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! TIIE FAIR sUrts off k .
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your earner next week 1 )
; Afty cent toy mli.
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Vol. M. No 58.
Yd. 9. NO, 181.
District Attorney Declares Sec
retary Hockin of Ironwork
ers' Union Has Given Infor
mation to Government.
Defendants Sit Spell Bound as
Proscoutor Scores Most Pro
minent Among Them as
Double Dyed Traitor.
My l.ratrd Wire ( KvraluB Herald
I ml In tin p0 Im. IikI., (lit. ft Herbert
( liockln, mi lil by ()rtk McMniilgul
to lutvu brim one of tho organizers of
(lie "dynamiting crew," ban Riven In
formation UgnillHt the- Other defend-
ItlltH III till) Il'llll Of till' llcl'IIHCll "ll.Wlll.
111 1 to plotters," according l n state
ment by District AUnriii'j fluulcs W.
Millor, mudu In court today".
According to McMunljial, iloekln,
who 1m acting sucretury-ttuusurcr of
tue Intornutlonul Association or
Ilrldgu and Htruuturul Ironworkers,
wus nn hold urt worn tho McN'utnurus
In cuuslng explosions ugulust employ
ers of non-union lubnr mid wus tho
"Invunlur" of tii' ularin clocc scheme
liy which thn Uh Angeles Times build
ing wiik blown up.
"Ilouklti hits been il'iuiif.rri)BnltiK
everybody," suld Mr. Miller. "Jlu
not only double-crossed McMuitlgul
but lin itvcii flouhht-crossed tliu union,
llu linn boon double-crossing these de
fendant. "I.willcUOt topjiow to lellyuu JusLl
1 'i.i' . 1.. . ... 11. ...... .1 ....1.1
illlW HIT !MltlllHI I1H 1T llll-lll II
hi) in at Ihn federal building, this e
denco tondlliR to fin rliuliiiitu other tic.
(utuluutn, 1 will lull you all about U
All tlio fori) -lite oilier dclenihints
looked toward liockln. who' pit in
thulr inlilKt, hit) head hurled In a news
paprr. Next to Kruiik It an. president nf
tlio Ironworkers' union, liockln had
tiiiiiin considered llu uioHt -prominent
of tho defendants.
bong before tlio Los Augclcn Times
building wns -nlown, Ml II it declared,
a uuurrel between MeMuniKul, llncKin
and .luincs II. MoNuiuuru over 1110 r.x
ed nrlcn which w hm lo ln unit! for
dynamiting John occurred and Mi-Mull
IkiiI threatened lo expose llm oIIiitm.
Mr. Miller n.iriutci the alleged
itmrrel 11b followtt:
. "McMuiilmil KUld. I Inn,, a notion
lo milt lh III business and give II away
" 'If you do your life won't bo worth
much, rnrllud liockln
"lloekln had hucn kui-ldllK back
nurt of MvMunltsnl'H money. They
'imtchnd 1111 tholr dlirnliiliciH. Jiitnca
II. Mc.N'iiiiinru wiint In !ullfornh, nnd
did IiIh dcHliutitlvn work thnro. Hut
tin noon as th Kiivdinuii'iit'M Invontl
cation houun liockln dciiiin to double
(run llm union by piTKouaily bilimlinr
uvhlunuu directly to th Inderal hiiiiu
liockln forniurly lltcd In Optrolt
MuMimlyal in working on u nulldlnif
thnro In 1V07, wlmn, uitoniiiiK 10 nm
flonfumilon. ho wiih Krai Induroti uy
Hockin lo ri Into llm ilynumlllnK btiH
McManlKnl had worki-d In a nlunt
ouurrv and It wart bciiiui"' or nm mm
lllarlty with oiplmdvcH that liockln
uouKlit him, ho num.
IDr Im4 Wlr to KvroliiK llrld
Phocntx. ArU.. Oct. r.-'l'ho tilxty-
fivn Ktironean HclontlHlM who havo
linn,, tnurlner llm United StatiiH iih lh
KimNtii of Iho Amurlcnii tluoKrapliltuI
Miii'lntv. worn murooui'd today by
Iinivv rulnM at Ilooxovidt diilii. The
nurtv loft horu.ycHtunlay In aulouio
bp to visit tllfl ilwii. Tlui rnlnn havt
ho wwollon tttii creokii that ihimwiko
bank will hp ImnoMclblu until Ihn
waters aubaldo.
ManchaW, Mbmh., Oct. 6. Krom
Iho aeat of en aeroplane J am ex Tirlcc,
Drltlah ambxiaador to the United
Htutaii, obldlned a. blrd'a-oyo view of
the MaaaachUMttfl north Hhoro iourx,
The diploma la vlaltlns frlcnda at
Manchester r4 nmops thoao who
calletl to pay thulr reapecta was w.
