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(tfu 'itiaur to Tribune Cltlxen.)
Published every aftrrnooa esccpt
Sunday at 132.131 North Bvcowi
stnvt, AIbuiucrcae, S. M.
Knlcml m om!-clai Kstter
March 7, Itll. nt the pmtnMce nt
Albuquerque, N. M., maier tbo Act nl
Url, Itll.
Ono month hy rnnll...,!l,,,,M rent
Ono month by currier M cents
Oho year by molt 5.0
Oho year liy emle. W.eo
iioi nuvwi: iti
It never nyn tn lone your temper,
but there, tiro Hinrii wlien potlente
almost ceoscs to hit n virtue, and
when even tiio editor nf un Inland
itniiv nMiT tm tike HiMKiiiinit thah
lnk'tl, kicking the offlso nil ninl
iiIiim un the entii. Supply of
A iiewsjmpor tin been ssnl to us
designating llsslf Ihu ftin Diego Her
old. nnd published In Kan Diego,
California, n plate Dint Is clilrfly fa-
Dollar to un In this section i( I ho
t'nlled Mlntc from tho free udvcr
Using It bus been receiving Ht thS
bunds of tlio press "f Now Moxlro on
the strength ol n I'nnnmn ennui ex
position they ure going to pull off
down thrro.
New Mexico nenspnpera und New
Moxlco-'edltors und New Mexico clt I -.n
gurTcrally tiro boosters. They
nro booster fur homo first, last and
all tho time because they hnvo mo
much to boost at home thut tiny
fan never catch up with tho Jot).
Hut It In a slngulur fnct that New
Mexico never, boosts her home towns,
n rid her homo state at tho expensa
of tiny other community. We speak
In endearing terms of uur New Mex
ico because w believe In tho great
new Mate, past, present nnd future.
V speak of our unrivalled cllmntu
and health-giving iuiiHhlne, but never
at Ihu expense of snowbound, bllxtnrd
nwupt communities whero life Is n
mntlcr of rugged existence.
We bonst of the charinn and oppor
tunities nf life In New Mexico because
they are real. Wo do not disparage
others, because New Mexico docs nut
need to do It.
Therefore, It tnkoa about nil uur
tolerutlon to bo decent w hen somo
hiilf-hiikcd enthusiast, tn nil effort
to induce lutiuljirittlon t nd dunes
and tourist hotel, finds it ncccsiary
to tako n fling at New Moxlco. In
order to Miy a good word for hU own
community. Hut to get back to tho
Hnn Oleun Herald. A copy ot thut
paper under dale of November 30
contained ns dirty und contuinpllblu
un article on Its front pane us It 1ms
ever been tho lot of. this paper to
No doubt tho San Diego Ileruld In
tends thereby to Induco all of New
Mexico to nt once inuku preparations
fcr attending the Hun Diego cxposl
Uou unit thcruby usslst Its half
starved hotel keepers nnd Its weak
kneed newspapers by turning looso a
111 1 1 o reul money u that section of
the great Jtnto of California. Now
It Is quite llkuly that it few nf us
might havo dropped In on that expo.
nv in just to l good fellows and
show that there wits no hard feeling,
but Hi view of tho fact thnt we arc
M) Kreiilly beneath tho notlco of the
Kan dlego Herald It Is going to cauxe
us to choku bask our prldo to do it.
Tfc 11 to, su f-w .it u tir. )i'i'
ticcordlriK to the Han niwgo Hiruld,
lliat fear wo mny oven bo refuneil
the pmltego of paying exeesslvo hotel
ruttn nt the gaudy tourists establish-
mint" .iit ther-. W might even
touintiinntc tho bathing benches and
the great I'uslftc ooeun. denplto the
fa t thut Haw Plugo and most other
California tow mi ulong tho eoant
empty their sowurago Into tint ocean.
Hut for frnr thut wo might lose
our tunper and say something actu
ally mean, wo wilt simply reprint
from the fan Dlego Herald what ,lt
thinks about Now Moxleo nnd her
ietpW- Then, If there arc any of
our cittsehs wlima lovo for Sun
Dlego nnd her underpaid, underfed.
Illiterate, narrow minded, grafting
gang of hood ling boosters makes It
Incumbent for them to fnrsaku the
icur sky, brlglil sunshine und nubto
mountains of Now Mexico to take u
buth In the big pond that stnolls llko
h dead catfish twenty miles front
water, It Is up to (hum.
