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ty In road camps U a mistake tho
V(y6mlnjr trouble hii fhatf fho mort
. certain than evr that I'm dead
rkht. Why. t haVa Wahln twenty
trdlea of tha Wyoming Una mora than
nan as .many mm at tnsr am in in
"Wyoming penitentiary. They ara tin-
r the supervision or unarmed orar
nr. At night there la one armed
guard In tha campand he's a eon
'vlct, , ."The Wyoming- system la entirely
airrererit rrom that in force in Colo
rado. We have the road work sya
tcm, white the)' uc the factory plan.
J attribute few escapes In Colo
radp partly to the atrlct Uwa of (he
Mate, und partly to 0 common sense
method of handling prisoner. The
nun In th road rang put In eight
liouni of the hardest kind of work
very dii). end men who do that uro
not likely to lie awake nlghta think
ing up plana to escape.
, HV. PA14 FltOM HOltKK
It'awllne. Wyo., Oct. 14. Warden
Felix Alston wss compelled today to
yield direction of n search for convict
who recalled from the Wyoming peni
tentiary Hgturday and flunday to sub
ordinates. Ho la confined to his bed
with a badly rruahed le which he
received yesterday when hla horse
I'nrly today It was reported Dint
Warden Alston had resumed tho chase
shortly nfter hla return to Itawllns
nhnut 2 o'clock thla morning, and, In
thi excitement prevailing here. It did
not become known tlmt the warden
liinl lion Injured severely until about
Prison officials any thai all men nt
large lire desperate characters and
probably will not be taken nllvr.
V.nvlnl tllll,M M-ua ... r.t tirj.il l
n caboose here, a credited with hav
ing shot Charles Ktreasiier, according
to prison guards. An intiest uvfi'
tlrHni'r'a body will be held tomor
row. ."treMiier, II la anhl, waa largely re
sponsible for hla own denth. Author!
tlo ailcclitrc that tttrcesncr attempted
to cnplure tlw escaping convicts with
nn empty ahuiKiin. ft la said In
threw up his gun und ordered the
men to surrender but iih It was not
loaded could not make hie "bluff"
II In undnralood that convicts who
scaped yeslcrduy, when recujitured,
will be trb'd on 11 murder f hit ri-.
All Ills.
Hiitiiilor Vurdamun, so the slorv
goes, unci rented n plot of several
ucrrs to one of his black nelght.ors.
The land vvns to Us planted In corn,
nud the senator, then ex-governor,
was to receive ono-foiirth. The corn
was duly harvested, but tho eennlor
did nut receive his fourth. Meeting
the negro iiite day, he sitld:
"lonk here. Mum, huvo you harvest.
d your corn?"
"Tea, sail, boas long 'go."
"Well, wasn't I to kH n fourth?"
"We, siih, boss, dat'a de truf, but
ilur warn't no fo-th. Dur was Jea'
tlireo load and dey waa mlnu."
Try Herald Want Ad.
They Bring Results.
Early Fall
dresses you in
the pi$ of
We oan always fit
yoU in BTEIN
but it you hold off
too long the most at
tractive of the pat
terns are lost to you.
Even if yon do not
try on V Tall
Siiit before our
t.Suita 8 to $30 f
lVCJmtl.,., 10 to 3U
iitribUri of X
l , JWBnwf . iteAto for t
! i'a. ..Air i- .. . .. -
puns if.-u m-z
imp w c.o
'i . -
Grand lodge, Grand Chapter
and Grarid Commandery Ses
sions to Bring Many Visit
ors to the City.
The Masonic bodies of the eitJit
bold their unnual gathering In this
city next week and (be city will be
thronged with delegates from various
part of the atiitc nn Monday, Oc
tober 21. opens the thirty -fourth mi
nimi communication of the f'raml
Lodge of the A. K. und A. M. "11
Thursday, October Hi, will occur the
fifteenth annual convolution of t li
Orand Chapter of ib Itoyul Arch
Masons, und on Friday, October --,
cornea the twelfth annual conuluve of
the ((rand Cornfiiamb-ry, Knlghtx
The officers, of tin- three grand
bodies lire UN folloWH
'tin- t'rniiil l.odtfe.