Vurgea. Who .scooped down on an
nerla.1 exoursloh and Mr. Brlce took u
3(.mlnutea flliht. Upon landing- ho
expressed ,hle pleasure over his e-
mi ih m. ocu i, iv pf
llu- head, wna found onrly thin morn-
Iiik in a taxlcab stuiidltiK ut Third
KiiKt and Ninth Houth ntrccta. Jl wan
Identified Inter 8 that of T. K. White.
I h driver of the machine, who was
21 earn old mid cninn hern clKhtccu
uioutha 11 ko from Denver. Two nhuts
were heard In the vicinity about mid
iiIkIH. but no other llcht hnn been
thrown on the mystery aurrotiudltiK
the murder.
There were two bullet holes In
Whlto'n head. The inunoy anil
Jewelry on bin body had not boon
la ken, 4ut 0110 of the ipockctn wua
vmiiiik Hide out. Jlc loft Ihn cub stand
a little before midnight, tiikliiR as a
piiKxeiigcr u Inrso woinun wctirlnc u
Mif White, who sold she twin mar
ried to White two mouths ago, mix In
rnriiied of the. trucedy at her homo on
lh,. nest side this morning.
Deiixer, Colo.. Oct. 6. No trnco of
T i: Whlto. reported killed at Halt
I ... it., hi u mysterious mIiooIIiik. could
in loiind today, cither In police or uu
toiiiniiile records here
Luckless Bronco Buster Lives
Only Few Hours After Be
ing Injured at Roswcll Fair
(icelnl llnialrh to Kttnlnic llrrnhl
Itoxwell, N. M., Oct. fi. l.lue An
drew x or Ktiowies, (lieu i.ihi i iiik...
fiom inJiirleH received In u bioncho
btihtiiiK exhibition durliiK the alter
noon, when IiIh borne nllpped and It II
on hhu. AudreWM was lied for li-nt
prise In a roping content. I'scar
Kolmonxiin wan nerlotiHly Injured In n
motor race when IiIh innlorcyvlo
Hlruek a fence. Hoth acclilentH were
Incident to the I'eeon
valley fal,',
which clones today.
Secret Representative of Ma-
dero (Government Testifies
in Investigation Now in
Progress nt El Paso.
If 7 !,mrd Wire to KvrulnB Herald)
1,1 I, iho, lesiiH. i hi. .). eeiix t.
Soiiiliierrleld, M i-xii-ll II HiiVerilUl, III He
ctel repreHetiiatlve In the Culled
SlntcH and piTHonal aKent ol Presi
dent Madei o, tcHtlUcd today beforo
Senalor William Allien Smith, chair-
man of (he Hiiualorlal eoiumlllee 111
vcHtlKatliic the American relation lo
Mexican rnwihilloiiH. UchiiII of Iho
uxamlnatlou will not be made known
publicly until the committee reports
nt the next mchhIom of counreiiK.
Sommerrield wan tho 1 1 tut wIIuchh
HllhMiiiniied since llm heRluilitlK "f
the probe. The Mich I nun senator Ih
iinslHled hero by Keliator A. II. I''all
of New Mexico, iiIho a ineiiilicr'of tho
coininltteii. Tho two are In coiihuIIii-
tlon with Henator Murk Smith of Ari
zona, who arrived here yesterduy lo
volunteer help In tho work.
Unite.' States Senator From
MioiVgan, Who Has Been
Investigating Mexican Sit
uation, to Spend Day in the
llelurillliK Horn 1,'ih AiiKeles and
Kl Puso. where lie and Keliator Kull
have been InvcHtiKiitinK iho Mexican
sltuiition for coiiBiesH, William Aldun
Hmlth. United Slates senator from
MIohlKiin. will arrive In AlbucUriU I
uiiu nuni n" .
Hmlth will be met hern by Honslor
T. It, Cutron and a number of other
Now Mexico political leaders. Uu-
causo of his work In tho ssnuto In
half of Now Mexico's fight for atute
hood Senator Hmlth has many warm
friends here and he will be given u
proper reception In this city tomor
row, Ho leaves for uio east tomorrow
ilng nt 0:05.
Upton KUII Vovtio Cup.
Liverpool, Oct, 5. Hlr Thoman Lip
ton Is on the way to the United Htatus
to challenge onco more for the
Amerlca'j uup. Ho sailed today on
the Caronla and said In reply to on
"I m going to New York prepared
to chatleng for the AmerlcA'a cup,
after dlaouulng Uio tonus under tt4
talwt . rulea of tho American yacht
dub." .
