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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, December 22, 1911, PART TWO, Image 7

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m jo.
John Sharp Williams Declare!
That in His Opinion Gov
eminent Would Never Con
sent to Such Plan.
Washington, D. C, Dee. S2. " I do
not bollevo thai the United mate
could or would submit to arbitration
thn question of state ilclitH."
Till positive statement wan made
by Hennlor John Hharp Williams of
Mississippi, when discussing the pnmi
In is nrliltratlnn treaties with Kroner
iiml Great llrltuln. It was not un off
huml declaration, but muilo utter a
careful ntutly of tlio doour"nis. Men
ntnr Williams, when a member of the
)iouo of representatives, served a least
time on thd rorolRii Affair committee,
nml hns always given iluu attention to
International iifTrtlri". Aski'd for a
moro definite statement on tlip subject
of tho arbitration treatlcg u they ro-
Int to tlio old sinio claims, Hcnator
William mild:
"I do not believe thu Unlt'd Blntos
could nubinlt a state debt to arbitra
tion, Iwcauso It Ik not a national que,
tlnn nnilffcorcfurc could not become
an inlor'Mf lnnal olio. The nrbltnttlon
treatlia on proposed refer In tho first
plain to 'questions hereafter arising.'
That, It seems to mc, would put n
uolutua on tho question. Hocundly, It
refer to 'international' matter, and
then In the thlr.d itlace, It says that
ir cither country Hall suggest that a
liropoieil iiuuiitlon In not Justiciable,
It ihnlt be referred to the 'Joint Mini
Commission or Inquiry." thre of whom
would be Americans, and that unless
tiiut commission decides unanimously,
or unions nil but oner of them dceldo
Hint a question la Justiciable. Hint It
will not lie so under the treaty. If
you will notice th, langungo In Article
1, which Is 'as may be decided by
special ngrrcmont,' you will seo that
It refer back, and by referring back,
you will ilnd Hint In ench caw tho
spcolnt agreement will 'define, tho
scope' of tho power of Iho arbitrators
and will 'define tho question or ques
tions at Issue.' I cannot conceive, thai
thn United Mates senate In denning tho
copo of tho power It the arbitrators,
or In defining tho question or questions
nt Issue would define a question of
stnlo debt to be within thrlr 'scope,'
or at 'Issue.' This Is especially of Im.
portnnce, hecnuso In the next to tin
Inst clause or Article I. It Is recited
that 'thr 't,cll'' lH,'iini In 'each
case shall bo inn do upon tho pnrt f
tho United Ktntos, by nnd with the nd.
vice and consent of 'Iho senate.' 1
can't concclvo that two-thirds of thq
I'nlh'd Hlntea senate whllo 'defining
tho scope" of the power of tho arbi
trators, or the question or questions at
Issue, would ever submit tho Monroo
Doctrine or any phase of It, or would
ever juibmlt tho question of Japnnoso
or Chinese immigration, or would avor
submit tho question of stale debts.
"IK member that tho Joint Jllsh
Commission hns no power to do any
thing except 'upon the request of
cither unrty to make 'Impartial and
conscientious Investigation' and roport
concerning nny controversy between
the parties, nnd oven then tho Inn-
Kiiaito Is that only 'If an, or on ntu
oho of tho commission' agree and re
port that such difference Is within tho
scope of Ariicio 1, It snail no reicrrou
to arbitration 'In necordnnco with tho
provisions of this treaty.' Hy refer
ring back to tho language In Artlclo 1,
you will find -what thn words 'in ac
cordaneo with tho provisions of this
treaty' mean, to wit that It l to lie
arbitrated 'either by tho permanent
court nt the Hague' or by somo other
arbitral tribunal 'as may bo decided
upon In each case by special ngreo
mont,' which 'special agreement,' you
will remember, In tho language of the
treaty 'shall bo made on the part of
tho United tales, by tho preildent of
tlio United mates, by ana with tho nd
vice nnd consent of tho senate. Now,
tho sennU whllo giving Its consent de
fines the It-ope, etc., as J iiavo stated.
