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ALiTOnHtaxri mrna hiraid, fiipa?, DioExmit 8, mi,
r I
Ahzoiuimty Purm
Th only Baking Powdtr mado
from Roya I CrapQCreum of Tartar
Territory Becomes a State
Under Most Favorable Con
ditions; Population Rapid
ly Increasing.
The mutual report of Governor Wil
liam J. Mills to the secretary of I lie
Interior linn junt been mado public
ly tlm department. The report I
for thn flMrnl year ended June 30,
1011, mid la dated September IB. It
In u full it ml exhaustive review of thn
condition nf the territory In nil
brunches (if governmental nctlvliy,
n ml cover forty-flvo pages of print
ed mutter. Inasmuch n. It In tlio
hist annual report tlmt will over be
inudo by u Rovormir of New Mexico
In n department of tlio Unltcil Mutes,
It l of exceptional Intercut nt Hit
The report begin wltttjjt general
resume of condition In the territory
during the year lOlo-mil. Thn
proRrrM of railroad building, of ir
rigation enterprises, of activity in
drj farming, of thn development or
thn coiil fields uf the territory, of
road controcilon anil of mining of
thn precious inetaly, are nil net out
in thl gtatomeni, uml show u niut
gratifying state of development for
the territory on it whole. An to pop
ulation, llii' governor gtvoe It n hi
opinion that In tin year that has
elapsed Diner thn taking of -the ecu
aus of I V 10 there. Iiiih been a rulil
growth or the populutlon, uml ha
places 3 0,000 uh it conservative esti
mate or the number uf Inhabltantf
nt present.
An Interesting feature or thn report
In thn account that the governor
Kivea of thn events leading to the
adoption of tha constitution nmt tlio
expenditure or tho fund provide)
for holding tho constitutional eon
ventlon uml for tho election of ico.
RuYeJi r-'tlu. MnYr'tmiilh'.' ' Orr thl
nubject the governor sny:
Ono hundred thousand dollars
wum appropriated by congress to iUv
frni the necessary expenses oV hold
ing the roiiMltutlonal convention and
the election prescribed by the cn
abllmt act. to ha locally expended by
the secretary of tho territory, under
tho direction unit In the dlserrtloii of
the secretary of tho Interior. Tho
disbursing and accounting of thin
money Involved a vast nmount of do
lull, especially In the prepurntlon and
certification of vciieher. and nntur
nlls' tha work of chocking and pay
ItiR tho vartou rlnlniN took up con
siderable lime. ulthmlRh every effort
wn mndo to nettle nil nccount an
promplly na possible.
"The work of paying thn election
expense wn particularly arduous,
ax all of tint election official hud to
b tiulil by Individual voucher and
check, In compliance, with United
Willi etatule and regulation of
the treasury department. Jfo better
understand Iho mngnltmle'of thl tin
dericklug, It ahould bo borne In mind
that New Mex-lcp tin aJniort 0t)
votlrg, precinct, nrin at ill general
elections there lire three member
of it borird of registration, three
iudftta of election uml two clerks of
election lit ench precinct, not to men
Hon mcxnenKcr employed In dellV'
ertng tlio ballot bnxea to nmf from
tlm different polling ploee. . ,
"Of Urn llflo.eno appropriated for
statehood purpose, there remnltt
unexpended at thi time ll(t,JT.t.
Of thla amount $13,000 la still In tho
United rtntr treaHUry, aiHUeel to
requisition, and the remainder I on
deposit In thn local United Htatea do
nosltorn Had thn constitutional
convention wmtliiued In tislon tha
fu)l nlxty day provided for by Iho
enabling act. Instead or adjourning
ut tha end or fifty tfayg, tha lunus
nvallablo would hnvo probably been
entirely exliuusted, a tho expense
or tha convention were approximate
ly tt.ooo n day, Including; per diem
of tho delegates and tho aalarle of
John Lewis Clark Music Co.
Swcwiwor ta WhMoett Mtilo Co.
