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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 03, 1912, Image 5

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h This Yow,
Idea of a
A Imiik whlili, liM'uuh' it iiijii) tlin
onlhkMiitt of lliti public, Iihm j,towii
faster llinli nny other In Nrw Mralcu.
A iMuik fimduclrtl
tried coiiM-rtntHi:
nhiiito Mccurlty to
A ImiiiU which uhMircx win cuurlotj'
nml coiLhldciiitlon ipill ittinlli-vt of
tin of ywttr iietnunl.
A ImiiiU tthlrli will vmit tun rui'j'
luxuiiuiioilNlKni i"oiilHiii with Mdiuil
Uuiiui'Ul ihjUc).
If till jour kind
nt jour nun km.
State National
. Bank
Aiiiu;Qi'i:uQi m, x. m.
tJ. H. IKMmllr,.
Depository Sunt IV li
Secretary of National Wool
Growers to Attend Convention
in Albuquerque October 1 1
Man Who Knows More About Schedule K Thau Anyone
Else iii America to Make Address nt Gathering of New
Mexico Wool Men During State Fair; Call Sent Out to
2,000 Sheepmen; leasing of State Lands and Other Live
Problems to lire Discussed.
H. W. McClurc. secretory of tho
National Wool Orowor.V ncnuclutloii,
will attend lite convention of the
Now Mexico Wool Uruwcru' iiMueht
Hull to lu held In this city lit tho Klkx'
opera bounc on October II. Wool
(IrowiTfi Day or the New Mexico Hlato
fitlr. Mr. McClurc Is perhaph the be.it
piiMeil man In tho United Stalta ru
KurdliiT the wool turlff, h ii inout In
tereHthuf' 'Urtd eloquent npeuker mid
will have. Honiuthhig .to Huy that will
be of Inlcimo Intercut not only to tho
men iietlvely engaged In the wool
growing buslnroe, hut to the Hoiteritl
An effort nn mudn to firrurr I'renl
ilcnl aoodhiR of the national nnHoi lif
tloii. Ho will bn nnuble to come, but
the following telegram ahown that hu
In (ii'iidlnn u mighty Rood nubiitltute:
"(loudlng, liluho, Oct.
"A. t). aarrelt, vice president New
Mrxlco Wool lrowcrs' , Aimocliillon.
Albuquerque, N. r.
"1 regret that It 1h Impossible for
inn to attend your mci'tlng. It will
abo be ImpoMilblo to hecuro Ir. Wll
nun. I huVc uikud Hr.cretury McCluro
to be with .'oti mid ho Iium proinlucd
to io. McClurc. known inure about
Greater Speed-Greater Accuracy-Greater Effi
ciency are the logical results of installing the
r.. r . mi a
3 r.yAMllA.VV44)kL
' m l i,' "W, i . ... .
of ItHiiU, It's hem
Hclii'dnlr K than aii tun it fn AiiktIui.
Voti will rind lilin a moM eloqnunt
talker, mid you can a.ixure the uool
Krowem of New Mexico an IntcrcMliiK
meeting. Try anil have a big iiiuf'tliig
for him. lie will do Jem lul- oT Kood.
iHlKliedl I'. It. (lOODINO.
I'rcNldeut Natlonnl Wool Uruwers' An
Hoelatlou." --
other prominent Hpeiikcru will be
prcHcut at the convent Ion which will
be one of the inoMt linportaut of the
fair week. The mutter of the leaning
or Nlate unixlng IiiImIh. now a live ltMi
wllh I lie Nhccpmeii, will be thoroiiKlily
dlM'Uhfrd an will tiiimeriniii other
problem of Imporlanee In the Indus
try. The call to the mcclliig Iium been
will out by Acting President A. !
(larrett of Itoitwcll. mid Hccrctim
t'liarleH Chmlwlck of thin city, to over
two thotiHand wool grower, and t tin t
the iiltendance will lie wry large X
tertnln. Orgalibiatloll will be eft'd
ed. the hhkocIiiIIoii having been with
out ii regularly elected picMdcnl Mneu
the death or the late Boloinon I.iinu,
when vice prenldeut Oarretl auueeeded
to the lenderxhlp.
