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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, December 08, 1911, Image 4

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arrt !- - - -
bs n
MiiiH..nr In Trlhnn- nilrcn.)
nv tiii: iiliiald puiilihiiino co.
Pntilhlitsl every afternoon except
Randay at 123131 North Becoml
stm-t, Albuquerqari, N. M.
Knlrml as fon('cnt wIMf
March 7, 101 It at the rHtatriMrv nl
AlhHfjitrniiiP, N. M., amier the Art nf
Mnrch S, 1H7.
One month by mall..,.T....&o rents
One mon Hi by carrier, M renin
One year tir mall,,..,.,, $3,09
On year by carrier...,-.. M.00
Telephone T,
Although there In little Interest In
Hi- rolled Hint ii n to the ntftbnm
-r Hi war over Tripoli between Tr
hi mill Duly, ii In pot to bo for
Hon that tUH ewuiiirr probaWr
i'm Hi fast Dun It hmi ft strong
nary In Trtpwll.
JefrersM imiMl tlmt it the wanl
for ii the luMltatlmt tmUml ttwr
Ameriunn nary. 11 opposed II from
lllr bvttftMM. Mflll wtlH ll wm
Iii-IinI Krs4tfeH4 lie lH)HMtllRll' lMlk
iiv Hie emmlilf mtliui of how to nbol
iM ii entirely.
IIIMtirlHiin rlHtn that Queen Wis
abeth unco abject ml to sending the
Kugtlah rnynl n v- In urn for four
llnU the witter would wnih the paint
off of the pretty ships. Hut in Jef
ferson's seeotitl message lit congress
he proposed nn enunlly iibKiird thing.
Iti InxtAtcit tlinl u the sIiIihi of tin'
navy should lie usuclillfUd nt one big
duck in tie liullt by the government
it) lhr Potomac nmir Washington, so
that nil Hip vrwxoln might hr "laid up
dry nml under rover from tho mm."
To n friend lie wrote In confidence
Unit If hu t'ould establish such an ur
rniiKrmunl II would "rntulro but una
mil of plunderer In tuke curt' of
Hut It fell to Jefferson to make
thi flrnt lilir expansion of Hie mivv,
nml to put It Into uutlvo service
, ml Tripoli wuh Hie cause of II. Pres
ident Jefferson's administration cumo
Into power juiit In Jinn- to ntt a ro
vital of the aunlom of the llurlmry
Wales Alr,'."", Tunis, Morocco anil
Trloll to uxuol tribute from the
nations of the world In the Med Iter
ranenti cn.
Ileforn Jefferson' iidmlnlstrallon
thn United States had hull! I lie Con
ntllutlon, President, United Htflt",
Chi'iiupenhf, ronurcim itml the Con
xtellntlon. Jefferaon ordered a, hull,
in the tiiilldlnit of any more uhlim,
The llarlmry Htnte hud been ex-
nalloni, and the cuitoin wna vncour
liRiil by ICiiftlmid lifCiiuxc II enabled
Hint nation to buy a pructloul mo
nopoly of all tho tin (In between tho
Mediterranean anil the Allnntk' ea
ports. Ilnforo the United Htate
Ruined Hh imlepemlnnee Un trade wan
under tho protection of the tribute,
paid by HiiRlnnd. Hut after tile (lev
olutlonury wur thu iuiir republlo
wan notified lo "cuiiiii ucroH" with
IIn idiure of tho "hu-li money," When
It failed to do no the plruteii would
nplure the ven-elK, tuku llio ciirRoet
mid muko prlnunem of the neumen
anil prisoner; who Wer- upproprlut-
d n HlnvrR.
Anniml tribute wiin paid to eneh of
the pirate Matcn. and In addlllon
iiilllliiiiK were iad In monoy ami
Rift to the ruler. Hut one bilslit
May mornliiu In 18U1 the Hon. Yumif
i iimmclll, pn-hu or Trlmll, walked
into the Amvrlean tfoiimilutu with a
big "grvuch" and a deinmid for more
i ior more
elvltm, lie
nn n vent
munny. lie had liinii reoelv
wild, nnlv h puiirv Hn
rroio Hie t'oitwi St A lee an tribute.
.ml hud let run I thai Hie rotor of
AlKlvm, TuiiU ml .Mnrmni werv t-
iiiik iiKir money thun Hint, eon-lder
Iiir ilistr rulMlve ImiMirtntiM.