IvtrytkiKg ptrtoiMitif to Music. Write us sr
all. TMUry rtprtotiitativM for tkt laliwin
MJy llM f JrkMM.
i 1 4 South Second Street
Albuquerque, N. M,
thn various offtcrte and employe "
The report ahowfi tha continuance
of a aleaily atream of Immliirutlon
to lite Ktnte. ntil tlt(CN tliut tho biat
fladil ymt Hh vSftneaaed the priv
Inn up of n very large acreage of land
filed on In the early day of thn
hoii)tcnd rush. In tho opinion or
the governor, the moat satisfactory
phase of the Immlvrntlon niMvement
of the pnat tyinr hn been In tho
number of lutwcomers into our Irri
gated district.
Tho financial alatement of the ter
ritory as shown In the report set
out n bnlnnen on hand In tlm trnaa
ury nt Iho present time of $r2r.,27r.
12, oa ngulnst I1R&.MD.14 nt the
croso of thn preceding riscnl year.
The reoelpl or tho territory rur tax
ation during the year amounted to
1953,703.89, ami from fourcea other
than taxation M3,eH.62. During
the year the bonded Indebtednes of
tho territory wo1 reduced by $Jfl.500,
leaving a total of 1975,000 of bonded
Indebtedness now outstanding.
A very uratlfylng allowing wna
made by the public school or the
.territory, tha .school enrollment ill
June, 1011, being approximately
SII.OOO. no Increase of 2.U00 over the
year before.. This doe not Include
thn anrollment In nr vote and aevtnr-
lati xvhoola. or Im thn Indian schools,
but merely the atudenta enrolled In
Institution supported by the terri
tory. The report olso contain an
Interesting statement of thu cnnill
linn of the various territorial Institu
tion of higher learning.
Many other subjects, such a
Irrigated and dry farming, the
Carey act. good roads, nnd na
tional fore is, are discussed In
the governor's report. It la a most
IntercHtlng doeumrnt and will well
repay n closr itudy by thuso tu'o-'-ed
In Die r arcea and progr. s of
what was r.nre the territory, but
now th utaln if New Mexico,
Local Methodist Divine De
clares Movement Advant
Ageous to Merchant and to
Public as Well as Clerks.
Tlm TIkv (-loirli.H fWnr llrikltmn.
pastor of the First Methodist church,
I ono or tha local mlnlMer who
have taken an active and mint help
ful Interest In the early ahopplmt
movement in AlbuiUiUerriin. He re
cently apokn most aiiHiucntlv tipm
thl MUbeet from the pulpit, nnd, in
.llM0iialnir (lie Mirle nhniiitliiif Idea
with a- Herald man today, he gave
III view will) characteristic vigor
nnd dlrectnesH.
Tlil,. Men of xnrlv CMirlitmna slum
ping I a Rood onrV uld Mr, lleek-
man. ' It la thn fruit of tho neeu
..In i, 1 1... Itu lliu K,n i.r rtful. nf the
eternal principle! known na thn flold-
en llule. Thl idea curried into prac
tice I ndvantHgrou to thn buyer,
since, purchasing early, he has first
choice of the good displayed, ami
ttinv nrn not Midled ItV tiiunv hand
lings of nrnsnecttvu buyers .Further
more there I thn rest of mind which
comes irom naviog sum iurciinri,
thus adding to the real Christ mas
spirit ,
"It I of vnlua to tho merchant
because, he ha thu antlsfacllon or
knowing tha oo4 tinvo been dis
posed or, monoy In In the till ami
there In lens danger of bmken or
soiled goods from frequent hand
ling. "Tho plan (a beneficial to both
merchant a.ld clerk In that It doe
away with a long period of shopping
with II nervou stmln, and conse
quent lono hour and rushing husl-
lien lust preceding tho Christinas
All hall lo the day when Christ,
mtn selling nnd Christmas bit) lug I
m .nil. mud rush thn week n reced
ing what Is known at 'the Christina
holidays.' "
five Us Ytw 0drs.
Tlm cnnvnaliiK cnmmlttoo, wlilch
l tu (Ictcrinliio tlio practicability of
raisins thu necoBsarr futulH for bring-
IfiK tlio union meet In it of tlio llrothcr-
liootl of Locomotive Klrcrueii and Kn-
.i. .. . . . . ... .
nvmoii ncro into next May, win no-
n it wont Monday.
