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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 14, 1912, Image 3

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Tailored and Dress Hats
of From $5.00 fo $7,00
77ie Bartley Shop announces for next
week an elaborate mid-season showing
of authoritative tailored and dress mod
els, moderately priced at from $5 to $7
312 West Central
Jlaboratc Program Splendidly
Rendered -by Pupils With
Assistance of Well Known
local Talent.
A n-itiil uhlch imt oiil. allowed
i lilciit ! Alhiiiiucriiiic Imt hIho
ii rx'-i-llt m t ru I n 1 ii if (if Mih. ('. I..
rudford h.ih kIvcii .Miiiiilay ovciiliiK
Jft the mini h cliiii in mi upprccia-
ivo ami attentive atiillcurc.
MIh l-io lit- Stewart, iilic (if Alliu
icI'HU H xopruno favorite, wiiik "A1
Ma .MomlUK " (I.. iJcll.n) will) excel-
illiiuiiilli' effect. In "So .Sural)-
Iiihc .M'tllle) .MIHH Mcwiin
iclied Hie high notes with e.xcop-
tonal ciiho.
MIm France Ktrnme, MIhh MndRe
finite mill MIm IlortenHu Swlf.cr
mule tluilr flint appearance and were
yell tccUcd. MIm SWIUor WlllK
(HIiiB Mir Dclii Meli" (H. tlrcetio)
rltli all the HWectncxa of u lullaliy.
i "Xiimtni r (. ('hmnliiii(le) wan the
n Kiven ny .mih ivntnryn uruii-
iit, t lie Hileliillil iniorprciiiiiou i
in hiiiik anil the correct polno nf the
Inner iiiiikiiik a iiocuicti mi.
The Heioinl ator the program
h the rendition nf Mi'iiik'lsHiihn's
ttUNlf to Shuliciipenrc h "MlilMiiinnar
flKht H Dre.un," with Helect roudlliKS.
The elioriiH wiih directed liy Mrn.
irailf'Hil aiel wiih exceptionally ten-
Mm. Kern l KIiik'h rendliiKH were
veil rei-iiii. her pIcitHlmj voice ami
miniier tlciiianilnd the bent atleiitluii
kml brought forth oiitIuinlutlc up-
The piano union liy MIhh Marie 1 1 1 K -
IWih were Klven with inuro than or-
Blriur alilllly. MIhh IIIKKHim Huh He-
billed talent and it) uIiiiiIiik favor turn
the iniiHlial clrclim of tho IJUKC
MIhh (Irate lirlii'mer and MIhh mi;-
1IIH wen I lie iiecnmpaniHlH 01 me
rcnliiK. After tho well rendered
iroKrmn tin lar;;i) crowd in aiiciiu-
ice enjoyed the remaining purl
lo uveiiliiK wild ilnnciiiK.
Hy the way. what Iihh liecomc or
wiimlr rful ihlekeliH Hut tho coin-
niterH imed to hniK iihoiit aii up iitui
... I
own the mini iiihi hiiihk.
He Mtixt I npiiloKl.c for not turn-
iK up at your pariy iiihi iiikiii ;
She oh, weren't you tlure 7 IiOii-
llltl Mplllloll.
At gest and Best
land Parftdo at ICoon,
George A. Connolly, of San i
Francisco, Receives Hand-'
some Token of Appreciation
From Knights of Columbus.
Ilefure IiIh departure for homo to
day. (leoi'Ke A. Connolly, of .Sun Fran
cIhco. the orator of Hie day at Hid
("IiiiiiImih I ;i i'1'leliratloii Saturday and
the iiiaxicr of the third duHrco at thu
exempllllcatlon nf the three dcrceH
of the KiiIkIiIh of I'oltitiiluiH .Sunday,
wn.i pri'Hi'iilcil with it lialiilHOiuo Nav
ajo niK. a token of appreciation from
the KtilKhtx of t'ulumhiiH In Allui
illeritle. The Xiuujn wiih olio of thu
llllCHl olitalllalile In AllillillLTillu,
woven hy Ah-Tasli-iiii one of tile mo.it
expert weaver on tho Navajo resor
Mitlnn. A lufHc delcKatloll of KiiIkIUs
of CohiiiilniH hado farewell to Mr.