In itdillttwn lo hlN ev(li temper
mid hh) dumnml for it mine In tribute
wuueN. the Hon. PmhIiu ctirred itn
ax. mid when hi demand wu eject
d lie lltnbd upon the I oof and out
down Ihe American ting, which wai
ihe TrljinUtsn wsy nf dcolarlnit war.
Then Mr. Jeffimui KOt bu.y with
thv nnvy. which he wuh about to
place In dr dock. He ordered every
thing that wai In "flRhtliiR trim" to
TrlHtli uiul built more vomielit und
Mont them to tho Medilrrratienn with
iiUtrutilumi to "o an M ni ydii tike"
with thn plrutan. And hlatury tulla
the rent t the t.lry. '
Hut hliiury foil to recotd any fur
thcr effort mi Hie fnut of Jeffenwli
ti ,nrry tin- navy into mime hady
pbtDu uii'd pile d Into U ainKla heap
unit put It tn ihnrgo of a night wuteu
1 Itfil HA I IM'j, 1 JIM I O It ATI ON.
The annual Feporl nt Untnrnor
Mills to Hie soretury of the Interior
netting out the general condition of
the territory 'soon lo lu the tato
or New Mexico Is a document Hint
merits the careful study of ull cltl-
sens. It In replete with usoful in
f.intiiitliin which furnishes a bails
upon which those who are Interested
in I'Ulldltig up Ihe stale may calcu
iu; for- lhtr' fulure procedurcj
Ksiicolally Interesting Is thai part
of Hm report which deals wlih the
auJsrt of lwmIrtfofl twrhaps tho
most JmporiHtt K Wl subjects with
Which (he ftft lelmture will have
to d. Now tht lha hoon of state
hood has al lat bii umiite!. n&
w "r" n',mt "Ip ,"lt ot
! di-mnhMrHng llli
pomlbllltlM Hint
IP- ticfiircj li ii n ii Mute, (he tnnttcr
of InduliiK deplrnhle ImtnlRrHtion hi
Saw Mfrstlo ! one tlmt I of Htrn
inunt tforimrn.
t (he lawmnkurn proeeeit In Oils
iimllnr wllli llio Krmtftut vlnor nml
MBHrix-lvoiietm. itnd yet with the lit
moot prudenee. W Imve M ewn
munition which offered mil half III
ndvnntiiRi of Now Mux loo tome rap
idly In Ihi front from the Miner eh
rtK and determinfltlon of thirfr peo
ple. New Mi tiro In not InoklnK In
fiii'my mid ilxtermlmitlon, hut far
iM.m. rmwit for whliili wm will mil
umlertHke In nemunt th)' ImVo here
tofnrc not bi'en i'iH'iiilcil In mirh
manner n to nccotnpllnh denlrwl re
fultn. nut rxios Mi:im.(i,
The Hnlon meotlnit of firemen nmV
miKinenieii, which member nf llwl
kratlwrhiMMl pw(Miie. in tiring hr
IMl uHimer. vhuuhl lHtiikflti hp by
nil the piK.pl nf IIiIh (tlty mid evry
ilinitf liUMiiijii awit Ui dm in it '
Tie la no ilwtht ttlfit ueh
IliMtlllK muM be iirmilKvd If lite
proper nmoiint of limn nml etierKr
were oxpunded on II nml Hip huIIm,
mi fur in Ihe Rood of thin ell) In
concerned, nre npimrcnt wtthrmt dti-
AnythlnR Hint tciuln to bring peo
ple to Albtiritieritue, to ndverllKc our
wonderful cllmnte nml renoiiroix,
uliould he welcomed thrice over. The
flrimten and viiMlnutncn uru unlvir
willy known for their ninny Rood
oiinlltlcB nml their ability to nuiko
n iu'cen or niothlPK Ihey take n
hnnd In, from their brotherhood to a
ureiit rnliwny nyntem.
Wo nhould like to gee tho brother
hood pny thin city n visit for Ihe
Sood of (he
hrotherliood and nf Al
The federnt Rovornment In Inking
up Hie -enroll for tho men who In
mlKnted the ilynmnltlnx outrancK, but
thouRh o triiM the govcrnmetit miiv
Huevted In flmlliiK them, no nra
afraid Hint the McNnmnrnii will carry
tho full burden of Ihu crime of which
they undoubtedly were merely the
HHviilM and not llio brnliiN nor thu
AvKancn inrwtpaper nmn apolo
xUin for4NiijllnB n uood neWN lory
'bill lie emphatically decnroa Hint he
wim not killed In Mexico im roimrled.