Colonel in New York Declines
to Be Interviewed; Talked
Enough Yesterday He Ex
plains to Reporters.
lty l.rasrd Wire l i:nlnK llrrnld
New York. '!. .1 I'nlnuel Th
llore ItooHCVelt al'llveil here ,il ,' .1"
a. in from Wiinhlnitloii, wheie he Ich
tlfled .M'Hterday liefoio the eiia(e to
VfKllKiitlUK eollllllltlce eKal dlliK "ii
IrlbiltluiiH to the Iteplllilleall .im
p.ilKli fund of l'.MH,
Colonel ltooHeell Itllelllleil In m., ih
a nhorl lime at his editorial niieeM
and leave at noon rnr )tter llav In
leply lo (llentloiiH Hie colonel mhiiI
"I commeiiteil on a ii I lo.uiy
IhlimH yeHlelday ami won'l li.ue it
word to mi) toilny."
While piiHKlliK ihloliKh the I'ehii
sylviiula riilliond Mlallnn on the wa
In IiIh ailluiuoblle I'ololiel ItooMevelt
huw a woman entrln a huhv anil ac
eouipallleil b fle uther elillilleli, nil
under ten yearn old. lie ntopped l
( llext loll her and When he learned t ltd I
mIid wiih a widow and the Hole xtippurt
I of her HlX Hiuall chlldlcn he k'.'ivo her
,,r iii,.oiiiiici.iiieiit mid handed
p t-t ifiili.M'k
The woman wiih Mih KIIcii llunle.r,
Kile hii lit Nile wiih about to mill with
her i hlldreti lo Scotland.
Malthi"'. Hale of MiiHHacliiiHcttw
Seliiilor N. II. Scott of Went V'lmlnla
and I.oiiIh HamuierllnK of New York
a Iho will IcHlIfy Momlnj
TucMilay, (irniriby McllarM, Chatiif
cey M. Uepew and JonKrcHKtnnn Wll
Ham II. McKllilcy lllluoln urn
scheduled to appear. Tl.i.rHilny the
eommlllce will hear .IonIiiIi giilueey,
u MuhhiicIiiihi'IIh Democrat, and Itoner
Sullivan of IIIIiioIh.
Krlday Medlll McCorinlck ol (.'hi
mii, III., and William S. KdwardH ol
Went Virginia, Itoosi'Vtdl HUpporleiH
and K. T. Stole.Hlmry ol Phlliidelphia
Will lesllfy.
I.lellteniinl lioveriior NlehulH
Ohio h'lH ptMiiil.Meil lo appear Mouila),
Oeloher II. lo leHllly about Ooveinoi
lltirilioi. - aiiipalKn eoutrlbtltlonu,
iiiMii:s to Tiwiii v iiKcoiti:
WnshliiKioii. rut. r.. ciiarlcH H
flimo of Chliauo. Kien Mllln ol New
York, iind CharliH IMward ItiiHHell
will (esllfy Mom. lay lielore Hie Clapp
comuilltee ot the hciiale InveHllKatlliK
cillripulKU fuuilH, and Cliarles 'lull,
brother of Hie picHldout; chailes 1).
IHIIoS, chairman or the Iteplllilleall
national cominltlee, and .liulKe It S
l.ovntt, head oT Hie Jlai i Imaii rn II
roiidM, will lestlfy Wediii-Hilay.
Wcalthv Californian Who
Caused Detention of Wife's
Retinue in New York Call
ed Upon to Settle.
lf!r Leaaril Wire KvruliiK Urralri
Hun Kraiu.'isco, Jel. Ti. NIcIioIuh .1.
McNiiniala, the wealthy icsldelll of
Hun Maleo. wlto causeil the arrest Im
Js'ew York of hi wife, housekeeper
Ulld chaurfeor as ihe were en route
to IJurnpe. wan made defeiidwril yen
lerduy In Ivso damaRn sulla for t-.',-
111)11. each liroiiKlit by the iicrvanls for
ii Ileum! falHn Imprisoumeul.
Tho plalnlirfs, Mrs. Com M. Perkins
'and her husband, Oniric, lmse ineir
suits on Ihn fact Hint they worn held
In custody for nineteen dayH ii Iho
Nftw York pollen. The suiln were llleil
lust night after rou.ular hours In uu
apparent elfort lo keep Ibem secret
lightning bolt
Or Msseit Wire to Hvralns Ifrraldl
Plttmaii, a rancher who wus struck by
llchtnlnir yesterduy near wnicox
monBurod f vo feet eight menus in
height before death and six feet after-
ward. His vertebrae woro uncoupicu
bv thn shock.
IMltmun's ha r wus singinl at inn
back Vf his neck, whnro the holt en-Li-nd.
n u nenk whs brokon und
shouldsra crushed.
GBtan'ft Golf Cliomplonslilp,
Msnohester, Mas., Oct. 6. Mlsa
UMrCaVot Curtla of oton won tho
hktloiUl womad'a golf championship
Ut tUi third time on tho Essex Coun
ty 11 If nw today, defeating- Mrs. ltonaltl
&' Burlaw or Philadelphia, 9 up and
Daring Driver and Mechani
cian, It is Feared, Sacrificed
Lives in Vain Effort to Win
JftlO.000 Raoc.
Caleb Bragg Winner of Four
Hundred and Nine Mile
Event at Average Speed of
(J82 Milcj Per Hour.