('onnolly nt the San I 'i 'e Htutlon heru
today and thuiilind him for IiIh Hplun
did work here Saturday mid Kuniliiy.
HeeutlHi) of IiIh ploiisliik' pulHoiiallly
and Hpleiidld HcholarHhlp Mr. I'oiuiul
ly iiiaile a hoft of 'luftlm? frlcnila In
AliitniiiuiUo ilurliiK Ills luiuf Htay.
Kile at eight o'l loi'li laHt lilKht eailH
eil the total I ohm of the New .State
Kl'oceiy Hlore at Mountain roiul.
ami Tttelfih htnet, the moro
lielllK owned hy NlehohiH I.a
; m in ii 1:1 . 'I'lii' Iopk to the HtocU Ik ch
lluialed at $l,u0ll atld the hiltldillK
huh damiiKeil lo a hIiiiIImi' extent, la
liauimii and IiIh family Went almont
when the lire Htartetl and Its origin
Is unknown. The little grocery repre
Heiitctl l-u (iannna'H hiiIiikh for many
yearn and ho Nfn. heart hrokeii lt.Hl
iiIkiiI when htHaw the Came lturnln
I iln little property.
The city fire department iiiuitf a
liilck run to the olaxe mid rcnthtntl
Koud Burvlce.
T. J. Ihiiiinp.
T. J. liunlap. lined f.:i .warn, and
for the piiHl elKllleeii initlltlm a renl
dent of Alliiiiiueriiiie, piiHHctl away
Batiirday at IiIh luuiie. :tui North
Seventh Htrect. DcceiiHi il In Hiirvlved
hy widow ami hcvcii ehllilrcn, three
ImyH mid four Klrln, all of them
grown. Ilo wiih a inenilicr of tho
colored MiiHiiuh! Iraternlty and of tho
local Inn lnl iiHHoclatlim. The funeral
occurred ycHtorday 1 rum the Mount
i dive HaptlHl L'hurt'h.
Colored Minstrels
Performance at x, .
All idJTICtK HEHfr
Agricultural Co -Operative.
uredit System in use m
Europe Basis of President's
Suggested Innovation.
llcwrly. Ma., Oil. U llndlciil
leglMliitlon In favor of the American
farmer and coiiHUiiicr iih a im-unx oi
HiiUIng tho iiieHllnn of the high cost
tk living wiih urged li 1'reHldeiit Tart
toilay in a leltur to tho govcrnum of
all l lie MtuK'H.
I'lcHltlellt Taft propoHiiH to rcilileu
the ctiHt of fooilHtilffH on the Aincrliau
dinner table hy reducing the coxt to
the lariiier of protlucliiK IiIh cropM
TIiIh would ho done liy eAtahllHhllig In
the Intercut of tho fanner a lliiauclal
liiiU'hliio which would give hlui iiccchs
to all tile money center,, ol thu world
and afford him credit at greatly ru-
iliiced rati.H and upon more atlvmit-
iiKC'iu.i terniH Hint ho now reecnen
Thu complete development of our ag
ricultural rcHiturci'l which IIiIh wouhl
iiiako pofHlblu, thliiku I'roHlilcnt Taft,
would go a long way toward nettling
tho proliletu of the high uiiHt of living
"What thin plan offnm," wrllen
1'rcHlilunt Taft, "U u ineaim to Hoturo
thin country greater productivity, at
le"H cohI. from tho farniH that aru
now under cultivation, ami, nhove all,
to give uh moro farms and more farm
em." Tho plan RUggCRtcti In hannri upon
the prlndploH of iiKrluultural coopur
atlve credit now lu uho In practleally
every country of Kuropo. Uniform
ntato Icglnlntlon, In tho opinion of
ipreHldont Taft, in ensunllnl to the sue.
cunnful adoption of thin plan and he
him Invited tho Rovnrnorn of all the
tatcfl to a conference upon thin suli
Ject nt the tlmn of thu annual meet
insr of uovcrnom In Wanhliflrton In
"Wcro not tho Interval no nhort,'
writes Prenldent Taft, "my conviction
of tho Importnnco of thin nuDjcct
would Impol mo to Invito you to a con
forenco nt,u ntllt earlier date."
