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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 15, 1912, Image 1

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om Kfau mm- ,
pitjritictoii ey he w&ft tm e
Utagaana for two wodJm MleMci.
VoL M. No. 80.
von, s.no. m.
Theodore Roosevelt Target for Would-Be Murderer
TOWAVH Hews thhat IllAi . v'tflU--' : 4$ ft latHli! .
1 I
ll r'
Assassin Fires Shot Into
Breast of Ex-President;
Wound Serious But Not
Fatal Doctors Say
Assailant Promptly Captured and Pleads Guilty to Assauit
With Intent to Murder When Arraigned for Prelimi
nary Hearing in Milwaukee Court; Suspicion That
Poisoned Bullet Was Used
Colonel Reported Resting Easily
in Mercy Hospital in Chicago
Physicians Hopeful That Patient May Be Released Within
Two Weeks If No Complications Ensue; Must Have
Rest and Quiet Before Operation for Removal of Bullet
Is Undertaken.
Hy Lraacd Wlrr to Ilvriilnix Iterate
Chicago, llct. 1&. folniiul ItuoHe-'
vult'u In nut a men- Utah wound hut
it HurinuH wound In tite client, nuld ti
bulletin IkhuciI (IiIn ul'tcrnuon hy pliy-
Kll'lUHH (It Clll'ICy llOHpltlll. TIiIh atute.
inuiit wan iiwilc In thu form of u bul
letin, which wiih tunned uy thu tloeturn
after it Into examination or thu wound
inudo hy thu bullet of tin immiH.sIn In
Milwaukee hint nlgnt.
1 HOOII II H pONHlblc UfllT ColoUel
ItOUHCVcl was in till' nolle of two
ruuma which had been prepared tor
htm on thi' third Hour, 'Dr. llochrulu
begun taking mi X-ruy photograph of
thu iiortiou of thu 'body where thu bul.
let hud entered.
Tim hero of tho attempted ubjuihiI
nulloti Ih Klbcrl 14. Murtlu, thu col
onui'e ateiiogruphur, who prevented
Hchrunk. It Ik believed, (ruin tlrlriK u
Hucond allot, for which hla -linger wua
AtrnlnliiK l tin trigger when Martin
ovi powered him.
ThroiiKh thu present tour LMurtln
bun been ulwaya at tho colonct'H ol
how , puHUlug Intruding pcihuiih uwiiy.
.Moru than once -t'oloUel Itooaovelt
linn reproved Mini for IhIiik too
roiiKh." In Huglnuw, Mich., Martin
threw hliilHelr aguliiHl a mull who wan
iniHhliig forward n ml bumped him In
to a gutter, l-'ur IhlK no wuh rebuked
hv Colonel ItooHovelt hill Miirlln mild
lui believed thu .Saginaw man and
Hchrunk were thu came mun. Laat
nlirhi in (Milwaukee .Miirlln win ul
thu eoloiml'a t'lbow. Henry F. Coch
eniH wuh on thu other aldo.
"You Ret Into tho ear Ural," Wild
Coclimna to Murtlu. iih It WIIH CUB-
intiiiirv for thu vulollul to tnku tllO
inlddlu neat.
"After you." mild Martin. Tho pol
Itenean gave him thu oportiiulty to
uriKravo his name on the roll of fame,
rir Cochema won out of reauh when
thu Hhot una llred and Martin
rlaht at hand.
Hchrunk won within Hiiven feel of
thu colonel when h levulled hla gtm
at thu ex-prunldent'K breitHt. H lircu
.urn hut an Umlaut later Martin leaped
on hint und hurled hit" to thu ground.
Ho twisted u Mtunly arm urounu
tho uaaaaaln'a neck In a half-NeUon
lock and with IiIb freen bund gruaped
tho revolver uround the hummer ao
that tho trigger could not be pulled u
necond Unto. ocheniH then aprunu
upon rtchrank nd thu would bo n.
HMMln wuii helpleBB.
OocliernH und a Bieclal iiollceman
wrenched the k" wy from Hi'ln"1".
Then the crowd nur(fd forward,
nomo of tho Hpuclatom, It wuh feared,
jent on having tho m' uut
Martin nnd Onchoiint draKCid him to
HOfely undur Colonel IloimevelfM pro-
m linn.
