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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 04, 1912, Image 2

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tii -c
to be
fatv of t
Twc mm
my owri day.
tated to teat t
ot tut rapunuc.
fa between lh'
ii ium waa i
' a iMrjBdoUt'c4
, ii 'At'
ar8T atatM at6 now
H tlWtt atr ptU
etevery. roa Uie I
Mittan. )nu been removed
"itllll i Ml Ml Hi i T 1
Xettcts IatiWfe&Mi In BIB
Shqw pSir-
Illy l-eeae Wire f Jh'f alf lleralgl
Jndlmiapoluv InU,. IMoV, Frank
M ltyun'a (rJO aboty, ,ih , country,
which tho government charge, wero
ntndf portly In connection with w
lilonloiia Whlld h Wli ,t$relaont of
lli. Inurnatloilnl uKaocfaMon ot bridge
Mini structural lion worker, wero
tniced In lettera produced at thf
"dynamite conspiracy" trliil h,erp to
iliiy. '
fno fetter, .written by John J
mnura, to rtytui. referred to n nd
t-rtlftvmrni offer .for. publication in
the Iron worker union magnslno.
'JIiIh fliivcrtUcrncnt announced it re
vanl for Information about the find
luif ot dynamite on a Job In Cleve
land. In lehruary, HQi.
McN'umara wr0tc ib Jlyah that to
'tvtuv? tM odyprtUc'ipMi: would make
II uppcar on If thd union wax trying
I' -hli'lJ Homebody." . .
Election Rtlumt at
the-Tafl-Jrfftt eiu?
Tho public la cordially Invited
to visit the club rrttmu of the f
Tart-Jaffa club tomorrow flight
and hoar tho election return.
. A prlvattj w(r ha been In
tolled and in returns will no f
announced a received, There f
wilt be p;r$r of $omfort,abl f
chair and morfl pleasant
piaco can vo lounu 10 nmcn 10 y
piiuiih or me .nuecuon.
5 W
Tittiifr : 'iil'i
Wiiii if
3 I
O tit a FABt
' Wffryiirtfe W twrtljflly IhYltod
to enjoy tha nwHWflly
mm' i.
Dnltlmoro. Nov. ."--rd(aal d lo
tion, In tho fnthodrnt hery yottrday,
dllvrod nn clectfon eV,kernon lc
ilgned to awnkcrt'tho fiupln dllson
who never titUea ait intorut In ihr
polltlcnl wlfuro of. hJ couritry." JUf
dfclnrrd that It tho future hlstomn
a, culld upon to-record the daclln
nod full of tho American ritpuWIo he
will oprl na the cuuae "tho inan
foroncc, loihurgy pnd political npoa
uuy, of hr own. aona."
Tlii' vrnioii win non'partlaan aa to
tho pcrwmnl irpfcrenciv .of tho eaf
a inn i lownra inn inree oonapiouau,
citntlldati'H for prcaldept. 116 awwrtf
ad hid Intolrninco toward' iifiqnimlaili
propltot, who ucti campaign predict
tho ond of th government unlest
tlielr favorite cnndldatu la elected and
hr n dlaoiMiilon of our form of kov
ernment aouaht to how (hat the r
atllta of our ulnctlon cannot orlous):
nffoct tho ondurancu of the rcpauiic
The aermon follow;
"It la the Imbli of poaanftlatlc
mttntwlll aoon conic to nn end. nu
that It la already In tho throea of din
aolution, and the dUanter la auro to
occur If their, favorite candidate It
defeated. These prQpho"le .are uaual
iy more frequent on the evo of a
preeluontlal olectloti, 1 have bocn
lletenlntc to theeo dire uroxnoitlcatlont
for ot half h century,
"Hut n every lnntance tho Amerl'
4u eop1o wake lip ogi 'tho mornhii
aftor uloctlon to find tkiit thev war
dl?iu1uicd by fnlH alarm and' thrft
, I. , A , .- 1 . W I . '
vn Huvtininicni i iroBHCOnS f.
byslneaa In the aamo quiet and order
y manner aa before.
,"I op0Be thja rnorhK to ;toto aa
tlleJy poNHlble the grounds of mi
coBftdeneo Jn thu stability, and. endbr-
aco of the Amorlran republic.
1The Ktcond orldla pecurred JM
etrfdenUal conteat In 1I78 botw
tIMkn and Have. Ur. Tlldan 1
IraMMal of the fruit of the victory
I believe, he honestly won, &ti;
MhHMA that Bticcetatut candldaU.