Our sentlo rc.idors must not take
these few brief comments to mean
that wo aro ansry. Far from It. Our
feelings have been hurt slightly, thut
U all Were wc reHlly angry we
might nay something dUpnraglng of
Han Dlego, but a second glance at
tho Hn Dlego Korald leads us to be
hove that It is not worth while. This
Is what tho scurrilous sheet prims':
Mr. Frank ringers nnd Mr.
Bob, Dougherty havo returned
from Los Truces, Now Mexico,
thy place, whero the government
U building a mutnuulh ilum.
Hovcii hundred men nro on tltt
Jo'). Tho pnpillatlun of Ui
I'rsiccn Is atiout 00 per cnt puro
Mexican. The houses ure udobn
nnd brick, Ainerlcang ljv In
tho brick buildings. Tho (uol I
inequlte and cow l the Utter at
JlOiff. Thf Hohd'lrf jiscUd our
by burftig at ti tents , wdi
duetrve s tin) ttfnrt owuitry.
tlSC Is the pMee tliny nffrisl
laud under Irrigation, and n 40
pr acre perijctuol wnler right,
eiUl to (Tt pfrTliire 'PI is hotel
tain Is lau Iftr day. nt the best
hotel in the tnwn a 'dobe strue
ture, with wulh, about three feet
Albuiueriiie, a population of
under 1500. mostly brick houses.
I'llmato cold; and lots of Indians
uboUt tint pUro, -Old town peo
ple arn puro Mexican. Tho
utrcets'iirp imtrowannd crooked,
like a now t?all, and not very
Interesting. Winds blow most of
the yeur, and thn temporaturo
Is often down to 21 degrees below
n ro. Messrs. Itogurs and Dough
erty were glad (tt get bnok to
the eoast, where the peopto are
white and things are growing.
"I jiw n nhnlever Is boldly nsserled
nnd skillfully maintained," Aaron
llurr Is suld to hnvo ileolnred.
"Imv! lit the lust BueM of tho su
premo oourt," according to on un
tmu "Hut thnt Is not Urn luw," testily
doctored a Judgo, Interrupttnit an ut
tunic)' In the courso ot an argument.
"I'nrdon mo," was the calm reply.
"It was the Inw until your honor
, These half flippant nnd wholly cvn
leal expressions fairly reflect tho
chaotlo condltoln of present-day
Jurliprudcuco In the United Hlntcf,
Who ran tell what Is tho law on any
disputed point, nnd what possible
point of law Is there that has not
been disputed or Is not open to dis
pute? What wonder Is it that men
with large fort'inim nro able, by th
employment of nstuto counsel, to
stave off Indefinitely the. dctermlnu
Hon of ii question whoso decision ad
vcrsely to them It Is desired to nvcrt?
Tint root of tho evil undoubtedly
lies In the tremendous powers with
which our courts in this country liavo
been Invested. These powers were
not dreamed of nt tho tlmo of tho
creation of tho republic, und It Is n
fact not generally known that In tho
first fow years of Its existence tin
supreme court ot thn United Kliitm
was by no means so highly esteemed
ns nt present as u placo of prefer
ment, one appointed having declined
a sent on that bench In order to uc-
cept what he coiixldert'd the more
dignified post of Judgo of the s-i-prcnift
court ot Maryland,
Hut It was jiiit!4im before the su
preme court or the t'nlted Hlates be
gun t uiyuuic poeri Jo rgnrd t
the .Aiiir6M..n ..rxnraiiri SiTSi ti ,i.
law,. ln'h h.iw nrer iwn nrmitod
to Die t'ouris ot an country In tho
world. WhethervH,not this nsMimp
Hon was wnrraniedlli tho first place,
It hnn subsequently been acquiesced
In and Is now firmly established ns
an Inherent right. of tho court. Kluto
courts were not slow to follow llii'
example of the federal supreme court
within tho limits of their Jurisdic
tion, und Die result has been thnt we
now hnvo forty-nine supremo courts
construing In many Instunces tho
same questions according to thulr
fnrty-nlna different points or view
and with their forty-nine varying
shades of ability nnd learning.
It Is no wonder that the ordinary
mini wonders where he "Is at'' when
ho gets Into a court uf law, or that
every casa which Is tried Is Involved
In the greatest uncertainty und
doubt. Something should be dona to
mnke the law less of u sporting prop
osition and more nearly an approach
to tho exact oclenco that It Is theoret
ically sujiposed to lie.
It Albuquerque Is to take tho phicu
to which sha Is Justly cntltlud as an
enterprising American ally, Immedi
ate steps must bo taken to Increase
the. number of purks niul recrculluli
pluces mulntulncd by the city.
