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VOl). 9W. NO, M.
VOU I. NO. 27,
Diplomatic Language is Said
to Conceal Political Strife
UrIms Sulaer Resolution is
Modified in Congrew.
(My KvcmIbk Herald A. P. Leased Wlrsl
Washington, Doc. 16. Hecuuse
of u protest by Ibo Itusslnn im.
iMUKHitur to President Tuft,
against ths language of the Hul-
ser resolution abrogating the
treaty nf 1833 with Itussla, It wus
reported trnlay that the scnuto
would pit, either on Monday or
Tuesday, n modified resolution.
That President Taft regarded
a serious the situation arblng
from the Iiuslan protest that
adoption of the Hulser resolution
would bo Inconsistent with exist-
Ing friendly rclationi, win Jn-
ilicntcd when live members of
tho cabinet wer summoned for
n special meeting, Hecrotary
Knox, Attorney (icncral Wicker-
sham and Hecrotarlc MaoVengh,
Meyer i ltd Nugel wero present.
Washington, Dec. 16. What In
diplomatic hnguuge Is -Interpreted
hero ua practically n threat by lluwda
to never ull friendly rotation with
tto United mates In thn event that
congress goes ahead with It plait to
abrogate thn treaty of 1K3S with that
country, has been made to President
Taft and Secretary of Btatu Knox by
tho HuMlan ambassador, Oeorgo
Mr. nakhmctcfr proltttud against
tho Hulxer resolution for the abroga
tion or the trctity on the ground that
II final adoption would tic Inconslst
cnt with the long friendship that ha
tainted between the United States
and Uuwla. Whllo neither tho pres
ident nor ttecrclary ,KnW J) ahum
ed over th lurn 'ot 'affairs, It wan
said at tho White House, a. detcrrnln
id effort would be i made by senate
leaders to modify the uler resolu
Owing tn tho rctlceaco of ull con
ceined In thn negotiation It wan ini-
posslbln to limrn the exact nature of
Ihci protest. H is hellnvrd, however,
to havu been directed principally
a Kit I nut the language of tho Hiilxer
resolution, which boldly declares
,'hat llussln has violated tho terms of
the treaty of Hit.
When Informed of thin Mr HuUcr,
chairman of the house committee on
foreign relations, declare) that he
saw nothing insulting to "stmsltlve
iIukhI' In his resolution und be
llevvd It would go through the sen
ate without modification.
The Humlun proct wan road last
night. Later thn ambassador and
Kccrclary Knox cl)4 at se White
House and toek tko swHr up with
the president n a UaWfi.y confer
ence. 1
Today tho tccreiarf aa and
tho president ciinriifaraj th matter
at lenfth and H him ml whH( tl
conference, was catkg tlwA Mtc mut
ter bt'caino pitblk".
It wm from aewitoM wh vHI'-'
the White Ileitis that Mr. Taft leaf-fled
that an effort WtHH he nhhIu to
modify In the inmate the Mut' revo
lution an It eawn from the hW4.
Kotlewlng tho vottferetice brtweea
Hecrctnry Knox and the prcn-ldeHt the
Kusulan ambasacMfor called at the
BlMo department and wax closeted
fcr some time with the seerelary.
ltith ilenled thl the situation WtUI
at all nrlo!i.
News of Ruasla'a protest uprehd
through the oky and caused k doclded
sensation. I.lttUi else waa talked or at
the capltot and there were numerou
Informal confrrenres. among tho na
tional li'Kl'lAtnr. Tho senate waa not
in bcksIoii.
