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To the Consumers of
un nr
s Gifts
...Let Your...
Christmas Gifts
Be Distinctive
Whether they cost little or much Distinctiveness is the
one factor which determines in a large measurethc ap
preciation of any gift.
There is no need for even the smallest gift giver to give
ordinary things. Because .the same amount of money
required to buy a common-place gift will buy at
STRONG BROS, an appropriate and useful remem
brance that is entirely Distinctive.
Strong Block. Corner Second & Copper
Every One Who Attended the
Piny in Pecos Valley Town
Has Word of Praise; Here
Christina Dny.
MnlMin'M wns b- dIprci! today by
many pcoiilo wishing; reservation for
the iilt.rnomi una ivpiiIiik perform
nnee-s nt thr "I.lon urn! Mount1," which
lmin lit the Klk theater hero
Chrb"ttiHi(( dny. Th- innllnoo will be
Kin nt 1.30 nt popular prices. Tho
ourlnln will rlo nt the usual time at
the tiluht show. According; tit tho
Harwell .MoriilnK N- thu attraction
Wttrf well received thcro Tuesday
iilHhl. tlm following' criticism lauding
it cntwlclnriihly:
A full limine aroficil the "Won nnd
th Mmim" nt tho Armory lnut night,
Oneh mm pronouncing tho pluy tu tic
thi beat tlrmnrt v6r produced In ltos
Woman's wit nnd clovernesa pitted
hKAitiiit the tniiiHiy power octopus play
tit by Mr. Hubert Illitylock, In "John
Iturkut Ityitur," wtis not only Interest.
Inn but portrayed by Mr. llluylock
anil Mint llcibla uiurmit. iu "Shirley
ItoMinnrr" wnn Inntrustlvn. Thrso two
role could not hnvi- buen uotnl bet
Tint wholn troup wag n strong one
thr being; not a weak character In
thu cmupuny. The special scenery
won In Kod nhnpo una practically up
Not it aiihool chllil or leaelirr In
jMliii(Uitriii(i but In steeped t tho
eyes In Christina sentiment. No
mattor what oihor iKilIimyn arc cele
brated or lifnnriil this (treatest day
Ik puritmomit n nd In thin your to bo
i.lncrvid mort) iixtenidvely than over.
In ffi"l, no general In tin- Joy and no
lireut In thu demand for Clirlrtmna
trees that the tuoul dealur enn nt
supply thu duiiiund. In stntehiiiiil r
ri.nnlbli? Widl. t doonn't mutter.
Kt MrbuloM U In livelier uiirlln than
ever this year.
Tho bluli school student nre to bo
edified by u play producd under (he
management of thu Criterion J.ltemry
mtclrty. Thin will be given Friday
afternoon mid the iilmrun number by
Dip IiIkIi nclum! Hill add mmdi to thu
merit of thu program Hint In to be un
Hmiikh, "ChrlMma Parol"
KlKli ftihiml Mixed fhorus
lliddliiK. 'TltrlstiiinH Dinner n Hip
WIiir" . . . . J.tinrn Cnrtwrlaht
Mimic A. U. H. Oruhwtrtt
Piny. 'Tho lllrds' Christmas Tree."
Tlin cunt In to ho.
Jnrk Went worth. . .I'ollunt McCMIuit
Mrn. Wpntwortb. . . . Alum llaldrhlso
Mm, MoutiiBue Wmitworth. Ju.kn
mother Klornnin (lrunnfld
Mrn. Tnpl Jnck'ii niiiil
hue- ltlcluirdi
Dirk IjiukIiIIii, tlu bent man
Harry Krnk
Mr lunnpy, the cabmuil
AI(kmI Kpinpriilah
Piite. tho violator boy
NthiH Htrumiiutat
llnno duel
Anna Mmw, .Vurrtne Hwitwr
ItcndliiK of llui Criterion iier.
"Tho Wnnp". .l'riink flhufflptmrKr
Vocul milo Minn fMmrlotto i'ratt
Want hlMd.
