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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 31, 1912, Image 1

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who Jmmnm
Tim-tHMM' 'camp!
'A ttmi Wp goa man u
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fortius TSMe.ai liobart, ,4
tsnded hVMMiUiy a "one wh
couM, tr'WUL your grgAtyfcfr
reavem."' . . . .'
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World wl lofad SultiT o on able ad
aovcrtsar W)cn of New llersey
ini th. rutUitolair tMnaram!
"in eAMunoig. wiin. in wnoie coun-
deeply Veke by iho dcnth, of Vic
extend to tbm pur iicamcit .yropi
UUcA In tabdrtting todov Ihft 7a&(M
or vice rM0M Ja.rn.Qs BcholemfJ
of Mourning
M . death occurred um
m im family rcaiaene.
End Comes at M2 last Xifkt
at Efjna iu Utica Waere
PuWie emnt Was Known
and X'jvciI Sy Every Citizen
President Taft, Governors Wil
son.fcnd JfotrshaU and Speak-
. er 'Ckamp Clark Among
JCVirWtbn, Oct. St.PreWont
WltwlH 'iea' Wtfclrts iate to
mfrrrow Mr Utlca ta' BtUd the fu-
tttfuTof YJca Prtkldent hernMli. The
MCMMtufUwIll d In u Drlvat oar and
wlUVw eowpnlod by mo f hl
Mm ill iccroUrlci. What chWjiH.
ofueen will go nau not ua aeier
iwUmmJ vHten 'the prusrislcnt besQ
uuiklMir kid u rranrti Hutu iM.
HxTTt ytlU iwpUably not return
tfr WWMWma .til after ctoetion
k Kvmi ;m iWKxy um . utx
tilatf to have iw
a body, but It will
!e for tbo f6P wcitem
to croMji t'.io cohtlnont 'a
llliw. mivv lMrv
or. tltto vlci prcniannfji funeral atxl
biir' Ulo" cxponie. utf l( cloca for ft
FtSC.Upon the White Iloimo, tho
ilumekoI the callto and govornintmt
buliaijJSB -wore ut half mait toany.
U(lca, N. "V.. Oct, 31. With the
end Vlw of olitulhlnK a lurger
iiudltorlUrii, I hi) first !oalon to hold
the rvueraj' of Vice President Sher
man , In 'Uo Itoformtd. Dutch uburtih
hau been Abandoned ntid the Vlrt
ProMbyicrlun church vlll be uwsd for
that purpose. Tho trvlco will bo
conducted nt J o'cldpk tfatUrday and
will bo conducted byfi. Halden, pM
ttr of the Dutch church, ani Dr. M.
W. fltrykor, proildent the Hamil
ton coilcao, of whlt'h colloif Mr.
.Sherninri wuh nh nlutniiuii.
Tli 'lm.lv if the vloo nreMldent will
(o In, iotu nt the Unelda county
court Iwuifo. Krldey from 3 p. tn. to
n . . ..H.t . 111 M.H.filil , 3 . It
V II, III, IIIU fc vvw
will bo returned to tho .Sherman res
idence' for private service tkcru Itot-.
urdoy mol-plrtK,
Mr. HJiormun will bo buried In For
est Hill cemetery, wfcar many mem
bers of hli fmlly have round wm
roiHhir ninip. lie aeltcted his nail
bcorern before hi death. They 0-
elst of prominent eitntona nna inu-
mtilA frllltlllft.
Mr. B;erman woe trcaturer of -the
.iii.Armii n. M. Itarotdell
liaa ; tojegrupbed that ilfty momlierri
of tbo "nnto will oltend funeral
Thu pj'eildent'a several cabinet mom-.
DCm and nun iuvmvi t twg tvf
alio are' expected.
Telegram" ot eonlolenci'' ere re
colVBdiby Mr. Wherman from Hnm
tort aaillnttcr of Now lUmpahlro iid
ilaoof aeora, who have ttcted, ft
terMMlf'tM prceldcnt pro tern In the
MnnltfVn Mr. Hhormon'a abjwnce. ,
HiShw; Chump Clitre tneace
laweM sorrow, way fJoa ,tsuf
U.K. '. ." '(
nltrht t".it
nt llrLKhl'c iti eomDllcaind with
dlMOfie, 6rci kaftict and hardenisx
inoro lHa tWHwy-rour noure qi ui
uiot total tttactoMoleuiinoas.
