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I lift cents by nail
Vol S. No. Bf.
VOfc, S. NO. 178.
Chairman of Roosevelt Com
mittce Declares Campaign
Inquiry Seems to Be Direct,
cd Mainly Toward Colonel.
Preliminary Scrap Develops
Fact That Money Was Free
ly Used by Progressives in
Prc-Convention Struggle.
Ttf I.rasvd Wire la Kvrnlnu llrralil
Washington. Oct. 2. Whfii tho
t'lupp commission. Investigating flint'
pulgu Minds met Imliiy to I'xiiinliii'
Senator Joseph M. Dixon of Monliiiiu.
('olollcl llOOSClclt'S IllllltlC'lll lllllllllKI'l'.
Hh members wirt' discussing tin? sena
tor's announcement or liift night Unit
In- would link the commission Id cull
Cliulnnuti llllles of tin- ltepublleun
national coiiiiiiIhkIiiii ami Chairman
MeCombs of the LHinoerntU niilln'.al
Tim senaturs pointed nut today Hint
It already liiul hewn iiniiiiuin:i'il thut
I hey will cull thorn- two mini, uh well
us thu rinnuclal iniuuiKi'rH or Oscar .
Underwood anil Chump Chirk.
Senator Dixon testified that he hail
collected Hinds other thiill those han
illcil hy Progressive Treasurer llouk
or, who Inforineil the committee yes
terilay thut the totul expenditures of
the Itoosovelt niilloiial committee
were aliout H 1,00(1.
"1 would like to know the full
scope of the Investigation." ilcmutiiled
Senator Dixon. "Duet thin Include, us
well the lU'iiulillcuti iih well an tho
Democratic campaign fund 7"
"Yes." replied Hoi.ator Clapp.
"Of course," eontlnuiid Senator Dix
on, "tho' BattMtWiurMalon -lUiat
this Ih rather iih Investigation of only
th n prr-conventlon campaign fund of
Colonel rtoosovclt. Now iih ii mem
her of the senate I want to woe tho
eauipulKii TunclM or President Tart,
(lovornor WIIhoii and Uowruor liar
inou also Investigated. And I think
thlH should he done before election.'
"Senator Dixon,' exciiiimi u cnuir
imui 'lapp, hair rising from IiIh sent,
"a suggestion that there Iihm not been
fair play Im a refleellnii on the olio
mini on tli Ih committee uho Ih friend
ly to Colonel Hnosttvclt."
The committee members decided
that Henator Dixon should he exam
ined about the hnuscvelt foiiilM.
Chalrmuu Clapp told Henator I'ixnn
he rould tell what he knew about
other cnndlilalcH Inter.
"I'd scud him to Jail," declared
Henator I'oniercne iik Senator Dixon
cloned bin rninailis to the committee.
Senator Dixon I lien lold what con
IrlbutloiiH he bad prrsonnllv received
"I dldn'l keep nnv hooks." be Hald.
"I spent the monoy iih last iih I K"1
"What do v know or erforlH lo
chaiiKe the voter of stiulhcin dele
Killed by tile use id' luniiev," ashed
Kenutor Clllpp.
"Nothing, cxcuiil hearsay." uns-
wereil Mr. Dixon vigorously.
"Do you know by repute of any
Hiieh ntteinptH, In which you had a
part or lieilllleHecir.'" UHkeil Sciuilnr
Henator Hlxoli meulloiieil brlelly
Die names of thoHe uho . handled
Itnosovelt funds In entcrn Htnteti.
Henator Dlxoii InterMperHid IiIn ie
pllcH with h riuinlnd fire ol couimenl
im to how the JtooM'Vell forci.'H were
"forecloHed" In rertaln hIiiIch, ami
"Hwept every dltrlcl" la otherc.
When Hcinalnr Oliver took lii Hena
tor Dlxon'd Htatemcnt ycHterday tho
two men not hi a bitter argument,
both tnlklnK at once.
Dixon (hat..ud that the majority of
the committee wiih opponed lo ftooMe
veil and that the entire InveMlKn
tlon appeared to be directed uKUlliHt
tho roloncl.
"I.etn hnvn Mr. .McCi.,nbH and Mr.
McAdoo brotlRht here and find out
how muejt Oovernor Wllxon Hpent.
L'd like tu kituw how much .Mr. IIIII'M
upent Jit ttho Tart cninpalKn," ex
claimed Mr. Dixon.
Ifn turned to Henator I'oineriuie,
who wuh active In tho Harmon cam
paign and nitlil:
"I think Henator I'omerene might
tell uh HonKithlnir about Oovornor
llnrmoii'v oxpondlturoH.
"I'd like to have Hetmlor Oliver
tell how milch money wiih upunt In
the Piinnnylvunla compnlgn."
Honntor Ollvnr replied ho would bo
glad lo take the Manny
Henator Paynter tiolntud out that
tho commltten had hnrorn It rhurgen
that Hiimn from $3,ooo,ooo to J5.000,
000 had boon Ued by the rtoqMOVolt
poopio before the convcntlonii. An
other confuted exchuimo of comment
"Wan thin 35 000 that Perkins,
Muniioy and IUnnu eneh gave to you
In addition to the mnountH given to
VS. II. Hooker In tho New York com
mltteci?" Biked Bcnator Puyntor.
Henator Dixon said It .won.
