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Forma Dedication of Beautiful New South
Methodist Church hjOccur Sunday Night
Struggles of Small Congrega
tion for Quarter of Century
Rewarded ; Eminent Divine
Speaker of Occasion.
Tomorrow nigh nt 7 .in o'clock nt
th tit nutiftil new iVntrul Avenue
Methodist rhurih South, will ori'iir
the exorcises of dedication of this
edlllcc, which will cost when fully
completed siTi.OOU und which In one of
'! ; t
New '111111! (ntu .McthodM Church Kootli, To lUi Dedicated Tomorrow
E wiling.
Ilov. Nainuol li Allison, IMstor Con
trnl Avenue Methodist Church, KOutli.
tho handsomest and most modern
houses of worship In tlilH purt of tho
The. various churches of tho city
will Join In tho service, which, after
tho RltiKltiK of ii hymn will be opened
with prayer h" Huv. Hugh A. Cooper,
paBtor of the Klrat I'resbyterlun
church. An onthem, "Praliiu tho Oort
of Iirncl." will then be sung, fol
lowed b the rending of the lesson out
of the tild T.stumelit, Oencsl iS. lo.
32. by Hiil.1,1 Mendel Sillier of Con
gregntloti Mliert; reading of lesson
out of New Testament by Ur. I. W.
Longfellow, piiHtor of the Klrst Hap
tlHt ihiireh (Hebrews lU:1!t-2.'). "O.
Iluppy l)o,' iimrlel number by A.
V. llrantler. will be sung by Mcsrtumea
H. V. Held and V. i'. Thnxlon tind
Messrs. T. M. DorrlH and Mc.Mllllon.
Rev. T. 1.. Dyer, imiitor of the Con
gregational .hurch, will give ii rive
mlnute address on "Tho Tie Tlmt
Hindu." Following the rendition of
Lemlr,efs "I Will J.ift Up Mlno Hycs."
by Mrs, J. o. Huhwentker, the offer
InK will be taken.
Hev. J. H. .Mviiscr of tho Methodist
Church, .South, will thun Introduce,
tho speaker of the evening, Ur. W. V
McMurry, of Louisville, Ky.. u lender
In the exteiiMii.n work of the church.
Dr. MrMlim Ih uue of the leading
l'rolestiuil idniri'htneu nnd ono of tho
nblest speaker In the country. Tho
presentation or the church will then
be made by Hev. It. H. Owcnu. W. ('.
Thitxton, Wlllnrd Kay, T. M. Oorrls,
IJdgur lines and W. 1;. Dorks. Thu
prayer of dedication by Dr. McMurry
will I; ii followed by the Hinging of n
hymn and the benediction by Rev.
Mormon I'. Williams, puHtor of thu
Hold und Hrnadwny church of Christ.
A cordial Invitation to the general
public h extended.
Tlii Now llullcllng.
lletween IIK.OOO mid 120.000 had
been expended on the new church
building, which bi complete save for
numerotiH "inMltii'innal" ten in run to
be later established In the basement.
It Maud at the corner of Cetitrul
avenue, cum, and Arno street, om? of
the fluent Inflations In the city. Tho
church In built of red brick with stono
trimmings and Its architecture In 1 1 r -nlfled
and Impressive iih well us beau
tiful. The mulli iiudltorluin seats 40u
people and the Sunday school rooms,
neveii in number, add 2 fin more to the
seating capacity, making the total G&n.
All tlie accessories of n rirst-cluis
modern church hultdlng an- in evi
dence and the stained glass windows
ar especially handsome. When the
church In completed iih planned the
entire cost will be 125,0011. The In
stitutional feature will Include a
K minimum and other things or that
Ilrle'f History of Congregation.
The Highland McthodlNt Church.
Siiuih. Willi orKaulr.ed lu 1 K S 1 . will'
Kev. n. S. Smith iih T'ontor, there beltiK
nix barter member, Dr. T. (I. AtneH
and wife, Mr. Slnchy and wife and
Mr. 1-irld und daughter. In 1N82 u
church building. lor many years a
well known landmark, wan erected
on South Arno Ntreet, under tho pan
lorate of Hev. W. V. Slmpherd. Tho
bulldlllK committee coiiHlntcd of Dr.
T. (1. Amen and Mennrn. Haker and
Hcyiioldn, the cviurcli nettlK dedicated
Introductory Display in Our New
Rcady-to-Wear Department
by Dr. Marlon, thff firct Moretarjr of
tho vhurch oxtchlon tnilnVrt.
