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Thousands Honor Mariner Who
Anniversary Bate on Which
Genoa's Illustrious Son Dis-
' covered Amerioa Cause of
irilliattt Program.
Great Enthusiasm Shown at
Exercises, Which Mark the
First Public Demonstration
for Columbus in State.
Brilliant exercises Incident to the
Inauguration In New Mexico of Co
lumbus Day iih ii legal holldny were
held In Alhiitiicro,ue today, thousands
of people from this city und from all
section of the male participating In
honoring the name and memory ol
the Discoverer or .Ainorlcu.
The Columbus Day celebration wan
under the auspices ot the Knight of
Columbun of Albuquerque und wan
the most Impressive event In the his
tory of the order In the hIuIp.
The program for the day began In
the Church of thu lmmueuliile Con
caption, .where Archbishop J. H. Pit"
vul of Hantu Fe gave benediction or
the Mont Blessed Sacrament. The
church wan brilliantly decorated for
the occasion. Thu high altiir wan
bunked with flowers or every hue und
ithupp. A thousand candles threw 11
golden light over the sanctuary,
which was rragrant with the perfume
of the flowern and the pleasing odor
of Incense, which nrnst from censers
nwung to anil fro by ueolyles.
riad In golden colored vestments,
the archbishop and IiIm assistants,
grouped about the snnctuory und stir-.
ssbsbB 'jBH
rounded by oltur boyH wearing rodjirOxtKConveutlon. During thut conven-
and purple canockn und white ur-
pllcei, gave a final touch to the nee no
that wan pleuilng In the extreinr-.
The Klnrn nnd Htrlpcn, carrleir by
the color bearer of the many organ
IzutlunM thnt nnrt Ifltiiiliiil In lh n.l.
brntlon, Indicated thu aplrlt of the
occanlon and the patriotism and love
for country prominent throughout the
program of thu day. Thu wurin nun
f a perfect October duy filtered
through tho open doors of the church
and prevented any dlecomfort which
might have otherwise obtained, for
the edlflc was crowded, every neat
being taken and many people stand-
Ing lh the aisles and In the rear.
The service In the church weru
brief, laming only ten minutes, Dur
Ing the benediction the Junior choir
snug "Oh, Raving Host," und led In
the singing by the entire congrega
tion ot "Clod of Might."
Immediately upon conclusion ot
the church cervices the various urgan
Ixutlons, each In turn, left thu church
and formed In lino of march on the
Headed by Grand Marshal John A.
Johnson, on block churgcr. the pa
rade moved down Hlxth street from
the church to Central avenue and
through tho. principal streets of the
buslnese section. There were throe
bunds In the poraoe nnd more than
n thousantf'rr.en, besides hundreds ol
cadet from the various schools of
the city.
The first division of the parade,
Frank O'ttlelly, marshul, had In line
a band, the. government Indian school
cadets, BU JoMph'n cadets, thu Ha
cmJ Heart. cadnta and the Immncu
latu Conception cadets. Tho second
division wai'rnade tip of the Patri
otic Jnlofl America, the Mutual
Protection gaiety of Old Albuquer
que, the Hprila-Amsrlcan nenevolenf
Alliance, tne Spanleh-Amerlcan Alll
ancet theiCoWmbo society, the
Knlahta oiiCWilKibue.
Aftei"' knights ot Columbus
, column x.)
First Crossed the Sunset Seas
Frolicsome Fiesta
of Furious Fun
to Finish Fair
The Thirty-second Annual 9
New Mexico fair comes to mi
end In a riot of fun tonight on
the Direct A of Albuquerque.
It In Carnival Night. livery-
body who consider himself or O
hcrseir u booster for the Duke
City und the Huushltie Htuto In
expected to get nut und holler. 9
The streets In the carnival nee-
tlon wilt be c leu roil for dunclug
nnd everybody In expected to
Wear a masque and a fancy dress
coMume; 'If you haven't the
muMjue or the costume be there
any way, and be prepared to
liuve a good time. A competent
force of police will nee that there
Im no rowdylnm or disorder but
Just n grand old good time to
wind up the biggest fair In IiIh-
Korget the grouch, dismiss
Jour tumbles, put the bulldog
in Hie front room, lock up the
tuiiixe und go down town und
make ti aula ovenltiu of It. WY'vi-
9 bud u great fAr; Albuquerque
ban done hcrnctlprnud; the pen
9 pie of the t!ilthuve hud a gouil
9 time und lel'n liiuke the llliul
celebratliiu it regular Hti-in-
The Idea I to have a flood
Roosevelt Charges Illinois Ex
ecutive With Plain and
Fancy, Deliberate and Wil
ful Perversion of Truth.