William II. Walton, sum r 'liy.
grand master; Marine It. Williams,
Kant Iim VcKtiH, depiit raud man-
ter; Walter P. t'hlsum, ItoMwell, sen
ior Klarnl u.irden; Nathan Jaffa, HoH.
well, Junior Kianil uarilni. Arthur .1.
Maloy. AlbuiiierUP, Kraml Iri-irsurcr;
Alplieiis A. Keen, AIImi'ihtiiju, grand
si!cretar. John J. Kill). Silver Clt,
grand leetiiri-r: iMtae W. liwlte, Taos,
gland rhuiilulu. ' Union J. ( rundull,
.Santa Ke, wnlor grund deaion:
KaleiKh T. Halo, l.as I'lucee, Junior
grand deaion, IMtcar I:. McS'iitl. Ar
tesla, gruiiil iii.trxlinl, lleiijamlu W
Kuiidall, l.orlHbiiig, senior Kr.iinl
steward; Anion W. Pollard, Ifeioiiig
Junior Kraml steward. Jmnes I. s -Nulty,
Cerilllos, maml sword n.ai'i;
I'UUl TeUtSI.'ll, AlbuiUerile, KK'llil
(rami t'liaptcr.
Hnlamon Hpltx, ."antii IV, (jtiifiil high
priest; fllfton o. Young. Albuouer-
iue, deputy Kraml IiIkIi in'st; Nathan
Jaffa, Itoswell, Krand kniK. A inns .
I'ollard, Uemliig, kihimI r 1 ., . Arthur
J. Maloy, Albuiiieriue, Kr.uul treasur
er: Alpheus A. Kei 11. AlliuiUiTille,
grand seeretary; I'Muar K MeNalt,
Arleslu, Kralid leiluni. William It.
Walton, Albuiucriuc, graml haplaln;
Itiilpli M. I'lirsons, Itoswell. crutiil
eaplulii of llm hiist; 'linden II. Mor
rill, Hlh'-r I'lty, granl prliicliml so
journer, John HprliiK. 1 l.oloii, grand
llo)al Anil (iiptalii, A. Ii. (lolileli
berg. Tin uiiicurl, kiiiihI master third
ball; James A. Uutledite, Kast Imh
Vegas, Kiainl master seioud vull;
Wllllum A. Chapmuli, Itaton, grand
master first vail; Paul Tutch, Albu.
iiieriie, Kraml sentinel. 1
tiraml C'onuuandery,
Hlr John J. Kully, Hllver i'lty. gruml I
commamler; Hlr James W. Wilson,'
Itoswell, 1I1 inily Kiiinil 1 oniin.iniler . ;
Hlr A bra in N. I'ratt, CarlNbail, Kraml
gnueratlsslmo,' Hlr l.ewla II. Cliamber
lln, AlbuiiieriUn, grand eaptuln Ken
oral: .Sir AfiidTTW.' I'lllliirii; riliilltltf.
Kraml senior warileti. Hlr Kalpli M.
I'arwms, Itoswell. Kraml Junior war- '
den. Hlr Ortis I). lionhr, llast I.1111
Vi-kiis, ru nil prelate, Hlr Althur .1.
Maloy, Albiiileille, mmiil Ireasiiier;
Kir AlpbellS A Keen, Alhllllerlle. I
Kraml re order, Hlr John HptltiK.
Clayton, urnnit xl.imlaril bearer; Hr.
Chnrles II Morrill Kllvi.i I'llv ernliill
aword beaier; Hlr William A. 'hai -
man. Union. Kri..l warder. Hlr Paul I
Tetitsih. Albiiii-iiue, Kiaml lai.laln
or (lie K'liirn.
.. I mall ICIIego ll.ii a, who xi'.-i.il days
'ago auuoillieeil llN Inlenlloli ol pre-
Youncr Man Who Shot and1M,",ln nl', iimugn n is
1 , , i, . , , . M"l'l. he does lint e.pee It to In- 111-
.ilmost Fatally Wounded E.le.ied by me commit just wimt
WT T- n.4- r:i 1 1 acllon wax taken In the mutter had
w. ieo WCUI JjIUCIiy UII
$5,500 Bail.
