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Watch for ft Jfttifa. ;'
ThuraaUy 3eiiW,' 'IfMelf
for thoes, ' ( c
Vol. 24. No. 60.
Haling Jfefulft
; Xf fe It la Ux HEXtAXiD. 1
MjKtp Ocatfl mouth or IB cento ;
ej$ew Wlmtd at jour doorj !
I ' fitly oc&la by malL
c. fT . . r.
New Mexico Turns Out in Force to Attend Biggest
Annual Exposition in Quarter of a Century
I uesday, UcL o, State Day
in.tiln Hcnehey 111 t'uilhx biplane.
Pinal Touohes Being Put on Extensive Products Exhibits ai
Fair Grounds; Carnival Company Sets Up Tents for
ween, wi uuycay ; jjuicttius iu aixu vvmi jiuiu nw j rir,. "villi ,a
ings Arriving and Every County in New Mexico Is ' an;,. i.etwce., ..
..it.. . . . i.uu. townov rates nun r.'ini ..
Kntifnnniirnji i.ir tmnerafD n.rt limn niro I a .......!.... in.iii... ....t ........ .11 1. .ir ....... .........
f : no it. in. 1 lu ml concert.
t:flu. Campbell United .shown on Central avenue All shows
1)1:110. Meeting of .Sheen Sun Hnry board, l.unn.sirlckl. r t.iitld-
lug, ruorti '1 13.
ii:30. I'rec m l. high diving mini, corner Klr.il Mid . mini.
i'ii art hiKli win. pti t'f urinaiiot', corner Ht'fond ami
Il:3(i. Kicc not. IiIkIi diving horse, corner Fifth ami iMiiial.
12:00. Knlr grniiudx mid cxli Ihltlnu hullt open,
Mill 11. in. Itfcciitluii iiiitiiiilt tee. nml Clark's liinii'rl.il hand to
tiiitl (lovornor McDonald ami stair at the Alvaradu lintel ami t'orl
(In-ill to (In- fair grounds, ff
v 1 not,
1:11 Hnsc Hall.
- 00. 2.17 Pace
a : r'ltst tllKlil of Aviator 1,1
Hcat-hcy will ciidi-iivm- ti In i'. i 1
Attendance at Annual State Carnival
Will Set New Record in Southwest
Willi tin' formal opening of ili
thirty-second annual New Mexico Pair
ami Resources cxpoxltloll lit 1 o'clock
this afternoon ul Traction park, Hip
lurKi'xl fair rrowil In t lit lilHtory of
tho Ni'v Mi-xlco iiifirupiilli Ih pniHi'iit
u ml thi-ri' 1h every proxit'it Hint all
rccorilH Tor uniinallfleil Micros will liu
liroknn by tlie l!H2 fair.
Tim trulnn from north, wmt. hoiiIIi
and wchI boKim to (IIhrdiko luinilreilH
or vlHltorM Saturday nlKU anil .Sun
day and thlH mornltiK ami tonlKht tlie
rear guard of the Krrat tliroiiK from
all over New Mexlro In crowding In
for thn IiIk Mix dayH of carnival and
eeleliratlon. TIiIh mornlliK the
CTampliull Carnival rompuny rom
mt'liced errctlilK ttH varioiiH jipectaeu
lar attractlonii uIoiik Central uveiiuu
and tonlKht Urn riaxzlliiK tent city of
wonderH and frivolity will lie In place.
Thn down town decoratlmiH have
been practically completed, the IiIk
red, whllii and blue HhleldH and flaKH
ulonir Ontrnl avenue on the orna
montnl HkIU domIh placed under thn
Hunervlnlon of Official Decorator
Knlnhurt lining eKpeclully effective
whlln at nltfht the brllllanuv of lint
now Hahtlnjc nyntmn ,lont.iuaki'H th
wtrctu munh more radiant (turn with
thn auetdul lllumlnutlon feuturcn of
fonner yoar. The effect on Central
nvenue Haturdny night when Dm
llghln were turned on clear out to
Hlxth ulreel waa nnmt gorgeoim and
elicited the ethiiHliihtle admiration of
the arrival)! who have not vlxlten AI-
l(U(iicrqu Hlnne the pavlin; of the
Mtrnetii and tho itiHtallatlon of the new
erclrle nyHtein.
