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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 11, 1912, Image 1

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"Sou. grt It In Oki UKUAliD.
ftxty Cents a montk or 15 cents
m weck iSdlrered at your door;
fifty oenta by null.
Vol. 2. No. AS.
Wool Growers in Spotlight;
Montezuma Ball Tonight
New York Goes to Defeat
Before Invincible Joe "Wood
; Whpop er JSf Xtrifkb'
and tomorrow for MMjeM,. ; !
; of the Dls) fat ael W ' I
out In a btMO of ajterf. Biisi '
Cold Wind Braved by Record
Breaking Throng at Trac-j
tion Park Yesterday
Changes to Warm Sunshine.
Till' full milllHgl'llli'tll Mil-
Uuuiicch -that owing Ik Hi.' in-
cMmciit weather ji'NiiTilny mill
tli extra cxpciim- entailed in
bringing a ni'W iiliitr. tlif irec
lint will he miHpondcil luniciii.iu.
riitu tii .v Mixiim state r.nr.
With tlif liiiKi'il crowd ever known, Ih
going wind iii In a hlae nt gloiy
Ih ovlil.hl, iitiw tliat t lln liflli day "1
llii; program lias gone through with a
whoop iiinl then- ri' 1 1 mi I iih tin.- lam ntitl
culminating day with llii' grand car
nival Jolllllculluii ami ciiliri'lll colu
liriiilnii Saturday night down town.
Tin colli wltiit which made It un
comfortable lor i ln big crowd yi'Strr
ilay afternoon at tint fair groumlH to
day gave place to epiirklliiK Haiisliino
anil -balmy ulrn, an Ideal October day
III .New Mexico with a h. ileum ptnmlMe
by tliu weallier man that It will re
main clear tomorrow wlih gradually
rlnlng toinpornliiro.
The fair thlH year Iiiih been remark
ahle fur the rnot Unit the vlnltorH liuv
nut, an tixiial, coiini-d to arrive liy tho
Tit 1 1 1 tl li) of the Week, lull have kepi
rlKht mi coming ii to iho next to tliu
IliHt duy. Alore are aclnally expected
tonight lu tuke In tho llnul day of tint
iltf week. Ori!lnftry"ntP"I)'rtnner crown
una boon III evidence un Thursday;
lull It reached It IiIrIiohI mark lodiiy
mid prospects are that it will ho mill
Manually larger loiiinrrnw'.
It Ih a pretty well Hatixlled rrnwd,
take It all around. The dally program
of nuiiim-nieiil at the fair grounds him
J.een full or ginger alld ihrlllH all the
nay, thn niotoreyclv nii-ch holng abmii
Die fUHtcHl tiling III the wa) nl Hpeoil
iiinteHlH ever held in AlhtliUt-iiiic
The local inutni cycllflt.i have luken to
the ruollig 1iiihIiic-hm like veterans mid
the element of danger In Ihe lorriHe
Hpeed iiei'i'KMary Ih plenty einuir.h to
keep an audience un the lll Vive. The
wi'Htern HpurtH urn highly popular, the
horse racing and ham-ball hiin kept
Interest very much alive and tho ox
hlhliM alone are enough in Ive the
LN'ew Mexico 'ImoHter all he wmilH to
hee at tin i;rolindfl,
Today w Wool Orowers' day and
the Hi'.s-IOIIH of the New Mexico Wool
llrowerit' iiNHUulutlou have oeeli thn
principal feature, tho iueelln beliiK
iittiuk'd by 11 Iiitkc nuinhur of reprn
pctitntlve wool grow'crn from all parts
of tho Mate, Kalhereil to iII-viih.h tliu
prohleinM now hofure that Indnxtry
The iIiik allow on t'eiitral avenue haH
attracted lurico crowdH hIiico Hh open
liiB, both of dor fiuiulers and the ptih.
He at largo end has proved a ruont
MicccBHful adjunct to the fair.
Tho MonloRUina 'jail, society ovont
par cxcollnneo nt thn year In New
Moxlco, happuni tunlght nt tho Al
varudo and will bo a scenu of lirll
llanco and soyaty, tho Hpiirloun hotel
having t)eb.t moitnlflcontly decorated
for tho ouruMon, Tho arraiiKHinenm
lomtnlttce hwitlcil by 11- O. Jaffa n
Keneral chalriiMtn lm boon uxtromnly
buny unci btiy to good effect. Men
and women of prominence from all
over tho Htnto will alien. I tho IiIk
function, tho Krand tnareli to bu led
by flovornor V. C. McUonnbl and
Mrji, MoDonald .and iMnyor D. K. H.
