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Xoa grA It ta (x JTJUOIALU.
Htxty OnU a inimlli or IB cent
a w!c delivered at your doorj
fifty" cats by mall.
VoL J. No. SO.
VOIi, . 7TO. JM.
Good Roads Day at State Fair Tomorrow to
MflNTENERRflf'("ty Thousand People Witness the
See Boosting Enthusiasm at White Heat
' coin Beachey wH ht hmtm$4r''
! drop Erwsbwr. Jfefft5 Mm Ml !; .
i Oiu-th WfwM. H'-im '.
worth your while to afee wtee
; Uioydrop. ,
inuiui 1 1 lumun vi uusiuu icu ova
ncn idcc 1
Lincoln Beachey, Peerless
Aviator, Continues to Thrill
Great Crqwds at the Fair
State Highway Convention,
Editors Meet and Opening of
Bench Show Among Things
of Most Interest.
Tuesday, "State Day," the second
(lav or the annual New Mexlrn fair,
bringing with II IncrcnstnK crowds and
IlicrciiNlug enthusiasm, Iiiih demon
ill rat cil that the fair this year, bulb
ax to attendance and merit, Ih all that
wan expected of It anil that lis full
success Ih usxilicd.
Lincoln lleachcy, the fearless aviator,
hv his death-defying unit immcuxclv
spectacular stunts yesterday was ulnne
t i.ougli show to satisfy the thousands
of xpeelulorx ami hlx performance thlx
afternoon hIi.iwh that lie still has a
few more thrillers up IiIh h!cuvc for
the untaxed uiullcncc. Ilct.'i'y lux
shown himself the KreateHt t.orotilune
nuvlKutor In the world anil his up
pcurunce nlon will keei the fair
grounds filled all the week.
The cowboy sports anil motorcy'le
rneex, the baseball anil home nc'lni:
iiiul all the other xtuntx are keeping
Ihc iiruKr.ini well filled dull), while
I'cnttul nvciiin. from Fiist to I'oiirth
Directs la nightly Jumined with in--r
tymukers lit '.tut xlieet carnival so tin t
It Ih lilmoiit Impossible to J 1 1 -arollinl.
With Col, llQlph H. Twltchull. K.
II. Schwnnlki.T. Col. Pell M. Totter or
Arizona, Col. n. K. II. Sellerx of Al
buiueniui) and other live booxtern on
tlm Job. the convention or the New
.Mexico Clood Itoadx ax.toi'latluli to
motiow lx iierliapH the hlKKcxt and
moxt Important feature or the day's
program and la expected lo lar
reaehlns In ItH tiffectx on the cnt.xe of
hliihway Improvement In Ncu .Mr.xl o,
expeclally In atartlim the slworiu.i
campalKii for the paxxiiKt or I h i )iro
poHed bond Ixxue of I ;i il.-i o f ir p. id
betterment. The New M" I'P'XX
aimoelatloii. which hohlx lis mectliiKX
tomorrow. Iiuh brought tie- lend Ink-
iiewniiajier mun in from all partx of
the xttitu. interest lx of course para
mount in thn two !Ih uutonmtiiic
xtreel paueanla, the decorated parade
at 'I'rai'llon park in the afteriinott and
Ih" KiirKuoim illuminated parade to
morrow nlKbt down town.
The bench xllow of the AlbuilliiriUe
Kennel club nt 21a West Central will
bo tin: tneccu of iIok faiiclern from
the city anil Htate, and the exhlbltH
at the fair Kroumls. now prnctlcully
complvily limtnlled. will draw tncreux
Iiik crowdu until the end of thn week.
Tho poultry nliow )nx proved one of
the most HUrccxxnil featurcH of the
fxpoxl".on and thn competition for
priiccx a:.iUi,i; blril faiu lerx Ih keen.
ia.Ni: (,.' maiuui m N(Ji:n
IX)H l.N'rsTltlAL l'Alt-lr.
flrnnd Murihul (Nil. John Ilorradalle
announces that the lino of march for
the Industrial and trades dlnplny pa
rade on Thursday has been chnnKvd
from thot originally published owing
lo tho paving operutlonx on Hold ave
nue, and the revlned route will be
published tomorrow.
llr f.raatd Wire to Rvcnlaa; Ifrmldl
Lox Anitnlcx. Oct. H. A romance In
volvlnit a youthful mnrrlitKe, a divorce
and another marrluKo and externum;
from I'uoblo, Colo., to Lox AiikcIcx,
canto to light today when It wan
learned thot Kmory Cobb and Har
riet Kalrall Cobb of the Colorado
city had obtained n murriiiKo license
They divulged the fact that thev
had been ooy nnd Klrl sweethearts
and hud been married when Kmory
waH 20 nnd III bride 17 year or uku.
