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Atirrgtugiaigi xmnirg herald, mohday, octobeeu, ms.
' HEX ""
Must Support Present Admin
istration or Acocpt 'Military
Despot Is Madero's Ultima
turn to Mcxicait. People.
HpHal ;orrpooflr rr (a (Mr llrralit
Mexico City, Oct. H. The Mexican
people tnukt !m prepared to be kov
crncd by u dictator "who will rule Iry
the hiM.nl'- If they full to support 1 1 1
present administration, nccordliiK to
Preiildenl Mndcro.
The statement wan made In u
speech at u harniuct lit whleh the
guest were f'oiiKri'HMitii'ii unit pull
tlclnns In private lire. The biimiuciers
retired with only mi Indistinct Idea of
Just wluit It wiih th president had
meant anil since then the public k-H'--
rn Ii hail done much KH'-NhlliK an to
his rial iin anliiK.
When Mudcrn was spreading the
doctrine of iinllty mill democracy,
there were lew who woulil have In-
lleved then was l hn friiiklni; of n des
potic dictator In him. Hltice then,
however, hy IiIn Invoratlon of the law
of suspension of constitutional KUftr-
untccs, h has displayed sonic of the
xIriik of a succcsstul "Iron man.
iluny hnvi- mikkcsIciI Dial president
Mailero wan warnliiK tin in ihul he
himself woulil lm the olio to "rule hy
Hip sword."
"IONIf IIK'i" Ml 111 the president,
when I first hi'Kiui my work, I de
cided thiil the will of the people whn
the will of dud. Thin will 111 lint h re
spected and I consider It my duty to
see that It Ih. The present Knterii-
merit has fulflllcil IIk promises, and Ir
the Koveriiinenl freely elneted hy the
people cannot sustain Itself It will he
proof that the Mexican people are In
rnpnlile of democracy. Ii would lh n
he necessary (o call a dlclatoi who
will Kovern hy the Hword."
The preiililent iiIhii hltlerly iihiiIIciI
the press, an liiHtltutlou for whose on
trammeled llherty he fouxht. "The
portion of the press which Iihm stir
vlved," nald the president, "In In Its
majority a telle of Die old rcjOino. It
trim to a lit rm anil to deceive the pen
plo, hut It tried to do en for thirty
ycjtrs mid still (he people revolleil.
and they will refuse to helieve Ii now.'
How much reliance the executiw
can place upon the support of con-
Kress thin fall and winter Ih not
Known. That President ItTtflinrti t)tr-
came worried durhiK the firm days of
the session wan ctldcnt. It had ap
peared that the Kovernmetit party, or
the Progressives, hud the control of
the ehamlier when that hody was
KnlhcrlnK at Ihe capital, hut not i
week hud punned when It liecame ap
parent that the ehamlier had heeu
spin into many ructioiiH, kiviiik no
party the control. Worse ullll, men
who had heen elected hy the VntCM of
onu party solemnly miiioiinced their
own political lewM iih different from
that of their constituents nml Hned U
wiin one of the many ructions.
All that became certain early m ttiu
session wan that I here wiim a slrniiv
group who declared their support of
lint iiilriiliiNt rutl'Mi "so long m they
approved of the government's, mean
ure," The conversation most fre
iiiciilly heard In the lohhy wuh that
"congress now wuh going to conduct
the affairs of the country; that con
Kress would Klve ItiHtruellotiH lo the
president rather than receive litem."
Adversity has reunited In an ullera
tlou of the personnel of I'm mil
Oroxco's linmeilliile rollntvlng. The
rough riding of Ihe guerilla, warfare
inude necessary hy the campulk'u of
Uenernl Iluerta and hy the efficiency
of the American authorities In pre
venting the expnrlatlon of arum mid
ammunition, did not appeal lo a limn
berof the more fustldlotis rebels, nml
(hey hnvo disappeared from iiroco'n
One of Ihe rirst to ko wiin floninlo
Knrlle, a polUhed product of the old
rcKlnte who had chnrgn of the Ireiu.
ury of the reheht, Joho Conliilui, who
horo the tlllu "Kcncml ocerelury of
Gt That Fall Suit
in Time for the Fair I
It you're a young man, you'll want an L SYSTEM
Btutthc suit with all the little extra style touohes
tkat app.pal to festidlous youth.