CxaiiMi. Wkkififi functionary tWuxh
ho -wail, toe nwfcMwii to tftlcana a
'Jim" '"MkMrmnl Indeed In moat
cjuioi tho BOfMiine waa dropped and
H conrnoa 'MKHftngo oi naiuiuuou
atnons thfl eMr mldonta toduy woe
"I'onr j 90oi a. ' aii ciiv iish
wero lowetfl-'ia half miut at the 'be
Klnnlng ote Mr. Hhurnmn wsa
a promlnest factor In many burinewi
onterprleett In the city and tho offices
or cucn. concerM were cioiieu lor in a
uay. v
Many tnewaffea of condolence wer
received here 'during tbo nlsht ant
eantlnual to nour In today from al
paru or tna country, -iney incjuae
icicumma jrom. t'reeiuent run, uoi.
uooeeveit ana moat oi mo men m
ubilo life, ThO mouueci of rapa
worn n
ill KUii
to & hm
nvo iii
pma low
iver. Hvn-
iifldf, JUyner,
r 'f otiieni whuae
wmmw worus III
WMd other nu.
itihiellowa, Tlie
mfcli Us Aldrlch. Al
ilrilifV IfWe, UormtMV
, vcai uiiu nuigoiwi,,-
fcnulill.Mii.u 1... I ilkUL
rnlfin's friendv. ttMlV.
WkUltlfiltfr tin UmtlJLMaU W
Kfk) tho tcuuclla i
pereo uuo or ino,
lie.. i
(i. j.. ....
tho itreut ul!iU S
mm jv
Declares Body of
r Victim Must Have
n Placed m His Boom
.. . ; Mmvi'' ML
PreeldeM. Vim WHICH 'UfupTa w 5gB).imnWiT nrkllflTJ A NHlH TH
laAriaatJoRW'iTboutohlcra anl vliertf AT.0 YT'MnP.tl. ATtTMRftTP
United f
and the
shortly after noon.
Tun Higdeu u rarmat
' ilon annoUnclns the
ide'nl'a.AeAth. It follavra
4 -Taoblo ot the
4k WllMI
"jjamwi aehoolcratt ahorraan.
so toreaiflant of tho United l.,f
mVbrZui BM8 o'clock on the eve
,'fti of octobef aeth. ion. in
hia death tho nation has lost one 1
oi lie mw iiiwiriow. eronco W
unu one i in inunv, uuivnin luifii,
Ut un ourly age to the ina,vorhlp Jvhon he'
of hU imUve city. ,tha continued by a4oMi
eoRfMenco of hia oommunlty any v
wcw .thown by' his election for ! statute
ten terms aa a ropreiontutlvo jomraltt
w- m iho noiionai oonareis. as lof jjla
w ivaraimur nu uv .uiiuu iuvk uiiu v t (. Md
attch attribute of uprlnht und 5omm.,llo;1
wide Ktutusmannhlu um to comw I machinery?
mend him to tho peoplu of the In NewvTl
united HtutcK for tho second high Tlvan a I
oat office wuninff tliotr ttirt. Tlectlvo in
as presiainp; otucer or mo 9 Ur -j.;
, t. ." ' - Zl
tu lirmtldM nVMil :'
apy tho covoMit,L "T"
V otbor wlMtilif ;tkf pirteewd XVIre lo nvfntarr Hernia t
Mitf custom X'.wml iiini u., uoi. aiiinav nopniiv u-
tfUrwnKiiri uiu wviiiiiix ...iiiimiivj kiii
ulwaj sp
I lid unnev
of eli.irwH" ' life
aiuleto wltnotsKA ret
Kawork- In UitJiCAi(o.
. reoordea ttHn tlnio
l.ellsrle : MNilauiio
Tostimonv TV-lsuMiatr
live Scouw'li forma-
; tionfrom-JCliiiribWTIpin
tabor CounMu;. v
Br leased AVIre tTlMwlfrM1
Indianapolis, out, JJliTeatlmonv
tho wealthy jUUImoro tilrl Hint Wllllnm j Uurns.Vth'e dotoettye,
ipurdorod In CIiIcuko .M ip-lav r.mht.I ;,V .i. ''TJ'.f.4.1. .ft.i'V Wlilll?t,Luii!
nnu pmnnou to -urmiK on- wim H,nH itillillnir tw .wiVALi.ft ih
Wllllum Worllicn, tho culiiltictor mid I nxplnsloii hy n itmn now'eHVtrlAl wiui
pool player with whom liu tlorcdl Rlynii nt tlio clytmlnUii?,'(:ttil?tilrttcy1'
and that Mho was vlttltcil by nimthbr JM'. .