For two yonrn tltev lived toirether.
but to nleano their jiarcntH tho wife
outatnea a divorce.
Thoy hntl urranseil, however, to bo
remarried us onn as tho wife should
reach tho Kite of 21, and the couple
win soon be man umi wire ueuin,
Wllfioh IiivndcH ICnnsax.
Norton. Kus.. Oct. l'eopla from
many counties of western Kansaw
gathered hero tndny to hsr Governor
Woodrow Wilson's first set speech of
tils cross-state journey, ills two prin
cloal sneecties In Kiuunx wero to bo
ndo hero and In Topeka. T'lnnx
called for two addresses In Kansas
City tonight, ono at a Democratic
bamjuut and ono In Convention dull
Itocknr Trial RrMimcd.
Now York. Oct. 8. With ono Juror
In the box, the second day or the trial
of Police Lieutenant Charles Meeker,
charged with ttio murder of Herman
Itosentnai. was rcstimoa in me crim
inal branch or tho suprems court to
day. . Jocttco aorr notinea tne attor
tieys for tho prosecution and defense
mat. If tn jury nox was no mieu ni
C rp,iru woay ho vrobanijr wouia or
Air nlht idBSlOns.
.T.toorinBnt Hacker expressed satis
faction At th results ot the first day.
Official Program
October 9,
9:00 Hiinil concert.
!;ilil Meeting of New Mexico editors ut Commercial club.
10:00 Campbell United Hhows mi iVntrul avenue; all shows
upon. MeetliiK of (Jood HouiIh usxnclutloii at Klks' opern house;
speeches by It. K. Twlteliell. Francis H. Lester and Col. Dell M. Tot
ter of Arizona.
10:30 Opening of AlhutuerUo Kennel club ticnch show, 215
Went Central. Free act, IiIkIi diving limn, corner Flrxt and Central.
11:00 Krco act, IiIkIi wire performance, corner Second ttml Cen
tral. ll:ir, Ilalloon ascension ami parachute drop.
12:0(1 Fair KrouiiilH and exhlliltlon halls open.
I 1 T. Fiec-for-ull puce,
1 30 llaxeball Kiune, Silver City and Santa Fo.
2 00 2:24 pace.
2 :!lo Decorated nutoinolille pariiile at fair ground.
Il.oo Stiven-elKhthti mile daxh, tunning rare,
a. ir. Motorcycle race, two milex.
3:30 Klrxt flight of Aviator Lincoln Henehcy In flirt lss lit
plane. 3:4. Motorcycle rare.
4-oo Two and one-half. milt' Indian relay nice.
4:311 Second flight of Aviator Lincoln lleiullcy III Cll tlH4 bl
plane. 4:45 Cowboy and cowgirl mounted ipindrllte, music by bnliil.
7:00 llltimlnatloii or Alvarado hotel. Campbell United Shown
on Central uvciitio; all xhowx open, AlhuiUeni.c Keiimd club show
open. I tee act, IiIkIi diving iiiiiii, corner Klrxt and Central.
7:30 Hand concert.
H.30 Kree act. hli'.h wire performance, corner Second and Cen
tral. X 30 Oranil lllimilnated aiilomoblle parade: Inriuiillnu at Huh
liiinii inirk, parading thrmigh the principal street.
li :iu Hand eoneert and main! marc,)) on Central avenue.
Automohile Owners Here from
Various Parts of State Ask
ed to Participate in Illumin
atied Pageant Tomorrow
The Floral I'araile, one of the
blK fciiltiicH ol tbl i year'a fair, 4
will take place tomorrow utter-
noo-i, the cars passing In lovlow
before tho JuiIkch on the fulr
Kiouudx track at 2:30 o'clock.
The caiH will uxscmble ut O
Kobliixoii I'arlt, corner of KlKhth
anil Copiier, at J:30 o'clock
Hharp. v
The JuiIkch Will he:
Mr. T. A. Mellon, of I'lttH-
liurkh, Ta., u banker of ntluual
.Mr. Jiell M. 1'itler. of Clifton.
Ariz.. Vice IiI'chIiIciiI of the Nil
tlonal (lood Itoads Assoelallon.