II? l.t-mrd U'lrr lit Ktmlnv Jlrrald
( hit-ago, Di't. i'i (iovi-rnor Le
neen of IIIIiioIh wu.h iirciiMiil by
Colonel UooNi-Vell loduy oT dellbernte
and willful perverMlou if the truth.
Colonel ltooeevell I'huriictel l)!d the
governor iih "beliiK u friend and ally
of Lorlmur."
A copy of (loveruor IJetieen'R re
cent npeech In .SiuiuKlleld wiih given
to Colonel ltooxevelt on IiIm urrlvii 1 In
"1 hiivn not hitherto atemllcd Mr.
Deneen," he huIiI ; "Mr. Oeneen Iiiim
now ncen fit to iirmiiII me by deliber
ate und willful ihtmtmIhii of the
"Mr. Deneen nuyn thut 1 linked him
to limit hla reHoltitlon concerning thu
contcHtu to thirty-four of them. Thin
Ir ii falachood. I had no private ileul-
Intry wllh Mr. YIp.imum .liirlnir iIim l?lil
tlon I TiKatnc convinced of hlu nhuf
fling nnd ifhuble dealing. I grew to
feel a very hVirty contempt for him
und entirely ti mistrust his sincerity
und loyalty touho people's rauso.
"All tho cnnvYrsutlon about the
contesting delegutrs were held liter
ally with Hcores of leaders.
"Mr. Dfcnccu, when ho utters false
hoods, should cultivate his memory.
Ho continues by Haying thut hud all
of these thirty-four contests been de
cided In favor of me I would still
have been In the minority. Mr. Tuft
was nominated by twenty-one major
ity und the chungn of thirty-four
votes therefore would have put him
some forty odd in the minority.
"My utteutlon bus been called to
testimony by Mr. Deneen before the
Henute Investigating committee of
which I was Ignorant, and which con
clusively shows that Governor Deneen
was n friend und ally of Lorlrnor, thut
he suggested to I.orlmer that Ixirlmer
elect himself to tho senate, und that
he formed u defensive allluncu with
Lorlmer In the city of Chicago,
"I wish to cull thu utlentlon of tho
people ot Illinois to thu fact thut
Governor Deneen Una made admis
sions which show that he Is unfit to
occupy any position of trust In the
Following published statements In
which the members of the Knights
of Columbus expressed their desire
that politics be kept out of the Co
lumbus iDay celebration, It was an
nounced that Colonel Itonsuvelt would
not muko hla scheduled speech at
their exercises today.
White IUblwu KiMclAl.
Chicago, Oct. 18, The White nib
bon flpeclal .carrying most of the na
tional officers nnd several hundred
delegates from Chicago and the east'
to the annual convention 6f the W. C.
T. U. In Portland, Ore., TJctober IB to
it, will leavo here today. The offi
cers hnve been In oonferenco her at
nailgnal headquarters,
Montenegrin and Turkish
Forces Battle Furiously for
Supremacy; Thousand Men
Killed and Wounded.
fir leased Wire to ttveutBB Hrralil
Iiulon, Oct. 12. The Turkish
troopH on the MouteueKiln funnier
are offering stubborn resistance to the
(Montenegrin udvunces on Hcutarl. Tli0
lighting Iium been or (he inont nevcro
character, both iinnles losing heavily.
The '.Montenegrin army Is advancing,'
In two co In in n h, one couimeiuleil by
thrown Prince Dunlin of Montenegro,
operating to die north of like Scu
tari, and the other, coiiiinauded by
Cleiieral Martluoklteli, IiiivImk Its base
at Aiitlvurl, to tin. south or Luke
The suutliern movement h general
ly regarded In military circles iih u
during operation. According to tho
reports from Octllnjc, the Montene
grin artlller was rur from perfect.
King lSIcIioIiih' Infantry, however, had
proved udmlruble.