.. A.iHi.d Mi.ih itt i ut iii hi. itiinri. is. aiMMMaii, nivasiik
the fltr.Of'JtanBed ,.Uentr,C0 muir nrroited horo today r ."i.1 V,bflfi ,l,11S?i,"sf iUi
;el6nttBer. ut the Wlth her huiband, Charles It. Con- hn"fi,; f. J';'0'0"" Jal&Ti.?'
way, in connection with tnojmuruer.
conway ana ins wirn.toia ina uoiicih hvhuh m iuwu.ttii uuiuj.
that tho last person they' saw-fls thoy 'Uurhs'Wttn In Ioa AsiwlM'BQon after
mrk of ork in
I Mucus1 ai the,' results
IV.. M.tl.M . iwi ... ... II.
Si, Iniorrfato cornniorco I loft 1,10 boatdln hipuso In .ChlcuiBii tho explosloii, on 0tob, 1010, The
aJthaffiHLmM of 5SI w11 mH Hlner whiVpavfi aCbtltluU MeNBinra broiham.nOrtt 19. Mc
rtd! t?!,w 0,0 1 $ar, and two suits of ilotfc.! Mlsa Miinltfal worn nrrnsted six montlm
Tn I HinBor visitor waa sicaner naniMi laier, anor ion moro explosions naa
State PoltlKa Sherman I ninnitn Hllllmnn. who MtSS llltlll SO d tukun ntnn.
f;liuros II was i always hr i nn engaKomont A'lthi her on the Ul(Iorf togtmea that Hoekln Imd
.nn.Aniinn. nnra n i iu. 11 bhl h.iii wuh iiiiiiuuin..
-...v"". - I -
lilonul sathorlnea of the
madn mlmlMlona after lib sold to
"You are a fool far nlvina away all
your Information to Hurn and 1st huh
build up a roputatlon oh information
you rivo, it, you, expoet immunity
thy hoffan to arrive oven befora. Mr
Sherman actually had passed away;
but all flUo.WM?fc. for tho time with
hold from the.fmliy, . . 1
einco tho beginning- or tho UlneM
or his chief) Harry Dovendorf, who
for the last eighteen years has
Mr. WhermftU's private secretary, h
bona constantly vttK him and he 1.
now givln eftNMr attention to all dei
tall porttRlpg' to tho late vice pret
ldont's affairs d(to the upprouchlhg
xunorai cermwy.
Th ii ueonie of this city have sceli
comparf.uveiy iiiuo ot Mr. wnoritwn
iur me in wr. ne iui iiotn im
Vahliten, early In December. 111,
'., WH W consmuny occunjtu jrun
AtkUaM iiuU ho wuo unab'e ttj visit
tmrfmimvHi than one or two w
(efiSwvlou to hi reure.lisr)
lMttim.ytM RPpreaotilsHr 'mV
pMsfchtfl tnaknkMAWn the fact
mnr m-'ieu uucs ana wuui la .vii
Moeee ho camo near dying at thai
place. Dr. F. II. I'ecU ead tOey
that Mr. Mhertndit had not been thtr
twenty-four hour when ,ho becamo so
lir that for a tlmo his life wna de
spaired of. When, however, ho re
turned to Uttca the lower ' oIIHuho
and the agreeublo eurroundlngs 'MS
tne errect or ropiaiy reviving vum,
i . J Aj
i . i vniiTiii,-v nvviiru ai.t .
ofieom of ull for hn fulrncn 'Ja ... . . - u v .vvr.iwjir. gtx wrifr.TtfAV.
ana Irtipuiilumy. Hl pr.vato ! nerm-nwrvpni prc?io vvur mvi "7""" ;"
genial ainpooiiion anu anraciivo- rLwnav popuiiwy is khuith aa """ I vv- ' ... v..-- . t i . i wMt, n :.V ? J 7 Tr. .