Senator I'avnter linked If Herman
I'raxch. who save 910,000 to the
New York headquarter, wai con
nested with the auxar Intoronta. Reno
tor Dixon IniUtDd the sugar trust war
nppoMd to Colonel Itooaovelt, hut he
did not know whether Mr. Prasch wa
connected with sugar Interest.
Senator DlxCn aald that when ha
"got dejiporatcly )iard up" he went
hack tn Pfiiln. All the rent of tho
plutooraut wera for Teft." he nald.
Senator Dl08 Vtuggeated that the
committee cufMI Joelah Qulrif 61
' oton.aWIU AT MoAdoo ot WW.
... fW w
ghen $18,000 to Governor Wilson's
lire convention cnmimlgn fund unrt
llo.iioi) lnco hi nomination.
'1 aluo Muggcst thu calling of
T. IV llyun," he nald. "1 have been
reliably Informed thut he contributed
a large sum to tho campaign of Mr.
t'nderwood; thut A. II. Plant, auditor
of the Southern Hullway ulso guvo to
thin cumpalgn. 1 have been Informed
that large aumH wcro given by flnan
i lew of New York to the prcMldrntlnl
campaign of Governor llnrmun of
"I have been Informed that Joneph
I". DavU expended about $3K,U00 In
Mr Wllnon'H pre-convcntlon cam
I'lihtu "
lie iiIho mentioned l-'red II Lynch
i Mliinexota and K D. Jobneoii r
South Dakota iih pomilbln wltne.s.ieH.
Senator Dixon further nHked the
i "inmlttcc to Hiimuinn I.oiiIh Kant
inerllng or New York, whom he said
he wuh Informed wuh the advertising
agent or the Standard Oil company
ami had been given fund to control
tile editorial policy of 1!00 lll'WSUIl-
pern published In foreign lanru.igcs.
Td like to have Charles P. Tail
Miiiiiuoui'd here and asked If he
Mi hi. as Is commonly reputed,
mhi ami to nominate Mr. Tart "
KxcluingcH between Senators Dlx-
1 1 Mini Pomereue became so heated
thut Mr Pomereue Invited Mr. Dlx
in 'iiulnlde," but the ufralr pa'.Hed
nit without conrili'l.
Mr. Dixon cloned It Im IcMiiiiou.v
witbimt giving the namcH or 1 1 Ik In
loroiaiitH that large hiiiiih had been
xpi ut ror Mr. Tart.
nmpoH.vnoNs ji:ni:ikm s
W.iHhlllKton. Oct. 'J.- Oeoige R.
Mn-liliiii, former treasurer of the He
I il li I i.-ji II nutloliul coinilllttoe, leHtllleil
inline the i.'lapp comnilltce today
that In l'.nil the Standiird nit ihiii
iiiiii coiitrlbiiled JIIMi.immi. .1. p. Mnr-
mm lied Coiupiin.v l'i". '"". II '
I'H'k Jiuil.nmi ami lieorKi- Could
1 1 an, mill,
Mr Sheldon hald he had no pel'
Hiiiiii I know ledge ot these iiuiiiiliii
tlniiN tint that the late Coriiidlux X
IIIIhs t In. ti treasurer, had rdiowu him
1 1 1 m repurt.
"Whi'ii I took cburKc of tin- tr.-iiH-
in i-t slim in in it 8 Mr. Hilt. handed me
a lixl of linue colltrlbiltoi'H ol l!Ml."
"What iiercenliiKo was contributed
by corporations'.'"
"To be rrank T.'IW per cent."
"Wiih any contribution made by tin
Standard oil company?"
"Yes, idr."
"How much'.'"
"line hundred IIioiihiiiiiI dollars "
Mr. Slu ldou said the Standard nil
contribution wiih not on the lint iih
coinlnu from the oil company but It
was charged to John D. Archbold.
"Do you remember any other large
contributions?" asked Senator Oliver.
"Yes: .1. P. Morgan and Company
gave M0O.IHHI. II. C. J.'rlck $ 1 iHi.OIKl
and (leorge .1. Could J 1 00.0 mi," all
swercil Mr. Sheldon.
"I remember thimo because of their
size. 1 don't recollect any others."
or wiyK-trRNKnfism'
Princeton, N. .1., Oct. ". Governor
Wilson tndiiy denied kiiowletlge of ti
ITO.Miiii coiitriiiutinn to ills campaign
fund by f'hnrlcH It. Crane of Chicago,
when hIiowii the report of Hie el
dence liefni'e the Clapp committee cm-
Hy l.rimril Wire ( ISvruliiic llrrnlil
Sill III. .MllHH . Hit. All in Mourn
incut until Hi toiler It of the trial of
Johcoh Ktlor. Arturo (ilmaniilttl and
JoHenli Ciii'iino w iih lookeil for today
when the venire of ::.'0 laleHlliell bo-
came almoHi cxIiiiumIciI.
The derense asked Judge CJulllli to
order a poHtponemeiil lather than lo
call a new venire forthwith iih had
beep 1 1. nullified. Wllllalu M I'lcHhcy.
the ycM'tilh man tailed lodu, oiiall
fled lllld look ll Ik l.lliee Willi tip twti
Jltrol'H Selci'tctl Mollllll).
Erroneous Report That Victim
of Jlaiders was United States
Consul Stirs State Depart
ment to Activity.