It Is useless tn call attention to
tho value of parks to the growing
city. This feature of city life, unco
couMdcrcd a luxury, Is now general
I) conceded to be a necessity to the
heullh and happiness ot any crowded
community. No amount of conges
tion of population Into towns and cit
ies will ever remove the Intuitu crav
ing In tho breast of man for the
beauties ot nuture and tho happiness
thnt comes from mere contact with
her aharms.
Hlght now Is tho tlmo for Albu
querque to begin a systcinutlo polloy
of pirk building which will meet the
future needs ot this rapidly growing
community. There, Is room for parks
now, and land can bo hud, It Judi
ciously chosen, nt prices well within
tho menns of the city. In a fow
years values wilt huvo greatly en
hanced und tho expenditures which
such n policy would entail wilt be a
burden on tho taxpayers.
It Is merely a question ot foresight
and economy. Mora und bettor
parks nro bound to come. Let us
excruUo n little Judgment und cum
mon senso by bujlding them while It
can be done, rhenply.
Tilt Kiiturdojf Wvonlng I'ttst Is bus
ily Pfuelulining Urn I "the Hgiu kind
Of JtMCIflt" I'KII Un stuuttHl pl-u'-
dut nuxt yeur. Vut an tttiulysls ot tu
ui tides on U'V flfWvut leads tu tho
conclusion thnt the right kind of
Jn-inocrat Is In the came category as
tho good Injun.
Tht men. ((ff due,, an t km wo
pntrtak, president of the rntriigo
I'iMlerutten Of Imbor, In spenking "t
the MeNnlnnrns, Tlrti world would
tint be n lrfil sort of place to (he in '
It It contained more men like Mr
rommlttees from the senate und
limine were appointed today tu notify
the president Hint congress Is In ses
sion; but It Is believed thnt Mr. Taft
hud n strongi'hunch that, something
if the sort wits going un nil the limn.
It must be admitted thut i.lnk Hlcf
feus did some pretty rinsxy press
work In preparing the public for the
mugnxlne nrlieles from his pen whloh
are sura to follow shortly.
Nobody bus over novused Theodore
lloosovett of.belng a fool. Ho doubt
less remembers tho experience ut
Illaluu In 1812.
(Case and Comment.)
The reports In American papers ot
the trial f the ('iimnrrUln ut Vlterbo
huvo made many people, wonder If
there Is any system ut nil about crim
inal trials, and If Micro is, what the
system Is like There Is a system,
und a very simple one It Is, though
utterly different Trum thnt which
governs procedure In American or
Ungllsh courts, says an exchartge.
Thn trial takes placo before three.
Judges and a Jury, to which aro add
ed n certain number of extra Jurors
who aro sworn nnd aro present In
court to hear tho testimony, und nro
held ready to take the place In the
Jury box of any Juror who may In
the course of the trial bo Incapaci
tated from further service The dep.
osltlons of nil the witnesses hnvo
been tnkeu In writing and signed be
fore the trial begins. Kach of tho
Judges has u copy ot these betora
him. The prosecutor nnd the counsel
for tho accused furnish to tho court
u list of tho witnesses they desire
called, und theso uro summoned all
by tho court, which has tho power
to punish nnn-uttendance.
Tho first thing thnt happens when
tho trial begins Is tho questlontnK of
Ihu accused by tho presiding Justice.
In Italy, as In most of continental
Kuropc, n mnn accused of u crime Is
considered by the law tn bo tho very
best witness to his own guilt or In
nocence. In Knglnnd nnd America
the licensed need not testify unless
he uhoosc. In Italy ho la the first
and most Important witness.
The neeusrit Is allowed tho widest
scope In defending himself. He has
a right to tell hts own story in his
own wav t" off.r nnythlng he ennisnnt from ,f,"olytuo u OMico U'ty, It
tri; i . .. i in. uri. .ii ;.i i'i i n
ttitn. iixn limr-t) evident? I -utmi-1
il To. judge im uu..iiiii' :in i.
Hon s to what testimony may be i
calved and what excluded, and nny
Judge who exercised tills discretion
unfairly would bu un object ot exe
cration. Illus on the part of one
judgo Is possible, but there uro al
ways two other Judges on the bench
with him, and thoy are u perfect
check ugnlnst unfairness.