For more conservative men the famoui ALFEXD
BE9JAMIK line offers you the world's best in ready
to wear suits. All new outs and colorings at from" : ;
$20 to $30
,1 ' mW.tentlv. I
the rrrolutton' tdt ona of lMo. cap
tured by- American at OJInaga when
the father of the rebel lender was
taken In custody.
Other who for various rcanotti)
have left the netvlce of the rebel
chief voluntarily Include Alfonxo Cn
tenuda, chief of stuff, MIkucI Qulroxa
und Jose Hrrot, Theae three left to
Rcther and entattll-hed their tem
porary homed In Canada. Cuntonada
and Hcrrct hud been In the regular
army, the hitter nt ono time payrnu"-
tcr Keneral, Oulroita lit h resident of
rian Antonio, Tex., thouuh u cltltcn of
Monterey, Mexico, June I'onca and
Joao Cnnarcx, Inith cotoncla In the re
bel cntuhllnhment, are reported to
have Kone toKethcr to the United
Rtaten, Caiutren ai puymantrr ncne
rat or the rebel nrmy. I fin home was
nt 1a Crucen, N. M. I'onco was a
elllcen of Mexico, but the1 Kfeuter part
of hln lire wim ppent In the United
Too nt hern who aro out of the
flKlitltiK are Itleardo Uottiez Itohelo
and l)ald de la I'ni nle, both renl
liiitu of the .Mexican capital. lioth
have been tried at j;i I'n no on the
eharKe of eoiiHplrltiK to violate the
neutrality lawn and exonerated. Dik
to the injury of an arm by a bumtlng
nliell at the battle of Vlllu IOpez, dft
la I'uente probably never will return
to the Held.
All thcue men wire of the type who
can wear evening i Indies without up
pcurlni "drecxed up." lit ere remain
In the field many of their type, hilt
the dominant ei men! at prenent U
the plainer and perhapx nlerner ioa-
terlnl, thoUKh at no tbrio did the dn-
purted element nhow KlKnM ' lei
eouraKe ii m Ioiik an thoy were In the
E HD 10
Splendid Press Comment on
Famous Musical Orpaniza
ion to Play Here on October
Mere In what (he Unity Tlmea of
davenport, Iowa, h.iv iiboiil the fa
uioiim Imiiii which pl.iyx hero October
Tim United Slut cm 'Marine bund,
timii r the dlieeiiou or Lieutenant
Willi, mi II. Maulleiinion, wan KlVeli all
ill hunt. mile ovation pint iiIkIi! at the
'ir.itid opera linllhe, ami wuh well
woitliy nf tin- reception. Americans
have a patilotle mid juHllllabln prblu
In tin ir ' Koverinueiit band," and Ihu
uiiikIi iiiiin leiillxed at once that Ihey
were amoiiK frleudn ,unl admirera. As
a military band The fulled HtaleH
MarliKM ran kmuoiiK the bent muiil
cal nriMlilaUnii.i of tin. win Id, and
l.llllllellallt Hmillcniiiuo Iiiih eourclvcd
thn idea of lntt rinlnnlliiK lliu eliiKiil
cat hIIIi Ihe popular In nip Ii it pala
tanln way that no one, no mailer what
muy bo IiIh ileiumnln, lm dlinippiilnlod,
AtieiitiipiinylliK ' 1he bund on thin
lour In MI'H Mary Mcherler, a eliarin
Iiik noprmin from WanliltiKl"u. I) I'
Addltioniil IntereMt wan attiii'lied to
Minn lierlet'M vliilt, for Hhe In a coil
nln of l-'orecu uter J. M. Hherler of the
Davenport wealher biiieau. The ova
tion hh(. received mim Iremelidoun, und
hhe wan compelled lo runpond to two
heatly eneoren. Her II ii it I number wan
"I'omtiiK Thro' Iho llye," and an nlie
lllilKlieil xln, tvan the recipient of a
linmiuei of American IIcuuIIoh, a en
tluinnial frmi ailinlrelf. MImi Mln rn ,
pimLiflncH a lieiiutlftil noptano vol r
unl,. i.mne und nlerlltiK iualil. sin
linen It ltl Mil t .))'. HUl) lli Ireipii nil.,
in en lie. ml at concert reellaln In
WanliltiRton. and ruilKH iiuioiik Hiu
forumoHt of tho cupltul'u j" ti"
The Hand I'rOkTinn.