Ur Lrmril Vlr tu KvrnlnK llrrald
.Mexico t.lij, iiei . Miineri huh
sell or thu Han .In. in Mlehls ram ii in
Durungo, which is the property or
Allen C. McCaughaii, (he American
vice l'oiihuI at Hint place, was mur
dured Sunday nluht by tho rebels
Consul Theodore C. lliimm rupiuted
tho tragedy to Hie Aincrlcun omhasay
hero In u duller telegram which by
an oryir In translutlon was tlrsi given
out by tho niiibiiHsy olllclals us Involv
ing tho k ng ot Mr. uauKiian unit
Mr. c rr. unoiiier Ainiiricau m no
Amhiissudor Wilson Hiiiucaiiaiiuy
mndn riipreseiilatloiiH lo tho govern
ment ind todiiy received assurHnces
tlnlt-ivnrv effort will bo mnuo to cap
ture and punish tho murderers.
Br Wire $ IirBlB Herald f
Indianapolis. Oct. a. "Out of sumo
1,500,000 deaths antiuully In tho
United Slates, at lout 810,000 uru
provontable," declured Prof. Irving
KlBhor of rule unlvoralty In his ud-
Irniia hnforn lh HVillrth Nutloliul Con-
tuarvatlon congress hure today.
"In tho isst analysts, tno .war
against preventable dlsoaso In a strus
Bio between tho dollar und tho deuth
rate," B. K. nittenhouao of Now York
SfUMionarr ttodety Meet.
Denver, OotKJT. thm offlcera of tho
Topek torsnoh of Uo Woman' For
elan Missionary society of the Meth'
odlit church, embmclnsr Colorado,
Ksbraska. KsnMi. Oklahoma, Wy
m"AABanA vtaaeaat
Bulgaria, Servia. Greece and
Montenegro Join Hands Ag
ainst Ottoman Oppressor
and Sanguinary Struggle is
llf l.rnartl Wlrr In KvrntuK llrrnlil
London, I I. .c. J. --The W bole of Lie
I la I ka ii peninsula Im being rapldl
transferred Into an jiruieil cmm.
onllng to illspaltheM n otfi II ii.-
t,ils of tin,, various Htates. upwind ot ,i
million men have been ordered .i--
nj,ii,,iiT ii, iiei'iue titiet' iif mi m, (n, h
lUiU nt changing the nndllliins ,i tit.
liihahllaiiis of tin- Kiiinpeun .i"Mii. eH
of Turkey.
Tllo i.rfl'et of .i ileuioliHlnilliiii ..I Hi..
mllllary fori i s ol tin- llalklti m .i.h ih
llrsl to be tiled, .'or huh i. mini mii
lllllgal'la. Senw, liteee,. mid .Moiile-
liegro hai ordered lite moliill.utmii
of their elillie iivallabb aiini..
The four uatloiiM of Hie lie a iialktn
stales are rapldlN nr.inuiiii,- lo act
together In arms l or ine iif-i limit
ngiiliist the common enemy Turkey.
Iho Ottoman aiitliorltlcH ale no lens
bUKy, while It Ih Heen llum ilesplltchcH
from Vicuna that Aimtrla will llnd It
Impossible much longer to ret tain
from takliiu piei .inilun In order lo
keep the Seiuinn from eiicroiichlug
iiiou lerrltorv wlileli AuMrJa-lliiu.
Kilty IiihIsIh i ii u h t remain part of Tur
key and out become -an adjunct or
greater Sci v la
The Hllghlest untoward Incident
will start a general coiillagralltiii, ac
cording to the prevailing opinion In
diplomatic clrclcH here and the great
powers might easily In. drawn Into
The only bright proHpecl in Hie slt-
ualloii Ih Hint Hie lialkan hIiiIch hcciii
Inclined lo give Hie great powers a
limited time III whirl! to try to Iniliicit
Turkey to introduce the reforms de-
mituded in Macctlonla. It Is rcporteii
tuuuy that they Intend lo send u col
lective tlotri lo Turkey explaining Iho
reiiMou for llieli in lion In moblllxhig
their armies, As they neeei-Harlly
IIIUSl ItWIlIt a leply to HiIh note, too
aillbasKliitnrs of Hie grent powets ll.
Constantinople will be able lurllier lo
Impress Hie Porte with the iiiivimtiiii
Ity of granting their tlciii.iiidH
The Porte miiMt III tile llieamime,
however, deal Willi Iwn iloti'M, liotli ol
which arc practically ultimatums,
one or these Is from Sen in and de-
munds the ivIcuhc or Servian ammu
nition which has been detained In
transit through Turl.cj while Iho
olher Is Horn Urcece, and protests
against the il'lenll.in nf lireck sali-
Iilng which Tursey Iiiih iieeitieii io
hold up and utill.e ror (lie transpor
tation of her iroop, . I'or the pies
ont. however, piep.iralloiiH aie pro-
feeding on all slden for wai, Aeconl-
lllg to n private telegram receiveu in
London this inoiiiiug ino momii.aiioii
uf Hio TiirklHb arnilcH In Ituineiia,
Willi h Included all Hie troopH in .Mae.
oilonla liesldcH Hiono In Aualolla, or
Asia Minor, has already been begun.