After having uuvii In J.nl i.ss than
a mouth, Harlo ion..ileM. Mlio shotX
Iv. W. 'Fee, a Lead a veil 110 Kialn
dealer five limes mi Hepteiuber I7lh,
Is enjoying hla llberl). (loiuules waa
reltiusud from Jail last evening after
ho had furnished ball In tho sum of
IS.'idO. UoiihiIvm wag Indicted on
two counts- by tho grand Jury, one
charging mum q It with Intent to mur
der und thu other accusing him of
currying a concealed weapon. Mr.
re recently left the hospital and It
Is understood has almost entirely ru
covered from hla wounds.
G. M. Lipe, of Albcrraarle, S.
0., Meets Sudden jOoath,
Probably Due to Heart Fail
A few seconds after ho had enterod
tho reception ro,om n one of tho IqciI
nlttarluhia (his morning, who- Ho
tutd ffone to mako orrungements to
'Itecome a tiatlnnt. n. lr 1.1,, ,.t A i.
tyirriftrlo, H. C, fell llfsleiw to the floor.
unougit nere ror roller rrdm IWvTt
ruler trouble, Lp was a lento man
sj4 jspiwontiy enjoyed good health.
If Ufetlipv4 (bat ho ellinbeJ U10 hill
1 ibo s.nltarfjim And tht dt owr
ofortlon caused tho ho-irt tAlluts.
jjpo Baa mm ner. only a snort timo.
TteUUves in Alfximirls bavo been no-
tWA fll hlg daaUb .IJno was a mam
ifer at tte KclsiU ot pythuu. and'
ik .1:1. i.j7 " -
AtOTtttriMTOmiarQ gemp, mondax
Many Sections of State Win
irat rizes for Best Exhibit
at State Fair Just Closed-
After considerable liar.i work spent
In classifying and ju'Iki'k 'be various
county exhibits at the taie fair, I'rof.
J. I). Tlniley has tinno mi i d the
names of the county exliibiK winning
prizes for the beet nun miar.11 nnd
hi itli ulliire displays. Tb i
agricultural and liorllcult jr- Mute,
wide and not confined to an :
tloiiH In liiillented by the wininiK '
The pr7.(A us unnoun'ed Mr
Tlnsle are as follows;
I'or t.ie best county exhibit ' t,
'uitural and horticultural proo ( t
grown under IrrlKiitlon alone or (tn.ni
under both Irrigation and dry r.irrn
Ing: First, Uonn Ana county, i,
second, (luailulupo county, 11.00,
third, Itnosevelt county, tT,U.
for tho best county exhibit of ag
rleultural and horticultural product
grown under dry farming only First,
Torraneo (ounty. 1100; aeiond und
third were not awarded.
For the bent (ommutilty exhibit of
IKI I' ll'tor i and horticultural prod
ui n ,. " ' '-'liiti'-i, First,
Albu'iuir- l.m
t'ruees, ii., tn.iu. r iirmiiiKt"'!, 1."
fourth, Portales, .'.'.. (
For the bent community exMMt
agrli uitural ami horlti 'iliur..i .r. i
nets kiovwi iimler dr faririiiK "iiiy
First, Kstanela, Jnu. s l-..r-
tules, 17',. third, llarton, t.'.u. f- jrtli.
Wllianl li't. ,
For tile oent exhibit of aKrlhtUrnrnl
nd bortl' iiiturnl produrts grown on
.1 elngie farm under IrrlKiitlon: i"iret.
I ml 1,1 11 Point ram b, Fort Sumner, t .
Hecnnd, Fred Xlekert, AlbuiiUcniue,
t.T,; third, ,-oiit.i M'Sterti IrtiKai-d
Farms compr.nv, lym l.unas. 41;
toiirlli, Jaeob Hluei r;i.-l, Albiiiui riue,
For the bust exh.blt of iii rii.lurnl
and hortleuitnr.il j.ioiiu. in kiovmi on
it altiKlu farm men r iiry farmniu uly.