When the uccused bus given his
testimony he Is confronted personally
with his accuser. Tho accuser 1
necessarily the principal witness
ugnlnst him. Strictly spenklng, the
prisoner has no right to interrupt Itla
accuser while tho latter Is telling his
story, but In practice tho Judges per
mit it, nnd tho confrontation Home
times becomes u thrcu-Qoruerod de
bute between accuser, uccused und
Judge, tho latter giving tho accused
thn widest leeway tu demonstrate his
The dead leaves, strew tho forest walk,
And withered nro ihu ulo wild
Tho frost hnng blackening on the
Tho duwdrops full In froxen show
ers, (lone nre tho Spring's green sprout,
lug bowers,
aono Hummer's rich nnd innntllnir
And Autumn, with her yellow hours,
On hill und plain tin longer shines.
I learned a etcar and uild-toned nnto,
That nine nnd unci led from wonder
A gay bird, with too sweet n throat,
There perched nnd raised her sons
for mc.
The winter comes, nnd where Is she.?
Away whero summer wings will
Whero buds nro fresh nnd every
Is vacul with the notes, of love.
Too mild the breath of southern sky.
Too fresh tho flower that blushes.
tl... m.Ml I, n.n I ..... .... . !..., I...
Illf , Ii ,,, ,,ivv-u i,,,l lumen
I . . a . .. . i. . . i ..
1'iima icmn inn wicuii, hiiu uuus uiu
No forest tree stands stripped nnd
No stream beneath the lee Is deml,
No mountain top with sleety hair
.lends o'er tho snows Its reverend
Oo there with ull tho birds and neck
a nuppior ciime. wiin livelier iiigni,
Kiss, with thu sun, tho evening's
Ai-nl leave me lonely with tho night,
I'll gnxe upon tho cold north light,
And mark where all Its glories shone
Heo Umt tt nil Is fair and bright.
reui uiai ii un is com nnu gone.
John CI. C. Hrnlward (17i)a-l8:).
The maid. waa? sweet.
" ' "j;4!l! , , , .
Hue hurrl jWn the crowded street.
It did biWtuf
, .. I
And Rty hie.li SiMplMMl tn t
Then from ufnr.
Thorn came n cur,
Kmc nui.l u rush -there wiih ii Jar,
Then In the dirt
Hhc lay there hurt,
Al$ (united In her hobble skirt.
Jff tk ht Mddhi horMt In (ha
Recent Experiments at last
Give Definite Hope of
Sending Xwaagca Around
Globe With Ense.
New York. Dec. V W'tinderdtl ns la
tho nelilevciiient of muiIIiik a nice
siigc by eiliorenl vlhratlons from Italy
to Capo Itreltin, four thousand nillca
nuy. It will xclto llttlo sitrprlso
nnd Unit emotion ot any kind, fur that
mailer. In tho nubile mind. Indeed,
I he iiiiiiwloii works of nppllod net-
eiico liitvo been oo mmicrous In ro-
i.,.,it ..... Iia4 tti . . .i i. t , l k ftlinu
, r,phV oMux n.-ng. and cm-
poeinny ut tunso neauug with oiec
trluliv. Iin been allium lust, und on
hearing of n now victory ovor "Nu
ture, ' tho tendency Is rnthor tn criti
cise It Incompleteness than to oxttlt
over whnt h been secompllslii'd.
Thn exemplification of this tendency
tins been notablo In tho dotnnln of
nvlutlon, whoro tho conquerors nf tho
nlr huvo been nlmost ns much scolded
an cheered, merely hccnitso thoy havu
not Instantly nttslned iiorfcctlnn In
their now nrt. And at first thought
tho Intcsl nchlevi'.Dcni of Mr. .Marconi,
since It does not establish n now rec
ord for dlstnnco scents hardly worthy
at loud acclaim. This Is, however, tho
first tlmo thnt distance nnythlng llko
as great hns been covered by prear
ranged plan and nt a predetermined
time. The other cases, very few In
number, might bo called accidental,
since thoy were madu possible) by a
concatenation of exceptional circuit!
stances which nobody understood or
could duplicate, nnd, except ns show
lug n possibility, they had little to
do with the prnctucll or commercial
transmission ot dispatches.
Tho message from Coltnnu to (linen
Hay wns different It meant huslnoss
and was the real thlnff. Also, It brings
thn circling of tho wholo world by llko
message Into reasonnblo hope, If not
Into plain sight, und somo at us wno
nro now allvu may gee tho dny when,
by tncau of perhaps no more thnn a
dozen Hitch atntluns us nre now In op
eration, every ono of the earth's In
habltnnta who can pay a not exorbitant
prlre will bit put In nlmost Instant
communication with every other.