HIn-pjrettyiy hard on tho bulmico of
tho force, when even un editor won't
imrmlt u Rood tihio drenm like Hint
would It mnke to llio fcdltor-o' lontr
na it wnMtt't truuT
Cnplnln Charle Do Hrcmond linn
orRmilxed u ruiiR or dynnmllerN over
In Hie PecoH valley. Hut don t he
nlurmcd. It In a Rood Rims und II
In dlRRltiK dltclu'R mid plnntlliR treei
mid not blowliiR up newmmperi.
Over In Amlxtad tho other nlxht
they took it inlnlater out of doom,
lummed him with u barrfd itnvc, ap
plied n Intake! of tar and showed him
the piad mil of town. AmUtiid, ovl-
detiHy, In rtllinliiK a ehum Necoml to
Shady Heml, Knn.
The Inturmuie Commercu commli-
ttlon holdN thnt a iihlpper Is entitled
in mi r nml Niieedv Nhltiment of
frelRla by commmi carrier. Ye,
hut It iWiimrt what thn Utile hoy nliol
lit that he lilt.
I 'Hon. Hunter (' Iwuko of New r
(hiii'm, NpriikliiR iiufr) tho Irrigation
Oiitihrt. I- '"i
nrnmeiil drHin the wanip of the
Hoiilli. Tb. rf mi- Nome pi-oplo
nuvtr wilt i Mill-fled until thu tfuuth
him Rone entirely und completely dry
Mr. UiPnliftie hail another RtieNN
(lomlnK ami three ehance lo plek nn
mm wcr, if he m counting on our
friend Theodore riopplnx In him I"
tile nexl eonventlon. .If Tluodore
flop anywhere It will bo to Mr.
Thero Uu'i anythliiK wonderful
ubout thai farmer who In making a
living off one ner of land, A whole
lot nf fellows are making n living off
it HcccmlHtand rnller-top desk In u
little, rented oMke space.
, W coiild.gct uu more enthiuliiNm
over liiift .reet'ptlon to King Ueorgo
In India If wo i-ould entirely irudl
ite rrom our memori Hn grout
famine ubBiit the time of tho Rolden
1 1,1,1 In,. ' 1
lletnpre, somo person erelesJy left
n bomb lying around In momiue
ut lahtJU, tba Turku broke mono and
HlniiKhtoreif u'doii'ii or rt Huluarlatis
In even things up. Thomi Turks lire
so excitable.
Mr. Tsfl, In a mcusaRo lo congrcsj
ytsterday, discussed "Our Foreign
itelutluns," but rlKht at this tlmn of
tho year Interest, perhapn. centers u
trifle nturo In "Our I'oor Uelatlons."
Tho freight rates on lemons have
been suspended by ihe Itrtersta)
Commerce commlsldn. Howevefi
Vo will. Hkely Mve Ihe snmmI wmhme
of lemons with us tm Mw j
The secretary of serrk'wlture mm
that ihe coMumer MUa " duitar
for food but tli tarmiT only rIN
fifty rfnu of II. Wht iIiihn the eon-
nuttier Rpt7 1
Thn dsadt rule In !. nlt-d mt.
neiKirdltiK to (he commit Mireu. In U
111 ealh l.flOO liomilntioli M i all."" V"
hope firmly Hint we H
uinoliR Ihe (ihbNcii fifteen.
If we Rnl rlRhl diiwn lo InmlneiMi
we miKlit to have Hie imvlnx rinivheil
by the lime the vote Iion bean inn
vred. If Jnhn I). Ilodknfler nppenr he-
fnre Hint Nleet ItH'entlitntlirK t'olninll-tn-
the niemberN hud Beflcr ke-p
tliHlr lintidN on their poefkqlbookN.
We rli to Impilre how Ioiir It
wntilll take Police JiiiIro (rnR to
wdlk from Union to Albmiurr'iuo
nml tint Niop ut limytt
The D-minrnlK nlrfudy have- ntnrl-
d In In rvhie the thrlff, Thero I
nWlllHK tn It, when thn I)mMrfii
rtRlly net out to do MtmethliiR.
A St I.OUl IHttll Imn biltiRht 14"
er of flln Onimle vullnf in lid ami
will newl It with alfulfu. I In U roIiir
In bo rleh umii.
Ami permit in lo uRaln remark that
now In tho time In do yTiu'r OhrUt
inaN NhnppliiR early.
And, by Hie way. wnnn't Jeff
menu little HiIiir, IiinI nlRht.