"In my opinion, the Joint High
Commission Is tho most valuable part
of the treaty proposed; not because of
what It can do. but because of what it
can delay. It gtvos time! 'cooling
tlmoi' becauso tho first clause In Ar
tlclo 3 provided that a reference to
tho comnilMlc". oven when requested.
by ono of tho parties, 'may be post
lioned' by the other, or 'by either' for
n whole year after tho onto ot trie for
mal request In order, to us0 tho inn
aumo of tho treaty, 'to afford an op.
portunlty for diplomatic discussion
and adjustment.'
"I do not believe thai nny govern
mcnt can (lubmlt to arbitration any;
question oxcept It bo n question con
stituting 'a, difference' between It.
self and another government. There
never km any question between the
United Btatea and any other govern
Mfent concerning tho debts duo by a
Unto to It HondHnUler In tho first
nlnco, tho United State was not tho
debtor, nnd If thcro be foreign bond
holder who Ml outraged by tho ac
tion of nny of tho stales In refusing to
pay rccotrctln or any other debts,
thcro I 'a difference' between them
nnd tho tat -which refuted to pay,
Hut no '4tH-ence' Justiciable' or
otherwise, Mwmk them nnd tho UhII
d iHates, a that If any arbitration on
this question woo over to Ve bad, It
.-would In kv board evoked nml
agreed 'us by the state and the
ttondhoUtav, who are tH rrtla at
rflrTereHce.' That sort of an a rKt ra
tion may mw ba Had at any Mnw
when tn tftm. 'parll at HKtrtmc
aan-eo to nava It, Tho Intervonthm at
tk UnHMl otalsa would not only hi
Necessary nrt whim m at enca avswrd
and Imotant,
you wMt iwilM (Hat Omi MrHafei
nxpresal r serves her 'self-governing jectlon Is mndr to tho treaty that 'the
colonies' i ut of the terms ot the prerogatives of tho senate are surrin
treuty, x pt In thu event that thu ilured-' If you wllV read the trrntv.
self-got irnlog colony shall become a .you will sc that thsy arc not- Tlw
party tu It Tho treaty exprtvssly pro-,
vldes tliat win ii a question shall nrlul
affecting thu Inturvsts of n self-govern-'
lug dominion,' that dominion shall bo'
consult! d
to miKe
It was not neeesiary for un
that provision na to our!
stntes. bemutu a written constitution
known to tho diplomatic universe al
ready makes It by limiting the sub
jects ovrr whleh wo as u fdernl gov
ernment hnvn Jurliuiiatiuiu
"Hut suppose tho United States
govcrnnvnt did undertuke to submit
to arbitration the question concerning
tho deots of Iowa, I'entisylvnnla, North
Carolina, or MlMlsslpplT It could In
no way bind tho stuto. It could only
bind the federal government and
could bind It only to pay a donation.
Of courst . In a certain sense ttm fed
eral nowmcnt oouid nsroo to pay
nny nmunl of money to any foreign
power, just as It agreed to givo Hpuln
twenty minions ot uouars. if tnu feu
ernt govrnment wna so fond of tho
friendship of soit.u foreign power that
It wns ulltng to pay Hie debt or somo
stuto to bondholders of the state re
siding wiiuin tho territory or that for
algii pov r. It would ba simply n frn
gift of money. Thoro would bo no
wny undir -law or equity, or any other
way. to g-i U bacK from tno state, nor
would it be cither legally or morally
binding upon the statu to repay It. un.
less thu state had oottsunted to tho nr.
bltratlon and hud mndo Itself a parly
to It.
"To resume rapidly; the people of
tho United Malm who nru giving
tlmmsolvus so much troublo over thu
Ab'ject of tho urbltratlon of state
debts under tho proposed lroaty pre
sume, first, thin two out of tho threo
American commissioners would ogreo
that thu question win 'justiciable.'
