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Vol. i. No. S.
VOXi, S. NO. lTf.
Bain and Heavy Track Make
(Going Difficult for Racine:
Machines on Milwaukee
Mllwutlkee, Win., Oct. 3. The
Wisconsin trophy fur iiutmuo-
biles of 101-230 cubic Inches din-
placement wiih won lien today
by Hurry Kntllcott In u Miihoii
machine.- ltii covered tin- 173
in I leu, L'.UiO foci Ip 3 b (i lire, (!
minutes, 44.7 Hi'CondH. Hut one
other cur, n second Miihoii, driven
by U cor go Mason, reiualneil In
tho race to tile flliU'.A. Kndl-
colt' average wnH 503-10 miles
an hour.
lly I.raaed Wire lit I'.vrnlnK Herald
Milwaukee. WIh.. Oct. 3. Despite
n 'rain of several bourn' duration tblH
murnliiK. a field of thirteen drlverH
prepared their cum for yae start at
noon of the 1'ubnt trophy and Wis
consin trophy racer, the two event
on the nvronU day's program of the
Vanderbllt eup autuiuoblle race meet
I ii K at the Wnuwalosa course.
The following five were scheduled
to ftart In the Wisconsin trophy rnco:
Krunk Kullck, ford.
Hay Knyder, Mason.
George Muson, Miihoii.
John Hobor, 12. M. V.
Hurry Kudlcot, MaHon.
Tho eight entrants who expected to
content In the 1'u but trophy event
Joo Nlkront, Case.
Tom Itoouey, Dvrgdnll.
fipencer Wlshurt, Mercer.
Jl. L. Hastings, Kalour.
Mort HoliertH, Muson.
Dick 1'ulU'ii, Mercer.
W. hundler, Kulciir.
Jlughlo Hughe. Mercer.
Hughlo Hughe,' driving M error,
won n top heuvy favorite In tint bet-
ling In tbo Pubst trophy. Hponeer
Wlshurt, In a second Mercer, wiih sec
ond choice. Tht) truck wiih muddy.
The Pubst racii Ih for carH of 260
utKt 300 cubit Inches piston dlspluco
ment, a nil the distance about
Tho prlr.es are as follows:
First: Pnbsl trophy, a special don
or's trophy for iiermaneiit ownership,
u ml $1,000 cash.
Hecond: taOO cash.
Third: I2G0.
Fourth: tliiG cash.
Tho WliconNln motor challenge race
Is of cars of 101 to 230 Inches pinion
displacement und tho distance Ih ap
proximately 160 tulles. Thu prlzcu
uni uh follows:
Klrst: Thu Wisconsin trophy, a spo
clal donor's trophy for permanent
ownership anil 1,000 cush; Hucond,
J500; third, WiO; fourth, 112a.
Mud urn threatening skies kept
thousands of spectators away from th
bourse during thu morning.
Officials of the rain uieetltiK and
tho drivers mndo an InHpectlon of thu
roadway to determine bow soft the
rain had made It. Ilotb raccH aln.udv
hud been postponed twice, and all
wero anxious to get Marled even If
condltloiiH wore not of the befet. Of
flcnrs of tho Milwaukee Automobile.
Dealers' ossoclatlon, under whose
munugoment 'ho rncfi meetltiK Is be
InK hold, wero nnxlous to keep the
coursu In the best porhIIiIo ''ondltloti
for tho 11,000 Orand I'rlx race, tho
1iltf feature of the mrottutt siheduled
for Ha turd ay.
Tho officials postponed the start of
tho two races from 12 to 1:.10 o'clock
this afternoon.
Fred Waffnor started tho Wisconsin
and Pabnt trophy races at 1:30
o'clock. Nlkrent, driving n C'aso car,
was sent away first and Itooney with
n nergdoll second, The other nine
Hlarters were sent nway at thirty
second Intervals.
Frank. Kullck with n Ford spoclal
and John Heber with an IS. M. F.
withdrew from the Wisconsin trophy
ruco oefore the start.
At tho end of the thirty miles In
the 200-mllo Pabit trophy race Hob
erts was leading-, driving at a speed
of 02 miles an hour. IIUKhes wus
dlcott led at this dlstanco In the 173-f
mllo Wisconsin race.