In raeli of the want eehonU tho
lutit nftnrnoon beforo tho t'lirlntman
vacation will be devoted to entertain
ment appropriate to the day. In thu
Kirnt ward there U to be combina
tion proKrom rendered In two roonm
and moro than one treo will gladden
the nywi of tho children. The teh-
I'M hove nil urranged prugremn. one
of which, to bo Klven In MIm May.
ock'K room. In to bo:
A ChrUtmaa play for children (In
Day..,, Ivy Bklnnr
Night Iuoy lluebuimn
New Vtnr'o Uoutrleo Hill
Falhor Tlmo Jame lloatrltJl.il
Lincoln Oody I'nup
Valentlilt Id" flkinmr
Wnnhlnntoti Julln ")'"
Anrll Font
Cola Morrl, Ji. Wood. nrroll
(vra (.ll'iilUMl )1 flirt VII).
Memorial llernlee rulklBti
lmlntii.ii(tiries Yinv
, Josephine NlcnlJ
ljibor Iav Hnrold Wood
llallowo'cn l.llllan Hnnluccl
Tiiitnkiiiiiw iDuv.v. .Adcllnu Alton
( hrlntiuun my' ...Mabtl Hlmlii
Herald Hulph ltoir
t'lirlntmaM tns,
t'ornet nolo by Marolil "Wood.
HourM, recitation, readliiR.
Tho Trapptr' 4tirjr
,. Miilbiiumf, Hindu
Tho Crrtohvt nirlntiTm '""',
, UetttrliM. Wll
At tlio 1'oiirtli wnl cHbo h
ourtHfii twchei Uttvu micH ormnil
fntprtnlnltiR (iroRrnmn to be henrd In
their own roomn, In nomn of which
Chrlntmns trccn mo icaiurpil and In
nthfTH mivid illvnrsliitin. The twiclicr
of the Tblril ward ore nlno buny nnd
the Minicntn uro In trim for n ilen
dld entortalmuiiiit to he rendered In
vurli'iin roomn, eome of nhleh have
cnmblnnd forucH,
Tho Kerond ward claim room will
bo tho fcnc of nlmllar oebibrutloiiH
and to thlM an to all the Heboid on
terliilumeulM tho iNireute nro invited.
I'lUnto SdiiMdn.
Tho "Cnntatu of the HiHinonn," to
bo pronented tomorrow momluic nt
the convent by the ,i ndetnlclann In
to bi one of thr iniiHlinl trwiln of
tho Yillelldo. lather Time will bo
thrre to direct tho iimreo of the Hen
noun and tho yenr'n iiiota of holldayH.
Tho lit) Itl Id anil ti.ubern of tho
Ihtmauiilatn Oonception nohoot nro to
enterlnlu their pan-iitR uud frlendn in
their usual dellKhtful ntylo, und nt
tho plono of the iiroKrnmn Friday nf-
ternoon all thr -ilioiil ohlldrun of the
city will lit ffJ' for one brief, nappy
week. At tho tlojn" Hnrwood nahool
Saturday nflernoon the follnwtuK pro
Brnm will bn heard, after which the
Iiuko firton tree will bo unburdetiod
of Un priH'loun load:
turn. "Amerlen" School
Violin Mary I.enmlnK
Hxnayn. . .1)1, Hnrwnod'M lllblo CIuh
Flmt Thrco Dnyn of Creation
jonn men
Seonnij Thrco Day of Creation .
Nntlinu Fiorro
CJrownlnit "Work of Creation
Orlando niou
ChrlM'H Nnllylty Jnfco Madrid
llnptlnm Of JenUB.... William w
Whnl Would You Hay?..W. Juarmllln
Hong Hcliuol
Mnrrlno of Hnntn Claun
Orliindo Hloa
Addrenn to Hanta Plnim
William Mo
Hook. Santa Qlau Hehool
Holdlem nt Jenim I'. llareln
HHtitiv Ctnu' rhibntltuta...
