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HI. I. NO. 873.
... . t - '
t SSSBSSSSSsssassi I I M
Te President Gives Explana
tin of tke Sdden Mobili
a,tiR tf. 90,000 Soldiers oh
rke Mwtiwm Border.
Executive Declares That Ne
gotiations Are Underway
At It. Feteralmrg Whereby
a Solution May Be Found.
(Mr Itwltf Hmh) A. P. Lm4 Wtral
Wnuhlnston, Dee. 7 In tho sec
ond one-tople message lie linn sent tu
congress during the three days of
the present session I'reldent Tuft to
day reviewed the relation of tho
t'n I if (I mates with foreign nation
durlntt the past year.
In this message tlio president gave
the flint official explanation of the
tiust-hiiste movement of SO.000 fed
eral troops tu Mexico nlno months
agos Urged the United State sennto
to ratify tho general arbitration
treaties with fJroat llrltaln nml
Kronen and tho conventions with
Nicaragua und Honduras, and sug
gcaUd legislation that ho dtklared
would strengthen thl nation's trade
and position among the other power.
The mewwge wan read In conttrcM
On two subjects Included under
"Foreign Delations" thu prcsdlcnt
HxiUn only In brier rushlon, He In
fnrmed ccmrewi of the conferences
bwwn by American Ambassador
UulW at Hi, Fetersburg In rcgM to
thn question of passport In I turn
for Amrrlciin Jow, urn) explained
that after the Christmas holldsya hi
expect t! send a- special mwuiii
on thltf 'slibjiftr Although not
brought out In today menus so It
wan undorstoud that the hrlaf men
tlen of the arbitration treaties will
be followed later by a message to the
Senate urging their ratification.
The president's reference to (he
passports Uehtlon wim added after
thn other iarU of thu mcxiutgo had
been written.
Aside from IiIk review of the
world's hUtory for tho year In which
the United HtiUcs particularly fig
ured, the president recommended to
congress thn f ollow lug legislation
The enactment of a law providing
for tho fulfillment of obligation us
Ruined by the United Mates In con
nection with tho settlement of tho
fur seal controversy: the passage of
a law to forbid the carriage of opium
and other "habit forming"' drugs In
Interstate commerce; the formation
of a central organization In tho na
ture of a national chamber of com
merce that would kuep all spell or
Kiilntlon In touch with cemmer
telal developments ubroud, und the
enactment Into taw of executive reg
ulation! providing for advancement
In the diplomatic and consular aerv
Iro upon a merit basis Instead of
through political preferment.
HuffltcMlon alo was made by the
president that the present tariff ucl
ahould be amended no that IU maxi
mum nml minimum feature, design
ed to prevent undun discriminations
against American commerce, could be
graduated to meet varying degree
of discrimination, audi um Iiuvq been
encountered since the present law
waa iitHfed.
"H l lnerelnKl' clear," aald the
preiHent in thl connection, "that o
obtain und mulntaln that eiilty and
ii!)tntlal equality of treatment es
sential to tho flourUhlng foreign
trade, which becumea year by year
more ImpoBatit to tho Industrial und
co(iimtrclal welfure of the I'nlted
ytaten, we nfeould have n flexibility
of tariff sufficient to give and take
of negotiation by the department of
state on behalf of our commerce and
Outlining tho Idea of a central
'chamber of trommeree," Mr, Tft
atlg-geated that audi an organisation
might be tnanuged by n committee
Composed of ft mull number of those
now actively r-itKuecd In tarrying on
the work at noma of tho law asso
ciations of this, kind with members
xofficio, from, the state and com
inerco add labor departments In
leading up to this suggestion Mr. Taft
showed that In the fiscal yenr ciidlnn
June 30, (Ml, the vuluo of Amer
ican export IwcreaMed isou.ooo.oui)
over tint ptfvleu year, but Indicated
that further lucreaso waa possible-
The proaMeMi'a oxplantloH of tho
sudden dtamtfto of oirn quarter of
th army the Mexican border
agreed with Ihe unofficial reaaona
for that trosf movement given UM
uftim, hut he showed In a confiden
tial letter t eHrHt Wood, chief of
irtaff of th army, that there w no
doubt (h hh ml'id us to what He
would do If He had found American
Hve and properly In dangei,
"It terMM mr duty u commaHder-In-chief,"
ld to president In IWn
UWr, mM PvaHc for the first tnw
In today's ' WK'Wge, "lu plaor troopa
In aufflcl nierH where, If con
ra iHrect, Inat ttwy etr
Mexico to ravo American Uvea and
properly. n effective movement may
be promptly made,"
Tho outcome of tho troop move
ment, Mr. Tuft declared, was entire
ly satisfactory. The recent nttcmpt
to undermine thtt Madero govern
ment In Mexico, So far na It was en
glnccred In th United plates, he stld,
had been met wHn rho same policy
thn Rovernminl pursued In regard to
tho revoluliOHhdfl .wlw overthrow the
government of Mrisldenl Wax tho
"so-called nou!rly statutes" wero
enforced against dH.
