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. Xo M It la Iho HHRAXd).
ty Cento taotk or aft oats
. m wrf ognnmu inv hoot
casta by MtaB.
it9-4 4asv
Vol. M. No. fi.
Tcnx s. m.
!Mi i.
U. J
O'Brien Knocked Out of Box
in First Inning by Giant Hitters
Marquard Holds Boston Help
less in All Save Second Inn
ing and Victory Rests With
McGraw's Men.
Managers Toss Coin and Wed
nesday's Game If One Is
Needed to Decide Will Be
Fought on Red Sox Diamond
Score: it, II. K.
New York :, 1 1
Mostou 2 " 1
Ilr Leased Wire to Evening Herntd
Polo ('rounds, Nw York, Oct. 14.
Tlio "Now York Giants overcame tint
Host u Americans iby it score ot ft to
2 today before a crowd ol' nlioul 35,
000 people, N'wv York's victory was
il check to tlio hopes of tint lied Sox
tcrun, which hail expected to win to
duy anil capture tlio world's series,
'rim struggle for the wnrld'jt ohani
Plonshlp pf 1ft 12 now stands:
Hoston three games win; Now
York two Kami'H won and one gumw
ii tie. The two ti'iuiiH will piny to
morrow In Host n n.
O'llrlcn, tlio Hi'd .Sox molxt hull
pitcher, waH knockmt out of tho box
In tin- Hrst Inning when Now York
made llvo rtniH. Collins went In for
'HoHton In tin- second Inning and them
wus no further scoring. Muriiinrd
pitcher a superb game for t hi- (limit-,
olid oiiIkIiIii of the second tiiiiliu; Mos
ton was helpless before lil.s mystifying
Olllclnl box scuro:
nuw voitic.
All. It. UII I'D. A. K.
Devore, If 4
Doylo, 2b 4
Hnodgrass, of 4
Murray, if 3
Merkle, ll :i
Horzag, 3li ":i
Meyers, c
'Fletcher, hh :i
Marquurd, p 3
n l
I l
ii I
l 2
l '.'
1 1
1 2
ii I
n ii
Totals 30
1 1 27 7
All. It. Mil. !'. A. H.
Hooper, rf 4 ' -
Yerkes. 2b 4 it 2 3
Speaker, cf 3 &
LftWlS, If 4 n
Oardnor, 3h 4 1 0
Htahl, 11) 4 1 - s,
Wagner. s 4 ' '"
Cady, c 3 I
o'llrlon, p o a n o
Bogle, l 0 l
C'olllim, p 2
TotnlB 33 2 7.24
.nulled for OMIrlen lit second.
InnlnRH: H.
moton 080 000 "002
Now York co oo no'u
Hwo VUBrt hltB Merkle, Hemor, En
Kle. Throe ibai0 hit Meyor. Pltchlnif
recordOff O'llrlcn, flvo'run and nix
hltn In eight tttneB at -but in one In
nlngj off Colllnn, no runn and live hltH
In twenty-two tlmc-n at but In flight
Innings, stolen .bancs .Speaker,
Doyle, Herxog, Meyers. .Double -ilays
Fletcher. Doy.e and .Mcrklej Hooper
anil Btahl. I-cft on bases Uoston, 5;
New York, 1. First bane on balls
Oft iMurtiuard, 1. First baso on orrom
.HoHton. I. Htriick out aiy O'llrlon,
i. Mroimrd. 3: Collins, 1. Holk-H
O'llrlon. Tlini", 1:48. Umpires At
ittte, Klemj on bases, Evans; left
Held, Oomthlln; right Hold, Itlglor.
juibe iAiiqvAiu on
vw York. Oct. 14. The (Hants
mnrif. hir last stand today, nefore a
craw numbering," 2B.00O or mora the
M.iinnni innffiiit chaniDlons struffgled
to checK tho onward march of tho
Boston Americans, who with three
contest captured, need only one moro
them tho UUo or
world champion" ot r
OlanU must win threo straight gornen
tdftln tb championsniD.
.'il)tr u plenty ai ruum tu, ...
in. And vacant tier of seats pawned
1 1 ,miA hieaehara and lower
Mtmattm Ikmtatk the xarrto began. Thai
,Uy, mm vUttrXm and cold, gray
clouds screened tho sun and thnru
won a threat of rain In tl.o air.