The heavy lighting Involved In the
attacks by the 'MonteiiegrlUH on thu
furls ut Hchipchliick IIIM, Itogume und
Hrunyu, cost In killed aim wounded
too men to the Turks nnd tun to the
itoportH say viiiageH on Jxitii sides
of tho Uoyuuu river, wheru the Mon
tenegrin (leueral Martliiovltch In salil
to have met with a cheek from ihti
Turks, uro In llamcH anil that tleiieral
VUkollleh who In operating in '"
Iloyana dixit lot, Iiiih ciuhm' iI the l.liu
Constuntluopii-, Oct. Tin- ixi
of thu colleciivi- nolo haniled by llle
rejiresentutiveH of the powera to thu
Ottoman government mi Tliumlny In
us follows:
"Tho undersigned, auilmnmiilnrH of
Auitrla-Hungiiry, ilieut llrltalu,
Kranco, Itusslu and Germany, havo
ibeen instructed by their renpectlve
govcrnmentH to Inform the mihllmu
porto thut the live powers take note
of the Intention or Turkey, publicly
announced to introduce reforms and
they will Immediately illsciiHM with tho
potto, in the Hpltlt or article XXIII or
the treaty of llerllu and the law or
laHO, the reform remitted In Urn ad
ministration of European Turkey and
the measuri.-H en pubic of asHiirlng their
realization In the Iniccna of the pop
ulations, It being tiuilerxtnoil thnt the
rcforma will not affect the territor
ial integrity of the Ottoman cmplie."
London, Oct. 12. Desperate tight
Ing for the posMCHHlon or llarnuu be
tween the Turkish mid iMoiitcucKrlu
urmlcs In tho vicinity of Uike Tus
cori Is In progress,
The town Iiuh been repeatedly
taken nnd retaken by both sides,
suya ft despatch from Cettlnje today.
Turkish troopH repulHed the Monte
negrlnn after another nhnrp engaga
ment ut Tushl.
Tho Montenegrin General Mono
vltch, committed suicide when Hid
king reproved lilni on the Held of bat.
tie for wustlng uinmuultloii.
MetleiuiH Klaln liy Kebcln
Mexico City. Oct. 12. Twenty fede-
rul soldiers und eltlxoiiH were killed by
Zanutlstu rebels In un attack on Vnlle
Do Uruvo, near Tollica In the state of
Mexico, severul duys ago, upon mo
nrrlvul of Oen. I-'ellpe Angels with re-
InforcetnentH of federul troopa the re
belN fled, carrying their deuil and
Heavy wclglitH Mntlicl.
Bun Krunclseo, Cal Oct. 12. Al
Kaufman, the local heuvywelght, and
Luther McCarthy, the Oklahoma
giant, who knocked out Carl Morris,
were scheduled to begin it 20-round
fight tdday ut 3 p. m. Odds minted
show McCurthy a 10 to H favorite,
hut practically no money has been
HUIIIon Dollar Concern Falls.
Kansas city. Oct. 12. Tho Itolon-
Darnell company, a million dollar
corporation, was placed In thu hands
of receivers today In a suit brought
In tho federal court ut Muskogee
Dkla- bv attorneys representing sov
jtral creditors. W. a Heaty, a) coal
operator or OKianoma, ana .
U6tfK president of p milling company
Pimm my,' toqn
itMM 20,000 tind tho allots Urol
m3;5h Hall ft million, ?
t " " Fai
Bald Jack Rosaf- Swears That
Accused Officer Ordered the
Murder of Gartibler Herman
Witness Swears That Defend
ant Held Mortgage on Gam
bling House Conducted by
the Victim.
(By Leased Wire Hvenlnsj Herald
New York, Oct. J.2. Tim trial of
Police Lieutenant Charles
charged with the minder of lleniiun
Kosenllitil, continued today, "liald
Jack" Hose, chief tnfurmer aguliiHt
Decker, wus called to tho witness
Htuiul at 10 o'clock.
Ileforu "KOlnK nu mo xtahd. Iloso
said: "x.
"I'm going to mage good, 1 know
what I'm KOhig up against but I urn
going through with , It. I, don't cti.
wmt hiippeus. 1 lia?-oniy one re
gret In going on thu stuud; I huvo
inei und known some decent people.
nd ,.pqw .through lUuy. wUI bo
iiesmirciieii. I wish that nobody but
myself need lie drugged Into this, but
I suppoifi, it is purt nf tho penalty. .1
hIiuII tell nvery detail of tho moM uw-
lul pint thut. wiih er butclied."
ir 1 1 iHi. fi lextlmnliv In i iinclllili d to.
ila., Mrs. Lillian ItoHeiithal, widow oT
the murilered giiintiU'r, will bo called
to the staniLhii will bo asked to
tell what VhrTkiiiiw of tbo n-lnt Iritin
ol her IiuhIiuuiI tvllli Hacker anil with
the ni.'li allcitcd to li.ive liceil llikjr's
toolH In the inurdei idol.