"rion't hurt tho mnn. iDon't let
uny one hurt hltn," Innlnted the ox
i.renldont, und h In plea wuh remiocted.
Murtln U 20 y'" l '
tiv of Manchester, vermoni. ne
i.i.m.l Him tlnoBCVell til It AugUKt 1
hy nlmply wulklne; Into Ironreiilyo
headquurterB tn New York nnd onk-
. inti. ilu wan ulvon It ana
nrir was mudo tho cotonol
perionul utenognipher. Colonel Koo.
volt llkca etrontf men uround him.
"That young mnn look It he had
the punch," ho nM Martin. Murtln
wn married una wmmu.
imiii...i munt iinvo QuJct.
At ltOtt n. m. the following 4juIIi-
tln wo UBued by phyalclana ut Morcy
1.1.. ...minntlnn of Colonel Roose
velt at 1 p. tn. bwowm in -peratur.
wa 88.8. M P"
reaplratlori normal. U paln him to
breathe, mUitt have abaoluto ijulet.
muat rm from talking und muat not
..ni a vo nermhulon,
o any uh," - ...,i
ThU l n6t a rncro flfi wound,
tmt la ifierloua wound In tho cheat
and aulotudo U easannai.
' 'JUL, Ten It Km
'rs.flir mh when hoWn tho ofrl
?itiTmt lMed by he aurseona
X.Utiriiiotit fioosevett Memed
j;Sf5UkiM mc4t XVorahle,
ViaOQr M th h(e
til ' i
within the cheat cavity. An the bui
lt:1, did nut penetrate that tar thlx
(laliKer wan, of course, obviated.
I'liy.Hlclunn were of the oplniitn tliut
lie would bu ablu to leave the hospi
tal ulllilu twtilvo or llfteeu day.M, With
Hid bullet removed, they mthl, thu
colonel would require ubHolute rest
for that period to itmtiru Hjieeily 10
eovery. An hour after the examination, Col
onel UouHevelt dropped Into a peace
ful Hleup which IiIh phyHlclmiH mild
would bu very bcnellclal.
lOauvr Cnitvdx Surround Hospital.
KiiKui' for thu lutu.it nown of thu
colonel'H condition, 11 lurfjo crowd
guthurud In front of tho howpltal soon
after the presidential oandlduto was
mlmlttod. Thu crowd grow on tho
day progressed. In apitn of Its alae",
tho throng wuh iilut arid nothing Jmt
a mibdued murmur ciimn from It an
mcflxeuHera hurried bnck und forth.
Omnpabni I'lttim 'auc,ll'd.
Mnuaeem for Colonel Itoonevelt an
nounced early In thu duy that all
plans for continuing IiIn campaign hud
been canctdletl. Hven hla prlvatu cur,
which ho baa unetl alnctt tho ftart of
hla lrli, Iiiih 'been ruleuHttd.
Pollowltig tho aiiiiounuemeiit by au
thority of thu Colonel'M munuKitra that
ho would cancel hla engagumeiilH und
intiko no more Ret Bpeochca during
thu caiiipalKn It becamu known that
the cutnpalKii conunltteu mlghi con
hlvr it neceHxary for the candidate- to
muku 0110 uddreaa In New York nnd
October 20 wiih mentioned aa 11 iua
Hlbli. duto fur 11 Madison Hiiiurc, (lur-
deu HPcuch If thu colonel Ih able.
.Ml'lwuukee, Oct. ir,. John Hchrank
Colonel HooHevelt'H naaullunt, pleudod
Ktillty to a charpu of attempted mur
der when given u preliminary ur
rulitnment before J lid go M. U. Noulen
In thu dbttrlct court today.
Mchrnnk'H arraignment cauaed llttlo
oxcltemeni at city hull wheru Judgu
Ncelen'a court room Ib located. It
hod 'been unnounced that Hchronk
would not ou taken to court .before to
morrow. Aa 11 roault hla uppeurunco
at city hull toduy wua not noteu,
except by newapapc- men, until hla
ciiHu wiih called.