First, J. M. Will. s. Portales, I .e. sec
ond, H. W. IliglitoWur, ltaii',i, 12!,.
third, J I. Napi.ir Fott Hu r, IIS
foutth, Mr. M'liy JIUf(, Fort Humner,
J 10.
The llal lrblKe l.lllliber ' oii,. nn
prl.e lor tlo
Kron In 1
in tin 1 1 ..I
toll, J J '. .
third, AM-
. t exhibit ..I fruit
or .lanl. .1 oni
nl. First. F.irmiiig
, i..ih fruion, iv
Full Eeprescntation from Ev
ery Precinct Indicates In
tercst in Campaign for Eleo
tion of Tnft and Jaffa.
With i pleNelll.ltlVl'K .p
II. ill
ii .1
nn .1
I clln t III till
. r,iu rounty Itepul.le m
,,.,,) .nvemd tills ..n.n
llo hellloimrteH oil
a.i line.
The meetliiK was called for Up por
ioe of outlining the 1 l.i 11 1..1 the
omlng campaign ami (In I.uk.- a(
lemlllUCe Indicates the Intel, el taKen
in part) alfalrs by the peopl. ..1 the
outside precllll'tH as well as tb..i.' ..I
Hie rlty of Albll'iui lille.
Thu inectltiK. which was e.. .ilve,
was presided o. r l. (ouiii i'b..lr-
m.i hee.un. piihlle at t o'cIock tills af-
I ti 1 noon.
Aside from the members of the
e. ininlttee I'nlleil Htittes Henator
Thomas II. Catron and Htate Chair
man II. W. Chirk were present by
special Invitation of Chairman llaeu.
Theodore Ooulet and Sam I.v'b ,
both to be tried at this term of i.ourt
for murder, who hau been in the
penitentiary In Haiita Fe for sufe
keeping for several mutiths, are ifl. k
In the county Jail here. I.e w trlu!
begins October l, ami ilonief two
or three, days later.
tfter a recess during fair week tho
petit Jury began work again this
morning, taking up tha casus on the
criminal douket, Juan Caldron vtua
placed on trial.' charged with nnxuult
with Intent In kill Miguel m-dlllo. The
cuse for tho statu Is being hundlod by
District Attorney,!. L'. Vigil und An
eUtant Prosecutor Til. II, .lumlsou. Cat.
dron Is being defended by Attormy
II. .11. Cornet), Itduurdo Crux, Indict
ed un a charge of carrying concealed
weapons p'eaded guilty today and will
00 sentenced later,
It will bo n mutter of general nrstl
flcatlon to U-urn that tha conference
of the Methodist rTplsvopn) church
Mouth nt Las Truces bus returned llov.
tSnmuel K. Allison ua pastor, of h
loeni cnurcn, where ha has, jiHd.eucfi
a successful pnatnralo for tha past two
years, jiev. J. 11. MeMor romalns-in
chorea uf the Albuimsruuo district.
Thn BtinotnliMiifila rii
z"z r v-" "'ir.r,y'
in. .
gggggg SjSSjsjjipiipsjajaa
gmmimmnmMMimm im.iiiiii tJi , - " " ' 71
-J " -t- 'M -? 'J-- V ' ' ' 1
sJZu Black White
or Tomorrow
i. I
Weh Hazel
Jlcdinm size, worth
Speciai ".
Large size, worth 50c; Spe
oial 39c
Wyeth's Antiseptic
25c size; Special
$1.00 size .'Special
Exra large bottle,
strength; Special
Jiiurnineni of tho eonferoiice Palnr
lay after a most suceeseful meeting-
Npreliil lllinalrb tn ICvrnlag lleralill
Clovls, N. M.. net. 11. The trial of
the i'mhch of the state against the
t ounty commlssliiniTs of Curry coun
ty here, an action brought to remove
them from orflce for alleged mulfeas
anee resiilted In all cases In nciulttal.
