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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, October 31, 1912, Image 2

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itailOWO'Cll .LTinaUCS. IT"! "IfW l' II li frtril i m- UrMC JMM f Wir hrl r.nvfiM. vow Pr in I B .11 a
REFORM SCWOftTi YAWNS El ' w 4 6? . I "
. (Castor Oil
1 f -
Govefr?Moiiald XAi 3Te w Kerico Delegates & Artut
T4j&?ttnvcntfi In. Capital City; 5ovemberll d
;12; CtilifMia and Arizona Executives Take the Same
Action, and Gathering "Will Be Bcpreaentative of Best
Boosters of Southwest.
Tliu annual convention of tho
Ocean-to-Ocoan Highway association,
comprising tho leader) In tho good
road movement in New Mexico, Art
imwi ami California Ik to bo held In
Hnntn J-V, November 11th nnd 13th,
und everything potntrf to tho largest
nnd tnota enthusiastic good road
meeting over lipid In tltia state. There
will ho present nearly a hundred delo
jjnlwi from tho thre state and tho
proliloms at road building and main
tenance In tho thrco ntat: will ho
(he suticct of earnest discussion una
energetic action.
President. John H, Mitchell of tho
uiwocbitloii nan written from Los An
gcles that ha 1 comlne with tho full
California delegation, th"tt. governors
or inu mrcc tuatcs-naving aircnay np
tnlnlml th ,lnlntiii. flnvnrnnr Mr
Donald Of New Mexico hair liMued tho
lollbwlng proclamation ..v
Kxc'cutlve Office, Bania Fe.
WHKIIHAB, tho Occan-to-Qcoan
Highway u'ssoclatlon will hold' Its
next annual convention In tho city of
Huntn Fe, N. M November 11th and
l2tit: . u
KpW .TrtUUttEpilB. 1. William C.
McDonald, governor of Ihu Mate pf
Neiv Mexico, by ylrtuu of tho au
thority fri trie vested, do hereby ap-i
.... Vl. f,Aj .
point the following us delegates to
said convention
.Jnines A. French, Hanta Fo; Hob
crt,P. Krvlen, Hantn Fe; IS. C. Bperry,
Union; J, J. Hhuler, Itnton; U U Ca
hllU JBprlnger; It. K. Twltcholl, Lus
Vegas; Ooorgo V. Fleming, Los Vc-
?mn; HUtono UclKud", Chaperlto; J.
frtnk Ciirnn. WiU'n Mound; B. V.
Uaca, Hantn IV, Uronion M. Cutting,
Bantu vol N II. louxhlin. Santa Fc;
A, C. de Ilurii, Itcrn&llllos P. 11.
Uthwentlter, Alfnnmorciuo; X), A. Mc
Pliemon, Albuuiicniuoi trtx 11. loi
ter. AliiU(Ui!r(un; John JiccKer, jr.,
neten; Joo O. Clmvc. ton Uunu',
W. M. Ilorrowdalp, MnRdalrna: It. O.
Dillon, ICnrlriu: A. II. Hilton, Han An
tonio: Km lie I h K. I!ter, Meillla
1'arki Itoy llrdlchcn, Dentin; V. H.
Chrynpy, Wlllurd; W, M, Atklnwon,
itodweii: nay Aioricy, unui; ji.
CraftHy MiiHtero, Itamah; Win. M. Mc
COy, Mnuntalmtlr.
Pofii) at tin- exocutlv'o offlco this
tho 30th duy of October, 1012,
WlttuwK my hand nnd tho reat
oal of tho Htntc of Now Mexico
Rccrctury of Htutu.
Aailstanl Kocrctury of fitato.
olhrri. left iVuiil&t n. fnW rtnVn nan In
offer lilji V.vlcc to ijuljtarlii. Whllo
flylmr with !" machlno over Adrlan
ojlo ho wb brought down by Turklih
unntpnel nl)tl!.
Tho ountcrn. wins of the- TurkluK
army at VIM was nblo to maintain 1U
Kroiind lit flrt agulnt the Hqlsarlan
troops but could Bain no ftuccera, nays
u Sofia d.eipntch.
In connotienro of tho occupation of
l,ule Bursaa by tho UulsariaiM, tho
eastern win of tho Turks .wa. With
drawn tn Horal and Istrandla, n that
tho tmttlo front, which yetordy cx
fended from Lulu nuricns to VIm, now
'Hon icrcum Tcliorlu, Horal und ntran
dla. !