II r l.rnart! Wlrr livrnliiK llrrnhl
WatiwantoHii, Wis, nil, f.. Caleh
HniKK of Cincinnati, won tho fourth
International Krauil piix automohllu
road raeo today with u Kbit car.
liriiMK'n tlmo for lu'.i milen, 4,ljt feel,
wan Iho ho urn, l,!i loliiulcH, 1"J
ItraMK'n aieniKC Hpced lor tho raco
wiih (iHVj uiiloH un hour.
Illilph He Paluiii wenl Into tliu
ditch and lie and IiIh mechanician Tom
Alley, were reported lo be fatally In
The lal'KCMt crowd of Hie week
Kilthered here today to witllCH.s I bo
$.l(i.imo grand prlfc nmniuohllo road
race. I'lnlcr Ideal weather and Iraek
coimIIIIoiih dilvoi'M expected to hieak
all rccoriN lor the new course.
The race Marled al 1 n ; OR o'clock.
Hob Illinium wan the first of tint
twelve conlcHtuutH to get away. 'Iho
oilier drivers then were started at
thirty hccoiiiI Intervals. Harney Old-
field wan the hint.
Caleb HriiKK, who on Tuesday, had
announced that hn would not drive
IiIh IiIr- Klnl In the race liecnusn of Iho
ileiilh of IiIh clone Mend. David
llrueo llrown. rcconsldereil thin de
cision. Ho wan at his wheel iih tho
machine) were lined up by Kliirler
b'red Wanner.
The enn!.ejl Hsy.C V'L'll'TS . wcro;
liiiriiiau, llenz.
Containc, I.ozler.
'r.'i.inf r. Kini.
HilKhcH, Metcer.
lie Paluiii, Merceilea,
Wlhlllli:, MeieeileH.
Clark, Mel cedes.
lli'IKlloll, lien..
HriiKK. Hut.
Iloraii, lien.
Anderson, Klutz,
niiirield, I'l.i I .
Tel .la r I drove i he fanlc.il Hrnl hip,
HeiidliiK his car mound Ihn 7,SX-uilb)
coiiiHe In C uiiuiiieH, ZO nccondH froui
l Kin ml Iiik Mail, or al a Hpred of 71
mllen per hour. hlc,h hn ihihIiciI iii
in 7C iiiIIch mi bniii- lu Iho seeotid lap.
liePalina, lleiciloll mid 'i'el.ie.iir
were aliolll even I iVol'lloH III Hlo hi I -
UliK. iiltboiiiih cnnslderablo tain
IMOIiev WIIH w.iiiinii Oil HriiKK to Uu
Iloli lliirinan ih forcefl lo with
draw from the i ne nt llm end of II'
teen mllcM Inn .lie of a broken pinion
lu Ills Ileux eai
Al Die end ( Hm first thirty milei
Tclzlatr wan In Hm loud driving
iiiIIch un hour i ileh DrngK wan sc.
mid, 111 seeouil- I,, hind TAtr.laff. hi
Iiik driven hlh ihnd lapp nt u need
of 77 mllen no In. nr. Hpnncnr W'h
hurl wan third i.ni broko a sluif' in
IiIh ear in Hie i. ailh lap mid hud In
1 1 1 1 1 Ihn race. P'Titdoll then look
Ihiril place
Al ihn end ( 'irty-milns Teti.tarr
cloHcty piiHlieil le IJrUKR. colli tnuril
lo lead. Herc'l.'H was third nod Do
PiiIiuii fourth iho lendnni hud In-
creased (lie hpi d lo uuvniit --sev n
iiiIIch an lunii
Tcl.larr uiaili I IH 1 1 ml stop it 'hn
pltH at tlm cii'l of IiIh elKhl v-slxHi
mile and loet in I pbicn to HrnUK,
who licKtin I' n din drlvu in Illcli a::n
his lead, If pnsHlhle.
Al Ihn end of IHO miles nraitK led
Tetlafr by one minute, one necoud
Im Piilma w.i- lu third place, Huron
wan fourth aiid Aiiilnrson fifth, llram?
hud made an aw-rngo speed of 71 't
iiiIIch an Imui
l.ouin .'niiii.iiii. attnmtiled lo semi
IiIh oar around nt loo IiLkIi npeeil Ulld
ran Into Hie leiun. Nnlthnr P'onlalim
nor bin im eii.inlelan wern snrloUHly
hurl mid Hu t resumed tlm rncn.
After IohIiu: Hrst poslllou by n
ehiiiiKe or bin i Ik lit rcur tiro at nlghly
slx iiiIIch, Teizlaff hcKitn lo mako up
lost lime rapidly and nt 100 miles was
a minute behind nrntcif. Hn then
drove Hie rastcHt lap of thn race, up
lo thin point, hoIiiht nround the 7.HM
mile dorm, in 0 mlnuls. 7 hccoiiiIs.