All the niarchnmg of tho city will
cnnaii upon, ami tho nmount enen
wlllltiff til ennlllluiln In Ilu ennsn
will bo acortsliied. About 12,500 It
ncmicd lo nsstiro Ilils RiillioilriK for
Tbf. men In t.bnf'in of iho nltatm nv.
neel In lirlnir nl lima! I OOO ninn n.i
thnlr fnmllloa hum for four or llvo
days, wlntllni? up thu stay hoto with
u mil hi iu'.' iniiiii uaiiou. a mini
bor of nnnucnioiit arc planned tor
tho nffalr. Tho union meuilng or m
ployca la lo (IIsciihr (ho betterment of
work ami working condition nnd tho
plan originated In Iho Highland IoiIko
. si.. !...( I
Till) district enurl Imlnv r.inili.rn1
judgment by defnultl n tlio cam or
aiiroio vivmnn, ot nl , nualmit Henry
II. Augo, ct nl., In favor of (he plain
tiff JutlKiucnt In tho sum of of $.
isimju, with it trustco'H 4f nml Inter-
l. WAR alVoll. Tlio cimrl onlerixl n
trust deed covorlnjr tlio Imlt'lncdneiis
Ml bo Utlilllil una Hln uronxrlv
tired t6' b'o sold within nlnoty ilaya,
iiiileas, the defendant within Hint
time paid Dm dubt Otto DIccKiimnn
nB iiiiuiiui'u spucini luaaier to niaito
lht saic.
A marrlncn llennsn i ism,..i t,i,.l.
to Turosltn l.ucelll ntiil .lull
both or Uuraiict.
A marrlann llennsn was iann.i voa.
tcrday to IJolflnn topox ami Julian,
Jitaiur, both ot Uurelai.
'i ho supreme court la expected to
'JJourn todnv until llr rntuli. r Hi n,..l
If thai Im doiio, Judge Abbot? will re
main h.re all noxt week. Ho liiie
111 ml A no ntntnmenl rnvnrillin- tit It TA
cnnveiiing of tho Jury, how ever.
II. CI. Hnydor. who fflrmirlv It ml
chnrgn of an office hero for the Mu-
iuui I. lie insurance Comnanv of Now
York, but who bus mml., iii hfn.l.
auarter In I'ueblo for samo time
past, ha again transferred his resi
lience to this city. Mr. Snyder will
open an ofrico In the lower floor of
the Htato National bank block, and
will mako hi headiiuartur hern In
stead or nt I'ueblo, continuing to
imvel through New Mexico and
MOiilhero Colorado, however. Just an
iicinrn. Mr Mi)inr liol.l tin. por
tion i t siiperinteudeiit of ageittv.
Fauoy California Grapes
2 lbs. for 25c.
I California Head Let
tuce , ,10o
Native Spinach, lb. . . 10c
Havel Oranges, 30c, 40c
50c dozen.
Fforida Grape Fruit,
2 for , 25c
Belle Springs Butter,
I Hebir's Mince Meat-,
1 OR..
Good Mince Meat, 2
pounds for 25o
Condensed, pkg 15o
Jars.... 85c, $1.00, $1.25
Strawberries, box. . . ,H0
New Club Xum 6tm4i of
All JCUis Arriving Xvery
1 m, i cans, Mixed
VeftkWtt Corn, Peas,
and Tentatoe.
TfconM 172 and 171
816 WmI Central AytAM
The Show Was Excellent and
Made Oxe of the Bis; Hits
of the Season; Bed Rom Is
It is not often given to Albuoucrttue
ana to m it slum ( the excellent
merit of tho I'arndm,; of Mahomet us
.resented by Ml 'juice Van HlUddl-
ford and company at the Ulks' last
nlrtht. and Hint Ai .umieinueotis are
not unaiipreclatjve their opportun
itles is Niiown by tii- largo ami fash
ionable audience tiiut literally (lacked
ihn house to tho d",,rt.