Nlkrent and Hoonoy withdrew at
the end of forty miles, having broken
rods on their respective cars.
At the end of 76 miles In the Pabst
trophy race Kobcrts was In first place
2 minutes and It seconds ahead of
Pullen. Endlcott led In the Wiscon
sin event.
filjf Lmw Wife ( Bvcalas IIral4
'neno, Nov., Oflt, 8. E. A. P. John
aon. one of tho Utreo Democratic
candidate! for pt evidential electors
and a nromlnent Attorney of Ihn state,
died euddenljc at his home at Elko,
Nev., this moHttnt.
What tUM will be taken to have
Johnson's on the Democratic
ticket flllee) J,mb known. Ttieitlnis
for flUnsT tk4KnHB of candidate has
axtlr an .teai.iht method will be
lavokt la HssWUentar caos h
Sharp Battle Reported from
Frontier Which Results in
Rout of Ottoman Forces
With Thirty Dead.
llr f.rasrd Wire In RVrntas: llrratd
l.'itiilnll. (let. 3 Severe flKhtlllK be.
tux'ti Tiirklxli and Servian tmopH Ih
reported to have occurred on the
xontlii'UHtcrn frontier of Servla In a
ileMp.iteli from HelKrade received by
a iiewx iiKeney here. The TutkH are
xaiil to bavo lout :ni killed ami many
uoumleil, while the Hervlan ciihuiiI
tle.s are kIvcii uh two killed ami IS
A detachment of 300 'I'urklsli sol
diem, aecordltiK to the despatch,
itohhimI Into Survlun territory ami In
the iii-lKhhtirhnod of (he town of
Vram.i eiuounterert a bodv of Ser
Man Infantry. An eilKaKeiiunt
mi U ulilcli liiHted an hour.
Woman Delegate to National
Conservation Congress
Would Widen Authority of
General Government.
Br I.ard Wlrr tu KvrutnK Herald) r.
IildlnMaiiollH. Oct. .t.Wderal -cnnHr?.
trol of innrrlaKt'H and divorce wuh
recommended by MrH. Orvlllo T.
HriKhi of (.'hlcauo, who uddreHHed the
Koiirth National CoiiHervallon con
KreHH toiliiv uh the re prcheutatlVo "'
the National I'oiiKruHH ot MotberM.
Or. .loHeph A. llolini'H, iliiei'iur
the natlomil bureau of miIihh, de
clared coimervatlon In thj) mlnliiK In
dustry ill prml.s on two rvforuiH, safe-
Riinrdliiir the imIihtn IIm-h. both as
ri'KurilH to iieclileiitH ami health coll'
dttloliH, and by plopplm? the WliHli
of lllllie prodlli'lH. lie wild il. per
cut of the minerH were uon-KiiKllnh
HpeakliiK ami did mt know of tho
hiifcKunrd riKUl.itlotiH.
Receipts of Opening Game in
World's Series Estimated at
Comfortable Sum of $80,
Ily l,raa-d Wire 10 Kvrnlns; llrrald
NOW York, (HI. 3. II IH OHlllllalCI
that tho recelplH from thu opimliiK
Kiimo In the world scries here will ex
ceed 1X0,000. The hlKh water murk
hint vear was 7 7 .000. but It was
chanted that many seatH which fell
Into tho liandM of npeculatorM ni
malned unsold, l'nder thn now ar
rangement It Is OKured that all of the
30,000 scuts will bo taken and thorn
will bo standliiic room for a fw thou.
sund more In tho broad promunade
In tho rear of tho Brand stand.
National leajruc.
At Chicago: PlttHburnh-Chlcago
trumo poHtponcd; wet urounds.
At lloston: It. H. K
Philadelphia 13 17 1
lloston 9
HattcrlcH: Nelson and Walsh; Dick.
son, Donnelly and uowuy.
At Brooklyn: n. II. 15.
New York i B 1
llruoklyn 3 12
Itatterlen; Damnree, Under, Tesreau
and Meyers; Itucker und Miller.