ItoHu leslllled tint IleuKiir said to
him: f
"'I want hint ( 1 (..sen thai murder
ed, shot, croaked, dynamited or any
thing.' "
Tho withes did nut look at Docker
an ho guvn IiIm tcHtlmony, hut thu for
mur police olllei-i watuhod Roso
Intently, itoce Hpuke In deliberate
"Did you ever li.ive 'buslnoHH rela
tloiiH with Decker'"' ho was asked,
" Ych, 1 eolleitml money from him."
"I object nH lucoinpetent," ghouled
.liillli l Mclntyre, wiinsel for thu de
leilse, "Overruled,'' ordind tho court.
Hose told of inei ling Ilosonthal und
llleeker In tho Hilts' club"at a Now
Yeur'H celelirutlon, Mrs, Rosonthul
wiih prcHcnt. He . l.rr aalu to Mrs
Hoscnthul, iieeonliiiK to tho witness,
"now don't worry. Herman and I
have u thorough understanding. Hu
li my friend nnd I m his friend und
IiIh troubles are all uvor."
Huh,) hii Id lie ne i rtockcr again at
his Iioiiho ami at He Hnlon Hquuro ho.
lei, when Jlecker tid him tho dutulls
of the alleged paltietshlp In tt gamb
ling house between I'.'Ckornild ItOHCtl
tbul. "Decker," Hose i.Mtinod, "said Her
man had made a ti "position to him
that ho go In panmrshlp with Ho
etithal in running a gambling Iioiiho
anil had iiHked nim to Invest $ n.OOu
In It. I said no our vcr mado money
In the guuihliuf, Iiuxlness with Hon
eiilliul." "Decker, hiiwt'V'r." contlnuod the
witnesH. "did nut nc.reo und inude u
propoiilllon to ultritt Hosu to tuko a
2C per cent share In business of the
proposed establishment. Decker took
a $2,500 chattel mortgage on rtoscn-
i lmi nrnnertv nnd arranged for a
'dummy' to hold the mortgage."
'illeeker asked me," tho witness
went on, "If I would take chargo und
I said I would."
The wither told of conversations
with Decker lo which th polloo lieu
tenant Inquired whothar tho profits ot
tne gambling would be divided and
how much they wero, I replied to
him mi ono occasion that tho housu
hud mado suverul thousand dollars,"
said Hose, Ho told me to tell Hos
enthul to send him 1500. I went to
sco. Rosenthal and Rosenthal said ho
would not give lb because he thought
he had not had a squaro deal on the
"I told Docker. .Docker said that
lust an noon as his attention was call
ed to that placo ho would'rald It. He
told mo to tell that to Hocentiuu.
told Rosenthal. HuRnltthal said:
" 'You tell Docker heleati't raid th)4
place -unless ho gets tlm 'proper evi
dence, and he can't got u tccaui l
buow all his men and they, can't f
hti Hero.' .
flo tuftC his gitituUan gld
Marvelous Exhibition of
Pitching Wins for Boston
Decker whon I told him this, 'All right
I'll raid It, tell noseuthal.'
"Rosenthal sent buck word by mo
to Decker: 'Tell thut fellow he'd better
not jtart anythluK with me.'
"Tho next day Decker told me that
ComnilsMonervVnldo hud called his
attention to the place and ho (Decker)
would hut n to raid It. t told Hoa
entlinl and Rosenthal said: 'Tell
Decker he can't bluff me: 1 don't
believe Commissioner Waldo ever end
ed his at ton I Km to my place.'
"Several diiyn later llecker told me
that complaints were pouring In and
be would have to raid the placn. lie
told tne to Hen Hoseiithal ami tell lilni
lo do him iv favor.
" 'Tell him ho ha to slatid for n
raid,' Decker euld, '1 did him u fa
wir and he must do one fur me. I'll
laid Hie place and It will relievo me
from worry, and In n rw days ho can
leopen in his phuv and everything
will be all right.
"Rosenthal replied lo me: 'You tell
Dicker he must think I'm crnsty to
stand for such a thing. Ho might an
well take a torch and burn It up. It n
my plact. and I'm going to handle It
Hi.- way 1 think beHt.'