At Traction nark the iiaM forty
eight hoiirH have been exceedingly
HtrcnuniiM ouch, iih the cxhlbltx hav
been arriving by the carload, the
tho font horHCH have been coming In
for tho final raccn of the Kanta Ke
circuit, cntrleN In the poultry nhow
have boon keeping Ruperlntendent
Juhn Ilcub and IiIh nxHlntantii on thn
iiulck Jumti: Lincoln lleachey'a Cur
Hub biplane arrived at the fair
grnuudH and wan Initialled In IIh
hangar for the dally fllghlfl; wagon
loudn of niuclilnery for the inamifac
tiirern and indiiHtrlal dlHiilayH wan
taken ironi the Kanta I'V freight de
not over to Traction park.
ThlugH began to move thin morning
when the hank Mruck up IIh Initial
concert and the fair vlMitorn began to
makn their appearance on the HtreetH.
Thn half itnxen or more convention)
or ttutn bod leu. to be held durlntf the
week Marled off with the convention
at 9 a. m. of the Oram! lodge or Now
Mexico Odd KoIowh iu Odd IVIIowh'
hall on Houth Hecond Hirer!, At 10
a. ni. began the HcxHlorm In tho IC. of
r. hall of the New Mexico Grand
lodge, KnlghU of I'ythtaH, and at thn
Mamo hour the New Mevlco caltlu
Hanltary board convened In the Kor
lier building. Another unite gathering
today In that of the New Mexico Htato
Hoard of KtnhalmerH In the Commer
cial club, presided over by Clark I'.
Pllley of rtoxwell, preHldent.
ii.vitnufiT pntKT dav citowo
When Mayor H(iller, preHldent or
the fair, declared thn fair formally
opened at 1 o'clock thin afternoon thn
grand Rtand held what wan probably
the laraot first day crowd In the
hlatory of tho Male fair, und It wait a
crowd whoie enthimlaHrn win In evl
dtnea hilariously from the tart.
Thoro Is no doubt that tho people arn
here, and hero from every nook and
corner of the utate hern to have a
royal good time and pretty well a
Hiirod that they will havo It.
The fair baseball tournament began
thin afternoon with a game between
the crack nlt-tur aggregation from
Hllvor City, carrying oinn of the bunt
known ball players In thn went. Colo
nel Rollers throwlntr tho find ball, n
comDllcatod Mitral slider, which had
t' 6 whole grand ntnnd dodging.
Qovornor McJJonald arrived hint night
and while he has unfortunately been
111 at hi rooms nt the Atvaracio to
day he 1 expected to be In shape to
fair on "Mtato way to
ml Central. AI !l p. n niri; llio
I'f.iml inat'cli on lYulral .imiiiii' In the
rt t .i I tin of band mii.-lf whii li will be
In-ill l all the evening down lown.
I'uw'iioy. Indian anil cowxltl,
4:l.i. Motorcycle laee.
l.:io. .Second aerupl.tiii. (Unlit by lleacliey.
t:i:,. Cowboy mniiiiii-i .piuii rllle to baud mimic. "Tim Turkey
Trul." IJiiteied by four nw Ihih ami four cowglrlx.
".Mill. Ilallonn tiNceii.xiiin am) parachute drop,
r.:lfl. l-'ancy larlai iiitowing hefm-t giand utaml by lluck Con
liorx, vulerau 'plaliiHUian.
7:00. Illuuiliiatliiii of Alvara do hotel. Campbell United Hliowfl
oil Ci'Utlal avelllle All -Iiouh trpvu.
V no I'n e .ti l, IhkIi l l iiik man, euriier l''lrnl . ml Ceiiltat,
7 Kami in-.-i t .
s :ie. l-'i'ee .ni, liii;li w irn performance, corner Si-ioml and Cen
10 "10.
in.-, rt and ir:i u 1 march oil Central avenue.
1 1 i. 1 1 1 : ) i diving Iioi-.hc. riii-ucr l'luii ami 4'eut.ral.
Pirst of Forty-Five Defend
ants on Trial at Indianapo
lis Throws Self on Mercy of
Federal Court.
ii Kin-: roil Tin: monky
"We are here with 6,000 poiiudfl
I exhibit material whb li vv e do not
I i tlivi- can be Hiirpax)'d III anv conn
Iv in the xlale, or for that matter,
utiMV here elxe." xald Kurrext McMn
lis oi I .ax CruccM thin mniiilng. Iu
f.ut f are here to get the prize
Mr. MeKlnley In bonxlcr general or
Hie .Mexllla valley, n well known newx
naiicr corrcxiiom cut ami the uianii
gi-r or the xucxexxrul Mexllla valley
fair. The eh hit he brlliKx Ix the pick
of tin- Dona Ana county fair and In
xald lo be of exceptlonallv high claxx.