Hellern and Mr. Hellcm. Kxuollont
liiunle tiiK hron provided, and all tho
nppolntmiinU will b fully up lo and
ahead of tho IiIkH HtnndiirU ulroady
Tbo rarnlval nUrncllntiH oontlnuo lo
do ti K"'d bUilnpM and Iho nluhtly
crowdn In thn down town section nro
A dUllnctly novol foaturo of tho
confetti nlihl celrt)rllon tomorrow
night will bo tho tiltr dnnco. to bo hold
on Central aventio for four blockf In
th liunlnoM wctlon In whloli every
body In exported lo participate. Mualo
will be furnlBheil by Iho 'band und
tho Btreot pavemont will bo cleaned
cipeclully for Ilia occalon. Mnki
go all tho way down the line and
many motley eoMumeii arn expected to
inuke their appearance
ixhvmwn PAV InOl(AM
Tho exercli of C'olumhu iloy to
morrow, ,(t fn In ttio official pro
gram tvIIIo m,ot linpreMlvo and In-
tct.iing it ml largo number of poo-
M. llll arlllllH pnrtH of till MlltO
ii i..- , miik Iuto especially fur the m-
! Ml.
Official Program for
Saturday, October 12,
Columbus Day
Dim n Timii Moriilui;.
! no Malld eolieert.
lo mi Campbell Culled Shown
on Central avenue. All xhnwx
"p. ii.
la. dii ColtimbiiH Day eerclH-
I'M in-Kin.. I'll pnl benediction at
I m mat-ti In 1 1- Conception church.
liill.iweil hy parade of all Cnlh-
oil. HHCll'tlcH III A I IllllJ lll'l li . i llll O
Vliiiiitieriiii- and HareliiH to the
l-.'lkh' opera holixe. Where all ad-
diem will he ulveii by the Hon.
iliorue I'. Conh-y of .San l-'raiu Ik-
- mi "CiilnitllittM." Atti-llded b.V
CoMTiior McDonald and Htnff
4 mid Mavur Solium mid city coon-
. II
lo no ,llilliiieiiUo Kelillell
i lull uliuw open. Ireo m l, hlr.li
diving man, i-orner I,''iimi mid
c, ntt.il.
II no---'n-i net, aeruhatlc
l I iiiruiam i-, curlier Seeund and
I 'air (irniilul Afleriioou.
I fleo for all Hot.
i ir. Hahnhall, Silver Tts .
I 'air (il'niiinl Afternoon.
I un tieo for all Hot.
IK. Hllhnhall, Silver Ct v.
J iiii Klvi-i-lKlllllH Illlh- ilell
i ii i. ii . ii i- race. 9
- .'in .Motoioyi'h- tiu'e.
.' I'- Illlh- mill tie I'aoe, iwn
I- ami
nl' euwlioyp, one Indian
V lealll.
8 no lll-Ht
Kraii in, In
fllKht, Iloy
I'W'hi Ti iii-tor
plain ,
it I.'.- Six and one-half fiuloiiK
riiunliiK race.
:i :io Motoreyelo race.
il Ifi -I'ool lopiiiK.
I on ItldlllK' btlekerii.
I:i:. Second fllKht. Iloy N.
I'rmi' lH In Twin Tractor lllplaiie.
I. iio cowboy and cowitlll
iiiailnlle with hand ioiihI.
.'.no iinlloon iiHi'eiisloii und
paraehiito Jump.
ICvenlnn Down Tow u.
Conrettl ami Cm nival Mht.
7:00 Illumination of Alviirn-
do hotel. Campholl Culled
Shows mi Ceiilral avenue. All
kIiouh open. AlliiiiinriUe Ken-
llol clllh Mhnw1 open. p'reo net,
hlKh iIIvIiik man, ini-iier Firm
ami Central.
7: ill) Hand concert.
Dain-liiK on l enlial Avenue,
M.iil) - Hiand maieh led hy two
haiiilM. Ker body can niliHk.
Caved Hllci l will lie cleared and
ilillli llIK lii the II I IIH Ii' of llii two
banilH fn.io Kli'Mi lo l-'ourlh
itre'tn on Ci'ilral nveiiue.
S.illl Kree a t, IllKll Wile per-
foriii.in.i-, turner Second and
Ceiilral. 9
in mi -'r t rohalle per-
formmiee, eoriier Second mid
Aviator Francis
Makes Good at
tair Ihis
Aviator Hoy I-'ranclB thin after-
noon miiilo aliHolutely xucceHHflll
and nutlHfaelory ItlKhtH at Iho
Htnto fair KloiindH to thn Vant do-
llkht of tho crowdH. On bin Hi Ht
IUkIiI l-'ranrlH roue eiiHlly from
tho ground without delay and
iiKcondlnK hluh In tho air miido
a wide elrole northward, an far
iih thn Indian hcIiooI, reiurnhiK
and allkhtlnu MkllHully and ohm-
Hy. Krani'lH did the Mpltal Klhle,
HWoopi'il at the liiill playerH, Mild
all llt-ai-hy'H HtiililH. Ho will
inn Hi. Heveial iiIkIUh tomorrow.
l-'ranclH proved hliiisoii an ox-
pert aviator and fTIe exhibition
was entirely mitlHfaetory.