The convention will be culled to or
der promptly nt ' a. m., Ortober II.
In the KlkH' theater.
nlmij; iIkko
llnrs which
KxcIuhIvu Underwood featured tuako
poRMlblu the must Important labor
navIng nystcnm of muduni uccouuting.
Tho ever growliur demand puta tho
aniiuul nalea of Underwood far ahead
of thoiiii of any other machine mak
ing nccenary tho largcti typonrlUir
ructory uud tho largut typewrllar of
lleu building In tbo world.
Huclt h (flfintsma ftWBl ual.
iicbb men. ovorywherS la ul
tiucatloitublo evldenca of tha
practical nicchunlcal super
lorlty of . , . ,
"IUe Sl&dkue WUI
Eveatttttily Buy.
"Prince of -Aerial Navigatow,"
Who Does Ayitin 1 Hero
during Fai Week .Very
Generous With Demonstra
tions, .a . jf . t
Poopln who expect to attend tho
Rlate fulc In Albuquontuo next week
and wltuefM bo blplano tllghta b'
Lincoln Ileachey, may prepare to to
awed. People llko to bo awed and to
exclaim, "ln't It awful." ileuchoy, a
student of human nature, la fond of
eaualug jiuoplo to gnHp and rujio In
wonder. Wherever hu goea to mako
llightn llcaehey'H Ri'iateat delight la to
give dcmoimtrutloiin of Hying that are
ko much out of the ordinary that peo
ple eiiunot help being aatlallcd.
Two mnutlia ago lleiu'hey gao a
aerle.1 of lllghta III Kennebec, .Maine.
The Kennebec Dally Journal, telling
I. on lleaeliey awed tile apei tatora
Willi dnleilexll aerial fealH h.ij.i 111
"If l.ltlt c.n llouebet, Die lrlli. i ot
aerial nav Igalnra, nuioe fl .elnl.s of tile
thuUH.iiulH uhn wltiieNHed lila lie.iuiitiil
ileinoiinlnilloiiM with a Curtl lilplaiie
at the Driving puVk Wedneiiilnj .utter,
noon, and lin leitulul) .1 1 1 . liat
fi'liiidi.ili uiik ltrml 1 1 iiii'iili .l i nia
auliaeiUilit peifoi'maliee Tlim d.n
lor lie had not only gone ltirigli
e ery evolution known in ujici.iiKir ot
lieavler-thnn-alr m.ii'lilnex. .mi n.
ei-uled tho inaneuverH to Lie .no n h
tiKtn and uilK uilNtllltlllg In Inn l' m
uimtrallona of iling. A iii..i. 1 1 . .. t
exhibition, nml certuliii a ii. n. i
ruiilil liiirdly be nxkeil for II. il
aa no aviator In Maine Ima ei il.xwi
beforo. !! might be mid ti.it in "ui
dld the blnla ill their nun l. m nt.
Inr Hiirely no Mill ever lb' k
ns. ho did TIiuiniIii all. i in. mi, ' .1
leant ao I'ar hi nioil.il I . .
"TlllIM eloaed the lic't deniMimli ,i
linn nl' air navigation m-n Vngiiata,
a m well aa Maine, baa eei seen, and
li a man, ulm. in addiiiuii ! heiug
one of Hie t vm t tn I hf i.hhiiiihk. la a
genllemaii, ami ii.ill.il In tlmm wlm
know him .in an alt round good fol
low. e liaa fultllleil IiIm .ontnul to
the letter. -Hid Iium lieeii it drawing
card to the great Hunks' aim Those
who auw blm Wediieaduv and Tliura
day .Itteriluolta. went lintiii dnulilj
a.itallud, and liaxlllg heeli him, will
hope fnr a ehiinee, In the duH to
come, to aee him again. And It he
eotnea to Auguatu again, He iii.iv ted
naautid of a waim weleonin."