Tno tatu department ndmltted that
the sltitutlon wo serious; Homo of the
oltlclala there have contnde d from the
nrst tnat tne aarocaiinn. or me treaty
Oi 1831' would lay the t'nltcil H(nte
without any sort of friendly Inter
course with ItussU and thnreforc in a
nnsltlon lha now to enforce the
admission f Amerlejin icltlsons. All
thotighf of botftg ablo to negotiate a
new treaty vM Ktissla'lf the fitilr
reiHilwtPm shoul4 mm, apparently has
nin-n aiNtiaM
lSHmlMr HHtli Gkr mintwKtu rmr
!wh tmM M mtvk tut HeswU ttt
i'' Thomas Motfto, city health m
snltary officer, tht mornlnc mt
tainMd a four-las aaah in W lft
cheat aa a raauH of a romp wlni a
hull dog. The IhiM ilea; hetWHUia at ttM
VtrA Rarn, and utam Mr. Merrla
agK him ia (aaatr tWs mnrahw tea
animal made a sawa attach m mm
rleAlth officer, 44 la Ma
sustaining Ms gasM tratti tm ca
nine's tth. ''Ha-. H. M. KaHfataMii
greased th iwukdl. fc4 Mati ttsai
while there wtt , asajtMaii' mi a mm
left by the wasjssl.ia asrmtw ooaw
(jiletioes a i naajsay it, aalesa It h
cmtCN Infefle4,
They Declare That There Wat
Intimidation There During
Statehood Contest and Will
Not Give Signatures.
(IBy KvritbHC HeraM A. P. I ! Wire)
Hanta Fe. .V. M., Doc .10. Although
the olllclal cuiivuiwlng bourd complot
rd this afternoon Valencia, the last ot
tha twcnly-slx counties, yet It Is still
far from announcing tho final result
as mauy exceptions taken agulnst pre
duct returns must bo disposed of. The
election Judgea ot Clayton, Union
county, wtc summoned to sign the
returns from that precinct but rofused
to do so, saying that the election was
Irregular and that Intimidation pre
vailed on election day. This Is a very
Urge precinct and should It not be
counted, It would defrat the progres
siva candidate for a supreme court Jus
ticeship and also a democratic candi
date for district Judge, who would have
been otherwise elected.
Albert W. Woltcr Must Pay
Penalty of Heinous Crime
Committed on 15Yer01d
Typist Last Year.
New York, N. Y.. Dec. J8. Rocbubo
tho courta liavo denied him an appeal,
death In the electric choir is tho pn
ally Albert Wv WbHcr t pay for
tho murder of Ruth Wheeler, a IB-year-old
atonographer, In Now York
City March 21, 1010. The court of ap
peals has nmr.neH tho Jiiiigtncnt or
conviction of tnurdcr. Kvldenco pro-
ilticoii nt tho trial showed that Wol
tcr had struuKled tho girl in ultcmpt-
Iiik lo attack her, und then iiartly
burned her body In the fireplace.
Ho. waa convicted April S3, ma. mid
was sentenced to bo electrocuted in
Juno or that year Tho execution waa
stayed by an nppoai, which has since
ueen ponding. Tim long delay in
brlnglnR tliu case to argument wna
noted by the court which scored Wol
tor's counsel for "lacxcmtablo delay."
Ruth Wheeler waa tho youngest or
three? ulster Their mother, a widow,
I a dressmaker Tho girl had Jual
been graduated from a Imainesa col
lea which has an emptoyineat aRency
for Mudonta. Mho called (Hero often
to look for a situation. Ono Tiiornlntt
ah (i left homo on lior usual orranil
avid never returned.
tier alstera lunrnod that aha had
been naked to call on A. Wollor ut
112 ICast Ono llniiRrcd and Fifth
Mreet about n position. Investigation
at that mhtroas allowed that Woltcr
whoHi the landlady aeacrlbed an u
alaaiy whiff-faced youth, about 26
yeara old, of a (tetteawale type with
fwehy clothes and ewiwately cut led
hair, had loft thn npariraetit with bin
wife, earlier In llio aatno day.
Ho received many calls from youmr
girla. tho landlady mli 81m had no
tk4 particularly that oro who had
called Ibe day before waa tresher of
tce and better dressed than most of
With Wolter gone, the detectives
watted for hla wife. Whn site at).
I oa rod they trailed her to a corner,
waero o met n pasty-raced man.
Wfeea arrested he denied writing post,
cards tn biislneas schools, but when
tho detectives turned tip answers ml
drtaMK'd to him lie admitted tho cor-
telOHdence. but could not explain
He confessed that tho woman with
whoi ha was HvIiir waa not his wife
Ho met her shortly after coming from
0rrv)ny two years before.
The body of mo iB.yoar-oid at-jnop-rapr
was found that nlgHt, huddled
m a RtMtnysnck on a (Ire oseapo out.