He Kiilned !H seconds on HriiKK In this
lap. This was at a speed of soveuty
mcvcii and ono-ririh ttillou an hour, Al
100 miles Tclnlaff was hut 8 seconds
behind llraKif "nil was putlltiK P a
masterly drlvo to regain tho lead.
Al tho end of 1C0 mllca Dragg was
lu first position, 1 mlnuto and 20 se
conds uhaud of Tctxlaff, Do I'nluiu
wan third, 1 minute und JO soconds
behind Tctxluff. Anderson wan fourth
und iJerirdoll fifth. Tho uvcrugo
spoed was sllKhtly under soventy-flvo
miles an hour.
He Pulinu Jumped from third place
Into tho load at lOStnUon, pusslnif
both UruKtf and Totxlaff, who hud
stoppttd at tho pits. TeUluff was
second. Bragg, Hiiro,.
Teddy Totxluff, lnft ,VUtt, closely
proisad hyX7aloh Brarti Aad Halph Do
PAlma, led tho flold AVH8 mA oc SOS
.(Conttaued on I'agCsltimr) PlmW9t kUtooutt ta ihoim S,n-
Englaud Fears to Displease
Moslem Subjects by Inter
ference Against Turkish
II r l.rasrd Wlrr to Ktrnliiit llrralill
PiillH, lli'l. U Neillicr HiiKl.iuil nor
A u It I I.i liaH et aunoilliicl .iilheielico
In l''l iitiee'H project of Intel vetillnll III
Hie ll.ill.allH. II Ih thoiu 'I hero Unit
Hie iioiiil on which Hie powers may bu
niwdcii in Ihelr eirort to avert war Is
Hie cMII-l li Illliil'VCIItloll Is lo
lake, while Oleitl llrlltilll'H hesllUliey
may bo dun lo her de-ilio to aoid
illHpleithliu; her mlllluiiH of Moslem
l.'raiice'H Miineiilloii ban been mu
lled alre.nl' by IIiihhIii mid lleriuauv.
It llifluilc'i a collecHve i epieiaiiitatloii
leprovliiK Iho warlike nllltudo of Ilia
llalkaii slalcfi toward Turkey and ex
pfCHHlIlK the ilelcl'lliltialliill not to per
mil territorial cIiiiiikch. Hie powers
promlxc lo linilei lake the I'eallMllloil
of tin' 'Macedonian i"foi'ins.
Premier Puiiiealre and SiTkIus Sa.-
onoir. Iho ItUHHlau lorclKii mllllHter,
coiilcinil iiKlllll today anil later Hid
inlnlHlei or IliilKaria, Hreece and Ker
Via piirlielpaled In llm conference.
M. Saoliorr, In illHeiiHHlUK tile Hltua
thin arierward, Hominarl.ed II au
"Peibapii a little Ichm HOllibri' than yes
f Tilny." Ho milled that there re
mains no doubt In case war breaks
on) II would lie rcHtrlclcd to the Hal-
'oiinliiuHnople. del. r.. Turkish
deuioiiHtriitorH siniishnil Hn- wiiidow-s
or lh 1 1 n I lit ti einbii"Hy anil tho lireek
constilatn lain hud eveiilnK. The po
II". dbrpcrscil thn crowd.
Thn Sultan. repivliiK lo a deputa
tion or uiiiiinlHtH, wild today:
"Allah wdl not iperuill our hithci
land lo hn trampled mi hy a Tew en
einien. I ii tit conn. lent Unit Allah Ih
Willi un, In whose kcephiK v nil are"
Haiti PuhIiii, chli f id tlio Kimei.il
Hiall' at Iho war olllcc, ban lieen noiiil
iiiiied eiiier or niatf or Hm forces in
cotirHo of umhlllzullnu.
Tlm uiluiHlry of uuii'lim ban Issued
iiiHtruelioiiH to prevent Uio transfer or
Hllln ill Ureek lltlll ItukUllllll Sleiilll-
ern in Tmklsh and oilier owners.
Tin ii or Urn inlm-Unr nf marine
In iiiciiilltiK a union or women to
. olli i i and matin nrtn IcH Tor the coin
Im i .a llm troops In Hie Held,
iiber or MoHleiii lamllle.4 liavn
n , d iioiii IIiiIki" I.i n pmin.
sllltVI N PAItlilA.MMNT
Ueiciade, del. r.. Tho .Servian par-
ii nm ol wiih ope I today by the kltiK
iioid a Heetin of itieal enlhuslusin.
'Hie kiln: nail an address which
li.nl lieen plevlniply selll "II f'T
. ikii InKiillmin exirpl Uio Tiirklsli and
whbh wan received wiih loud cIuts.
l.iiihalinc. Hwllellalid, lei. to- Tlm
e, ..... . 1 1 ii I hi ii oeai n Irealy awallltu?
iiiuueiitiiiu nruvlili-H lor Turkish n
,.r llu in ii imvei e urn '
o,,llii'" .