Mr. J. A. Muhoriev. or Iiem-
Iiik. N. M., one or tho bent
known inerchauiH In the stute,
The prlreH will be as follows:
Klrxt: Kor tlwj most urtlxllo
floral decoration.
Second: I ''or the most hoc-
tleally ombleirititli' dexlgn In
v flowerx. o
v Third: Kor the most urt h
callV decorntnil kiiiiiII eur a
V III View of thn Interest ills.
Played In tho floral tinrmli hv mil A
of town people the fair okhocIii-
T '" Has offered a special nrlso v
for tho most artlslcallv decor-
uteil out of town car.
Out of town automobile ownerx urn
rordlalle Invited by tho committee to
participate In the Illuminated parade
tomorrow overling. Tho purudo forms
at Itoblnxon park at 7:30 p. in. Tho
line or march will be announced later,
It Is now bellevud that there will bo
1 7ft nutomoli lies and neartv 100 ino
torcyclcs In tho naradn. Thn oarade
promisex lo lie u lirlllllint Hpoctucle
' Did you see Lincoln Beachey fly Monday after
noon? i )
Did you see Mr. Beaohey fly this afternoon?
If you did, you have seen tho most daring exhi;
bition of aerial nerve; the most wonderful control;
the most spectacular showing of the possibilities of
the aeroplane thus far developed.
Thursday afternoon, (Albuquerque Day) Mr.
Beaohey will deliver a number of messages to the
people of Albuquerque from. tho EVENING HERALD
Watoli for theim
Watch for the announcement
for Wednesday,
Good Roads Day
and probably will he wltnextied lv
thouxanilx. Ilandxoinu prizes worth
approximately 300. which will bo
Klven to ownerx of autoH lakltiK prlr.ex
In the parade, -ire now on exhibition
In the Melntonh hardware store win-
UK TlllNtJ l' llH.t"PV
The committee which him In charite
the decorated automobile parade lx
enthilslaslli; over tho iroxiectH for a
piiKcant that will excite the ndmlru-
! t Itiii ami praise of every one witness
ling It. Kitty or sixty uulujnubllv,
nunuHumciy oeciiruieii, will nine
In the imriide, which fornix at Hobln
son purlc nt 1:30 tomorrow afternoon
and proceeds soon thereafter to the
fulr Kroumls at Traction park, where
It Will bo reviewed by those III the
grandstand and In the JuiIkch' stand.
lly lnurd Wire o ICvrnlns; Herald
Los AllKelex, Ocl. S. TIiiuiiiim Iteycx,
ii cement worker, who, vloaked In
llame, leaped from tile second story
or ii ibluxlng IiiiIIiIIiik Kis.1 night ami
felt unconscious In the ground, wiih
so liudly burned thai IiIh lire wiih de
li paired of today.
IteyesH lean wiih witnessed uy lion-
drcilx or people. Me said ho had lulu
down to xleeii earlv III the evelllliK
find did not waken until his ibed and
IiIh clothlnc weru ullumc.
llr livaaeil Wire to Kvenlnsr llrrald
Mexico City. Oct. H. Tho Mexican
deputies voted luxt night to dotlblu
their own pay, bringing It up lo ap
proximately $3.00(1 u year.
The motive unnouneed Tor the In
cruuxo Ih "to render the leglxlallvo
body Independent or the executive and
FumoiiH IJon Tiitner Demi.
London, Oct. H. Krunk f. IIosIock,
well known nnlnuil tnilner und men
ugerlo proprietor, died today.
Haiti HiiltM 1ilcno Ouinc.
Chicago, Oct. H. Hln forced u
nnnlnnnement of tho OlienitlS Kllllle to
day between tilio Chicago clubs of tile
Amnrleuti mill N'Allonal leliKUen to tle-
nldn Ihii tiasi'bllll chuilltilonxhlp of
rimli.rn lii Voknluinm.
WnshliiKtoii. Oct. 8. Cholera Is
epidemic ut Yokohama. Jupun, uc
cording to today's reports to the uh
lln heiilih NervIcK and extra procuu
tiling ror Inxpectlon of ships from
there have been ordered,
tomorrow after-
Piprnft TiVlitiiiu" Alvnf1v in
PrncrrMB n Vviv. Otto-
rprnmic A4 4ni,,i hv
Christian Tribesmen.
Greeks in United States Rally
to Support of Their Coun
try; Thousands Prepare to
Cross Seas.