Wroaldcnl Tan uant'M nm rccommen
dutlnna on rooortn auumlttod by too
American tllplomatlo cfncorM In Kur
ooo who have, alnce laat March, boon
engaged In an invimtiKniion ot mm
aueatlon and upon the apociai report
of Amljajiaador Myron t. iierricg, who
haa made a atudy for yeura of nut
uueatlon of adopting cooperative
credit in the United stale.
"A ntudv of thoao reporta," write
PriMden Taft. "and ot tho rocom
tnendatlona of Amuaaaaaor nernc.
which I am aondlng you, ponvlncea
mo of tho adaptability to American
conditions of tho cooperative credit
nian da aet forth In tho organisation
nt tho natiriaan buiika of Germany.
nrh tiiliHhmant and conduct of
ouch tianka, However, ara matlem for
Btato contror, X auggeat, alio, the
eatabllahnieat f land-rnortgaga bonka
nnflfcr atata ehltrtera. ana mo rorma
tlon of cooperativo mortgage-bond
l ri v -i . , i iui wrr m tti .t n i tnv Mini i i
jtrorara hx&ald, moday-october
1 1 '" ;
mL - -
hoi telle along the lllieH of tin- I .a nil -
Hchaften miclctlcs of iierman.. pro
vided that iiiiiroriu Htate legislation
can be Heeiired lo govern their organ
isation ami operation. Ah a later niep.
I favor tm enactment of lawn by
congrcHH permltllug the organisation
of li a 1 1 t in I laiul-iiiortKaRe baukn, to
be operated under nlrlci government
Hiipi'i'vlHlou with tho power to guar
mite,, mid miii'liet the gtturaiitc d de
benture IioiuIh of Ihe ftlatit liiiul-mort-Ui'.ge
ballkH or eoopelilllvo Hneli'l leu. I
ret ii ii i ml for your coiiHlderailnn the
lepoit and I ceoniiiielldatloilH of Alii-iinHwulor-
Unrriak-publUttaiV. tiytiiu.
ilepai Inient, of Htate for gtncral iIIh
Irlhulloti. "Tim twulve mlllloliH of fatmerH of
the I'nlled Stales mill e. -li yinr lo
thu national wer.lih s. loo.ouo.dun.
T..ey lire doing IIiIh mi .1 borrowed
tapltai of Jtl.a lu.iiiiD.aiiit. mi IIiIh num
tiny pay 11ri11u.1l inieieHt eliurRca or
.r,ii.nil(i, mid. I'oiiniliig 'iiiiiiiIi'hIoiih
anil renewal climi;e, the 'ulereHt rati
Pitld li the fill 111. r ot lli coiiniry In
liM'iaKed III S''j pi I' lent, ,ih eoiupui
eil to a rate of I '1 " per cent
mild liv the fariiicf. for niHlaii'-e, of
l-'rmie,. or (lerinany.
"Again, the Iniere-i i.i'e paid by
the American funnel- if- nnlih-rnhly
higher than that paid i uir IiiiIiih
iilal corporation'!, null' 'i". or 11111
nlflnalltlc. Vih. I tint 1. II will ho
admitted Unit Ihe Hcum- offered by
ihe farmer In IiIh farm : mix In ipille
uh hiiiiiiiI 11:1 that oll'eied i". imliiHtilal
1 orporatloiiH. Why. Hu n sill not tho
invcHlor fiirnlHli the fMin 1 with 1110
in y at iih iK'vantage.iii 1 .h iih lie ih
willing lo Hiipply Ihe net iHtrlal i.nr-
porailoiiHV ObvloiiHly. 1
.in ry at lift
It In plauu
' in 11 more
njiied by tho 1 1 ) 1 1 1 1 hi 1 1 '
lliH In the liiiaiiclal ui'i
oiiimaiid, whleh periiiU
ItH iilfer before the Iiim
ittractlve and more n .01
foi in. The farmer ln l.
imIh miichln.