Tho talo of thin exploit, however,
only omphuslxcd tho dreadfully extrav
ngnnt and woefully, wasteful uso ot
energy which characterises wlroloss
telegraphy. Tho tuensngo was not
n. n ulong o.tcj,,o' .M' .unnmir
'it, mill) ol a m '"ri wlt'i un axis
niiirh nin-e itmi. im '' innd uiilsa
-jlong, mid tho ratio of tm use all, to
imt usuicsaiy veiuraieit inner was in
nost Inroucolvnlilv small. Anywhere
within that anticrc. too. thu message
could havu been read by enemies ns
wol us mentis and tho enemies, nnd
thoy chosen, could have made Ha rend
ing Impossible.
Drop In Ti'inperaturo .Make ItMif
I "lit hU'tcrtiyi Suutu I'o (.Vutrul
Again t.iuinciH Time Tulili
Stanley, N. M.. Deiy 4. A light snow
fell ut Htitnlcy on tho 57th. accom
panied by u decided drop in temper
O. II. taiymnn, who bus bteu nwny
visiting Kansas and Oklahoma points
for somo lime, returned -to Btnnlcy on
the 2Jrd.
ti. tl. Cartwrlght ,ptj Sama Ko ivus
n Stanley visitor onthcj53rd. tv
II. T. (iren nnd Hltr, Agnes Clreon,
left un the 1 111 for n vbilt with rein-
this and frb-nds in fjkluhoin.i. ,
John V. ronwavJVo'iintv suiinrln
leudent of selio,iK. fwus visiting the
sellout i" 4Uiiii. n "jftinduy.
II. A. Martin. Uh Qudtihy I'aeMnir
rtunpisny, and It n. Vettlgrew, with
McUiughllu's f'orreo company, were
seeing tho Mtunhw truda on tho STIh.
A. I. Orlmstcnd of' Irani county,
Arkotirns, was tn town this week tnok
jlng nt thn Kstnueln valley with n view
to trading for property and locating
Mr. nnd Mrs. U H. Ulddlociime left
Wednesday for n visit with relatives
In Missouri und Arkansas.
Tuesday night of this week was thu
coldent of the season "o far. Thd
thermometer registered two degree
II. It. IVubndy is down front Mnnta
Vc Visiting his family,
I Hen Hill and family; who have been
living in Madrid, whoro Mr. Hilt was
employed In the mine, moved back;
' , , I . . 1. . I . I . . . m. III.. I . .
II tliu IHIII.-II lll WCGK, i UC nitiiiioy
. . . I . . . . . . . . .
, i'nin, ur. iui 10 neicoiuo inem uacK.
I Mr. und Mrs. i:nno Jlreckllne of
' ...i.. - . tt. . .
wrro in isianiey on me isi.
I. It llird arrtved Friday from
Vaughn nnd Is now staying on tho
ciuim went of town.
A new time curd went Into effect
on the Nov Mexico Central on tho
38th whf re.iy train No. 3 northbound
nuiv arrives ut Htunlny rit !:07 p. m.
and No. I, southbound. St 3:55 p. m,
Manager Dnnifl V. 'Arthur, who will
present Mlsg tirn.e Vbm Wuddlford In
ibe I'arlMim comle ojie'ra bonffe, "Tho
l'nmdlso of Mahomet," at tho Klka
theater on tho 7th csw-ldly ndmits
llnat nf, (juv0,fllj u 5i f tlmo nnd
f thought tn giving his star the most
sumptuous production if her enreer.
H wns conlldent that JhM Von fltnd-
'dlford could Iw rellcd Hiion to delight
and IJirlll her audleneeV with i voice
,at a, M rlvft, , im opi)rn. ,,,
ho wtntwi to rnntrlbulh his shuro to-
wrd th. sitecsa of thn venture. And
" """'IhB New y.u-h life nftTced that
I Miinnge' Arthur 1ind"ioH so. This
irmlth-rianqiiett cU4l fr bouffe
i Ih acknowledged to b sue or tue most
.beautifully staged qnd coronet" if pro
I dnctlons In years. It wft ! brought
here compleio from jh llr15, f,ar,,
.fustf-jin,. n,o sw)fare4-lll fiv. Iwr
Carload of New York Millisn
aires Arrive in Pecos Valley
to Escape From Rigors of
Northern Winter.
(fecial Crreaadare tu Ik HerahJt
Carlsbad, N. M., Dec. 3. A special
car from the froxeti climate of New
York Is hurrying to the most beautiful
llttlo city In tho world, Carlsbad. Th
car contains Mr. Charles (1. Nichols
nnd Mrs. Charles O. Nichols. Charles
(1. Nichols, Jr., ex-Uovcrnor Timothy
Woodruri unu Mi. Tltuuth Woodruff,
Ilert Hmllh and several other million
aires from the city where great wealth
nnd cold weather prevails.