Mr. MeKlnley hax i kick, lie xayx
lli iuallllo county fanm-rx xhoiild not
be permllled to compete with the
other coiiutlcH III the farm dlxplayN.
II Ix hardly fair." xald Mr. Mc
Klnley," to compare xtuff which has
been In xtorage and under Hhtpincnl
for dayx with xtuff which your local
wirdncrs.nin go out und gather rrom irn nnA 'Rftvr: AlltfioilB tD Have
their' garileiiH frexh the day the rx- tten ",lu noyh ixiixioub to Jiuvi.
First Chance to Purchaae
hllilt openx. our own exhibit fur In-
Htnnce, baa been on thn mail for xotun
dayx, ami while we know It Ix good, It
Ih 1i ti iu to put it up againxt garden
truck which Ix gathered thlx morning
San .liian count), for iiixtam . hux a
flue xhoiinlng. hill It mix been iranH
ferret! five tlmiH rrom car to car and
could hardly be lu the xamo condition
iih xtuff that never h ih beep handled."
Grand Stand Seats for
World Series.
It 1h umli-rxiood Unit Mathewxon. Tea.
reau ami Mariiaiil, who will do the
brtini or the pllt'hlug lor tho lilanlx,
will have a lliuil workout. I.aiiy
Doyle'x xllght injury Htirfcrcd at
llrooklvn Krhlav I r t mi III en'eclx ami
the New York captain Hiircly will lake
part lu the lug gamcx.
l-'IXAIi I'ltAOI'lCK f'lNIIK
HoXloli. (let. 7. Tlie Hnxtou Amer
claiiH lili'd their batllug eyex ami their
lleh lug ahlllty in light practice at
IVnway Hark Ihlx inorulng prior to
their departure for New York. Jl
wax their IiihI day of preparation for
the woild'x champloiiHhlp xertej.
The pluyers went In II i-j form, (lar
drier and Carrlgan, who aurfered if
centlv rrom nnllt, lliiKiirx are In good
cnmlitlnii nualn. Thu lied Hox bid fair
lo ait Into tho wdrid' xerles with thn
mii ion fortnimte lack of haudlcapx oil
ii.eouiit of iIIiicxh or Injur which
thai .U'terlccil llielr xihixoii'h plav.
nil lllix,
Arrest at Ouinoy May Solve dems i.ynch ami johnxnn or tin- nig
, , , leugueH ami Augiixt lien uianii of cin-
mystery ot uuaurupie ahi
ing; Bodies of Victims
attend the
Lincoln Tleachev. nnn of the fore
most oVlatorn of the world, mukos his
initial flhtht nt 3:30 this afternoon
and his dally performances will, qf
course bo the greaicx; amuxemeni
event of thn week. At G U. III. Will
occur the first hellooii ascetmlon and
parachute drop, nlso to be u dally
feature durinz thn week Ihi aerial
carnival belnc one of the most spec
laeulur ever stuired In 'he southwest
a eiiwliov nonv race and Indian
sports will etmt off the rnclng events
for the week this afternoon. Tonight
the carnival ihows wl'.l all he nolng
down town, m Aivaraqo win oe uiu
mtnniA.4 tnnh the thousands of Incan
lieiita which outline the great
hotel ttulUSIlif,. ond Iht free acts of
lly l.ensej Wire In ICvenluB
Nevv VoiK, Oil. 7. -Siiiirlxi
Uiu day before die opi-iilug of the
-world'n champion baxebiill xcrlcx.
found inoro thn n Mil) men and hoyx at
the I'olo (iroiiinlM. Silling aroiiml
bonftrcx, they had walled all night for
the first chaiici- ul the 4.000 npin-r
Rl-anuxtaml xt-alx to be placed on xalo
at U a. in.
Ma ch perxoll will be allowed to buy
two tli.-kelx. At the xale of xeatx lo-
inorrow only olio ticket will -be xold
to a petxoii Thlx ix an eleventh hour
ruling dexlgm-d lo defeat Uiu xpctula-
Ill the hotel lobblex here lire gather
ed hiiniltedn or im-u notahtn lu the
baseball world, among tln-m Hrexl
lly l.raaril Wire to ICrrnlns: llrrnld
?4iiiv vorh. iiei. t. I'oxiii uco nil-
IhorltleH or I In. United HlntcH liml
Cuba arc hunting for a regixtered mall
inickac.c i iniliillilnif 1200.0(10. xald to
have dlxatiiii-i.leil uivilterlolixly In
tweeii llavaiiii and Now York laxt
week, 'i'ln- m niey was coilHlglled lo
a -Dig (loWIU'M. II niiMK liciu ny (i l"'
ii-xiionileiit in Havana.