Should New York win today tho
Kiiinti tomorrow will be played In Unn
ton. "ttubo" Maniunrd was iMcOraw'n
Indicated choice for the 4)OX today.
Thn IiIk left hnndtr Im.s delivered tho
only gamo won by tho Olantit and ho
has had a good riutl. It looked an If
either Hay Collins or "Uuuk" O'llrlcn
might bStaht'fl box selection.
The batting order was:
MoMnn Hooper, right field ; Yorker,
second Imse; Speaker, renter Held;
Lewis, left field; (lurdliiT, third base;
Mtahl, third tmflo; Wagner, short
Mop; Currlgan, catcher; Collins,
New York tfnodgrnss, right Held;
Doyle, second base; Decker, center
Held; Murray, left Held; Merkln, Hrst
Iiiihu; .Hcrxog, third bane: Meyers,
ratcher; Fletcher, short stop; Mar
Himrd, pitcher.
.Maniunrd and 'MeyerH wero nn
uuunced as the batterlCH for New
York and O'llrlon and t'ady for Ilon
ton. Kleni behind tho out; ICvaus
look the baseH; ltlgler went to right
Held mid O'Loughlln wen' to left Held.
1-lrst Iniiliiff.
Hoston 'Hcoper got u single over
pi'cond, on which Dnyln madn a Hno
stop but could not throw tho runner
out at Hrst. Hooper was caught nap
ping and thrown out. Tho play was
.Merkle to Fletcher to Merklnr Yerkes
Hied to tfnodgriHH. speaker wulkfd,
after having two Rtrlkeit called on
him. Speaker stoh serm;il. I.ewlx
llli d out to Devore. Nn nilis, olio hit,
no errors.
New York Devnro was out. Qard
ner to Slahl. Doyle scr.Ht'heil an In
llelil hit which Yerkes coiihl not Held
In lime. Doylo stolo secdnd. 8nod
grans struck out. Murray Rot an In
Held hit. His roller was too slow for
Wagner to Held. Doyle went to third
on tho Piny. Doylo scored when
O'llrlcn made a .balk; Murray wont to
second. OMIrlen mude a motion to
throw to Hrst tout did not throw the.
hall, which, under tho rules, consti
tutes a balk. 'Murray scored on Mer
kle's doublo to right. Merkle scored
on Hurzog'H double to left. Tho
tundn wuro In an uproar. Meyers got
tin lutleld hit. Wagner mado u phi
nomenul one hand slop, thereby hold
ing Iterzog at third. Hcrzog scored
-on-it doublo to fltnht, bad throw-ly
Yerkes lo the plate. Meyers went to
third and scored on a bunt by
icti.iiiii.r. iiriutchcr was caught off
Hrst. O'llrlon In fUohl. Five runs, six
hltH, oiio error.
Koconri Inning,
HoHton (iardner sato on Mar
quard'H error. Mtnhl singled to cen
ter, (lordlier taking second. Wagner
struck out. Cady fouled out for
MeyerH. Rngle nutted for O'llrlen.
(Iardner and stahl scored on Englo'a
two has., hit to left, on which Dovoro
inailn an error ! playing tho ball
poorly ofT thn fence. Hooper fouled
nut lo Meyers. Two runs, two hits,
Iwu crrurx.
New York-olllnH went In tho 1)Ofc
in niiice of O Mrleti. Morquard llleu
to Slahl. Devorw struck out. Doylo
Hied to Speaker. No runs, no hits,
no errors.
HiiHton Yerkes singled to center.
speaker Hied out to Hnodgrass. Lewis
sent ii long foul lo m.. which 'novum
i imtiireii. Gardner Hied to Murray,
it in tn ,.i Hi.. Jmll un aualnit tho
fence. No runs, olio hit, no errors
v...., York tfnndgrnftH Hied to
vurbiui. LMurrav singled to right hut
was thrown out attempting to stretch'
ii ,.n il throw bv Hooper to yerges
Merklo got Inileld hit ulong tho
third base line. Merklu was out Sinai
Ing, Only to Wagner. No runs, two
hltH, no errors.
i.'oui'th limine;
lloston tuhl scratched an. Infield
hit tmiiird third. Hnodgrass took
Wiiirimr'M long lly. It was a brilliant
niteii. cutting off a possible homo run.