American Ienjruo,
Detrolt-Chlcuito K'inio postponed
rain; bo played tomorrow, an open
At Now York: K. II. 15
Washington U
New York 3 8
ruttorlns: Johnson and Williams
Wttrhop and Sweeney.
At Philadelphia: It. II. E.
Boston 17 17
PhlUdelDhla B
0 0 FO C
Batteries: Wood, KaII and Cady
Broad Policy of Reclamation
Urged on Government at
Closing Session of Irrigation
llr Lrasrd Witt tu KvrnlnK llitralil)
Halt iMkr t'lty. I'tah. tVt 3 Victor
''alkenail ol CliicaKo. Ill the dlMt'llsxIuli
that oielied the lilM llayH' heh.lloli it
the twentieth lllteruatioiial IrrlKatlon
ouRroHH. advocated t he traliHfer ol
the uiiit-liliiery now In uxe on th I'.i-
niima emial upon the eoiiiileiinn f
the eauul,.tn the headwuterH of the
MIchImhIppI to Improve that waterwns.
Ills HIlKKCHtlon iiieclpltated a illxi u.-
Hlon that llldlcaleil the coliKrcHH w.m
In favor of the tunic rtnkltiK.
T)ie folliiwhiK commiiiilcatloii from
Colonel ItuoHcvelt wuh read lv Mr.
riU'oiiKll you I wish to eoMMiatll-
late the i'iiiikI'ckh on lis work. I uioxl
earnently believe that we are an yet
only on tin- threMhobl a mmpllHh-
lug throiiKh IrrlKiitloii all (but can bo
uccnmpllHbed in the cuimtrv. I feel
that II Ih iH'i ruHiiry lur tin- uallon to
Utldertillie as part of n wi ll i ollliliTil
Keni't'lll HCllcllli' the Work of Ullll.llIK
our waterx, ireatliiK In cpiiiii'rtloii
with one uimtlu-r tlx- In IkiiiIoii ot the
arid In iuIh ami mmiii arid IiiiiiIh, dralu-
iiko of the mu .i m 1 1 lainl.x, the iltlllzu-
lion of the vtnti-i power In behalf of
tbo public al larKc, the protection of
our people from floods and the Htor-
age of Hood watern ho iih to make tho
river navlKiiubte highway at all ca-
Tbo churgcH UNHeHHed upon ncttlcr
iih the renult of "ifovi'i iiiiii Mt reelama-
Hun work wiih IiiimihIii up for neu
ral iIIhciihhIoii by .1. S. UoiiKlatid of
North 3'latte, NeliiaHkn, who argueil
that the water iimcim wero made to
bear too beay a burden.
John l-'ulrwcatlicr of Tri-Him, Call-
jl In, replied lllullLtbu neuplu.puld.
buck ever dolliir expended by the lop.
lamatlon service the IiiiiiIh would be
Worth llllillV 1 1 mcx mote than the
money expended.
Senator FraiirlH ii. N'-w IiiiiiIh urgi'il
for a mure tolerant Hplrit lowanl Hie
i eeliimatloii Hi'ivlif.
Men In the lei'lnmatlon nervli'.'."
bo Riild, "are the nervanlH of the peo
ple, and J believe urn trying to nurvii
their tmioterH with lioiieHly mid etll-
eleney. There Ih only one way to eon-
duct a collecilvo work ami ibat Ih on
the same IiiihIh iih ii HiieeeNHfiil prlMile
UterprlKe. 1 licMpeak Urn toleranre
of the pcuplo for the Hervlee. 1 he-
speak your faith In them lor they i.rv
endeavoring to serve uh well."
Henry H. (iraveH, united statea
forester, Mpnko on tho "Nation ami
states In Forestry."
"Lumber today Ih the exploitation
of Umber, not Uh production," Hiild
Mr. flravcH "Tho country Ih now
coiiRiimliii: or IukIiik through lira
tlllee or four llnieH 'lilt Ih net Hit I ly
KI'oWII. The euil would be Mioll III
Hlgbl If out prolileiii ol foreHliy wfri-o
left lo prlwilo iiwnerH.''