Thn loxx wax i.Ucovnrod laxt Thun
day. No xhileinent bus ibeeli iiiado liy
the poxt oitii-i- inspectors.
Found in Ruins of Home,
fllr Leased Wire lo KTestns Herstdl
Uiilncv. lllx. Oct, 7. Hay I'fun-
xchnildl wax arrexled today for mur
der In connection with thn I'fan
Hi.hmldt ouadrunle murder cuxn. The
formal charge ix inat oi mo inuruer
of Hlanche nrauxcniidt, ximer or ino
unuxod young man. Young l'fa
Mehiiilill Ix 23 viurx old.
Tho urrext of young Hfanxchtniai
wax the direct rexuu or me i inning
today of a blomlMtalned khaki suit
near u r.uiroiiu conxiruciion camp
where hn wax employed.
Tho xiilt found under an outbuild
ing wan xlmllar lo ono gonnrally worn
bv the voting man. Jaxt Monday
blond houndx followed I'fnnxchinldt's
buggy from tho hcenn or tho murder
to thu cohHiruciion camp.
On the morning of Hunday. Hop-
teuiber the bodies of Chark-H A.
1'fanxchm hit. Mrx. MathUdu. J'fan-
nchmldt, their daughter, Hlanche, und
ICimna Koempeii, worn round In tho
rulnx of thn burned J'funschmldt
home sotitheaxt of Qulncy. Thn condl
Hon of tho bodies proyod conclusively
that tho four persons had been mur
dered. Itay I'fanscmldt was the only
surviving member of the family. Tho
I'fanschinldtn were well insured ana
the estate Is estimated at 150,000,
clnnatl, who conxlttulK the "xupreme
court or uaxeoaii. Tiicy nml an in
formal meeting scheduled fur the dav
at which limy planned a llnal xuper
vision of arrangements for tho big
All urn confident that the coming
series will ecll.'ixo all past contexts for
the world's eliamillousuip, not except
lug last year's game, which far xur
PuNsed all former coiitestx.
Although thn (Hants have an exhib
ition gatno arranged for llilx afler
noon with the New York Americans
for the i-nti ilalnini-nt of Uncle .Sam's
bluejackets, the day vtlll be mainly
ono of rext for the world'n series men
lly Irf-nsrit Ulrr to Kreotng Itrrnlill
l-hild. okln net, 7. Three roMii-i
earl vtodav l.l. n thn safo ill Ule Htlll
imnk oi' Ki. nihil. 12 miles mil l li of
hero ami un-in-d tho bank tlx I tit
hut were ft Ighti-und iiwny beftire the
ohtalned anv loot. Two hours later
tlireu men In In-Ved to 'lie tho xaim
trio entered Uoilglns. eighteen mile
HtintheiiHt. on i hand car. blew tb
safe lu the ii. Hank of iJouglaii and
acalu h:i ii.-il empty handed.
iioxhii ornani' l hero starlud lu pur
American Hoxcr Wins Abroad
uuiim.v AiiHtrnlla. Oct. 7. -Jack
Kexter, tin- American heavyweight
puglllNt, wax the victor today lu u light
with Jack Howard, a middleweight
boxer or New South Wnlex. Th
text wax stopped by tho polleo III lb"
thirteenth iminil.
Envoys of First Class Nations
Prepare Identical Note for
Transmission to Contending
f II r l.enxed Wire In fivenlna; llersbll
Imllanapiilix. Ort. 7. I.'iuaiil W.
Clark of I'lliclllllilll tili'ildeil guilty to
the government's charip'X In the tly
iiamlti- conxplracy.
tt xuon ax court opened Hint riot
Attorney Charlux V. Miller addrexKcd
edelu .lllllgo A. II. A lltlei'Xiill,
If It pteaxii the court. Hie defend
ant, Clark, oi Cincinnati, vvixiu-x lo
ll.iMHf lux plea floni Hot Kitilly to
Clalk then xtepped rerward. ")i
you ih.id guilt) V axked .llldtie All
del xotl.
1 nlead guilty." said Clark.