Irnnw t,lm III. .Invnllnn n hl. Al . ir V. . I tnttl or UiaUUO MlllimRn.
but iJ li, Ar m. tiv uin m,xa WM Jtae,f' fB,r Th .hU ?ul ""-Id "I do not know ot ftnjr won
m radear his iiiemS?y to hit $MU0 said, qulpt. firm, who might havo called himself Still
X1.1.' n?rLf"! ,"tnory to ni 51 , Ir .AVflM:., hn -,... . ,. Wlo m eht havo had nn eMgftge-
.eiiow sn n. Hut dlBMlsirBO far a th& trgditlon-ltnont with Wins Hlngqr and I b4llove
and tho eminent nnd various al sonatorkiLrroclc coat and )lk hUI"B" no DU0" ponn-
A st4itv(rR ill la h lr?r nfflntslf auJ' dm.. mi.Awatr wnea m Kmint . I
patriot lo publla ncrvant. I dlrt. itM rMtHtii kt iimo hrr.tidiMc over I Chlcauo. Oct. 31. Chicago boltce
that on tho day ot hie fnrl Ithe Senate' miia. dsv's bualne. to be I wore notlflod toduy that Chart N.l federal building when the
w mo executive otiice ,i . mo "....i.. . c ...... 1., 1 uonwuv. tno clown wantoa mn in
.yhited mate ,a 1 hT c own flZV.ZT. ZiX, '2 J.
-1.i1.T 1.. I L'onwuv. tho olowu wanted Mure in
.Uhited mate ,ljalt Wt .cloned ffi.T ' "f AT l" .'SSl-f- connaeUon with tbo murder Ut Mis?
naatsoit ftn8lauon.ui: the v ""is s'vTVjt'' . Hophln. a, Hlitgor of Daltlmore, ha
army, ahd navy Hall ,dly th table of , of thi ff ny eaUrprUos uoun RrrMted Tn Lima, Ohio. I
9 national tibr at nair imk ana iih whion ,na reHM a xoniw nnu a sooona toiegrum xaia tne woman
v laid; tho foiHtdatwR of Another for his
Tho witness sold iRockln. who Is sec
retary of tho International Association
oi iiriiiso anu ttiruevurai ironworiu
nnu ono or tho defendants on in
with KraukiM, Ityan, preslderit Cft tt,
union, admitted that he contomsl
picuuing gunty, -m
"i mot itooKin in tne iQy
ifrand Jury wu In vwloii in ftfc'tny
part ot tins year.'j Mia mwi;'.i
araduailv his trlDa downtown attiw
loss froauent and ho scarcoly had bee
seen uUUIde of hls own rwlddiQ?
ulncu nis uppeuruncn in tno pu
purk hero in August to maKo resppR
to tho official notification ot MU tp.
nomination for the vloo prcsldenvy,
It was not, however, until last HuMttV
that lulinifttlons began to bo recemw
president' family seemed to stirl
Of his extromuly critical condition. Aly
ways averse to iiuuiic bouco, wtm
nit him
ubllo nt-
said to him: l hat Jwen lesrttWf fof
you nn 1 wanted to ask you sometWa.
When illd von ilrt vet in toiiflh wttk
taiown as Mrs. Conway or . Beatrice 1 1,. 1. .Tnwell of PIttsbUrxh rsVilMl
. yried StiUes in) ferelgM couii. UhHy- ije ullyvMrod In huil- Mull, also wanted In connection with tlmt nltro glycerin hidden, Iu cm 4tt
trMdu3lhwy sinraerlal trib- -J3..;C. ... in tho murder, had been taken had wuh 1 onnimr Mion at noohester. P.V
Mto to tho 'Illustrious dett for .7IiV ' being hold with Conwny. Hpckln only smiled mid did not glv el
.ln.lanln.ri.i.n.tA nnsWOT, . .
r'T.?7'i r ... '.:...:. 1 r.imn n.. irtni. !ii.Tiirt ninn mini . ....v..-"..
ti.r v as jiii ib ci SBBBSusi m miaia a-asai ktv nnni i . . . . . -"i .lit.