Then chrank, botwueii two uetca-
tlvea who towered u foot ubovu hla
h,.ii,l. wuh brouuht to 0110 altlo 01
JiiiIbi. Xcolen'B bench.
niHtrict Attorney hudui reati 100
formul ohurgo of uttempted murder
based on u wurrunt for ficiirank laauoa
"Do vnu undcraland tho churgo
which tho district attorney Ima Juat
rrt hiira?" vald JUdBO .M-eien 10
"Ypm." rcuiliud schrank.
"Hnvo you uTf uttTirney?" ud tho
"Nn." ronlled Bchrnnu.
At thla point tho dlMrlct attorney
aaked: ....
"Dou you wont thla caao triou in
a hurry, Hchrunk?"
"Yea.1 'bu Id Hchrung.
"AH rlaht. remarked Judgo Ncelon
"I think thla dlaposea of tho mutton
ao far ua wo can go, I will nx uuti ui
1 1, SOU, tho maximum unaer mo
churgo upon which tho prisoner hna
bon arrulgnod."
Wchrunk wua Immediately roiurnoo
tn th notice slUtlon.
Aa aoon n HcnrunK iwu ien in
court room, Judgo ss'oeian cuitcu uia
trlct Attorney Hebul and Peter Palua,
ctttf n,lar. Ut the bar.
"Who baa tno revolver mm mo in-
malnlog curtrldgea?" aaltod tho Judge.
"I have," replied Pnulue, "and I attl
holding them aa exhrblla In the caae'
"Well I desire to have a- chemical
examination made of tho remaining?
Ijullets to determine It they ttro
joned," said tho Judge. "1 thorefo?
order you personally to take, tho Pe
volyer and toulleta to Prof. B. W
Bontop tor hemfcat test '
iaii it is my urgent order tnftt
ettla test Jbe ImmedUtety an
th information or the rewltf nvt
tto me go that t ny be In b U
ti Hef rFtt cmH wmyw$
geoilH In cilxe a ti'Ht NhoWB thill theiu
will h lurther coiiiillcaliiiix rnin
PoIhuii In liiu wound."
Jiilli'l' I'.iiiIuh ii in) Alfiirni i-luil
hater.eil hy niiitor car tn I'iuI. Sn
Mler'H laholiiloiy.
'luvehind, O., Hit. i:..fhiiilcH
lirown, a Itounevclt HiipporU'r, wiib
ahol today hy a fanatic who wiih ap
pal cully culuunillug tin; shooting ol
Colonel' itooKcvclt. illrown had pur
chased a paper from a newsboy who
Cried OUt the llcWH of the nhonllllK,
when a man Mainline a few feel d Ih -
taut drew a rcwiUei, anil hiimiiIIiik
"hiirruh," Hhul twice, ulle ol wllleh
Struck lirown. llrnVn collapHeil ami
thu hhooter i kcii peil. Hihwii'm wuiiim
Ih not xerl'.iiH.
II1ISI N I'SS-1 .1 K 1 1 I 'I KT 1 1
Milwaukee, Oct. 1.1. --The revolver
which .lohp Si'hrank iihciI In Ii Ih at
tempt on ('iitioiel ItooHcvell'; life In a
deadly one or :ts call lire. It Ih only,
lurgu nnd hIiiiiIiii; In Hn newiiexM. It
la of u kind uhciI eMi imlvei in thu
army, ami Ih made in "nlmul lo kill.'
Hchrank InHlcted analn tuilay that a
Vinton In which lormer I'ichIiIcuI Me-
Klnley r.ppeareil to him cinmcil hint
to Hliool the colonel.
It wnn learneil rrniu him thai IiIh
hweetheai't, whom ho culled Mmlly
Xtlgler, loft her life In the ilcHtruc-
tlon hy lire ol Ihe KteaniHlilp ilenenil
HlOCUtn III Nnv Vol'k NeVeial velllK
UgO. lie never IIIUITli'd, he H.i.VM.
ItOOHr.X'I'XT HI'.l'OltTI'.ll lll.ST-
ChlCUgo, (let. IT,. Coluliel Then-
dnre KooHevelt, fhM h .lohii Hchrank,
u woultl-bc iihmihfIm In Milwaukee I.IHt
night, IIch tuilay In Mtny hoxiiltal
huru renting eaMly.
llulf n dozen of tho mi hi noted ami
aklled aiirgeouH In ChlciiKo, led hy
llr. John 11. .Murphy, made x-ray ev
nmlnatlonii of the coluuelV wouml ami
unnounced that the hullel did not
pierce the Iuiik. hut had 1 , I k I In
tho client. Thev had not lanned lo
operate thlN inornliiK.