Only singled to conter. Htahl taking
third. Fletcher tookcoiuns- grounum
and threw to Doyle, catching Cady at
second -nd completing a doublo play
by throwing out Collins at first. No
runs, two hits, no errors.
Now York Horitog Hied out to
Speaker. Meyers d'ovo a long smash
to tho center Held fenco for threw
bases. Fletcher Hlod to .Speaker, Moy
ora Blurted for homo but when ho saw
Speaker's perfect throw ho hurrlod
back to third. Yerkes throw out Mar.
ouurd. 'No runs, one hit, no errors.
Fifth inning.
iirintillooiier filed to MurrCXi
who made another nice catch
Speaker '.lied
No hits. No
ray took Yerkes1 ny.
to Hersog. No runs.
errors. ....
New York Devore singled to cen
ter. Doylo filed to Wagner. Bnod
grass filed to Hooper who throw to
Htuhl, doubling Devore. No runs.
One hit. Nn errors.
Klxtli Innlnf.
Hoston Lewis fouled out to Moy
ers. OurJncr struck ou, fitahl
struck out. Morquard'a speed was be
wildering ami his curves broke sharp
ly. No runs. No hits. No arrow.
Now York Murray filed to Hooper,
who camo In und took tho fcall book
of Yerkes, Merkle popped to 8Uttl
Merkte trlod to get out of thd Way Of
tho ball but It hit his bat and flov
high enough for fltahl to reach It.
Cady dropped Herxog'a hl&h fnUI.
Hertoff filed to Yorkes. No runs. No
hit. Ono error.
Bevcntli Inning.
iioston Wasner out MorauaraVto
Merkle, Cady drovo a Jong fly to
HnodATflos. coiutu filed to Murray.
No runs. No nits. No errors,
Maw York Meyera out. ColllAi 19
jrietcUer filed, to Sj8lcr. Uf
Comfortable Little Sum Spent
on Democratic Candidate's
Pre-Convention Campaign
This Year.
Ilr l.rsard AVIre to vrntn Ilrralif
Washington, net. 11. - William F.
McOimhs of New York, chairman of
the tial Intuit llclllncriitlc committee,
told the Clapp cnltiinlltee InveNtlglll-
Ing campalKii fiindH i.nl.iy that
$2(IK,0(lll had been cotillil. tiled lo the
fund this year In hehall nt Uovernor
Wilson's noil) I tin 1 1, in.
Mr. McCi itilis prndiiced a list of
coiitrlhiitni'M lo the Wilson f unit. Fol
lowing wore the pilnclpal prn-uoml-natinii
Frederick i'. I'l-nrieid, II'.'.oimi;
V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ml'l.'nllll.x, $11,0110,
Charles N Siiilih. SI. null; ChiirleH It.
Crane, $ii,niiii, II. .1. Iiurrett, I'.'.Mio;
F. n. Huberts. IJ.f.OII; Oeorge F.
llaildet, U'.r.lin; It. Mllglll, IV.CU0;
Abrain .1. FIUiis, $12,f.OO; Iluivcy
ThouiiiH, Jii.OOd; Jatues H. rhelaild,
11,0(1(1; Daniel Fellows 1'liitt, $2.r.OO;
Henry Mergeiithau, $20,0(10; Cleve
land II. Dodge and Princeton friends,
IXft.OOO; Irving T. HiimIi, $1,000; Jo
seph F. (luffey, it Princeton friend of
William F. McComhs, Sl.Kr.0; Samuel
I'ntermeyer. $7,000; collected through
William O. McAiloo, $3,lil0, of which
amount Jacob II. Schltf trave I'.'.r.OO,
.Mr. McCoiiiIih icstlfleil that the
S12.000 credited lo Frederick (.'. Pen
field was all or the money (hat con
tributor hud given. Senator Dixon of
the ltoosovell forces hud testified hn
understood Ml. Penflelil had made
"huge contributions."
While IiIm prepared statement to-
tilled only $l!i:iirilfi Mr. McConibs snid i
un- total expense for the campaign
had amounted tn $20H,i!KI. He said
that represented all the money ex
pended and thai no other Cumin had
been collected and illsliurseil lo Ills
TlmniiiH Fortune Ilyuii was men
tioned Indiiy iik a coiilrlliiitor lo two
Deiuniiatlc pre-eimveiitlon campaign
funds before the senate caiinialgn con
tributions Investigating committee.