I'rLinlL net Illl! to llm llliHanii.
I'll.. 1 1 it lilt 11 unveinmriil l' ' PV
an Indemnity I" Turkey and l-i "is" 1
i,.,.oL..lzn tlm relleloiis UllUmlHV
i... 1 1 r i, li. r Ihn M llt'i.c I inn III "I
,ii, . ,,,, ... - -
itlll,;AltlA DKLAVS
lllwLAIlATM'N H" W u
sunn. HnlKarla. Oct. 0. KniK I'd
iliiiaml or HulKnrlu. Ill a npeech dellv
. ...I ludtiv nl Ihn opelilnK of pallia
,,,,! ,rre I briefly In UIO military
,,,,,, ii h laid n by Hm government
m.i.i Hold Hint Im and Ida ministers re
lied on Hm people' iiiieseuiaiiveii
a, am, i lien- ilul v
An IiiiIuv IH Ihn milium am v ni uiu
. r . m I, ..I .ml
linn, iiinai no in ii'im.ii i
eiicn I rum Turkey, tlio nieiillnc, or Hu
extraordinary session of Hm Solu me
ni- iiiirllniiieiit. was luviillud with m'iiii
niiiirehnnslon, un II had been ii poiieii
i in, l win- would Im dccliirnd, Tim dep
iitlen, howevor, merely approved llm
proclamation of marllnl law and irn-
eetided wtHl Olhnr ICKISIOIIOII, inline
nccesHitry hy tho mohlllzallon or Hie
.... ...I. I 1 1...
army. Tim powers navn inn i
Ilalkaim state not lo wtuuiraw nieu
reprcHenliitlvns from rotist"iillnopli
pending Iho resull or tlio slops heliiK
laken by tho umbussadors.
Morllii, Oct. C Tno Gorman foreign
nlllcen today mniilfosted "Opndltloliul
ni.timium" iii reuard tu tlio Uslkaii sit
uation. It ih bollovod In ortlolsl circles
that If tho diudaratlon drawn up in
imriH with (lerinniiy In collaboration
la presented in tlmo to Turlioy and tho
Ilalkan states, It probably "Will avert
vs.r It Is understood mat soma ic
OnnlHiMi havn boon imcnuiltbrod lh
mi pin ihn niiheroneo nf all the araat
powers, but tho foreign olllca deollnoM
to specify tho cupltala whero this haa
ernlly thai Vienna and SI. Petersburg
IliUo eaiiHeil ihn delay.
mi'.l.li VKSSK.LS XMIN(3
II I lit I J lOll AM.MttNITlOV
MlieiiM, Mr e. Oct. C. Thn four
loipcdo lm.it di'Htroynrs aciiulred l)y
Hm titeek mnernineiit In Liverpool
v. htlo under i oiiHtructlon for Aren
llna with ordered, lifter olavlliK that
port. In (irocei'd to Philadelphia to
Like on iitiiuiiiiiltiou from tho Hoth
lellelli hIi i I Wol km.
I t Itlll'.V M , Ii IIS MliAIIOItATI)
l.oiiilon. net. ,'i Tho .Servian army,
il l expected, will ho fully mobilised
today, while tlui,. of Hlllpirlil, ilrcero
and MoiiIcihiiio will reach n similar
Htaln of readme -h within n day ot- two
Turkey, Ii) no. ins of a strict eeu-
Hiii-Hhlp, ban Kept her propuiutlniirt
in 1 1 M'crei she ulways, however.
has a Htioiii: inii e at tho froutler, p:ir
tleubirly lu tliu vicinity of Adrliiuople,
when, miiiio tlulKurhilin yeatetdny
i roused the hot'iler.
'I'he laidllo-'K ol' AllHtro-llilliKllly III 1
loi'wiiidlni; Ii r .lecepliiuen of (he pro
pnxahi h iiIi.ii . oniitalno lo diplomatic
eltclcH hete. n ilel'initliy took II llltnil
in diiiiiim; Hn- Miinjetcd nolo and II
In iinlikcU Hiii lie would coiihciiI lo
it I v t Ii I It i; ool in tlm Interest of bee
1 1 1 1 v .
tu llu- nie.iuiiuio Turkey nppcarn
o Im i;ioiniik' oe an detcrmllii'd lo
IlKlit Iho mallei mil .
DcMpatchcN receive hero from Ad
rlnlinplo and MuhIikiiIiii IMhIiii to Hie
north of that city, ilcHcrlbn tho pro
ianitlon.1 for war.
Kvcry train lenehliii: Ailrlanople In
tilled Willi reservlSlH eollllllK 'o Join
Ihelr reKltueulH. Not only men but
war material till tlio Htrccls.
All Ihn homes Iiiimi heell le(ilhl
tioueil in MiiHluplui Pasha, wheio It.