Biggest Fish Liar
Lives at Providence
Catches 200 Fish, 13 Turtles,
Two Muskrats, Five Buh
frogs and Six-Foot Snake
With Hands.
l'lo litem i . It I . (I. t I -Ai.nl l
lllg In lint awnrii Mliueiuelil of lilt
lluruea, the iiiohI nnted liHlieriiiau In
Providence, here la what he i aught
bill of a hole In a creuk liank aevernl
Uuya ago: Two huiidred and iiluit
Ylah, thirteen tiirtlea, two iiiuhIiiiiIh,
live large-xleir. troga and a aliakc alx
Teet lolig. Hi- MiM lie call il'nc II
'ly fifty wlllteHHCH. People who dnu'l
lillou llHliiih will doiilil liBy lie ii little
'nkepili al .itiimt iM'iiev lug Hun iiOn-.s .
bill ir 'hev bad mit been nut with
1 1 1 1 1 1 Hulling it wouldn't noun. I niii'en
oualile a lilt Kxei hod) wanta I"
go Hailing with HailifH. He aruHa at
the way other ieode I'IhIi and Una
a iiiicnllar was nl IiIh own .1 ln.nl gatli
erlllg III the I 111 ll lllhe. lb' ih U mil
a ehulluw alielch or water that be
can wado In and gratiliba lor Hie ibdi
liroiiud atiimpa nml logn. Winn a
Hilling parly goea out with ll.irnea
.the Drat thing titty do lit lo hegln
'liillldiug a flllt. When the Hie geln
Sutler good headway llariieH la lliete
wllh the Hah read) lor Hie IrMug pan
"Dr. 'minima' Kelecllc Oil la lb"
beat reiueily for Hint often lata I dla-
entc- 11 oil p. 11 una neeii hm.-ii wun
HUeceaa In our rantllj for eight yeara "
Mm. L. Wltlieacic, llulfnlo, N. Y,. -Adv.
Mrs. Martin Tells About 8 Painful
Experience thst Might Hive
Ended fori eusly.
RlTWlIlt, W. VMM. Dor Martin.
In a lur from Rlrcarllto, wrilei;
"For Uiret, ytara , I iaffjd with wo
xovtXj trobbln, and bin ptlni In ruy
btek and side. I was Btrrous and
could uot Blwp at ulrtt,
Tha doctor eauld IH help . Hi
aald I would kara totla operated on b
fara I cauld get tutter. I tkouskt
would, ttr uilag Cardul.
K4w, ! bh antlralr wall,
I as,0ur Cardul aared nr Hf". '
will sayar ba, wltkout Cardul In vcy
keata. I maBtnd It lo my t rlaada ."
For tttr 7 tars, Cardul kaa baea r
llevlnf tela and dlatrtew caused by w
atri traakla. it will aaralr tilp roa-
It jaaii to tha vpot riaelua tkt
trocbl6r-rellTa Uto tymptows, and
Arlred ray Ma eauaa.
It yoa a afar from as ayaptoma ol
woesaat trouMa, taka Cardul.
Your Irocckt aUa and racommta&J
It. OH ft kSttla froaa kUa today,
Como witli us and drive out over ttio lieautiful suburban sub-division, north of tho oityj
along the new Rio Orando Boulevard .(ow building) and sec s i&&t
Boulevard Place
.where tho land lias been scientifically fertilized, is tho richest kind of soil, lias amnio
water for irrigation and domestic purposes, and whero you can build a suburban homo
and have all tho comforts and advantages o tho country and still the conveniences orj
the city. ; . & j , iia'VvV...
Beautiful building and garden lots at from 50 to $100 each and to 5 acre tracts afi
from $p00 to $500 per acre, easy terms, .jj.-irti t'L. .-u i.