In renard to China, now In the
throes of revolqtkm, Mr. Tuft hud
llttlo to my except to explain the
loans placed In that country by
American and other foreign capital.
Ists. In the present war between
Italy nnd Turkey Mir president point
ed out tho United Ktates "has no di
rect p . I leal Interest."
Tho meiwaitx says In part!
To tho Denote and Kouao of Repre
sentatives: Tho rolnllons of tho United Hintes
with othrr countries have continued
dtirlUR the past twelve monllia upon
a bails of tho ttsunl Rood will und
friendly Intercourse.
Tho year just passed marks an Im
portant noneral movement on tho part
of tho power for broader arbitration.
In tlto recognition of tho manifold
bcncllts. to mankind in tho extension
of tho iMilloy of tho nottloment of In
ternational disputes by arbitration
rather I linn by war, nnd In rcsionso
to a widespread demand for an nd
vnnco In that direction on tho part of
Ike of tho United States and
f Qreat llrltnln nnd of FraBce. now
arliltrntlon trcntlon wero neKotiated
(Mt spring; with Great llrltaln nnd
France, tho tenna of which wuro do
signed, as exptcstcd In tho preamtilo
ot theso treaties, to extend tho scope
nnd obllKntloiiK of tho policy of arbi
tration adopted In our present treaties
with thoao Kou-rnnienti. To pnva the
way for this treaty with tho United
Stutcs. Great llrltaln negotiated nn
Important modification In Ita ulllnnco
wllh Japan, and tho French Rovern
ment nlso cxpcditel tha uexotlntlons
with signal cood will. Tho now treat
ies tiRVO been submitted to tho ecnatu
and are awnitlnn Its ndvleo nnd con
sent to their notification. All tho es
sentials of theso Important treaties
havo lonK been known, and It is my
curnrst hope that Ihoy wilt recclvo
prompt and favorable action.
Claim ef Alsp & Co. Settled.
1 am glad to report wiat 0:1 July G
last tho American claim of Alnop &
Co. against the government of Chllo
was Anally disposed ot by tho necis
loo of I tic Hrltnnnlc Majesty (loorgo
V., to whom, ns amiable romitoaltuiir,
tho :natlor had been referred for du
termlnatlon, lilts majealy innilo an
award, of nearly IIOA.ttoO tu thu
claimants, wklck mm nremidlv tuitd
by Cfch. Th attinnt nl tWn con
troversy km Minmy eiimiRatd front
tho relations iMdween the KftftuaUa ot
Chile sHit tke Un4td 8la4s the only
question which for, two.ecjidea Jiad
given tho two foreign ofHcea any seri
ous concern and makes itosatblo the
miobfltructed ,4Y'sWet of tho rela
tions of frlcadsMn wkteti It haa been
tho aim of this g-overnnicnt In every
possible way to lurthor und cultivate.
Arbitrations Panama and Costa Rica
Celmba and Haiti.
In rurther lllus'trntmii of thn prac
tical and bcnellcent application ol tho
principle of arbitration nnd tho under-
Dins broad spirit ot conciliation, I urn
nappy to adtori to tno part of the
United Stales In facilitating nmlcabla
settlomeut of dlsiies which menaced
thu peace between Panama nnd Costa
Klca and between Haiti and tho Da
moulnlcan reimblle.