(Tiicitmcnrl N'ewn)
I., I Klinefelter, lato cttmlldnto nn
tho Koinihllcnii ticket tor thu state
Ncnnio, hitimirmiRiy inuciicH up tho
trip or tho logins pnlltlclnnH up Suit
Klvor. and iIoch It tn it way that makca
the buy fool Ihut Hicro Ih yot amuc
thliiK In life alter tho hntllo or but
loin Iiiih ended. .Mnrk Twntn In said
to Inivo nindo mora American IniiRlt
thn n any otlior citizen nf our country.
It nilRht jiiHt a. well bo milled Hint
1'nclc Klltio In contributing lilh Hluiro
to ,m Umx a Haifa kuiiKluno In Novct.i-
iior wcuher nions with tno rosi oi
ttiotii. Ho tciirtoiiN uIoiir thu lino Hint
a innn may tnku hluutir nltoKother
too d d Norloiuly. That Im correct
Km; wo ahiitilil novor hnnd our Iron-
bleB to otlior pwiplo every nuccor
haii plenty of hl own. l.lku Kilne,
wo liollevo.
"It Is easy enniiRli In lie plciiHunt,
When llio fiowH uiong like a sour.
Hut Hie mnn worth while In thu ono
who can ainllo
When ovcrythlnR- roon ilend wttitiR."
- H you are looklnx for conviction
Hint I'nclo KM no l ono of theso, read
I4..,' WV-lli!IW.'
nun wneu you navii iiniNneii you win
Kot mora out of your ThnnkBRlvlna,
Halt Itlver, Nov. 10, 1311.
Hotel do (Doom.
Kvcr since I was n hoy I have heard
about detuittcd candidates "going up
Halt Itlver," but I don't evar remember
or rending nn account of tho country
around the headwater or that histor
ical stream, nor have I henrd any lie
HCtlptlon or the people who emtio here
In tho past
In short, thero seems to bo n de
cided lack of iicnonil Information In
tCKard to tho KeoRrophy und Inhabi
tants of this undefined country.
When n mint runs for olllco nnd
doesn't run fast enmiRli lo net It, pen
plo sny, "He went up Hall Hlvcr" nd
Hint's nil there It to It.
Now, it seems to me Hint a country
that is visited by su mnny or our ills
tliiKiilHhed (or pcrlmpH I should say
extinguished) political lights. .deserves
some ort:of a w Ite-itp, so I will try
my hand ut H.
On tho night or Novcmbor 7th. 1
Joined tho big uxcuiidon from Quay
uiuniy wntcn ion rucumcari tor ine
hcadwnterH of Halt river- Tho ims".
Ncncors Included nl( the Socialist curi
tlldates In the recent election ami nil
(hri'UY'Publlcnna except Pack who gave
til ltet ip Winn
Wllllnms, Hie onlv Hr-mo.
(.im In ill.) bulled.
The voters1 on that ilny had given
UN all one way. Hiiottgh 'lukets ami
nrier we were nil Barely on Imard
Charley Kohn pulled the gangplank
iishoro nml pusheil tho hunt out Into
thu stream, while Ihe central commit
tee, assisted by Donald Stewart, Tom
Jones, Hoy Prentice, Sid Wharton.
Harry McKlroy and Undo Sam De
vor, stood on the wharf nnd "uug, '
"Ood Ho With You Till Wo Meet ,
Whon wo got out into (ho stream gain lief,. he could get Into action
we (ound a number or other hargeo and hi nrr t followed. He was ink
coming up (rout other counties. I'en brror- Jutfee of the Peace at fur
couldn't muko out how It was thnt I iii, mi l pijped under a one thou
the entire (lotllltt moved steadily upland dollar bond 10 hp'pear before tho
stream as If each boat was drawn by next gratia jurk which he failed to
an Invisible tow Hue. make mid in now safety lodged In Hm
I thought I had figured It out when Llm-olu . ounty Jail. Ho Is the young
I noticed nt tho head of tho tquadron , mnn tial W(u bfpukht borore the Ijn.
a large boat from which a heavy (.,.,, romiiv 1-017 last term tor
unoko nroso and fiom this Inferred 1 in,.,iiu,B tv cliTcRttis und many wit
thai wo were In tow of 0 atoamboat ,.,, W,r,, rxlj7Hj,',ml beMro the Judgj
I afterward learned Hint thn big boat K, tl tt.n ,, -,5,at hio ease belong
fonialtied thu atato candldnlcs nnd ,(l ,n JllMll, ffTio peace court, nml
(ho smoko I hnd noticed came from ,, , , 8-lUt from the grand
Hursum's pipe tjury
It was not a hilarious crowd. Kvery 1
one wus wrapped In deep meditation I IN us-MfiRiAM
and ho neatest approacli to conversa ,r ""-m ' '
tion wns u deep and heart felt lRh; I Wheres. doatU. lias InvaJod our
tan . il J I sni- nf Stall river I
along the banks ot alt river I
hv any of our crewd. Wo never no-
I iiuvu nci'11 mm mm umwiimi
""' -....