I'he prisoner waa separated from
the other ftuty-llvo dcfemlaiitn and
taken to Jail lo await (he IiiipomIuk of
hla Kciitciue. Clark pleaded gullt to
all thn charges live inuntx or con
Hplracy and hity coittils or lielug a
nr nclnal to um ai-iuai niegai inii-i
statu Hlilpuiont or il)iuiinltu ami ultro
Clink ivax hiixiucHH agent ami pres
ident or local union No. 41 or the In-
t-natloiial Axxoi latlou or llridge ami
Stnirtiu.il liotiuoi ki ix rrom .January
itiiH to July ItMI. lllx acllvltlex It)
pi'i'iiiotiug cxploxhitui, Mr. Miller iih-
set d-d, were carried on through ici-
Ii-ih ur iii liv "ii K'.M, uyno. imvi-
ili-nt or the union ami tun .mc.miiii-
.....II...I . . ... I. M..I I ..
iirax All ivory miiioicii oiiiiiivi.il
I, .M.iiiii- Iho lullta Ix "!;. I'., loumi III
ih.- uicekaui. of a iiyiiainuen nrtoi.e
at Davlon. Ohio, Mr. Miller sain, icn
.. id.. iiHctoHiire that Clark actualiv
hail i iiiixed tb' exploxlnn, having ilxcd
the umbrella to prelect me oiiamne
from tho ran and then leaving It be
Clark also vviih charged with carry
ing out plots against cmployci of mm
on on in hnr. in eonnecium wiiu u
u.ii..in.. in hioiv no the IlarrlHon av
nun vim url nt Cincinnati, Air. Miner
nlli.eeit " lirk Wl'Otn to KVUli:
ti vvnii it hn ilunueinus lor me
inn. iiYinliialv-cH down hurc. V.OU nan
better send a stranger. 1 have gotteiv
mm out or ii lot of trouble ni
ready. I am afraid I can't tin mucn
....I., rm- t lit. no lice Jlltlge sum, cm
(in, l a HJiko don't bring Hllx buiu Ii be
rme me again or 1 11 have in tin nuc
llilni:.' " .. . .
ii......,ii vi i ini it in iii-tieu Hiirn-iiii
li-eiiHin-er or lie llllinu, wax i-iiiuh'-m
by Mr. Miller Willi "dollble-ileallni!
vvilh Clark.
"Cl... ..v..,.iillvii linal'il Of I It noil
- .... .1
vvi.ilt.rit on hill agreed UP"U II ll"
or r J200 for ,ai h Jifh." xabl Mr
1 . .. . ........ .i... i.i...., ,i.
Mi II. i ii int jury. em
r .. l.ililifit over tin. Miami ii"
I . .. .....o I I .... I. I .. t
ai Uayioii, .May -i. 1
flatk only II22.7.-I, thus holding
l ..r 111,, fee.
ii. .in Mi, ,r Inward IhillCIIO A. Clatn'V
...a iitnf I'vlelmoc of -Man l''l'ain Ix1
m. miii,. i- uii lil ii vvnalil he shown Unit
ihe'y helped III promoting the I A''..
1...1. ,i -ritiieM iiih ixtit-i itioi i in.
Hrlght. known ax .1. H. Munxi-v
tun weeks alter eniuon
In. it ii .1 II. M- Naimtia at Hall
t itv, Mali.
lly l.rn.rd Wire t lCvrnlng llersldl
I'arlt, itii. 7. Tho Hurolioati
powei'H havi' ih'i'ldi'd to Intcrveno at
the llnlliaUH ami nt Coustnntlliuplo as
hi inn an Ii l poxilhlo to miiko nr
vaugeuieillx to that effect.
(It-cat Hrlialu Imlay signified her ac
ceptance of the French propnxnlx, so
thai all or the puwers now arn In no-
Premier Polucalro luimednltoly
commuulcateil (Ireat Hrllaln's accept
aiict (o Uerglus Har.onuff, tho lluiisliin
roi'idgu itilulxter, who then tele
graplied to tho Hlixxlaii diplomatic
n i r. dlled to tho Halkati slates telling
tin in to Join their Austrian colleagues
in a unit mil presentation to inn mu
lt. m Kovcriimuntx or tho nntu ugreeu
ti 1 1. .ti. 'I'll Im Is to be douu at tin)
it li. mi poxHlble moment.
x ! the xteps to bo taken In Con-
tlanilunih', Ihe nuibaxxadors of
I'r.itni. Ureal Hrltalu, Uunitla, nor-
manv iinl AtiMlrla Hungary win inero
tirexi ni in the ottoman government
an lil' nt tin i verbal comiiiunicuiion,
ihe ti-iiiK. i.r which have been ngreed
upon, imi have not been officially an-
l.oiidou. int. 7 - Thn announcement
that the Pope Ix prepared to offer
iiii-illailii In ihe HiiIkiiiih was made by
the Viitirnn after u hurried meeting
or the S.nied conureitatinn today, nn
ortllug to a iiows agency dispatch
l nun Itouie.