Lieutenant (inventor Hugh L. Nle.ll
ol of nhlo said Mr. Ilyan gave $77.
otii) to (liiv.'innr llannon'M fund and
Senator llalikhead credited .Mr. Ityall
with $:iri,uno iiiiitrlliuted lo tho Un
derwood fund.
Alton II. Parker, I)cmo';rnll presi
dential candidate of 1U0I, wii ipies
tinned annul expenditures of that
campulgu. ,lle said ho had no know
ledge of contributions to tho Demo
cratic fund but hud given Instructions
that nolhlng was to lie accepted from
cu-pu rations,
'Mr. Pinker said he had only hear
say evidence about itepubllcMii con -lilliulloua
of linn and hud based his
charges of that year on that evidence.
Joliithon Again IiiwuIck Ohio.
Springfield, n., Od. 14. (lovornor
Johnson today opened Ills third Ohio
Invasion with a speech lo a crowd,
one-third of Whoso mouthers were
women and Progressive leaders.
"Men count for llttlo In this cam
paign," the governor said, "They tiro
Important only In the imped that they
havo tho power lo carry out the pro
gicsslvo legislation that tho people
ore demanding und In their records
of pusl performance.
"And that Is why I say little about
men In my address, 1 lovo to dwell
unon the euuse."
(iiard filed to .Speaker. No runs. No
hits. No errors.
Klghth Inning.
HoHton Hooper lllud to Snodgrass,
Yerkes got it single over which Doylo
could only reach with his huro hand.
Speaker Hied to Murray, f.ewls (lied
toiMurriiy. No runs, onn hit, no errors.
New York Dovoio was out. CoIIIiim
to Htahl, Doylo cnt up a high foul to
Ovdy. Hnodgruss got nn Inileld hit,
his roller to Yerkes being ton slow to
fluid. Hnodgruss -was out stealing,
('ady to Wagner. No runs, onu lilt, no
Ninth Inning.
Iioston (Iardner tiled to Hnodwrus.
ntahl sent out u long lly lo Murray.
Wagner out, Herxog to Merkle, No
runs, no hits, no errors.
IPolo Grounds, Now York, Oct. 14,
After tho game wus over tho man
agers of tho clubs tossed a coin to de
termine In which city tho deciding
tfumo should 7)0 played In the event
that New York won tomorrow In lion.
torn .Manager fltuhl called tails and
It fell talis, and tho deciding gamo
will too played in (Boston,
Net York Cotton.
New York, Oct. 14, Cotton spot
closed rjulet; middling uplands,
10.90; middling gulf M.lO, Bales,
tn baict, . .
Mussulman Troops to Invade
Servia; Minister Notified to
Leave fitamboul Upon Short
Montenegrin Troops in Bloody
Encounter With Sultan's
Forceajj Four Hundred Dead
and Wbunded.
lly Leased Wlrr to KTenlna tlrralit
liiulon, n. i, H. Turkey today
look up the Kantitlci thrown down l
the llalku.i, siotes and events In the 1
Hear east clnwileil cIoho titiolt
...( ..n.u.lml ni... ii mie
niiothor to )ii.i-icit what Is believed to
uv ine inoviiai.ie general ouioieaa.
The suttnn'f wk iiiiiiciiI foruiiill dt
cllucd tho piuMercd tntnrl'ereiice In
Its proposed introiluctloii of icfmins
In Macedonln mid colncldeiilally us-
sullied tho oireiislvo itself, IliMidltiK
Servlu'n repieHi'iilallvo al CniiHtau- 1
dimple, US W. II iih III. .in. or liieeie illld I
MulKarlii, wax notified by his gn cm
incut today to pri'puro to leave un u
iiinnii'iit's notice.
Tho participation of (irecee In (he
conflict was almost assured In the
Athens government' deliverance of an 1
ultimatum demanding tho ruleaso nt
Oreek ships' seised at Constantinople.
More success has followed tho do-
lermlned advance of the Montenegrin :
armies under King NIcIioiiih nntl
Prince Danello.