Turkey Is looking ulso lo Itumaula lo
throw In her lot with the nttomaii
troops In which i use Mutual In would
lllld hci'scll h.iihIw ii'lied between two
formidable loi'N,
(iItl',i:Ci: PltOTKKTN AT
CoUKlalialuoplc. "it
pinlcsIM tod, is ihiough ln-l
belt' against the ilclelilloll
vessrls ill Turkish waters
I Ireeen
ol (Ircelt
lor tin
transport or nttoiniin tumps which
Htep Hie Turkish government an
nounced would be taken yeslorday.
Hofla, 'let. 'i "I'lie sanclloii of
martial law In lliilgurlu and Iho up
ploVlll of lite expeliillloles iii.cchhI
tatnil by the moblllxiiiloii or the aimy
aro lo be discussed ul an extraordi
nary session of the Hobranjc Hiim
llioned In uieel on Kultll'day.
'London, 'in. a. Turkish soldiers
today fired several limes In Hie di
rection ol Hie Hervlan llo.i'ler town
of Huskies, iieconlliig to a special dls
pulch from Belgrade. The integrum
states that the Servian ministry has
received reports thut the Inhabitants
ore leaving the town In fenr.
rnr Iasrd Wire (n ISvrnloK HrrsMI
Malum. Mass., Oct. 2. city Marshal
Ichuns today received a telegram pur
porting lo coiiiD rrom Vincent m.
John, secretary uf tho Industrial
Workers of Urn World at Chicago.
nlmmlnir that a conspiracy hm? been
tnadi, ngalnst the life of William I
Jlaywood, who Is hero, and thut n
MtiK lii tho iimtilov of ii New York
agoncy had been hired to commit tho
murder hero. It willed unon Iho shor-
ff to protect liaywooii.
'Ifall HlAiiKhtcrs Juckrabblls.
Dounlas, Arlx., Oct. 2. Thousands
of dead JuckrnbbltiT cover tho plains
of southern Arlxomi. killed In u tor
rifle hall storm yesterday. Hailstones
wsrs nllod a foot deW, tho thaw that
followed cuuslnir tho Whlto river to
overflow Its bunks.
MMvtAH Henort ot Marines' Death,
Witstilhirtou. Oct. t. Bear Admlrnl
Vr4autnd baa discredited tho state
thAHt ihado at New Orleans fiy Jurl&n
lUst, e, Central American soldier of
roHm who declared that sevoru!
kimlWi marines had beetv killed In
immmK. and thftt tho aow
Boasts of Brutal IDeei.l Too
Much for Even Hardened
Felons Who Avenge Attack
on Aged While Woman.
"The Man Who Soucals Is the
Next Man Hung," Threat
That Keeps Lips of Prison
ers Scaled.
I ta Willis. Wo , i ii I 'J. --"The
first man thai hipieals ih Hie next
man hung."
This Ih Hie wariiiiiu passed out
lo all pi'Impiicih in lite Wyoming
stale penile lillarv as Hie result ill
the liiehin eaih today ol
I'leorue Wlal'all, in ur.i ami ex
coliUcI, iieeordltlg In a stali'lin lit
rediled In Warden AIhIiui. That
orrili lal del lined to give the
sunn e ol his Inliii iu.it Inn.
Hy l.rmrit Wire lo RvrnlnK llrrntd 1
ll.iwllns, '.Vvo nil. L' Ki.uik Wiu-
lull, a iiegrn cx-eoiiv ii I, was taken
from his cell in (he state penitentiary
tills mol'tllllK, VV here .Tie bail been
Placed tut' satckeeiilim. and Ivin In d
In a piiltv ol coiiviclH who had previ.
iitisiv ovelpowereil the keepers. Wig
lull bad assautled an aged whlto
woman In ItiiWlliiH ami bad lieell
Idai cil In Hie penitential liy tllo
posse wbleli eaplUICt ll III.
Mrs lllggiiis, the tiged victim of
the negio'H altack, livetl near Hie
stale piison and was a lavollto with
Hie prisoners.
Last night ii moli gnihi'tvil and
made an iitisucccssrul atlcmpl In Iiiki
Wlgfall ft i,ii Hie eniiuly Jail. I'Yiirlug
that Hie mob might .return later, tin
officers reported lo iloverniir ,1. M,
Carey ill Cheveiiue and received or
ders lo iransfer Iho nilinner In Iho
slnlc piisnii. Wlgfall' was plai cd In
a ell mi Hie Ibli'il floor. This morn
ing UH Hie lllhct' eollVletH pllHSeil Wig
I m I I'm i e mi their wav In In en ( fast
Hie uegin biiigbed ami boosted about
Ids deed Tin-; lle enneil Hie prlsnncrH
who oilicllv peirceletl their plaliH rot'
Veligeam e.
After lireakiiist, wllli 1Mi eonvlelH
Iii the prison v ii nl . annul halt of llieni
stiirled lor l he rell house. They over-
poweri'il tin- ell house keeper, who
at Hie iline wuh changing I In- negro
I II I annllier 'ell, mill locked Hie Keep
er III ll cell
due of ill tivlelH prodin cd a
lope, wbleli In b.itl Heereled under
iiIh i mil. n half, bltcli wiih plai oil
around the mia.-t uecli und he was
dropped from Hn ell house Ir.ilconv
a illstalicc of llilily feel. The lorco
of the lull lili.l.e WlKfliH'H lu-ek.