The land will
your cost of
Telephone us and our
Three Million Pounds Dis
posed of on New Contracts
in Boston Wool Market;
Conditions Strong.
i '1.111111 tun- iii tin u.iul iinii'lirl con -tin.
ii' lii'iillln iiikI I'H.iim. 'I'll.) ml-
Mllll'l1 fil'IH'1 llll ll iH tl'.l III til"
I.iiimIiiii Milrs iiiati'i'iill.i it, iU'Niltu Illn
luul t It it t tin- olli'l IliM'- ui'lu Hid Oik
cini 1 1 r tin- Hi'iiMin. .in ,i iiHiiii or wiiicii
M-iy li AiiM-rlriin lniji'iH iillnliili'tl
Hu hiiIi'm Tin ii. iiin ilny hIiovvi.'iI
llll llllMIII.'l' nt llll ilil,l;r ,r, ICT I'l'lll.
i:iviuii.i' tlin.iiKli Hi.' world Ilin
Ml nut Inn li.ti' Kin I ilri'lilcillv
I,. ..nl 'rr.iiliiii; I'iii li'' tutillni: In
Hie Mm. Ion uool iii.ii"' ilnrliiK Hoi
uo'h Iiiin I ii nl ii iii. ill rliiiriiiliir.
lull nnlultliHl.iiiillii.: Hii!' Iix'l. it lull
oliinii' or wool liir. !n.';n inovi'il,
'I'l iilhiiy mmiIh Iium ! ti nuiiu'iilly
liir i.iilli of tin iiini.ii.it noIiI nml nr
lll.'M .1 I'I'.V CIIIIHllll I.. Ml llOltlllll ll.lH
In.n ill oilKlniil 'I'l' I t full now
In IliK ilili' llinli- IMtlli nliil'ly III ili'iil-
1'IM IllillIK 1 1 1 III 1 1 1 Iii I Im tlullvri H
o'l Kl-aili'il wnnlu Willi 'iny lli'KI'UU (
i i rliilnl) .
i'rli'in Ii.imi Ini'ii in.iliiialiii'il mi nil
KIihIim ilurlni; tin- i,U, uIIIiimikIi
Millie ilrclilli' Hu- I'll 'I'll loll IIH ri'Clililil
Hroiiliiil H'imiIm ii lin ..iHlur. I'lllliiil
WOIIIh IIIIIII'MI lo llllM n.ll'llllll lllU lllll-
toin nl tlii'lr it. i l Ill)' IM'i'Mi'iit
III li'ilht, IIIIH'Iiiixi h li.nlllK IliKHI lllllil.l
nl' ilii! Ni'W V.oric i"ii"ii Hppi'i'xliim-1,-1'
nt ihi' i.i l ot tin' ilri'llno nnti'l
hihi wi'i li. Cnoil uoiii-i urn inoti) nml
llinli' I'lillllllllllllllIK n 'It 1 lit? JlHl.'.'M nml
inlilni! tli iirltit i"" ii wliiili-, ii ih
I . ll! I ' II lIH'Hlloll II lll'II U It) ItOl U
llniiiir lour rulliiM
JnoilH .Murlii't ll..ilHi Tin' vllnl
iiiiKilnii ainoiiK iiiiiiiuCadturiirM In
Hint of NiciirltiH "Ulllfii labor nurfl
rlciit In lili'iit Hli ilt'lliutlf) from tin'
ulntlllllK ililllllfli li'l'-P' Hpot MUf
pllm ii n- I'vi-rywln n' u u prniluui
nml tlin in 111m wlili h ciiii turn nut
Injuvy wi'luliln nt tin moment cun Ht
priii'llnilly Unit own prlcvH.