The party wltl be hero Hundoy night.
the 3rd of December and will be taken
to the winter lodgo of the Nichols,
just across tho I'ecos river north ot
Carlsbad. When they nwnke Monday
morning Ihey will hear the birds sing
ing, nnd look out on the beautiful l'e-
pos rlvor, that Is an blue ns tho ocean
and hero It Is wido enough for sailing
In tho nlco yacht owned by Mr. Nich
ols. Th sun will cast his worm rnya
over tho landscape and thaw out thn
party. They will almost bo able to
hear the peach blossoms burst ovor In
me uik qrcnuru mm is oni) a lew nun-
dred yards distant. Hunting, fishing,
feasting and nutomnbltlng will bo tho
pleasures Indulged In and many enter
tninments will be given them. This
trip may he the mennn nf causing tho
big Hepubllcnn politicians to take no
Hce ns ex-(lovernor Timothy Woodruff
will utmost certainly quit the cold rn
glons of tho north nnd becomo u set'
tier of Ihls glorious new state. No
doubt this visit uf theso Important peo.
plo win ho the forerunner of n sub
etnntlnl New Yory colony every win
William I'. liraily, who Is district
attorney for tho I'ecos district In Tex-
as. wns united In mnrrlngu Thnnksglv.
ing dny to the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. V. Hnrcy of this place. Miss
Mabel Hnrcy was tho beautiful bride,
nnd the ceremony was performed nt
St. reward's Catholic church
C. W. Townsciid of Uivlngton. N. M,
Is here us n visitor from this thriving
llttlo city and reports n good business
out there. Ho says tho dry farmers
hnvo rained good crops this year nnd
the la ml is in giiml ilnmninl.
miii UvU'tts. whe is a Witciuian it
m jtoHyrell Mllltar Uistir.ii. , . n-i
t -r a Ml. .it vtatl Mtlli 111 nieih.r
Nothing Imim bsen lianrn r.f th.-.S'
citped convict, Juan Kuusoda. The nf.
tlcerH havo no olue as' to his whero
Tho Carlsbnd Juvenile orchestra,
composed of six boys and ono girl
from 14 to 1C yearn old are playing
up with any orchestra In tho vully,
They are under the leadership ot l'ro,
lessor Hart Mathowson who Is under
eighteen years of age. Their services
nre In great demand for dances.
(Kansas City Times.)
There was not an Interruption to
the ermon of the Hev. deorga II
Combs, pastor of the Independence
Rouievard Christian church, yester
day morning, nnd It wn all duo to thn
forethought of Mrs. Combs. Hevur.i!
wanton had told Doctor Combs that It
was Impossible to cnnic to church
without their small children, No min
ister likes to be Interrupted In his
sermon by the disinterested walls nf
some small member of thn uudlence.
but nevertheless, Doctor Combs want
ed the women to attend church. 80
no told his wife of thn situation, Sev
eral weeks ago she. told the ladles'
Aid association and tho result of tho
whoie thing was that yesterday morn.
1 11 K a checkstntid for babies vas open
ed In the basement nf the church,
Miss Anna M. Dowdon had chargn
yesterday. Members of tho "Ladles'
Aid society will alternate In Charge,
There are toy for thn children who
prefer them to romping about the
room und later there will be ttny beds
whero tho tired one may rest until
mother hns heard tho sermon out.
Unlit foods, such ns fruit and crack
ers, will be added alto to the equip
ment of the nursery.
Yesterday tho children, although
ther were not many, romped nnd
played, with nover u hull from their
nurse. "Homo and muvver" had evi
dently slipped clear boyond tholr h&r
Ixon. When the sermon was over thn
mothers wont down and picked out
their own youngsters und took them
home. There was no confusion In the
Picking out process yesterday, al
though them ware no tugn or other
marks of Identification, a man who
happoned Jn expressed nn anticipation
of trouble some duy when a largo
number of tiny ones aro on hand. Hut
the women In charge hnvo no such
Doa MoJm, la., Dec, 4, Tho
following ha been tonwA by the
Oreulur Don .Moines committee;
Dos Moftiec hna inroflted by her
change to commkMloN form ot ear-
Dunns the Inst eight yearn under
tho old ptnu of Hot-urn .hunt i ho maxi
mum tnx. icyy lit IK'H Moltws for iiy
jiurmmca won U' O pill's, (iml luu min
imum lulllN, MM th averiMfu
39.4 mills. During IN thrw yrt
under commission evrnmit th
mlnlmutn Wi.i cud th svr 2.H.