Mu wolter a it portmcnt. alio nan
beak W-rsagled with a short rope.
wacHM with n knife, tno body burned
twrnH recognition d thrunt caro
Vely ot of doora llko ao much nth-
Mttt. MPtitlllrnllon was possliilo only
by afcrrat of clothing ami bit of
(MaW (JHH lietMt ot Wlfei e
fPP'TglJ "4 fQn 9 aaaaBB Mflrf'
4 "Viiaas ,.iy fit siMa'LJ m rakstssa
we fJVffttn i aiii fttfj Trf
(jjsr Mnns ill ii ar J li ' W4mb
Www vSrfaaaalsaaBBBjBj nnwIW sjajaarsHfV nmi
Loo Aa4ea, 11 Dec. II. Mtmuel
P. Ayr f Huston shot and imwb!y
WtaiWy wMMMted hla mm at a Hotel
Ariy tMUy and then committed awl
Ms. Titi had been deaaaaMit aver
Hm 4eath or hi" wire svimo weetsa
' -y, Alaal.
Association of Wool Growers
Declares Overcrowding of
Markets and Scarcity Can
Be Avoided.
Wr Kra4aK Herald A. P. Ir4 Wlrl
Omaha, Noli., Icc. 1C "Kconoiulc
distribution ot tha products of tho
sheep IndtiDtry." wac tho subject dis
cussed today by 1'. ( Johnson of
Illackfoot, Idaho at tho wool growers'
nnlloiinl convention.
Mr. Johnson declared that (ho or
ganisation or llio sheep growers
would prevent the great fluc
tuations In receipts or snoop at the
packing centers, thus Insuring moro
stability in price which, ho said,
would benefit tho cuusumer ns welt
as the producer.
At tho sheep show in tho IlRiuboll
lott class, honors wero divided be
tween F. H. KltiR Ilrothors company,
Laramie. Wyoming, ami A- A. Wood
and Bon, Snllno, Mich, In fat ihcop
tho t'nlveralty of Wtvorulng took all
tho first prlxcs,
King Goes on Hunting Trip
Following ImpresMve Offi
cial Ceremonies at Delhi;
Queen to Agra.
(Hy Rvealaa Herald A. P. leased Wlr
Delhi, India, Dec. 18. The grout
durlmr, with tts round of festivities
lasting since the urrival of thn king-
emperor and iueen-em press on De
cember C was brought to a conclu
sion today. Their majesties lurt tha
camp In state procession, tho road to
tho station being lined with Ilrltisii
and tmtlvo troops.
King Ocorge hus departed for Ne
pal on u shooting expodltlon whllo
Queen Mary has gone to Agra.
Chicago Will Be Central Point
of Miniature Press Service
Report Sent Exclusively to
De Luxe Train.
A miniature nrass servicu bureau Is
the latest wtunt ilia ihinta F'n hua per
petrated for tho purpose of advcrtls
Intf tho Hew Do I.uxa train. This bu
reau will liavo Its headuuartcrs at Chi-
ciigo, and rittwM reports wilt bo wired
different stations along tin. line to bo
placed aboard tho fast train.
For a long time the California, I .tin
lied has been supplied with u iiowm
service which Included nothing but
tha market reports, but the new ser
vlco Is to carry several thousand
The esrt bound De t.uxo will re
ceive Its ttrst news supply hare, on
tha evening of tho second day from
t.oif Angeles. It will receive IW sec
ond nt some point In Kansas tho seo
ond day. Tho west bound will recHvo
Its first report In Kansas, nnd the sec
onu one at Flagstaff.
Fur tho Hrtt Tlmn lit KovTl Yiww,
Mtf HtxirilHir Ktent l)rvs to Clo4i
In Omi .HWi-d l'(Hlh.
(Mr Srtalaar HeraM A, P. I.ue4 Wlra)
New YorU, Dec- 18. For the flrat
tlmo In several years thu annual six
day bicycle race ncared a finish today
with only ono team In thn lead.
At 9 o'clock, Jn(i roller of Hrook-
lyn and Jackie Clarke of Melbourne,
Australia, wero a lap ahead, ot the
next six tiuuns, and If they can hold
this advantage until 10 o'clock tonight
they will win first prlxc.