The pmitrain Riven hint ulitht pre
M iiti , the band with a npleiidld op
portunity to display bin verH.itlllly,
r.uch "lannlcal number wan followed
by an eiicorn of recent and populan
iniiiiiifin lure, un Director Mnntlem,iun
belleven that a hand conceit nliould
kiitinfy tlto widely dlveruelil limteH of
Die audience. The iniiMlnilly cleol
lienril niieh t'ompiinltliinn an Itlchiinl
Wamier'a "Overture troni Tann
Imuauri" "Itemlnlmencen of Weber,'
ami Mnxt'a llutiKurlun UhiipHndy No
2, all of them accurately played. Ami
the uueorea connlnled of mnrtliil airs,
which Induced the majority to lm
itKlno themnelven on I'eiinnylvnnl
avenue llnletiliiK to that name band if
Jt leadii Iho InitiiKtiral procession, ft
medley of palrlotlo tunes, and rus
time. To Introduce himself as u com
potior, Director Hutttlomutm pluyed
u waltr. "Tlio Uucholurs," ouo of his
nnv i i
J -
vf .sssssss
ill ill hi Issssssssssl
I II I l tk
f ' 4 I If
If you will slide on one of our hand
some ILL-WOOL suits or overcoats It will
please you so well you will do business
with us.
The style will be not "the latest" but
"right on time, the "make" will not be
sweatshop work,' but that of skilled tailors
who work under wholesome conditions; the
price will be "down-right:" low for the
"upright" grade of clothing we sell.
Buy three suits of our "all-wool un
derwear and defy Jack Frost.
AkkiiIh for VnliliiKtoii ClothliiK.
.mi w"il- .nut ill, .niillciiie paid him
a iiiik tin, il, . uitn holly applatlNe.
Ah Hi tin i l.- of .ill i nlii i rtM i;lcll ll
uillii.iiv li.ioilM. Hi,. Iln.'il nuinlier mum
"Tim Slur Hp.tiiKh'd lliinner," and iho
. ml I , in ,n "in ,.n iiuiHNii while It "H
licllIK pliivcd. It ,IH 11 KMti'l even
Iiik for the .luukcniiiK or Intent pat
A Simple Remedy Beautifies
Mic Hair, Cures Dandruff,
Stops Falling Hair.
What a pil II Ih in '' nniuy
people llli tliln, v ii- hull, faded or
Ktlealtcil with i: ni j, nml ic.ill.e Unit
UlOMt of tlli'in- pcopli- liilKin hue hoft,
Klon.i, it till N 'I II lit ll.lll n liuiiutlflll
color and IuhIh f tlicy umilil hut iimh
lite proper tientuicnt. 'I'm to Ih no
m for Kl'ay hair under elxty-
live yenrx ol ui;e, unit llnr,- In no ux
cuso for aiiynue, ouuu or nld. Imvlliff
Itilti, HlriiKKlltiK hull, i Hiu I' full of
Uundruft or heavy and lank hiiiuIIIuk
Ullll execHHlVe oil.