. nf
h ii
Tlllt It KV WII.ItlNO TO
Cotixiantlnople, Oct. 7. The Hal-
kim xlluallou has been cotisldorablo
changed by Turkeys oloventh hour
Hiii'tirlHii iiiiiwitineemeiit nf her will
ingiiexs lo grant u greater mcanuro ov
xe r gnv-ernuient to iiutnniia ana
It ix tiruucd hero that In introditc
liu: in thoxe provlnceii reforms olabo-
i.ttitl bv reprexeutatlven of (treat nn-
tain. li'i-iiiici'. (lermanv. Austria.
Ii.ilv and ItiiKxIa, Turkey not merely
iIihIiih in give the powers an argu
ment ini hrinuliig tirexxuro to hear in
the Hnlkuu cnpllalx, but probnhly has
lu vhtv ihe clreuuislaiicex Hint llio
ileclHloii lo now illitcoril innong tlm
meiiihi-rii or the nullum alliance.
'i'he (Ireekx lii particular uro likely
to In- i HHitllxriei . for It is regarded in
dlploimiilc i-lrclex ax without doubt
that tin y were counting nn a general
cniiMiigi'iitlnu lu order to sultln van
mix Ixxticx of Inmr xtnndlng. Thcsa
lutdiiih', for Inxtance, thn presenco ur
Ci-elnii demit fit III Athenn.
tlowi-vi'i-, although tho position hits
Improved, war cannot yet hn said in
have In-i ll nverleil. Possible events In
Turkey llxeir uiiixt not ho lost night of,
specially niter tho war Ilka fever la-
i v ei iragetl aiming tho people.
In uiaiiv uiiarlerx Um fear Is ex
iiiixini that i nn excitement created
Chicago Manufacturer Es
plainB Contributions to Two)
Candidates on Ground That
Both Were Progressives.
lly Leased Wire to Braaln llsralit
Washington, Oct. 7. Hlx witnesses:
were ready to testify when tho ClaDD
committee Investigating campaign
funds resumed work today. They wefo
Louis N. Hnmmerlln, Ofdcn Mill
and Charles Kdward Russell of Now
York; Charles n. Crane, Chicago:
Matthew Halo. Itoston. and former
Henator Nnlhun D. ficltt, Weal VWW
aii account of tho rocelnta and e
peuses of Hcuator Ivfollotto's cniti
piilgn Tor tho Ilepubllcan presldenUal
nomination was filed with the com
mittee today, showing tho senator
collected 03.9.6,
Charles It. Crane, ns tho larroMT
contributor, Is credited with U 1,0 OP.
given In several Installments xter.oV
lug Dver tho porlod from DacemSxr
zi, mil, to January 7, iis. ouiora
Plnchot. Amos Plnchot and RitrM
xontatlvo William Kent of California!
ouch contributed ?10,000 Alfrod GU
nakor gave 12,000: Rudolph Spreouaial
13,000; William Fllnn or Pennsylvania
11.000. and Hnnator LaFollatt hlmMlfl
SI, BOO, Tho account contain entrlt
or two loans, one n.ooo tijr Hediu mo
Cormlck and ono of $600 toy aaaaton
Qronna nt North Dakota Both waral
marked "Ilopald." , ,
tiio accounts show 910,117.03 MTM
paid for tho Washington headquarters)
and tho Chlcato hMdauartcra spa
$ 10,1 B0. LaFollotto'fl expenaaa at th
ilepubllcan national convention war
$l,riB8,ls and the Prograaalva confer
ence held In Chicago laat October coat
tho Lairollette managers ICSI.7S. T-
Chnrlos li. Crano of Chloaco teM
thu conimltteo today that ha k4vj
nearly 127.000 to Senator LaForMtta'a
campaign and 910,000 tb Oovanu
Wilson's. Traaaurer Ilookar ef lae
Progroaslve party taatlflad Iwrt wsalc
that Mr. Crane ava 979,0B 7WWM
and LaTulletta at tha aaMia Mas a" "
Louis n, ifammariinj.
the Association ' of tm
anverwws M
volt manager, eoverlnar
thirty rurnign nowepapera tor "Jteea
volt dotogatet" In the New York pri
mary fight.
John J, llannan, aocrotttry of flana
tor UiKollutte, rf erring to 20, II.
Hooker's statement that Mr. Crano
had given $70,000 to tho lAFolletta
rund, said tho only amount ho gnaw
of Mr. Crane's giving above that en
tered into tho account presented wu
I3.1M4.40. included In tho statement
of the Chicago bureau and given to
makn up ii deficit. Thoro were funda.
ho said, In stutoa with which ho had
nothing to do.