Tho Montenegrins lost loo killed
a rid wounded In their attack on the
town of ilyelopolye In Ilic San Jak of
Novlpntar, s.tys an official report re
ceived by 'the Montenegrin counsel
general here, und the Turks who fled
urter (ho bottle to Slcnltai aro said
to hjive elfrVpred heavily.
tleiierul Martiuovllch'M advance
guaid encountered u body of Turkish
iroops frniii TarakoHch ami Inflicted
a loss of Kill killed mid wotllldeil
i ilurliig the battle while Hie Mmiie
liegrln ciiMiallles lolaleil 100,
i'itni i'i:iti:i mi:ii,vi ion
Ish guveriiniiint declines lo allow the '
powers tn intervene ill (In- iUeStlnll nt'
MlHTili. iiiiiii tclniliiM. Its reply In Iih
representatives of tho pnWem iiai
liaiideil n tho Austro-lltiliKarlaii nm
bassadnr hero I Ills inurulug. :
IlelKrade, Soivlu, Oct. 14 - A both
of Tut It If ti Iroops crossed the .Se-iimi I
frontier .it Itlstovutx, ncur Vninm, .it
r. o"cliii li this morning and aita. in l '
tlio Scrvi.in garrison there.
I'Nghlll.i- went on IlllOimhniil lb'
ycan';:, r!;;0 ,
Vi ii ii vi ni iik from tho dlrectinn nt
Itlstovat .ml V'ilogosko. I
A dlsp. it'll from the frontier sayn
tho Seri,.iis wero surprised but hih'-'i
ceeded in repulsing the Turkish al
PoilKiiiiiu, Oct. 14. Tint Montu-
liuKiln ii-".. oh yesterday occupied un-
otlier .n -.' nm still (! loner to tho town
of (IiimIi.v., according to tho olllclnl
report "i (lonoral Vukutltch, tho
comiuaiiil.r of thut division of tho
Monicu.'Ki in army. The Tuiks offer
ed tituhii.'iu riislstaiico and aufforod
heavy i.x-. h, according lo tin. general.
Tho M uteiiegrltiH also nccuplnd
yesterdnv iwo other TurkiNh pusltloiiM
commaiiiiiiig Ounlnyu.
Ilr I'tHiri! Wire to Rvenlsa tlersld
Mllll I. line Wll), IJIUII, I HI. J1.
Mutlier lli.iit-iieslst In handling non
union ore from Ulnghitm, I no machin
ists und i l' lirlciuiiH nt the Ulali cop
per mills ui Clurfleld walked out this
morning, bringing the number of
strikers at tho mills and tho Ameri
can sinellei to about 000. The smelt
er Is operating with Its reduced force.
Slow Pibjrremt With duo.
o.... ...
. iini'V;,,:" ; " ; ..".I
... ..... m .-',
when tho Joint trial of Joicpti .1. Ki
lo r. Arluro aiovannuattl nod Joseph
Curuso, inemborM of tho ludustrlul
Workers of tho World, wus resumed
today n tho Essex county superior
Hundred MJnenj Hcsumo Work.
Ely, Nov., Oct. 14. Ono hundred
men .were put to work at Copper Flat
this morning by tho 'Novndu consoli
dated Mining company, whoso em
ployed aro on strike, Tliero huvo boon
no hostile demonstrations,
Govern) steam shovel men have
been enguged to go to work (but tho
shovels wero not started this morning,
This action may causo a walk out at
thn mill and nineltar nt Mcdll!, as tho
union men tliero adopted resolutions
(o remain at Work only whlleiso at?
tempt wss mage, tq freak the. striked
thn mines. f
-r-r- i W.w . i r
Bookkeeper in Ironworkers'
Headquarters Identifies
Checks With Which Wreck
ing Crew Was Paid.
lly I.rasrd Wire to Kvrnlnic Herald
IlldlatmpnllH, (l.(l. II. Check'l hv
which the govei'iiiiii-nt .'liargeH the
I'MM'UtlVe linai'd nt the I lll.'lllltl lllllll !