8lr.ro the duto o; their Indopcnd
once, Colombia nnd 6ota Rica had
been seoklne u solution of a boundary
dispute, which came at an heritage
from Colombia to tho now republic
of runama, upon its beginning nio
a nn lndPiendcnt nation. Although
tho dlsputunts had submitted this
niiestlon for decision to tho president
of Franco under the terms of an arbi
tration irenty. tho exact interpreta
tion of tho provisions of tho award
rendered had been a matter of serious
disagreement between the two coun
tries, both contending for widely dif
ferent lines even under the term of
tho decision, Subsequently and slnco
1903 this boundary question nd Ueen
tho wibject of iruttle4 dlptotnBtiu
Rcg-otlatlous between the parties. In
JaHiiary, 1UI0, at the request of bom
governments tho agents representing
them met In conference at tno depart'
ment of slate and subsequently con
cluded n protocol submitting thin long
pending controversy to tho arbitral
judgment ot tho chief Jumlea of the
united Htatcs, who consented to act
In this capacity A boundary commis
sion, nccordlnit to the International
agreement, has now been appointed.
iMil It Is expected that tho arguments
win suorliy proceed and that this
ktMc-stamtinu dispute will he honor
ably and satisfactorily terminated.
Again, n tow nionins ago it appeared
that tho Dominican iteuublknit and
Haiti were about to enter upon foos-
initios because of complications grow-
Mm out of un ucrlmonioua uoimdary
lUeuuto which tho efforts ot ninny
ycar4 had failed to solve. Tho gov
ernment ot tho United Hlstca. by n
friendly Interposition ot rood ofHccs,
ce(l(i(l In prevailing upon tho par
ties to placo their reliance upon norm)
mr.n or pacinc sctimmfi. Accoru
kmiv. on the friendly suxestion of
tMs sovcrnmoiit. thn two Rvornment
emjKiwercd commUslonefa to meet at
WMfelHKton In cnnfree at tko state
department In order to arrange tke
terms of aubmlsslnn to arbitration ot
tke boundary conlvoversy.
Latin AmtHt-wexi.
Tke recent PMtkMl events In Mex
ico reelred attenllM from this nov
eminent jcauii of Ike exceedlnKiy
delicate and dlflKittK situation ere-
td aloue our swtkm border and
tb mcclty for takm Htensnrea
pmierly to afeaiMrd Amermm later-
nets. Tke rovernment of tke Unllt
OtatM, In lit Mrc ti secure a limner
HMervancn ma Mmwcewem w tw
e.cftMed neutral y jkalww of the
federal sflvmm, tsawed dtrectkma
to tno Rrworrmie wrrs to eier!
(,cainud on re ft, Column 1.)
Grand Jury Convenes in Los
Angeles to Make Searching
Probe in Efforts to Punish
Men Higher Up.
Ortie McManigal Will lo
Needed for Many Months
A3 Witness in Cases That
Will Develop Now.
(Br Retain Hcrsl A. I, leased Wire)
l)s Angeios, Doc. 7. rrho federul
Krund Jury ot tho United States dis
trict court for Southern California
convened hero todny to tako up evi
dence to bo presented for tho pur-l-ono
ot showing that u glKantlc con
aplrncy exlkts throughout tho United
Htntes by which dynamiting damago
runnlnK Into millions of dollars has
been done to buildings under con
struction ami nlroady completed; dy
namite has been transported unlaw
fully from one ntnto to another nnd
perhaps that iinlawlul tuo htm been
made of the malls,
While i he government cannot Indict
or try. It is said, for Individual dyna
Hillings, tho men who brought them
about aro llablo under the conspiracy
charge ami for tho transportation of
tho explosive unlawfully.
A similar Investigation Is being
conducted In Indianapolis Tho rea
son for another grand Jury Is aald to
be n vast amount of uvldenca accumu
lated on the coast by detectlvca work
lug under District Attorney John U.