.MotxhiKor won the three mllu
handicap inotorryolo riu-ii thin
Aviator l-'runclM arrived In Alhti
(iieriU(i hiHt hint nlKht. acoonipanlcil
by bin moehanleliiiiH. J. R Muon and
Al HurrowH, IIIh IiIk Hlxty-home-
power blplano wiih In tho exproHn ear
on the name train and wiih unloaded
hero lout nlkht. I'ranclM wuh up lit
duyllfflit thin niornhiK und by 12
o'clock tin and IiIh mechunloliinH had
iiHHembli'd tho craft on tho Traction
park diamond, Marling" point for tho
fllKhtH. Frtiriohi bomied the Job of
putting tho biplane together In'
manner that Indicated ho know III
bulnewi. in utrlklng contrant to
Lincoln Ueauhey, Frunctn U full of
pep and glner, end toduy kept up a
rapid flro converatlon with hid
meohunlc, suKeatlnir from tlmo to
(Oontlnuad on Vagp 3, Col. 8,),
S. W. McClure, Secretary of
National Wool Growers' As
sociation Delivers Splendid
Address in Favor of Tariff
Sheep Men from Many Scc-
tionsof State Here to Dis-!
cuss Means of Protecting!
mr-..:--!. I
.new jucaiuu : urt'iticsr, in
"Wool KI'IIWUIK Ih in f the
Ki'oai IiiiIiihIMim of llii,. Kla i. an.)
III tin- lUiNelit e.iliipalKII the tt.it
iNrilli- lo 1.e deli l lnllicil In: Shall
wi prolei'i und tiialiihiln IIiIh Iii
. lltlMrj or .hall wi- ileHlloy It by
llirllf ri'ilociiiin- ThlH iM the ln-
Hiu- .oiir people must iletcrinlne
von Noxeinhei f. And in,, wlh.
lIllllKUllll Which tlu.e I. mil., Illtu A
ili t.-i 111 itia t Inn will decide wltelh-
er of in. i won- Male in to eon-
lllllie us ,i proHperoilH and 1 1 1 1 1 1 i -
I'oliillioliwealtll.' I'loin Mpeecll
hero today 'by S. W. Mef'luie,
Mi-crelary '.S'atloiial Wool (irou- I
era' afnorl.ill.in.
pmm,,. that enoiiKh proKleMM iiilKhl
Tho .Vow Mexico Woot Orow, an- ,'"",'h U"S'"M
fiK-iallon eonve I in annual uieelliiK 1 1 ''oiiiiih llyan, a chauffeur mid an
In tho lilka- Ihoator In Albiona-rono at ;l" wIiii. mh or tho liiinder. wiih th
Id o'clock today mid after a two hour , flr'" w"n'"" enllr.f lodiiy. IIIh tip-
kohsIoii, adjourned until ;i o'clock io- !""n,"" " HtirprlHi- to Hi
morrow niornhiK. The meeting of in,. V"H" , '!' "aM," "o1 I""vI"uh-
wool uniWeiH I...I,.. vu i.i.ui.iu- I 'Killed III Ihe eiiHc.
tie one, and while' not no well alleiiil-l
ed from Ihe far . oniitllei' of the Hlato
oh iiiiiieiimteil, tho attendniii'i) wn.i
nevorlboloHH KiatllyltiK.
Tho priiielpal feature of the hchhIoii
today wiih a Mpleiidid iiddriHH on Un
wind iuohI1iiii hy S. W. .Mi'l of
(.loodlliK, Idaho, meietaiy of thn Na
lllloiial Wool ljiiWel.' IINHoelalloll. Mr.
McX.ltiro i iiine lo AlblliUel'iile al the
api-olal iliMlnlli.il or Ihe New Mexico
IIMHOI'llllloil to CXldalll llelall till' at.
lltiido of the wool nu n on the larllT.
i.Mr. .Mi-C'liiro'H aildreoH wan a HiialKht
I,,.... ii i i.i. ...
Mi nil. lllllll'l IIIK'imeill III IllVOr
of priileetlon for wool men. II wuh a.
HiilendldoltatloiiorraciHaiiilllKurefi.il'1" '"V band on Mm wroiiK man,"
hIiowIiik t In. ir Iho 1 it 1 1 1 T on wool Ih
taken off Ihe wool llldiiHliy In New
Mexico ami In (ho other wool hIhIi-h
IH dooiiieil. Mr McCluic wenl lnlulr""r t,"' "" 'ImlV Look nt
di-tilllH to Hhow thai It H not the lar-l""' I'l'lHolieiM."
Iff Hint makiH woolen Lfooil.. eiiNt iiioie
but that It Ih tlio expeiiHlvo illsli.li
lllllitf Hyntem which i xlMlH In the Unit
ed SlalOH today. The Hpooeh hy Mr.
MoC'luro wiih hiicIi a Mpleiidid olio ami
oxplalliod lu Hilch Hliuplo and dlrecl
hiiikUiiKo a ureal many llilnnu heieto-
foi'u Hot IHldi'lHtooil hy people who do
I...I I........ il,.. Iu ......I, u ..i- il...
tariff on woo,, , ha, ,he aHoo.a,.on wl.l
huvo Rovural thnUHani. coplea of thn
Mieech printed for dhitrihutlon
IhioiiKhuiit tho Hlalo.