Association of Hiiiii:.. mnl Sirintnr.il
Iron Wifkeni nlloweil .1. .1. Mc.Suui.ir.i
$1,000 n month to bu explonlvct wero
Idenllflwd by Mrs. A. .1. Hull of niualia
at tho dyuamilo coiistilracy trial to
day. Mis. Hull, who wis a bnokko nine
fnr McN'itiuara at tho Ironworkers'
heiiihiuarters In ludlauapollH when ex-
l'lsloni about the counliy were frj-
'ineiii. lesinieii llllil ion vitcciss "iu
slKUed liv K rui K M. Ityun, president,
and l. McNaniara as secretary-tieih
tiri r. All these checks, sho said, weru
marked "emergency funu."
I'.iiK'iie A. Clancy, San Ffanclsco.
II. Hun s. ll.i.Ullii. Philip A. Cole
mul Mmillnn II. I'.iHb are nlt'-gc.l to
Ii.im u't.'il Hi., linn. 'v lo Mi'N'aiuar't
Los Angeles Prosecutor Fairts
When Warrant Is Served
for Aliened Indiscretion
With Negro Girl.
Ilr lirnord Wire io Hvrnlnjt llrrnlil
Los Angeles, Oil., (let. 14. -tiny
I I'Mdle, clt prosei utor anil otriclal
ei tisiir of . ill. lie morals, was nerved
with a second wariailt ludiiy, churning
lilm with hasllii; contributed In lhn
coiiiplaliiiiul, Alum Jones, aged l:i. Is
an iii Inrooll. K.lillu I'lllllll'll uln i. the
wiiri.uil wan m.im'iI iipun him
Rescue Woiiiff Dpcrateiy
to -Save Eighty Men Impns
oned in Tasmaniau Colliery.
f lly l.rnsrd Wire to livening llrrnlil
llnb.'irt. Tasiuauia. (let. II, Hun
dred:) of rcHcuciH are battling agalusl
llaiui'H mid suioko lo save eiKhty-uhio
eiitomhed mlui'is at the Norlh Mount
Lyell mini'. Tho lire started through
tho hloiiing out of it motor fuse last
.Saturday. In a fow minutes ileusu
black clouds of suioko begun to our
from tho mouth of Iho iiiiilu tnniu
shaft, where 150 men uin. knolMl
to ho working.
Tottering and exhausted, seventy-
six men who hud lioon working at I lie
700 foot level, succeeded In reaching
tho Mtirfuco through the su-oko that
tlmo and nguln threatened to suiTocnlo
ilii-m. Ono dlod after ho got out.
Ilr Leased Wire to Kreulaa Herald
Denver. Oct. 14. Mogui'dless of tho
recent decision of Iho statu supremo
court In granting it writ of supersedeas
In the so-called Honor cases, president
A. A. Illakeley of tho lire anil police
board announced today that the laws
governing tho sale of liquor In cufeH
'and hotels on Sunday and uflcr mid-
t.lKl.l w... bo enforced. m..kl..y holds
that thu nollco miiNt enforce the law
whlln It Is on tho statute hooks. Tills
Is taken to in tu n that thn lid will bu
on tight during carnival week.
fllr Leased Wire io ISrsMaa Itarsldl
Chicago, Oct, 14. An automobile
containing five men ran nt full speu
early today ugulnst tho brick wall
surrounding Howard park. The col
llslon fractured the euUlts of two of
tho men, broke several ribs of un
other ami splintered tho Isft leg of
it fourth passenger. The fifth man
received muiiy cuts about tho faco und
soul ii, I
' Henry Fsolionbing and. Frank Hur
rlty who weor the most severely In
jured, aro expoctaa to gio, ,
Bloodthirsty Threats Allcgea
to Havo Been Uttered by
Lieutenant Becker Repeat
ed to Court.
Ilr Lrnird Wire to KTeates lltrsld
New V.irli, net. 14. Wlnfleld It.
Shebaii, secretary of Police Com-iiii-odiHier
Waldo, was thu first wit
ness culled by tlio prosecution tlllH
iiioiiiIiii: when the (rial of former
Police Lieutenant Meeker was re
Slii'lian, win. is a former newstin-
permaii, wiih asked to Identify his sig
nature on a document handed to him
by Assistant District Attorney Moss.
I'ho doaumont was a communication
addressed to Meeker and attached
thereto were letters Indeutlflcd by thn
witness us having been In his opinion
written by Meeker. Shehini said he
had signed tho document at thu direc
tion of Commissioner Waldo.
(in the plea thill the wltuesM hud
given only his "opium" as to tho
authenticity of Decker's signature,
the defenso objected to tho lutrodua
t ii.ti of tho papers.