iilel'H Unit'il-
1 bo gained
; lull go lin
' III llltereHt
i). mid, Inciting it, h"
Hoiiahly. TIiIh lH liol lb
Hut the nilvalitagi
by the adoption of 1 1
yond lint direct .Hl"l
chargeH lo the larnier
.e grunt na
il' (iNtabllHli
thlH plan
.1 of check
.ucreiiHCH In
. tight about
hi iMumiiuip-
eoiiHlty w hlch proiupli d '
luent and exieiiHlon "'
throughout Ihirope 1
tug , .0 rapidly ailv.tiiein.-
tllll I'OHt Of fOOllHlllllM. ni
by Ihe Itievltable lucre is
Hon mid tho failure d n..
ed Hull lo alToril a v.iim
ponding lii-
el eiiHe III proriiuMlorr ' Tli.lt problem
facen the lieonb. of '"uei country to
da not In ho how l form an 11
tnrciilencd tho obici ' "IUIuiuh 01
Kuropo, but, hIHI. "H :i great mid
proHHlng oconoinle pmb m.
In Kuropo till pioiil'iii has liuetr
tliecoHHflllly met, hrHt, b niilUclIlK tho
mat to the funnel ' of pioduclnn; IiIh
iropH and, ancoiily, liy iie rciialiiB hin
production Ihrough the adoption or
Improved inothodH of cultivation. Hoth
tho federal and Hlate i;i..'rnmonU In
tliU country have dono iniich to afford
tho fnrtnern limlructliiii in Improved
narlcultiinil nieihodn, Jlut U ntlll ro-
mulnn for tin to reducii tnu coei ot 1110
furmor'M nrodiH'tloH ny arroraing mm
tho noeenimry capllnl for thp oxplol-
tutlon of hlw koI I upon tbo mont ml
vnntuceoun lernin. lie muat bo af
forded tho money nociHHiiry for hint
In adopt Improved melho'la. It muat
he mudo prolltahlo for hlmo placo
avory nre of bin ground under oultl
vntlon. TIiIh offera llm conaurrior ro
lief from tho IncreaHlng coat Of fopd-
I'realdont Tnft ntroncly doprecatea
anv Idea of oHla-bllnhlng cooporatlvo
credit In tho United tftatce through
tho aunnort of aoverntuent aunaldlea.
"We muat cntulillnh 11 credlt.ayalem
of. for. and by tho funnera of itho
United fltatea." he wrltm. "Th coun
try enjoy today great proaperlty,, th
fnctorlaa ara busy, the vrorklnamen
are employed, and every wher tho
u, ma
awwaWeaaawiartwaaaMaaaMaiw aLaaaaaaH
wIiccIh of liidiiHiry hum. Tho farmer
Hlliiri'H III thW gelieiul priiHperlly. Tho
propnHiil which 1 make In not to nub-
MtU-M- the American fanner. Iortu-
iialely for the country he doen not
need It, nor would lie accept It."
I'rcHlilciit Tun uiirnn the governors
that lu 1 1 1 1 m plan, iih lu ml financial
hcIiciiich, there Ih room fur harmful
exploitation for pci'Hinial gain.
"The mont oxHciitlal point to hear In
1 ti 1 1 1 (I la he need for the iiHHumptlou
by the 1 1 e la I and Hlate government
or the rcHpoiiHlMllty for economically
ami honcHtly conducted UiHtlttitloiiH.
Such aHHiimlitlou Ih the onhciiIIiu pro
.edciit foi mining the eonllduncu of
. iiii,iiiiiiii iiti tt mi it m nr tin, i:iiriiii.
can Inventing public."