Tho iiieotlUK of tho nnHoi latlon wuh
called to order toduy by ClmrlcH Chud
wlck, Ht-crolary of tho aHxoclatlon, who
read a letter or ii'Ki'et from A, U. (lai -rutt,
of llomvcll, who wan uiiublo lo
bo proHunt. Iminedlaloly followInK
tho t-allliiK of tho meetliiK to order
.Mr. Harry W. Kelly of Iih Vi-kiih wiih
elentod iih temporary chairman. I'ol
IuwIiik the trariHactloii of routluo bun
IneHH II. C. Abliott or HprliiKer, wiih
elocted prcHlilont of thn aHHOclullon.
for tho cmnliiK year. Mr. Abbott wiih
teloKraphod a notlllcatlon of election
and Ih expected to arrlvo horn tomor
row to attend the Saturday uchhIoii of
the iiHHOcialtoii. II wiih decided to
authorize tho cjiIIIiik or meetlnKH In
all eounth'H in the Hlato for tho pur
pomi of oh-cttiiK tw'o m e m In. rw of tho
executive committee, which In (urn
will ulioHH n Hecrt-nry for tho orKuii
latlon. A eommllt n orKiuiUiillon and by
lawn named today will litivo a mootliiK'
In the neur fuiuro to dlnouH vihIouh
IiialteiH pertaining lo th-. niwocliitloil
anil for tho iiurp.mo of Holti.'tliiK u
conimlttoo Hecrolary. Tho eoinmlttoo
named today Ih oh follows: ChurloH
Chnilwlck, iMnx NordhauB, V, A. Hub
Ibell, Atbiuiuuriue, Jl. W. Kelly und
Mr, Marline of Iun Vegui.
Oovcrnor W. O. McDonnhl ntlendoil
tho ineetlnn of tho wool grower to
day find mado a brief speech In which
ho HUgge-dod organization for tbo
.mutual advancement nl the Interest!)
of tho sheep rniiern of tho mate.
Mr. McClure spoke In part on fol
lows! A I enmo throunh New Mexico
yesterday I saw from tho train mag
nificent ranges Mint nro dostlned to
mAKO Nw Mex'ao tho greatest wool
jtContlputd on Pago 1, Column 4.)
n io
Chauffeur Who Saw Rosen
thal Killed Trembles When
Confronted in Court With
Quartette of Gun Men.
Widow of Dead Gambler
Among Those Expected to
Testify Against New York
Police Officer.
f,,y ,"i win- to r.tminK nrmiiii
N"' Vork. (lot. II Jacob mid
MorrlH l.iili.in, tho "in 1. 1 I.hih wlt-
ni'ni'H" I'niiiiil by Dl-iilil Allolliey
Whit inn ii lu jail at .V u.irlc. were at
the erlmiiial cntirtH I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 c today,
waltlim to he called I., the Mland at
the tll.il i.r I'. dice I, i. . il. mint Meeker,
eliarKed with Iho niuid. f of llermail
ItiiHeiitluil. They wei. held In New
ark on cluiri,'cM of fnrKi-ry. hut on
their Klal.10.11t (hat llnir iirront wan
a "frame up'' and tb.it one of ihem
wiih mi eye wIlneHH t. the iiiiiider,
I","'v V" l,:"i'"''i ami Iiiihikiii
Nl'W Vlllli.
(ilovauul SlandlNli, aiiullicr wllnchH
lo the tra-eil, and Min. I, llll. hi IIom-
ii t Im I, widow of the murdered kiiiiiIi-
ler. W'ele ill her wlllleMNI'M W 1 1 1 1 II I , ,t
e.ieeled, thn Htale would fall
- The Informerx, lloxe, Valloti,
Weber and Keheppn, Were held III
,"ur KUiillieh were broiiKhl hi
" 1 "y,,M ",lH UHkod to pick.
out tho man who Hied Iho hIioI thai
killed HoHiuthal.
"Whom did v 4.ii rorer In of IIh-no
lour men?" ael.i-il AhnIi taut DlMrlct
Attorney ,Ioh..
"I lllllll'l lefel- I
Hyan appeared
.ill body," lie ill"
yen ipilckly oi cr
'bll'eil, ellllllllK hi
i "lllllll'l JOII lell llll! nHHlntuiit iIIh
I ' b'l atloruey, In Urn prltoii ycHter-
ly. Ihai ymi were iifnild to put y.iiir
1 1. .....I .... i.t....,.i i ...
nun. i'li 'lien ,MV, .1 IIIKH,
" wiih iiliuld i-. Iicciiiiho 1 mh;lit
! I't'HWeied II. mi n. in . weal. Voice,
"('"" v"" mn'in inlorrilpleil .Inn
' u'" Oorr. 'ihai i.n- nun of Ihivn
"y"11 ' H"HiiK look nl tin.
four. Kvery oin ..t tho Kuniiien was
eycliiK llllli.