- 'AJawfteajtMt. could atirvlve theao
Miraonwaar' viiailty &no rtaourcea,
aM Jpla Ufl to ?ib$4.tfijit In any fu
liire mrnt7 the lender and
ttfi M tM ret'Sbllc will rUe
ta ihi taccaalon bud '.brla order out
'Another atronje around of confl
deno l have in the atabjltfy Mm& tkf
manuic of tho republic re I u tho
jrdfehienmant, the aood ejas" ae3
palrlotUm of th. AHn
Yp find your falhf r httvo n6W fir K
carifuVy and a quarter ' tar1aNcf4
nhd enjoyed the blena (f ft f)$
and free Kovromtt. If yoK
Cornpnre the result of our political
ayauhi with thoae rtf i.tkr rivlriffif
. Itllkt. 1 . .'J ' ' . ..
public, with all It dYaWRatfite- avttt
ahortcornlnga, will auffer In ih ciiI
parlon. , Tu con aal vAHt$rltk vVM
all thy fnlUr, J loVo thee ffij '1
''Cold. Indeed, an,d torpid btHJ
(' ihiim; i iae boui iwh m
The first shipmcMt'of
Import Fii
they w,,;gitrfJf!ly;
"Iiy a wlo orovlslon of tho constl
individual, or In- onrf depaTrtment of
laMaaalteCj at ;.awttrtnWid .to , loin' I lilMIti anaW f nn' 4 Pwari
wvunv win ewer nHiiona;
un m auataledby tho avdut
Htr ft , JW
t?, ir
mii , ...,I5
mnH. Afp?fl ttiior, fl Mo
Ijirse pocajiup au-M iu i
MorMa fJMljffO ii,U, extra 1
i ftrak ilpfwflt ojr 9tnma 1
,nzm. oa aio in must,
nmmmt, -wwrnMrnm. $ .a
J 1
tHo,ItutmJhiltratte)n, but la Jntllclounu
dbttrlbuted o that tho balanco tit
J?6wer may bo preserved. Our Mpffetil
6vroment conlt of the execullVe
K IcRlilftllvo and thfl Judicial
urnocnear u nnymmg jjoea wroni
yth ah pno of themj deparlmonbj
Hie eyjf la chocked bv thu other two.
flbd, mUrpallort 5f pj(Wor I provohtyd.
Thore la atrhobltual' Jeulouay mnonk
hee branchrw." They are on the
alert, eealoiuly Tvatclilmf one uiiolhur.
mi tbat no ono brpnch mny exceed It
itmmatc bffVlwo ..Eternal vigilance
the price of llbortv.
Lj fnit, a.l hlto tno
admlhltratloj, W hrivtj Rtuto novum-
'menta and oottBtyrtilo: wo hove cltv
and town and vlllaiie munlclimlltleaL
At all of tiW Minor corporation
i " 11 wuaunvBfvuif senerui Kovern
menti If.oltr 'Mi'trMr, and atato log
lalatorai MMaAerffa; ond mayor abd
counellrif-w 4 under the con
trol of t. aieiMMent; If he could at
wt w&SfMMfftfl bbnoxlou subordi
nate ruler wnh one blow, all our po
llildtl JtbeeWt Would bo ! nn.l.
MuL BMMaaVllv.' Alt Hum AMMnl
fiioy' fM Autonomy In their apheryr
"our ayalom of ovmmvnt la very
gdfflpjox. it na- be compared to ft'
coioacat enslno, containing lnnumr
!. wheou within wheel, Saolt
rl work In Ita uwn orbit. Ilka Mm
Metary ayatom, it; tne great '1nt
ta out of oi;dr fte:
'alt flfo not mtacM ,.;
W which, tsaHilied
etOBB iivtu.
raaaat ttaeV;
lMl Whucl
m4fltr wheel
ISMm Rr AOalMfiwMW. (
r aN HMffaM'
laur1 i
14 it hip of atato, Tk naat ahlp
r(atie ia divide ' (Jtn fnr.uLi
8,(e4,. 14ch of theM ktiM
?,iro'vv " lhWK! of (h
!vMirnit;i lor cxqmpie, m)Ki;t'
routed lo warmth and oktKbatocM Ui
contompwtina; the hbttorjr h,W
Jlnlted HWtca, wh eft . ' $n bed. rt
homo of llborty and th haven or rai
to downtrodden' million In offer
lanue. A
"Dut th iurJvl of the Amarleawi
ropuonc muet mt on a more tabttfl
foundation than; tho imtrfotiprl 0 oirl
plllMna, tho'cnJlw jt our itemeWj
and the jyWvm.oourJuw It mukl
hjtve a tttrngar baJ rjiao ila ak&
ureuunougnta ana atAndlng Vm)j
or uie rc f noj ffl tlfe JPWIf,,Ar
.Ins mobility can oe aeUred oHItf iicVl
ti ,a prowcip-a tn,!