TWlKtHll ftfAIMtOX
i mmiMum nuiiCiKiANH
Conttantlnoplo, Oct, 31. Tt W "ru
ntored here that the IiuiKOrtan troops
ai'o belntr hombardod by TnHtlsh
cuiuadron onmtio fllack a ml coast nnd
that under Mvor" or tho nrlnsr a body,
of Torklsh tfOopM hfia bticn tandcd.3
MEXICAlf W61AW 'ttAir
rls.. Oct. tt. Flrtntf
n wlnaow Whin ha muv nn.
othor soldier in her ho'mO. ft'n un
known nrlvnta of troon V. JFotorW
United HtfttCfl ciivhlH'. blllorf irrnntl;
da arljatvn, r Mexican Woman, IA
ilht and then shot, p'crhalm ftttftHy
two Yaiil Action men who' rustled to
tho houno whun they Jprd tho shot
fired. 'Hto irooior tlien .esVjaod
In whom nmt- frfttotl
sswnni i mirs4sM vub mi
tV8Sa& cake
siBBVHHaBBsHlsHBliL .ttAifer '
vJKw?iWr'rom our mury still f
owl, mh; niaiaw inn Aniina' nr ihi,
a io c
01 GIPif
Supplemental lteportt Show
Activities of Eival Katiorinl
Committees in Closing Days
ot Straggle.
Vt" Hurnlrt)
WuslilnBton, Oct. 3!.Oniopnli
contrlbutlon to both tho liopuolicit i
crawled along- toward tfio ll.yoo.Outi.
and Dopiporatla najilonal committed
mark durjng tho Imt week.
Huimlementul roportn lllod today
with tho clerk t tho house of- repre
sentatives, show that since tliu first ro
1' wore modo about' a, week hkc
tho total jfeputiklcan contrlbutlonH
have boon Incrousod to t744.H0 nd
ll Demooratlo contributions to $818,
MX. Hh addition to tlt tho Domo-
viiu natwnui uommiiteo has oorrovv
od ,140,000,
Tho lurtfest slnjtfp, hovulillcan ux
peiullturo wus lO.00,(J. That sum wm
puitl to the American .Anoqlatlon of
arorelKn NowsnuDitrk amt t iti. aim
(paid to euch of two advertising nscn
'Cles, A Columbus.. Ohio, nhoto.
Urapher wn paid i,S3r Tor photo
flraohs. The total Kondlluros coy
KT.X in.a ropon;W9,U,30l
mo uuik or (.xsAAiiiturm n
''Democratic natlo&sl coBimlttoo
of tho
by tho SUIlblaMnntnl rnnnrt In
shown tt) HnVd fian' ddVOtod to tato
orgatiUatlons. OTho lament sum was
$S0,0U0, RlVOfVW ArthBA. Mi1,eun of
!-ow York. TaZnW&l Coffey, chulr-
mtm at Yankton, ft D iio.oon; to
Jdhn F. Hbaf roth M C. 8. Thomas of
"ener, ,oo9j qoorgo T. Ilrailley,
1,006 and C, II. Tvvonnor. 2,000, Uu
dolph Bprsokelg tfot 16,000 for organ
isation, ,
.Washington. Oct, 81. Contributions
ed by rtftUbllcau uatlnun) hc-adauar-tra
Jaot Woli, uccordlnt to a sdp.
ploinonUI report flled today with two
pJe$fc, toy? by aoorsa. Jt. eheMw,
f M6iUAordit to.
tltiVlh IhlS nr.
cndlture umounted
4MB m. mi Haw!.
IhV total t.Vri
to 2M4M
Twolv to fifteen special police-
mott," said Jaydr D, K. IJ. Hellers
this mbrnlnf.."wlU be sworn In to pa
trol thO olIV IOileh nn.1 nrmtt nil
vandals Cauglirdestroylnff or dnmaR
Ing pronerlv In celehratlnn it traiintv.
?'fi?' t Vo not m,hl fun "d boys
nn uv vvym; oui mauciou nncj 00
llberate vandalism, tho tcniing down
Of fences and tho destruction end re
moval or property will bo punished
0 the tull ojtent of tho law. Homo
Of It started lnt n'ahl ntnl ilnmnirA
aircAuy aoue unnjUhy. t(, jcvurai hun
drf)d,dolurs, Hallowe'en gives no on
iconso io sieai or uedtroy nna tno law
Is not going to bo suspended tonight.
un mo otner nana It Is to bo more
promptly enforced, with tho aid of.
special offlcars and there wilt -bo a
term of years In tho stato reformatory
for tho boy who Is caught vlntatlnfir
tho law whllo older hoodlums will btf
ocaii witn accordingly, Pun Is nil
right; but fdn which costs cltlxcns tho
loss or damage of tholr property is
going to bo stopped."