Won, this the thJrty.tlwt dayif Jirr'l.ffZL iu h ,,;ov,i mlAi w?y i v.TlTJ
or October, in tun year or ur 1 . p .i'-.""-" .""V... .v" .r. . "...i.iwiin ino niunior u ownm u, 1
d-i.A . . a u'ni iiiiia imn wn in w iiNiiinuiiin 11 111
that thb rcprewwUtlvesiof tho hgia tho foudatH
period of thirty days. . ' ""177
"in witiiPKH wnnrcor. 1 navir i www-
MreHtd set my 'hand and naus llfRnscf
1 . 4 k. .l.ii m Aft.. t li . tA a li.ii. I L j' .
?&ibv ut mtHr 'Wrt2riKjjr4p
Both Si4?a-qM;ti
eViw r iWyJ
tan.'s ArwjUM
1 y-- 1' ,
British Wi
Salonika 1i
My i
lndon. -
Turkish uiMif
rouaiuv 0
3juIu iSttfl
seriof s aHiaed'i
falM -elalmto Ave?
Tart lt& iTiUloiw
tltft 7n!pklt mMMft. that"'
hftvi A,eah' drinda bea?
thoVlltiHvc Mnoft '
'"fhV klilMrtaM' eta,A
am njauini
'UlRra tot Um ti
fit whkh ttW:
Jig. to itr
have taHeit
peer 10 ww
tn tr$Mn
rrom am
4' LsMk
liOtd. ono thousand nlnn hun-
rc(J And twelvo and of . tho In-
tfefteddencft of. tho United Hlatcs
tlto 5onb hundred and thirty-
t "Hi- the nrcsldent. Alva A.
Adeo, noting sccrotury of stuto."
tho last fow mouths. Mr, Nhornian
was not present during tho uloslng
days m tho last session unu the son-
uto without 0. president pro turn by
. . .. . 1. .. . r. ...... 1. 1 . l
agree lipoma. successor got uIoiik by noctlon with which they
temporary agreements, pludlng uomo
seimtor In tho ohulr for two weeks
ut ft time.
Hherniun wu genuinely missed in
11 'j itiniiir 111111 m nrn rnnn n. rn nniii
'b'iforo the I.fl Angeliyi explosi6n,"
"Thou wimt did JloukiaimyT"
I'Thon 1 aiikod dlocklnt Vlton -was
It you ilrst got in touon wmi w. J
Ou Mi, oi
the thrvl.
ami t
u lira-.'.
leriai, , 'iiMiy
Hums about tlio Los Anseles TlmoK
, t deny that I Imvii aBnr and wT.on I M
arm inttd -. Mr Mm"1-; 1
taker! tokkoVOi at U turlhhr
west. . ;
told lm Prfdln .uiijthtlr llhes. They
Miaa at tho tlmo tho recent world the cupllol. It wa n occurroiico of
esbeclally from all publication OOfl
corning hi physical Condition. , .
Kven wnen ur. janoway, tne now
ork specialist, camo so visit
otober 20. ho was enabled
and mi without attrafitltar fttbll
lention. tiio viqo preewretive pnri
cUn hnVo bt-mi aware, hwver. fof
the past fortnlKht thut thu nkliSy
had nmdn .rapid headway n4 Jt u
them feared thut it soon misi, H
fululll.. .
Df. Peek, who has been W coit
nttefldanco on Mr. Hlinrm8, hsltaj.
llliio nope (or 111111 iur bw,i,.jiw.
)Wwever, wm, not without oii4e
Hetponlnff .th 'finality so Ime MH
wu poMl6l'l9 'Induce tho. kMney
perform ahyenildurable peftkNi et
ifekir nalurfttttaBOtlon. .
When ther'MsMed'in- thlsrevpefl li
frankly ntaledat tho end oou t
UD .U.IK .J I. 11 . 1 1 1 1 M . I . .