The Hnie i nn-imeil In Hie lyin liliu
wen less Ibaii live uilllllleH Mild sn
iiuletlv did Hie 'im onerii vvoik that
mine lull II II hnllHO keeper, Who
wan overpowcri Knew what w.ui
hn p null I iii;. I in im I in lf1 y Hie men n
Itirueil to I hell ti"ik Warden Alstno
ul once Hliiilcd hi InviiHligHlloii hill
ul noon II was .teil Ilia he had In
n mi lilit to Idcutit pnslllvely anvoiii
parllclpullng. II) oxpi'oksciI the oplu
ion llial Inn lunul a assailll In eli
ina.le upon mr "in- other t tin ll Mr
lllggllii. mid bad he lint laughed nm
hoaslcil iibolll it Hio lynching Wmilil
linl have oci HI ii d
"liraiiiiv" IlitMiis, iih she is linown
aiuoiig the prn"'iets, ih known within
the walls Oir 1 1 r kindness to the nick
und utrileled. The agetl woman
Said In he reeov e; llig.
Later loilav an impicst will be held
over I he in gi ii I. body.
Wlgru was .ih.iiit 1(1 yciit-H old inn
wuh of t ic low si negro type, coat
bliieU. wiih lutt wrinkled liuehead
large, Hal i am) very thick Hps,
He wiih scull in 'd lo thu penitentiary
III ul In I tin I 1 1 nut i lievtume for uh
mii i i 1 1 wllli lull ni In kill ami served
until A i 1 1 1 et nils ear for erlminal
iiHsauli, riiiiiiinii.il in i.iirauile.
governor Mcdonald
Nprelnl lllMiinlch lo Kvrnltiir llrrnlil I
Itoswcil, - M ., not. I. liovernor
W. (' M. liiitiiild was the guenl of
hoiiiir M'Ht.nliv 'in "Press Association
I my" at the annual Pccoh Viilloy fair
iiml 1 11111111 1 1', opened Dm fair al Hi 00
a. III. Tin clller events of the liny
wen. Hie .iliiiiial meeting of Hie pecoi
Valley Press ussoi intlon, hroneo liusl
lug and goal ropinir, joy rPln for lb
governor ami staff and newspaper
men, iiiforiual n pllnn In tho oven
Inu at Hie in mm v for tho governor'.
nartv und the press dolegiiles. follow
etl by a grand hull. Tho fair Is lining
iitieudeil by thousands or people lilltl
Hut exhibits are Iho finest over g'ttli
ered together In thu Pecos valley.
rtlr laaid Wire to Vf,fag Ilcmld
Wimblnulori. Oct. Tffli six now
era which have failed tn the proposed
Intnrnalloniil loan to China have
upon tho Invitation nf HushIii, 0lnnd
a coiiferonco to preset ror tno pity'
ment nf tho tr.0.000.000 Iloxer In
domnltles. The course of tho United
Htates has not boon Indicated
Khot Actinic fw MMorlcs."
Canon City. Colo., Oct J William
IC. Duncan of ChlrABOjv.leadlns; man
for a moving picture company, -was
shot and seriously woQHdeil hero yes
tardav, By mistake w w IB went
0dsn eevorHl men flr4 at nurvca.
J The- wwa lottdfi yllli islfiWaot
ai uiiinlsnnii t nun
Covers Two Hundred and
Ninety-Nine Mile Course in
Fraction Over Two Hundred
and Forty Minutes.
Mllvv .iilkee, U v , ) I. I
Italpb lleP.iltua, illiviln; n Mer-
edi'N ear, (inlay wmi the eighth
it 1 1 l . - r Ii 1 1 1 cup iiiiitiiobile i ii.i'
over Hie Waiiwutiisa ro.nl eiiuisi)
in imir hours, I'a mluuics and
:tl I sei omls, for a distauco of
-VI 'I miles, L',;til leel.
ThU w.ih all nvelage speed of
i'l miles mi llnlll, ol' live UllleS
all hour slower than Italpb Mill
I"iI'h nine In last yiar's Van
ib rlnlt i. li e ul Suvaiiuah. Hiigble
Hllghi. Mel i el', was seiiind,
I.: I .. -iei oiiiIh behind liePatma,
ami spent cr Wlsliarl. Mciie.les.
Illllil. llllg'li'H avci.tgeil lis I - ..
miles mi hour.
II) l.rnsril Wire In I'.velilaK llrrnlil)
in: vni or ihh'ci: iukiwn
CASTS til.tMHI OVMIt .'Mi;i'.'T
Mllw.illkie, Wis., Mel. 2. -ICIgltt
lilviis with their mci biinlclaiis and
ii'-, Hind up on tin new Wauvvatnii.i
ad i use tod.iy for tho Html at
II '. he U ot lit.. KlglHh Valltlcl'blll
'up A ti I ! im i Ii 1 1 ! race.
I'lie 1 1 1 1 v I h wire Helteiluleil to taee
ipU'iilmaley '.I'.t miles, or thlll-
Iglll llllieH III llllllll lllii 7 S lllllo
mil-He, In) I'.tme, ,i costly tl'oplly mid
li,,'i0ll ill ( .1 Mil pI'IXI'H.
Pill. Held tlrlvi-rH .Includi .1 Italpb
.Millloril, w 1 1 1 ll i
icr iif lusl ycirr'-Wuclnr.
.Savannah; 'l;cddy Telz-
hill event at
In It . Hie ''alilrii'iilair.owlio set new rm
iirils over tile Santit .Mnnleii eourse,
ami Italpb lie palina, winner ol nils
ear's i:Ulu N'alloiiiil and lice lor all
lliei'M. .Mlllford was at Hie Wheel of
Knnx car. Tellall diove a I-'lii t and
He I'alma a .Mercedes.