Tho ptitoni from U81 to l12 wer
roltoTvtr: n"Vi a. 8. Smith, Huv.
W. T. hphrd, nv. W. P. Packard,
IUv. Wi V. Brltt. Kfv. J. II. Olanvlllt,
IUv. Olln HoBBen. Hev. 0 Vf, Nolnr,
JRv. Jackton, IUv. fitowiirt "Wright,
Hot. Mr. Brown. nt. Ur. Vincent.
Hev. fl. W. Thomu. Rer. ST. E.
Foulkt, Hev. 2lObrt Sodrion, HV.
J. M. McClurft. IlT. J. u. Uerar.
Rav. Mnrk HoOnoti, 3lY. U. Un
vlllc, IU v. ,W. JiWrUht, nev. J. M.
Bollle, nev. C O. JIoUldftA Rtt. won
T. McCain. Hv, Cotuftibut A. Clark
and Rev. Ramuet B. Alltion, tho prci
ent Incumbent, tinder irhow vlfforout
ana enrnent Ismdarahlp tn nork oi
preparation has 4tea epniummated
In the completion, of th handaomo
new chtn h edifice. The eld church
property wns nold ttiie year and hot
been wrecked and made intq a dwell-
Thfl trffcnt lot at thS cbrnlP M
Central avenue and Arno street was
purchased lu 1901. durins (ho pastor
ate of Bev. J. M. flollle. Daring the
incumbency of Itev. C. A. Clark tho
excavation fbr tho foundation was
made and tho basement put In. Xlov.
Mr. Allison haa boon ablo to carry the
work to complilloi nnd thus tho long
nnd persistent efforts of a bravo llttlo
band of churcli workers have been
crowned with auccois and thoy wor
ship In a church of which tho wholo
stato niny be proud. It Is ono of thu
best arranged church plants ever de
vised, tho plans belnr larcely accord
ins to tho Ideas of the pastor.
Tho present monibcrshlp of (ho
church Ih ubuut 200.
Mr. Alllnon In finishing his necond
yrur'n pantnrato nnd It Is hoped thut
he will remain for many years lonKr.
Under IiIh administration not only bus
the new bulldlnic been completed 'but
the church In free from debt, the
memllernhlp und attendance huvo In
creuned notably, Sunday school at
tendance bus doubled and the church
ban nKMimed an Influential pluco In
the life of the community.
Next Tttenday Mr. Alllnon leaven for
I.an Cruccn, whero thn Mexico confer
ence will convene. Illnhnp Jornon At
klnn of Waynenvllle. N. C, will pre
Hide. The conference embraces the
central und southern part of Now
Mexico und part of went Texan. It
hnn about sixty puntoral charge with
a total membernhlp of some 7.000.
From the confetencn Mr. Alllnon
will go to Dallnn, Texan, to 'be prenent
at the laying of the corner Mo lie ol
the main building of the Southern
Melhodlnt university, which Ih to cont
tnno.onn and will be one of the reat
ext educational Inntltutlonn In' the
Hulled StateH. Mr. Alllnon Ih one ol
tlie commlnnlnnern, and a meeting of
thu board hue been cnlled for October
I A and 17. The local pulpit will he.
suppled by vnrloim minlHtern during
bin ubfieiico.
Some Idea of the scope of thin mil
vemlty at Dalian muy be giilhered
from the fact thct the city of Dalian
gave a bontin of j:i(i(),non cash to get
It and two or three Individuals do
nated luti'.l which will reullxe bntw'en
one und two mlllliuin of (lollam. Thin
churcli ulno uuilntaliiH Vonderbllt uni
versity ut N'uHlivllle, Tenn., with an
V-iWin."!!!.. vJj.vm.. ?Mm
Kasy payment plan on Raynoldn
Addition bun. Huy now. Don't wait
and then wlxh you had bought,
Vfl,e. I f r-
Ardent Suffragette and Hep
reaentativo of SooialUtJ
' Party Speaks at Woman's
(Club Tomorrow Evening.
Monday this store makes its initial
showing of Strictly Tailored Suits
and Coats. Also new arrivals in
Separate Skirls.
As in everything else pertaining to tlie development
of this business, our aim in selecting a line of Eeady-to-Wear
Garments was with the view of giving our custom
ers utmost in values, style and service at reasonable price.
We believe we have ohosen a line of high grade goods,
each the best value obtainable in its particular olass.