II T l.rmril U'lre to Uvrntnn lirratrt
London, Oct. lleWH IIKelny
dlxpatih from Celtlnje thlx mnininK
HU.VH that war hax in eii declared by I
MonteiieKlo oil Tlllke).
Tii.. .i... i,.iii,, ... ... in., .tii.iii.1. h
colitlniiex, wiih delli riil to the otto
man KOVellllllellt ! Hie Molllf ucKTlU
churKc d affaires ai I'luiMtuullll'iplc.
ILm riKhtlliK Ih said to be al
ready in pinKrcH P. iui eii the Monte
lienrlim ami the TntUlsh troops abUK
tho rrotillel'. A lirbtaile ol lllllii lint
tallonx of Turkish iiilnulry iiroceed
linn from Scutari to Tuxl on tho Mon
IfllCKIIII nooiier wan Minn ueo mm
cvcnliiK by a InrKe force of Mallssurl
trlbexuieli Just before reuehlllK Tuxl.
Tile battle, accordlllK to tile dlHpalell
ex, xllll wax proccedlliK (IiIh moliilnit;
A l art her dispatch f I tun the xaim
xoiiice says the MonteiieKrln kovciii
Iliellt lliHlrui leil itH representative at
Conxluutlnoplo to break off all dlplo
matle lelatlonx with Turkey loilav
and lo leave Constantinople immedi
ately. Tin
Monteiieitrln Koveinnient
at the xanie tlltio lx said to havul
handed nix pMNHponx lo inn ijuouiaii
chni'Ku d'uffnlreB jit Cottluje. I
(ynn:it ualkan statics
London, (Jet. 8. -The declaration of
war on m urney repoi ieii iioiii
tlllje. HHld to have I II made today
by the little kliiKdom or MoiiteiicKio
lorextallcd thn ai Hon or the IClllopeau
powerx III ravor of pencn by "H'y
lew hoillH.
I oe iiiiiiiiisMiinoi n in t. jimiiiiiiiiiwi'lu
and the inli.lsle.s at tin. eapllalx r
The ambiiHiniilorH at Constantinople
llilhtarla. Senln, (Irceco and Monte-
llfKlo had been Illxtl'lllctetl to make
reiileseuliit oils oil leha f or tll"ll
iroveriiiiieiilH I I . i v and a 1 1 n I 1 1 1 1 1
rrinn Hehtlai e ,i I riliH Dial t le I' too
Kl II ll I had lei n 'irrli'd out I lleli'. II
wiih ii h'li v aiiliouuceil III t olisiao-
tlnople thai lii'loinatlo relations with
Monleiieisro iium- iicdii nroueu on.
It lx I Iiiiiii: III bUelv that tile olliel
llalkau HtuteH may decide to follow
the lead or Montenegro and tbiow
their armies I 1 1 Turkey.
The sltiiall r tho Christiana in
Albania anil M.e doulii ami the de
mand or the Hiiiiiaii HlatcM thai tuosi
provluceH Hhoul.l bo granted uutoiio-
DlHIIIllcheX llolll CollHlllllllllllpI
reielved diiriio' Hie nlf'.bt say inllitu
patrols weii i ig around the o
reoiilsltloiiliu: .ill tho horxes. Tin
military uutboi iiles. too, had idin ed
trriopH nn !. i .1 u largo number or
(lreek vchscIs uloch they had Hci.cd
(lreek vessels winch they had N"i.ed
In Turkish win. i and ll In xitld lln sn
are to bo iisiii lor inn iiuuxtmii ni
Hoops. The i k legutlon bus or
dereil the liiiiut' in of tho vesxi lx to
laud the en w
llelgrade. m In, Oct. 8. HeporlH
reached hen n.'i.iy thut Monlenegrlu
troops had I'.i-" d tho Turkish rioti
The Henl.ili rllllltlOIlt today yoti'il
an extra rr"ln "i ib.uoo.oiiii for mn
Itarv liiiiiins.'i and nierchunlH ar
milking Ian;- .loimtloiix to the undxl
Indllg raised toi iho axxlstunco of poor
families. Thici- hundred bedii with
xeven dnclnrs .Hid forty-flvo nurses
sent by the Kuslun Ited Croxx xo-
clety arrived tieiay,
0KIM:KS I'll!:!' MtK TO
(itSH KliA I'Olt IIOMi;
I ..til., lolo.. Oct. DiHIIIltchi'X
toduy aiiiioiiie Iiik tho decliiratlon ol,,r last oli:bi h i xpinMinii ill u waio
wue on Turkey by Montenegro linn I house here lime I" ' n i iveretl from
lii.ini rnllnwed bv ii liurr nil call for a
meeting lu re of all tho (IreekH In thlx
vlclnlty. OretdiH In Pueblo xuy thai
with In a xhoii urno more iniin i.uuui
of their countrymen will ho Here,
rendv to start ror tnoir riutivo mini
iih soon us orders uro received from
tlw, (lreek m in sier ill WllHI U K nil.