Tho ll o clock score, tha 131st hour,
showed Fogler and Ctarko 25W mllna
and five lanss flva teams mi StOS miles
four laiis: Hill and J. Kdsi sso
miles thrcn elaps; I aorget and
Hrocclo SSOS. miles eiM laps; Laplxe
and Van Howserl SIS miles seven
laps, ana loretw. amt HaMnyy,
mllas fowr mm,
The reeefd W SS1 ttvtks eight lap
wmiM hy McFArluaa ami Moran in
IB SiMaa- MwiH A. f. h4 fk
Cateasss, !, While telephon
tng to Waak Cckrll, a Chicago lm
Iht s)bsW, formerly of JerseyvHIe.
Ills., t repouch lihu for hi refusaU
to MMWry atr, Mrs. Kllna K(is1ho of
U K4l, shot Herself early tfly
a4 bskoH to c hospital m. n aer-
Herald's Early
Shopping Week
posslhta service, t); tnerclmnts
whoso nanica are nsMlloncd Im-
low will announce cfel faclll-
tics for shopper '.storing this
woek "Karly Biuipatws Wnok."
Ilonjamln Droa. ft Co.
I). II. Iloatrlght.
John Ixiwla Clark Mmlc Co.
John lico Clnrlie, Inc.
Hoy U Crouch. 9
Wtu. Doldo.
Arthur Kvorltt.
Albort Fnbor. 'i;
Tho Footo Cowpaay.
Uolden Kulo IxrylOoods Co.
nub Clothing L'o.T
Kupplo Furnltura'Cw.
Wm. Klcko. J
Klstlcr, ColllstcrfAslCo. 0
Lcarnnrd-MndcwMH Co.
M. Mandoil.
O, A. Mataon & Ce7
O. May. m
T. Y. Maynord.
O'HIolly UriiK Co.
Kononwald llroa.
(Jeo. 0. Schccr FiKiiltuio Co.
Simon torn.
atron)r jJros.
Ktrons's Hook Btere,
. Vunn & Son. 5
:. U Washburn C.i
I', Wedeon. 'T
II. Ynnow. '
It will pay shoppers lo watch
carefully tho udvoftlriiicnta of
theao enterprising Rtiiu in Tho
Leader of Revolution Takes
Away Their Guns for Good
of the Cause and They Are
Exposed to Graye DangeM.
&T KrVVtsB HeraM A.J. Wlml
Kl Case, Texas, Dee 111. John E.
Pelton. l'asadenn, Cat , Hubert Ho
lam, l.os Angeles, and C. I.. Wilson
rtnd C. B. Dinghnm, Itcno. Nov.. ar
rived hore today from tho Interior
of Mexico, and reported being held up
Iftht week on tha liulsaa river, state
or Cluerroru. by rorces vt Jesus II.
Malgado. revolutionary leader, and
nibbed or their arms. They huvo re
ceipts signed by Airarn I.odUlndy,
stating that he seized their arms In
tho Interest or Halgado's revolution
Tho Americans were left In it country
infected with alligators and wild
beasts, without arms, but got out
(Br Bveama- Kerala A. I'. Win)
Juarex, Dec. 16. Tomorrow's on
First race, soiling one mile BabaJj
Wicket, Cnnteo, Coppers, Til II.
Charles Oreon, llusliwliiickw, Inttnuy
Ohineid, tlunston, loo,
'second race, selling1, lira and n
hair furlongs Iktlclla, Kldcr,
NovR-nrod, llegards, Toy Hoy, Maple
ton, I0S. Kootenay, Flyln Feet, 109;
Arch Oldham, Ilex, Signer, l'rlnco
Winter, 111; Americas, lis: Jeanne
d'Arc, Annual Interest, 111.
Third race, selling. .u wrle Xcop
Moving, Junn, Mlnneoletla, 1M, Set
Hack, iu; An Fcarn, Round and
Hound. 112.
Fourth rare, hanlcap, atx fnrlontis
Jim Haxey, Rey Hindoo, 1&5: Injury,
112; Arnsce, 115; I'rldo at Usmore,
I)urth ract, selling, fillies and
mares, nix furlongs Udy Wllllo,
105; Flylnir Footsteps. Mctferime Han
nah, KmniR ., Chnntlclr, Mario
Hydo 107; iinrsnml, 10S; Chllla, Hal-
ronia, utij uoid Kiun, no,
sixth race, sell ne. ono ml a ami
iNttm nixteontlis X Sugar u.nmp. 81;
ijHiKWono. Itnko, HC. Ocsaa Qtioen
I0G: Frog. Miss Korn. lOflt Jim Car
iciatn, 107.
roi'ND rmij yi:.k,om.