The killing ol David Itl'Uee llrowu
of New Vol It ilillliig ycHtenlay s lull
ing up trials, lias icmiwud IniHllllly to.
ward Iho cnlliHo OXblhlted Inn days
ago, wh' li Ihf line pingralll Wiih pnal-
Several of Ibe dllvi-IH lllHtsicil I flit I
Hie irai'K wiih loo narrow, llial ino
mi 1 1 1 iol miih mil nilllli icliiiy ' iitaiui-
d" and Hint it lldd ulliApccteil soft
The advance sale ol tlcgciH lliille.ii
il ii eiowil ol lielwei'll .i, 'IIIII and
111,01111 people.
Ralph He Paliiui, Willi a mcitciich.
wiih Hie III Hi ill IV el si Ul aw'll1. wntin
Mlurlec Wauner Htarted Iho Vanilerblll
nee .il 11 o'e lie . lie I 'ill Mill WIIH lol-
lowed closely bv Hiighie Hiighes, Met
er him ' nil. 'I 1 1 )' 1 1 Italpll .MUlini'i.
Ilarrv el-iiii. Wpciiei i Wb'biiri, 'lit
AuileiHiiii, (luorgo ct.iiK mid Teituy
"I'l'lzhill tvel'o sent awav at thlrlv si
olid Intervals III the unlet' llllllieil,
He I'allllll made the 1 1 IH I lap, i
tulles Hum a Mtamliiii; shu t In six nun.
nil -., ' .7 sccomls.
'!' t.l.itr tliovi. Hie llrsl lap in
und llii'imipnii began selling a Killing
ii ii .
' 'i li.ill was 11 I lie t ail al ine i nn
i,t '. in 1 1 1 h. i r v utr al an average
V., oiilispti hour. He was Iwn mlu
iii'i. :iii seeoiulii iilieau in I in rann-i
in ie i i Wudiarl was llilrd.
At the und nf ulle humlrcil miles or
II III I Ie llllllll III, III II i in in ni ine
im. dlMliiiie.c. Tel'.lall' was tending In
l'..liniL iv llVn in utiles. II seciiniis.
l'i t ,1a 1 1' lllld illlvell He one Illinium
inlleit nl an avi'iagc of ;.. : nilb-s m
t WiMlmrl liinl illoiiiicd Inn ll t"
lltliil llliullgh Hi" tumble
Teihlv Telx utr. iiller leaning i n
in., I-., limn :!ini nines in inn line '
Hi.. Villi) el hill Cllll. llUI'tll'll "Ul
enelneii Iii hhi lib; Plat cur III lb'
Iwenli.sx I mi HUH wiih I. iici
nil lid i mi- limn Hie I. tec. lie palitia
then look Hi" lead, closely plcsseil bv
Al -MO miles He I'allua nil llllgni
hi' onlv oil), inillilln. III! KeennilH. V
bai l was In third pirn c 'i nilnulis
,M-U n( HllL-hett. He Plllllia'H llVI'llgl
i I'd for that t Islam e rtas ii'.i I s
jo hour.
At ''.'i iiiIIch He Palni'i Jed Hughes
I, IS s III H. Willi 1!) IIIIICH yel in
vi. tn liiilidi Iho race.
lie p. ilnia eonlinileil io icidi ungues
,.i il. i nil nl Kr, iiiiii h won ouiy i i
niii.s in u" Hugbes was .IK sniMiniia
lii'liltul lie palni'i.
III- l,rrd Wlrr ( I'.vrnlnS Hrrsbl)
l.im Allgi'les. Ucl L' Si llllloi Will
mm A. Hmllh of Ml' blitali, chali man
nl Ibe senate eommlttce In luviisllgali
Hie iillegiiliuus that AmerlcallH roiiler
ctl the present icvoluiinii in Mexico,
received loday an urgent telegram
rrom Henalor A. II. 'Kail or New Mex
ico, ii member or Urn ninimltleii now
In HI I'aso, reiuusllng him to leiivo ror
Kl I'aso ut.nniMi. Henalor Hinllh said
In- would Icavo toniorrow anil return
to Ixis Angeles In time to resutuo his
Investigation hern next Tuesday.
UcvolilUon Ktlll tJolng.
W'aslilnglon, Oct. a. Tho revolu
tion In Nicaragua, which wns sup
posed lo have. collapMiid wllli tho sur
lender and nxllo of IJennral Menu. Its
principal leader, continues with a
great ileal or vitality,
Moth Managua ami flraiiHda aro
garrisoned by American blnoJuukoH
and marines. Them was an luttlvo
bombardment, all day Hiitiilay of Iho
town or Ma say a by u rebel force
under flnmirul XclinJmi. with no def
inite results.
Turkish Army Oilltit tu OoKir.
!onstntitltmple, Oct. 3,-Orlors
Ware Issued toduy hy tho Turklslt war
tninistery for a gonorul mobilisation
of all tho forces tn both European and
Astto Turkey, , m ,1W,
api p fif i n HI av
Vcniicincii Hesitate to Serve
for Fear of Personal Danger
or Injury to Business from
Possible Boycott.