Thu followlllK I'fflclul Htllleinenl
was iNHiied at 10:30 n. in. hy the mi
aeonn uttunilliiK Coloucl ItooHeveli :
"Colonel Itoodcvclt'M hull Ih a deep
bullet wouml of the cbeHi wall with
out striking any vital organ In traimlt.
The wound wiih not probed. Tho
point of entrance wuh to the right or
nnd one inch below the h eel of the
right nipple. The rungo ol the bullet
wiis upward and Inward, a. distance
of four IneheH on eheHl wall. There,
waa no evidence of the bullet pene
trating thu lung. I'iiIhc, HO; tempera
ture, Oft.2; respiration, '-'0; leucocyte
count, .82 ut 10 a. m.
No operation to remove thu bullet
U Indicated ut present tltiio. rondl
lion hopeful, but wound ho Important
ua to demand iihHoltitu rest for it
number of dnyn.
"nit. HOUItltX' U. TUIIHUI.U
"IHt. It. J. HAYMV
Colonel HooHevelt slept for two
houfff nfter hla arrival In Chlcugo bu
ifofo he wua nwukened und condtictud
to Mercy hospital. Meanwhile hla
train, whloh consisted of two prlvuto
(JotiOhps and two bnggagn curs wua
pefojr vlewod silently by a crowd of
tpo persona that had gatnereu in win
Pali wav station.
An automobllo backed up to within
tro feet of the private car "way
Mower." whon nil wa ready to tako
ti colonel to the nosptiai. imme
AMtely the rea. door of the coach
xfce .opened hy pr. Murphy anfl Cplof
mi )!?po?veii, ieppea out wm
ty trie pnyaioian.
Colonel Hoosevelt vtes de
the Kteot, wW si"!01
phiioK't'iiihM were taken.
"Clohh. nliol unutii," he exclaimed
Willi a m 1 1 1 1 1 1 -. Ah lie wall. eil in the
aiittiinohlle, I'nloiii I ItniiKevell Halllteil
i ' eliieii wllll a cheery "good
Alter lieillK ll.inlHlecl llltn the Mill
I illnuce, Ciiliiucl li'iiiHoviilt hIuwIv re
t lined' ill the Htlflchcr. 111m ciiIihIii
ii'iik a feat liei'ldo him ami with Or
.Murphy directing the chauffeur the
Irlvc to Meiev hospital two u lien dM
fipt, vv;ih . accoiApllvhcd'. In. cJnvea
llliil.lt) s.
I'.iltllel HooHevelt allKllteil till is
hlnleil ami walked hlnwlv in an Invalid
'II. lie h.iImii ii Hiilllle tn a group
il I . I lei m,
I'lttmmxsivi: ii:i:ti;s to
New Vnrl., net. IB.- I'rogreHHlvu
Klule i 'hall man I loteliUl.sM today an
liiiiiliceil thai In had reitueMted all bin
pailv lil i 1 1 it 1 1 1 n 1 1 by ti'li-Ki'ii pit
In upeii Ho it meeting lierealter with
pravii l r f. I liouNi'vell'H le-
cuvel . ,i.i.. i thai he Wnlllil He, Ii
In m.ihi ilil .. iiitlnlial nioveineiil.
MltS. ItOOSl.V t:i,T AXI)
r.XMii.x si xht ixnt oiii(v;o
New Voili. u i If,. .,Mrs. Theodore
ItooHeveli, 1 1 . ..iiiiii HoiiHovelt, .lr,
MIhm Mill, I It velt und Dr. Ale.xiiu
tier Lalitmii Hid HooHttveli family
ph.vHlcliin, ten ew X'ork for 'lileugo
on inn 'I'w.ni .in i . 'nut ury i.iiuii, mi ai
I u'l-ioeii tt ruing.
t'OeilKMK l A-l'OOTIIAIih
'ainlil I'l)'. , il iHH., Out. Ki. 'lb III s
I''. 'nchiimH, .vim downed tho iimh.iII-
ii ut of it it In Mllwutikuu IiihI
iili:ht. In rem. tniiured nt illarvanl aH
an iithhile .ma . t-foorhull alar, ile Ih
a brother ,.i I . ( t li CocheniH, thu for
mer Wl." niiHin roothall player. Ilu
camo to Hie iiiivaril law hcIiooI after
Krailualliiw nn tho tlnlveiHlly of
WIhcoiihIo, w Ik i ho wiih known IIH
"Teriilhe !'