Mpringneiii, o., ut. is; one yeor
Hflt r uiu tiestruetlon of the eiprlngllvld
Children's Home, In which throe or
phans died, embers were -found today
on tho building site children playing
about tho ruins dug through a crust
which had been forninl by tho heat
Kmnko which Itaued drew a large
(My Kvetttaar Hral A. V. Isw Wlei
Hydnoy, Aus., Dec IK Tko Ameri
can middle-weight boxer. Cyclone
Johnny Thompson, was iiorsatoa today
on points in a pontent or twenty round
at thn Ktadium here by a middle
weight boxer named llice,
IHy Wvtiilxr HwsM A. Vi Lmmw Wlee)
New York. De' H. The
statement or clearing house
h for tho week shvwa that
the kHks hold 11K.471,3S0 ie-
sttfve In xceiui of legal-requlro.
me. This Is an Increase of
f.l,7s,850 in the protiojMunate
v Vm reserve as eomiHwtHi who
tart week.
Conference Now Being Held
at fthnnghai May Result in
Compromise and Restora
tion of Peace.
(My Krealnsr Herald A. P. Incea Wire)
Shanghai, Dec. 10. A censua taken
among tho representatives of tho Ho-
publicans now assembled In conven
tion at Nankins shows that a large
majority of them nro In favor or a re
public bin nt tho prcsont crisis If Dr.
Sun Yat Sen, General Yuen Henx nnd
other Influential llepubllcana whoso
names havo not hitherto been men
tioned, should cotinsol it compromise,
tho end of the trouble may bo In
Bhould iho conference nt Shanghai
fall to reach an agreement tho Repub
lican military loaders nro confident
tnuy can eventually tako rcking.
It Is believed Ynns Yi Is advising
Premier Yuan Shi Knl to accept tho
presidency of tho re-nubile with Dr
Sun Yat Sen as vlco president. It is
thought that tho Mnncliu dynasty
will bo forred to abdicate.
I'HOM Till: I.NTI'.KIOll
l'eklng, Dec. 10, A. Hermann, rep
resentative or tho China inland mis
slnn nt l'eklng, has returned hero with
twenty-tbico missionaries from Tal
Yuan Fit Only four missionaries now
remain In tho central part of Shan Hi
province The missionaries in south
orn Shan HI also nro getting nway.
Witnesses report that thn robels
fought badly during tho battle with
tho Imperialist troops on December
II at Nyang Til Kuan defile, whoro
tho latter sained a victory. Tho rob
els abandoned guns, ammunition und
camp equipment nnd loll forty killed
nnd 200 wounded on tho field. Tho
way was thus cleared to Yal Yuan for
tho Imperialists.
Wtt Ting Fang protested against
operations In thu provlnco ot Shan SI
during tho urmlstlco, but Premier
Mian Shi Knl replied that anarchism
In thn district rendered a forward
movement necessary.
The robels havo destroyed nart o'
tho Tlcn Tsln-Pu Kow railway nar
ru ivow.
Texas Corporation to Purchase
Entire New Equipment for
Work in Albupuerque nnd
New Mexico.
Ileenuse tho fivo plants owned by
the Texas Hltullthlu company in the
I.ono Mtar stato am nil bus with alt
the work they can do, the ompuny
will havo a now plant for thn work
to bo dono In Altnuiucniuc This Is
tho statement inndu by v. V Itnhum,
representative of the company, tu
day. Mr. Uinhitm stated that tho
company would bo ready to begin
business right on tha dot, after it
hud received official nutlet from tha
city that it wus ready for tho paving
to begin. .
"They huvo In move soma pipes,
or make somo changes, before wo
begin work," ho said, "and lha storm
sewer hus to bo arrangod. Then wo
will be ready to go to work. The
contract reads that we must begin
work within thirty days after wo are
notified, and I am utmost ready to
begin now. Wo will start tho paving
right on tho dot, when we uru no
tified." The company plans to use tho new
plant for work In Albuiiuerquu and
wherever else In New Mexico It may
pave, and ulso In Arlxonu, shuuld
business demand It.