"I aniioi," In r. idled In a tiiffi
iiiik voice. It. .in w.ih Ihou nllow-il
to ko.
Hn wiih follow, d on the Hlmid bv
Ulowilllil Hlanl. II. all eye Willi. -"i
' " ' ' ""Il 1'iwiivi ir-,
.'l... -!, II... ...III. .....
four iiii-ii were in .i.Klit Into court
Munich leri in. "iIiichh Hiand mid,
with hcHltalloii, t . i . keil out "Whltey"
i.owih an one ni th. inrce ho hail fi-i-ii
He WIIH llliuhle I.. ..Irtltlfy tile olh" IH,
imii Hworo that - wi.itoy" fired mn
of Iho hIioIh.
Siiiootli Mexican t.'rnft I.'xixihiiI.
.luare., Mix. n- 1 1 .A HyNloin of
prociirliiK uione i., tho Htirrnnder of
rebel Holdler.H Ii xi. sod by nlle(jallniiH
inadi. hy fed.t.il i.iii.'IuIh hem. Col
onel l.naro Al.nn- in Jail lu Kl I'iiho,
had orrorod to ..hi. . tho Hurrondor or
IiIh forooH whli h he wild numbered
. moil. Iln want.. I 20,000 penoH for
Iho order fm Ihh imin to Hiirrouilor
and accept ihe ..oinimty offered hy
Iho fed i mil itoveiiiun at. It lt learned,
however, thai trie uihih force never
niimliereil I'm, ami Hiut all have been
Child HIIiuIh Seir and .Matron.
Oakland, 'al., o.t. 11. 'I'o iohIhI
beliiK taken In tin. detention home,
Kllxabi'th ThoiiuiH, .l H year old
llmiuent olilld of Una oily, diiHhed lyo
Into Iho faeo or Mih. W. II, Kelly, an
fllntant proballon oiheor, then blinded
lierHeir by throw Iiik another cupful
Into her own oycH,
To DlhctiKH l'cniiy I'oHtnico.
T'ueblo, Coo fx I. 11, Tliu Hiibjer-l
of penny pohIuk" will ho taken up by
tno Colorado A.hhocIii tlcrn of Comuier
cliil KxeeutlvoH at tin next meeting, to
bo held lu thlH city on Oc toiler 10.
Itoowtvcll InvadcH WImwiimIii.
Ht. I'uul, Minn., Oct. U, Col.
ItooHovelt urrlvod hero from Duluth
ut 0:20 thlH inornhig and remained
until 8:30, when ho loft for on In
vasion of WlKcoiiHln. Ho wbm
MOheduled to make his principal ad
dresH at OslikoHh tonight. Ht. Paul
progrcwlves made no. urrangeinoiilM
for tho coonol'H brier stay here und
ho did not leuvo Jilu ca?,
Attempt to Hold Up Kansas
City Southern Train Results
in Wounding and Capture
of One Outlaw.
lly I.i'iiki-i Wire to i:rnlim llcrnhl
I 'el I Slnilli. A 1 1., nil. II, l-'.iill'
haililll.H louiKli-d llle llnld-llp nf a
inn 1 1 I i i 1 1 1 1 KaiiMiiH lly Southern
pn.-hi Iiki r tl.llll hetweeli Hatfield mid
Mi iiii, Ark., early lodn.i. One wiih
Wntllliled alld captured and till) othei
outlaWH i-Hcaped aller a halllo Willi
lIXpli'HH MeHHellKel Merrill llurKotl
nl Kiiiihiih cit, .Mn, iii which llur
lied ovhaiiNlcd bin .iiiimuuilliiii ami
wan badl beaten. Ilnicll Hllut tho
I'nhhei', who wait db nvered all hour
later alter IiIh i iiii'p.uiIuiih had de
Hol'lcil him. The lohliei In lielllg coll
e)cil in Menu. I'M It or inoie mt'ji
III all iilioi'il iioHHi. are puiHlni; Iho
liamlltH. Ilium tl ih In a hoHpllal al
Menu. lie will lecnver,
Tho i rain, known iih No, -, left
llalUelil, Ark., al I 2 o'cliick. While
I tin it-ti wuh winking In IiIh car ho
Haw the banilllH claiuherlllg up lo the
Hide door. The) hiiiiihIiciI tliu glilHU
wllh their n volMi i.uttM,
llUI'getl HplllllK In It IM UloHt valuable
packagcH and htd ihem, denpllo l lit.
hull of InillclH which Hid ImmlllB
pouri'd Into the uir,
Tho paekaKoH hidden, Hurgett linn,
cd IiIh alleiillon In iho InvaileiH. Ah
IIUI'Kctl lll'eil at till-Ill till) lollllel'li
reached thioligh tho Hliuinllcil wlli
hiWH mpl looHeneit the catch which
held tho door fium Urn IiihIiIo. Thoy
Hpiaug Into thn car, lliing on HuiKett
iih liny nilwilicod. Thn meHHi-ligei'
leaped behind baggage and hiut Iho
rohhcin' Hie, Hhot fur ehot.