Illy l.rimril Wire In llvrl.llilC llrrnlil)
IUdl.lllillii.il'.. Hit. 2. (jlll'StlollM
vvhsMier tlnv ii ii.d for their per
Muinl siitet.v if iln v servetl as Jurors
were ake. I veiilii'iui'ti today In the
sclcctliiii id a jur Ine Iho trial of tho
acciiseil "ilvnamlic philters."
Tlli'ie iliestlotts dev elnpcil ll tlbllllte
between Ulsirlci Attorney CIiuHch W.
.Miller mul Culled Stales Senalnr
.fohn W, Kern, counsul for thu dc
felise. "Well, ll Iiiih heen shown here that
tie man did not waul In go on Iho
Pit v because he Icmcil for Ills per-
ui.it Mitety, salil Mr. .'Viiiier.
it'll I''. Itaynes, owner of a store
at I. mi hid., said ho did mil euro
I i v mi the Jury.
i. Mm afraid it would hurt your
busltie ."' linked .Mr. .Millet'.
Vi-s "
'II In i" Mich ll coward its that ho
may slip .i-hle," said Judge Aiulcr-
In "in- liedniico .Mr. .Miller said:
l.nlHir tiuiiiUM ore nut on trial hero,"
"Labor iinlmei arc not on trial, hut
Individuals nle," said Juilge Ander
son. 'It is I'liinpcicnt to iiuestlon a
pros live iiiror as lo his relation
wltli iiiiliius heeausti the relntfon "i
Hie ilcleiiitaiiii with labor unions Is
likely in cut ii big figure In this oaso."
"Have vim urn prejudlim ngalnst
iiuliiti lahiii ."' wan the uui.'Htlon asked
Nelllicr side hail Indicated Its iir-
ci ptmice iih ii juror of any or thu first
en men I'Mimliicii.
A st, ill of government agents scat
tered itiiui Huston lo Los Angeles, It
wus leiirucil today already Is at work
set'KiiiK Hie witnesses who are to ap
pear tor the ploHcciltlnu III the trial
Hie men accused of complicity III
the "dviiamlte conspiracy."
Hue by one, when niicu Iho lr ul be-
hIiih, a ii t n 1 1 1 Tn rli i tin crowd Ih Io bo
scaled hi the wIHichh linx. Tlalli cotl-
iluelorH and hi ii t If .ii cbccknnin, who
were ri'liolted lo have llll till toil bllg-
gnge ciinlaliiliig i'MiIiihIvch: bnarilitig
ImiiM' ln'i pern In varloiiH IuciiIIIIch
who leiiti'd minim in which plolH
weie .i,ii in have liei n laid for blow
ing up bridges, vlailiiclH ami bulliL
Ingx, n titers of lutriiH ami einplv
houses when nil ro-glj ccrllic and tl
uanilte weie bliblcii; stone iUairyincii
wlio sold liisi'H ami expbiHlvcH; Jewel -
in wlio sold a In tin cloclui and otheril
In higher ami Inner stnlliins, are to
he ilrawti inio a ureal body of wit
nesses in whom i in- government ex-peet-i
to iimi' .i eiiiC'iiM any In which
I I. n hi iiiriv nn n ntlier than Hio
McN'am.iia'. . 1 i lis were guilty,
The t in m m n ii I in e nli'llCO of nil
Ibesn people, I In- gov I'limoilt COII-
lends, wilt til In a eniupleto ntory,
Hoi i ifioil Paronts Witiions the
Death of Offspring in Flam
ni"'' Home; Fowci'lcas io
Siive Them.
ill) l.fHsrit Wire In Hvrliliuc llrrnlil
lli'lliaid, lueliee, I lei. 2.- 'fell
. lllldleli nl AbASinli'l' (travel, rallglllg
Iii age ri mil Is muullis lo Hi years, of
I IiIh plin e, weie hill'lu d In dn.llll In
dnv, Uriivi'l and bis wife were away from
Inline mid leluinlng found ll III
Haines. They were lliniblo to nltl thu
cliiiilreii, vsbosti dentils limy wUtiesstiil.
Ta ft TalliN in I'liouiigi'apli,
tleveily, Mass., Ocl. Ii. 1'rcshlntlt
Tart yeslei'day addressed hluisulf In
six brier, speeches lo Hin rncurdlng
devh'o of n lalklng inacblne. Tho
ipeechi's were condDiisutloiiu of ad
iieii.i" pixvloiisly tlellvered hy the
president and probably tho records
will ln Usui in iho campaign,
SiiffrageileA lois-o In Kanwis,
KaiiHan i'll, Mo, Oil. U - Woiunn
mouiileil dry goods boxen and chulra
last night In Kansas City, Kuii., and
talked for "voles for woiueii." All
lilting Hio main thnroiighfaruH crowds
assembled lo hear tho speakers.
Twelve of them Wero III tuition.
II was iho opening of thn campaign
In Kansas for an amendment tu tho
statu cniiHtiiulTfJu giving women tho
right to volo In nil elections. Tho
amendment will go to u pnptilur voto
In November.
I'nrkcr I'eniianent tluilriimii.
Hyraeuse, N. V,, Oct. 2. Allan II.