Frederick of Ijo Angeles county, tor
tho purpose of convicting John J and
Janies II, McNamnra for murder in
connection wllh the blowing up ot
tho I.OS Angeles Times building Oct,
1, 1010.
Further reasons nro that both of
these men nre hero awaiting traits
portatlim to Sn Qucntlu penitentiary
to begin serving Hontotuo of fifteen
yean and Hfo Imprisonment reslxrc
jrcly; also that Ortio K. McMaHlgM,
.who kascorifessed to many dynamlt
toys and who wan U unve been ot.i
of tho stato'u principal witnesses In
tho raso against tho McNumarn tii'utli
orsi. Is hero, Ho has not been sen
tenced. Fredericks aald todny that MnMsn
iRitl would be required for many easca
coming In California mm that It would
bo Inadvisable at this tlmo to let him
ho tuken clsowherc. This statement
waa considered to develop another
reason for lioldliiR thu grand jury in
vestigation out hero namely, that
many witnesses who appeared before
the grand jury In the McNamurn hear
ings live In tho stato nnd can bo
reached over night. Tho stato has
boco desirous for some tlmo also ot
tranlni; tho movements of James H.
McNamarn niter ho came west from
Indianapolis to San Francisco and be.
gan traveling up and down tho coast.
Witnesses probably wlil be summoned
to toll what they may know of where
Mc.Vamnra went and what ho did; fin
ally who sent him.
Newspaper Editor in Kansas
is Reported Dead in Mexico;
While He Hates to Spoil tho
itery He Does It,
(Mr Wtshx Herald A. P. Lmui Wire)
Kansas City. Uec. 7. According to
a dispatch received In Oklahoma City
lost, nlRht Wesley W. Htout, u well
known western nowmpaper man, was
shot tu death In. a pistol duel with
several men at Monclovu, Mexico,
A mcsmige from Mr. fltout from
Coffeyvtlle, Kan., today says:
"1 regret to Impute the accuracy
of tho illspnti'h but am very much
nlltre. Am nt present editor of tho
Coffevllte, Kun Journal, nnd huve
not been In Mexico In three ytara."
Mr. Stout lost Ills pockrtbook on
n southbound train. It Is iturmlsed
that tke man killed In Mexico carried
tho tiockutbuok,
Devatwert Waa Hit by
twftoh Kn4n Nr Boulder and
Wm UnaMe to ftummen Aid
Milkier, Ceta., Dec. 7. Cknrlen
Davsntiart, aged 40, was struck by a
wHn mwIkw at Mfuyctto last nktkt
nd nrafcably fatally Injurfd. Unnbte
M N nr HltaHco, Davenport wm
Mk fnfettd HMD Ik hi rarnlx when k
wm d$ttvred by gan of telephone
rtwwinn. Davenport said hn rama
frocti Uraml, wkero k loft r wH
nnd mm.
Colorado Federation Declares
That Lawlessness is Being
Fostered ix Effort to Get
Troops Into Fields.
Statement is Issued in Which
Basest Falsehood and Vil-
lification is Alleged on Part
of Mino Owners.
(Hr llvrataK tlerald A. I. I.eaied AVIre)
IX-nver, Dee. 7- Charging the mlno
or. tiers with attempting lo create sen
timent that would tend to force Gov
ernor John F Shafroth to send troops
Into Northern Colorado coal fields tho
miners In n statement lusuod todny
und signed by Frank Smith, president
of District Fifteen, United Mine
Workers of America and John n. Law.
son, national board member for Colo
rado, cllo n number ot Inslancca in
which they alleged assault nnd riot
ing have been precipitated by strike
breakers. The statement aectiuu the operat
ors wllh "mlsreFfMenttng the real
conditions existing around the initio,"
and charges that "tho mine owners,
goaded lo desperatJen by constant de
fections from the ra-tika of tke deluded
and iHtln'ormcd ( tiebreakers, have
not only stooped to tho bnteat false
hoods and vlllMcatkm, but havo oncn-
ly encouraged tho InwtcssnesH."