mot uniii yemvrerir iiivrnius,
aver, did ho beote, ,Wlllle toy
Hint hi fjutieitt'A Ufa wan m
rr". r ' 4,1
nv itixira. iiAvinM irorHsu mi
avail tho greater part of the filaht i
Irifn in IndUcn aCtiOn by UlO kldRI
?ir. nfik lonk. thu first ODOblrtll
to mnko known to tho family MA X
all othey inquirer tlto actual tffK
lion poHirpniing, mnr . s
. Now that Mr Hherman Is gopB fj
fact Is recalled that m
much concern ea in we prpn
91 clean sporui aa nv in um
noted a a w4lh ?5
Uh would nuspend ;Mw;iU
time. to. ceo a eood iHW. IU. IjO
perils was played, lie displayed cspc.n ordlnury duy with congress In ses
ir). 5.l,r,.'". ,n tl,u.1 vYont, 'Ho hud Un t moot Hhertuan walking down
Iii VroWZ of each K-'' lSoIIv 4,w'Blvn,,l Meu' mn
XfaWNew vSrR. TO? vlcpr""l- Wohwhed and. cheerfully returning
lint expressed ileun rciiret whuir tho iho salulatlons of ucore who know
q-latiln foil, him by sight, tbOUght, .of him an
, j "Mutiny Jim anu greeteei im, -unoo
iKWERNOH MAtlKJIAi.L muriilug. Mr. I'Teeldent,",. and the
OANClCLH ISNUAQISMKTJ passerby who recogiitMsd him wus
.Chicago, Oct. 31. aoveftrnor Mar greeted us hoiirUli' as, the senator who
shall today ' cancelled further cam- mieht bu next, i
It VlcTrSntXn,anU1le3 ' Vlco '"'. HWWn was burn
llJSw Mto0rn;,mkoH,th?oe 'llca un Ootobto JI4. tSBS. II..
speeches In ttliltugo utid several JH ",,rl, jf,-?8 . ('a."'"
Indiana, uml Ohio. lUUUCOUK in i'.uri .urana-e. n. j. x nuy
"n thu presence of the deud," saldltiitvo thnu hoiik, Hherlll. lliobanl IJ..
Oovej-aor Marshall, ' every elf-ro- Ufa rUomm M 'HSllVlg uud In
sjrvunpjr lllllll Diruua DIIVIIl.
i "r. nnorman
nf ono ut .tho
JiJ.tlB, l.llt IM
will, and as such 1 deserving of the formed i hurcli, "xiembcr of rnany OHV. soVera T duyii ngo.
nunvi uiiu ivmuvul v uvvij iiiwii Tiiiuiviuun nnu .. utirrvwmtvnmit vi niuw' i
iuAtfiifltii thn nnllnn I , .u ... ' AkJ : "
ifkn nvarnni nt a. ItlMMm of I" " ' f WV I IUMCIllllK AlHlllI,
iynirmtliv 'to Mrs. Herinan, I ... mW'U..,. " I nerlln, Oct. :il.-A mHiil-urrlelal
J -,VJ,"I1"..-, nicssago from CoiiHlanllnunl.. says nl
ALWAV WNCMOTtOMWlNO Vnw Y ,,,7 si 14111 tho foduest of tho uortn und with tho
PfflHTIEmiHIf8.PABTV utwWtA afterhe. consent or tlif (leninm iMiipmor We
I Washington. Ooh 3I.Tlia twenty- liVJ i.r . ... li rSTxiii. Vl: Oermnh guard Hliln I.ore..y Huh pro-
evnth vie preldent of, tbo United pfoeldont HIieriakMa mudo last e"od for fialonlM, Iu onh
fHtev and the only no ronomlnutod. j n,ilt n,u prwilant wus about tp
botii denied that thoy had nnythlngl
to do with tho inuruor. i
"I admit that I'm tho man tho po-l
llco urn looking for." Conway told I
thu police, "but
any knuwlodgo
iciion wun which uiey wuuv ino." .iiui.,r
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UIIHHT III. 11 ..... Illlll Ull Ul.l HU.I.I .IllIIHIII. K DIIIU. VUU U. U M . U U . W . .1 .1. ... 1 . i . . . .i,.0...uu Mu. .1. 1.
taken to Jail to await iho oomlng of Uivlng allyour information to Burn w " .J-nn fff:fflWs53SM
ornct-rs irom unicugo. xnn lncoi and let him nulla up a repuuiiion t.--""'
say Conwny doolured that when ho information you.gly.. If you oxpeut , ' PWIfc 1 4
ion i;iucugo no um not imow nny-i iitimuuity wny non't you go w uw- r, " "iT.T.ia oiMotal dahiklav; ft
thing about tho murder nf MIhm HIii-I Irlot Alto-may 'Miller?' lie repllodi , ' owiotjhiB.Mi oW ? -
Thoy say Conwny declares Dial .ho!
body of MIsh HIiiKi'i- iiiust havu linen
nut In his room at thu Indiana ave-
Inuci itpurtmont In Chicago after ho!