Parker was toduy elected perinimun'
(dialriitan of tho Dfiuocratlu conven
tion hero, despite opposition of thow
who said ho was nut u "progrcsalvo"
Military Hurgrxms Moet.
llaltlmnre, Oct. 2, Donvor was
chosen for tho noxt meeting Vr tho
convention of tllo Association, of th
Military flurgoons of tho Un)t4
Htates, .whluU hogsh ota atrdaya
, . ,
Complete Tic-TJp of Novadtfi
Consolidated- Copper Com'
pany's Great Plants at Ely4
Demand for Higher Wngea
Said to Be Mere Cnoidont to
Widespread Strangle tot
Union Recognition.
Ily flrnnril Wire to Bvenlac llrlilj
Uly, Nev , Oct. 3. Tho throo thou
sand employes ut tho mines of tliq
N'evada Coiisolldntod Copper company)
went on Ktrlko nt 8 n'olock tlila worn-
mg, executing as cuinptoto a tlo-uM
as thut at Ulnghnnii Utah. A mln-
tila after 8 o'clock, thoro was not onol
bit of work going1 un hare. Charles
II. Moyor, acting fur .tho Western
FoUoratlon of Miners, A. Li. WKdo fori
tho HtiMim Hhovvlmen'a union, nd)
Charles Nicholson fur tho M&cninlsts.
Issued thu order last nbjht XoifNlhaJ
inon to walk out.
Tho Kly miners nro strlklnff for unt
Inureitsn uf fifty .cents nor dy. Thm
shovelmoti and machinists an wild tat
hnvn no grievance but aro meroly ro-
Inforclng tho tlomandS' of tha minors
Tho tlumunds for higher waxes.
however, nro 'but Incidental to that
for recognition of tho Minor's union,
anil according to the union leaders thai
walkout Is the. beginning of a general
strlko thut will spread to 6anta Hit a,
N, M., und liny, Arls., In order to en
rorcn union recognition. Tho direct
ors nf tho Utah Copper oompany ot
liliiKbmn control tho Novada Coavoll
ihttuil ami are Interested In other
properties whoro strlkoa xa on
tumplutod. '
Tho saloons nro oloMd hor6 and
per pit am urniml with rovolvofe and
rifles. Homo stray shots woro fired
this morning, Two oro trains wero
iiiiivotl today nnd tho Nevada- ConiolK
tinted mill Is running, but It is
thought thut all tho men In them will
riiiiiii out tonight. Every nilno Is
niliKhum. llliih. Oct. 2, Local of
ficials of llm Western federation of
Miners expicssed satisfaction this
inornlng over thn rosnonso to tho
idrlke order al I'.ly, Nev.
Vatico 'I'.-rilch, innmber of the ex
ecutive board or thn fcderutlon, who
returned to lllnghiim this morning,
"It wlllluive tho otfeet of forclmt
(he I'tali ('upper compituy Iii cirtnply
with the demamls or tho union, Thu
fuluro will tell."
It. ('. Oemmell, assistant generat
manager or the Utah Copper com
pany, who spent thn night at lllng
liaiu, sabt ho did tint, know what
effect the Kly strlko would luivo upon
iintulllloiis lieie.
nitslness men of IIIiirIiiiiii expect
tn get together today to consider tho
appointment of a commlttuo from tho
liliighaui comiiiercbil eiub lo wait
upon tho fomiueriiliil club of Halt
Mike. 'liy with u View to iirlilltalllig
the In Im r Iroiihlo here,
(llr leased Wlrr lo HvanloK HrralJ
Clleyeline, Wyii., Oct. 'i, Am ii re
sun or an Investigation tnado hy thn
ilepnrlment of thn Interior, Hio candl
ilai y of .liilin II, KnndrlcK for Hulled
Htnica iienutnr from "Wyoming hull
been seriously laiiupllcatud. Keif
lire , who Ih a wealthy nattlomati
and lives near tho Montana Hue, inado
aiipllealloii u few yours ago to cut
limber In Molilalia, setting forth that
Im was a dry lariuor und a resident,
or Hull Mlitle, unit secured 2r.,ll)0 feet
ror building purposes. Ketidrlok'fi
candidacy resulted in his being culled
upon ror an explanation which ho
matin In tho effect tlmt hn was an
actual resident of Montana, although
claiming a legal residuum) In Wy
oming. Ho was chose.!! as thn Democratic
candldiito In thn recont primary elec
tion, A depurtimiut ruling that ho Is nl
houu fltlo Montana resident would re
sult, t hi expected, in his rejection!
by tho Oemonratlir party In Wy6mlns
Hhov'l TrcAtmcnt for HurUm,
Canon City, Colo,, Oct. 8. Hubsrfl
Tremayno, 15-year-nld son of W H
Tremayiie, found & stranga rrisn;
rifling tho hoiiso when he roturncct
homo yesterday morning from" a Visit
In a uolff hbor. Tho. lad got 0 shovel
mid stationed himself at tho door
Whan tho man oamo out ho hit him
a heavy blow on tho hsad. Tho roibi
her was knocked down and dropped
a roll of bills and soma Jewelry. Hu
rognlnnd his feet and. M0pd without
waiting to pick up Vslttfbth
tVirlicU Wi
Corbatt. tho former
ms, wio wm
operated on for appe
Us in a hos
pital hero, passed a. fairly cood nlcbt.
Tho physicians said- ho is not out of. :
danger hut that ni eafWiyoa wa iv
i I ... yi.'i .Iiiiiih ii l
BX, Oott 3
liy VlrclliJft
HanimMf "Joaa
county mw wy
via fjUsMMsimiaiikAi ,
1 , 'fit - V

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