"The hlitory of tha JeWlah, taa
from tK daaV Abraham U t
uwviiwon tamo ipa qeBllle
tkrttpfo pfo)ar.vlctor l
Wo bay tv .od of battMa
tbclr'atde. M AM ke I wHh' th
wiio1 have unMilliMt cdRfideiie, iH A
,prptpyoflf ' I
TOVffH teth a Ballon. ut aln.
a, rtjlroHctr to anv ppente.' Ifurt rtl
public la to W MtMi. lt.Hr to bf!
handed :iowW jUbHwpairod la future J
gfnii-allbua, t JniAf rfcatri the a(r-1
dw rnMipiM or.,MMU:e. truth
oinlttbri ill" ah ovairmllntr nhweW '
mp;nfennr provldeicoi
oyer instanaira xii nation: ur?
A'all aa of .man. without whOrh nOtl
-i U.tmJl' ij- It 'a. B
'" '(Inn Mhn tk torn AC 1
tlpstjhat aaaotaiod In, Pillaelithta tol
ftemo iho'ootl,tutlon of Iljo, Unltf II
h ui.i tfta tuna tying aaaje TO'
e-k wbiiyi hLtdllaajtua; W4 liavp j
s(Hi many dujfaihjj weekjf Irj o,ur do
rithc feet; rigiiiitrttlfj ftifft 'f
7!W B.i..- .
' 2le
kr So ii$0t ijoitl 3 ir
iBBBBBBBiBaalaagBaflawWBB' .
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- V"T
dr Brushes
fi!ar 75o Uty, special
our rMacwcurriqNi Aim
1 'VW3??
', ' ''.V
.V '.V" Oft
bbbbbbbbbbbV t'!aBBaBWu
etc. jjf ..;oombinationff jBtfclt R8 Wliitfi ad Ql'c;'.,
ETkite Andjl!, Wiie and Browpf ,to. Tallies. up to4?0O-
ciSatifoi- One Week' Cliifv
aKaBBBaBBaBBBaaP 'aaaf W
iiMzauona, una yo, nayo ncrQmpia
IRx.5n t'm dtorjk: 'bacouxo wa hV Ml
- I
ught light .from tho Father t
m to HNcilM our -underatantflng,
grow ta wore rum ookv
14 aun-eMa abwat ---"
t,k4'aMif of Mk(fd, JPbfWaf
cannot fall to ilia ground wfetfeftttt
bis 'knowledge, how Oait( asT plr
rio without, nia ccomwum,. aim
Wo otto kso,v from th;arire4lfYlii
wax "umew tno zm uuiwtne ua(
he laboreth In vain wholfcuMtlfV
lilarealifew rwH
n?ro tho AthiiKWi ,wkN eftoo tre
ti proudl t,ltr tfMVmhMt of
tha. church.' ijipafAiag. "lrf iha
rtfllt ntoriMfwiPili Me carHad
Wy;-iir t4:!Hifl that they
;MiMMly' eTkajIwieir'lnar of 00.4
a,Bd, 8taJi(iwaoV
BiR. to tlta J
wwldu All lai.
Jiya .ujtl
wijjgiliaiwriiiiiiaiiaiii in i , ml i) miiini t.m
IkjhM'la kurtimMMmm com. f '" Sill1
our bmwm to thui u .
3'1W( tnat thoui Jtatr
hot or cold! -"-
. u
Srrtifip of Uodlccii
HoVVwlli begf !
gift .(ukeWArm.
r i will
gay mouth.