Thu Des Molnfa tax Uvv to by law
8esd asalust 27, ur cent, of Jhe
pixiiiiUildy.fyll valuu of utxaU Vro-
And Still They Come
Here's another letter praising our
Weekly Free Dinner Set
Albuquerque. New Mex.
November l'Jll.
mrcng Urns,
Der Sir:
I wish to thank yon for the splendid present of dishes
you sent to me n few nights ago, us n prise to the high
est unsh purchaser for the week. The present enme (is
n surprise to us nnd Is certainly u beautiful gift. It sura
ly is ti novel and cvpeinlvo way to advertise, but one that
I am sure will gratify your patrons.
Klncoroly yours,
508 Houth Waller. i WII.I, ti. 1'AKOAT.
fjl Wc have 24 more of these handsome 4'2-piecu
jJ Dinner Set3 to give away. We give one weekly
to the person who, at 8 o'clock Saturday evening,
presents a card showing the greatest total cash pur
chase during the preceding week. Remember, the
dinner set costs absolutely nothing. Our goods are
reasonably priced and marked in plain figures, If
you buy most goods during the. week, THE DIN
House Furnishers
doca not Includo schools or county.
Therefore when wo show Doh Molue'
levy for munlclpnl purposes only to
bo 37.1 mill on tho dollar It really
amounts to but ono-fourth that
amount, or less than I per cent to
bo sieclflc, 9 35 mills.
Tho decreased showing Is of great
Importance, when It la known that
under tho old regime n constant defi
cit for current expenses waa Incurred,
amounting- in tho aggtegato to tho
proccedH of n 1-nilll levy unnualiy,
while during tho three years of com
mission rule the city hna levied prac
tically within Its Income fur curient
excnsc, and ftirtncr thnt there was
Included In ihu budget, by direction
of tho voters un.i the Ugl-lnturc, addi
tional o.viomittiiii for ii'w city hall,
for n now viaduct rljlit ot way, and n
firemen's pcuslou fund ummimlnK 111
all to 2.7 mills nnnunlly.
Nuthlug is more fallacious than to
nssunio thai a comparison nf a city a
tux levy, or Its bonded Indebtedness,
Is an Indication ot cf'citnoy or in
efficiency, extrnvugnuco or economy.
Tho real test Is whothor tho money
lecolvcd has been expended wisely.
To real test Is tho result Des
Moines obtains from tho expoudlturo
of but I0 000, for cleaning Its ninety
miles of paved streets,
Deo Moines grades her 150 tulles ot
streets with 182,000. alio IlRltti alt
tho neccHEitry thoroughfares with JttS,
COO. She cares for seventeen porks
of 71S acres at nn uxpcuuo ot $C;l,oo'j,
Comparing Des Moines undor com
mission government with former uu
ministrations under tho old system,
wo find now, with a smaller tax lavy,
tho city Is bettor cleaned, better light
ed, better kept In evory way. Iing
Heitlected pavements havo been te
yftirtd and replaced. A vlsduct agl
tail for tho last twen.y ytars It in
jiTeK of coinpifrilflh; ImihiIsowo nr
tWIc bridges have mtMwvd the old
(Heel truss bridtw eer imimrlattt
streets, Moro mlbito improvements
of an ImporunC nuturo imvn ucm
constructed dlirlns the tmarly ior
years of commlBstott ruld than in uuy
previous clgnt years ot the city's his
tory. Competition Lowers nates.
tly securing comiictltloti, lower
prices havo uvcu secured on nearly all
public works und rigid Inspection has
Improved the quality. HI10 has i.-staii-llshed
11 reputation for superior public
work Hint attracts other cities to view
und emulate. 8 ho has reduced 1iy
mutual agreement tho cost ot electric
lights and power nud has tinder way
In the courts tho regulation of nor
wntor nnd gas companies, tho first
tlmo In fifteen years that any attempt
has been mndo to roduco public serv
ice rates.
Hho has modernized her system ot
public works and substituted dy la
bor for tho contractor In so far ns thn
law permits, liy mo Introduction ot
niodorn labor-saving machinery and
equipment sho tins udvunced tho price
of labor ami securing pood nurvlce in
return nas tnotobr lemNM tse cwi
of much of her piikUuwtk,
ono ins tn proved her accounting
system by a close audit. Hy securls
interest on doposlts of her funds, tak
ing cash discounts fr ewh Hirehss
ant) other l.upartaof- etimwrttefc im
shown real Itupfoveweiit in economy
ami cf8li'ncy.