On.'HM kooiIh idIII.i liuvo a larsi- ol-
unifl nf Unlit wilKlit llilllul onluiM
nml nr it now uottluU ho lurun u
volutin i.r Iiiin iicfh. iilllimiKlt limn H
ii fit Ir IniMltu'm In cvlcU'iieo utl the
W rlu'l urn miiIiiiIium uro huI'Iiik
rnrwmil only wllli llio uroutost nan
Hun mi iicfomil of Ilin (frmiii'fn li
lluj iniirlnit fur raw tinUurla' and top,
i.oinlou MulntuliiH Htrunvxlh fiffcr-
Iiiun utirlmf tho flint .Iw6 ili'yn Iu
CuIuiiiuii Htrcul wnru pour, but do
muii'l wuh MiifricliJiil In makft uu ad
viiiicu of pur to flvo pur con In mc
rlnoH, while fliio mill nudlum crofH
hrt'il nmlntoroil tliu uutnu .OVmuiA nml
coarno crotMilirodH were up r to Tfy
per cent. Tho offurlotfa boslnnlnv
Thumduy woru nutimwriut bottor und
the tono evidently Hllfftnod. one cnblo
cinotlnir tnerlnoa und flno orowbredu
at 6 uer oont udvunoo und oourno
croMbnidM ut 10 per vmit advnncv.
r 1'roiKH!tN ii nd Jrloiw
I'rcmmt IndlcMHoiiH wm to ba that
ihurn will b llttlu cnangd In tha
nnruni inr nfiriiimi iit huum' in aiiav i ixi
medlKto future, unlena t '4sl(Jeroblo
buyinK movement, In , which event
vutt-e Would untloubteaiV 'La raised.'
I Suburban Realty
produce enough to easily pay
living fully one-half;
auto will call for you, or ee
IM'HM M II llolll'll III till' lll.ll lu t III Ohio
lli'i'ii'ii thin wi'ili. Kalin lit C11UI tur
hliioil In IIIK li piilli'il III thn riillKi' or
iiu'w :;i I'i'Uih. fiii, nun putiiuli bcinir
niiiMil nt Hii' liiwt'r pilru mill iibullt
I uti, into puniulM Iii'Iiik nulil nl tho
IiIkIiit li'M'l. AImiiiI Hu; only mip
plli'H nl iililu fli'i'i wooIh nf any
. i.iiMiiii't li ft uiu.iihl in Hit' iimrlu't
ti.iy mc ilcl.iliu'ti.
,llrll(;.ni I'lri'MM hllll'M nf llll
W ,0.1
lli'il .MU IIIKMU iiiiiiiiiu ii nn' r"
liol'li'il HiIn Wfi'U al illn. ut l!!i rililf
'I'lu'Ki' t-.ili' luivi' only aiiiiiinti'il lot
n iiiuall mi lit ll of wool, huwiwrr,
.nut iiiun' I'rlli li' uplirur In Iiiimi iliril
illllv In Ki'lHtiK HU' ptli'i'. i;um Ill
lit ; .Ml. Iiikiiii iuiiiIiIih; Inn lici'ti
Hlllll III II lllllll.'ll VMI III JH'v t'OlllN.
MIkmhii'Ih Nn rmihii' kiiIvh nl
,l li.foiii I llt'i'ii H mi' noli'il HiIm ui'i'lc.
What uu t tir hliiuil tlii'li; In led III
Ilii' oia'l.rt nt .SI. I.oulii Ih Mill) to hr
hi hi nl J'.i nl' Him.
I'iiIIiiI WiiiiIn Till' niaiKi'l for
pllll. ll H'll.ll' ilppi'llI'M III llllW lll.'I'llllll'
iii'lhr HiIh tii I'll, hllluH IniVlllK I'l'i'll
in. nli- uu tin IiiihIm nl lin- ii'ilui'HuiiH
iniitiit lii-l ui'i'lt li.v tin Ni'W Vui'K
pulli'i'H H H mii III Hint Hi'xi'lul piill
i'Ih h.itc nl. i..mii nl Hu'lr II h ml III"
Ii.u Ih nl 1 1 al III i'l'lll.