Veteran New York Congress
man Chosen to Make Race
for Governor: Glynn Gets
Second Place on Ticket.
Ily Leased Wire to ISrcnlns Herald
Syracuse, v., uct. a. wiicn mo
Democrntlo stato convention rcas-
xentblod today, tho principal work re
maining for It to do was the comple
tion ot nomlnatlotiH for sliito officers.
William tinker, representative III
congress from . New York City ror
eighteen years, wuh UiHt night iioinl-
nuted for governor on the fourth bal
lot, und luter Martin II Olynn of Al
bany, former stuto controller and Mr.
Hiilser's leudlng rival for first place,
wus named for lleulenunt governor.
rit. IJimmA llrm tn ISvsbIbv IhrlMI
Washington, Oct. 3. After giving
personal attention to tno letter or a
Decorah, Iowa man who desires to
euse his mind bv imyln'g the United
HtAtea two cents, decretory of Uio
Treasury MqoVeagh toduy removed
thn minimum limit of flvescentx on
niiiutlanrA fund" !ontribut one. Tho
letter reads:
"Onksl Bom, United mates Treos
"ifMfthv I Mini -.011 2 cents which I
nwn nu bl mistake. 1 were sending
a llttlo article with tho mull and put
a slip of writing in witn. Alter sum
tltM ftiqucht I did not 4o right and
New Yorker Before Clapp
Committee Tells of Giving
$150,000 to Help Election of
In 1908 When Taft Was Can
didate Mr. Morgan Confined
His Assistance to Beggarly
Thirty Thousand Dollars,
llr I.fnil Wire to F.vruluK Herald
WaHhlngton. net. 3.- J. 1'lerpont
Morgan ptoved 11 willing wIIiiohh to
day before the Clapp cuinmltteo III-
vustlgatlug camtialgii expemlltutes
and teHtiried he had given lriO.lini)
to the Itc publican eainiialgu of IHOI
und 3u,imn to tho Itepiililicau enm
pitlgu of l'.ios.
In an hour'H iueHtlonl:ig Mr. Mor
gan denied empl' .It-ally tho charge
by Chin Ich ICdward HuhmcII of New
Vork that 1'rcnlilcut Itoimevidt had
once telephoiifd for a campaign con
tribution: declared ho never had an
couimuiileailou with I'rcHlilcnt Hoone
Velt noil iiHxerted ho knew of lio eoll
ferinceH amoiiK flnanclnl men In mot
or l'.ios to agree on Hiipportlng Ite
piililicau or Ueuiocratlu iireslduntlal
.1. V. Morgan wan tho flr.it Import
ant mIIiic.hh to tfHtlfy today, 1 1 Ih ap
pearance, cloHe on Cleorgo H. Hhol
iIoii'h HeliHatlonal li'Htlini'liy of yeHter
tlay, When the treiiHIirer of the Ite
piibllcau iinlliilial committee for the
prcHeiit Itepublleau campaign and the
biHt hwiiii. that tho lute ('oruellilH N.
IIIIhh hud hIiowii him rocorils which
lior. ovldeuc.i that Mr. Morgan's firm
wus onvof four whlch'lind eontrlhut-
ed IIOO.OUO each to tho Itepublleau
war client of I'JIH, wiih expected to
develop mule testimony along thai
line other wltllcMH wuh on tie llHt
for toibo. Id- wiih .luili'i riiarli-H II
llllell, liHHlHlaut tletl! Illi-r of the lie
pillillean I'limpalgll flllul III I'JUI. Tin
eoliimltteo wauled to auk Judge lmell
If he had Hi'i'ii rcconlH nhowlug thu
naini'H of iiii lurne i-ontrlbutoiH to
Ithe lt-publl-au I mill In that year.
1 1 Ih UiHt appearance oil the wIIiichh
Htmiil for tint 1 1 - .11 1 m, Mr. Morgan
iiplieiintl willing to aiinwcr fully all
4chIIouh. lie eoiiflrmed tile tctitl-
iiiony yeHlerila. of ileorgo Hheldoii
that Ii" bed given J 100,000 to tho lto-
publlcau national f 1 1 11 1 1 of I'.KH, and
added that ho lal.-r gavo Kill, 000 to
tho iio-calleil "II. n ilman" fund of
1240,1100 ralHi-il I" 1 tho New York
Hlllli- I'Olllllllltee.