Itobert Uiwronee
The llelnted tjantil Claim.... N. Moon
T Uttl 8taknR. .Nathan 7'loron
Hour School
lloadliiK B. Torrei
Hanta rinun. .,... . I-oland Webster
The Hhorttnt Uoiito.....N l.awreneo
The Donront Tro T. Hurela
After ChrUtmn Arthur Morrln
Violin nolo Mary I,eamlim
Hon Orlando lllea
Tho Nwnboy' Onbt John lllea
Cornpt and violin duct
. ..Maurice. Lonmlntr. Mury l.eamlnir
Addresn Dr. Thoman Hnrwood
Young Neapolitan Pianist to
Be Heard Next Week Un
der Auspices of University
Is Marvel.
"I bud been troubled with consti
pation for two year nnd tried nil of
tho bent phynlclann In llrlntol, Tenn-.
nnd they could tin nnthliiB for me."
write Thou. H. Williams. Mlddteboro.
Ky. "Two jmcknunn of Chamber
Inlti'a Ktomucfi nnd Liver Tnblctn
cured mo." For vale by nit dealers,
(Inn In tho nlomuch comc from food
which hn fermented, net rid of thl
budfy digested food an quickly nil po
nliilo If you would v)lil a bilious at
tack; HKIipiNi: la tin remedy you
need. H elennx" nnd rtreiiRthrnn the
tomauli, liver nild bowelw, and rontorec
energy and cheerfulness I'rlco 6(tfl
Hold W All DruwUtf. I
Thnt Frtblirlnl, tho plnnUt who will
render a concur! nt thu Klkn' Decern
bor 27, under tin; aUHplce of tho
Uiilvomlty DoiKUttnent of Mutlc, la n
comlni: (under in piano rendition, es
pecially In tho playing of Chopin's
eomnneltloni, la tho Hlntomimt mndo
by St. I'ntil papers,
Fniibrini will ro ndcr aovcrat or
Cliopln'g worku In hU cuncurt here,
til nt cotupnser IicIhk 11 fnvortto of liln.
Fnbbrin plnyud with Kukclll; In HI.
I'mil, und In raid to luivo well nigh
nvorahnilowed that ntastor of tho vio
lin with bin execution upon tho plana.
.V pru.-H cuuuiR'iu saya:
"If thcro waH 80.110 dhiappolntincnt
over Kiibollk. thet'o wna gcnulno on
thitBlanm over Fnlibrlnl, thu youtiK
NtMiiHillian plnnlBt, recently becotuo n
mutnhiir of tho ,.MInnoax)lln Hehool of
MiiHtc 'acuity, it TMin liln llrnt np
ponrauco In public In tho twin cities
nnd ho aucccvdcd In wlnnliiK n de-
norved surcuaa by lib Intulllitent nnd
highly artlntlc plarniR. Juit bow
great a Chopin player Mr. nuiunni u
cannot ho nald nttor honrliiK his Min
gle N'orturtio by the sreat Polo, but
his playln-j last nlslit wua 11 delimit
Tho umaklnRly illfflciilt Mephlatn
waltx from IJait'M "rnuaf oplnwlo
Mr. Fnbbrlnl succeeded In Inventing
with IntcrMt n font of flrnt Impor
tntico, iieoaiiso no comKalllon show
l.lstt'a biul iiialltlC8 tnoro pronounced
ly To Iriflntfiit deniande for oncoro,
Mr Fnlilirlnt ronpnuded with n bliihly
colored and technically illtllcult litudc
by Mnrtuccl.
Now York. N. Y.. Dec. 22. Not won
tho treaxurc alilpa of old can compete
with tho liners ontcrlnit und leavln
thin iKirt (head dnyn. for thoy carry
million upon -nillllmin of dollars
worth of ClirlHtihOH nrenentB. Kvery
trnnH. Atlantic liner that lalla through
tho Narrows, to or from Now York
HicMo dnyn, Is n. troaauro Rhlp. Four
vcrsi.'Ib within tho last four days hnvo
carried abroad four million dolla.n,
Now York's annual Christmas Kilt to
tho Old World.
This city wll! have gout nearly ten
million tlolliira nhroad -when tho last
KUt Indun liner leaven U ptar within
tho noxt row days. In addition to this,
natives ihrotsnlioiii tho United States,
ot nlmonl ovoty hlnsdom on tho map,
will swell tho fund by millions more.