Ifilm, II- a
at H.-irv.iMl
pnlutM In .i -i
eil him io i "
ll'Hletl l... H. i
mi iiih" of the football
nialllnd IiIh repuiatloii
u ho ran up 1 7
. i Kth test, which hIiow.
: in- HlruugcMt man ever
" i vartl xjiiti in,
'lneiiii.,i ".Oct. IT,. MrH, Nich
olas Lining tluughter of I'olonttl
KooHi-Mii. i i today lor I'hlcago.
oilgreHHiii.tn M liohtN lOIIKW(it Hi. bur
biiNbaiel. .vol r to Chicago tonight.
Xellll.-i woiil-i H'llku u Hlaletlieut,
ASS.XI II' lll-.t IJii
WaHhliiKlon, "ct, 16. Tito attempt
ed iiHH.iHttlnatluri ut Mllvvaltkeo recall
ed today other narrow oscnpeii Colonel
ItooHevelt Iii'.h hud, iProbutily tho
mohl HiirloiiH accldoi)t In which ho
llgurud wuh In IttOZ, whuti hl -ur-rlago
wuh Htriick by a trolley car neur
I'lttHlleid, Miih.'.. nnd u Hucrot nvrv-U-u
man wuh killed.
In October. HlOC, tho colonel wiih
Journeying .down the iMIsalaalppl rlvui'
on thu llghtuouso tendor Magnolia,
when the vum waa run down by tho
Hlomuur JCHiiortu near Now Orlunns
und several great holes ut In her hull
Only IubI ttutnmor tho train on
WHICH Qir. lint'iKiVBIl vi am guuiK- o
Chlcugn rim Into a. bouldor thul hud
rolled on to the trault.
PfulitinHU.ru t'lKlc i)lvi 4-rvl.
Now York, net. 15, -Prciddent Toft,
on board the yucht Mayflower, today
signed an uxecutlvo-order putting 36,-
ooo fourth-class poetinaatera In tho
clnaairied service. , j
Turkey llw4la;JKnltvr., I
Constantinople, ?jgt.a5. The Otto
man fro?ernmt dMd today to r-calL-
tile Turkish rnStrfl ftcom AUf
Sam Schepiis Describea Con-
venation With Defendant
After Assassination and
Payment of Gunmen,
L II r l.ranrtt Wlro ti, i:riilnu llrrnttl)
i'IV Vtllll, lift. I... -Dllplief IM I if
nii SchcppH, Kiinihlcr and uiuier-
w-'it.i haiiKci -on, vvhiim DlHtrlct AI-
'iii' i W IiiIim.im a men Hclr.cd at Hot
-l l riKH, All.., look Hie wlttleUrt Hllltl'l
i lit.- trial ut I'ohco Lieutenant
I li.il lex Itei ki-r.
s. ln'iiH told of getting Into the
murder car at l-'oui lecnlli Htrcct with
It-iKi- ami llatrv Valloii. of idckltiK
up "I iimn I'r.mlv" ami ut their driv
ing In Wctiiicr'M putter ruoniH. Mam
Hull. "WlnteV I.ewlH, l.efty I.oule"
ami "itvp the llhiuii" went waiting on
the Hlleel. All went -up Into thu
liolter rooitiH, SehcppH Haiti, and eat
down at a table. "Ilrldglo" Webber,
hu ctiutlnueil, went out ami returned
With lilt- uic HHUgc thill ItiiHellthlll WIIH
at the Metlnioe.
"What happened then"" nuked Ah
HlHtaiil lilHtrlct Attiiriic.v Mohm.
" 'l.elt.v,' 'Hyp,' 'Whlley' l.ewla and
'Dago I'liiliU' went out."