My daylight w roaeiieu 1110 nenu-
ino tmiiliBg rer nrciiKiasi.
It is calls "liwi.n utooat- ami
tho bill
f m consists mainly or
crow. ActwM ene end oi Hie dining
room wm H larfto slsn which read
"OtMati r iwtlttvoly prohibited from
.ILU- bMau II Ililliltsilwul I
tl4 teter that nil the old timers hero
wr a' kwtloH reading I Know How
U, WniwihiciI," and when a nowromur
kNMeiaa explaining the point to llio
MsmMi and begin talking about soma-
mm tine, in ract, they allow -no
fcrN.'u at all to politics here.
I thcupht this very stranso when I
Krit hoard of ll but I am toM that
(hey had lo cut out all politics he
ctiirn It wis found nobody would talk
om any o ler suhject and m efry
. . . Mm . ...
Ymi tniiTlnik i. " rlcy nnn-pnr.
jlltini tlilfiR- Ilk . 'i multiplication
inblo tr UiTi pren'i-ion of wpiltioxc-
umi uot ntuut , ..i.nr,,. u wont Ui,
I tllt.i( In ll.H itnniinl tillaltina f
ill tiiu II' -!". ... ...
sot nut itiyt(j joo'. and pencil and
Mailed ntiutu uc niuerlnl for n Rtory
itttil noma dlTy " n 1 'eel llko It, I am
roIik tn wi'lto ii 'hU country
Wo liavo till r clinrncicra hnrp
ntnl whnt tnil.f pleonnt every-
I Kid y oiu'lio Knit' level nml you tnlk
to wlmm J qit 'iu Thero nro Iota
of peoplo' Kvga, oil niiiro coiuIdr alt
er I'vecy clwllu.
Ttint Hi r I l,o I'lipalnitsi 1'nN cariMlvl
il entirely; fit i --n. bit' Ho adoption
nl vioii'iin 'i utf re, nr "Pny itnte U
mire to LrfiK ui n RteMly ittpply or
fonuilu inimbern ! ho Bnlt lllvcr Co
H. im of tile nh' timers llko Wntwlcr
ittKl Sam 'dUcti hio pfmiil Hut llio
ti-Hi nl of fitji i cw element In Rolnn
to ihIii Ihu illvk ng wlt't (!' oct! nl
fnlm ot tho'colnnt Hitherto tho ,nen
Imve lived nt 'lie vnrloim clnlm. hut
tiubody knows wiiai may linpiien when
the BtiffriiRotte wet to rtinnltiR for
nfBei mid tiro detehiod.
Thero I ft I'renlilcnt" dub. to
nutiey i. .i.Aoi' u ii it Hi ua
been defeated fm piecldetit. Hero I
mi l Henrv Cln. Daniel Vnlitei. Until
Tilib n, Jim lilniiie Hill lirynn nml a
lot or otliom whom I hnd cmuplnlcly
lorxotteti. (It Ik iitrprtnltiK how
quickly thn world furgotg m Suit lllver
people.) iiryitti linn three memocr
nIiIpn In thin eluii. Imvlnx been de
feated for prt'tddeiit three tlmcN.
There In n "Hctmto" club, n House"
club, "dovernor club iHitraitni joined
thai), n "Judicial" club tllollomati
took n card In that), a -State" club
for itttio candidates, wlttditiR up with
tho "Hoi Pollol club for county enn-
dldaleii, and Hie Also lltiti" club for
the tellowtt who failed to Ret notiilun'.
ed nt the prlninrl' n. (Thin l the Mi
roni club of nil.)
They hnvn a little (tin nl the cs
peniie of tho newcomer by conferrlitR
on liim n title just n nttio uinerent
front tho ono, he would have been en
titled lo. had ho been elected Thus
In "PrcNlilent of IVnobHCot,
Tllileti l,teldent of Onimmerry Park.
Hrnn "I'relilent oi NelirnHkn,
etc . Iliiriilin In Governor of Socor
ro." tlollaman U ' JiiiIro o, Quay loun
i)." itttil ihey call mo "Hotmlor from
I should have Mated Hint tno Hotel
lie Gloom taken )'n pumi 'rout Hit. lee!