You can lit'lUK k tin n.itiinil col
or of your huir lit a lew diiyM and for
I'tnr i lil youmclf or iiiy iluinlrurf ami
Iookii halm, and make jour hair Kn'iw
Miiiiik mid beautiful b iihIiik Wyuth'H
Sne and Hulphiir llalr Itemedyf Kcr
KeiiciatlotiM common nurilun Muk hax
been lined for restorlnic and preMervlim
the rolor of the huir; an.. Hulphur Is
recoKnlxed by 4oupl Xpnelallsta an bo
Iiik execllent for treatment or hair "ml
acnlp troiililoH.
If you urn troublnd with iliuulriiffi
nr llchlrifc scalp, or If your huir In Ioh
Iiik Its color or couiIuk out, et u
fifty cent bottle of Wyeth'H Hiiko nml
Hulphur from your ruiiKlHt, and no
Men the Improvement In the appear
anee of your hair atler a few dayM
ireulmuiil. Ad.
Progressive County Central
Committee Meeting.
Notice In hereby given that u nteot
Iiik of the I'roKrcHxIvu county central
eiiiiiiiilllce or Ileriiullllo county, N. M.,
will be held at the offlco nf A. More
tnya. 108 Hunt It Third Btreut tin Mon
,ii,v nluhl iielnber 14. 1012. lit 9
o'clock. Huiilnwia of liniortiutco will
bo trunimctcil. All inombera uro ur
titiv rni.iciitod to be ureiient und "'.I
poMonH ltitereted In tlio PrbxreMlve
movement una iih iirciteni campaiKo
nro Invited to meet with tlto com
inlttco. JKHUH UOMttUO. Chulrntnn.
NeurulRln of tho face, nhouldera,
Jtnndf. or feet require it powerful
remedy that will penetrate tttn floah.
eoaes thut nowtr. llubbed In whero
the pain la folt la nil that laneocaaary
to relievo aurrcritig una rontoro nor
mal condition. I'rlce 25c, 60c and
(1.00 per bottle. Hold by all drug
glati. Adv.
A Financial Vr.
"I don't know whether It la a STid
thing to encourage women to In'0
politic or not," wild tho man wh'a :t
furrowed brow.
"Surely you dp not.dpubt th9lr c&-
tpraUlnir-1glVT that will chnngc1rtC,,,", nxi "y fr.-Juja
W.iCWtoio. Si.?. "
- Listen!
Cometo Ouy
store anfwu
win mint no
President of Normal Univer
sity Here to Make Prelini'
inary Arrangements for
"I'nlh inn- hiiinlred leiiilntH from
I.iih S'euiiH nml Hun MIkiicI county
.ire i nil l iik to the cniiN.eutlon of the
New Al.xlin I :il ili'ii t Imiiii ariKoelallou
III Alblliili'rioi- Ihe Hccontl week In
Novemlier," mild ir I'rank II. II.
ItnliiTtf. pnniiicnt nt the I,hm Vckiik
.Normal univeislly hero ycMlerduy.
I r. Itnl" ru. inn of riie ntatc'H fore
niiiMt eiluciitiit n u.im hi re to make pre
llmlliul.v iirriini;, incntH for the iiccnin
moilatlnii of tin- Him .MIkiicI dcli'Kii
lion. 'I'll Ih pmiv will lm aceompanleil
by two Kite , IuIih. ono of the 1 1 lull
Hclimil and I In ,,ther of the Normal
I uiiveiNll. Ir. l.'nberlH K(i)H the
Normal n n l r mi t mi the flml nclinnl
III thn Mtiitc in t.ii.e the inltlatlxe In
ituNiirliiK It" li .ni,. i- full pay iliirltiK
the time thi .ilti ml tho Htate eiluia-
tloual uiceliiiK
STKA II I W ST ft I '1 DKNt'l I.