Come in and look over the line. Whether you contem
plate buying or not we will appreciate your presence and
'A particularly fortunate ctr
mniBtnnco hint put Into onr
handH an oxccllont lot of nam
pin MilU. Wo liavo tliem Item
for UiU fthnwinjr, nnd will friure
our advantage with yon, Each
Ih tho latent of IIh particular
typo and the. pVlcc arc Very at
Uuctlvo, Vrlccti
$15 to $25
Tlka stjlo of a Rarmiiit In not
olono ileU-nnjlncl liy tho tuy it
In cut, hut tlu manner of nuik
ln(c. Tliu coatM uro utrhily
man.tallorrd nnd ixfrrt In
enrrry tvtjr. TlMre I an mwvkI.
lnsty AtyllHti awiortmant of Mt
txrna, many, of them of inatcr
Ul tfut cannot h duplicated
dsotrlwrc. Prlcea j
$6.50 to $25
Wo alKo havo mkiu new ar
rivals In Nepamte ttklrtx.
Wo luiyti lccn told many
llmoA UiIn mcohoii tlutt our km
Kvrtment f Kklrtw was tho moNt
Hlylluli and IkwI In tm city, and
mir xuc(Vmi with llwin certainly
in-ovr UiIn to Im trti.
The nrntriialn are of tlie very
Tnrat and Ini'lude Hovnral attrac
tive NtylM aU of tho latent fall
tlcfttanx. Priced
$5 to $13.50
Dry Spell Broken Last Night
When Half Inch of Rain
Follows Blinding Sandstorm
and Clears Air.
PtfONE 2831
(Ine of tho inont violent uiudntormn
for many inoiitliH took .luuo hint
nlKbt ImtWeeit ti und . flllniK tho ull l
for an hour with mich ilnoo- volumva
of diiHt and'debrlM that It vwih ulmont'
Imponnlblo to wo I It abroad, tho wind ,
iIoIiik coiinlderabhi ihililniii' to Hinullj
biilldliiKN, hIkiih, treen and fwicen.
The wind wiin followcii a ntcady
ruin which fell for an hum or no, tlie
precipitation at the Itlo (iriiiule acliool
Htullon, three mllun noiith. oulng .27
of an Inch, while It wiin aiit half un
Inch In the clly. The ruin was budly
rinoded to lay thn dunt, wbi'h hud bo
como very heavy on the oiitnklrta of
the city. Tho lemperuture. fell rap
Idly ImhI lilitht und today.
'Runnl flnffrniTo la ont bf tho mont
vital iHtueu betoro tho American po
plo today,' naid Carollno A. Lowe,
who will apeak at tho .Womun'n club
ut 7;30 p. in. Sunday. Mlaa Lowe In
un ardent advocate of woman atiff
ruKe nnd waa one of tho thrcn worn n
elected to ruprcnent tho Hoolollnt
party at tho congrfnslonal Huffragn
heurlne held In JVaBhlngton lust
"Tho 8oo!allst parly has nlway ta
ken a decided land In favor of wo
man (suffrage," continued Mlsa Lowo.
"Its platform demand that women
bo placed upon & political equality
with men, and every effort Is put
forth to nchtcvo this end. Wo havo
Bent women speaker to help in win
ning votcn for women In every Btuto
whera auffrago la to bo voted upon
thla fall.
Womort hnvo always bornd their
ahare of the burdens of tho race, but
the social body Iiiih been slow to rec
ognlie thn value of their pattont, un
nnnumlng effnrtn. Woman has stood
behind man In every great ntrugglo,
cheering htm on to victory when, dis
couraged and fulnt-hcortcd ho was
ready to Ruccumb to dofeat.
"A ntory llhmtratlvn of thin point.
One of the many clannen or little for
eigners that meet In a sottlemnnt
hnune of Ol lengo decided to give an
entertainment. Their teacher had
told them the nlory or how Hetny Rom
made the flrnt American flag that led
the revolution on to victory. Filled
with the nplrlt or patriotism, they de
termined to tell the ntory In un origi
nal play, prepared by themselves.
"The curtain went up on the flrnt
net. Ocucrnl WanhlUKton utood In
the center of the Ntage, a captuln of
the army beside him.
"Captain,' Mild tho general, 'nln't
It fierce we nln't got no flag for thin
here revolution"
"Yen.' buIiI the captain. 'Ain't, H
fierce?' Ami the curtain went down.
"The second net round the mmeral
jpnclng frantically up und down, whllo
a iieiiieuam waneii upon llllti. 'Lieu
tenant.' mild the genero', 'nln't It
fierce we nln't got nq ting for this
here revolution?'