Wht is more, sho hM rforwd ins
comiiKt ot her pellcfi cwrt, Imyrttvwrt
hC MsUeb c9N4U(s); ,Mtwi
v4y ts Vtr nurkiMM t4ntfoisHi Mi
eMHtoc, Mhtt h mw4 rmsU 4ri4
In MtWhrN a eirlo ttr M
rlvsf kl.
Yon a4Nl a Mir t Ovmwtfkm
wear with .ye-nr low itum, fW y a
your ankles warm ar.d it:i'm rrSSM
cutchtn com, Wo hVn H m-m.
Men, Women and Children. PrtS
run from GOo to 8(c. May's ho
(Moro, Hi Wist Central Ave.
"I Had beit trottMed with conrtl-
llutlnti fu tu.',, vimr ninl tvl.td all ot
the best nhvslelans In Urlstol. Tnn..
and they cotild tKi awtnlRf for 11104"
writes Thos. 5. Wllklwrnii. MirfdleborO,
KV. "Two DSSkacaa of Chain heN
Iain's Womach and I.lver Tnhkl
cured j'c-'-yyTtfcijl,;r?'
foe Kh be: soMIa morass In trie
Tho first roundhouse ever built by
tho Hanth Fe Is bcln torn down. This
Is tho building nt Topcka, and la
tunrkod tthlay hy only a segment of
n cement circle, onco tho foundation
of the structuro.
This old roundhouse whlfh has
atood nbout 300 feet southcost tit hn
pnsnenger Htntiuti of tho Kantn Ko In
Topeka, nns uoen one of iho relics ot
tho roni'. 1' Is belns r.-movod that
the spnrc might 1x used for uddltlonal
switching facilities In the yards.
Tho old hulldlnts was constructed
lit Topeku II years ago. After n now
roundhouso was built It was used for
storaeo purposes. Thou It was aban
doned ultugcthcr and In tho last year
the front, tho roof ami patt or tho
sldo walls have crumbled. It has tnkeu
only a day for workmen to Hovel tho
walls and clear tho site
Not long r.go ono of the g freight
locomotives ot tho titttiM Fo was
switched to ono of tho tnrks near
the old roundhousn Tho engtuu
Hood on tho west sldo nf the round
limine nnd from tho cast tilde, tho cab
th, rmnkcMtack and tho cutlre upper
p:i- of tho boiler could ho seen o'jfil
ig above tho roof of tho bulbllm
Tbli was !i good couiparlatm of tno
hUo ( f tho Incomntlvrn of todiy nnd
or 10 years ago and tho dtlferefico In
tho ol'iienstona of the roundhouso ut
this tlmo nnd then. Kali read men
sy that tho old original structure)
would hardly accommodate a tender
of tho hlc engines now used br tho
Santa Fo. Homo of Iho chuIrch nro
twice at Ions; as tho hhco allotted
them n tho old roundhouse. They
efluld not enter Iho doorsthe sides
atl tho top would touch.
Jt was tn 1S70 that tho first round
fcwiwo wns built In Topekn. Tito
Istsnse contained threw ntnlls enough
lit acnmmodafo nearly all tho on
sjlfcs.. In service nt thnt time. Now
t (ssntn Fa has 2,000 rnglnes nn-J
owfrnes over 11.080 -ntlles ot ralln.
Thu officials In Topekn regret iod
that tho old roundhouso has to go
hut spare la limited In tho yards and
something had to bo loo to provldo
for moro switching room.
Denver, Colo., Dee. l.Tho sncre
tary of the Interior directed tho roclnj
mntlon service to nccent a contract
with T. C. Kglcston of Denver. Colo
rado, for furnishing two 31-foot dla
meter cylinder gnte for use In con
nection with tho Avnlon dnm, Carls
bad Irrigation projocl, Now Mexico.
Ths estimated value of the contract Is
tSTS tSSB sssssj lfV w(SJS
FlasjjMgl MU DU BaV ImMbW VMssBssst Si
Popular Mechanic
ssikw.lrt. 1
Mat" DmHmm (SS 1
Sews t.uy wbm to lit, tiU(ir huwto masl
SfiUM Mid SCnp, MSU, 0tC,
--.--1..., ..
iiiiiarmH-Hi luranura, vimf
Si. maaM:, wxl ill the
iKlatjw s hof twin
vwsV tcssW K
want to kuow.

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