"1 saw Deeker and told him what
Ito.Helitllal fn Id.
"'Well I'm going to laid Hie placo
and raid It In u few dair -withtu n
"I told Hccker it would only cnush
trouble and he said: 'Don't you wor
ry iiboul Unit: It won't cnumi me any
double; It will only cuumc trouble for
Hohc uthal.'
'Do on want me lo tell that to
HoHonthalV" I asked.
" 'No,-' ho answered, 'I'm through
with that fellow.'
"A few diiy.s later Hccker told mo
that ho wiih going to get two men
from the strong arm siiiad to swear
to the evidence.
" 'Thut'H awfully iluiigcrotiH, Char
lie,' I said. 'Nut' lie said, 'II'h nil
right; I'll let Rosenthal satisfy the
morlgugit tlrst. I'll raid his place If
It's the last thing I do.'
" 'All rUlit,' I paid, 'I'm not going to
be III the house when It's raided.'
"Tim house was raided,"
, iRosu KUld. .tho, next, mealing with
iliecker wiih ut IiIh own houso. "lit
told me," Huso said, "that Rosenthal
had been calling him up every day
aHkliiK a meeting to ilml out what he
wiih going to do about the IndlctmelitH
iikiiIiihi tbo men ali'eHteil In Resell
lllnl'H plaei'. lie put Hoseutlial off.
Hoou after Hei'ker said, Rosonthul lunl
begun to talk around slreni corner
that In- wiih In partnership Qllh
Hm Iter and wan going to show him
"Heiker a fi-w diiy later (old un of
having ComiiibMhiiier Waldo
and the eouimlHHloner had heard of
1 1 ist' n I lial'H ehargeH ami had mil he
lieMil llieiu.
"Ileeker said lo lue, 'that rellow
I tiiMt-iit Im I Ih getting dangerous.'
"I huIiI, 'uiihody will believe Hoh
enthal.' ' 'Well,' ho aiiHWeicd, 'so long uk
CouiuilHNloner Waldo doeiin't believe
1 1 1 1 1 1 . jjiichm tlinre'H uoiiilng to woiry
"I asked llecker If he had taken
Hie policemen out of Hoselithul'u
pl'iee. Ilu Jill Id 'No.'
I told him 'iih long iih that man
Klavi there, Hoseutlial will talk.'"
"Did you nnd Deeker discus" news
paper liitervlewH that Rosenthal had
given V"
"Yes, llecker lold me that I
Hhoiililu't worry about thai; thut hu
bad Jink Sullivan looking ufter the
piipern and thut HoMiiuihul couldn't
get anything printed. Iuter 'llucker
lold me a morning paper hull gotten
un alllduvtt from RiiHoiitbal and wiih
goliiK hi print It.
" 'i guesH Rosenthal means to do
what ho said ho would to sUoul und
break me,' Decker said,
" 'I'll gel u couple of gang men,
I lold llecker, 'and go around und
li lt KoNcnllint that If ho doesn't stop
hla attacks on you, something will
happen to him.'
"oh, bell,' Decker suld, 'I don't
want the rellow beaten up. If I did
I'd heat him up myseir or have him
beaten up for resisting nrrest. Hut a
lieullng up won't do for hltn, Ho
must be put where neither you nor
I nor anybody elsu will ever havo to
worry about him again.'
"What do, you want done wllh
Rosenthal?' I asked Decker during
thu conversation," the witness testl
lled. " 'I want him murdered, shot,
croaked, dynamited or anything,'
Decker replied. 'I want him -put
where we will never havo to worry
about him again.' "
The witness told of Docker's alleged
Instructions to get out on ball "Dig
Jack" Xollg, the gang leader, then In
I ho Tombs, und have Zoltj's mon put
HoHcnthul out of tho way,
" 'Do vnu know sontlment at police
(tcuihluuriurM Is so strong that they
don't earn If Rosenthal is pui oui oi
tho way'." Heokcr asked, 'i warn you
to an over to tho Tombs And as SSe-
Ihr and ask him to give otters to
croak Rosonthul tonight, I will gee
that Zellg In out on tho street,'
"Docker guvo mo order to take to
Zellff. 'I'll meet you tomorrow tnorn
Ing to see what '.ellg say,' hii told
me 'Tell him thut thoro will ho no
danger to his gang.' ,
un.wmfyllm un gave him h$ Uoo
aaq Qit.'i mm mv vih i'
, irum
'UaaVesi' jttosa, continued. "iiig
i Aid, i 'X doa't wnt Ulftt 1100.' iwant
Democratic Candidate Toura
"Enemy's Country 'and
Declares He Found No Evi
dence of Hostility.