M 1 it-1 I is hiiIiI he weal out Inter. Hu
Hit 1 1 1 aiiout 1 ; :i i n'l'loek hu Haw tin
ciowd driving In on automobile, After
the murder he met Harry Valloii at
the Kills' club. Thence lie went to
IiIh apartinc uttt and then to the apart
incut of the gunmen.
"Hid they nay anything to you"
"They linked me If there wuh any
mctmagc from Jack ItoHit. I told
thuin there, una Hume muutty coming
to thorn,"
HchcppH I hen dcHcrlhcd the pay
ment of the gunmen thu day of thu
mill tier, Webber giving the money to
Jtoite who paid II to l.efty l.nulo
SehcppH then Weill with ItOHe lo the
lioinc of Harry I'ollock ami Htayetl
with hltn tln-re until ni :iii that iih'.hl
Tin- next moilllllg SrllcppM Hlllll In
reliiineil to I'oIIocU'h ImilHe, lemalueil
tlit-ie all (lav and lit Hie reum-Ht of
Uohi- went In ItncKel'M holIHe In Ilu
eVt-lilllK. '
"I Hit lit In Meeker." MeheppH enli
tlliuetl, " 'llohe lulil mi tn tell ytill
iii.it he Ih stilt ami iciIh terrible and
w.tlilH me In flllll nut wllltl you Well
i'oim in itn.'
lleelter Haiti: 'Tell him lint lo wnr
l tvervlhllig Ih all light. TlnsM
i;.ii in priivt who killed Herman I to.-,
i ul lin I liefont they convict anyone.'
"I look a. clKiitetlii nut and IlKbtcil
,i m il. Ii. Itcel'er Haiti: 'Hrm'l llglH
Unit tun ti ll hens Thcro'H Htiliieum
. ib him; acioHH tin- Htrcoi ami l bey
ItiH'ht :,! .Mill.' "
St heiipH ti-Htnieii rniiber Unit when
In- bit Itet-lii-r the i h 1 1 ill leer HUil:
'Have the ituiiim n been paid'.'"
"I Kit 111 'Yen,' " ib'ilali'tl Sclleipll.
llr I.rnurd Wlrr t P.vntnB tlrrtttil
rnrllanil, i n t , t n i i .. I lie lino
llll'.V Hi I Ilil 1 1 till nil Hie I'll' III' i uiinl IH
very uuib'Mlrable at prcm-nt," deibireo
.Major ( It'tii-rn I I ii. ml A. Wood IiihI
lllghl. Hpeaklug at a biimiuel III bl.t
honor at the I'oril.tml I'ltuiiutrclal
club. Your iiHMurance of prnteclloii
In lint event of IiiviihIoii hy a linntlb
power Ih very miiim II. l-.'ltlu. we iuuhI
iitcreiiHii thu army or we iiiiihi ki
ti'onpH from thu Interior iitalhinx We
ilon't want to ask congreHH to linreaHe
II liny. I'lihllc Hentlmelll would
mil permit It."
lly l.rnaril Wlrr In I'.vrulng llrmlil
Heldelherg. Ilermiiiiv, Oct. 15. A
ureal Molitciic urili vblorv over Iho
Turkish troopH wiih aiiliiiilliced loilay
by Prince Peter of Molileueglo In
lolegrum to IiIh fnrini r luior lit re.
Thu muHHugo wiih win (led!
"OlorloiiH victory. Ten thoiiHiind
Ttirka with artillery ruptured."
It wiih timed 'i:UH tblH moriiiiig,
Hhootlng ut XValwiiburg,
WiilHenburg, t'olo,, Oct. in.-
('harli-H Cuvlnesa wuh shot through
both lungs lutn lust night by I.uwIh
Miller. CuvlliesH hud entered Hit
Oreeiillght saloon, levelled a rlflo ut
Mlllur'H hcud und pulled the trigger,
hut the rurtrldgo failed to explode
and before, ho nnuld pump nnothr
one Into tho chumhor Miller shot him
down, It was snld enmity, uroso be
tweeti Hie I wo men durlhff a poker
Kiiniu earlier in tho evening, In
which Miller came out winner. Miller
wjh arrcHtcd. C'avlneaa la not ex
peeled lo live.
fimelter Tle-1'n tmmlhcnt.