Over tho money counter of tho Now
York postofflco there have panned
within tho pnHt ten days more than
six million dollars for shipment
abroad and tho MiAou la still at Its
helKht. When tho 'lost Inventory wns
Inkon, (Ireat llrllalii' was lcadlns with
$l,33',O08, with Italy prenslnx It tr
second plare with money orders total
ing 11,0'Jl.OOO.
Croat llrltnln will cnnh 114,112 mon
ey orders to kcI this wutn. To Austria
(hero had trono 25.010 money orders,
nKCTCKailns 5493.000; tc Sweden, -IU,-3u2,
nKKreKiitliiK JUJ.RlO; to Ocrnmny
:t7.l7a,totallnR $43(i.3lG; Lllicrln's slit
Is tho smullost. there bclnx sixteen
money onlora, with 8C3, while to
Kuypt, next In order from tho end,
thuro went ninety-four orders, total
Inu $l,2i.
Aibuiiuoriiiio I'tNipln Are l'lratcd to
U-nrn How It Is Done,
ll'fi pretty hard to attend to duties
With a constantly aching backs
With annoying urinary disorders.
Doan's Kidney Tills have wade
work easlnr
80 thounands have icrntefully testi
fied. They're for bad backs.
They're tor weak kidneys.
Alhuqucniuo pcoplo (really recom
mend Doan's.
D. U Drown, 4 IS W OoM ave
nue, Albuiuerue, fjew Mexico, says:
"Off und on for three e four years
while at work there, was n dull,
heavy aoho throuh my latns. I often
ft-lt sharp twlnceu wkeft I attempted
1o Munp and more than once I wns
unable to straighten, rleadlng about
Dnan's Kidney Mils, I procured a box
und I noon noticed a misrked improve
ment. Doan's Kidney I'llls removed
my palM jiM c4es nnd also restored
my klniri ts r normal condition."
For sA W Ml dealers. I'rlcn CO
cepts, MnrMllliurn Co., lluffaln,
New York, sole nitents for tlto United
WeowBuber the name -Doan's and
tfttMt mi other. tl
Snn Frnnclsco, Calif., Dec. 22. A
memorial tower, to commemorate tho
holding of the Tantimifl'nclfle oxbonl
t Ion. will be built at somo site near
Hun Frnnclsco vet to bo selected.
Tho proposition to erert the tower
as presented by It. I l'elton and l
K. Ferguson of this city wna endorsed
recently nt n inwllnR of tho directors
of the I'nnnnmlMrlfla exponltlon. Tho
model of this tower linn been on cx
hllritlon nt tho ralacs hotel 4or the
pnst month, nnd It wbb one of the
tentures of tho decorations at tho
Tuft banquet held In honor of tbJ
(trottnd-hreakluK ceremonies. It has
been admired bv tluimwniln nnd now
will become one of tke main features
of the cxK)ltlon
Tho huso Is to Us 232 feet squaro
nnd 120 feet hhth From this bane will
rlno a shaft so foot nquaro nnd 73"
feet high, milking; tho total hclKltt ot
tho structure jo teet. To kIvo somo
Idea na to the inaKiiltudo of tho tower,
It may ho i.ald ttint It wilt b'J eijulva
lent to plnt lnK n bulldlns four limes
tho holKht of t ho Ferry tower on top
of tho Fairmont hotel.
The memorial tower will ho of steel
construction, nnd tho exterior will un
doubtedly bo ol u-rra cottn or marble
That thu structure Is perfectly prac
ticable Is assured from tho fact that
eminent eiiRlnet-rs of this country
havo passed upon It and tlulr esti
mates show that tho tower Is abso
lutely feasible, even to n greater
Hoston. Mans. Dc. St. A state
Now York, IK'c. 21. AccordlilR to
mall advices from furls, roast camel
Is likely to head tho IkH ot holiday
novelties In the culinary lino, Paris
chefs In search of tho customnry ec
centric dellcuey for their annual fee.