Tin; follow Inn Matt-inent hhoiilil
l'liriii t niii luln 1'rixir of
.Merit to Htinld
f'oitld Hlrouitcr i innf of the merit
of any icmcily In ilinlrcil than the
Htiitetnenlii ul i;r,iii fnl emlomeru who
nay their confldim, h;ta been uiidl-
hillllfihcd by lain' nf time? TIichc
nro the kind of M.itiinunta that an
appearlliK cniiHliiMb In your local
papei'H for Uoan's Kidney I'llla. Tin y
are twice-told mel i onflruieil wl'li
new unthuiilaNtn. ., n any render
doubt the follow inn It'u front u
roHldent of thin ! iilty.
Albortu (luri'in, ' Jallstoo atrcel,
Hantu Ko, N. M.. k,im "1 doom It a
pletiauro to cnrroimrntu tho public
atutomont 1 K"vc in nrufo,of Doiin'a
Kidney I'llta about hi von years ueo,
I found them to lie un excellent rem
edy and I have m wr hoaltatod to
vouch for their in, run when on op
portunity haa bci n nreuentet. For
two years t wuh in i,ad;ah6po from
tiiifkiicho nml kidney Jtoublo and
when JXian'a Kidney Tills wore.
brotiKht to irty noti I resolved to
try them. 1 procure, i u box and they
nut only drove nwiu tho baqkuche
but roRUlHteil the piisaagea of tho
kidney secretions und toned1 up my
ontlr ayatoni." ,J-
For anlo by nil dealers. .PtkfV
conts. Koiter-Mllhtirn'&bV, Uiiffftlo.
Nuw York, solo ugotiU IQfJWio Uttv
titntee. 'iffif
Itetnotnber the tmtuo -Doun'o if
tuko no other. wih. 29
Those Motea,
WIIU How nre the new olgorelttii
Ollls Fine. This bm box 1 bJUght
.. .... a -. . . m -.,
coniuineu a nag, two piciurei m uuu
pluyera, a cardboard paper knlfr, n
toy balloon und u pimle.
Wills Hut how do (ha olgarcttea
thimielvca smoke?
Ollls I don't knuw You see, 1
tu cut each one in piece (u sea
whether It containrd th ral grand
Jtea h netld'-ftat Adi.'
Luna County Boomtcfts: OtitUk
ize for Annual Xxjrttftitft
With $10,000 ajiitlj i4
rTahTCJfordhRUB Pr.?scnt,
IpvHal Corrrapondrtte to Ilral4
lieinlnir. N. M- Oct. 11. Tho Dent
ins; I.tieeum llureaU nnnoune tho
follow Iiik llt of attructlona for tho
eomliiu Hcanon. Watertnun Concert
cniiiiianv. iietober 31S lion. Ucorffe D,
Alden. November t'Ji Htrollers Mulo
(juartet, In ember 31; Ucn Orcct
I'luycrc. March It; Itulph Ulnghum,
April H.
The .Southwestern New Mexico Kulr
iiMHoclatlou was orKanlxed hero yes
terday. I'rank Nordhuus wus elected
president or the uMxoclutlon and H. 11.
Hrucclion, secretary. The oreuulwi
tlon will be eapltullxcd ul 110,000. It. J
llcdichek was appointed a committee
or one to Investigate und report on u
suitable locution for the fair grounds,
and the terms upon which such locu
tion can be securi d. The stock of the
iishoi latlon will be placed on the mar
ket at $10 per share. It Is the pur-
pose of this iirKiiiiltutlon to build up u
fair which will be thoroiiKhly repre
sentative of southwestern New
A patron's club of the DeinlnK
public schools has been oriwnlzcd
with Mrs. I'. K. Coniuiuay as presi
dent and Mrs n. II. I'ooper secretary.
There are thirty members at present.
The club will Imlil bl-iuoiithiy meet-
Iiiks. Its purpose Is to establish u
li.irr relationship between the m
iiiiim and the schnol authorities.
Tin present enrollment in the pub
ln i boots. shows a 2.r per cent In
in.ise over the enrollment tor the
H.iiiie period lust year. '
Word has been received rrom l!l
I'.im, that the excursion or 101 I'aso
iin-ininH men sixty stroiiK will visit
I i n 1 1 1 k Monday next.