ills Van Htuddlf-rd la no stranger
n thl city, and lur work last night
only served to atr.-ngthon tho hold
that iho has on thu affection of Ainu,
iieriu theatergoers Her really re
liinrkablo voico I as clear and benll-
ful a over, nnd ha lost nothliiK
f tho striking Junoemiue beauty
wh'ch slvea her suih a commanding
Muge preaenee. AI'' It might bo ml-
ddi. Mis van Htuddirord can net a
r.unllty not ulway deemed necessary
In comic opera stars, but not In thu
least detracting from thn ensemble of
an olherwisu meritorious perform
ance. The play was elaborately staged,
scenery, costume nnd mountlngH ba
ng fully up to 'the standard of Ho
liest Ilroadway production. A. plot
there "wwa, of nboul tho texture ot thn
filmy hnrem klrt worn by thn merry
merry, but It wan not allowed to en
cumber the performance or Interfere
with the perfect snioothnrs of thing.
And perhaps thu most pleasing feat tiro
of the ahotv was the excellent halancn
of Hie cast. There were no weak spots,
general high standard or musical
and theatrical excellence being main
tained by thn nnllro company.
Vor till reason It I difficult to ln-
gin out for special mention any ot
.toso who contributed to the cnter-
alnmcnt of the evening, John J. Mc.
'ownn, a thn American chauffeur, and
Ml.i Iiurn Hurt, a tha able-minded
any who persisted in reminding her
second huabaml of Hie ftirpnlng vir
tue of her rirat, had the leading com,
edy rnlis and sustained them In such
nn admirable manner that not n dull
moment n allowed to Intrude during
the evening. Ilut scarcely lees conspic
uously good wfta'thc work of Klorcu
Kolb a Maoaul, Kdwnrd Morn n
Prlnco Cnssim and Mis llother a
Vanlnkn. Ml- Rothrr ha a voice that
la not often heard In light opera role,
and It I safe to predict Hint aha Hub
a great futuro before her In her prn-
ienpi.111. ,
IJko evfrs'lhlBM that comes from
Hie en of Hnrr'v, t. 'Smith, tho din
logue was bright ami clever, anil tho
action wa never allowed to drag. Thn
muslo wav nf the tuneful kind that
keep you whistling for days after
ward, sumo of thn lyric being r.mon
t.ie most catchy ever heard here. The
song hit of thn play. "There Home
Hung About You. Dear, That Apal
to Me." was ung' by Mr McCowan
and Ml Kurt and received repented
fnerre. "rve flot to Olve Her Hor
Own Way," 'Mv Wedding Day," "I
can't Oct KiiourIi," nnd "My Idea ot
I'arnuiso niso encored heavily.
Thn next attraction nt tin. Rika'
will hi the ltd Itose, which comi to
town Rnturdnv night. Thn sent nle
opened thl morning at Mntmin'. nnd
all Indication are for ono of thn big
gest house of thn season. Owing n
rain r-hedulf 't nan been decided to
hove the first curtain nt S-.30 Instead
of nl 9 o'rlnek ns Is uual with Satur
day night shows In Alhunurrque.
Report Is Hade on Financial
Management of Institution
Showing Where the Money
Is Expended.
Following I the .report rendered
by the auditor of -the Y. W. C. A.
tor the mutual meeting or 1911:
Itecelpt and disbursement, No
vembor , HMO, to''Nj)vcmbcr 7, lull.
iiy j. ii. (joou. auditor.
Cash on hand In
office. 11-610. .$ S3. 15
Overdraft at bank,'
it-a-in .. $ ac.ss
llreakfatl ... ,544,0!
Islnner . .. 2)121,81
Huppera .. 1;28,5'2
Meal on account., , '81387
House and offb n. ,..331,05 .
Mnmliershlp fn-.. 1185.SG
Donations .. '&bi,9b
Kducntloiial ., 4iu0
lllook.dny .;r.JJ''63
Office expons.s wilarles, te. 7.tJ
liouso .... ..v. B5Q.S7
Cu(e 4.171.32
Membership fes 4.16
THlCHil , , . . f&Wfi . , .
Kduratlonnt . . . .....
Traveling expense vf......
Oeneral expenses .J'.
wills pnyubie . . .....