Tliu Iraki had atlalncd a npeed or
nlioiil Ihlrly uilleii in, hour and ap
paieiilly none or Iho train or locoilio
tlo clew- knew that a hold-up wan
being nllniii. led, A hint till, it fired hy
I til IT,' 1 1 In Ion. Ihe liihhelH gullied
lilt, iii'.ldo nl thn car wntllidoil oliu
or III. in.
The right continued In.t uulll I in r
giii'M iiiiiiiilgeH worn gune. Tliu rob
h clohcd Iii mid nvei'poweicil hint,
ullhoiigh ho guvn halllo to three,
wi. I.I iiik Hie hull or hlh Mlioli hIioU'.iio
iii..iiv.l. Tho bandllii clubbed Ho
rn, x' io.. r icpcatoilly, iiHkiug:
'Hie MH llllli plleluige ill' IIIOIH'.'
l:i'..ii.K, lluiriilt cioileheil III a
ii. in. i- .' I Im car while tlio roliliclH
i.i ui., Ih i. nl and kicked him, lull did
n-ii i,..il the hiding placo,
'I Im haiidllH Hcai.'hcil iho cur earn
lull), loiiud nolliluu, llieii applied Iho
air hralii-H.
lly lliln lluio Hie Hani coiidii'lor
had begiiu an liiveHtlgalluu, Ah Hiu
coiidiicl.il' eajiii. fol Wind wllh lllil lull -lei
ii llle I'oliheiH lied.
Ill iiiihwi r lo tlm condiH lor , i -pealed
knoi king on thn door of Iho
eXpni-H em- I llll Ut-tt HllilKKliid Iii IiIh
foot, uiiloi ked the dunr, limn falnlcd.
Ill) WIIH loViVod lulig ellullKll 10 KIM)
U hl'ler Hkeleh nf the ullfliiplud hold
up mid thn train w.ih iimhod luio
A piiMHii wiih ul'ganieil In pursun
Iho i-obherH Into the IiIIIh near Hat
field .i iiii l'oilor, Ark. .Near 1'otti.r
Iho wounded robber W'iih futiiiil.
Jim wounded lolilicr, who Ih un
Id. liliflcd, lecelved u ehargo of Hhol
In the iireiiHi near Iho houit. 1'rob
abl ho will die.
Ili'iliil in .Mlmii'MiIll,
HI. I '.i ill. Minn., int. U. W. J.
Kryaii Inwidiil AllniiiHiiia loilay. Ito
tell (liand I'nrka IIhh iiioinlllg and
made heveial I'e.ir pl.t l f i.rili HpecohcH
iiii hie wav lo Die Twill illl.H, being
dun here lonlglil Ml. I'imui will
leave about inlillilghl lor Cedar Hup
IiIh and 1'ch MuIiich, Iuuii,
I'liiiuhci- Hiuw AmncL-,
Akron, ()., del. II. jnhii V. Mi -Donald,
a plumber, loilay rhot and
killed IiIh three year old hod and Ihou
Hf i'il hullota lulo Ihe IiciuIh of Ida
wife and Hlstor. Mih. Mclioiiald lit
believed to ho filially Injured and lh
HlHter Ih lu a HorlmiH eondKlon. M -lioinild
wiih arrested.
l.lncoln'H CoiihIii IHi-h,
Albany, III., Oct. 11. Captain David
('. HaiiliH, aged H7 yearn, it flrnt
coiihIii or Aim Lincoln, Ih dead nt IiIh
homo hero. Ho wiih one of the oldeM
PIIoIh mi the MlHNiKHlppl river.
IXtcrnilncil lo Hlilclde.
Trinidad, olo Oct. 11, Ahigetio
wobter, urrciitcd Hiuurday night on
u robbery charge. ycMorduy mado hiu
third allompt ut Hiilchlo. Ho dashed
Ida head against a mono wall In tho
county, Jail, und wuh round uncon
ncJou, and revived wllh lUlllciilty,
Twloojh tried to uUuimlo hlnu-olf
with bo0 mcM.
Ottoman Forces Unprepared
for Vigorous Assault; Im
portant Town of Scutari is
Menaced by Invader.
lly l.rnsril Wire to Uvenlnrr llcrnhl J
l.otiihni, net. I I. The rail of Iho
TurlilHli city of Hcutarl It Imminent.
I 'iih is TuiklHh l elnlorccmciitH ar
ite hi... ii tho luwii, wllh Hh manii
lai t.u lei nf Hro aruiH, will ho taken
h tin- niUaiicIng Montonogrlu jinny.
The i litem, mi goverumont took light
ly Monieiii grlu IhreatH, and the Turk
lull military nulhorltlcH worn nut pre
pared no that frontier iih on the
Hclxl.tii ami Ituhoii'luh bordeiH. Ileneo
the I'cpi.ilc.l ii.nllnued MtlecexH nf Iho
King Mi Ii. .Ian In recti.