.1 in. I lee doff refused to allow the
p.. p. is to bo admitted and "Mrldglo"
Webber was called,
lie wild his real name was Louis
mnl Hut ho win u snniblor.
He hud known Herman Hosonthal
ini ii ii years and Jack ltoso tho sumo
time. Decker, ho hud known for two
years, having first met him In Jack
Itose's place and tho next time In
rri.nl ot IiIh (Webber's) poker rooms,
Did vou ever have a conversation
Willi Meeker about Mosenthul7"
"Vis, with Hurry Vullon and Jack
Itose, the latter part of June. Mocker
said 'the d- Is trying to do me In
every way. He's trying tu seo Waldo,
tho commissioner, and now ho's going
to get to Whitman. Thut d has gut
to be stopped; he's got to bu croaked
bpfoTc'lte-gets -tO' Whltmnn.'
I said, 'Charley, that's u pretty
dangerous thing to do, lo murder u
That's nil right,' said Meeker;
'he's got lo be slopped. ' "
lllidgle" told of a subsequent
meeting with Meeker.
What aro you doing about that
ItoHcntlial ."' Meeker said lo me, Web
ber testified. "He's doing me. He's
got to In- croitld.'il."
"I mild: '('hurley, he's going to lie
lakeii rule of. You're liable In see It
In tin- paperii any day.' "
liu- wIIiich-4 I hen (old of meeting
Itose and tolling hlui of Mecker'n In-
wlHtoni-e (hat "the Job" bo done.
Webber ilcMcrlhcil iho Inception of
the iniiiiler plul. ltoso hud agreed
to gel tin- fniir gumiion together at
his poker rooms ..u (he night of Juno
1ft. nn that night hn (Webber) saw
Hooker and .lack Sullivan ut a prlzo
fight, loft I hem ami wont tu his poker
rooms. "Lolly Louie," Juuk Hose,
Harry Vullon, "Hvp thu Mluod," Sam
Schepps und "Dago Frank" uppeured
on the scene, lllidgle said.
Mono asked uu- If I knew whero
Kosoiilhal was," Webber testified.
"I wont to Iho Motmpoto ami saw
Itimenthal there. I cmuo buck to my
place und iiiild, 'Kosenthal Is In tint
Metropiile.' Then they all went out
but Itose. I stayed five minutes and
Iheli left."
Webber said he was not at tho
scene of Hie murder until after Itos-
viithal hud boon rihi.t.
I saw tho body on tho sidewalk,"
he testified, He met Meeker after
Mio murder near his poker rooms with
lin k Itose and Jack Hulllvan,
"'I congratulato you, Jack; u good
lob,' said Mocker," Webber testl'led.
" Tills is terrible. Charley,' suld
Itose. 'They've got tho number of tho
"Never mind,' said Meeker; 'I'll
lake care of you and the gang.' '
Webber testified ho lieurd Meeker
siiy ut tho llmo:
"I Just saw him (Itnsenthul) laying
there In tho pollen station, and I'd
like to huvo taken my knlfo and cut
out his tongue as u warning for fu
ture squealers."
"Than Decker said," Iho witness
continued, "I passed tho Cadillac
about 1:30 In tny miichlno and told
the chauffeur to go slow so that If I
seep that - Moiienthnl up against tho
wall there I could have taken a shot
nt him.'"
Webber next corroborated Itoso's
slory as to paying him $1,000 to get
the murder crew out of town and was
turned over to the defense.
"Were you ever ruldedV" usked At
torney Mclntyro,
The witness told of half n doion
raids on various gambling places ho
hud conducted,
"You've been a gambler all your
life, haven't you?"
The witness admitted that his place
was nn opium Joint, hut Insisted that
ho never had tuken opium or mor
phine himself though he had sold
opium to others for two yeura,
HoosovcJt Itcftta Tlu-oat.