Im ri'K.ii-ded an likely Unit tlm fit Mt
I'llltle will lin foimllt.
SIkiis nl Hie Immlnnliue of war aro
iiIho iI ntil nl In Ihn nurrouudliiK coiiu.
Ii v wiieie ihn peasants am piicklutf
tnetr i.ivH....Nioim and seekliu; Kieatei;
nci hi ii) in- .li miioplc.
Tdt Thousand RoUlldB Of Alll-
... , .r. ,,
niunition and on& ot row-
tier Carried on Ship Bear-
. . . , .
Dig rigllTIIlg; meil 10 lULlVU
II y l,i-Mril Wlrr (n lOvrulim llvralil 1
New im li, Mil ti. I no Hienmei
Macedonia Hulled loday for Plrneun
wllh I u,i)iui loiiudH ot umiuuiiittun,
many tuns of powder und four bun-
lied HkIiHiu'. iihiii ol' Hm roservn army
nl' llreeen a board. Wll hill uu hour
hIio wiih Inllnweil liv Illl) Mlll'thil
W'aidllmtlon with liioie I till II 1,00(1
liullllm: men iilioiiid. ami II wiih ali-
ie oiliced Hull ii I Illl t vchhoI, (ho Mn
loiiiiii. would un 1 1 on Monday with
i mi ninrn Hieek lencrvislH.
NeiHl I. .'UU III cell leael'VlsIS, CIlKer
In lelliril In 'hell lui'll llllll ptirtlcl
p. iln III Ilie expelled will' Willi TllrknV,
Wele letl nil the pier when tlln MUCe
dolila Mailed MlflclalH nl thn llllo llllll
planned in uiirv '',hiu passungcrs
alioald bill Unlleil St a I cm IUHpeotorH
allowed olds loo to hoard Ihn vessel
NeinLv niciy iiiiHMnuKei- uu both ven-
helH paid tor hhinttli panHae. amount
I lie III alimil All camn (mm NOW
York ami Hh va lidly.
icoi'Kc i'oii.iiIIh, uu otflccr or Ihn
Pan Hellenic union, mild thai appiiix.
' ' ' "Ill
I... ....I.. ,,. i.iiii .... ... rii'lili,.,, ,,,.,11
wii'ul.l nail lor lre... n will, H, lh,. Mi.l
lew Wl'lllH
Uncle, of President
Country Is Slowly But Sure
ly Becoming Pacified With
out Outside Aid.
Mr I, rn.nl Wire (a HvanlHK Herald)
i.oii a interns. :ui., uci. r. imnioi
II. Mailem of Monlerny, Mexico, uncle
oi PieHid. nl Maileio, ii visitor at tho
' l ill i.'in lillHiilun,
. .. ..
inn ii miiiiy iiini ion pin un iiiion "i
.Mexico was pio iiiiik sunny aim iiiui
iiieio was no cxi-uho mr nmcriuiiu in-
lervnnnon. no unHurieu unii iiuar
veiillon wuiild merely meun war.
Sniior Mudero wus ttcoinpuulod
hern by Juan A. Orocl of Uhlliuuhuu,
brother of ICurutuo Orcul, formerly
.Mexican umiianxiiuor to inn united
-in my opinion," saia sonor mu
dero, who is younger thuu hln nehow,
the president, "tho puoplo of the
Hulled Slates do not desire to Inter
veno In Mexico, l think that If Inter
II.... ...II, . . I .. ....
veiiiioii iiiniii-n ii. win iiimuiy uu h iu
lltlciil movo."
Ktrlko WtuutJon UiicJianurd.
I'-iy. ixov,. uci. o, iucro -wera no
niiveiopmuii'ji hi mn sm so mmnuon
, ... ....
this morning, ull tho tnlnca and enor
than 8,000 men remalnln Idle, mtiy
Aiuencuuo juivv fionp.
mm m
1 T
Sangiuinary Conflict Reported
from Vicinity of Masaya;
Government Army Loses
Hundred Killed.
Stale Department Carefully
Explains That, Despite
Bloodshed, United States Is
Not Engaged in War.
Washington Oct. 0. A dla
v ipatcit from Hoar vVdtnlrul Koiith-
erbtnd lain today gives tho namon
of roue murines killed hi tlio
IIkIh with Nlenrnifuan rnbela and H
aiiiiouuces that Llnutcuanl GuU t
oiiel lying with 1,000 mnn and
blttojiiakota from tho crulrom i
V :allforniii and Colorado aro mov- 9
lug on Loon, tho ratnulnlug rob
els' stronghold. . 4
Tho marlnen killed In vonler- 44
duy'H light weer Privntos Uab-
hilts, Oiinuin. McOIII mid Polard.