"Yen," wild tho lieutenant, 'nln't It
fierce!' and agiilti the itirtnln went
"In the third net flcncral Wniihlnn
ton was Hitting utterly hopeless. A
colonel of the iirmv Htood near.
"Colonel wild the genrnl, 'nln't It
fierce we nln't got no flng for thU
IreTe revnltnlon?'
"Yes said the colonel, 'nln't It
"When the curtain ros.o on tho
fourth act Helnv Itmis nnt cheerfully
rocking her baby to sleep. Ucnernl
WnnhliiKton walked In, exclaiming:
"Hetty, Nln't It flercf we nln't got no
flag for thin here nivtiliitlon?"
Yes naid lWltv, 'ain't It fierce'
Here, general, hulil the baby nnd I'll
make one
Thtifti wluil the women have been
doing through nil the niien, making
flags for the imn to enrry. Hut
thinking men ami women arc con
vinced thnt I he time has come when
the women must do more than inuko
thn flag. The human race, thut grent
army mnrchlng ever toward tho goal
of universal fncilum needs the bene
fit of the ixperlemo und the counsel
of both sexes the woman as) well as
the man Th.it is what the ballot fur
women means, ami the soclnl body in
the loser when ii denies this right to
half of Its members."
But Women Should Eca'd TMfc
will be given with each cash purchase at
our store during
$10.00 and over, Qenernl Adnmsioti,
$15.00 and over, General Admission and Grand Stand.
$30.00 and over, Season Ticket. juaJ.saiwfiSWS.rf
"""" Gel tlie best clothintv and Men's Furnishings in
Hie city at the LOWEST PRICES, and give the tide-
eta to your.
Wife or Sweetheart
If yon have one. If you haven't wear t
f&irirtu Urattii (Elnthw
nnd. you won't ho lonesome long, Everybody is buy
ing them at
The Hub Clothing Co.
"The Store with a Consoicnco" Cor. Central & Second
The pupils of Mr ' I.. Hradford,
nsslsted by Mis Mm I. IUkkIiis, pianist,
and Mrs. Kern Knu. reader, "HI
give a vocal recital .M.nlit evening
next at H:Ki o'clock In Hie Womali'n
Club building. A very attractive pro
gram haa been prewired, the second
part of It being especially notable,
Mendolssohn'n music to Shakespeare's
"Midsummer Night's Dream," wllh sc.
Icctcil readings. Those who tlllle part
III the recital are McHitamcH It. II.
Sanderson, .1. V. Wilson, King and
llraiirord; and .Misses l.uclle Htewarl,
, Frances Htrome, Kathryii flrliumer,
Muugo riiiuey, iiortuuse Hwiuer, nig
gins, Murgiierlte .Incksou, Ituby Ithea,
Omen (Irlminer and l.uupi t'olgan.
ICnsy payment plan on Itaynobln
Aildltlon lots. Huy now. Don't wall
and then wish you had bought.
American Lumber Co. Illui Crynlal.
IJiisy j i.i -1 1 t 1 1 1 1 plan on llayiiohlir
Aildltlon lots. Huv now Don't wall
und then wish you hud bought.
Demeclo Dclgitdllln, tlunilillupe Tor
res, Juan Onldron, Kduardo Torres,
Jesus OIIvhh und J. 11. Itiiiior were nr.
ralgued biifurc Judge llaynolds In tho
district court late thin afternoon, tal
lowing the calling of the criminal
docket nnd Immediately nftnr thu
Crnnu-IIowell case had gono to the
Jury. Didgadlllo and Ollvas are ac
cuRud of murder and tho other men
are cliarged with minor offenses,
The trial of criminal cases will not
begin until after fair week. At that
lime It Ih understood Hadlo Hunter
will Iju placed on trlul on a charge of
assault with Intent to murder, and
that tlie Sam l.yle nnd Theodore (loti.
let cases will follow. Tfieri lire about
llfteen crlifilnal cases on the" ihiVRBt '
which It Is hoped to try during Kiln
Amerlran Dumber Co. Ill in Crvnlal.
a.iti or THANKS.
We wish to express Ih tills milliner
our deep appreciation to many kind
frlendli for their evidences of coisld
erallon and sympathy during our re
cent boiiiuveiiienl in the death of Hie
lati. (leorge Al. Durst.
MitH. or.uittii': m nu;tsT.
IMtAN'K I'. lllMlST.
Amorlciui Lumber Co. illm Crystal.