liy Lrasril Wire u I'.vreUtc Itrrald
llnriiHburgh, I 'a., Oct. 12. As
Cloveriior WIImoii traveled to Now
York early today to close un elaven
day trl that took him through eleven
states hi the weHt, ho expressed keen
sailHriuiiim over tho receptions given
"I have heen particularly Impressed
by tin- aliunde of tho crowds toward
me. In im liiHtuiiee havo I felt Hint
there wiih any humility In tho nudl
euci which t huvo addressed."
When the correspondents asked the
governor how he felt about'' the
chiiueeM of IiIh election 'ho replied:
"1 hac tried in this cumpulgn not
to permit iu mind to urrlvu at u con
clusion on Unit subject. I know thut
the lieiuoeraiic party offers to tho
people the only opportunity by which
they can regain control of their gov
ernment. I have not tho slightest
doubt that they will solio It."
The governor will muko two
HpcechcH tonight in New Ynrk.ono at
a hummel of the Knights or Columbus
und the other before tho United
1 1 ii I In 1 1 society.
to ge out of here. You nnd llcckor
Mid tne Into this trouble.'
"I told lit in Hint the linn was Just
a. little favor from Decker and that
ho wiih not to worry,
i. i:54ellg, said: -Jltyour .wunfc 't' dj rh
a favor, get "me nut. 1 -won't do" any
thing for 'lleeker iinlcHS ho doo get
me out.'
"I saw Heeker next dny r.nd told
hum that ,i.i)f wanted to 1t.t unt nnd
would not do anything unless bo did
!el out."
"Rosn said Im went In the home
"f (lie font imnuieii, "(lyp the'HIood,"
and IiIh iuIh -and eXilulueil Unt Ros-
nlhal-Heelier Hlluatlon. lie told him,
lo until, thai HeeKiir 'would frnmo
hi m up ir they uid not croak Roseu
th.il. '
Th. y agreed ., du It that night.
Ho.ie iiuld they Imd ilulayed "doing
the joh," ami llecker had liiNisted thnt
they "hurry it along. He told of a
plan to kill tho giiufhlcr at the (Jur
den restaurant. It railed, ho said,
heciiinii) uf a suHplcluii that prlvuto du
tecllveH Were present and tcuiirdlnir
ItOHI'lll lllll.
"llecker got hot at this," Rose add
ed. "He kept asking, 'why till thla
Mulling? Why don't you K"t him?'
One duy ho suld; 'Now thlri In going
on too long. Klther you are stalling
them or (Initio frlliiuB uro stullllig
"I lold llecker Hint a detective,
scared tho boya off ut the (lurileti ies
luiiraut," Huso eontlmied, 'Deteclivo
hell,' ho ald, 'walto up und shout
RoMeiiiliul In front or a pullcumnn,
Del through It. (let It over.' "
Thi. witness then quickly pustud
to Ilin eventa liniunillately preceding
Hie murder. Ho told or going to Web
lini'H gambling place, mid then to tho
J.iiKayeilu batliH eiiero ho met Jack
"1 l Ived n teliiphono messugo
from Heiiier," Homo teslllled, "ho ask
ed mo If l had Heard ot subpoenas
Issued by thu uttornuy for 'Dollar
John' and if l had llxed It no that
'Dollar John' would corroborate Ros
enthal before the grand Jury, 1 told
him It bud not been Used,
"Decker said: 'I told you what this
thing would como to If you didn't get
rid or thin fellow. Why don't you do
It tonight ?' I said, 'I'll do my 'best.'
"I remained ut the baths until that
night and had dinner with flam
HchoppM, Vnllou and IMItt. They
came In ii machine," ,
IMIHh has boon described an Uook
ei'H agent. Rose said Vullon, flchepps,
and hliiiHcIf went to Fourteenth street
and Kucoiul avenue und got In an au
tomobile. Then they want to "Dago
''rank's" house. "I askod whoro tho
rest or tlm crowd wits," said the wit
ness, "lie suld they had received a,
message to como down town to
"llrldglo'' Webber's placo."