It In '.ml Hint iuiii ul Hu- ciliii;n
I 1 1 1 1 1 I ll.i mill KllllU' l IllM ll l.llll'C
piillnu: .iln.i.l, II laiulm IiimIiik
in ii t: 1 1 1 iillnc in ii'pmt, I hIm
Hi Hu liK.i . or .ill rMlllUilluil ill. ill
t o .1 ,,i :,i , . iiin
Hl,,l ..ll.lltlKH of WI'Hll'I'n WOlllll
iiii '.il.l iii In. ul pour hi'li'i'tlun at Illn
in. .no hi i oiiipaii'il wllh tin' pl'li'i'H
Hi. it .in ni'l.i'il lul Hu in.
I'llnllr I'IIhIi-III It II 1 1 1 M-1 M ll.lM' lll'I'll
m.i.i in Mil iii.ii lu l thl'i . .'ii at : I
i iiIh mul A'h havi' rliniiKi'il lin lulu in
mvi-iiiI luHluui'rH In HU' lalilP' ul Mi
ul .'iS ii'lilH on Hlf titiuii'il li.ili'
'I'll'l lloiiiH A f.ili' iiiii ut tl nl til
III.. IS llllH III I'll M 1 1 1 1 Hill V I I I.. Ill
I'lllillllli u lalK' iloi"lll"M ot ullKliiul
wiioIh. 'I'lii' IiiIKikI Mali- noli'il In
I'luili'il iilimil t Ii ri'.- . j 1 1 1 1 il in ul a mil
Hun pumulH ul wool, oilcliinl .Mou
t ii nn h huvf Iiiin no hi In Hu' lamp' ot
j :i j ut '.Ti ii'iiii., i hiir niiii'i oilKlniil
tti.ulM lint i' colli ilott'ii nt low iin -II
ami '.'I ci'iilK lor t'tallM, ul whli-h Ulll,-
IllMi iiiiiiuiIh Ih lupnltiiil nl Hint in In'.
AluuiMt i t riylhliiK In itrailiil tturl-
I.iIIim Iiiin Ih'cii wold lllln wi'il, al
IIiuiikIi not In larcn f (llll lit II Ii-h. qilnr-
li'f 1 1 1 1 thn i i lKlltM hliiuil wiiiiIh ul
M. ml. in. i .mil S.iila HplliiKa ('In hh hate
lil'iuiKlll -' 'nl' In IuIh wIioii kuIiI
loKiiliir nn. I xiiuluhl iiiurtnr-liooil
IuIh hat,' iiruimht ' t'litH. Kuviirnl
IuIh of luill-lilooil Huilii KpllllKH mill
'i'llh'IIK'.S A IiO.Nti I, INK
ot mipetlrlmr urtimea that conies from
our oven dully ull pure, stveot. whole
icrno ud tcmpilnir. rrom loaveu of
ordlnury Dread down to tha rlohect
Cake, hero la your plnce to buy to
your permanent atHifuctlon. uyary
Insredlaut used In the mixing and
baking la curefully acrutlnlted befora
beliur uud, ao that wq are in a post
tlon io'doaltlVaiy guarantee the-purltr
ot ewyptng no oBr to our pattona,
for itaclf iu a few years, besides will reduce
any real estate dealer iu town
Moiilunii wiiul art' ii imrli il at '.'('
i i'llltt. whllt' Htif Hlaplr lin h Iiii n In
tnlr ili'iuaiul ul mul -l',j itiiIh,
vtlili h it. I'Mllmiiti il lo hIiuw ii t'li'iili
rust ul uliutit 1,7 nt lift i'i'.iIm
I'Miit' mul Hut' ini'iltuiu fliithliut him
I'l'i'll xi)U III li fi'W Illhtuiiri'M hit olt lin;
IuIh ur ah. nil I iiii, Din) mul liiiii.tiliu
pumulH at :i mul Tl I'i'iitf, or n I'lriiM
1'iihl ul It I! al till ii'iilti.
AlloM.'llii'l, lUolinlily mil Ipmi Iium
tliri'.'-nilllliin piiutul of hi Tltmli'M
luitu I u Midi uu urtv i nulla. In Ilii'.