(My Errnlaa- Herald A. V. Lease Wlfs
Not In session; meets nt i p. in.,
Nlate Iteprcrentatlve Hull nf Illi
nois testified before l.nrlmor election
Inquiry that a "whisky" lobby had
existed ut HprlngMold.
Louis U. Hrandels of lloslon spent
his third day before the Interstitto
commerce rommlttco giving views on
tho "trust cwl "
Met nt noon.
Debated S2.2iO.000 urgency defi
ciency bill with patagc planned for
late this afternoon.
Mte.1 nnd other Inquiry committees
In recess until Monday
Anti-trust luw umended putting
burden of proof of reasonableness of
trade, reeralnt on drendunt, Intro
duced by trfmroot-
Chairmins iKltrKcrabl f appropri
ations ciiaVattttec charged thut gov
ernment feWewiUes had been cut be
low aetualltasi that treasury de
ficit Is In jwsssjwct and thut investi
gating Romm'M are costing heav
ily, ms.
Ilepubllcan IssiEr, Mann said ho
hoped ths HuiascsejMHHition on mis
slan treaty wi,5: amended to
mora i!(jvhiwimiw aHaewnllo
The MoNnmnra Investigation
Shows That Dynamite Was
Placed Under Bridge Over
Which Train Passed.
(My Kvealaat Herald A. P. Leased Wire)
Indiana PoIih. Dee. 18. llunbles of
photograpits showing how bridges,
viaducts, dirrbka and buildings had
been wrecked by dynamite and nitro
glycerine were taken before the fed
erul grand Jury today. They ware
port of the evidence In the govern
ment's Investigation of tho dynamltu
conspiracy nnd wero gathered by J
A. O. lUtlerf, u detective employed
by the National Brcctors' associa
tion. Haderr Investigated moro than
100 exploalons, beginning with ono
at Millers Falls, Mm,t fn 1905, and
continuing down until October 10.
1911, when dyunmlto was round
under a brldgo near Pantn Iturbara,
Co!., Just before President Tail's spe
cial train paused.
tladerf trueed the movements or
the MeN'amnras and the operations
or Orlle 1: .M' Manlgal, who went out
from the heaibiunrters ot tho Inter
national Association or Urldge and
Structural Iron Workers tu do the
"Jobs." Special attention was given
to thu plan or J. J. McNamaru, sec
retary-treasurer or the Iron Work
ers, to huve exploslona take place
simultaneously In far scattered places.
This evidence was presented by Ha-
dorf ns showing that parsons othor
than those already known were Im
plicated In the dynamiting.
Best People Arranging to See
That No Child in Albuquer
que. Goes Without Holiday
Actlvo prepnrutlonH have been be
gun by tho Kins' lodge for Its big
Christmas tree and celebration. It Is
the object of this organisation to seo
that no Albuquerquo youngster goes
without thu cheer that should bo ev
erywhere at Christmas, nnd to carry
merr!mnt to home where there
would otherwise bo but gloom. Tha
celebration Is open tn everyone who
wishes to come.
Thorn will bo a tree, a musical
program, several original stunts, und
presents. Kspeclully will them bo
presents. There will lo candy, nuts,
rrults and presciilH fiTr every llttln
boy or girl who attends, regardless
of social station or wealth. And the
Blks nro doing It nil Jut to have Hint
hnppy reeling that cornea from good
deeds well dnuu.
As ono or them sahUthla morning,
they will gel moro furitwatchlng the
kiddles than Ihoy woM. any other
way. Tho samo man saMt "Wo had
moro fun last year ovefSour Christ
inns celebrutlon than jvlth anything
elsn In iho wholo soclnLsjajendar. This
year wn are going tozhve Just as
A sub-commlttca oftaoblg Christ
mas troo eommltteo wyjf-be selcct-id
today, nnd wilt bold a nteetlng tomor
row. In the hunds rifflthli sub-com
mittee will bo placed the entire man
agement of tho event'. Something
novel und rlcUHlng to the tittle ones
Is expected.
Bantu Clnun will distribute the
presents this year. Just as he bus
dono In former years, the Klks hav
ing iiinilo special arrangements with
tho old fallow to attend their cele
Thomas C. Lyons, a Kansas
City Carpenter Was Shot at
Heusten But No Arrests
Have Been Made Yet.