t no operators nre'Hccuseii or lorc
Itw up tho price f coal so that the
public, will have tssland mora than
Its tlwro of tho unetl struggle nnw
on." Laying attempts to "bulldoru"
the governor to tho operators tho
statement continues
"Wo can prove that thn opcrulora,
nt no early alage In (ho prolonged
strttggio, tried to urine certain mil
rials to tiso their Influence ogulnst
the miners "
Tho recent transfer of tho proper
ties of tho Northern Coal nnd Coko
company lo tho Itorky Mountain Fuel
company la denounced ns n subterfuge
tird merely to permit tho former
company to change Ita lexnl domlcllo
from Colorado to Wyoming nnd "tmm
llnd nn excuse to seek the nld of fed
eral courts, United Stntca deputy
marshals and, perchance, United
States troops,"
The statement concludes:
"Wo have always counseled moder
ation, sobriety and strict ndherenco
to law. Wo still continue to do ao.
V hopo tho public will withhold
Judgment and not ho misled by such
unmanly nnd uU American methods
as tho operators nro sow resorting
Terrible Acoident at Belen
Tuesday Onuses Mother to
Become Hysterieal; Mc
Grath Popular Engineer.
(Spe4af Telecrsm to Mrfmr HrratJ)
Helen, N SI U - 7;Tho entire
town la dlstresurd y tho terrible ac
cident which beM he Infant child ot
Mr. and Mrs, Mci'iUh Tuesduy and
vliicli caused iU ii aih a few hours
While placing a ut the house the
little one. fell Into n tub of scalding
w titer. It motliT heard It scroam
ami snatched It fr-'iit the reeeptaclu
i-iit iioforo she coula tear its clothing
from It, the flesh waa conked by tint
hot Mean! nml wafr. making burns m
tirrihlc that the tmby died In great
I'jcpy a few hours luter despite the
efforts of a physician to save It.
Mr. McCJratlt ' a locomotive en
gineer employed b the Hentn Fe and
Is very popular The ,prcnts ot thd
child aro prostrated, " i
r atvestftMT Hsrsld A. P,Lw4 Wle
Waanliiaton. Dec. 7,TJio
western governors train renckod
hro this atlornoon and act ex-
ecntlvn wns civet) a liincnsnn by
tke congressional iMRtlon
4 frHH hi state TohIs the lr- o
ty will dine at tho WMte lttw
wMk Presldrnt Tflft.
Indian Princes Wearing
Bright Robes and Jewels,
Half Naked Chieftains and
Full Dress Officers Mingle
in Crowd.
Soldiers Lined Highways
With Guns at Present
While Great Throngs ot
Tourists Took Off Hats.
(Br nvenlsa- Herald A. I. l-td Wire!
Dlhl, Indlu, Dee. 7. The roar of
an Imperial salute of '101' gun wel
comed lite klng-vmperor and queen-
empress on their arrival hero today
from llombay. Thu railroad station
In th.- Kellngarh llastlon of the fort
had Kerf the mcccu slnee dawn for
ov rybody In the city ami the corona
tt'in camp.
i'i- route to the camp was lined at
tvrnit'ely by Urltlsii and Indian regi
ment miler the command of Lieu
tenant Ovieral Hlr J. Wllleooks nnd
General Hlr U. Harrow, In provid
ing guards ot oonor and escorts ol
native troops wip' also given nn equal
share with llrltliti soldiers,
Tho klng-empfror and queen-empress
were reel 'ed on the elaborate
ly ilei orated platform by the viceroy
and vlcerlent. he governors nnd
heads of province, the commander In
chief and a number tf the high mili
tary and civil officials.
After u series of presentations tholr
inat-tlcs proceeded to a K"vllllon
within i wntl of tho fort where '0
rullnu chlcfi were Introduced. This
ercmnny occupied considerable time.
Mn.inwhlle the provincial leliliitoivi
hud gathered on the rldgo by the Dur
bar camp to ugrret tho rojnl party.