Mr. Morgan n l.-il no eonlrlbu
t Ion had e.'er ln-i u itlveu by bin firm
or hliiim-lr with Ho Idea of Hei-urlug
any favoiH therein, lie wiih eiipei-ial
ly luti-reHteil In tin- I 'ml campaign, In
Kit hi, Holflv for Ho- welfaro of tin
country and the people al large. Thai
wan tho only liiien-xi, ho xalil, that
had guided him in making eonlrlbu
tlomi to pollllial pailleH.
The testimony i .Mr. Morgan hup
ported that of .Mr Sheldon yenterday
that tho Ho-calli il "llarrlman fund"
of 1004 had been raised iih an emer
gency fund to help tho New York
Htuto committee . .Mr. .Morgan hiiIiI In
iiiiiliiiHlonil that I . be tho fact when
he gave jr,li,iiiin 1.. tho fund Novem
ber I, liiOI. Mi. Ilarrimaii had Hiild
II wiih raised at tin- . i iiuohI of I'ii-hI-
dent Itoohevelt.
Mr. Ducll, Winn called to tin
hIiiiiiI, nald he it in-w of no eonlrlbu-
Hon by John 1' Anhbold under that
name, lie knew there had been "nev-
oral eoiilrlbulloiiH of 1100,000 each,'
and that the liiHiirnnco compauieH
each had given ir.0.000.
"Did you know any members of tho
Htaudard Oil hcxIiloH Mr. Archbold
who contrlbuti 1 to the 1004 cam
"I think II. II. lingers contributed
but I do not know tho amount."
Mr. Ducll nald that Mr. IIIIhh told
him In 1004 modi ot tho bunliH und
trust companies In New York city
had contributed to tho Itopulillcmi
campaign, that In 1900 fqwur of thorn
had contributed.
Judge Duoll said contributions In
1004 wero collcctod by 1C. T. Htnto.T
bury In Philadelphia, Churlns Dhwch
In Chicago, rioorun von Ii. Mayor, now
aocrotary of tho navy, In hew Isng
lund, and Andrew Mills In Now York
Other contributors he remembered
wero: Dr. Duvld Jayno Hill, former
nmbussndor to (lermany, 12,000
Whlteluw Hold, ambassador to (Ireut
lirltaln, $10,000; United mutes Htoel
corporation, 110,000,
"Was there ever any refund to Hog
era or Archbold or tho fttandnrd OH
compuny?" asked Kcnator Pomureiio
"I never heard of any refund, und
I never heard of any receipts."
To tho llarrlman fund; Judgo Dunll
thought Mr. llarrlmnn noa given I DO,
000. flenator Dopew or 11. McK
Twombly IDO.0OO, and -Mr. Morgan
tr.0,000, lie did not Know tho otner
Judge Duell said he hd 4teen man
Convinced of Guilt of Accused
Labor Leaders Because Dyn
nmitc Was Stored Behind
His Home.
I ll v l.rnril U'lre to RvrnluK HrrNld
iliillaii.ipnllH, tint . int. ;i. I'h.irle.i
tl I'oii 10.111, M 1 1 1 1 1 -1 . Intl., (nil. iv wuh
xt nscil t -.in J 11 r mi'vIi-i- In tin- trial
of the M mt 111 Hi- ciim-h ' becailMe he
hail inriiii'tl an opinion an lo (ho guilt
of tin- tli-tc iiilnntH.
"I foriui'il my opinion beeattHe rlgnt
behlml 1 1 1 linllHi- at ,M uncle wuh 1 1 1 1 -
other empty limine In which (ho Me-
NamaviiH ami utile .MeManlgal Htnrcd
lynamlte ami nltto glyeeituc," Hahl
l-'oti Mian. "I t oiililn'l help forming
an luiptcHHliili after that. It cauiu
too near 1 1 1 1 1 1 ."