"my, Nev., Oct. IB. THo furnace
and' converter men ut MafJIII iind the
mticbtnUtu und curpentitra Jhlned the
alrllto agulnat tho Nevada Consolida
ted Mining ootnpuny lust night, A tlo
up of the mill and sinelUr tweina Int
Red Sox Suffer
Defeat at Hands of Giants
Wyoming; Governor Called
Upon to Prove Charco That
nnvvlins Citizens Abetted
Wholeule Esonpc.
ID I, .-nt.nl Wire to ICritnlng Ifrrnld
Kawiintt. yn., net. itt. - rwo
piiHues toilav are purmilng the em-ape-l
mivblH who arc utlll at liberty, I'l
an el .at in drive thorn together
Hoinevvhere in thu IiIIIh Houthwent of
HawlliiH. MarHhal llayen In leading a
force of men on the trull of Itlchui'd
Hon and llurko, another party
Ih pursuing Dnlt'on, Turnur und Wll
won. The convicts nro nil dcaporato
i'IiiiIuiiIh ami Itawllmt cltUetm helleVo
they will light to thu death It cor
nered. A pontic went out today In saurch
of Hue ki.triim, who was left behind
ItlcliarilHoii ami Hut lie, either wound-
d or exhiiiiHied. After leaving Hack-
Htrum the two continued their flight
toward the t'olorado lluu, taking turtle I
riding u homo they hud atolun,
A iniiHii meeting of cltlccna hut tiaon
OT .br a7.rn cZy Zi
night Hint Itiiwllun people were aiding
the couvlctH to eHciiie anil that po
litical ninl I vet went rcHpouHlhlo for
Ilu- oiilhrcakH in the penitentiary.
lovernnr i 'a icy wuh Invited today to
itlellil the meeting hilt rcfllHcd,
I'nmph-le nrtlt-r Iiiih been li-Htoretl
at Ilu- penitentiary ami tin- couvlctH
arc hit l(eil III their ceilN,
Ranchman Believed Fatally
Wountlefl iiTirl nnnnnnnt Mis.
sine as Result of Deadlv
Pistol Encounter.
Spu-lnl I)niiiIi-Ii lit KvruluK llrmlill
Heinlni!, v. M., uti. lr, Kred lpor-
dou In In a liemiiig luiHpllal HerloilHly
and il nimbly falallv wouiitled und
ileorKi- I. WniktiiH ih being Hought by
inn auiniii'iiii-H iih inn rt-HUti nt a
ileii(ll t-i inti-i- helweeu the two
ranchmen thin morning at the Three
(' MIIIh, fourteen iiiIIch Houth of Hem
l''ollovlng a ouicrttl over the own-
crnhlp of u calf thu two men opened
fire on each other with .4ft-cullbur alx.
HhcolorH ut ii dlHtaucu of Iohh thun ten
luu'ea und i-tirdon wua wounded in
Iho Htoiuuch, Thnro wero eight wit
ttcHHca to thu duel, HleVe Illrchfleld,
into of them, declaring that Fonlon
filed tho flrat Hhot.
llr I.eaant Wire to Kvealnjf HeraUl
I'liHco, WUHIl., tlct. 1 u, "PJOi
guilty" wiih iho verdict rendered toduy
by the Jury In thu cuhu of Mra. Anna
14. f'hrlHleiiaen, elmrgud with the i
murder of her huabnnd, Henry K.
(Jhrlateiiaen. u Puat-o bunker, who
died on u Iruln between Puhpo nnd
Himke, .Iiiiio 10, nuppoHodly front
C'lilnu to HIiow nt IXkcu.
Hun Frnnclaco, (hit. 15. From the
atutti dopurtnumt ut Wuahlnuton today
cumo word thut 'China hue ucceptod
an Invitation to purtlulpute In the
PunatnVPaolflo International, expotl
Hon, muklng the nineteenth foreign
notion thua far to accept.
Turkcltalloti Treaty Bisuet!.
Ouohy, Bwltaorlund, Oct, 15, A
preliminary pssce treaty netvroa
Turkey and Italy wa alaued today fcy
thu doktctt pi tha two swtptrte
si New Yorkers Cwbb Hate as
Result of Swatfeot Before
the Boston Players Wake
Hall Finishes Today for Van
quished Team and Xs Batted
Freely; Loose Playing Fea
ture of Contest. ;.