Then brRtin the great processlun to
the camp four miles uw.vy. Through
out India n holiday had been decreed
nnd gty'iit numbers of nntlyes. had
Kutiiorrd to gut u sllmpse of their em
peror nnd emprets, They formed a
Mrlkltig background to tho gorgeous
ly uniformed proceivlon, which was
heuded by l.incnrs with bauds playing.
Then cimu (letieral I'eyton. the horald
In silk and gold tabard omblaxoncd
with the loyal enat of arms and six
teen llrltUh and nutlve trumpeters, all
mounted on blurk rliurgurs. Next fol
lowed the nutlve escort of the vice
roy, In scarlst and gold preceding thu
Imtierlnl ended corps, composed en
tirely of princes and their sons. Tholr
majesties and the viceroys' suites sue.
ceeded. An their majcstle approach
ed thu command to preYottt arms wss
nayed along the lino of troops.-liurup-can
spectator) took off their hats and
nutlvt'M bent deep towards the crowd.
The klng-cmperor. the queen-empress
and the viceroy bowed right and left
In acknowledgment.
The bodyguard of Indian princes
who followed Immediately ufter, out
nbona In splendor all that had passed.
In strict order of ( precedence came
ISO iniiliariijnlu,' "riijm. nttWabs, and
other chieftain. The column was
closed by n Iminl nt snvagcUooklng
Afghans and I'uthan 'hlefs mounted
on wild ponies, nnd a detachment of
native mill llrlllMi troops.
Their inajestles entered the city"
through the king's gate, now opened
for the Itrst time slnco 1837. when thu
king of Delhi went to public worship.
Alt uloiig the route the Impression
seemed lo be profound und tho recep
tion was cordial ono, On arrival at
the camp the troops drfllrd past the
Imperial carriage, receptions followed
and the klng-emperor was presented
with u brief address of welcome lo
which ho replied In n few words,
Their majesties and the viceregal
party then repaired to their camp.
fronds or plettmnqtie humanity,
from the rajah In bin silks to the hnlf
noked Wallah, gathered to wclcomo
their i inpe ror. nnd they formed a per.
feci picture. Mingling with them were
bojowulled Indian prlncos, army nnd
administrative olllcrrs, native, nnd
llrltliti private soldiers and a large
number of foreign tourists.
(Hr UtritlfiK Herald A. V. l.aS tt'lrel
New Orleans, Doc. 7 After n trip
to tho I'unnmu canal and a return
voyuge through the storm-loaned gulf,
three hundred members of the Amer
ican Hankers association lauded hero
today mid boarded special trains for
eastern and western points.
(Br Hvaur Herald A. P. t.asd Wire)
Jiwraa. Max.. Doc V .Entries for
FlMrt Mtc. HAlllntr 9 enr-nlil rnlli.
II VB beJ fimv.hiilr fn, Iniim U'llil
Hear, W Wrath. 100. Texture. Don't
ekty No.;PenanK, 10.1. Dmlo llredwell,
Wi W.-M, Kordf 110. Tourist IP
Second Nt, telling, live and n Imir
furious: MU. 105, X Yo Hole. 7;
Tim JHdsw.-wsj Novgorod l.ytlo
Knlghl, IM;Mm II flhechon, 107;
Ilex, J0r J; r,fCwiwley. HO
Third tMm,r jWm. one mile:
Hugar I.HMHI, Mell cuffs, IHr
Claim US: Wicket. Clmrlca tlreen,
tntneo, iu,, Kiiiuy Ijc, Jill; Alma
Hoy. 11
rourtli race, purse, lwo- ear-olds,
five furlongs' Tho Vtslor, Mlmnrloso
Whstella. W3. Vnnlr, loo, Closer. Ca
llsse, 107. Iidy ltanklit, 112
Fifth race, selling, flvo nnd a half
furlongs: Mnrsand. 101, Flying Foot
nteps. Fundamental. 105; Quartermas
ter, 107. Dfllnuoy. 108; (laid Finn,
Angelus. toil: (lettoral Mnrchitiunt.
fllxih rare, soiling, onn inllo: Uly
Paxlon. loo. Woolwliidor, 10.".; Mis
prision, Harney Oldlleld, Keep Mov
ing, Allen IVar, 107s Totnmy Twig,
Appreuilce nllownnoe.