The lieinliiK real estate boari' re
in, rts the rollouliiK sales this week:
M.'ii uiriM to l-Mwiird M. I'rlce; 1110
in r' h tn II. I'ltzKcrubl; 80 acres to
Willi, un AlkltiHon; ir.o acres to Will
iam I'.iirii. IHU acies to lir. I'lauscn;
liiu ,nti in Mrs. llurdwlck; tin m re-
to (' .1 l..iilKliren. two builKlllow'S to
John .l Mi'I'eer. The total sales
ul lit to ulmiil Jir,,li()f.
Ir J M. Molr leaM's Haturdiiy nf
lernooii In ulteiiil 'a linellllK nf the
New .Mexlin Medical board.
J. A. Miihoticy hat returned from
the Alhiiiiierue fair, tins Iiik attended
while there the New Mexico I'linerul
directors assiiclut Inn iiiii IIiik.
A force of Kovernmetit etiKlneers
are at work MiirteyltiK the remaluliiK
uusurNcyeil township of this county
tlarrett lUnn or Sutiilcrsiih, Tex ,
Iijsu urrlvuil und will make this their
(utiire houie. Mr. lliimtt hui pur-
I'hased two IruclH of lutul III Ihe al-
le which he will ieeop.
Alex llamlltou, the I l-yeur-old son
of Attorney It I'. Ilumllton, netted
this year ti .mi an mri of onions
ii'OU on his I.ilhers pl.n elftht miles
east of IiciiiIiik. Alex pumps his nu
ll r fr IrrlKiitlnn abmit twenl-flvc
I. nml Commlvsloiier linlierl I. Kr
M ill Is Hpl llillIlK f,, tl.iyM III it-Ill
Iiik on husli.ess.
It. II. Hlms .mil .1 '. Hattley of
l.us I'ruces, paid a short lslt to Mem
Iiik I'rlilay en route ny mil imunlli to
I'nllllUbllS, N. M.
John I. Wllliird of the Wesl'-rn flirt
KllKlue (nmpuny of I.om Allei.' bus
been in lieinliiK several iIiijh. - I .
IiikIuIIIiik a contrivance on tlto i iiKlee
of John iiiiini to permit the iixi or a
cheaper fuel. The lest made yvt-r-
day n waled the fad thut the device
made u mi t iiik or yu per ecu' tislhk"
No. 1' Molar oil otrr the fuel con-
Miinpllon or tho sumo oil without li e
let Ice Mr. W'lllard slates ibat th's
let Ice will cut the price in two when
the proper fuel Is obtained.
Horn Is u woman who speaks troni
personal knowledge und long ex
perience, vlx.. Mrs, 1 H. Itrogan, or
Wilson. I'a who says: "1 know rrom
experience that t'hainberlaln's Cough
licmciiy is rar superior to any other.
For croup there Is iioihlug that ex-
eels It." For sale by all druirulsls.
Mryunt Co. Mcnonacrs.. phone 602
Trlmblo'a Uveryj lit N. Beconrl St
Low Rates to
On account of Apple Jubilee
at El Piwo, Oct. SSrd to ?5th,
Sunlit -Fo will sell round trip
.tickets ut ono und one-tlftlt fare,
final limit, Oct. 27th. Dates ot
sule, Oct. 21st to 25th Incluilvo.
On account of nnnual Ileun
Ion Scottish lilies ut Kl Pnco,
pet. Slat to SSth, Hunla F wli.
tell excursion tlokcta at one and
one-fifth flrit clnsa fare, llmltdo
to Oct. 27th. Diites of salo ,OcL
IJtli, :oth anil 3Ut.
P J. Johnsoft.
Electric Self Starter and eleotrically lighted
The.Elebtrio Starter is not an accessory but is built
right into the motor.