Amerlcun Dumber Co. illm. Crystal.
fleorge Kranklln Kdmundn, nuthor
of the "Kdmunds Act," and a former
United Mutes seiiutor fioiu Vermont,
was in Albufiueniui; Hoverul hours last
night vn routn to the 1'uciric count.
Horn, Huturday, (iclober f. 1U12, to
Mr. and Mrs. A. I'. Deiiruard of Kan
sas City, Mo., ut thu home of Mr. and
Mrs Don J. llnnkln, In Albuguorquc,
u daughter. Mrs. Dearnara u a
daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Itunkln,
Uorn, this morning ut the Mtnta Fo
coast lines hospltul to Mr. and Mrs.
Weldon C. Kmlth of Onllup, N, M u
ten-pound son,
Attorney (lent nil Frank W, Clancy
Is In Albuquerque tuduy attendlnjt a
conference of the creditors of the
New Mexico Central rallroud.
Mrs. II. T. Vullte und duughtors,
former residents of Albuuuerque, have
urrlved lure from Denver and aro
guests at the home of J. E. Elder at
314 Houth Arno street. They havo
many old friends In Albuquerque.
There will be a danco at the .Ma
sonic Temple Tuesday night, given by
tho ladies of BU John's church Tick
ets may be secured at uauonr or
Vann'a drug store.
United fitatcs Senator Thomto D.
Catron arrived In Albuquerquo last
night and spent the day hero on bust
nets connected with the New Mexico
Central litigation,
Amorlcan Lumber Co. fllnir CrysUU
BUY NOW! naynoldi Addlt(oBt
St. Louis Headquarters Re
quests and Receives from
Local Men Denials of Bad
Whiskey Story.
In response to a request by .1. A.
Oulbralth, seiietary of the Pro
gressive parly heailiuurtern In Ht.
I.ouls, Mo., .lesus Itoiiiero, county
Progressive chalnnaii; (leorge Arnt,
l'erfecto Arniljo und I'iIIx liiiin of
this city, hnvu forwerdod affidavits,
setting forth that Oolouul it iom vuu
did not Indulge In any uliiohoKc ie
freshmenln during It's roi'tuu visit
here. , u
The MUnourl organization bus Is
sued u denial of the story iiubllsh-id
In the Clinton, Mo Democrat, Used
on a letter written by Attorney Harold
I'lerco of this olty. to his father III
Clinton, to thn tiffed thut Itoowevult
took six drinks without st phIiih
while here, und wishes tho affidavits
to clinch the denial, j
It Is only Justice to Mr. IMerco to
say thut he bus Issued u rnujily und
frank statement, showing thut ho re
ceived his information from u source
he believed to he reliable and hud no
personal knowledge of tho matter,
huvlng since discovered that ho was
the innocent victim oC an Ill-timed
(Bfwctsl Dispatch Brraln Herald
Artoilu, N, M., Ocu o, J. v, At
kinson committed sulcldo hero yes
terday by blowing off the top of his
head, with ahotjrun, putting the
muni la hM mouth and dUchartfnj;
t)0th atirrefal. Ho Wbji Anxnnnilaol
Removed with MOLES0FF, without pain or danger no
matter how large or how far raised above the surface
of the skin. And they will never return and no traoe
or scar will be left. M0LES0FF is applied uireotly to the
MOLE or WART, whioh entirely disappears in about
six days, killing the germ and leaving the skin smooth
and natural.
Kach hntlto Is forwarded postpaid un receipt of price, In neatly
packed in a plain case, accompanied by full directions, und conlalim
iinuugh remedy to remove eight or (en ordlnnry MODICH or WAIlTit.
Wo sell MODICSOPP under u posltlvo (ji'AKANTHE It It falls to re
move your MDI.K or WAHT, wt, will promptly refund tho ilollnr.
Detlors from personages wo all know, together with much vultiablo
Information, will bu mailed freo upon reouent.
lMiasu mention this paper Florida Distributing Company
nua; i
when answering.
l'ennucola, Florldm
SUN PROOF PAINT ht equal to any paint sold in New ;
; : Mexico up to this time. We are dosing it out at $1.75
: : per gallon whioh is below cost, to make room for a new :
:; line. Sun Proof retails in eastern cities at from $2.25 ;;
: : to $2.50 per gallon.
Superior Lumber and Mill Company
4 iy'oFooi
t wiima wacoks-
! Citizens Lumber Co.
ItritallerN or strldly dry lumber of aU Undo. An independent ; ;
company wltli nillbi at Torraoa' and TnJIque, N. M. . .
Oomori LMd Avenue nnd tfecoud Ht. Phono TO
invar is bj it r i j t

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