Ho mentioned if. Ja. Tuouor or
Courtney. N. l).s Alfred L. Dakar,
Huron, H, D and Thomas Mccuster,
Portland, Ore,, as being among thoio
who could account for oxpondlturae
not rnportod to tho natlonul nead-
"Tho expenses Of thn California
campaign," said the witness, "war
nornn largely uv iiuuoipu Mprecnais,
who miido no accounting to me.'
Konator l'nniarono called attention to
tho statement by Hooker that ur,
Bid You See Lincoln
Beachey's Marvelous Flight
pfivmov Commander of New
York "Strong Arm" Squad
Faces Court For Killing of
Gambler Rosenthal,
i.v Hi- war preparations of both Bld-H " ' "im tn a. oaIrT dati BlvIS
Hum ..dva.,. ,,1 loo far r.,r a conflict to ? M H , nl f'"
? i w f w v r i aw ansa wivw MNtiifxiRoi
"Thern was no such amount con-
mi the hax x or any ro
of complete Macedonia"!
In- awilih'tl
fill III Xlllill
n . 1 1 1 1 1 . -1 i .
Tlif iiiotiiati government has or
tlt-n-il Hit- piohlhltlon ot tho export
ol grain tmui Anatolia
At the Fair Grounds
This Afternoon?
Br faaed Wlra to Kveata lleralg
Mllwoukee. oct. 7. Thero waa
practically no chnngo toduy In tho
condition of Ralph iue Pulma, Injured
In an accident In tho Orund Prix au
tomobile roan Halurduy, Ills physi
cian expressed confidence In bis ulti
mate recovery if no cnango for me
worse occurs.
Hirer Trainmen Killed.
Hagerstown, Md., OC. 7. Tlirefl
the CasWikflS otitllt. the high diving j trainmen were killed, another wa
maa AMIPrsr. nlgn wire perionn- promioiy lumn injnruu mm low
once ium iMHr fetunU will go on at other trainmen were hurl In a head
tho cewer eOflrat streel ond Cantrol on collision near Shlppenaburg to
jvwwZVrWii Central and Second day, . . , . !
On Thursday (Albuquerque Day)
six copies of the Evening Herald
will be delivered by Mr. Beachey
i llv LfBsril Wire lo Hrenlntf llersltll
Mew York. Oct. 7. -Charles Hecker.
v lii ciimmand of u "Hlroilg
arm siii.i'i" of the .iw York pollen
.I,. i, in i ni ni wax iiaceii mi ti on mii
hlx llf" today, chat gi il with the uiur
a r ti... i'iiiiiIiIi r. Herman lloseli'
thai. Tlie ill xi taliKUiaii examined,
I'Mili, llin rllcli. vv.im i halluligud pre
eurplorlly liy Um pio.-.cution Iiiciiiiho
he hinl fie-mclly been a polli-ein.ili.
Mucli I uiu session had been taken
up with Iho selecllon or the ixti.iiiiu
inary grand Jury which will h"r
Um pliuses oi inn iiwi
Hecker ami Um Hlx imn iniucK u n
him weri) brought into conn. ox
irlct Allornny wiiiunau inoviu inn'
Um trial of Hecker proemnl sepaialely.
Ills motion was grnnlt il.
Mrs. Heukur was In court when tho
proceedings opened.
Tho death of "Ig Jack" Hi-dlg, al
though a sovoro blow to thn prosecu
tion, caused no chnngo In the plans
for tho opening of tho trial. Two hun
dred und fifty talesmen reported curly
at tho Criminal Courta building und
curioiiu crowda swarmed throilgh tho
'rrldnrs. waiting tu Roo Hecker
brought ucrosM tho lirldgn of Highs
from tho Toniba.
Tho most rigid Inquiry dn the part
of tho pouco unu ine uiau-i uiv
niiii',1 Iuim brouifht lb llatht tiotli
ing to Indlcuto tuht Helijr WU Kit ed
to defeut tho ends of JUllflfle. David
son. his sluyer, uppenre tb hAVO ben
i floated so o y by u neiiro) iw per
sonal revengo on the man jie aaya
vnhhn1 hltrt. HuWoVPT, It U , re-
U.. -v,iKi.. ontni'iii.ini'ii. for thrdualt
u!ft til,; i tR Tiait honed lb khUrV 'hie
S aansmsn. retulned by Jack Rose, ghot
S IloienUia.1 at Ueakor'N Wauig,
trlbuted." uild Mr. llannan. Ho men
tioned "porxonal contributions" made
to Henutur LiiKotlotto, one of 12,000
bv Mr. Hnrueltela.