Thiil wuh tho vacant Iioiiho whor-,
llceoi'dlng to Mc.Miinlgal, the cxpln-hIvi-h
were hldtleti anil the children
unci! to bii-ak Into to play.
Heiiator .1. W. Kern. colltlHcl for tho
dcfcliHf, asked the xeiilleinell Nhether
they "n mpathl.ed with eorpnriiiioiiH
which would try to break up lulur
UliloliN." The iilixwi-rH were nega"ve
Senator Kiln Imlli-atetl the point
would be luiiiiglit In the trial that thu
Nn 1 limn I l-'i i-i-i.iiN iiMMiiclallon. alter
ilei-lai'llig lor Hie oiell Hhop III I'.lllil.
broke olf lelatloiiM with the l.'on
Worki-rn' union.
A Jury to try the dynamite canon
wiih empaneled thin afternoon. Judge
Anderson ordered Hie proHocutloii to
begin and DlHtrlet Attorney Miller
prepared to pri-Mi-nl the opening Ute
mint. Tin' inline of the American I'Vdcru-
t Ion of Labor came up for mention nt
the opeiihiK of the lilal. Mr. Milb-r
referretl In the labor orglllll.atlntl Willi
regard to Frank M. Ityau, a defendant,
Haying Kyan'H position ih preHldent of
tho Iron workurH kIvch him 11 place
In the executive board of tho Ameri
can l-'ederallon of Labor.
f llr l.rnm-il Wire tu Mvrnlnir llrrnlil)
t'oin iirilla, Kan., tin. ;i, W. J
lll'Win Wiih k-h.-n all -tl I It iihIiih 1 1 l Wei-
collie on his at rival In-i i- today. IIiihI-
in-Hit lioiisi-H were i-loHcil and hcIiooIh
iIIhiiiIhsi-iI. lio Hpobe lolly minutes,
repealing hit attliekH Upiill Hid poll-
elell if I'n-lilelit Til ft ami Col. Uiiohc-
I'll. Tin- lleinoei'iltH, he HIllil, hud
ilol.e iiion- to bring aboill golid lltn--anil
a i-iuKi'eHHlVo go el'iiiuelil than
any otio 1- party.
Coi-Ih-II'm Coiullllon IniplViieM.
I'blhiili-lphla, flel. .1. The eoliill-
I lull ni JlllllfH J. ( til 1)1-1 1 . who WUH
iiiiiti l 011 for iiicinlii Ilia In n
Tin l. Wiih lliipl'o - I tuilaS. ai-i'olil
Hie in il" attending iiliyHl' liiliH. Tbev
lim leu l'"l a it t ill I'lii-iiVel'V.
Ninety-Two Out of Every Mil
lion of Population Arc Vic
lims of Homicide in Nation
al Capital,
Illy l.rrmril Wlra lo lpnlna llcrnldl
New York. tlel. 3.- Heven out ol
about every loo.ooo New Yorkers uro
murdered, nii-m-dlng lo figures guth
ereil by an iiimii itmc Joiirnnl hero,
Tho HlallHtU'H covellug a score of tho
larger cities of the nniiiti) show,
howowir, that New Yolk Ih a very
good place compared with other
American communities. The into of
hoinli-lili-H per 100,000 of population
for sumo of Hut other cities Is iih
Washington, b.'J.
Chicago, 0.1.
Han KrnnclHcn, 10. 1.
Ht. Louis, ir..r,.
NiiHhvllle, SS.3,
Havnnnah, 37.8,
Charleston, H. C, 2.3.
MntuphlH, Telin., 63.4.
In Kiiglitnd ami Wales In 1000 with
a population of 3tj,7fia,000 tho per
cetilngo of homloldcH was only O.K.
ItOHwell TttkoN.tlto lad,
ItOHWell, N. M., Oct. 3. The stoto
park board incellng hero today form
ed u permanent organisation tu bo
known iih tho stnln park board asso
ciation, tin, Und In tho United males
as fur as known. P. J, MareUtt of
Chicago, representing tho American
Park llullditrs, In ulloudliig.
tlon campaign In New York this Vtrnr
but hud handled no funds.