About HiO Oreeks urrlvcd hunt this
morning from urnna Junction to join
ihcir coiintryrncn,
a nieetlnif of (iroeks wax htiu in si
night at which funds were raised to
aid In paying the expouxcH or nans
porting nimnies unck iiomo,
MonteiieuThi Knvoy I'uvcx.
CoiiHlatnllrioiile. Oct. 8. Tho Mon-
tniiegrln charge d'affaires asked for
his nussports rrom tne TurKisn gov
ernment toduy. Ho will leave hero
tutor today.
I'urlH civdiiH iiorutratton or wnr,
Paris. Oct. 8. Tho Frondi govern-
....... u,,.,lu tin. .iinnrl 11... I Mniiln.
nogro hus declured wur on Turkey us
correct according to nn nnriouncomniit
made ut tho foreign Xifflco this ufter-
NnUoniil (.'(KirftJna' jtfivet.
tlonill coursing 7nL wliloh bcion to-
ro t. t rAS Mt ritlt tnti .
sir nuuiiuif, in i.m. uiu iihuvm
nro.nuaut sou onirics rrom nil x ""i".,"" . .. u-ui: i.
or tho iinuoa mates to com-ij " .V iV VV
ror ino .wirow inwi
ai i nnuHiTTcnn
i (ill uuiiimi 1 1 ll. iu
nnnnr nrirrnm
Representative From Nicara
Kua Arrives at El Puso to
Testify Concerning Causes
of Revolution.
,Ilr ,.rr,ri, Wlrp
I'M I'.imi, Tex, S leliel.il .Iiiiiii
Luis . llil Allol'lny AllKel t'K.llle,
r I'rexeiitlni: the Liberal parly of Cen
tial mi i h a. arrived today to tetlfy
hi tore the xeli.tloi lal committee tak-
IliK evldellco In-r.i refill (llllK MeMnill
I'l'VolutloiiH, They will offer evidence
icKardlnn tho president revolution In
II Ih .aid that the i uniiiilllee takhlK
c.iilcin.. Inn. mull r Senator A. II
Kali In the absi n f uator William
Ableii Smith lias In eii kIvcii power in
take also I'-IIiiuhiv l'eai'illllh' tile
Celill.il Alnel l.'illl li-Millltloll ri all
nihil' eiiiiiuilttee Xieelally aipollle
fur III It purpose. The committee ll- li'
was appolnieil to probe Cuban ami
.Mexican revolutions.
lielieral LeelH Is a former ollb er of
the NlcaniKUiin army.
Utmiiey CrKHle Is former llnti-
iliiiaii mliilslet' to I 1 1 k 1 1 i I and Ihc
I'lllted SI 'lies.
nut (ii:i:u.i SAX.IIMX
Mexleii City, Mux.. Oi l. N llelleial
Miltuel till has been atilioltlted to sue
Cecil (Iciicrnl Saiijlnex In eoiinnaiiil ol
federal Ton es n Sonora. In order mat
iieneial Saujluex, who was reeiully
thrown from bis horse and broke a l ib
,,,.. i)lt elveo a chance to recover
. . -
Waxhliiulon. Oct. S. To make llrxl
lialiil IlivexllKalloti of the cIhiioh lor
.,..,.. .... ,1(M Hl.i ,,r Mexican
' 't, , ,n , .
bonier diillni? the iMatlero revolution.
Lleilti'lianl 'nloiiel 1' ialo ls ,1. Keiuan.
Major I'M I A. Ilelmbk ami Lleulcnaiil
Moreiin. the colli mission recently ap
pointed to Ifpott nil the Itie'ltH of
:, :,, i. i,,.,.,,.
H"H n.s.s. Mill It- b. ie II .. all l
pail i.r IIiIh week Inl 1)1 1 Ml Hi. In lie
Kin 1 1 1 1-1 1 work.
I'o dale, twelve . laluif, nil rm
ll. ilhS nl ie-XOllal IllJllI'leM, IIVe III ! II
pn xelllfll In llln COIIIIUlSSIlill, allllnlll'O
ll i t beln Wil ntlieix Will lie lllllde.