(..'''A Wgeera man
OMMIali faith hon
hi k rlaht. I Im fcl-
M .ttrptc, lukewAtnvtf
ttfver tka an IntarMt
o of Chrlt lhlk5(
sco out
Mti ...... ..
a)' attapklRj
lien, who earnestly
potwol Undine. i iM.sMrQy.t,a(
th. IWU than tho aukaaia'aWaaaii Wko
fim kkm. an lmcreetiMtoMUtiaJi
Wti.a) M hU countr 4
nit M my profpu
sib in v iirniiiiinnupoaavacK inn'
if) oyer tho republic Ii)Aef to
1. ' S . "!
f. 'Atftfall
gf trftnveh
r ail poeal to,
the obterv
irMlii 'gabbaUfi
i lhrui,
sy.tf ',h future Jil4
iNwor ui oecune
AMfflKgn republic.
m not to a nos
indifference, le
'pafltlky of hor
'A Mil If nil n t ll.
tin Interest In m
MHf-especially deyoi
cBdowcd with 1
rfo and, ediicatlan
U P tb Uade.ni and
'l, KM.Idlng them:
powicai rociuudo.
'Thr r three
aiuia Yjffotfti ow .cat
It. I not1
,1pst; of any
at or '
to of m;
aWC iKo
'ah wilt
8 Be DUl
ii nallt.
T7f. L
yiyljas' gjaii
S 1
oiv fii
ih do itii
waft- jumk. ..'j-ma
ao cnlll
the eo
mvti to'l
I aa' tA nVaj
I -A.
VMaVefM ataera. l(.M4t.(: western,
Xwi 43.60
, .'Hog? Kcceltsta ,IM; So to lCo,
SlgHSr, JliM ,H OBME, I,eUQS i.Hb;
Mtvy, t7.M?.Mtr MtCkera and
moacrs, 7igi7;lo light, $7,600;
1,Mt plga, fg.aafM.
.Sheep , M.itata la;eO: rrtarkst-
.SZZ3j STTX. .tTV r4. i ..',uy wswieir siBB year
8H.mi f?tto. wmT agAul.WaiSfc M.MrgMa owes, tsfaotp
gttJ.Li.VmljLJBUlWt ittdajkaJaaaMt I
.. JmTHiV to'g'aaiW'a.
9miW tC apathy )ere.
racMo wibB wcakMt of
ralipsrs. "with rao4ratA
ft. ygnjl and jMIU laauea. SUn!:rMf
tey, mem ana Amaigaaia vmmm.
. point. Among tno iectsuf av'
aharn fllumn" of flvo Dointg In. bfcat
euRar.ona swp m American t,an; wera
ctnisplouous features. Money oped
ih 'later tradieg. Ht atockl addtii
so meir Mri? gawg uri wcceraia
IcUVllT' hi V&tom VgLRa MsA a4l a.
U nUl wiwtewA:"
Ktreaith waa shown mlthg i
With ukHifcatAt I A UiWinuW.
t.TW7"f" ?a .fT'f.-i
nrtm reaui,
9 lWiibaM&.
I. i .
St, iitk'NoV. 4. 'VVool steady i
tarrltarz gtM .waatera medium, 2tJh
ChleaJto. Nov, L--yap of Interna.
Hft litis to
unening ng-
.tlVfce'f)lo ' ivBd uti.
t .lvg;tw4rVsBv Ujt milled
fJwSsPaMeW D'ecem-
i upw'.amMwu ip o
titMa&aakaWV taa ttlaiaa tjVCaBBB
fwpnpw j Tiaf,ajflf )p
4-8 i
Mvbb9IL. far' IW.'
i and ft.
06.7Cf loraba, .hjttlvo, sJ6.2r.7.20:
wtuterr $0,07.JO.
Mfoy ,jf arkct.
iKow Yorkt Nov4; OKdney on cnll
atrong, js7 per c&t; ruling rnto, 7:
do ngld, J offered, nt 4 A,
iimo ioan atro)trIJty, nd nlnoty
iy, 8 per eeiv-ajx.'niahtha.B ?4 (&
a 3-t;
Elgin. UI.7'NoVi' miAtnilnti
oomraltteo.ot tho- Jm. butter board1
thia atternooh declaredbutter. flrm'at
Now Yor '-NWTS-Colton BPOt
cjoeed ateady.X Hlitdllng upland,
!ySf PWM gglrT-f la.iBt aalef,
Titnta 'ii,
New Tdrlt, Nov;!.V-Copper ouletJ
atandnrd pot,4 Mj;0 17.10; .JDeci,
IM6J705l Jiui.. '81.75lf 0O.V
Tin dulls a pot, MS.90960.SDs Nov..
$4.8O8O,40J ., 949.77O80 ..
opejiar quiet, aoaew.f b,
ll7i Xo. S aiaaMrL''Si7.erkii(.?K
g.lafZigisi' Mo.
No. I Jiotjlharn, -II
J Wflrai;)Mt, ii.'f t e.oo.
$ t ?KWrtulata, 9

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