ItiRN uf tho nun, ari'Ivala tin.! thoc
when you net out :unoni; the out Hm
or you II ml Die nlr qitlto ilItTeier.l
nml the people ready to talk on my
tOPlC OlltHllIO Of HOlltlCH.
I tried to draw out Wliillcld Scott
Hancock, who, in Home of my renders
amy remember, ran nnaltiBt Oarfleld In
ISbO. or somewhere along there, by
saying that "the tariff Is a local Is
sue," but ho merely remarked thnt
"tho tariff Is no insiiu of any kind in
this locality," and heson to ask mo
what I know qbnut tho fourth dimen
sion nnd other non-partisan suhjerts.
I saw Hill ItoblnMon, the tenderfoot
or tno Ilimwoil ItoRltter-Trlbttne. hob
:iiobhlnK with 'John C Krehmnt nlwiit
..., ,iayj .yhi.ri (,c
tho dayj whert (hoy went llchlni; to
Relher on Ihe Pecos, (My opinion Is
that they both lied.)
Paul Jones ot tho I tiRan Lender,
wno trying lo mnlte Stephen A. Doug
lass believe that ho wiin thn lilcutlrnt
fellow that licked the llrltlnh nt sea
nml thnt he afterward waded nshoto.
Illll Hryan Is working on n new
Chnututiipiu led ore entitled "Whm I
Know About Kverythlnii," which ho
tells mo he will get copyrighted to
keep Koonctelt trout stealing It. Ho
nys he tins had d good deal of trouble
In thnt Htm with Theodore In tho way
of political bloas and won't take any
This afternoon 1 was down at tho
"Hnvernors" club nnd found llursitm
considerably out of humor. Ho had ovl.
dently IohI Mjiucthlng uml I asked him
whether he was looking lor the gov
ernorship. ' No," ho answered, i
,lon-t mim) ntlo thing like thnt. but
eoiilouml It, I've lost my plpol"
An "extinguished pollllcal light.'
Obar Progreati.
!' M.i L?iii-. . i imrliw A.
Htephen. n ierlff of Lincoln county, ar.
iH'il hii,. Mat nlg-lit lirliiglug tUtll
htm Fran mro Luiilfiiiua, 11 young
Herman whom .hu had Mltowed fur
si'Viral dux.. Hx was wunted fon
horse an simg at Oicttro. N. M.. where
ho hod sM--n a'hoMe from McOrr or
that plai' The olllrers took Itlm by
clirprlic on the weal sldn of the On-
euro m itiilps. He wnl after hl
ruii but Ihe olllcers were too qulctc for
him and iii.d him covered wll.i two
r,i.B ,, ,uir,;01f n l.l vlni... our
"'" ' tl'' his Victim
tu,llin(i iJt,"iBT t'hllllns. rani
,,0(l N() . Jfftl(j ArJ)y uf )0
i, ti.u
T ,ri.fut uvoil Klrsi Thnt In
, ...npr)s 4 1,,.. ., ,..,
."uiii. j 1,1. f,.n 11U at.
" " ' ' rrT
aiTectlonntn Ia4kr.
Kesnlved Hwaml. That wo, tho
members of (), K. DtAarreo post, mourn
itU donnrtitr. d will keep fresh
" ,2"10,, 'J2
ntiiory hi WMSMi mA comiuondnblo
deeds. Thirst, Tkwt twr charier bo
drupud In nitiiiwiMssK tor tno period of
six ;nonlhs In Ma tttftory, Kottrtn.
That n copy U Mmmmj molutions bu
recorded In mt Jaasrnni, Mid pubHshed
In llio city, MTNts mhI ttent to tho
members of flat. bnimsvi1 family of
our comrade.
AlbuuuoHHM, Ku M.. Doc. 2, 19m
Want A4i fat m Mni fy
fellow wtnteej to lull' mikiui Hid own
" 't iy'0te buoKMd pencil nnd
Any Rug in Our Stock at Cost Plus 10
We must make a place for new stock nnd will reserve nothing. Now is your chance
Wilton Velvets
Body Brussels
Scotch Wool
All Fiber
These are record values
Citizens Have Formed Co-0p
erative Creamery Company;
The Stockholders Will Meet
(Special Corrvaefesitrncff In the Heratil)
tiiiitey. N. M , Dee. 8. A meotlng
nf the stockholders of the Htnnley
t'o-operiitlvo Crenmry company wan
held ni Ihu school hoilmi on Hattirduy,
December I, nnd mother mellng Is
called for Haturday. December 9".