M : l ' N N( HtTI I WI NTI JIt V
a;ai.n ci t iiv itiiiu.i
.Inaie.. Mex.. Oct. X The iMetn
'nilbM'Steiu rallw.n was cut by nb
tit Iml.iy Kill klhimeteix Hollllll'illl of
.ln..iix, again Hi I ii 1 1 1 ii K nil nil cmn
itiuiiieatlitll Willi the interior of Men
I HilH lllillll. TeleC.l.lph Wires were
ai Hid hildficH and a freight Main
I, pulled bllllled. CnllilltlollX 111 no
i.mM American sellieiueuiH n;
I In i niiii i all Hot lit' Ii al lien.
... i,rHHr,i wire to livening llernlil
( (.ll,1.,.Ht,IVN)l( Vu . Oct. H his
Iri'Hltlg NCellKH Mie
Wllliesseil niniiK
f ,. l.lt. I'li.elt InllaV
when depu'v
xllCllllH evil tell the lalllllles Of Kl I IH
lug inlneis Inmi Ih.iiihh tli" v haw.
ncupleil sli the minis Worn opened.
i.... ... l,.i in ,, 1 1 , . 1 1 1 lt eiiiseiv
,.,li.ili.,i i, ii, .Militia lo ineveiil
I n.Ht it-nl iii-lit. The stl lkeix were no
tified tun iiiolitlis agn llial llii'V miisi
return to work or umve.
An InvestlKiillun of the ehaige l inn
tho men of Compuiiv M. flrxi West
Virginia Infantry, hail beeu drlliliiK.
which liegun by Ailjilluut (leiier.il
, , , , . ((llliy T,, pat'ent Is
1 ,
Illy Leased Wire to ISveblns llaraltll
Tami-im, Mexico. Oct. . -Tlio
eliarred Imdli M of Iwelity-IWII Victims
in.,, riiinx
j.'tve hundied Ii. m powder ex-
pjoded durliiK a I it .mil H is ih-iu vm
nearly ririy persons wim iinnn aim
xeveral huuilred injuieii.
. Lincoln Iloachev. aviator, met 9
4 wlfli a slight mishap two mlu- 4
utcx after H'iirtlng his first flight
at Traction punt mis ariornot n,
I which elided tl IM flylllg fOT tile V
d-iv, although ho will resume u
in., ml tomorrow. Crossing u J
rneudow south mid l Iho reur
of tho grandstand, Ilouchey, fly 4
tug close to tho ground, hud tho
misfortune to strike a barbed
wlro fence with ono wlttg Of his
muclilnc tearing nut soma stays
..II ..nit. ,1 l.iu fnl.
mu ana nnniiTV
uuiin ,nnn uuuiiii
nrmn nnnnTrnp
Big Crowd from Mesilla Valley
to Put Ginger Into tho Good
Roads Mooting Here To
iNprrlnl lllnin(eli In denies: Hernial
Las CiuciH. N. M Oct. N.-
Dona Ana county 'x ileleKiitloll of
fifty. two cltlelix In the Oood
KoiiiIh colivelltloll at Alblliilel-
iiiie lx leiivliig lo'ie tonight In O
Iwu special chill teied I'lllllliilll
mis They will bit met at Kin-
. mii hv the Luna county tlelcga-
l Thlx lx tho blggext ilelegu-
Umi .'er sent out by Oonu Ami
i Miiiin They urn coming with
l.n .I ". initioiiH ami viixl eiithux-
i.e in ii. iei mined to do their part
I., .ii.",, the stain to tin meat
le i .1 'I I. Humble iiellnu en thn
i.. i.l i. .mi. I Issue.
Declined San Franoisoo Labor
Leader Admitted Arranging
for Explosions nt Los Ange
lly l.rinnil Wire In I'.vrnlnu llrralil
I nil Li t in ml I h , net. K. I'liiKenn A.
I'lauev, Sail KraiiclHiii, a lollimr ex
c llllm Imnnl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 uf the 1 toll -
WOl'llelH' illilnli, Willi ehlllKeil III tllO
( till I nl I lit- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 eaxeii today with
having atliullleil in government
alteiilx I hat he axillxletl III at raiiKlllir
ln' cxplnslntis at I .on AllgeleH.
Kxplnslnux al Moalli Chicago anil
HpNIlg leld. III. we.r ilexciibeil by
lilHtllct Allniuey Miller ut the .trial
nl llin licensed "dv ii. unite cnuxjiliu-
tnl'H Inilav.