IntereiH .?&'....
Special account ..Tir.
Cki balnnrn Nov;7j 1011,
(On hand i ..1......
Mank balance In bank, Nov.
h 1WM t!U'
Mmtllor'n Ktatfutt! fw ittll,
IWacntlonnl ....... J24.0"
lock day. to tm MhI., 11,52
lWMllonwl ......... ttl.a
IhM mS far t
gr ww si aw w -tmmm sj w W
Mother, for Sis
ter and for
See Our
Window Display
Beautiful Christmas Gifts
Few seasons in our experience have brought out so many delight
fully dainty Novelties for home equipment as this Christmas sea
son. They are here for you to see, admire and to purchase, if you
wish. The aim of this store is always to present Quality. Utility
and beauty in Furnishings for the home.
ivltl)lt CAIHXKTH, In ma
hogany. Hxtromely handsoino
m and prices. - 4 i
KIIAVINn OA 1 1 IN I ITS, In, onk
rinlshes and muhogany, with
adjustable mirror. A bcaulfful
ornament and u practical de
light to the men folk.
snwiNti anixi:rK, in oak
nulshes, mlsslun and mahnttany,
with drop leaf, suarn nnd no
tngom t will plcaso mother
and Die girl.
Ci:t,KHinTIX Wo nro
allowing many design In Cellar,
cite, all nnv and elnssy. Homo
with brns serving trays, aomo
with gin showing; floral ile-
Traveling expense . . . 23.00
Clelicrul exiense 20.05
Hovlul 4 30
interest 5.07
1.oicn III excess 58.59
tiit.it tat. li
The "gcnerol expenses" In above
statement Include .numerou small
item that 1 did not clamiry, but
were all proper expenditures. J. It.
flood, auditor.
h'iimmary of Ikm,
Cure $132.25
IIouko JOfi.l'i
Otricn U2.26
Kumlry uucount CM. 59
Total $C2ii.:i
Santa Fe Can Be Belied Upon
to Do Herself Proud When
the January Blowout Comes
finntn Fe, N. M., Dee. t. Inniigur-
iitlon day preparation nnd program
uro assuming tangible shape. Tha
executive committee met yesterday
afternoon nt the .New Mexican edi
torial office,, with chairmen nnd vice
chairmen vt various sub-commlltees,
nnd extensive report were made by
the committee on arrangement,
while estimate" were nuhmttttd by
all or Ilia other committee except
that on decoration, showing that
about 13,000 will bo needed to fi
nance the affair.
Mayor Arthur 8rllgan presided,
and there Were present besides Hee
retory I'aul A. F. Walter. M. A Otero,
Levi A Hughe, It. 1. Krvlcn. J. It.
Crist, i iinrle M, Ktuuffer, Uroitson
Cutting. J A. Mnse, Frank Hull, K
II. Iiughiin. James U Heilgmnn, C
F. Kasley and Mr. H, Hplls,
J. 11. t'rlst reported that It I tha
entlmeiit of the majority of the
committee of arrangement that the
palace ot the governors and the Nn
MomI guard armory are tho most
M4tblc place for the reception and
The committee propose In
Hie entire pnluce Ktructure, to
tho porlal nllh canvas, to
cnmstritct a covered tionrd walk from
the Mr of the palace tn'the eiitninco
of WwJ Rational guard armory The
ttecottggtfMfWlll be vcr ebiboruto. an
lini4ggssgM man theie will be ample
oHi1l))l' for display lloth ror
rtltwgjg)i Mil hlstorb reanoii It
wa iHViVltwt thu two siruelure
should hw isjajsj n preference to a
hotel, Mr. Hmti also outlined pluns
for a great itwimt, allegorical nml
patriotic, but Us committee voted to
wrnftHO the an4 H mllllury organ-
igiis underneath, plain glass,
nnd glass over mnhognny. These
nrn attiactlng much nttontlon.
ri;i,i:i'iio,vn taiimx . a
handsome uml useful pleca for
Iho 'pliuiie. Contain drawer for
telephone book, pad, pencil, etc.