"When we went to Webber's placo
and saw 'llrldgle,' 'Clyp tho Dlood.'
'Dotty Iconic, and nVhltoy Lewis' ore
tho sldowiilk. Wo ull went up Into
'DrldgloV placo und had drinks.
'Drldglo' saldi 'Herman Rosenthal le
nt tho 'Metropole.' Everybody got up
then und wont out.'
"Who wnnl out?"
" 'Utfty Doulu,' 'Hyp,' 'Whltoy,' 'Da.
go Frank.' and Wrldglo.' X stayed 'be
hind nnd was waiting, when wort!
cume In that Roionthal had been
shot," Rose said ho want to the I
Fayette baths and telephoned to
"Did you hear tho news?" I asked
him. 'Ye,' Booker Midi 'I oonjiMt-uhWMou,'
V0, fcjrTf. IS.
Two Bagger by Merkle Scores
New York's Only Eun; Vic
tors and Vanquished Each
Make Three Hits.
HoOraw's Hen Hust Now Win
Threo Straights in Order to
Have Claim on World's
Championship Title. k
n. ir. b.
New York ....000 000 100 X a X
Doaton 002 000 00 3 3 1
(Hy Direct Wire to Fenway Park.)
Ronton, Oct. 12. -The Roston Amer
ican league champions dofeatod the
Now York Nationals by a scorn of X
to 1 today In the fifth game of the
world'H aeries before n crowd ot
about 36,000 people. Tho Red Sax
only need to wlp one more game, to
cupture tho title of world'a cham
pions,, whlla, the X3ls8te ,imut rwln.
throe straight games to gain the
championship laurels.
Tho youthful Uodlent pitched "
wonderful game, holding tho New
Voile club to three hits. Mathewson
also pitched u superb same. New
York'n only run wue scored on a two
bagger by Merkle, two outn and ono
error by (liirdner. Tho next gamo
of the series will bo played In Now
York on Monday when tho Rod Box
crack huxinun, Joe Wood, will prob
ably bo ticiit to pilch against Now
The Offtrlul Ilox Score,
Dovoro, ir ...
Doyle, 2b ...
2 0 0 0
4 0 0 0
4 II II 2
.1 0 0 0
HnodgruHs, cr
Murray, rf .,
Merkle, lb i 1 1 IK
Ilerxog, 3 b
4 0 0 2
3 0 12
2 0 0 2
1 0 II II
0 (I II 1
3 0 10
Mnyurs, c i
Kletahur, hh
McCormlck ...
Hhafor, and sh.
Muthuwson, ji . . .
Totals .10 1 3 24 13
lloopnr, rf ...
Yerkes, 2b ,..
Hpeaker, cf . .
Lewis, If
Onrduer, .lb 3
Hluhl, lh 3
Wagner, ss 3
(.'inly, ii .......... 3
Dedleiit, p 3
Totals 2B 2 & 27 0 1
Rutted for Fletcher In seventh.
Run for McCormlck In seventh.
nummary: Two-base hit, Merkle:
two base hits, Hooper, Yerkes; -double
pluy, Yerkeri to Wagner to Htuhl; left
on bases, New York 6, Boston 3; bane
on bulls, off Dodlent U first baio ton
errors, New York 1, Boston It atruok
out, MutheWEon 3, Dodlent 4. Time,
1:43. Umpires; At plate, O'Doughi
Un; on bases, Rlgleri left field, Klomj
right fluid, Evans.
Fenway Dark, .Boston, Maes., Oct,
12. -Boston flamed with baseball ex
citement today and all highways and
byway of tho city led to Fenway
purk, where the Boston Americana
were to battle with the) New York Na
tlonalN for tllo fifth game uf tho
world's series. Th. ,iltnlntr of a
second vlotory front til aUnts yos
terday haa arousdd Ihe ued Sox aup
porters to a lllslv flesre of , confi
dence that tho AMvflAti ' leaKua
cnumpions wilt wis ino pi
In baseball and four hawa
gome, aix xnousana'nwmr
in inn oteaonsra ub
...IM MtnW MKM.VTWmmtrt
Tho contest toAay
the ball playdrt ae ,t:
tit wins
point In the weiri
for the aiants wd
llt aeea
oary to wlfl tar
mon, wnua tne
mn tari
Kmta already wti
only to. wif oho a
saJaeg A vletc
would put last twMtfiB. 0
www? "

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