Tin- M-.tili'tiegrhiH inlluwed tip
their hiu i ii s l,v capturing ycnlcnlay
Ihe lull go. ml hi TiihIiI, IIiiih iuiprov-
lug Hn- load lor an advance on Hetl
tai l, ami an ..in. lul telegram re
celed li) ihe c. muni general of Mnn-Icm-gin
in I...111I1111 HiiyH tho advance
Iiiih I, .gun. Ii Im pointed out hero
Hint Hn- ua cannot ho traveled with
out Hi i'ioiiH lighting, an the Albanians
lu Ihe li-liiii have been aroused by
TtiihlNh i'iiiIi.iiiIoh and are expected
In inlii Hn- idtom.in Hoopn. Nowh
I loin ulher pmlH or tho Monleiiegrlu
rrouiler Im more conflicting.
If. iih Ih generally belloved, Moll
leiumo precipitated her declaration
of war iih a part of tho Hlrategy of
Ihe I In 1 1 mi allien, the unprepnrel
iichh of Turkey on h r Irontler in'til
him- Inl'lin lic.'il lier iIccIhIiiu,
CuiiHlmitliioplo, Oct. II. -No fewer
Ihmi llii.iiiiu TiirklHh n-oopH from
Aula Minor will, It Ih (Hthmitod, bo
ciiueonirati-d within a week In l-luro-p.
nil Tin I,. . TIiIh will bring Iho of-
In Hvo I'm r Ihn Tiii'IiIhIi army Up
in i. .in- hundred thntiHiiiul men.
Tiil'kiHh nirielalH miv ihai thn day
-I lllal has rnuiiil the military de
p..l:' full nf nlurcH and at my eiiilp
in. nl complete and of good iimllty.
ir Iho HiilgarluiiH in anting on
Ihe HlllierlorllV or Ihelr i.l L'linly.il hn.
ami Ihe greater rapldllv wllh which
lln ir army can be mublll.ed to give
Hum a maleilal ailMiuliigc thov will,
a. e.,nllig In Tuiklnh nlHeeiH, receive
a ilcagl'i-eiihle Hill prise,
Tin i illoiiimi iiolliiii HI. ,'i huvo for
ioi.iiIIim been Hliciigtlieiilni; ih-roiiHeH
ami I'liiieeniralliig IruopH In Iho Im
ii. u I .one, compi itiliig Adi lanoido
ami Kill. KIII.-h.'Ii. IiinI in. nth or thn
Hulgailaii Irontler. .Since the general
lllnlllllZlllli.il wan ordered n ui'i.nl
nl ream nf men hua been puiit'lug lulo
IIH- illKlllel at hn rate lallerlv of
Uii.OHll dally.
Tlll'klxll lifflccltl I'ecnuiily.. II...
I'ldcllilld i llll III l.-i nf llle mill lu Iho
riiiikH nr Hn- Hiilgai'laii army. The
lill.ihllllv nf Hie ChrlKthlllK liorvlllg
Iii the iuiiKh nr Iho TiirklHh army Is
mn- nf ihe great probleniH or Iho mo
no ut for the iiltoinan comuuinderH.
The Al'lmiiimiH urn oxpoctoil lo lie
have IiimiIU, hul Ii Im h.iIiI Hint It
wniild xlinw Ignorance of human ua-
lllle In l.ni! .el(H lo riglll llglllllHt
(IreeliM, nr ItulgmlatlH agahiHt Hill
garlmiH. ami lln-ro are many of thoHo
niilliinalllli'H In Turkey.
The fooling among tho native
hllHliiiiui iiiiiv he gauged In it cor
lain exlenl hy Ihelr efforlH lo oh
cape ii-oiii Hervlco hy Iho payment of
a tax or liy halting abroad.
Oauir All lu ToIIh.
I'liohhi. Colo., Oct. 1 1. Willi the
arrival horn of Max Kiihm, who wiih or.
roHleil ycHloribiy In Colorado HprlngH,
nil moinhorH or tho gang alleged to
'no Implicated in u gorloH of rohborhvi
nl Ihn DollVor Ait It lo Oralldii riillwnv
ire Iii t IiIh dly. Another Information'
wiih men iigiilnut Kmm hero
MiiMt I'.tlc) at Once.
chbagi., iiii. ii Warning- was
gheii h tfiuie'H Ailoinoy Wayinan
luibiy lo two hundred owikth and
agi-nlH of pruperly Miild In bo iihoiI for
lioinoral purpoHOH to evict Ihelr toii
Ji II IH or HUffei- proHcCUtloll.
Ohio Hllo CIiohi'i.,
Han KninclHco, Oct. 11, Oovernor
.IihIhoii Harmon ami tho Ohio Kxposl.
Hon coinmlHHhin aelected yeiterday tho
Hlto for the Ohio state 'building at tho
il'iiuiiinii-l'aclfhi exposition. Ten
ihoiiHiinil perHoiiH viewed tho cere
mony of tho ralHlng of tho Ohio atato
IhigM by the governor,
Muhoilh liar flalooulsta.