OJtlcago, Oct. 14. Colonel heo?
doro Hoosevelt refrained from soeech
making today In order to aava hts
volco and rest tho muto'es of hlg
n i r oat which developed, eajiows ytfit
no mrn nnivirn tain
uiiiuLa p sshs KlH
n m mm isaiHHHHWHfsisai. h wm bmsbm mm mmmt
II UUUL.1J illlllftai $
F 1
Two Mon Dead; Several At$
Wounded and Soorc of Hh
pcrate Criminals at Largs
Ab Result of Prison Out
Warden Compelled to Take t
Bed With Bdly Onulitl
Leg Received When EtrH
Falls During Chase. j
lly Leased Wire to iSreafss HemlAl
e . s4f4ss .ei f
llawllns, Wyo Oct. ItrThOt
dead. 0t
I ber shot by conviots.
'ANTONI3 PAZO. leader ot
railing convicts, shot by deBtttyuO1
wounueu: r&
Hert Tnlbert, liveryman, Btab t
bed by Antono Paso. 1
Convict, shot by Marshal T
Hayes. i
Two moro convicts renorte
shot by posses. n'ejl
et44( V'
Heavily armed dossob from Rk
Huh, Harutoga and Bass startid oUl
iari.a oki
nt (iityurouK this morning to
rocky nuts between here
Colorado line and Jf Doselble.
or ktll tho oscafied convlcta frew. tssnr
Wyoming penitentiary who are t Mf! "ill
inn. j.no searoitsra Have aes
shoot to kill on sight, geveral tsw
Mnvlou iir.'awe4l'(and no qmii'i'
expected on either side.
A report reached hero this manUNsf ' '.
Hint another convict had been skac 1
five miles Houth of town, but this h ,t
un iicuii vuntiea.
Warden Alston, who was In ths hltta
hunting for tlio convicts who excaoe.
Hut unlay, learned of yesterday's out
nreiiK wnen no returned to town at &
o'clock this morning. Ho limned!
tely took charge of thn search, lead
lug the now posse which loft ItawUM'
at daybreuk. Deputy Sheriff TayJot
In In command of tho men from BWft
togu. x
No report luiH brfen received from,
the posse which last night surrounds'
six convicts In a canyon south ofi
Tho men In hiding are among tHV
dozen or moro convicts who esoaytHL'
from tho statu penitentiary here ti
yesterday afternoon after they ha,
overpowered tho gt'rds within .tka
prison, took their weapons from thejin
und Hed down thu main streets am
through yards of prlvute homes, tet
rurlnlng men, women and children.
Thn convicts pnused In their mA'
dash for freedom whon they caw
upon a livery burn, secured lafUjsiiiu
thou sped towurd the hills before cltl-
roiib could arm and glvo chase. ,'
Antono l'uso, a Mexican heraleetB
is lender of tho convicts In the!?
break for llborty, was shot to death
by Doputy Sheriff Hush floriner. who
Hitw the Mexican as hn sturt&d on
horseback for tho hills, aftor havlnS
slashed Bert Talbert noross tho Ue
and head with a butcher knife. TaU
bert is tho owner of the livery bam.
Charles Btrossner, a barber, was
shot to death while wulklng along the
Flvo of thu convicts who escaped
yesterday were captured last night.
They were: Convict Elliott, Frar
Htewurt, Hurko and ailmore.
Desporuto fighting was reported In
tint prison between oonviota and
guards, following tho outbreak, but
reports, that several men, both guards
and conviots were killed bofore. quiet
was restored late at night, aro Uncon
firmed, -
Elovcn of the twenty Convicts wfee)
broke out of tho ponttentlery S&tur
day afternoon after overpoweriss tfeej
aoll house keeper and scouring; fed
keys, are still at largo.
Deports received hero at not4i
stnto thut Sheriff McCourt of 8wai
water county and five dODUttea
close on thn trail of convlota Hleard
sou and Murke, sentenoed for mi
nnd Convict Baokstrum, a short
man In tho hills several mites Mtetig.
ut lliiwllna Vttn Mim ilalu iWJfcV
Uuckstrum Is wounded, but BfiK4j!
able to rldo; Tho convicts, '.mm
mounted and armed. tJcA.il'f,
Convicts Bert Dalton, MRs4 Mttifl
said to bava ororaad the rattwwUV ;
about' thtrtr- mUss -west ot aAfJ
headed ( ot Uia Colorado line. v , Ws
At&HMWm XX Qtm
Canon Olty, Cte Oet .14
of any trsila. lit tW;CaJ
son," aalA'WaHeei Ci
toaay, 'HH w,v rm .mmm,";
fifty mora tti wm, ris
ft n z

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