By Leaeea Wire to tortB Kerala
Hcore: . II, sf.
New York .... 11 la
Doatnn i i r
Penwny Park, Ooaton, Oct. 16.
The New York National ovonvheltn'
Ingly defeated tho Ooaton Americana
today by u acore of 11 to 4, before a
crowd of over 30,090 people.' Racfe
team huvlng won three game, they
will Illnv 111 n itoitMlnr nnMlaat nt Itia
"Smoky" Joe Wood, the Red Hit
ntnr pitcher, waa driven from tta
box In thu flrat Inning when hla de
livery wua touched for aoven hit
which netted nix runa.
Hull riulHhod In thu box for Boston
und wuh butted froely. Tho same
wuh loosely pluyed In tho field on
llOlh Hldt'H.
Tho Official Ilox Hnirv.
New Vork : AU. It. II. PO. A. 15.
HttVore. if 4 2 I 3 1 1
Doyle, 2b 4 3 3 2 3 2
HuodgruHH, cf I, 12 10 0
Murray, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Merkle, Ih ft 1 2 10 0 I
llerxog, .lb 4 2 1 0 2 0
Myei-H, e 4 1 3 0 0 0
wIImoii, e I I) 1 2 0 0
l-Mc teller, kh ft 1 2 4 0
TfHI'cuu, p 4 0 2 0 0 0
TotalH 40 11 10 27 16 I
IIOHton: AU. II. II. PO, A. K.
Hooper, if 3
VerkeH, 2b 4
Hpeaker, cf 4
I.ewlH, cf ..4
I Clnnliicr, 3h 4
wir. 1 hh! ! ! . '. : I
wood, ii n
"'ii, p 3
TotalH 30 4 8 27 18 3
Hcore by Innlnga: It. II. K.
New York ...610 008 101 U 10 4
lloHtou 010 000 2104 0 3
Hiimmury: Two-buao hits Snod-
gniHH, Hull, l.uwla. Home runa.
llutdner. Uoylo. Iltta-Off Wood, 0
ruiiH und 7 hltu In H tltncn ut bat In
one Inning; off Hull, 6 runa nnd 0
hltH In 32 tlmca ut but In 8 Inning.
Hiicrlflco hltn Murray. flacrlflce
fly-- Hooper. Htolen bnaea Dovore.
(2); Doyle. Double pluya Devore to
MycrH; Hpeukwr, unuaalated, Left on
I'iihch New York, 8; Iloston, 12. Flrat
Iiuho on error HoBton, 3, Htruck
out Tcareuu, 6; Hall, 1. Daaea on
bulla Tearcuu, 6: Hall. . lilt by
pltohor Hy Teareau, Ourdner. Wild
pitch IVurrait, 3. Time 2;i0.
Umplrea At plut?, Bvanai on baeea,
KiHin; left field. O'Luuzhlln: rlaht
fluid, Itlglcr.
ariu. . m a
Now Ynrkr .
Infield hit which Wagner could noc
iietit. uoylo ninglod to center; De ito
;vnB 111 econa. Dovoro anq
I fm Hcuritii on ongugTUM iwo-na
mor. Murruy aacrlfced ancflgraia tai
mini on n grounder to a tattle snoa
raaa acorca on a aingle by MorKie,
I Who took second on the throw to
catch snodjcrana. The wind carried
Merklo'a fly out of Iwla' reach.
Wood tbok lrox'e grounder arid
threw to Wacrter, wp then toaseA U
10 uaruner wno toucn&a mtki. tty-
pre alnsled, Herco, WtMt tWr.,
I Fletcher alngiod te rft)Crv Mft
ling. Uoyera awioro tftTiA?.l4al14 hltt
I by Teariau whloh W,e4Ml ' wily akW
I to knock down. FlfityHer acof4 ft ft
delayed steal. Teimu woji out, $mu
I to aeoond after ?l4ihef hi4 HMMi
line pjay nejnr uay to Tfjxf(
mam 10 wngnr, mi
hltk. ho errors.
0ton noon! otntek out.
hiralK4. IkiealMr .Wt4 0 mmim
I 't .4 , " 4 1
(.ICofetlW'X Itfiit- -Ji
1 a
i ?i

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