It was charged thut the commission
ers had let the countv printing to the
Clovls Journal at an exhorbltanl
, i ...
M. 1.. Fox, editor of thu Morning
Journal, Felix II. Lester and others
will make addresseH at a meeting of
the Wllsou-Murehal-Ff rgusson club
lulled for tomorrow night at K o'clock
at 30" West Central avuiiuo. All Dcm-
erata ami friends of lmiuI hlatti Invited
to attend, 1
Chicago Journal: "Why Ik It tho
women, as it rule, don't are fur ball
gaini'M' '
"It might be liecaure they can't
take a peep at the ninth Inning
Cleveland I'laln Healer: May
I've Just hen reading about a Huston
physician who tells you what nils you
by holding your hand.
Jane I must till thut to Hob to
night, lie's thluKlng of studying
Detroit Kreo I'ress: ,m aorry for
"Hla Is going to marry n man who
makes moro money than ho dues."
FooJIsli Question ,
Dubblelgh's car luy llut on Us aldo
nnd deep In tho mud in the freshly
plowed field, having skidded off tho
road, through tho low stone wall, to
801 mere,
'Ah!" chled n passerby from tho
roadside, "Jlad an accident!"
t Dubblalgh tried to hold his donguo,
hut thu strain was too much for him.
"No, of course not," ho replied cold
ly "fvo juat bought n now car and
brought my old onu nut hero to bury
JL (lot a plekux and a ehoveMn your
tmckot you could lend muTr Z can't
, ! ! . I ... I I I I I
seem lo dig very deep with my motor
hnrn 'iL-lluvr,. ' tu....i,i..
ocnon g& 14, itn
Vosemlte Valley, Cal.. Oct. H.
The n.i'inl annual cunferencu of
national park superintendents wan
called to order by Hecrelary of the
Interior Fisher today with a brief ex
planation of Its purposes. The huici
Inti'tiitf nfs, he said, were to consti
tute an advisory board for the better
conduct of national reservations.
Arranged In bundles of 1UU grt
stacks of telegrams were presented to
the secretary today, urging thut Vu
Semite national park to be thrown
open (o automobiles. As the teeri
tury looked over the pile he e
marked: "That's about the poorest way I
know to obtain permission In m (ho
iixnurd. Cat., (let. 1 4. Mrs. J.
Fernandea and her three small chll
wren were burned to deuth eurly to
day when a can of gasoline exploded,
retting flie to their home. With her
clothing In flames the woman rushed
to the children's bed In nn effort to
Have them, but only spread tho
flames and before aid arrived the
house waa burned to the ground.
Nolci! 1'hyRtclnn Fouml Ircnil.
Denver, (let. H. Dr. W. II. Huch
tel. n well known physician, was
found dead about 3 o'clock thla after
noon In hie down town office. The
cuuse of his deuth has not been learn
ed definitely, but It U believed to bo
heart disease,
"Associations exert great Influence
on character,"
"Yea," replied Parmer Corntossel,
"Hut wa shouldn't curry the Idea too
fur. There's no chance In tho world
that a flea Is going tn turn out to b
n rabbit dog."
When your food does not digest
well ami you fel "blue," tired and
dliouurogod, you should ua a little
HBrtUJNW at bedtime. It opens tho
bowels, nurlflea tho system und re
store a flno feeling of health and
energy. Prleo DBo. Hold' by all drug-
The Leading Color
As in every other season of the year some new
jhade or some particular color combination predom
inates over all others. This season it is black and
white. Not necessarily in two toned effects, but
in solid white trimmed with black and white.
This combination is one that is adaptable to
most every person, lends dignity and refinement
to the wearer, being neither loud or a freak color
ing of season.
Black and white has always been worn and
always will be but the pleasing manner in which
they have been handled this year, relative to style,
make them seem entirely new. We refer to the new
black coat3 with white lapels, the new black and
white Suits and Dresses, Hats. Shoes, Dress Goods,
Trimmings, etc., which we arc showing here in a
most comprehensive manner.