Mr. .Mill, i iiabl m ile !: McMunlgul,
at ins iiuiiie in i hii agii in P niiriiary.
t'.ill, Jul .mime dyriiiiiilie mi n rudlator
in ihaw. When he leliirnml from
hulking nv.'i the ll niuos steel plant
at Kimtli Chliaitn he hiiw lllu little girl
nil the lln mi playluK Willi llln dj'llU-
When Die Si I II I h I'lll.'HUO plant Will
1.1. mn up nn l-'nlil nn y Jl, I'.ilt, Mr,
Mill, i eiiiil. MeNaiiiiira wauled to kill
a I. mill wad 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 heiaiise lie wail III
llln wav. lull .M -M ll ll I Mn I nbjecled.
ll- l.eitaeil Wire lo ICvenlnu lleratd
U'.tsliloKioii, net. k - Another chap.
let was ailileil lo I In- disputed story of
lln- so .all.. I llaillmall tL' III.OHII coll
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 to the Itc publican campaign
of I '.in I when Wayne MaeVeagh of
I'blladelplila loilav told Iho I 'In p Jt
II i ill ll I - of a telephone .oiiverwitloll
II. M. K Twoinblev had with tile lute
I'!. II. Il.ii liiiiau In I '.Ml I.
Mr. .MaeVeagh said thai while 111
Mr. Twmiihlcy'H utllee In lliol, the lat
ter bud a telephone lalk and loltl lilm
I liit l ll was with Mr. llarilmiiu; that
Mr. Hal l lm.iii bad said he tin tl lieell
to the Whlln House; that President
Koosevell had expressed anxiety thut
it t2(o,iiiin ruuil he i ii Isnil, umi thut
Mr. Ilaii'liiiaii hail agreed to It.
4'harleH A. I'eabody, president of
the Mutual Lire Insurance company.
Mr. MacVcugh said, wax In Mr. liar
rlinau'H oillce when Mr. IlurrltuMi was
talking with Mr. Twombley,
Mr. MueV'etigh testlilod that ho 'bud
been given to iiudurxtuiul Hint In mak
ing coutrlhiitloiiH In 11)01 Mr. Twonvli
ley represented thu Vundertillt mil
road lutercMtx, Henry (.!, 1'rlck, tho
oal umi steel Interests, und John D.
Aniiboid und tho Into 11, Jl, Itogers,
Mi.niitui ii oil Interests,
.Mr. Mat Veagh had objected to ro-
i.iiinu- the 1 1 1 1-li Id ri t h becuuho tho mon
coin erned were deutl and uiiublo to
testify, but the couiiiiltleo insisted.
Mr. Twombley represented, no uu-
tleiHtouil, the Vituderblll Interests;
Mr. Crick relirexelited coininel'CIUI
ami xleel Inleieslsi Mr. Archbold und
Mr. toirerx Hlamiiiril (in iniorcsis.
ami (leorgo .1, Ouuld, lending rullroud
IiiereilHO ill OoDiicr HliM'Jl,
New Vork. Oct. H. Tho stntotnont
of tho Copper Producers' nssoclutlon
for Heiitember shows un Increuso In
slocks on hand of 10,501,213 pounds
compared with tho previous montn.
Production for tho month wus 140.
0KU.NI9, u deorousu Of 5,538,7031 do-
ni'istiu uenvory, oa.iuu.biu, a no
creiiKii of IT., 281,808! foreign dollv
erv. 00.204.71111. ii docreuso ot 10,
22(i,3ri4; und total delivery, 115,735,-
uuoo, a decreiiso or 3n,4Hi,voj.
Aviator HuttnimlM to InJurleH.
UlrinliiKtniin. Ala,, Oct. i. Joseph
HleviiiiHon of iMIiieuln.'N. Y.. who fell
from bis blpluuo hero yestorusy, dUd
nuHu Duuoicno
nuu-m urnr
hQIl Hlrrl
Succession of Safe Hits Net tho
Red Sox Three Runs After
Tesrcau Had Held Them
Hitlcss for Six Innings.
Clever Work of Joo Wood iox
Bean Eaters Feature of Fc
tivities; Final Sooro: Bos
ton 4; New York 3. .