Wo have gono tho full limit In our protective policy which If tho
broadct and most eomprchenal vo over Blven nn owner of ait '''''
bile. Uvcry cur I WAItANTnBD KOlt lilFB, and this Kuarhntco
holds good oven though tho cftr goes Into tho hands of do.e n dirfer
cnt owners. Guarantee for ft lirlof period nro of little value, a a
defect uppuront In bo short a time would necessarily bo of n gross m.
turo and indicative of eupcrllelul examination and test In munufacture.
Th0 demnnd of the day la that nn organlxatlon shall bo Judged
by Its product und not by what It clnlma for Itself.
For full particulars call ut our saleroom nt 218 North .Second Ht.
Full line of IGoodyear Tires and Sundries, Auto
Supplies and Parts, Prest-O-Iito Service Station.
Wlinn llm rhput feels in fire and
tho throat burns, you have Indiges
tion, nml you need IIKIIHINT. to get
rid nf the dlsuKretuble foelliig. It
drives out budly dlgexled food,
strengthens the stomach and purifies
thn bowels. Price &uc. Bow oy un
druggists- Adv.
A Klndlv l'.ircul.
"Had," said il Martlet ''c. iikIii..
kid lo his father the other night, "I
want to go to the show tonight."
"A show at night Is no id i f'-r u
kid like you. Vou uhnuhl be a: in me
In bed."
"Milt I peddled bills and hute tvo
tickets," mild the Mil, us In. le g in lo
"All right, then," tinxwernl did. "I
will go with yoi. to see thut ton don't
get Into trouble." Kansa j 'It.' tflur.
Removed with M0LES0FF, without pain or danger no
matter how large or how far raised above the surface
of the skin. And they will never return and no trace
or scar will be left. M0LES0FF is applied directly to the
MOLE or WART, which entirely disappears in about
Bix days, killing the germ and leaving the skin smooth
and natural.
Kaeh bottle Is rorwarded poHtpuld on receipt or prlco, la neatly
parked In a plain ciihc, aucnmpanlnd by full directions, and eontulna
enough remedy In rotnnvn eight or ten ordinary Mtt,ftH"W WAltTH."
Wo sell MOMWOFF under ii positive fHTAUANTKM If It falla to re
move your M'Jl.K or WAIIT. w will promptly refund tho dollar,
letters from personages we all know, together with much vnluulilo
Inroriuatlon. will bo mailed free upon reipicst.
l'lcuso uieutlon this paper Florida Distributing Company
when answering. Pcnsacola, Florida.
Citizens' Lumber Co. ::
llclallcri nf strictly dry lumber of nil kinds. Vn Independent "
company ttllli mills ut Torreon mill Tajl(itc, N. -M. .'.
Corner Lead Atcniie ami Kicond St. Pliuuo 070
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Faints, Oils. Building: Paper, I
A . rt j T t
x xiooiing, uemeuc, iiruDaes,
ss Boirrn fiiiht.
Blankets and Comforters
30S-31O Want Cantral
If you hnvo young children you
linvn tinrliiin.i noticed that dlsordeia
of tho stomach are their most com
mon nllment. T irrect iiiih y u
will find t'hamberlaln'H Ktomuch nml
l.lver Tablets excellent. They mo
easy and pleasant to take ami tuliil
and gentle in effect. For uvlu by nil
druggists. Adv.
Did lie'.'
"What caused the cooIiicih belwiiiii
you and the young iloctur'.' I tlnnm'til
you were engaged."
"Ills writing Is rather Ill'irfiliU'. Il
Hunt nio n note calling fur 10,000
"I thought It was a pructlpll'i'i,
and took It to tin- druggist I lit
filled." Washington Herald.
Trlmlilo'o Livery Stables. Phono 3.
Lumber Co.
t-ii X
puonb oj.
Our line of BLANKETS
and C0MF0RTEES in
cludes every design
and grade, in wool,
half wool and down.
Blankets from 75o to
920.00 pair.
Comforters, $1.25 to I
925.00 each.

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