(Mr Keen! HrwM A, P. leased Wtte)
Houston, Texos, Dee. 10. The
third killing during tho strike of llur
rlman line idiopmen hero occurred
today when Thomas C, Lyons, a car
penter, wus shot dead In tho South
ern Pueirio rullroad yards. Lyons
came hern front Kansas City, No xr-
rests havo been made.
Governor Harmox at St. Paul
Receives Appreciative At
tention When He Speaks U
Western Governors,
(Mr Errnlaa- HeraM A. P. Wle
Ht. Paul, Dec. la. Although snow,
was falling; when the governors' spec,
lal arrived home from Its tour or tha
east, there was a big crowd at tha sta
tion to meet tho executives and each
wna enthusiastically received,
Members or the party were escortail
by tho reception committee, national
guardsmen, u bnttcry ot which Ared a
salute ot seventeen guns, and mount
ed police to the Northwestern Ijund
Products show. At tho show each)
governor spoko briefly.
Governor Harmon wna especially
well received. Ho pointed to Iho fact
that the governors' apeclal rsdo morn
stops In Ohio than in any ethur state
and said his presence here waa duu to
the fact that ho could net resist tho
temptation to romo and the furthee
fact that the other governors had con
Hired hiirfcth'" wns no better prepar
ation for puhlla service than to visit
the land products show.
Alt tho gmurnors woro enthusiastic)
In their raise' of the east, the peoplo
whom 'hey had met and tho reception
they had received. All agreed that tho
trip wns of fncaloulabla benefit to both)
sectloiiu of tho country and us (lover
nor Oddln or Novadu Mild, had com
pletely effaced an ImaglAary line.
Ooveruor Uurko of North Dakota
aid the west nnd learned aa munhj
about tho cast ns thu east had learned,
about the west. Ho slid the cast re
garded tho west as a younger s4tcr,
and that roe every patriotic heart throb
In the west tliero Is a corresponding
one In thu east.
At noon tho governors were guests
at luncheon given by the association
of cnmmercu ttftur r.likh they restett
until evening when the Individual gov.
trnors will b tho guests at the homes
ot lending XI. Paul cllhwns.
Turkish Troops and Arab Ir
regulars Make Desperata
Assault on Outer Line and
Force It to Retreat.
(Hr Nvealaa- Herald A. P. Leased Wire)
....... . ..11. It.-. , HV.MAf.lt
,MIIllllll,llllltf r, lW. 4V VV .mHi,
dUpaluh to tho Tan In says tho Turkish-
troops nnu Aran irrcg-niara hiiuckvu
the Italian outposts In tha outskirts ot
Ifi4ltnl nml itr.rnAiliil In rlrlvllltt1
them bank onto thn main body.
The outer lino of fortified position
which hud been strongly occupied by
lin tfrillnliM wn nliArw!,l!ll.fl Ul Iheui
und they retreated on tho city Itself.
Santa Fe's Education Project
fer Farmers, and Other In
terested People, Will Spend
Several Hours Xere.
It wus utinounsed today that whllo
the Huntn Fo itamonktruttou train's
sehedufe had trot Iieen completed by
any tuiwns. thu train would certainly
be lire- over oun Hunday, January
14. The irulit will start at Lalunc,
N M.. Hni will work north to AUm
qUerqU' Tim start will bo mudo Do
eember II, and Saturday night tho
big exhibit will be In this olty, A
night meeting will be held hero, and
tho train will stop in the local yards
and hu open for visitors alt day Sun
day. Tho next Hunday will bo spent at
Vaughn, and tho entire trip will be
ot atrtiut two Weeks' duration.
KnMta IVi riot Out. CWeo4.tr,
A handsome new calendar hus been
Rotten nut by tho riapta Fo and Is
now belne distributed. The calendar
Is arranged In both shape and color.
Ing llko n big Navajo blanket, and
carries Indlunlxcd pictures of the
Santa Fa locomotives and trains, it
Is u very handsome pluco at work.
(Hr Ue Heeaed A. P. Mmms Wtf
New York, Dec. 18. A necesl
operation for uppeiifllcltl wus jtr
formed today on Cornell", VaaK.
bllt. Ho became IH three daya a4.
- o . f . . . ' i . " . . , . i

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