ir IIiIh Hafegllard Ih given the farm
land ImiikH I'reHliletit Taft Ih colivllie
eil Hull lie call ttceili'e Ulu fartiicrH 11
market lor their mortgage Ioiiiih nut
..III) In .ill oT the big money centct'H
of Hil . "illiliy but alHO on the ex
1 li.niiii", or Kuiopc mill til iih affortl tho
Alliel . ill l.lllliel' Hie capital Ue. eH-
m.i 1 1 . . 1 in. mil 1 YpioliatuTn or Hid
eniiii' hi uitiiral rcr'HircoH ot thu
1 oiinii
J. L. S. Cook, of Louisville, and
Dr. George W. McAllister,
of Hampton, Va., Reach
Here After Strenuous Jour
I'Viuii luiltx Hie, K., Iii Alhliiiier
tUe, X. M , III all autoimlille Ih iUltn
a trip. Tlie oiig Journey wiih huccchh
fully 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 by llm art l it I IkTu
Ihhi night of J. I,. H. I'qok of I.oiiIh
vlll.', ami Dr. lcorgi); WiMeAlllHii r or
Hampton, Va. Air. :wfc Ih a brother
or .mih. ,. .moi riHeue, wire or sir
Moll iHHctle, t in) mageilt for tho Hiuita
Fe. .Mr. 1 '00k In lu love with A 1 1 1 u
'Microti,, and with thu funnhlho Hlalo
and iiiii decide lo uiuku IiIh Ikiiiiu
Mr. Cook and IiIh companion travel-
ed n in i.ouiHviile lo Albuiiiuriuo lu
I'atllllac, They lelt I.muIhvIIIc, Hep-
tetivber U7 and J'Ulllieycll to tlllM City
III ciihv hIiiki h, iiuikliig 011 mi average
of n.r, mlleii 11 day. The upproxlmntn
dlHtalice from I.oiiIhUIIc to AlbiliUcr-
iU(i Ih i.'.ilO 111 1 1 ch via HI. I.'hiIm and
i.miHiiH city. Tin) inolorlHtH Had no
HorloiiH trou'j'o with their cur. lie-
The OldestBloodDlsease
The most ancient history fttrrtlshca evidence that wnnklud miffcrcd
with ContaRious Blood PoiBon, Tlio
the aires mid in to-day, art it lino ever occn, a ncourgo mm wigm. iuu -
.- n.i r rtAMlnl..u lllul Pa ah urn t1ir Hflnln nl itl
.ii..oi i.ui,... loir rum Imn nnw
03. it waa ouce considered an Incurable
poiRon and
lions heal, ulcemtedeiouth an
Him linli- nlnna fill limp out. eon
fade iyrW. nd tfhrn the blood is
furo leiivliiK LoiHhvIIIc (wo tlroH wcro
lllled with KnHcllkuy and two wltlll
Dahl tiro tiller. Ilotli prepmntloiiN
held un romiirkitbly well anil no tiro
trouble wiih experienced. According
to Mr. Cook tho matin from Kmina
City to La Junta are npleiidld mid are
well marked.
"Krom J.a Junta to AlhiKiuoniuo wo
had a terrible tlnio trying to keep on
th0 road,' 'Haiti Mr. Cook today. "Tho
wornt road we encountered lu tho en
tire Iniirnev wan from AIkoiIoiich h
Albllillerille. If the peoplo 111 thla
Heetlon of tho country expect to get
any trnnncontlnontal motor lourlHU,
they iniiHt put up nlgn poHtn anil Im-
ti, K.nnlu Tlui rnilitM lint IlilMM-
111 in ti 1110 niimni
able to within tweniy-live iiiiich mum
of Alhiiiiueiiiiie. From thcro oil tho
rniid Ih 11 fright."
Major anil Mm. A. W. Kimball mid
ilmiithter. MIhh Florence, left unmy
for their homo lu Fort n. A. uuhhcii,
Wyo.. after un cnjojnblo vIhII hero
wllh the John llorraiinlloH. Mrn. Klin
ball and MrH. Uorradiillit are NlHtcf.i.
rhe KlinballH formerly rcHliled In Ai-
Judge Frank W. I'arker. meiiumr 01
the Hlipreiue court, returned lo Millin
Fe lotla. after 11 brief vlHll III AUu-
Mih. Jake Levy mid nun I'earie n-
tinned today to Hmitn Fo after Hpcim
Ing the week hero at tho fair. Mih.
Levy intended lo leave for home hint
night with Mr. I.uvy. They became
Hepiiraled ul the Hnntii Fo Htatloii. .Mr.
Levy climbed on the train for miiiiiii
'e. A "porler" directed Mm. Levy
lo Ihe wrong train. Him nun iter huh
Htartetl ttotlh liiHtend of north, IcaMUu
Ihe train at AhaJo.