and his wlfa left thu city Monday
Mrs. Josanh Cramer, wham tho po
lice bnllnvo to bo Cunway'u mother.
uvea here.
fHr Leasee Wire to ICteulu llernldl
Davenport. Iu.. OH, niThroo
men seen west of this rlly early today
Wll may pleuil bl.TVII hover YSWffWSi
no on i in muni . iiy um wouiuivi ooi""V-",r. tViii .mi
S,..i.n. Hm',, iv uh it t took the ProtoUon of llrlUsh llvw &n
Iihpioslou Twin Arm. Pff.
al)m. Ore.. Oct. al. W, C, East,
cashlur of the Hiilem Hunk and Trust
company, whoso arm wan totii off by
tho oxplosliiii or a Honor in tno onse
mulit of tho Imnk yesterday, died yen
i stands silent. biisinCHs In UtlciTltYlco president nri, bolng souglit by the liuvi'iipnrt
nan I not Blone tho ncaq w tmiteiuOf llumllton polko, who suy Wioy uiiswer thu ile-
tho contes ing political ' J'fi.hS oorlptlon ot tfio mm. who held up
Is tho nation' deud m vMoko, '"'tJuJf1' mid robbed a train near MuHKuine,
lllhpM Drinking Cup AuolhdiMl,
wiisbinuiiin. dpi. 'J i. Secretary ui
thu Troasury MaeVmiHh has uboUHhod
tho publlo drinking uiip from rail
road cars, vcsHidH and other convey
iinceH npitriiliid in luiersiatn iramo
uud from depots and wultlng rooms uc
roiiimou currlurs,
Hooretary MuoVongh'H aetloii ooii-
Htltutiu) un umnudmunt to the Intorr
stuto iiiurantlno rcgulutioiis,
H.fA mill thn aetien .of 1 1
nnwnra in the Mailer lk Under aikstd-
" -t""J ' " kfy t ...'l
uratlou. .. nvij
Riri vAwatA atv. tho 9rltMviiiskn a.1 -A
elgn minister-, etatifl , ty k llWMj
houio ot commow thatwHa WJfWMK,;:
aula, perraitteOi t power .wouia v;S. - fi J
stopsjo Iniufp enduring Pvfiil
livnmi Hm lielilKerMits. 'JWtAW
nieka Alonthtrro, Oct. iir2!?Sti lfl
of tho capture ot ne iuriuiTu ""yzWj?
ww kMii OLnaaB riiiiuii rrnai bj . ivi .-.n
'Homeuegnn nininw, JTZZZtn ' ..
negrln army cdnanad by pWA
Vuktltoh w r4lV?4 iotc. todi :
lni!r I'trn lUitc fr now flinuco.
Denver, Oct. ill. A committee or
tho riiliirndii comnierolal oxeoutiveu'
ussoelalloii mt with a eommlttcu. or
tho uiiporvlsorH of tho llooky Moun
tain i'ro Undurwrlters' ussoclatlon
yenturduy to urgo the nutueUou of Jlrei
Iiihmi iiin-ii riitiH iu uoiuruuo. vvyum-
Intr unit Now Mexloo. Ill ruply to tllU
iiiKuinoiit that Kansus has a ralo ot
from nn to 100 per cont lower wait
Killeu Mllfl wenweaa mo ji ;jvw,.v
If run'
OSKury to bring the nX.Hiilliiii, Abdul
Wk ohrleleneU Jftine echooortft board his train ffirwhlnBton tor a, 4roid, to Constantlnopln.
7Vi iiiwiM ii iwuijr ur u;mi vt i nnv nr ioniivieibib. m:connu(itian vriiiii
pfu century pf publlo life, "Jim" ! the luutichlng of 'ihe Wtleuhlp Newlpurly eurtiod and tvlildh wus u trlb
Werman ha waa to hi Intimate un:iyork. Tho MateBoMt was a follows: I uto. to. . disposition that radlutud
pr'juauiy nait tuo uauon rvrvrrem m,iwm of th&fAekth at V ce-Prcsl-1 sunshine' mid Rdod will, readily ex-
tivlm m ''flunny Jm." 4 Bubrtaqotl d0t James BMpQtfmm has Justj plain tho Vfitrm 'fft(on In which hum 11m suervlnprs roplloil that thq
wuima 11 y u. naver laiiiuw uu iwri riiiinfiii inn Him unenin il wan noimn wus nun nv ino minr inuiuanuoi mm 111 kiiiimim was id 110 miaou.