Made In oak nnd mission,
In all oak llnlslie. An Inexpen
sive and truly ornamental ar
ticle. KMtWI'llS' KICTK. W Mliovv
iminj design. In many llnlnhe.
In lirnss, nickel and sterling ash
tray and cigar nnd pipe holders.
Thero I a wide range of price.
tuition, Further detail of Hie In
auguration had been worked out by
thn committee on arrangement and
will be mado public when rntiricd by
the exocutlvo committee.
Tho addresH of tlovernnr William
J. Mills will he delivered before tlov-ernor-clect
Mel nuild tnkca'hla oath.
Tho Innuguiul address of tho new
governor will rollow Immediately,
Archbishop I'ltavul wli Invited to
pronounce- the Invocation.
Thn mayor or all Incorporated
municipalities ami president of
clmmbera of commeree will hn invit
ed uml given place on the reception
committee. If they accept the Invita
tion. The coidmltteea diseiisMcd detail
for two huurn and then adjourned to
meet at tha call or Acting Chairman
Ar'hur Xnllgman.
Ex-Head of Princeton Applied
to Carnegie Foundation
Fund but Was Coldly Turn
ed Down by Directors.
New York. Dec. s. A - w York p-
per unrrlMiidly to him any that whelk
Woodrovv Wilson left the student of
I'rlnceton to other hand a year ago
thl fall und accepted tb iM!hlllty
of becoming tho chief i-xeeutlvn of
New Jersey he wYotu to the Carnegie
foundation for the advancement of
torching ami' asked to be pensioned
At that llniejjio was 53 year old. He
I! Onr New Ground-Floor Studio ii
Saturday Evening. Dec. 9
&30 te 9:30
i Many hundreds of dollars in free pictures to be
-H--ei-4Mr4444'4--M---t 4
Useful Gifts for
Father, for Bro
ther and for
We arc showing
many exclusive
novelties in
High Class
sion mid fumed oak, octagonal
nnd hiiuare, In many design nnd
CAIN I TAIII.Kft .The lat
est In Card' Table, fold Into
small apace, absolutely rigid,
Covered with felt or leather.
IW(T UICHTH, ln mUilott
and fumed oak, with Hpanlshj
leather pad. in several design
nnd price.
KHOH CASUS, In many de
algn. Useful nnd an ornatnont
to your room.
ctrr fsiass. our linn of cut
files I oxtenslvn and of high
est grmlo. The price I very lowr
for the quality.
wa relimiulshlug n place to which n&
emolument of (8,000 a year was at
tached nml moving toward an offlua
that paid $10,000. Tho shadow or
160,000 Job wa already being cast be
fore him by some of hi more en
thuatlc friends.
Oovcrnor Wilson's communlcatloii
naked something for which the trust
eea In n broad construction 6f their
power had the permission or tlu
tiind'a donor. Ilut Hie way In which
hi roouest was worded gave them
very reason to believe Hint he con
stdeied ii pension to be the Inevitable
'tault or tho twenty-live year or er
Vlce an a teacher of the young which
he hod bartly completed. Ho wa III.
tr.rmed Hint It wan not automatic and
no uch pension hud over been grant
ed, for. very polbly, the reason that
tl i wit the ilrst request of the kind
that the trustee had received lu thn
fiur )nr of the foundation' life.
When thl wa explained to tiie re
tiring prenldcnt ot I'rlnceton he re
ceived the. added Information that It
he cnmtldcrcd hi lnlm well enough
rounded to aply formally the matter
would eonie before llio executive com
mittee, which meet lu the Interval
between the full board's annual gath
ering. The formal application followed. It
wa considered by the executive com
mittee. The' merit or the cao wcr
discussed and tlm application denied
This action wa not mado publlo ut
the time because Ut" hoard doe hot
disclose tlio mime of It unsuccessful
"1 hud been troubled with consti
pation for two yearn and tried all of
tho best physician In IirUtol, Tenn.,
,nnd they could do nothing for me,"
j write Tho. 10. William, Mlddleboro,
(Ky "Two puekuga of Chamber
lain' Rtoinneli nml I.lver Tablet
'cured me." For sale by all dealer.
the Busy Rhotoffiplicr i

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