Thev nrtsume. secondly, tlmt two.
thirds of the somite In providing for
th sneelnt nkreement' nnd In 'uotin
hie the scono" of tho nrbllrntlon would
conaent to tho nrbllrntlon of such n
question. They presumo Ih thu third
Hco that If nil that happened, con-
tare .would miiKo uio approprmtion,
1h aititltlon io that, they hnv4 presup.
(oil ahead ot It nil that this would
Tso 'a question IiereafJer nrlslng,' nnd
further that In somo way a, question
e( dMerenro between a, slnto ami Its
tMttehol4ern would bo, or could ba,
-awMtiofl of (Wfcrenco' between tne
UttKed mates nnd 1(1 bonilholtors.
"Tnwe i oho 1HC point tho ob-
objection Ia made that tho United
Mlntos 'surrenders Its sovereignty' to u
certain extent. Of courso, it Is true
that wheiK.er any sovernment makes
a treaty It surrenders Its sovereignty
to the ext. nt of ui rendering tho sov
ereign right vestrd In rongresH to
mnko wnr. ooneernlng tho question
nettled by the treaty, or If It bo n lroaty
I arbltniilon, concerning the question
bo arbitrated
"I heard one senator very foollslity
sny that 'thin trvnty would bo u stir
renuor or mo rigiu or coiigresi to no-
olnrn u-ar. Mvcrv rrlciullv Irwitv mil-
tlliig the dlfferonee Is thai; but the
lnntliriltlniinl rlptit ttt nniiDPAcn In life'
olorA war la tic higher and Is no mora
precious ripiu limn ine ;iiiiiiuiiimiiu.
Hul't of Him pirsidaiit mid tliu stlmtc
by treaty to prevent war
llnrry Moutilnlu of Xrw Vorlt tutor
rxlttl In uoicloimH'itt or Mv liolil
Near (inlliqi.
Henry Moiminlti of Now York, who
la heavily Interested In oil properties
nnd dovalovmi-nt In the enst, passed
through here yesterday, on his wuy
to li.irstow, i-ni , wnere no is aiso
lipnvlly Interested. Mr. Mountain
wired Col. I. K. II. Kellers to Jiteel
him ul tho train for tho purpose of
Verifying certain reports on tho Hv
en ,UUes oil district. Mr, Monntuln
sijd ihut wiuiii in imrsiow no woum
poitMhly nrrnugo u trip 'buck from
thcro t Investigate the field person
ally. .Should ho Invest in Keten
Lakes proportion it is certain thut on
laud viiliu-s would Increase.
II Hml tlrnitnlMtoil Kutnir VI.OH
CaHMniin itftiorrrtf, can..... mo
n Mw. mm 2S
vhmm (rf kh-Iiik Itcatw t!
Awfrt .tomtmn'H I'aiu-flko riour. . . Hon rosular le-llow In a gUnw that counts
M IM. f lo4aUHti aw
mm nr OfMois
IK-ootrt tun vt Milk .
CI'! CHrraHr", M-r pkg 1 1
hhuw smOn mwikiii. Itkj
Sttti V-Mt44oM r Catsup.... 'iHi nnd tho uitalsi. hnvo moro than i faint
Ymh t WHcnt teo tho host work Ihnt Ty Cobb
X wmm h rstttWH 3,,,.ov"r vMil In hi crcor.
. TIH J MA'M TU urosont plnylnsc rules for
Wm. Kloko, I'niprlotor.
Hit HOMIII lWrt In.
Grrmtlnnd Rioe Thinks the
Present Game Is on the
Hog and Tells How It Can
Be Improved.