Igqvna, sunny aisposiuon. . unexpected It ijpfriiutBft my heart with l who ma cpmo into personal contact 1
McrhtBn bolaogoft to tho oho)l of joe,, .udnoMs. fsaf a, denso of per- with hlni,, ' t
fisnuiaBiBiis iiuirauajB yvimianjr lupnui nureH.VBm9iKi ?n n loss or ui --va ivifisiatoi; anot epounuer
Salted' "reBukr," nnd he fought his I f rlwid. who ws'!aKclontlous work-1 parliamentary law and 1 practice,
.11.1 . . 1... ...ti,...i. ....... 1.... I . ... . . . htz . .' . i .. 1 . ..... I ......... . ...... . . . .. . 1 .
!liyf "",w"..nl"v. vH.iiiigr in ig inuigaiwiiag iu wiiii.Hlui'iiii'Tei' ibiimiviiui,, ifi. iiiivmi "i ji 'A!
1 r . .inMiiin. v.AFMwn . mibii m.muava. rn . m m - ' ' 11 d 1 . r
Iter to pay trlb- tho high und dfonlOeif office, ot vice , MUlJ oWKfj
..A . I HAvlrlnn.. na t;lfln n.nuMlMl ...HI hit fit
itWaoed by so! ttnsly staUniiwledgad by life Unltod
Ma that all who mates senate over which ha presided
ofi .A 11 DMitt, Cinfl
ejittselentlou wok- parllamontttry law and practice, hnilM A UfitSio kJUftpvii.
graift tttie iMiiias'WMty Mexlcol .
it lrdUfe:,'JBK BsteMsMeSl
tHWHi IMtf . W rd
mi, , A '
fknchlng; Tho avenW ho helped!
tf Hhp ar m oompatatiVfi recenil "It la an
Htsiory cannoL aasizn' mm is his 1 ni 'tn nia ,1
nbrJace unlit. It alW record iho'lman of bdIoi
Sir M hi contcmpPWrisa. . tulnmcnt wi
pi 4h.hou of. rprewJ4Uv8. fit, a ens:
mtiUih eoKime .hefti. Jtf th knew him r
W' is'ik ;,iK9ft tm i'nr ra. s
1. BjrmtMywpwfis r7 w "TP PObr
jikf assnssv.LaasHkMiH wmjm
'- '.t'nK a o.r.' r 1 in in i si - irir . '
kaiirbittM. in Mw 'f .Tfee .t
mAom': Mi . mw
iff '
Tlio bstllei WhlOJt, 1 . MWW ?
Heral. The TUrWsli.fWat HYfi
ot tho position- trom.whioh Ua?5'
drlvsny lb' mtla. . J,- :J
The towniof TowblU, 5wtjLt5E.V.
etann, occupiee t imih w- tfXSrt.
oh tho ninln irJ4. and on th WWW
butween c?nWantlnopio ana avu'I;-
TuVshPid mxwu&im&wi
able- to brtrttfiMqf W."E3"rZ$KJi
Minor f w9rj.H'u. -iM.iri
ithiia and afljnlred VMH ! WkH eatTiustnes Ho was hi . ,
.... Jffirfiwrtt
11 s sF-asar i
qSi ho has pro-
i'lio tollowinft- hi'anlfvslo ha4i
...... I . . I . . . At.. II.... . . . Jtt
'd4,. Will Wgidiy Hlttd , IV-, conimlttsss of the tbriia DO-
maw thm.w nf..l ucai purtus in ettmime
aiutlAH. I'.- , iiwjiBnfiiiH. tn. tkk resoIti 4
U Blldri tI-pile whleM nsitMfbysir
lfWwwr 1
.....I . ' aJl ..Mlttel.l VbitJIt
UilllllllWll !( oi4iiig,HV VVWVi WHS lip.
hj. ttswofotei!, to.rmWr.
1l ruuviuiniKf , ,i
b and lh IHNHrt;
m for an ailrl
'i....i ii..nriaii.aui
nv mwwi. wfPTi
ti Jrni
W.i . .
ariiw; 9
for '
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