tlval found tho hear which wore
served last year rtkr tam.i and
missed thu eluphaat's which Hu
ll red prominently on tho menus of
Tho opportunity for tins tho
rovclera with real caa4 M year waa
offered by 11 HumUttrf ;aalal tmlnei,
who turned over to lh IHtrki buicl.uri
threo niilmuls whom artMio capacity
had povod a dlsapfMfliMt to him,
Trominent Roswell Man Futsjt
in Bid for Removal of Insti
tution Now Located in Al
That thero Is n poMlblllty that the I
New Mexico Chltdronn' Homo society I
may move Its headquarters from Al- t
buquerqtle to Itonwcll Is Indicated by
the tollowlns; ntory published In the I
Itonwcll Morning News:
.1 J'helpji White, promlti'tit poll'l
clan, one of tho blKKrnt cattle men In
New Mexico, nnd Incidentally one of
the biggest hearted nnd ment unpre
tentlotis public characters in Itonwcll
has again nhown his klndncns by not
only wiving n "heavy" check for the
bn.cilt of the Children's orphan Homo
at AltilUlleriUe, but while Itev. W. A
Nlcholan, the Held Worker for the
Cnlldren's Homo, was In Itonwell yen
terday, told him that ho would Klvn
the Children's Iloinu an elRht-acre
nlte olio mllo runt of Itonwell on KCc
ond street If the management will
move It over to Itonwell.
This land Is worth 1500 per ncro, or
14,000. It ha a guud artesian well
on It.
Mr. White, Is nu active worker In
nil lines ot progresH In Itonwell, nnd
the valley, but Is little heard of nit
It Is done so quietly. 1'nllllcally ho
Is a power.
Mr. Nlcholns says If ton men will
Rive 1360 each and ten Rive f 100 tnch,
It in very likely the home can bo se
llarrliiwiii lbupo,cH Who Ant Out of
work Will Ihi fihrn Klglit Thou
nnd Dolbm by other Union Men.
Kannas City. Dec. 22 Nearly ISO.-
000 In strike benefits will be paid out
this week hi tho men who are out on
the Ilarrlman lines. The member of
theso unions will receive ihelr money
from the local headquarters of their
Tho payroll of the bollermnkers'
organisation alone Is $30,000. This
Includes eighty-twit locals, nnd the
total number or men paid will bo
3,02G. The boliermnkern pay 17 to
a man with n family dependent upon
htm nnd IS a week to one who has
not, A nlnulo man who Is the sup
port of n mother or parents receives
the same ax a man vit family. The
hollcrmukern' pay headquarters arc
In Kansas City, Kan,, and the money
Is transmitted In checks to thu vari
ous other locals.
The other union that hnvo men
out on strike pay approximately thu
name schedule.
Tho strlk for whlsh these bene
fits are being paid was called for 10
o'clock the morning of Hoptemher
30 nnd Involved five crafts of the
shopmen of the Harrlman lines. More
tlmn twelve thousand of the thirty
thousand workmen Involved nnnwer-
ed the ntrlke order within fifteen
hours. It Rrew out of tho efforts of
labor leaders to cunsolldutn the de
partment employes' orRiinliuitlons of
tho Ilurrlmau lines Into u federated
The decision of the five Interna
tional presidents of those five crafts
lo strike was made lo expectation
that Julius Kruttschnltt. vice presi
dent of thu Ilurrlinnn system, would
refuse the demand of the presidents
lor n conference In Chicago Heptcm
bvr 29. As soon 11 s thu Kruttschnltt
teleisrum of refusal was received thu
hour of the walkout was fixed by
long distance telephone.
By courtesy of the management of the Soxthweit
em Brewery & Ice Company, a beautiful tray
will be given free with every case of "Glorieta
leer" purohase4 from now until January first,
nineteen hundred and twelve.
This tray is not an ornament, but a useful
and serviceable article which will be a creditable
addition to any household. Do not let this oppor
tunity go by, but order early.
PHONE 57 and 58
Southwestern Brewery
(EX Ice Company
We do all kinds f mill work and sell everything re
quired in your building from the foment to the varnish
ffnd All Your DUD5 to Our SUDS
Builders' and Finishers' Supplies
Lumtoer, 8Mb, XXtar, Faint, Oil, F. B. HutWIn Paper, MtlUiuld
Rooflns. Cemtnt, BruahM, Ho.