You don't ordinarily lljok for wntb
mum on tjio g)H)n tfnu jTFu dally pa
llor. It Isn't that the man fvlio writva
tho aportu In devoid ot b'tniumoiit but
he ronllto thur Mioao wlio road hlit
junk aru tookhiK im hii fttiUtoly dif
ferent article nml hi HCOKB til Klvo
Ilium what ihe an- looKinj for Unit
In, If ho olu'iisui nny iloalro to re
tain connoitioM wli the mal tokt
And then anuiu. it is a jtiry Ulfilcuit
inuttor io iiil up Hj Mit and ac-iUliiutut
without ruining both. nryiH a Ronurul
iiruixwlilon spony sentitoont la n very
raw nrtlclo and sontmieiniil eimrt Is
about iho saddest thing Co"lJb foil ml In
n nowspapur. Tho nmn ,w)io can pull
off the stunt wlinoi.' innk'ttiK n holy
lues- r H is Ilttlo h)i i t of n gonltw.
Ilii- thoro is ono mm who haa turn
oil tho trlok. Ho is (Irnntliiml Ulco ot
tlio Now York Mall, a brilliant youmr
Uoinhonicr who did Kporta nl lfforoiit
iimon for tlio Atlanta Journiil nml
.Ilir .v.iaiif.iiu iviiii. .""vm( tin n mi
Iiqh boon In tlio big lonaucs for somo
tliuo now and mnha well up with tho
Cobba, MnlhowHons nnd AVOfiinirH or
snort journalism
Itlco Is out for a revision of tho
rtilra thut govern our queer ChrlslmnR
cnnio. nnd ho tr 11m In very o illicit
laiiKitiuso how 11 can ho ilono, ilo
Thoro'a a (treat chance ahcml to bo
to atart In organwiiiK a.niB lnguo
Chrlstwaa fur tho kids nd tho imor.
It way not sound llko n sporting; prop
oslthm hut to hit 300 la thla orgaul-
xnlitHt, to ho tlmro wllhtho sncrltlco
CkrMwaa nocd rovUloat a good bit
nmmi Mhhi tho football rciMt!oH do.
COft PAN YOnc.) ,
Tho ffrftftid pass trom thr I- to
tho rich and ho olis.ilo kick iioiu iwr
to imt now mako up most of ib inn
It a a queer Rttmo w ax- iiliurlaa;
now The moro a tiny hns ..n,t the
loss hit nniMls, tko ntoro ti- m tot
Tho 1mi a guy haft and iti- mm hu
need, tho lWs ha will a i
Horn followe worth niinion or so
will noetl n hr(tMi ot H,r. moma
pnok nM-ny Uio KtaK. fm wiirh a wood
iininy humlroil dollars wen- apunr and
for wlkloh m hat tuiiiui nacd nor
Jhit lu BOmp uiiiomoiit wht a
iKiitnlo of iInITn,ra would brlug on a
jubllna the Old not wiili iho Italiidr
thrown tor a loss or shut out,
withou: n hit.
It's im to ttta Iteautar Fallow, after
nil, Uy ohopplRf off a dollar fraw
his Ikhko fiiml or by lQjnlttc nuottwr
fiom vonio Rtit plannml fur a frtawl
who doaan't noad any part of it. ho
on u do more good to a pinch than Ty
Colili, ilans Wacnar aud .io Jaokson
romhhied. lnr sotue eoiali mrio i
Chriatmaa niofiilog uhmuih moro to u
rairaod kid than a worlds chH.'ipiun
amp would mean to ('nniiiy KOoeits.
Wo mo v be wiotue anoui n. but It
strikes us that tha tmtgliost brnak ol
luck In thin bush Imigua oxlatonoa ba-
longs id tho kid on Christinas morning
vliuso ayox nru opr-nod In tho ahndow
of nn ompty slookltii;. who wokos
up to Ilnd urn small, dnrk room as
lmu- ng it wna tho night before, who
finds his fsltli Hliultorod nml his droam
tt ."lil na ihe Wind whlrh rips nudi-i'
t'u ,ii or nnd drives hint boneatli the
cum i 'i fin ii with tt soo and u iiiiwn.