W. P. Huslck wu up from Amarll
lo this week visiting his family on
the chilm.
Mrs. A. rl. Piilllnm rrturueil Hun
day from n vlult with relatives In
Ardmore, Okie.
11. It. IWbody returned to Santa
Ko on the 3d.
J. U. Leatherwood and D. D, Olin
stead loft Monday for Unllui)1.
II, Hunt returned im ttje tth
rrom a prolonged stay In Oklahoma.
ClyUo Winter was a visitor front
Hantn i'"o this week.
N. J. ranaday sold his relinquish
ment to his clolm NouthweHt of trtwn
to II. Pickett of Hantu Ko this week.
Mr. Plekelt will move on Hia plueo
at once.
Frank Davis tvus u passenger to
Mnntii Fc vn Ihe Cth. , f.
J. W. Hlnck and Clny Klusell urn
turkey hunting In Ihu timber enst oi
Stanley Oils wcek( (i
J. t. Chnpln und II. D. fox, made
a bUdliieiiN trip to OitllNteo Tucdiiy
Hen Hill ami Homer Hprar ntudo n
trip to Madrid Ihe fINi of week
Kidney Trouble Alliiek Allmnwrquo
.Men nml Women, Old nml Young
Kidney Ills seltu young and old.
Come iittlckly with little warning.
Children suffer in their, early
years '
Can't control the kidney secre
Qlrls are languid, nervous; suffer
pain. i
Women worry, can't do dally work,
Men hav-o lame nnd aching backs,
Tho cure for man, woman or child
Is to euro tho cause tho kidneys.
Dean's Kidney Pills ara for sick
Hnvo 'jroujjht relict to Albuquerque
people, i
Albuquerque, testimony proves U.
Mrs. C. rournelle, 403 8. IB road
way. Albunuednue. M.. says; "I
can vouch for Dorm's Kidney Tills
as heartily now as when I publicly
recommended them over tw ytara
ago, Hlnco then I have adyktest ather
persons to try them and I knowirom
rcporta that they have nclcd itlfac
torlly. In January JP07, I said In n
publiq statcimnt (hat the contents of
thrro boxes had cured mo cf pain In
the back that had clung w n$, for n
1o"ig time, t cap now add thatsl havo
no recurrence of my old trejHWIe."
Kor sato by all dealers. Prion SOe
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalg, New
York, solo agonts for the United
Kemeotber tho name Dean's
and take m atber. 20
A MriklKfi Weman. ,
(Frew Ckvelsml PUin Deatyr)
"I MKi tkat A noted LomsVmi aaKra
fM44e hm tmriM a hqWch."
"TlMt'a atrango. I wonder hiw they
h)4HM to meot!"
, "U wast iwrm two ef tho mrWer
Ffa. tm mmk a kep mrmlm m
Wm." ' '5
'"With n b(4t4t.w
.I.. v
Pr tb sWt mhWIs) ktitsi Um
city oall pkom Hv. I, W I TrtwW.
HI Mottft aeid itreA
Ten Days
Hartford Axminsters. .$22.00
Smith Axminsters .... 90.00
Fiber Wool 9.50
Oriental Shervan 11.90
25x54 Axminsters $1.10
27x54 Velvets $1.75
and remember, you may also
tiii: mi:.v WHO I.KMt
The man 'lilaliest tin" In Ihe labor
movement Hiimuel Oompers. presl-j
itent oi ine AineriRun- retteiuiton in
Labor, a Hhurp-eyed, denp-volced(
InrKe-faceil man of 01. He begun
organising labor unions when he wn
14 years old and he has been nt II
ever since. Now 'lid Is Ihe hc.d or
the greatest labor organisation that
ever. vxlHted un organisation (hat, In
1010, had a membership or l.flU.OOo
worklnginnn, 28. OHO local unions mid
12 International unions,
Haniiiel flomperi Wm horn In Lou
don, tho on of a Dutch cigarmnker.
He became n cigarmnker himself at
II and when ho was 13 years old ha
came lo America, lie hud beiin In
thin country Just one year when ho
truant)! IiIn reltqw workirn lulu u
union. Hlnco then hu has orriclutnl
nt the btrihs of thousands of unions.
'Mr. rSomnerM Is the founder of Ihe
. 'orgmilzutlun of which he Is the head
and he has been Its president twenty
eight of the rhtrty years of Its exlt
enee Ills lire has been devoted to
that work and In his tradcmhlp of It
hn has traveled. It Is said, morn than
nny other American In public lire.