Charles II. Crano testified he gavo
I20.6H4.40 to Henator LaKollette'e
campaign and 910,000 to Qovornor
Wilson's fund oerore tho liauimoro
"Aro these nil tho contribution!
you made either to Sunator LaFoltett
or Governor AVIlson7" asked Henator
"Yes, air; all."
Ho said ho gave tho 910,000 for
Coventor Wilson to William V. Mo-
1. 1 . n.r. .in vm I Bln I n r. 1 1 -
V.UIIH'H, llin IIIUIIBUI, lit III " !...-
ments, Muron so ana April iu, 191s.
Ho denieu having torn iioogor no
had contributed 970,000 lo each.
"i lust wanted to nave ono pro
gressive succeed," laid Mr. Crane. "I
didn't caro whicn ono 11 waa."
Mr. Crano said ho had been at
tacked throughout tho west during
, . ,. -n a.. -i 01. ..ii in cumpaign aa "neau xu mo Dam
irionv ami ITUUlUieu osuii tub trust." He declared ho had no
cuiiiieciiun wim ino urauniuiiiun.
"1 could very well aupnort ootn
HPIIn.. hm.I I hUIaII.H. mm knlh Mn
urn nroarssslve." said Ur. Crane.
"That X waa contributing to botM
t"I..,'r,l'."'.,?..y r" "y 51 tho two campalgna. X made no aeorel
nun i' ruliuimiir. uuii i,-mii nwu. m i nt ii,A .i I,
herolu treatment brought uuuk signa
ni llfn hern today Intc tho body llf
Heri. I'h'gar, 1111 uleutrlolaii, after lie
had been lirnnouucud dead front a
xh'ick of 2,200 volts of eleotrlolty, lie
Two Thousand Volts of Elco-
Fail to Kill San Francisco
of Him tm.at."
When Charles Edward Xlueaell.
lcallst candidate for governor ot Neva
York, took the aland, Chairman Clapa
a report 01 op ui
. ... . . 1 I SB I'UUV I
sides the snook KdKiir was auiror ng j. an Mwi telephone oonveM
lliilll II 1 I lli'llll till nniilli 1uvn11.11 niiwii
Um electricity throw him from n
plalfnrm f Ul it'll lent iibovn thu 00
101 ni floor of tho basement of u down
town ni'lieo building. Ho may get
well, it wax said today at tho tinier-
gency hospital,
'I'ho accident happened yostorday,
and a Dhvslclan lu tho building pru
ununited Kdgur duud. llermun Krecs
maver und Adam ilakuh umbulanco
iilteiuluiits, deolded, however, that
tlm nexxutlon of heart uetlon wag due
lo tlm terrlflu shouk und might be
linker und patrolman ran Edgar"!
apprently lirelexx body up and down
the street with the foot touching the
pavement, whllo Kracsmayor struct:
him about tho chest und shoulders,
and nil three shouted continuously
Into his ours. Aftor un hour of near
ly continuous treatment ot tbU sort.
Interruptions being caused by well
moulting passersby who thought Kd-ll
gur wus being beaten up, Kdgar
showed signs of Ufa and Vrae rushed
to the hospital, lie waa found to kayo
n good ciiunco to reoovcri
read to him
apeochoa In a New York paper, 6
acriDing an auegea telephone convert
Ration "botween J, P. Morgan and (m
Wlilto llouso during the 1804 caw-
pulgn In which Mr. Morgan was oaeMsl
for u 9100,000 contribution to the H
fiuoiicun campaign runa. in pun
ished report (aid Wayne MaoVMgk
former attorney general, Vas wit
ness to mo conversation, ,
Mr. Russell said the atory eatn m
him In 1910 from Judaoft a WoSllveir,
a mugaalnu writer, who- told hlaa H
had the story from Mn MaoyeiHrk,, v
Wattlver, working at thefertw'rj
table, tvas called to IMi Mutd iHt4
said Mr. MaoVssgh IMilrlMIMItjM
being In Mr. Mo rf.ra -ptmmmi n
in 'ictoueir, ivvsi iaw;aat a
had been called to Ua 4U)(ike;
was inrormea jv. tt. ffiaaaw
to anaak to hlM. WoUfvar
Mr. MnoVaavh told hlua that
Mr. Morsan retw$ fW tfc
phone he aaldl
"wuat ao you MHisMre ww
the White Mow ?
iiornioan bmm asae w
nnw asa eeieii a
1 aal it tmtmmmV. fUfJfJ
fjl We'
Uiere to
vWi '-',v

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