The i. iiiut lie n toiiRhvr brtwk In the
giimo than this, but wo don't happen
to recall It just now. llroukliifr. up
tho faith of u kid scouts to iiiotui lust
n trlUo moro Ihnn hrcakltiK up a for-
ward im or broulntig tho national
nttrcoiiiout ot bnsooniT oluba. Wo
tuny bo wrong about it. hut it mienm
that wnv. n mn rata.
Over i'li'i'"" iMoiila in the recent
world's Herii'x iatiH noar omokliut
Ihvlr Kplues in i iNh in Mtonro tleketa.
Thoy wore willing u isy ovor u mil
lion dolliira for this rnro traat. It
only huir that mimu -r would ho will
In to, upt'tnl oiu--fuuriii tlila nmutint
In holrdi p!un up n few limp stooh
Iiiks on Uhrlmmus on- thoy could
mnko it groator hit will thenia(vai
nnd KovoraihiiuHun i i ts ilisn John
Frnnklln llaVjjr m ; i. or his
worst, ir doJiyjiroii in . uis
If thlK sniMoWrKituUiiM.il, if wv
cry sport loor;w(uitd onl. -wt In
lino thu Orlino of Chrlstim ''Hil at
lonat Iio leKsoHoit: Hooil i"ii In al
ways willing to'Ulio ,n i ii.ui, e nml
ouy old tort of a ayrt la willing to
pla a omi i H this un n -ft li. the
dopfl abed .nUlll well Do torn up
If you flguro thdt tho mmjcaro or
the root ball peoplo or tho "ghtrs nnod
It worso tbun tin uriiiy of dreaming,
oujtar. toitml-oyati nndj-nggoil tota who
ir looking forward fo tlie Ills; Day
with greater Joy tltiiii you would look
lorwarti to in aeeing 'iiy Cobb mix it
ap with Snint.iy Wfillft or Pmnk link
ar and his war oUib facliig Jnrk John-
son, titon btoor off.
Blnahy? Well, why) not conio Ib oii
tha "aluali fumr whilu tho wmilng
You ooulitn't aoQiul n dollar In a
iMttar wn If vou hiiriowtyi tho Inn
tu of BorrMtn and want wot hunting
throutfli a entry oFlQjnlrieont Hn-
aaavor rno.c a Hiquy- u dollar Hist
wfli do more good aloWlhls lino ihnn
wwny it million AmSf Citrnailo hns
Umw1 overboard will dvor do nlong
othur. And you could, do It by waiv
ing on a drink n tiny for- n week
"F nt tr. kurprtsa Jffill this I'hrlst
num." mid he.
Will.- repllod sha. it ,Hn: by
botlng me Hsnotly wlthf I i II you
i wni. - WHsnttigPtn Hlnr.
ii u I l .tl' tm ii.ir
n if w M pi is
mm mm m I mxt
raw ;fc- '-isa-ta-tl'lBML1i
All the world's a stage
We operate the wires
Reasonable Rates
The Mountain Stales Tel. & kTcl. Co.
Ban FranoUoo, Deo. 50, Former
Mnyiir Kuuano Jtrliinlli will o In trlnl
sometlmp In January, olthor on thu
ehnrgo of nxtortlng bribes in connec
tion with tho grnntliiK of tho Unlit 1
Itnllwny trolley frunehU or tho fixing
of tlio kiin ruto linmedlatnly aftor Iho
greut disawier In 1906.
Tho prtnelpnt wltri'-rs ngnlnst
Hehrnlts, It Is thought, will bo vbrn-
1mm Huor, the former political Iiom,
who la now serving n term of 14 yPnw
in Hhii Qtientln penttomlnry for brib
ery. Tho dlatrlet attorm-y'a efticq
made the deflnltn aiinouncoment to
day that Iturf wipihi bo brought from
n-lnon to testify.
When your feat are wet nml cold,
nnd your body chilled through unit
through from exposure, take n big
dosu of Chninberlnln's Cough llem
wly. bntho your feet Ih hot water bo
fore going to bed, nnd you Are almost
certain to ward oft a severe cold. For
silo by nit denlcrs.
Good Service

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