He spends at least half or his time
on the road ami he never ceases, lo
study while he In traveling, He liven
in a three-story brick house within
sight of Ihe t'nlted Klne eiipllol. on
the third floor of that house In e
"den" In whl.-li Ihe labor lender often
works until 3 o'clock In the morning.
It was In lsii that Mr. OompeiN
orgnnlxcd tile American Kcderntton
of Ilior. Tito movement was start
ed In Pittsburg In opposition to the
Knlghla of Labor. The new ordrr
was fought by the Knights of 1-nbor
until tho latter organisation wore it
self out. Hut that did not make cv.
erythlug peaceful in the federation.
At mnny meetings of tho order Mr.
(Inmpers has been unniilm iimly elect
ed president hut there Imve ".m
.-v. i , -v hM r "bIu ' ni
There l one In progress now. It Is
led by Victor Iliirger, Ihe only Hoelul
ivt In ct.ngte, Ami It Is tho attempt
of the HoclnlixtN to chungn the foun
dation of union labor; to bring Hie
movement 'nto politics, which Mr.
(Inmpers has never favored. Hut Hie
'faith of the laboring men In flom
pera is traditional, and Herger's flahl
has not succeeded.
When the American Federation of
Labor first was formed Mr. Hompeis
became Its president nt salary of
nothing, Ho kept on with his work
n n a cigarmnker to meet his expenses.
After several yeara he was voted a
salary of 11,000 a. yehr. His salary
now Is said to be J,000 n year, and
his offices nro In nn imposing build
ing In Washington.
Mr. Oompors' organisation Is n sort
of adviser for thn unions ot America.
The federation has no direct author
ity. II is mude UP of representatives
of tin. vnrioiiN unions nnd their voting
jmwer In determined by tho number
of ,mf n III their unions. th leoern
tlnn has worked along the line or
aoiilners' ideas better pay, shorter
hours, better conditions, but no strlko
If It can be avoided.
Whllo many 11 foreign accent, which
our (tort ran u4eratand. 1
la blessing him for hone and bread In
thin Iroo, fertilu land.
Yosl when iiikw Hio eastern coast wo
stHlc to happy te.
Tho Day at lndoBowtwco rolls at 111
onward to the weet,
Till iIUm on th Pelftc akoro tho
That woke (fee moenliMr with lu ve-lce
ukMt the Atlsmtk . . .
O Oodl mk down th ld
whkh tkmi Ut loyd m woH,
And grsat tkat In unlH-oktw truth her
' ckiWren MHI may dwl;
Nor, wWe tk tt bws m tk
hm aM s4fMM ftoyv thrtmifh
May tkey fMt tMr fr'
or Un tSNstr nmmtml Ml J
0H kp Umi fWrset, aoMsot laud
taat Ussi bmmik Umi san:
,"Oar oomtry, wr vlwi (antntry, aart
our oouniry rry ottei"
-Omorm W- BtiittM (isos-iscs).
win a Free Dinner Set.
Strong Block
Second arnd Copper
A Little Sage and Sulphur
Makes Gray Hair Vanish;
A Hcmcdy for All Hair
Who does not know tho valuo ot
sago nnd sulphur for keeping tho hair
dark, soft, glossy and In good condi
tion? AH a matter nf fact, sulphur la
a natural element itt hntr, and n dntl
clfiicy of It In tho hair Is held bY
many sculp specialist to ho cbntiecr
od with loss ot color and vitality of
tho hair. Uniticstlouably, there Is no
better remedy fur hair nnd scnlp trod,
hies, especially premature grnyncsn,
than sago and snlpht.r, If proHitly pre
pared Tho Wyclh Chemical com
pany of New York put up an Ideal
remedy nf Hits kind, called Wyeih'a
Sage nnd Sulphur Hair itemed)' nnd
ntilhorlxo drugglstH to sell it under
guitranteo Hint tho monoy will bit re
funded if It falls tn do exactly n rep
resented If vou hnro dandruff, or If your half
Is thin or turning gray, get n hnttlo
of this remedy from your druggUt to
day, and sop what It Will do for you.
This preparation Is offered tu tho
PUblo ut fitly cunts r bottle, nml la
leoommended and aold by nil drug
Rlata. Obpheum Theater
Great Kandolph Show all
all this week.
Change cf program every
General Admission, 104
Elks' Theater
Hf Harry H. and Hfc'l. H. KmHti Wu
i4t) by Itofrert IImhI wfBj
Wrwt from Hie
.mm mum COMPANY. U TtVmCAJi
xviimmuu wonnvmim. pakm-
J'MKWS, I.M, .H least M.M

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