Tho committee adjourned at 10
o'clock this morning until tomorrow,
then Colonel Itoosovull will be u wit
Decision of State Supreme
Court Leaves Republicans
Without Representation in
lly l.rHxnl Wire It, KvrnlnR Urrattt
Hall I'Yan. Im.-.i, u.-, a. I'ri'Milfllt
Tuf, will In- wiIIikiiI repteHentatlon
from Calltnrnia in Hie electoral col
lege. Not a oti. foi- him can bo cast
In thn state iiiileHH it lie written In.
"v decision or tin' stale supreme
court today, electniH pledged to him
cannot appear nu the November bal
lot iih Itepublleau.:.
The date for filing nominating po-
HtloiiH has expired, but were It other
wise Hint outlet would still be closed
in tin- Tuft electoi-H, for the minority
i-oiivi'iitinii which nominated them do-
i-lili'il iiui to t'lrctllato petitions hut
to nit on Hielr membership In thn
tin t l,.ii.i 1 It. publican party whose
nmiiiiii . ut the Chicago convention
lhe wi n supporting.
Western Federation Agent
Coming to New Mexico in
Effort to Start Strike at
Chino Camp in Grant County
I lly I.eiiKrd Wire In Cvriiluu Herald
Mliigbaln, I'lah, (lei. X Trie
grams iioui I'harit'H II. Moyer, liresl-
tleiil ol Hit' '.-m(i 111 I'l-ili'i.-'llon of
Mlin-r:., .mil A. L. Wilde, bUslliesH
ngi lit ol Hit- Hleam Hlmvel Muu'H
oiiliiii, in the efleei that tho tin-up al
Kl, Nt- , Is oouit'lele, were received
this morning by federation offlululu In
lunge ot tlit ttlugham Hlriko.
J. C. Lowney, executive board mem
ber, gave out ihbi Htateiueiil thlH morn
ing: "Tie-up complete; mil 0110 working
In illstrlt'i."
I'lom Mr. Wilde, Yuiicn Toralch,
another executive board member, ru
ei'lveil the following telegram:
".shovelnieii have Htriuk. flupport
lilngbiiiii airiliii without argument."
Mr Tel leh m.i Id II had not boon do
1 ltd ! w beilier he or Lowney Hliould go
to Cbliio, N. M , to look after Htrlko
oi'n.ini.iilon Hole, nor when tho du-pailiiii-
woiilil lake placo.
Tin- tiliinili.il al 1 1 1 1 1 1: 1 111 j) jihoWH no
Three Killed and Several In
jured in Collision of Freight
and Passenger on West
Shore Near Buffalo,
lly leasee Wire lo Kventno' Herald
lltiffalo, N. v., Oct. 3. Three por
sone wero believed to bo fatallv Iniur-
ed and savurul others surlouvly hurt
in a collision or u west Hhoro iMissen-
ger 1 rain und u freight train ut Wendo
Htiition, twenty mllo. oast of here
totliiy. Klght of tho Injured wero
btoiight to tho omiirgoncy hospital
hero ami leu wero taken to Hatavlu,
MIhh Helen ilould and k party of
liidleti ,eu route to Chicago In Miss
Hoiild'H prlvuto cur, went through tho
wreck. Thoy wero budly shaken up,
though nu 0110 In tho car wus Injured,
DeserlH Wlfo nnd 17 Progeny.
Denver, Colo,, Oct, 3, Ohargod
with deserting his wlfo and seventeen
children, Frederick Dill was arrested
hero on complaint ot tho woman,
Mm Lilly Dill. Dill says thoro are
only thirteen In the family, but tho
wlfo Inslsta that twunty-ono have
been born und four huvo died,
Natloiiul Hanks WiCrt,- flaln.