Mr Lessen wire to Brsala HsraU
Polo (Hounds, Now York, Oot. ,
Tim Hustons won thn first ra.na oil
tho world's series this alternooa,'
Forty thouxiuid persons saw a pitch
ers' battle In which Joo Wood, ol!
ltoslon, turned back tho Qkantu from
the plate, time and again, by htf
clevor box work. Tho Giants wer
the first to tako tho luad on sharp
hitting by Doyle and Murray, whose
bats figured In scoring two runt for
the OlontH In th& third Innlni. Te
reuti, tho O In tits pitcher, hald tttaf
Uostons hltloss until tho sixth wtasfe
Hiieukcr'H triple and an Inflsld oirt
scorvd tho lied Hos'a first run. A sue
uesion of snfo hits by Doston nttttxt
three runs In tho seventh- Innlntr, The
Oluiits rallied Bameiy ta th,.
lint wsro dhly' ubU to swore one ruff
on threo hits.
Polo (irounds, Now York. Oct. 8,
Soiuo forty thousand persona surged
Into tho vast rouchon of tho Brush
stadium toduy to witness the first
Htrugght of thu New York Giants,
pennant wlnnura of the National
league, unit tho Doston Red Box,
champions of thu American league,
ror thu world's championship.
Mayor iliiynor of New York and
Mayor KltzKniald of Doston Joined In
tho cheeilng for tholr respective)
leaiiiH. Tho mayors sut together III
mi upper tier box,
A day or Hiiiiihlnu and Indian sum
mer warmth was tho pleasant portion
of players and spuututors. Not a cloud
fleck"tl the sky und the bull players
agreed that Ii wus u rnro duy for thu
lOxclieil und anxious "fans" gath
ered befoio nlghtrull to secure the
first choice of snuts In (ha lowor
gruiiilstiiiul und back field bleachers.
Hut thero wiih no need for tho all
night line, for when thn gtitoo were
opened umi tho first rush of enthus
iasts hud been taken coro ot tharo
were Mill lio.UUO suats to bo had. All
morning thero wus n constant pouring
of Hpectutorx through tho turnstiles.
Thu lower grutiilstand wus filled at
noon, Tho upper stunds being ro
Hervod wero the Inst to fill and the
teuniH hud about flnlshud tholr prac
tlco when thn lust spectators passed
through tho turnstiles.
Huck uf tho Itad Box bench were
crowdod tho "fans" from Doston.
They wero thero to cheer and yell and
they did It with a lustiness that vied
with tho crlos of tho Mew York crowd.
A brass bund pnrchod In a. stand near
ino infi rieiti tiiuactiora was urownea
out by the constantly cheering crowd.
ino niiiiotiui commission rieia &
meeting this morning and save Its In
structions to tho umpires.
."Nuniior ot mo rival managers was
prupured to announce his batting or
der cany tunny, ror overytntng ae
pendnd upon the selection for box
work Jtiit before the game.
uncertainty over the Ullohing selec
tions indlcuted some Jockoylng of bat
ting orders just before tne umpire-in-
chief cried "Play ball" at 2 o'clock
this afternoon,
Tho curly comers bogan to gather
at tho Hrush studlum early last eight.
uy midnight mis lino had grown to
COO people, It grew cold toward
morning und tho crowd snuggled olosa
to tho high board fence grans Eighth
avenuo to escape a idling weot wind.
a woman appoarea in line just aner
midnight and was cheered. 6h wo
not long without feminine company.
Hy sunrise a score ot women had ap
peared. Club offlolals evtlmatod that .
thero wcra four thousand people at,
tho gates ut ( n, m.
uoston was tne ravoriie at io to s
und 10 to 9, Dettlng this mornlns
found plenty ot Boctdn money tn
night. Hots at 6 to 6 that Boston
would win It Joe Woods pitches totay
wero popular with the visitor,
it was unnouncea -ina Tttau ana
Meyers would be the batteries tor
New York and Wood and C4y tor
Umpires: Klem bohlnfl the featt
Kvnns took tho oaaest Rlaler went ta
right field, while O'Uugnila went I
leit neiu. , i i
Tho New York team ouxne on ,tn
field at 12:44 o'clock. 14 by Manurta
John McQraw, wh.0 VrY4 M hiM?'
as tue orowa opserfai. Zmyi
wore tholr home tuHtottii '(
with thin block irtatHi
the aianta' tetaA sasiisniiai as
tiiln, was presestM WMK eVA utlei
bile. The Qlaa Itt '.-,MvvH
vailing pmciw. ',w m.'SMS
on tno iiem live teveatuee. mmst
were slvea a hoarty aMar. ttve
pi alt .Itm ,

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