'I'i'MiN Suli'M of 'IVmin wnl luitu not
bi'i'ii uuint'i'iuiH mil' In-ntv HiIn tvi !.
unit Ittu i.ali'N I it i 1 1 f ( ri'pul It'll, uiii III'
tohliiu inn, nn iiiiiiuiIh of itvi'ltf
iiiunlhH mul Ihi' nihi'i' '.Ti.tniii puuiiiIn
nf t'lKlll ttuul. 'I'hi'M' fain hIiuw uu
I'hiillKi' hi tin- prltoK inihl, the t'lKtll
niuiitliH Iii'IiikIiik fif. i-i'iiln cli'iiii mul
Hit' itti'ltu 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 h aliuiil til ut i;j
i 'illlul Illn liriuiiiiil for I 'ullloi nl.i
ttlllllH III till' HH'IIHI' inn. mil lll'I'll 'II
ft lilt i , ullliuliKh tluiii Ii.im lii'i'ii
nn. I,- or h'HH ili'iuaiul I'm Hi. ithmlni'
mm. ini'ii ttuula.
Siniu'i'il.t It ttmilil fi. in I ruin
hoiiii- ai'iimillt Unit Hi'iilUi il tt".,lM lint
t-IIUlillt I'linlfr, hut u tllllKi'iil st'limll
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und what their uinployora eay of thotr
proflvlenvy. Addresa 'iVIr Coitunor.
vlul Collutff, Tyler, Toxus. Adv.
I'hlludulphlu Iitilletlni Mdy (at
bottom of Mtiipn)-i want to age you
Juat u minute, but thla aklrt la bo
tight X oun't climb tho atalra. You
feotntr out, won't you.
' Lady (Inaldo) I would tf I could,
nut inur new not ta tool wid to yo
tnrougH tne aourwny.
IJlograptv Dramat "Wltk tha
1 Q Nr0B,rti5 wf at f
L.. L.Lia.'ji.i ii. n.ttf.t. t it.?... . ,,,..,.,,., .r,-. jlmmmBMBj1
for plats and prices.
lly Iota I aiiplli'iitituiH, nn thuy ramiut
l ('(it'll thi' tllhriini'il piiitluli nf thn I'll.
There Im only oiif way in t-uio ik'uf
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loiiiiilU'H. Di'iilimm In ciuihikI by un
Inflanicil I'liinllilon nf tliu iiiikuiib tin
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mill tthmi II In unllrt'ly i'IuhimI ilvnriii'ibt
Is tliu iiNiiII, mul iiuIi'mm Hut liifhun
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 uiii hr l.ilii'ii mil mul t ti Ih ttlhi
H'Htoli'il III Hit 1 1 1 I't 1 1 i 1 1 niii'lllloli, llt'ar
Iuk will hu ili'Mli'tiMil furuvi'i'i nlin
iiihi'N mil ul lull mi' iiiiihciI liy tn
l.il 1 1 1 , will, 1 1 Ih iiuIIiIiik but mi in
rill ll miiillllou ur till' IIIIU'UIIH HIM' -
Wi' will Kit t ( Ilmull't'il DuIIuih
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ratal iii ) thai annul ha iMll'i'il h
t lit I I'm ratal ill I'mt'. Si'iul fur uIhu-
llll'K I'l
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htllialliiii Ailt
1'lllt r lll'lp
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-I'l VMllll.
With thn i;n-
Wo onrry Hi' Im1 innltm.
Our ntiiik Ih tliu liirKf't. Our
pilrcH urn IntM'it. Wo lin in
Mthl mul hiillirh'tl utcr mm
thuii'.iiiMl well kiio.wi illli'itt nf
till StllltllWI'Ht.
Thi'M) ni'it mmimcntH thai wo
Im'IIi'Vh ttlll nppt'ltl to nml foil,
tlui'it ft i'l';. iii'Unputtho pimii)
huji r (hut
to see and hear our
pianos before buy
ing anywhere.
Lindeman Co.
bbT. i a IbbbI

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