Witslilngton, Oct. 3. -All national
builks In tho United Htatea reporting
tnulr condition on optombor 4, as
ciimpured with Juno 14, show, a gsln
of 117,000,000 in loans and discounts.
losses of iiso.ooo.ooo in cash and (Minn
ot VS,uou,oou .111 ittaiviuuai aoposils,
Oalns In till three Items aro shown
1 . "-IT?J
Scferino Dominguez, Hops pi
Latest Revolution in Mcz
ico, Roundly Scores Present
lly Leased Wire to Bvealas Herald
Chicago, oot. 3. Sonor Zeferlno
Donilugui'2, thn choice of Mexico's la
test revolutionist for tho presidency,
stopped In Chicago last night on his
way to Washington whore ho hopes
to enter u proust against Intervention
In Mexico on the purt of tho United
"The Mutluro government hns been
a total failure," said Domtngueir
"where Dim: gave us a dynasty, Ma
dera hun glvn us tyranny The ptopto)
of Mexico tiro now ready to plaoo the.
government In hands which wilt
guide the nation to ponce and pros-
I'crlty. Wo feel that tho United mates!
Intervefulon Is near and It Is my,
mission to prevent It. We reaJUo that
ICuropean powers will sooner or Utsr)
force thn United Rtatea tn that atari
and wo as fully real lie that It would(
uo a calamity ror both nations." .
' 11 1
Mexico City, Oct. 3. Three AmerN
ran cltlxeiin wero rescued by rural
guards today front the rebels Just as)
they wero bolus; compelled, at the)
tntusles of rifles, to wrlto letters to
frlnmlH In tho capital ask In a for man
oy for their ransom.
Tho men wero A. D. Stain, L. J.
HIattory and O. J. Miller. They uro
civil engineers and wero enraged on
railway survey work when thv warn
captured by thn rebels nnd taken to
a camp neur Amecomeco, thirty miles
southeast of hero. Their cayteni Ist
uUted that they wore probably
or newspuper men und In either cam
thoy should ,b a'jot
A body of rural ttuarda mala an nn.
nortunn utta-k on thn robnl namn an.l
tho prisoners were abandoned by the
Laredo, Tex., Oct. 3. -Mexican rebels
nald (o have boon commandod by
Oonernl l'asoual Orotco, Jr., aro re
port ed to have been defeatqd In one
of tho most serious battles of tho re
bullion near MusiiuU, Coahutlo, Tho
feilnriils brought ninety dead And
wounded tu Monterey lust night. No
iiecoiiuiH 01 ine ruuui losses nave ueen
reported. Tho federals commanded by
ilenenil Ulaniiut. numborod 8,000.
urozoo had four thousand soldlors.
Interesting Litigation Be
tween United States and
Estate of Late General
Palmer in Colorado,
ily Leased Wire to Uventoff Herald
Los Angules, C'ul., Oct. S, An ac
tion in which tho United Htatea gov
ernment Is seeking to exerctso tho
right of eminent domain over tho vast
csliiteH of thn luto General Palmer ot
culorudo Is ponding today In tho fed
eral courts of Los Angolos.
Tho government wonts tho CIomo
Creek road, lending squth from Wagon
"Wheel Uap, in Mineral county. Colo.,
through Hot Hprlngs and down toward,
tho government forest reservo on tho
continental divide, declared a publlo
highway. Tho road In dispute, not
more than flvo miles long, la tho only
road tho government could, use ao aa
outlet for th forist reserve. Th
Palmer estate has refusod to permit,
its uso for logging purposes;
United BUtcs district attorney of
Colorado is tho leading counsel here
ror tho government.
By leased vfln to ntm VeecMj
Lowrence, Mass., Oct I, SA, moae
ter purude of cltlsana av a, counter
dnntonatratlon to tho rieont '.parades
under the uusplces of th iBdusttt&t
Workers of tho World la to ho held
hero under tho auspices at tho city
government. A resolution fcvftMe by
tho board of aldermeVt 4WbwM at
length tho industrial tttwttitfclfth
Is characterised as a-,f)raisl, U tteea
called, on all cltlions tW pat
riotic demonstration" y 4ylitB
through tho strests iiH4ytiAff
thn American (la In -slaiMl' W tsua re.
Jtott of tho jndiutriol W.ytiMivi
worm. . , ,
October U la propo44 M Uw ifa'.
of th, atr.uoH JjZti
rtfrjty, pwwusaro,s," . , , .
(tier ot.Col, R9oveH" jr-oonvca
over tho report of a year ago.

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