Jb'OUrtTI! WAltfe'lIOYft
Iff pomck (xmiw
. A, number of youngsTers, pupils' Of
tho Fourth ward ficliool, woro up bo-
lore i:ni(ir ni foi ce mc.miimii mis
liftornoon, nnd Riven h roprlmand for
ueprciiiiiioim committva last night In
the north part of tho city. Among
other things tho boys nulled n hot
tnmaln w.igon frorn Hovcnth and' Mrfi
iMOua iu rum ana Jirquniie, piac
injf Urn outfit directly at tho tntorsoc
tinh of tho wtrcclif. nnd causing niuch
itnfivyanrp to drlvors of vehicles, Tho
boys promised tho chief thny woujd
hohavu during tho rest of their nat
ural lives und that their conduct to
night would bo especially exemplar
G. A. R. General Orders Urge
FosfPatriotid Instructors to
labor Diligently Through
out State.
- - i I.,
I'ntrlotfc Instructors of th.j (Jrand
Arrny of th, ltelmbllc arc urged to la.
bor moro diligently to Inutll r;i pat
riotjsm In th young In tlu followliig
gohofnl orders Just.jwmoa by tho do-
partmpnt upmmundor;
IlpadiiunrterK llorinrt
Moxlcl. ariind Army of tin: Jtopub-
tmont of Now
Albnijuorque, N. M.,
. . . . t Oct. 30, IUI3.
Ooncntl Order NO. 2,
1. On nccoiint of Hetties. Comrade
II. 11. Htoward, A, A. a. and A. Q. M.
(I., tcndoreil his rerlgnutlon, which
wug rolttcliitly nccoptod.
'w. 'i11.0 'iPPOlntod Coinrudo
JV. W, MtslMnald.A A, a, und A. Q.
iM. O. All .ofTiclul coihmunlcntlou
shodld bo addressed to w. V. McDolu
a.ioi AlbUqUerqutf, (N. M.
il.lt, ,T, hereby nppolnt a'ch mem
ber Of th'q. deportment ft commlttca pt
nf 0 . recruit our moks. AIt6r tho
liberal lncreuso In pensions wo think
It tho duty of all comrades to Join
somo post.
IV. AH post compandors aro ro
quested to nppoliit n, post njrfotlo jn.
strucidr If you havo dot dona too a
ready, ' , ,
V. Ftfst riAtl'otli InWrnotrif Afc
arnestly reidetito to. febc4hom
Selves In commptatcBttofl WMK "Com
rade .ffi, &. tdvT at -AHmju'Mrnue, N.
H., idaeartmaM .nautette. . tHsiructor.
'AtiA.UtaliM.dlUMMUy .U Instil Into
MMrudf ..tha. young a. Iqvo. of
UAtvif auff mMjtr n.i a Mi,inii.iti
at.l1dl1I'UAtl(Plnllltlirir innln In imp,
'lll tt.'.(. .. ' k Il'H,.nd . I .
. J q. CAtflNVEIA,
Department Commander.
Ass't. Adj. and Q, M. Qenoral.
Best quality 4 o&nco hdltle for
We call jopr particular attwttSrHlit k
eisil whiiik weW Wtwi i lk tijm1&l
worth in MakKttii t had anywk're; An Alii WOOI,
;Blankct, 1M W M iie, in faney piaiis oplaincoitors;
BtAHtlT SECTIOS 3rd 2X001.
j -'
r t
Best4iality rubber worth
f I7& and ?2.00, special -
4. i '
; RcKihelie Salts
Special per pound
1 30c
: 2 'r
Starting Saturday, Nov. 2ncf.
A very 'deiirable lot of iew Silkl, oailiiting of-lCa.
lino louislnei, Chifoa Taffetas, jCimaho Silks and Wash
SUks in all the popular Fall shaflei, in a variety of striped
and plaid patterns Values up -to $1.0Ch-
iiiiiiiiiiiiisiiaiaM irmil i i iiTiiiljiipirtiii
I' ' . - , '. 1,
Jt nt hiabik Or white, splendid-
II; IL'sand I I lfitt"l!i II II
I m'""f'--:;i - -'llillHlfillilfHlliliij- 111 ,J , WMrWHMMr j
Wl4 """" ' " Ill' tpiii I .nil iii.iir uuiiliyiIMIiiiiMijJw I'-l'j.J .jii.ii'Ii ..ijj" , V infill, m ' C
sli'Cf . .- , s.i jin j.. m, i . I--.T i i i-iihnu ATiiI iiiTh Vmi i iiii" f "-" " ' " - ' - TtTTH. -'1 .. -" " " '""I fl-lHifs I ... ,
issue mm wwfs crm
in no in
the yccupltulalions, It Is sWM. wetfe
dot correct in nomo IristA'ncisiC" ik
rop6rts Of course. wirrO mtWt&fc-"m-
oauio Of clerical errors, h W
OommisaionerH nnd coualr 'fnw Jw
fully Understand tho pre'cWo ffre.toh
Of tho statuta with rcfcreeo.H) TeVf
!6i IHft
rifu fpoa. ,.wo. aio.kcrup-
Chicago. Oct. 31. nolnnold McvoV.