In sosslon at 2 o'clock.
I.orl.ner election lnvestlatlnii ro
sunied CortiorHilnn ethic illscttssed at anti
trust honring ,y u. ii. ary of tho
United Slates 8teel corporation.
Kmploent liability commission will
begin flnnl hearing Dec. It.
Met nt tinon.
I'm Idem s messago on foreign re
lations read
Sugar tiot competition discussed
Iioforo sugar Investigation commlttco.
Persian appeal for aid read In houso.
Permanent tariff hoard bill post
poned ludellnlloly In committee
Report iiriiltiK national reservation
to preset ve Nlaaaiu Fulls received.
Woslilnston, Dec. 7. Tho Payno
bill to fi-oalo u permanent tnrlff board
was brought up In tho house commit
tee on ways ami means todny by lie
publlrnn mombeia bitt the commlttoo
lndetlnli.lv postjioiied notion through
tinaiilino'u vote of thu Democrats.
This i.roiiubly nltuls o(T cotnddcra
tlon of the measure nt this session,
Washington. Doc. 7 H. If. flary.
head or the I'nlted Stntca Htecl cor
poration (entitled boforo tho sonato
cammlttfH.' on Intorstuto commerce to
day tha he always nelloved It was
enrjrely legal for competitors to
como together mutually to dlscloso
tholr business conditions, to stc-udy
and balance trade, without making
any agreement on prices.
Colonel Chapa, Member of
Staff of Governor Colquitt
Declares That He Does Not
Know Where Veteran Went
(Hr llTrnlns: Herald A, V. leaned Wirt)
Sun Antonio, Toxns, Dec 7 All ef
forts to locato Ooncrnl llernardo Uey.
cs. charged with utti'iiinllni- In rmnnni
nnnthcr .Mexican Insurrection In Hon
.Miionin, nnvo been abandoned. It
Is liollnvnd tmrn llial h linn r.,cuil
the -Mexican border or Is on his way
Col. V A. Chapa of Oovcrnor Co-
llllltl's Stuff, ivlui Ik n ntrniii rrlnn.l nf
Qenernl llcyes, anya ho does not know
anyimiiK ot mo Mineral s uiovnnients.
.Vtarslinl lllel.-s nf'ilio Inn. ri., ..
, . . ...... v..p..n
oil, to represent Oencrnl ltoyca In the
nnnl r.,1 1. . I,.... ..mxa
uiiiim.ii; ..in VAPU, IIUW ISUIU1II1K
hgulnst him, soya ho tins not been
advlseil uh to Oetiural Ueyca' move
American Refining: Company
Announces Today That It
Has Sold Its Stock to San
Francisco Financiers.
(My r.VfRHwr tWMtd A. P. l,rsst Wlrsl
Hugar Iteflulng eoniimnj unuouiieed
today that It had sold i" John D.
and Adolpti D. Hjirv k i r Su
rrancisco nil its siorK in the west
ern Hugar terming company of Cali
fornia. Tha American Hugar Defin
ing company has also sold Its entire
Interest In tho stork . f the Carver
t'milllv ftntrfl, iw.tni.um ii II l.nt
sugar factory located at Chuskn,
diinii. ne iioiiiings or me Ameri
can Hugar Defining company in the
Wiilrii Uiivn. lt.,f luf KAimthiiv
amounted to one-half ot tlio It.ooo,-
uuo ciipnai viooK. ami tu Hie rnrvrr
roillllv Husur r. 1 1 n mi ii i. I.i HS5 7fin
of the $S4u,000 capital slovk.
(By Krrala HeraM A, I. Leased Wire)
Washington, Dee. 7. The
comptroller of the currency to-
iln issued u call for a stute-
mut of the condition nf nil n-
tioiuil lninks of tho I'nlted
Hluies at the close of business on 4
Tuesday, December t.
Samuel Fortier Declares That
Work of Governmental Ir
rigation Projects Was Ham
pered in Many of the States
Soil Expert is Also One of tho
Speakers; George H. Hutton
of California Delivers An
Interesting Addrecs.
