on to the city hnll,
where tho ciyll watch Is kept, and res.
cued nnd released the prisoner. Next
day the olTlcer who had been In tho
WBtrh-hmife being stn and known,
wn taken up, nnd another soon ar
ter, and brought bcrorn the mayor!
nnd ntdermen then sitting, whero
they gave ball In A large sum ror their
npprnrance to answer at the supremM
court The penalty bi twenty pounds
ror every lamp wilfully broken.
"The general behovlor of the com
manding officer upon tho occasion;
gave general satisfaction; far from at
tempting to screen or countenance,
the offender, he appeared rather a.
,frlend nnd supporter or the civil a in
An nceldent hnppenett In rtolton In
June, "The Cournnt'a" account ot
the drnth or the affected man on tho
third .nage Is;
j "Hartford, July 21. I
"Oh Sunday the 13th Instant, died,
nt his house, In llolton. Thoma Pit.
kin, Esq,, brother to his honour tho
governor; ho had a violent foil from'
his horse about 3 weeks ago, which
occasioned his death."
Thomas Davidson advertised In this
"Thomas Davidson,
"Request all Persons who are ln
dvbtd to him, by llond, Note or Hook,
that ir It I not convenient for them t
pay their respective Dalauces In Cash,
that WMent, llyo, Indian-Corn or
Pork will be accepted, ir brought ti
him before tho latter Knd of Septem
ber next; for those who fall, must ex
pect to be sued u step very disagree,
nble to the Subscriber."
On page S is a IJoston Item of July
7: i
"Friday last his Kxcellency wad
Pleased to appoint Thursday the 24tl
Instant to be observed as dny of
publlo Thanksgiving throughout thin
Province, on uccount of tho Repeal
or tho Hlntnp Act."
Rags for ranking paper were not
plenty according to unothor adver
tisement! "Iteudy Money given for clean Lin
en Hags of any Kind, nt the Printing
Otllce in Hartford, for tho uso of thn
.Norwich Paper Manufactory.
"(Tho Inhabitant of this Colon
are requested to consider the publlu
Utility of this Undertaking, and col
loot and save as many clean LlnncW
Rags ns possible,)"
The only local story In the paper
begin as follows:
"The vast concourse or people which!
Hek to the Mineral Spring In Star
ford, Induce :i to offer Ilia following
remarks relative thereto.
"Tim spring Issues out from tho roof
of n, large maple tree, which stand
at the bottom of a laro mountain,
on tho margin of tho Rivulet While
mnntlck, racing the northwest; thri
clrcumjacent land being also mounw
tnlnous. The water httth been knnww
as common spring many years, botlj
to tho English and Indians, but wan
not medicinally resetted lo till abou
year ago.
The water Is very clesr and ex
ceedlngly cold. Some say R tasted
like Ink, others like Bnsem Salt, but)
JflMt think It tastes lke the rust of
Iron. U operates mostly by urine,
and generally upon thd Mrst drinking?
makes persons feel somewhat slek.
and some few it vomits. "Was tha
spring under proper regulations, and"
attended with eme. skillful physician
to give proper directions about uln
the water. It might be a public brew
ngj but In II present situation IB
help one and hurts two, but that lu
owing to nn abuse of thn water, whkh?
Is most Imprudently used by great
numbr who flock there by hundreds
In a day, wth all disorders, and semn
are Injudicious snougn to drink two.
gullnns a, day, nnd when they batnn
to tey a long time In the water, which
U prejudicial. In hectical and cent
sumptlvp cases, nnd contracted limb
It has done great cures."
(New York Amestcan.)
Oeorge Dyott, an MngNsnman, fly
Ing a DuperdMstn monoelsne. witk
Captain Patrick Campbell Hamilton.
n Anglian army orficer, an a psssen.
ger, demons, ested the nossibiutiM nf
' naroplarte for nttnt Hying when,
un in am ai s powerrui senrchHght
attached to the runnin sene nt fat
neroptane nnd constecltd by electrlo
wire. ne new ntt about the vicinity
f the Nassau aerodrome and tended
wWhoui cver straining n wire, AH
Was it thick, tnny dnrkns aWst thn
rild wsmhi Mm avfetwr Mnstt.
AH thn sjdstsr WMteMnM nsnt Wn
CwmsdN ItnnstMM mpnnsl Hie
ssNusehlight nnd nicks tt k hnsnng
fw'ssMlMswir, Tsssrn.
Idann SMaawtn MnMsssd a
lsrMw In m, dsk any, wh (nn
mmrftatmM iintMws; Its sss m m .
rftUmm, At ttn the hW wtM
be shut off, nnd, Mseept fr th mw
Wn ut ln nMittr. Mm IssnMnst ssf
thn arojrta eotrtl mi hn r
An Us monoplnns mm dsswn ffw
hsissNt ! Ht M ks nsnsstiHIit
wan tnsnssi towsesi th gywnJ, and
. .-jsnafa. ...
Jau .jbtiiMklukkiMMSL

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