ft retlrod Los Angeles. California.
bunker waii found shot to death at',
. .nwmcnr tt u"c'. jr Martha Ai
.Utoknoll. hero today. A bullet hfta
ilUSsed through hla heart, u mvnivme
n4l ,wua.pMfagMUM', RIW
unmm m
GerierolUy With
, KelfJ&d.TO, Se'eltr.II?
sUre'drpnioi's HonS' '
Maydr D, 1C 11. HcllorB. fikendol
43lbor and lov, A. M, MA'idttWf'
J tho commltteO ot thre&,.wHlefr is
rinlHlTIViif Stfc ortft whi.s MitW
eta a bonus for thn tAKUCB
una raiswr wo-tnird of tM'tj
w mmni n tiuiliucr Or
ii iiuivi"i ino ccw
WHti. taiut ami a C
WMMrt 'bf all fs tii
to aUrJoe to the fj
JfKi- .. .
nn-itaa is mit
rent ihslu
num. 7.im. iirnn&nd
Ahibitiou Projeot KniOrle'd
By ConVeAtioL oFtj&uirty'
Supervisors in: neighboring
tiy .tiwg Wlr ti SSveaiMt HeraMI
tf'hdsalg, Arlt,. Oct Sl.Th
jivwu, rvuu. supervisor p.
0n4 lit convention hero today.
iiD iu iinuu s iu.iiiir.iiuu in
'UltftrlbUted Iri tho eotthtlSiW
Bdc01rdan6o .with thhir kSHoMdt
r valuations. Bvsry bounty' Ws'
ropresentod, '
ftom Colorado Springs io Jybs' An
geles, arrived In Alboouorquo Inst,
evening'. ,ndaro schcdulod, to' IcaVo ,
this ovonlng1 for .the. 'typfV .TJ50 cars.
pro big ntnmcV stnmcr nnd iltrarl.
jod considerable attention on tho
Streets today., belmr out of tho ordi
nary lino of BUtomdbllea that mako
i'oliowinif ffimumim W Bai
iitiMiiUry ntik, Yvie
iUawtiv -Mi H i laaf
. JJVTOmlr IM JtnMtntPCti AMI)
Tho program; fof Friday- afternoon
t tho Wtoman'o- ctub will bo featured
iy a discussion or hualrtBM . Thn
Wattban'Wir MirtlcIpaWin w brief
Htecukslda on ftM-ilanieVitsVy orictlcir.
tafte which tno folldwlhs J&rtgrarn
rin b& in drdct-j p
,pJ'fslo& 1y cldb; 'fCJvk tf6i(y a
fliistnciw AMct." ?
3jopW liqur, wWt -Wt ftoswlclr,
Wrs. sfotWaallo, Mg. jgfe'tt;"Mlsil A.
0?rmaay After &SUi;f fttatioa.
ast Aroda, Chile, Oct. Sl.tft!
hero that acrmany Is $
h att inland n th? Magf
TO bo used ns a coallhg
oanng mi
rioted br
ti acquire
1Pt.f SllAiMUt. 4. U'i
jar iwiv luoastnn jws urani Ml vnibn SCT mstr
ttpjusriir ;?ioBg d rfMrvy(Y
vrw.sii(H'-cojinM:t' w
irt .11
v.w.tB-tuiiiincnia, journeys. . Tiiora
tW twclvo Wople with, tfio slghtseo
n..rnrly which lit U oh'argVj.or.F, M,
Flshblick and nnnrm ihA
0n.o open car. wjille ho baVf ag aiid
tamping equipment to carWtan.thft
other maohlno. Tho oars loft.
tea riaya agq and Jour
do Springs
d td.il
nWod to Albununtviiisi "vln n A.'i
Banta Fo by easy stages, 'in ?I,o forty
aro Mewirs Flsubuok nd KWmmw,
NHb.bnvk4.MlsB I reus ItpKors. it. j.
Bklnner. n, S. MoOruder,, wife, nnd
SSSritnS'c CP'f lnott Jvo Twltty
and Mrs. Keer nnd 'daughter,
"' ') 1 1 in,, 1 i'ii 1 1 , 1 1 r .
.)Yave Hd cnia4fi' irA iv- 't-i- iit'-
bo taMtt t r(iwl jkfecii. Bay aoVv
bcfims stock W ethBtcd, , i i
OOolUHCHrov.,, ,s.
tt jiawjj oshq .js t
- t.f .. 1, , 4
1 1 1 1 111 m r 1 1 .1
'Ml.' '

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