It is our desire to always have the very last
word of fashion represented in our stocks and this
year we have done exceedingly well in securing as
sortments that will please the most critical tastes
for the least cost.
Fort Sumner Man Proves That
Sub-Tropical Crops Grow Here
Indian Point Ranch Exhibit at State Fair Demonstrates
Produots Considered Indigenous tojSouth Flourish in
New Mexico; Beautiful Display Attracts Attention.
My showing samples of tobacco, cot
ton, sugar cane, peanuts ami sweet
potatoes grown on the Indian oim
ranch near Fort Kumner, It. H. Nlabel,
an exhibitor ut the state fair, has
demonstrated thut agricultural prod
ucts UBiially considered Indigenous to
tho southern states may he successful
ly grown towards the northern part
of New Mexico. The exhibit from this
ranch, which occupied n prominent
Place In the agricultural building ami
which attracted a great deal of atten
tion, Included grains, native crasse.
fruits, vegetables and forage products,
and was one of the most novel and
beat planned at the exhibition.
Among prises won by Mr. Nlebet
were threo first on celery, a product
which ho Is making a specialty, and
which he claims will become one of
tho beat crops of New Mexico In tho
future. A watermelon which weighed
85 pounds won another blue ribbon,
as did two displays or cantaloupe's and
on ehxlblt of aweet potatoes, tho
sandy soil along the Pecos being espe
cially adapted to tho growing uf thcuu
producta. Another first ribbon of
which Mr. Nlsbet Is particularly
proud was the one awardcA his sample
Of wheat. For tho tallest alfalfa, 4
feet 2 Inches, he won still another
first. Ills sorghum and tobacco were
also winners ot blue ribbons. Ueslden.
ho won a number of other firsts, sec
onds and thirds.
One Interesting feature was a dis
play of twenty varieties of native.
W1IOUWAM3 POOTi AND nilil.tAUl) TAitrwa avu
Btato Aenu Arim and Nmr Mexico for O u.Z . .
Tablo Manufacturlnff CU Write uTTrr '"T
(7Stfjrr ilir-H
,.JJiiiMsaaaWaWSsSaaWWSaMM a
grasses. Aurora; vegetables shown
Were squashes, one of which tipped
the scales at fs pounds: cucumbers,
beets, onions, kohlrabi, cabbage, beaim
and popcorn. Of the miunshcH there
were seven varieties, shown. Mr. NIs-
"l monstrnted the posslbllltlcn
"f sunflower cultivation with Homu
Komi samples.
All cropH on tho Indian I'olnt ranch
are umwn with Irrigation, thu water
being taken from the I'ocos river. Tho
ranch comprises 2n acres, and. as tho
exhibit shows. Is devoted to as widely
a diversified funning as Is possible In
New Mexico. There were. Indeed,
r"w1V,,ns" "t lreaent In the ex
hibit which can be grown In the atate,
aud a number of things which tho or
iliiiury person la surprised to aeo
grown so far north us Fort flumngr.
If the Hunshlne 8tutes does not llvo
up to Us title ua the "Egypt of 'tho
Fnlted Hlate." It will not "o the fault
of agriculturists like Mr. Nl,t,
?h!! '""Wl. M experiments with
ion l',Tl,"liU'8 0 fllB cl"" nd
r?'?r4'nc,J '"' Krowing ot
sub-troplnil fruits and vegetables. ,
. ft, ."'J" by no ""'"'"'ft new
sin wo ! Ut V'U Mv falr' ' '"
to r ',"tiN' i,nd I'"'relve-'
n?Mlm.. ff7'n"f f W inducts at
nreMoua fairs, but his ehowlhs: this
VHir I, by fnr h best. Mr. NUhet
coumri Ht2iUina' but hn "n Jn thla
country for many years. H0 former-'
cornCa,nU,l1VU,nr,ln CrtJ b.tow
Petoa. VUl,ey of ,h8 u""er
llUUflUafttllaa XT lr " " r'
Wo tho Ha-,.horn.,.'!--Harpcr,s Woukly,
Ulsta, Adv, -. u
j " -K'X

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