Thn suvun marines woundod will 41
II- Lrasrd Wlra to fSraatns Herald f
wiitihiugtun, Del. S. Four AinrrN
'nn murines wera killed und sis woro
wounded yesterday when tho Ameri
can forces took tho town of Coyoto
rrom tho Nlcarauan robots, accord
ing tu a ctihlogram recolved curly to
day, by minister Caatrlllo from i.'ha-
miirru, minister of foreign nffulrs lu
Kurly todny uolther tho ntuto dn-
piirlmunt nor tho nuvy dnnurtmont
hail recelvfiil itliv wnnl nf thn flurHf.nft
Musaya und Goyotopo or tho death of
uio Ainericun inurilius, OfUclaU
WM nhnrned atttvnWa-roTitttih-ea
"',u"8,1n caatniica cabiogran,.
1 " foblegrum U Minister Castrlllo
iuucu .Maunguu, uotohur 1, wus uu ful-
1 1 1 V M .
"MiiHuya laken loday by unnuult.
We had 10(1 dead, two hundred woun
ded Americana curly took Coyotepo
wiih lour ilepd and hIx wounded,
Horrea sliniilluueously took Harranc.u.
.eledon fled with followers ami wua
captured ehtht Iciikuch from Musayn,
wuiiiiileil iind died tutor. Today I vlsl
led Hie American legation to uxpresu
deepen! sympathy Tor murlnen' death,
llriiiuiihi mutilclpiillty re(uuntcil urn-
Iiich hoiiicH tor btirlul at that city, f
bee; vnu exprenii dupiirluient of statu
my deepcut nympathy:
"MlnlHler of Affalru IJIiamorro "
eledon, Hpuken of lu tho cabta-
Krani, la ii rebel general, u llorulurnn
In iho employ of Menu, tho fulled dic
tator, iccenily capturuil and tukcu to
Punama for exile.
Though llm liven of American ma
rines have hcnti Inst und otherii liavo
been wounded In what appears to
havn I n ono of thn most siinittilimry
buttleu rntiglil lu Ucntrul America lu
luiiny yenrit. ynt technically tho
United Staled In not cngaKcit in war.
An defined l,y tho statu departiuen:
I III.. mIhI.IU Mlt I l,n nl.illn.... I... .1...
I w-i. ... .....iiiuii.-i j;itvi-vil lllll
" Nlcnraguu Is one of
rrlendshlp. What Hear Admlrul
Koulliorlumt Iiiih done hi uttuckln tlm
Mearuguiin rebels lu declared lo have
been purely in pursuance nf a dirv
Imposed upon tho navy many times in
the stormy history of Central Allien-
mi -iiiai of forcibly protecting Amen
an lives ami property as well iu ol
the e.iizens of tho I'hiropeiiu tiutlolM
The admlrul nuu strictly refrained
lunii litiervcnlug lu any way between
Hie warring ructions lu Nlcuruguu,
und baa uouflnod himself, entirely in
opening up rullwny communication
und maintaining It frco from lutei
riiptlon, I hut tho large foreign ulu-
iiiuut Hcmtcrod through tho Nlcura-
K""" towns might bo utile to rccouo
for nearly a week after iho Ameri
can navul forceii munuged to open tho
wuy from Muuuguu to Granada,
where ihu condition of forelgnora
wan iiiilful, General Zeledon'a ret;el
forces, entronchod on two hllla at
liarrancu, actually commanded th
lino of communication by rail and In
l,.,rrnrrn.i wm. n... r ..,.....
Liippllns and provontod tho unfortu-
III a Klirriirnril frnm fom li- frnm nmJ
..." .. u , .flB n
I Inif llielf CMeiinn r
Admiral Huuthorlund hud 'anvorat
intervlnwM with tho rebol ohloftaln ut-
- tor tho hurrotldof Hftd dOpom(lbn ot
Oonurul Menu. ihK'Urlnolnul 'flWum In
tho revolution, hut ho found that Zolo.
don wan not only detarmlned to refuse
any offer ot amnoxly ,hMd out by
Presldont Dlat. but was deterniluad
I to retuln tho Doiiltlon ho ocOuulod.
- throutonlng tho rallroadv
Tho admiral waa tMalbaobUted W
dnllvor an ulllmatowii, WMrtiltue ZoUh
- d6h that ntlor 'Sfj:-jM4aV tiot(c
- 1 tho Amurlcun n.val totenlwould utr
I .........I . . .'.. ' .' ' . .
- iueriauo ill unro Ulna real urrHin.i
I hills,- This tlmo limit, wiftlrcd at a
o'clock vciiterdav ntoralnK and rut the.
official oublnaratn rioolvad by Mlotv
ler. -r CajttmiOA t(iay iMUte; th
i i ,:n:v.-f:f'. 'ii .1.1 1 - i.
Amcncair Tnaniiwr oiij esKotlriaa in
h$A undertaken tai4o eV4avM Ua
61 'hfttt KtM-N P V;;is; V .
?ro wxuom w mn k mm, ym-- -.
b,.i 's
c t
I iTaMri adito

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