7. 0. Saldridge lumber Co. 423 S0UTK FUST
f 4-4-t 4-4-4-f4--4-f4 4-H-4-4--M-4- -M-4r H- 4- 4-4-4 44 4- 44 4-4-M-7
m t
4-44-4 44 4 4 4 4 4-4 4 4 4 4 4-H444444444-4444-44-M--44-4-
Finnig'aii - Brown Company
Hils, Plt md Goat kin
ftifcwtfiMica HnMtcfi North Plmf Wret TclfiihoH SM Umg 1H
wae eoancwmti wrw toe utm guouuou.
City Scavenger Company
Cl&M Your Vault and Ceta PooU. Haul Your Trah, j
M0444t8q44 4t4'4,t 4
Ir AnKolcii. Calif., Doc. 21 Tim
ilctormhiatlon of tlio board of nulillc
workH to nut nit titul to "gtolort ' Ionic
-JUtanco tvlophono cuIIm over city hall
tvloplioncn, cn iid(I anxiety yesterday
ii.noiis nonio of tha city ball uiniiloyo.
in me pflRt employes or tha various
ilopiirtincnt of tha city i;nrcrnmvnt
hnvo fihuwrt oKtrunio (ourttny to nil
who doMlrcd to "ua tho phono a in lu
ll to," but thoy now realise that II tho
council mloptR tho recommendation of
tho board or pulillo worhn thoy will
hnvo to gay "No" oven to thulr bott
It inny work n hnrdihlp upon
somo," end rroildont llubbanl of tlio
hoard, "hut tho public will noon ln
co.no educated to tho fact thnt out
KldnrB cannot into city hall phone (or
Ionic dUttiuco colli.
t'ndur tho present syatam It Is un-
potnlblu to keep trnck of those por
tioud who una the city hall tolopltonoa
and tho rrsutt U that tho city has to
pay me tints.
According to tho irstcm to bo ti
tnbllshed tho nperatorn In tho city hull
telephone oxchanuo are lo bo filven n
code of signals, if nn employe of tho
city cltrk'H oltlco wants to cull Iong
Heach ho will ho ronulred to nlvo tho
oohsHKO ojKirutnr bin name, und dcs
lxle the detmrtmont from which no
hi catllmc Tho operator knarln that
city oHipieyo is cnlllttK win tnei
Klve the company's central tho code
signals, whereupon tho ontployo will
bo coRctetl with 1wk distance.
The HKt will put stop to lotus ill-
tsnc vattlM aKil iRnurlca from twxl-
oim trto&l who want to know "hew
i the hub)."
Tho ma who waM to tclophoM hl
-wlfo at fiMHHtrwi, Alhawbra, or mdo(
the beach towns, to be aure attd mm
aoHte meat for attwer, will have to do
kU Imx (4tK twitwlmt ow thm
otkt-r tkN tkixM (m m at the city hM.
The fflrl who waata t teti her
mother or tka dretkr In anetar
tewn how to Nx hr lirfM far the hU
I 1.. IL. ...ill t. .. ..a la ttuM mu
First Nmtionml Bmnk
United mtts Depository
An ideftl Ckristwu
Gift for Xetker,
wife, Sister e r
Friend a
th BI1SELL U Mmt
Cylo bctll bmrif
Carpet SwMfrir,
beautiful in tletiKn,
Itfant in finisk,
and tke freaktt la
ir taviNf artil if
tke kerne.
WhAt h mar
fKAstfi r mK sw t
.i aahsAl issfjaAsV aaf fsUasWrsa
VMta to Mrit.
Wlieojlnjt In tha htmm Indicates
that phlegm Is obtrit4HNC te air pas.
BVRUP loosm th BhVssim o that It
can cout hed tit mm .an sua. i-rio
So, tea and II, M pr !!. 8old tumm jHtMio he ilatN l enter Z
t an urswe. t ttMiTtr her ateaau.
Albert Faber
Furjrdtur, Carpets and StovM

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