(Hr Brents Hrat4 A. P. leased Wire)
Chicago, Dec. 7. Closer co-operation
by state legislatures with tho fed
eral government In promoting Irriga
tion was urged by Hamilel Worthier,
ohlcf of Irrigation Investigation of tho
department ot agriculture, before thn
nineteenth annual session of tho Na
tional Irrigation congress here today.
The speaker declared that In many
western states the prjeets wtro being;
retarded because of lack of neccstary
legislation by the states,
Other speakers cheduld beforo th
congress today were tleorge II. Hut
Ion of California and Dr. W. J. Me
Dee, expert ot thu department of ag
riculture. Judge deorgn It. Ilultnn ot the Lot
Angeles superior court delivered an
exhaustive elucidation of tho much
discussed "California Doctrine" re
garding water rights before the na
lltna' Irritation cotigrew hero today.
Ho declared that while tho doctrlni.
had pUKtltd Jutlf ot the United
Htates supreme court,' It was well un
derstood by nearly all residents ot
The great trouble with -the Callfor.
..S3 Patriae, "ailed, arises not from
the doctrine Itself nor ni the appli
cation of that doctrine by Ink -itiremu
coun, but from u VHst mlsundcrsts...4
In ( among lawyers nnd luymen lit
coLtts lu other states as to tho real
rtioi tilng of the doctrine. Tho mlsun
dcri landing urlsea largely because the
luhil of mind of tho eiutcrn lawyer
and jurist cause him to think la
terms tn tho light ot hi own exper
ience In nn ovcr-watorcd country,
while tho habit or mind of tha Callfor
man causes him to think In termn ot
It's own experience In a ssml-arlit
"An appreciation of tlio fundamen
tal civil-law conception that the water
running In u natural stream Is not it
part or the land, nor the subject ot
property In nny nense of the word, is
mcntlul to an occurrtta understanding
of Mo California doctrine.
The California Doctrine of riparian
rlthta applied In conjunction wlii ap
propriation rnrty thus bo summurlsedi
"An absolute or non-riparian ap
propriation can only bo made from a,
stream below the point of appioprla
lion not. previously appropriated,
when (ha nu(rc stream Is un govern
ment land or when riparian owner
below will not bo Injured, and the
lower owner will not be permitted to
ueert Injury, If the riparian owner
above In using tho water In Dif most
beneficial way, even tnouRh lie con
sumcD the entire ticm
'A riparian's uwiir right of ap
propriation Is the correlative right
given nxeliislvuly i.i iteriiiii owner
n take so much v.n i from tho
stream (eiirface or sub-surface) as hi
un put to a bcnerislal, economical uo
on his own riparian land,
"Land is riparian to n stream or
sub-surraee when It borders on tho
stream and is within the watershed.
"Iiiirl is riparian to u percolating
iiiiim r water when it owrlles tho
mass so that It call draw therefrom
by eapllurlly pump or flowing wells.
"I.at but most Important of all,
the California Doctrine Is best applied
in the light of that greatest or alt
principles: 'Do unto thy neighbor an
thou wouldst have thy neighbor d
unto thee,' "
BY 600D
K.WH IX)ltTli:il
Drying brooder nnd better state ir
rigative laws and moro etllclent nd
mlnlsttutlve systems to stimulate thn
progres.i of Irrigation. 8umue Fortier
enlef of irrigation Investigations, nlllc '
of expt-rl.vent stations, of the I'nited
flutes, deportment ot agriculture, to
day addressed tha delegutss to the Ir
rigation cnnrca. "in muny states ot
tho west," h( declared, "progress In
Irrigation Is boing retarded und costly
Investment rendered Insecure by tho
lack of proper Mlslalion nn tho part
of the ulute ltglsture. The west
ern slates, through their respective
leglilatures must get hlml tho Irrl
gallon bond."
The theme of Mr. Fortin'a addrtsa
Wrtp "The f'rsent Stage ot Irrigation
Deviliipemcnt and n Korvwu' of thn
Futiire." lie revlowmt briery th
(Conllnuod on Dago 3, Column V

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