I.oh AngoloH, Cal Oat. 11. -By a
virtually unanimous voto. tho Califor
nia grand lodge of Masons adopted a
resolution excluding from membership
any oin. engaged lu tho saloon busi
ness. Helling in connection with a
ijoiiuildo rostnurant or hotel la es
emptcd, , .
Forty Thousand Fans Gather
at Polo Grounds for Melan
choly Spectaole of Home
Cluh's Undoing.
Shortstop Grabs Siczlers Bound
for Center Field and Pinoh
es Out Hitters at First Bang
by FaBt Throws. k K
it. n. h.
Ilontoti vvrrrrji 9 l 11
Now York .w.vm X 0 11
Dy Leased Wire to Kvaalac UaraMJ
I'oio urotindH, Now York, Oct. 11. 4
Tho HoHton AmorluunN defeated the!
New l uric Nutlonals by a aooro of &
to 1 today In the fourth gnme of tho
world'H HcrloH boforo a crowd num
berlmr about 4d nnn
Wood, IIohIoii'h pitching star; was In-
vinctiiio wnen hits meant ruua and,
tho New York butters could do noth
ing with him. Wood did nut glvo a
biiHo on balls. Wagner played a
Htrong game at Hhort for Boston, tak
li.g Hovoral hard hit balls that wero
heading for center field, whllo on the.
dead run und pinching tho batter at
first by fast throws.
Tho official score:
n08TON i-
AB. U. B. PO. A. .
Hooper, rf 4 n i x o o
YerkoH, ih 3 0 1 U'6 0
Hpi-iiker, of 4 0 1 2 0 0
l.ovvU, If 4 o 0 1 0 0
Oiifdnor, Uh 3 y 3 o 2 0
Htiihl, II 2 1 0 9 0 0
Wiiguor, mi 3 0 0 2 3 1
I'uilV, c 4 o 1 10 0 0
Wood, 4 0 2 0 2 0
Tolnl.H :u 3 8 27 13 1
AU. rt. U. PO. A. K.
Dovoro, If 4 0 1 0 0 0
Uoyle, 4 0 1 tl 0
HnodgniHH, i-r 4 (I 0 2 0 0
Murray, rf 4 0 I 3 0 0
Merklo, Ih .-4 0 1 8 0 0
HorKog, "ii t 1 2 2 1 0
Moyorn e 4 0 0 fi 1 t
Hotelier, hh 4 0 I 3 0 0
Tchi-chii, p 2 0 1 0 2 0
McCormlck 10 10 0 0
Allien, p 0 0 0 0 1 0
TolalH 3fi 1 0 27 12 1
McCormlck batted for Tesreau In
Hooro by Inning:
IbiHtou 010 100 001 3
New York duo 000 100 I
Twn-biiMn hit Fletcher, Hpealier.
Three biiHo hit Oardnnr. HIU Off
ToHreau, two ruim and flvo hits In
21 tlniiH at bat, In seven Innings; off
Amen, ono run, throe hlta In eight
llmcH at bat lu two Innings, Sacri
fice hiiH- YerkoH, Hlahl, Htolen hoses,
Morkle, Hlahl. Double pluys Fletch
er to Morkle. I.oft on bases Boa
ton, 7; Now York, 7. Bases on bulla
-(iff ToHreau, 2s off Ames, 1. Klrst
biiHo on errorH -Niiw York, 1, Htruck
out -lly ToHreau , 8; by Wood, H,
Wild pitch Tesreuii. Time, 2i08,
HmplroH At plate, Hlglorj on bases,
D'l.unghllne; rt field, Rvhhh; right
Held, Klein.
Polo (IroundH, New York, Oot. 11.
Hodden cIoihIh that mado a constant
threat of rain fulled to dampen the
ardor of thoiiHands of Now York
baseball enthusiasts ' who f looked out
to thn Polo aroundn today to ion tho
world's werles between tho Now York;
NutlonatH und tho Boston Amorlcans.
Tho nutlonul commission did not
decided to play tho gamo until a few
minutes before noon, when Umplro
O't4.ughllno decided that while tho
playing field was very soggy, a gamo
could bo pluyed If no moro rain fell.
Ten thousand fans waited for
hours ir a long lino that extended
for many blocks from th Brash
studlurn until tho gataa wore opened.
A heavy rain fell drlng tho algbt.
Tho commbislon decided that tha
gume had hotter bo p!ayd today, M
Indications were for rain torgomw.
There was a wild yell of joy from
tho crowd when tho gat -astro p.
ened and ths lower &iMfWm4i tuA
back field bleacher Hsir iUI
rapidly. J
The home club wftg the' first on tne
flojd, and as the pluywn 6jr4
thoy were given heaTtjr e)t?s, TH
usual batting praottes ttowsC,
An hour and av H tk
gome, found tha sky imil w
dull gray oJouds
SM, A..

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