Frank M. (lore, for novoral monihH
inmiiiger of 1110 union room 111 uie w
Miiiiiln. I111H been iiromoled In the
management of the Harvey houtto In
Hun Mart ial. Mr. More Ih 11 clever and
crriclcnt hotel mnn mid hin frlei.dn
are congratulating him 011 IiIh promo
Itoe K. Ilowker of Albuquerque. W.
A. ('ilemiin of TiilaroHU, W. It. I'ar
nun or llatoll and 11. ! Dfheliv o'
Kllila have been granled llceiiHCH lo
practice pharmacy In New Mexico,
following un examination by the muto
hoard of phuriniiej here.
DoinonMrutlng Unit ho la mi export
aviator and that ho Imn 11 inucliliio
that will atand'tho teat, Hoy N. Fran-
eln nf Kan Frimclnco, who mudo tho
blphino fllKhtH at tho atato fulr during
tho latter part or tho week, yeatoroay
iiflernoon carried a number of piuscn.
gern on fllghta between tho fair
discano has come down through an
tus-mno on nccotiirillllicu fact, vrltcro-
Infection, 8. 8. 8. is an antidote
lor me Vlrua m wiiiiriuui) iiiuw winwn, vim "-
tt Ih nil Ita forma and ataorea. 8. 8. 8. roBsesalnrr
botltpurifyinir and tonlo proptrtiea routaputallthu
poison, and at the eamo timo builds up the general
ItixiUti. A neraoti who lioi "hceti cured of Conta
glous Blood ToIboq by the use ol 8.8.8. need not
fear a return of its aymptotui dt any future time.
Thla e-reat medicine checks the projrnoa of the
gradually but ourely all sores and emp
rjaafl nwav
m?WUMtJl I '
rnunila k' old town Ahd tlW VWX
club and other ptnceif lit AltiUQffWtttltr.
Thpo who mado tho illfhtt,Hh
Fxftncl wcr Stnntori a. 8miwuJt
Btarkwealhor (weight 310), E. lu fob-
tor, J. F. Muon and naymona Miamm.
Quito Another TJilntf.
"What tnnkca you so aloopy todoy,
old mnnt"
"I wna up at 4 this mornln."
"Como off I You novor got tip at 4
In your life."
"1 didn't nay I not tip: I aaia.l wan
up." llonton Transcript.
Obey That Impulse; I
Don't Delay Any
Open a 8avlnjr Account in your
own nmno todn. Ttio mnn rlth
a nil uk tUivltiRH Aovoiint to Ida
cretin Is tho mnn wImi wIU duo
ha Ih rendy to meet op
imrtuntty at all tlmcfl.
AiN-ount.i can bo Htaricd at
thin lunik ultli any amount from
91.00 up. Deposits can bo inado
at nny time. (Mil and let us ex
plain, or wrlto u.
This Bank Offers
Oipltnl and
Iiocntiil In Mint National Hank
o'dAxni, v. at.
Wo carry tho licnt mnkca.
Our Htoclc In tho largest. Our
prlecH nro lowcnt. Wo liovo
nodi ntiit aatUflcit over una
thoiiHanil vill known cltlxeiui of
Vlllo SOUtllWCHt.
ThoHO aru iirirumcntH that wo
IkIIoo villi opiM'at lit hnd con-'
vlnco every pn'Hpct'llvo piano
buyer that
to see and hear our
pianos before buy
ing anywhere.
Lindeman COe
(Eatablislicd 1900).
200 W. Gold Ave.
Albuquerque, N. M,
Maiasardi's Mills
Fresh White Bran delivered to
any part of the oity $1.05 per
100 pounds.
Phono I H9,, Prompt PqUrory.
Aa u apuclnl tild for your con
Hlilorutlou and a contlniianuo of
your valuablo patronaKo, tho
Krlxon ptudlo, lis Houth Hoo
onu atroot, antiouncoa a apouUl
offer that will bo revoiiled to
you upon tho presentation ot
tho coupon printed below, Cut
out and present at studio. Do
It now.
Upon presentation at the
Krlxon HtudlorjlH B. flatf
ond Street, bearer If ntlUd
to an extra apeclal .value.
. ..ia
h '.iiia
Mtllt ,
oa tali
i.ti'i mi
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